There Is Nothing Else Than THE USA (Russiangate in America), A Book For Barnes & Nobles And The New York Times! Frederic VIDAL Is The Anti-Star Of The US-B And The President Of The US-A As Mike FULLER! It Is My Email To A Lawyer About The Consortium TIMefraMES.



I, Mike FULLER, am your great mastermind to be sure we will be in the 2000’s this year. The WATERGATE was a scandal less terrible than the RUSSIANGATE of Donald TRUMP that is a MONICAGATE and an IRANGATE style of Presidential mistakes that can oblige him to be prosecuted by the US Congress.

The fact his party does (not) want me to be diffused in the medias and did not validate me to be a Presidential candidate shows how much there is a tension too hard to be reduced without the Justice and the Constitution.

About the CONTRAGATE aka the IRANGATE:

My email to a lawyer is published on my blog
as a part 2 of my last press communique.

I need your help to be in the press and write the contract that will organize my intellectual property to commercialize it.

1. As an entrepreneur, the commerce of my talent is necessary but according to the right strategy that is the following one: my musical career was stopped before to begin because I was Punk in 1977 but I did a degree of political science in Paris, France that gave me the opportunity to stay in the music business until now. I’m a songwriter, a performer and a manager in the BrAmStOcKeR progression of 40 years to release a debut album titled FAKE PUNK that we will release thanks to ACD and its label TIMefraMES Records.

2. My career as an actor began in 2003 and continue with the film FRENCH COP 3: WIN WIN that I am screenwriting and pre-producing from New York after one year in California for the context and the environment of HOLLYWOOD.

3. On the Web, I am known as a political activist who was a write-in US Presidential candidate in 2016. I was not a joke candidate, I was a new kind of candidate to complete the primaries in California in June, registered by the Secretary of State and the FEC, the Federal Election Commission, before to be the signed of the defeat of Hilary CLINTON, a disaster like September 11 for the United States. TRUMP could resign after 100 days at the White House. I am the Shadow President, attracting the transition.

4. My goal was to marry Blake LIVELY but I was not fair according to her entourage. It is not true, I was the best I could, homeowner in Hollywoodland, new Screen actors guild, background actor hoping to have a speaking role, in vsin. It is a story I commented on my blog and now I would like to to meet her to share her hand or give her a kiss. Our romance is in the past, it’s memory a shared love story she did not really validated. Never mind, it is necessary to write a warning about it.

5. My publishing project is a book titled THE USA. Since 2009, I publish on this blog, many posts, articles every week. I got 1 million views in 2010 starring a Web novelism saga, The Man With The Velvet Eyes, that will be published on the second volume of THE USA. This book, I want it a lot more than a self-biography, a dissertation after the university to rehabilite the science fiction and to introduce to a larger audience my thrillers for the film industry. The French Cop and the German Spy and many others will appear in an universe that I call TIMefraMES, name of the consortium I build, year after year, since 2005 when I registered in California my LLC, Vidal & Partners. THE USA is about parallel earths but mainly about different dimensions where we are living, not with the same environment. The US-B are our regular America and the US-A are the pti cipal dimension that is not ours but that could become our context, thanks to BrAmStOCkEr, more than a band, a group like a trade union more than social but not completely political, art is not an election but a selection.

6. I am the victim of a campaign of slander. I think it’s for everybody. My fame is not reducing, I am a 77 veteran updated and upgraded to be a leader on the Web as I have a PhD in semiotics and a degree in political science. Meanwhile, I stay isolated, no ody retweets me. On location in New York, I have no difficulty but I have the feeling there is still this old buzz of the 1990’s that I would be delusional or even bipolar like some rock stars or movie celebrities. This is not fair. I am 100% well balanced and I deserve to show it on TV and in the newspapers. If I never had press and media in touch with me, it is because a gossip is a rumor I am evil, I imagine, a slander in politics first. As a Web Presidential candidate, I must not have been appreciated by the GOP, my party and the Republicans, TRUMP the first, were negative against me, until now. At the White House, it was already before, I suppose, it will end with a judiciary procedure this year.

7. Jessie ANDREWS is my one and only associate. She is certainly the woman the most interesting I met, until now on the Internet and in New York this month to play together. It is for the album FAKE PUNK I have this brilliant idea to be with her as a duet. Porn star without any bad reputation, with a Twitter account expressing more her second professional activity, to be a HOUSE DJ, she is a very cute bikini model and an angel face of a young lady looking like a teen ready to become an icon of our music industry. This fairy tale is also a success story, she released a few single CDs, a training  to be with me creating the House music and the Punk rock. I just need to prepare the contract we have to sign together to manage our union artistically, commercialy and personally. Our lawyer will propose us the right final version of the draft Iam about to write.

8. Partnership with LEGO about sponsoring of my nonprofit. The major company for toys and other giants of the entertainment civilization, SONY, DISNEY, McDONALDD, CARL’S JR, STARBUCKS coffee will be solicited by us.

I am also the owner of an apartment in France of a value of $100,000. It could be in the budget of my nonprofit. Regarding my intellectual property, I have to evaluate with an accountant the value of my stories and characters for the cinema and characters. I am also the son of the Spanish painter from Monaco, Ignasi VIDAL, the diffusion of his art could improve my revenue about copyrights.

End of the email to the lawyer.

Picture: John Fitzgerald KENNEDY was a President responsible of the adaptation of the American Dream to the 1960’s, a new decade like a new century. He was a visionary man like I can be. His memory is everywhere in my purpose to modernize the United States and to improve the American politics. I dedicate him the previous text. FV



About JFK Address at U.N. General Assembly, 25 September 1961:

About the final address of JFK at the UN:


Mike FULLER: of course, he’s the SHADOW PRESIDENT but I like a lot also his FAKE PUNK = HOUSE album project for the NEW MAINSTREAM.

Q&A about the 59 missiles on SIRYA. Mike FULLER replies to the press, in the US-A. New York Times: Frederic VIDAL is your guest in the USA?

Mike FULLER: with Jessie ANDREWS only.

Washington Post: and what about Blake LIVELY?

Mike FULLER: I’m thinking about this couple not about another one. Frederic VIDAL is my AMBASSADOR in the US-A & B, he is SPACE TIME SCIFI.

Los Angeles Times: what about the war in the US-B? Mr. VIDAL is the SP of TRUMP?

Mike FULLER: of course, he’s the SHADOW PRESIDENT but I like a lot also his FAKE PUNK = HOUSE album project for the NEW MAINSTREAM.

TIME magazine: the 59 missiles, do you validate this strike?

Mike FULLER: NO. Like PUTIN, I was devastated by the offensive of Donald TRUMP to neutralize the RUSSIANGATE in progress.

LE MONDE: what about MACRON in France? MF: he’s a JERK and anti-PUNK. He’s HOLLANDE with another name. Vote HAMON, FILLON will be elected.

On the 1st WordPress BrAmStOcKeR blog, the communique! 2017 in ‘THE USA’ with BrAmStOcKeR For FAKE PUNK Debut Album.

On the 2nd BrAmStOcKeR blog on WORDPRESS text to confirm WE ARE ONE, me and Jessie ANDREWS to ROCK the HOUSE.

A Press Release From New York By Frederic VIDAL Who Is Also Mike FULLER: 2017 in ‘THE USA’…

April 8

Tonight, we celebrate at the HARD ROCK CAFE TIMES SQUARE our 40 years of punk music: est. April 8, 1977, BrAmStOcKeR! JFK

April 9

We are studying the concept of PORN because the SEX PISTOLS were BRITISH and our HOUSE is surprisingly PUNK after all these years of ROCK.

Top 10 Gossip Girl Moments via Blake and her staff, a TV show that is not bad when you are ready to WIN. FV

This is my CALIFORNIA ID I want to share with you to confirm my REAL NAME and my FAKE NICKNAME: JESUS FRED KELLY I use for Music & Film. FV😌

The RUSSIANGATE scandal of the GOLDEN SHOWERS and the SILVER HOUSE of the 59 missiles against SYRIA shows PUTIN knows TRUMP is JUNIOR. JFK

I’m on St MARKS place on Twitter mobile, drinking a coffee and preferring the SEARCH & RESCUE of the HOUSE PUNK than the 1977 S. & DESTROY.

Since 2006, I am an insider of the GREENWICH VILLAGE. I was at on THOMPSON Street today to launch the BOWIE YEAR. FK

What’s happening? The HOUSE PUNK of FAKE PORN, alternate title of our debut album, invades NEW YORK & LOS ANGELES with its STREET MARKETING.

Monday, April 10

I live in the BRONX, promoting my art, rehearsing my songs, drafting my film. I’M PLUGGED with my AT&T mobile, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

BrAmStOcKeR’s FAKE PUNK debut album welcomes new concept music HOUSE PUNK from Techno Rock grassroots and ELECTRO POP tendency of our MUSIC.

@Timeframes2020 @jessieslife I continue my poetry on BrAmStOcKeR Twitter to say to you that I love you, we don’t mind the others, they are our followers, SWEET HEART! FK


I LOVE YOU SO MUCH EVERY DAY. Frederic VIDAL to Jessie ANDREWS. I want the WEB to be sure of it as we live in a SMALL WORLD to associate.


On FACEBOOK and TWITTER, the message with the song:

Thank you Mike FULLER. See you LATER, on the Web and in the TABLOIDS, with your real name: Frederic VIDAL.

Thomas Spears – April 9

She’s the main ICON of all times, the most attractive character in HOLLYWOOD-TIMEFRAMES played by Claudette COLBERT and Elizabeth TAYLOR. TS

Mike FULLER – April 9

PASSOVER is the Jewish EASTER and it is tomorrow! Read everything about this HOLIDAY: Mike FULLER (US-A President).

Fred KELLY – April 7

Jessie ANDREWS and Frederic VIDAL alias Mike FULLER are a woman and a man who are scheduled to record an album: FAKE PUNK = HOUSE with LOVE.

April 10

To be MOBILE or not TO BE! This not the ?, this is the REPLY to your PHONE CALL! I met you in a MEETING online and I gave you my PhD. JFK-FV

I continue my poetry on BrAmStOcKeR Twitter to say to you that I love you, we don’t mind the others, they are our followers, SWEET HEART! FK

@jessieslife Have a good week in your environment, I do my best in NYC to organize our time together. I continue to write a lot. It’s cool & useful. Fred



This is my Marilyn, this is my CLEOPATRA but this is also my anti-Blake LIVELY. I will meet Blake with Jessie as my girlfriend. I am not anymore in Hollywoodland in the 2000’s. I am not anymore a Screen Actors Guild member. I am not anymore a beginner as a screenwriter. I am not anymore a singer of HERE COMES THE NIGHT on Youtube.

I am not anymore the lieutenant of Jacques MEDECIN. I am not anymore someone immigrating in the United States. I am not anymore a French in Paris as a civil servant. I am not anymore a webber who is naive, I was never naive, I am the protege of New York City as I know this Big Apple since 1994 and there,

I am writing this text to tell you the FRENCH COP and the GERMAN SPY are my property with a value in BITCOINS now. Next: WALL STREET, to evaluate this value. I must be billionaire, I’m not the only one.  This is not a surprise, I have this talent to be creative and managerial. See you soon in DC, I prefer DC comics, to print my 2 heroes but also other ones, the VELVET EYES and the MAN FROM 25 who is me Frederic VIDAL aka Mike FULLER. FV

Postscript. This picture was added to this article Monday, first day of a final countdown to launch the rocket of the TIMefraMES consortium to Mars, in the dimension A, to record the music video of P. M. U. R. T., the song about the President of the dimension B.


April 10

This is the Monday of PASSOVER. I am glad to be your guest on the East Coast now to give you my best. I’m a performer, first. Thank you, Lord. FV

April 9

She was younger, she was happier maybe, she was already a star. Blake LIVELY was also my muse for the writing of THE MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES on WordPress, according to me and 1 million readers or more. She has to confirm her upgrade: I want her First Lady OR EQUIVALENT with me Mike FULLER

I like GOSSIP GIRL because it’s WARNER ad LIVELY, it’s not FRIENDS ad SEINFELD, it’s not BLAKE & FRED but it looks like my spinoff GOSSIP MAN for the theaters is a great idea I will propose to the producers and their screenwriters for a joint venture with my consortium TIMefraMES. Frederic VIDAL – Mike FULLER

April 8

Celebrating FAKE PUNK at HARD ROCK CAFE Times Square, NY. Fred from 77.

Fake PUNK CHORDS: Phone number (Db Cm Cm Cm Ab Ab Ab Ab), First last (C Dm G E Fm), Destroy no future (Bbm Gb Bbm G) x 2 D C, Pmurt (G C G G G C G G D D G G D D G G).

FAKE PUNK CHORDS: 311 (Fc C Fc C Dm Dm Dm), Hamburger (E C A G B E D E D Am E B E B), Legend (C C G G C C F D Am Am Em Dm FM).

April 6

U.S. strikes Syrian military airfield in first direct assault on Bashar al-Assad’s government

I am with the PENTAGON today for the strikes that were coordinated with my SHADOW PRESIDENCY. I will meet this Friday Donald TRUMP Jr in Manhattan for a first talk ASAP at the TRUMP TOWER on the 5th Avenue. If Mr. TRUMP wants to stay President at the WHITE HOUSE, he has to sponsor my participation a little more in New York and I will give him more than 59 (the year of my birth) missiles to finish the present Syria. WATERLOO 2 was the program in DC for the arrival of Mike FULLER in town, March 21, 2017. AUSTERLITZ, the main NAPOLEON victory is here in New York scheduled for April 16. On WordPress, I publish today the email I prepared for a lawyer to be the definitive text about the organization of the TIMefraMES consortium and the end of the slander that the United States would be evil. We are an empire but a United Nations member that is fair and respecting the SPQR of the ANCIENT ROME, our main example of a State that was the organizer of a new civilization, including us.
Mike FULLER by Frederic VIDAL.

Missile Strikes on Syria Put U.S. Relationship With Russia at Risk


There won’t be more WWIII. There will be a deal between us and Russia to stop the chaos in the middle-East. I will manage this deal when I will be in DC. From New York, I don’t support too much the attack decided by TRUMP, I don’t accept violence that could have been rewinded: the united nations must REOPEN THE FILES OF THE MAIN NUREMBERG TRIAL. the files of the end of WWII for us to understand why ISRAEL is still boycotted by so many people, organizations and Country like I am boycotted but me just a little and not really. The World Jewish Congress will receive an email from me this weekend. FV-MF

Neil Gorsuch Confirmed by Senate as Supreme Court Justice

Congratulations. The US Supreme Court is my best supporter! Mike FULLER

Picture: Marilyn was the CLEOPATRA of John Fitzgerald. Like the two ancient times lovers, they finished their career almost together by living our community and having a legacy that the death did not change because they were living legends of brave and honest persons, helping the others, being unable at the same time to associate their destiny for a project of having a permanent union of them two. With Jessie ANDREWS, I am a KENNEDY, Shadow President, calm and serious, knowing what could be wrong for the two of us: not to be sure about what is certain, love and attraction are strong when they are shared, feelings we are understanding in our dialogue of words and pictures. FV

Monroe Photo Sale



Comment on FACEBOOK with this song:

WAR = CRIME, FAKE PUNK = HOUSE. As the Shadow President of this Country, the Web USB, I’m recommending a 60th missile against, not ASSD himself, but the headquarters of KGB Next Gen in? I don’t know the location, it must be in Europe. In FRENCH COP 3: WIN WIN, there is a war in CAMEROON between the US and this post -terrorist organization. Vince SAUVAN, the FRENCH COP, is in JAPAN to refuse the confrontation with an enemy that is not a State but a global networking threat. IN THE REALITY, my film preparation helps us to understand the strike of 59 (year of my birth) missiles by President TRUMP. It’s a WARNING PROGRAM: calm dow in WASHINGTON and HOLLYWOOD. The situation is under control. There is RUSSIA against this military attack and it is the evidence the RUSSIANGATE is a complicated one. The IRANGATE of REAGAN was already more a book than an impeachment procedure. MEDIAS will come to me when I will meet Blake LIVELY in New York this Summer, not before. My diner with Jessie ANDREWS in Manhattan is private project and celebration of my cultural career only. I am a guy with no ambition at all except to be happy and to succeed this album of BrAmstOcKeR called FAKE PUNK = HOUSE now. In WASHINGTON, I can interfere if necessary as I am a historian and the activist you know on the Web proactive for the acknowledgment of the ROCK CULTURE and the social content of it. Rock is included in the PUNK music and there will be a judiciary procedure to oblige the Authorities to accept it: THERE ARE NO DISSIDENTS IN AMERICA. We are not the USSR and PUTIN is against TRUMP, evidence WE ARE FREE, we re one and the BIL OF RIGHTS will prevail.
Frederic VIDAL for Mike FULLER. 

About: 2017 in ‘THE USA’ (A SciFi Thriller Book) with BrAmStOcKeR For FAKE PUNK (= HOUSE) Debut Album: The Press Release From New York By Frederic VIDAL With Also Mike FULLER! EDITORIAL for this Blog only! Thank you, BrAmStOcKeR fans, this is it: FAKE PUNK will be our breakthrough in America because we deserve it. The new lineup is about the concept of John and Yoko and Paul with Linda. The BEATLES were the band that had the best SOCIAL CONTENT of the world of POP MUSIC. (Editorial continues on the BrAmStOcKeR blog).

Frédéric Vidal Invite les 22 Familles les plus Riches de France à l’Assemblée Générale de l’Institut International Ignasi Vidal pour la Fondation Confirmée d’Une Garde Prétorienne des Libertés Publiques !

Lisez la lettre du Président de l’Institut Ignasi Vidal sur Blogspot :

Le gouvernement français a besoin du Parti Socialiste, l’équivalent du très romain Ordre Equestre, selon les Historiens, mais aussi d’un soutien particulier à son action ministérielle grâce à la formule d’un Club, baptisé GROUPE FRANCE 2013, qui pourra critiquer positivement l’action des pouvoirs publics nationaux et proposer mieux et différemment à la manière d’un Contre-Gouvernement, sans les excès d’un UMP qui est toujours sous le choc de sa défaite 2012 et de la demande de Bilan de l’action de Nicolas Sarkosy à la tête de l’Etat pendant 5 ans, de 2007 à 2012.

Challenges et le magazine économique du Nouvel Observateur avec la qualité d'un Time consacré à la Finance française avec l'International en contexte environnementiel. FV

Challenges et le magazine économique du Nouvel Observateur avec la qualité d’un Time consacré à la Finance française avec l’International en contexte environnementiel. FV

Le top 10 des plus grandes fortunes de France en 2013

Bernard Arnault – LVMH (24 300)

Liliane Bettencourt – L’Oréal (23 200)

Gérard Mulliez – Groupe Auchan (19 000)

Bertrand Puech – Hermès International (17 400)

Serge Dassault – GIM Dassault (12 800)

François Pinault – Kering (11 000)

Vincent Bolloré – Bolloré (8 000)

Alain Wertheimer – Chanel (7 000)

Pierre Castel – Groupe Castel (7 000)

Xavier Niel – Iliad (5 900)

Ce Groupe sera formé des familles qui le souhaiteront et renforcées par celles qui voudraient s’y associer. Dénommé Garde Prétorienne des Libertés Publiques pour se rapprocher de l’objectif de perfection du respect de la constitution dans la Rome Antique et mettre en exergue le besoin national d’une religion de la Liberté forcément publique, il accueillera toutes celles et ceux qui figurent sur la liste publiée par le magazine CHALLENGES : les plus grandes Fortunes de France.

A Bas relief potraying members of the Praetorian Guard.

A Bas relief potraying members of the Praetorian Guard.

Le 1er septembre 2013 sera diffusée sur Twitter France Demain le nom de ses personnalitées que je veux associer à la politique gouvernementale du Pays car elles sont actuellement isolées selon moi et tenues à l’écart des responsabilités politiques.

A Rome, cette communauté des grandes richesses portait le nom de Patriciat.

BreakinG NewS (Sunday AfterNooN)
TWITTER FV AbouT Hollywood:

As HeRe CoMeS ThE NiGhT HITS On Youtube At almost 250 Views, PARLOPHONE RECORDS 25th Friend FRED VIDAL Official Since This Morning! THANKS!

FV Friends CAPITOL RECORDS & PARLOPHONE RECORDS = 2 LaBels/SubsiDiaries OF EMI! E.M.I. Is British-International MAJOR Of THE Music INDUSTRY!

CyB, LAX: Joss WHEDON Is Also Friend Profile previously FILM INDEX, TIMEFRAMES! I Think PARLOPHONE 4 UK & CAPITOL 4 US Were Beatles LABELS!!

TF: They Have APPLE Records 2, ThE BEATLES! We’re Listening 2 THE TALKING HEADS – RemaiN In LighT – Produced By Brian ENO!! very good album!


Fred VIDAL To Represent NEW WAVE Of the French and American FILM Industry In HOLLYWOOD! Even If Not Anymore French INSIDER, But French Supporter Of MORE!

BloG CinemA: Fred VIDAL To Represent NEW WAVE Of French & American FILM Industries In HOLLYWOOD! Even If Not Anymore French But AMERICAN!!

H’WOOD SIGN OF CHANGE – The International Entertainment Weekly – NovemBer 30 – DeCember 6, 2009! A MUST Not co-Signed By TF!

TIMEFRAMES humoricity: Thank You VARIETY, You Changed The SIGN, As We Requested! LooKs BEAUTIFUL, TIMEFRAMES Projects ITS HOLOGRAM FroM It!!

Preview: Fred VIDAL’s Acting Memories Will Be ALPHABET, From A To Z, By NAMES Of Actors He Met, DIRECTORS & Producers Who Hired Him As XTRA!

ETINCELLE – My Xtra Time, From S. To E., Sounds Perfect To Begin A Career As A Movie Maker/Critic While Acting Too, just a little, And Music

BREAKING NEWS: Fred VIDAL FILM InDex On Myspace Becomes TIMEFRAMES historicity synchronicity PROFILE PAGE With 150 Friends Including IMPACT!

EMMY ROSSUM (FV XTRA On Phantom Of Opera FILM EVENT) New TOP FRIEND TF/FV Profile + Christian BALE, All-Time FRIEND, Brad PITT, Jon FAVREAU!

EmmY ROSSUM Is A Very InterestinG Person In Fred VIDAL’s FRIENDOM As She’s Great Hollywood/NewYorK ACTRESS and Classical SINGER Plus Woman!!

Fred InviteD 2 TOP-F Film Index (now TF) Like PreviouslY In His Career On MYSPACE more Friends As We Told Ya, MySpAcE Means Lot Now & before TIMEFRAMES Profile With AKA Mike FULLER (’cause Name hollywood),With ALSO Larry KING, CNN & Brian WILSON, NBC

Mind-Hearted And Emergency Oriented, Fred Vidal, PhD Reveals To The NEWSPAPER (His Blog’s New Name) Why His SonG B.L.A.K.E Subtitle GloBaL-Message Is A: ‘A Love SonG’!

POST In ProGress.

Some Training For The Lyrics On TWITTER:



Breaking News Song: Only Subject You Like the Most? SONG B.L.A.K.E. Lyrics In Progress. Words: SAY, IT AIN’T SO, 2 Be Written SAY IT AND SO!

SAY IT AIN’T SO must Be Magic 4 Fred And CyB, 4 SonG To WriTe, But There is No CODE, Means nothing, Bad English, with No Sense But BEAUTIFUL

SAY IT AIN’T SO, It’s Not An US Band Title, IT’S BRITISH, To Have 4 Words 2 Express POETRY. Say It Ain’t So, But not Like LET IT BE, Happier

SAY IT AIN’T SO, i remember, It’s In LOT GooD Songs, It’s Traditional ExpressioN NoW 2 MeaN: Nothing Special By The Way, Words Empty!! (CyB)

He Must use This Expression Since He’s a Teenager,QUALITY WORDS, QUALITY ROCK! fundamental treasure of music pleasure, instantaneity!!

SAY IT AND SO! As Tears Go By! (Another Key-Expression Of The Rock Music In Our COUNTRY, PossiblY In ThE SonG!)

Fred Vidal, PhD is studying the possibility to realize his movies with a complete CGI environmennt.

French Cop, its sequels and Movie Deals connected to other screenplays, except The Man With The Velvet Eyes are now announced with a great part of  Computerized characters and electronoic design.

From the Creator of FRENCH COP LLC and its Franchises:

“I believe in this dream created by people who work in another reality, the one we need to produce a cheaper and better set without our sun but with more power. The computer-generated imagery (CGI) and virtual actors connected to real human beings can show us the keys of a format that will call the 7th Art.”

Fred Vidal, PhD

Regarding the Franchise Of GERMAN SPY, the direction of the movie will publish a communique to explain to the specialists how it will be done. Digitallity will be introduced in the Film by special procedes that we call Love of the Screen.

A special TV Channel available for every American and diffusing only Cyber-Products like TV-Shows and Motion Pictures is in development at the Headquarters of the Hollywood best-known Company, the Fred Vidal LLC.

NBC UNIVERSAL will be contacted for a Joint-Venture regarding the diffusion of DVD inspired virtual programs in the foreign countries and a nationwide partnership of co-produced audiovisual new format items.

Fred Vidal, menber #1 of the NBC Community site will write his personal feedback about the Computer Revolution in the Movie Industry, scheduled for Next Year, ASAP for all the Web:

Links for a better knowledge of this on this Internet:

Fred Vidal, PhD Recommends:

A great product to conceive The New Hollywood!

A great product to conceive The New Hollywood!

Populate your scenes quickly and easily with this fantastic bundle! Bundle includes professional 3D human models, scenes, motion capture clips and easy to follow user guide.

Virtual Actors: A New Generation Of Cyber-Clones For A Massive Change Of The Movie Deal. Create Yours!!

Virtual Actors: A New Generation Of Cyber-Clones For A Massive Change Of The Movie Deal. Create Yours!!

Virtual Alien: Welcome To The Next World! A Fred Vidal, PhD Invitation. Thanks to the Artist!

Virtual Alien: Welcome To The Next World! A Fred Vidal, PhD Invitation. Thanks to the Artist!

Fred will send a copy of the album to Blake Lively with a personal message next week.

Fred will send a copy of the album to Blake Lively with a personal message next week.

77 is a year without a word because Punk was a Newspapers Art Press Creation.
77 is a year without a word because Punk was a Newspapers Art Press Creation.

CD BABY Digital ISRC Codes for a sale with a price:

#1 – Unusual Babe

ISRC code: us-hm2-09-48021
Cover song? NO

#2 – Maitre Chanteur Electronique

ISRC code: us-hm2-09-48022
Publisher:  FRENCH COP LLC
Cover song? NO

#3 – Pas De Veine

ISRC code: us-hm2-09-48023
Publisher:  FRENCH COP LLC
Cover song? NO

#4 – A Dadi

ISRC code: us-hm2-09-48024
Publisher:  FRENCH COP LLC
Cover song? NO

#5 – L’Homme Qui Venait d’Hier

ISRC code: us-hm2-09-48025
Publisher:  FRENCH COP LLC
Cover song? NO

#6 – Les Gratte-Ciels

ISRC code: us-hm2-09-48026
Publisher:  FRENCH COP LLC
Cover song? NO

#7 – Une Feuille

ISRC code: us-hm2-09-48027
Publisher:  FRENCH COP LLC
Cover song? NO

#8 – A L’Aise

ISRC code: us-hm2-09-48028
Publisher:  FRENCH COP LLC
Cover song? NO

#9 – Cette Maison Est Mon Hotel

ISRC code: us-hm2-09-48029
Publisher:  FRENCH COP LLC
Cover song? NO

#10 – Je l;Ai Vole

ISRC code: us-hm2-09-48030
Publisher:  FRENCH COP LLC
Cover song? NO

#11 – Celui Dont Tu As Reve

ISRC code: us-hm2-09-48031
Publisher:  FRENCH COP LLC
Cover song? NO

#12 – In The End

ISRC code: us-hm2-09-48032
Publisher:  FRENCH COP LLC
Cover song? NO

Yes it is an important time for the Rock Industry to fight the crisis with a new CD that will belong to EMI if they pay $1M or more!!

BRAMSTOCKER on CD BABY and in AMOEBA: It's the Moiracle of the 21st Century!

BRAMSTOCKER on CD BABY and in AMOEBA: It's the Miracle of the 21st Century!

BRAMSTOCKER album UnUsUaL bAbE barcode is 884501136969: The Tracklisting on the upcoming CD Baby Digital distribution and the CD is In Store at AMOEBA On Sunset NEXT WEEK!

AMOEBA, The Historic First Location where a BRAMSTOCKER Record was Sold in 1977!!

  • Links to BRAMSTOCKER:

  • BRAMSTOCKER Search results On Yahoo!

  • DIGSTATION, The Web Provider of BRAMSTOCKER songs Creates the Demand on the Web!

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