1. WebAlert 1: Anti-Networking Anti-Dating! Frederic Vidal accuses the American authorities in Washington and Sacramento to prevent him to have friends and a girlfriend to marry!

2. WebAlert 2: Anti-Networking Anti-Dating! The US Senate candidate is the victim of a plot about women harassment by his commercial and political competitors who want to steal his house and sabotage his family project!

3. Frederic Vidal accuses the first Bassist of his Rock band Bramstocker in 1977, Christian Leblond, to be the mastermind of this plot!

4. In America, Actor Paul Adelstein would be the local Leblond who is French and University Professor in Grenoble (not a musician anymore!). Adelstein accused Vidal’s house to be toxic and dangerous! Complaint scheduled at the Screen Actors Guild against Adelstein!

5. Leblond and Jean-Paul Albert, 1977 frontman of the band never accepted the success of the co-founder of the band in the United States. Albert must also be involved in this harassment against the Internet celebrity!

6. Van Morrison, first singer of Here comes the night, and Leron Gubler, Hollywood Chamber president, would also be fanatics against Vidal social life and networking with women, including dating! They want him excluded from the other media!

7. Frederic Vidal to send a report to the FBI, the NSA, the Homeland Security and the DEA about his social and personal exclusion accusing the Show Business, personalities and leaders of this burlesque and criminal project!

8. The major record labels, Lou Reed, a drug promoter, David Bowie, and other Rock Stars including the singer of Aerosmith, the members of the Screen Actors Guild, the Republican Party, and a gang located in Bakersfield would be the team partners of Vidal problems of socialization because of his French origins!

9. Van Morrison would have organized a boycott of Frederic Vidal music because of the success of his song Here comes the night on Youtube!

10. Frederic Vidal’s fame on the Internet created an international network of hate including Albert, the puppet Prince of Monaco, the French terrorist President Nicolas Sarkosy, a Wikileaks supporter, for the sabotage of his career! When the US Senate candidate diffused the US government sites links on Facebook and with Ping, the Assange Mafia and drug connection replied by a massive piracy of confidential American diplomacy documents!

11. Wikileaks Scandal: Albert is the son of the actress Grace Kelly, Frederic Vidal’s SAG and AFTRA name Fred Kelly, that must explain his hostility and his attacks with Steven Spielberg, the Hollywood Bin Laden, and Villaraigosa, a Mayor who harass families! Blake Lively and manager Justin Stone decided to persecute the Senate candidate too!

12. The Wikileaks terrorist attack against the United States, the hackers attacks against Visa and Mastercard and organized harassment to break Frederic Vidal must be coordinated by David Assouline, a French Senator, Laurent Fabius, a previous socialist Prime Minister and Hollywood’s restless duet Gubler and Spielberg!

13. The US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal accuses Barack Obama to be the inspiration of the Sexual Harassment against him organized with the Press (newspapers and TV) for the sabotage of his Entertainment career and his political activity!  We are all the victims of this media and White House totalitarism and we must begin the impeachment of a dysfunctional Star-President!!!!

14. The Republicans with the 2 chaos brothers George and Jeb Bush refused to accept Frederic Vidal for the US Senate primary in California preferring the corruption and ingerence of Hewlett Packard and the cancerous candidate Fiorina who was never Republican! They don’t like Rock, they don’t like Internet and they hate Frederic Vidal’s style of leadership mixing communication and worldwide fame for more freedom and fairness! They attacked him several times to prevent him to find a girlfriend! This is sexual and about real estate!

15. BUSH: a name that is a shame for America, a president who decided a war that killed thousands of our soldiers for nothing as Alqaida and Wikileaks are still working against our Country, stronger than before!! Hackers will be prosecuted and the new Web, the INTERVISION, will be a Security one! The Bush Years finished by the Wall Street Crash and the Decadence of the US managed by a specialist of manipulation: Impeachment for the new Nixon!

16. Villaraigosa, Tom Labonge his puppet Hollywood responsible, Silvio Berlusconi, Italy Prime Minister are managing the sexual harassment that continues around and against Frederic Vidal. At the same time Interpol is not doing its job to stop Wikileaks and Hackers networks in Europe!

17. These people use the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for CORRUPTION on a daily basis, preparing now the Academy Awards of the Hackers as the Movie stars are Wikileaks best friends and Hackers sponsors with their headquarters in Bakersfield, California that is chosen to be another place of crimes! They are CLOCHARDS!

18. In Frederic Vidal house, a roommate girl refused a coffee for a dating but received 4 men by night in one month because of Mexico and the US Senate pressure. At his coffee shop, Bourgeois Pig, a bartender refused an invitation for an open mic where Fred had to perform Here comes the night and began flirting with almost every single client! For an audition, a Canadian actress not invited at all for a date, harassed him about lack of professionalism!

19. Human Trafficking, Music Business Sabotage, Connected to Bakersfield, Evil Project to have Blake Lively obliged to be pregnant in the Tabloids to humiliate Frederic Vidal (it didn’t happen), his fan #1 with his historic invitation for a wedding: This is about Drugs deals probably and a very sad NASHVILLE corruption with the Democrats and some Republican to stop a first CD Album with a Major by the Youtube Celebrity!

20. Wikileaks attacks and Gossipgate versus Frederic Vidal: Hillary Clinton must resign, she’s not understanding what is happening and pro-Wikileaks hackers are breaking the laws of our States and promoting Human Slavery to finish the work of the Islamic Terrorists! In 2007, 2 possible leads for FRENCH COP, Beverly Lauckner, who preferred a competitor diner, and Samantha Lockwood, who sent him a judiciary threat, already broke his heart, his career and dream of a family life!

21. Justin Grey Stone, the scandalous manager of the drug-addicted and crazy Lindsay Lohan and Blake Lively, and the looser at the Presidential 2008, John McCain, did a lot in this Mess of Wikileaks and Gossipgate defaming Frederic Vidal and creating a nationwide nightmare regarding the future of our families, to let the US Senate candidate single with the help of the seductor Sarkosy married with the escort woman Carla Bruni, another singer that doesn’t want Vidal in the Charts or in DC!

22. A previous agressive roommate Sal Saljid who strangely never accepted his friendship and the only girl who agreed a dating for a trip in Nice, the hispanic Felicia, to visit Fred’s old aunt Jacqueline Haim-Vittone (working for his bankruptcy too!), before to leave him with his money, order of her employer E! Entertainment (COMCAST), are also the context of the death of Ronni Chasen, symbol of Leron Gubler’s Hollywood Manipulation to neutralize Frederic Vidal, movie producer and Presidential candidate 2012!

23. Permanent threats of Jails since his water was not paid because of budget difficulties after Frederic Vidal decided to stop his bankruptcy process in order to refinance TIMEFRAMES LLC, this is the Villaraigosa system supported by Councilmember Ed P Reyes, a type of Capone man who already organized a team against him in Mount Washington, his previous location!

October 19: The Candidate For The US Senate Frederic Vidal Writes His Last Post To Conclude This Web Of Fame Blog On WordPress, 2 Weeks Before Election Day, Tuesday The 2nd Of November!

My Campaign Blog is on Myspace:


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Don’t forget to vote November 2!!
(In California, write my name on your ballot
if you support my US Senate candidacy!!).

Thank you readers! Only Mike Fuller will be Back on this Blog to COMPLETE The Man With The Velvet Eyes SAGA Posts already published with Additional Texts.

I am now FULLTIME working for My Campaign and Networkin STATEWIDE, On the Internet And on Location, Because We need a New SENATOR for California in Washington DC and If you Write my Name on Your Ballot, November 2, I will represent you for a Change inside the Obama Change, a Upgraded One, for the 2 Years before 2012.

Thank You one More Time, You gave me Fun And Happiness , I’m inviting You now to follow and read my Political Blog on MYSPACE:


and my High-Tech Site on Google Universe:


VOTE FREE NOVEMBER 2, 2010 for Our Country To be The One in 2020 as a Nation in the World, Rich, Fair and Ready to Cooperate with The Others!

Frederic Vidal,

Official Candidate For the United States Senate

in California – MIDTERM ELECTION

Write-In Candidate – Non Partisan


In California, a new Generation is Ready to Be elected: Chelene Nightingale for Governor, Frederic Vidal for Senator!!

The latest episode of The Man With The Velvet Eyes FOR WORDPRESS, the blog of fame!

Velvet Eyes UN President: It’s not A Dream for His friends in Prague When there was no War but a Long Year Before The Creation of The Peace Project of The United Nations!


In the 1920’s, the United Nations were not in the Newspapers but Jonathan Founders was a Diplomat ready to be one of the founders of the most important club in the World to prevent Wars even if wars are necessary according to victims of peace manipulation meaning propositions of excessive friendships between States.

I was a journalist, brother of his wife, Valentine Douglas who wrote me many letters that I received in America with a long delay because the first international planes were landing in another city than mine and the mail from Europe was waiting for a while before to be received by me and my father who hated to wait.

Valentine was a girl who shared the projects of her husband except when she was sick, only once a year, but never for Christmas. Velvet Eyes, the nickname of Jonathan, famous from Berlin to Paris, was in fact one the founders (his last name too!!) of the network that worked secretly to prepare a federation including every State on Earth for a better dialogue between the Countries and their population.

I received one day a magazine published by my brother-in-law with a beautiful cover: the European Statue of Liberty, The Eiffel Tower, in Paris, United Nations. Velvet’s club wanted Paris to be the Headquarters of the United Nations but Adolph Hitler did not agree and decided to visit the Land of The French with his War Tanks, we were then in the 1940’s and I passed away at the end of World War 2 because I used to be sick for Christmas 1945.

Written by me and my family,
September 1950,
Michael K. Douglas

  • And now the last F-COP story for Wordp.

F-COP: From a Blog To Another, Super-Heroes Never Change!!


Bad screenwriters are not able to create a Universe as they lose their time by repeating and repeating everything about their reality and not about Fiction, Fiction is the true HISTORY!

There is one time somebody in the street, following and following me, I never saw his face, he was tall, the street dark and I walked fast to forget the memory of this day when I met F-Cop.

He was back from a Comic-Book written by an unknown star of the future, a fellow who received the information from the past but built the story like a fairy tale.

No bar for my friend, no restaurant, nothing except a scene from a movie that will never be shot.  Movies need production and money need wallets, that night I was not alone, I had a rendezvous with a Blogger who was late.

Time is strange when you have no watch and you have to check if it’s midnight or 1 by looking at the moon. It was 1, approximately, so I met my contact who told me that there was an address to never forget, a space address that I will not remember if I tried to understand what was the content of the address, only the letters were important and a keyboard to type them, then a screen will open the door of the new house where the friends were located far away, in another Galaxy, the previous planet of F-COP before his Trip back on Planet Earth:


F-Cop told me that he was the star of another blog, I didn’t understand what he meant, but I wrote also the other address just in case, just in case I was lost:


F-COP is a part of the New Political Blog of Frederic Vidal on Myspace, The Man With Velvet Eyes continues his Life on WordPress for new forgotten episodes!

Mike Fuller,
October 20, 2010

Los Angeles, California, United States of America (Free-Press-Release.com) September 22, 2010 —
For The U.S. SENATE, We Need In California A Candidate Who Gives
Our Message To The Country: Connected To The Sea!!
November 2: VOTE (Frederic I. Vidal) PHD

Call the Candidate: 818-863-0523

Frederic I. Vidal, PhD Is Candidate For The United States Senate in 2010 since his success in June for the Primaries. Barbara Boxer, the previous Senator, is already an old memory because she did nothing for our State in DC, just another Democrat voting with her party.

Our candidate for this Midterm Election is a PhD Candidacy. PHD is the nickname, a famous one of a leader of the Republican Party with his successful blog (https://fredvidal.wordpress.com), 1.5 MILLION VIEWS, who decides today to refuse his party because of the terrible program of the old generation of John McCain and Sarah Palin and their supporters: to fight against immigration and dialogue in our Country. IMMIGRATION IS THE KEYWORD FOR THE USA!! PHD will stop his Republican membership, September 15. The Presidency of George W Bush is just another bad legacy that we must study and criticize in order to improve our democracy. President Barack Obama gives us a sign of hope with the end of the Iraq War and his project of Peace between Israel and Palestine but we don’t live in the Midwest: WE ARE CALIFORNIANS, Connected to the Sea and Connected to the Sea!!!

With his song, HERE COMES THE NIGHT, an old American song of the 1960’s (http://www.youtube.com/bramstocker77), PHD is ready with more than 13,000 views to speak to the people of our State, this month and next month, as an official candidate to the U.S. Senate, about the future of our Land of The Free, without the Republican Party that is unable to give us the progress we need for our economy after its nationwide failure in 2007. The sea is the main reason of our candidacy: we must develop our industries, tourism, sports, culture, arts, business, from Mexico to Canada, including the Oregon and Washington States, in a relationship with the Pacific Ocean, meaning exportations from and to Asia, including, first, Japan and China. This is the way to develop the United States thanks to our great Sea!!

In Hollywood, where Frederic I. Vidal, PhD began his career with his company TIMEFRAMES LLC, the crisis will stop when the new majority of a PRESIDENTIAL PARTY for 2012 dedicated to his Novelist Name: MIKE FULLER, will be able to give the direction to the new generation of the Movie Industry, connected to the Screen of everybody: an electronic Sea! The Congress of The United States will have a new majority in January with people elected with a program that can be inspired by ours. We hope that we can help President Obama for the second part of his mandate to succeed with us to improve the Country, connected to the two seas (Pacific and Atlantic Oceans) with LESS UNEMPLOYMENT, MORE IMMIGRATION!!!


Frederic Vidal Campaign Committee For The US Senate 2010 Election In California


September 23, 4:12PM: 1 press releases have been published, with 71 views.

Dolphins are The symbol of Fred Vidal, PhD (Mike Fuller) Campaign In California For The Senate Of The United States, November 2, In Exactly 40 Days NOW!!!!

Dolphins are The symbol of Fred Vidal, PhD (Mike Fuller) Campaign In California For The Senate Of The United States, November 2, In Exactly 40 Days NOW!!!!

President Barack Obama Succeeds To Sabotage (just for one day!!) The Campaign Of Fred Vidal, PhD, Helped By The Republicans Who Prefer The Red Carpet and Accepts To Let The US Congress Managed By Hollywood Stars (for just 8 more months): The CLIQUE Was Back Then Left!
White House Correspondents’ Association Diner: THE CLIQUE of the Red Carpet! Barack Obama Succeeds to invite THE LOOSERS Of Hollywood For A Diner Against The Values Of Our Party And Population: AMERICA! The Republicans who were there to prepare the communication with the Movie/TV Industry specialists in order to sabotage Fred Vidal, PhD Campaign In California for the US Senate were showing their Project to prevent Us to Get the Congress Majority in November!
BIPARTISAN, this is their program to support a President who has only the Hollywood stars as supporters in a sick Country because of the crisis and the Louisiana disaster. Hollywood organizes with the democrats a TOTALITARISM of The Red Carpet In DC and The Responsibles are The Anti-FULLER of The REPUBLICAN PARTY (a Hollywood Clique inside the Clique). They accepted the invitation of a President who has to stop his manipulation of the Mass Media ASAP, according to the International Press and the majority of the people on location in our 50 States.
The organizers of Yesterday’s CARPET AND DIAMONDS PARTY don’t want somebody else for the White House in 2013, they want George CLOONEY and Matt DAMON Prime Ministers and the Actresses of this Harassment Industry as the Spokewomen of a Regime that has nothing to do with the UNITED STATES now but looks like the USSR of the 1960’s and 70’s!
We Accuse A System Of Propaganda creating a FEATURE FILM of FAIRY TALES (like a political Reality Show for a Pilot that will stay without other episodes) to make us dream in a social and economy NIGHTMARE! We Want To Wake Up! Dreams are Not Reality.
This Marketing of the democrats and the Press/TV is a Super-Production of weird Steven Spielbergesque specialists, connected to the Republicans, that is organized in order to BRAINWASH US, the US CITIZENS who want to be Patriots and Activists for the Respect of the CONSTITUTION of The US: In New York at the same time, TIMES SQUARE was the victim of a Terrorist Alert and in LOUISIANA, the panic of the Obama Adminstration shows that the Federation is unable to manage the regular work that is necessary!
Let’s pray for our FUTURE and think about a Possible VICTORY In NOVEMBER that will mean: NO MORE HOLLYWOOD and LIES In This LAND OF THE FREE!

Best regards from MIKE FULLER, PhD

I will be INVITED AT the White House in 2013 As an ELECTED President (of the United States)!”

See More:


Today (May 3, 2010) Front Page of The  WASHINGTON POST Shows A Big Picture of Barack OBAMA, President of the United States, in the middle of a Talk about The Louisiana Nightmare, showing that Work is more Important than Fun when The Country needs Care and Support! Hollywood is a bad memory and “Yesterday is… SO FAR AWAY”! (Lennon-McCartney)

The Crisis In Louisiana because of The Sea Disaster of The Gulf Oil Accident Is The Main Problem in Our Country Now with The Risk Of The Terrorism Connected To The AFGHANISTAN War! The White House Is The Target of a Manipulation of The U.S. Media and the supporters of Barack Obama who Want a Star and Not only A President Working for The Future of America are inspired by a bad movie, A Charlie Chaplin One: THE DICTATOR. A star means a DVD maker, a President is more a TV Leader and a Radio Speaker for a Newspapers Writers' Inspiration to diffuse the Programs Of His/Her Policy regarding Social, Economy, Foreign Countries, Culture and Homeland Security, mainly. Personal Admiration is something that deserves a FAN CLUB NOT A PARTY!

On MEETUP, Fred Vidal, PhD Is Back For A Network Of REPUBLICAN Groups In California And The Promotion Of Mike FULLER Everywhere On The West Coast, Before The U.S. Senate In January 2011 Thanks To The Lake ISABELLA (california’s best kept secret)!

  • In November 2010, we will decide of the next Congress: Will it be Republican or Democrat? We need a change in the politics of This Country and, probably, A Secretary for CULTURE. It would be the Best Opportunity to improve Our Democracy and our Style of Economy that must be more and more Arts oriented in order to Stop the Crisis!
  • Let’s slow down with the Stress of this Political Life and the tough Competition of the Candidates featured by the Mass Media and the Press: We need to focus more on the content of the Projects and Programs That Can help us to Win and to Improve our Great California that Deserves a Better economy.
  • A Luncheon, A Diner, A Breakfast or a Coffee with always A Smile is the best way to find the time to speak and think about the future and the alternative candidacy of an insider, PhD in Communication Science, Fred Vidal, PhD, who runs for the U.S. Senate because he doesn’t believe in the failure of the Republican candidacy!


Fred Vidal, PhD Back To MEETUP Like A Locomotive Because We Deserve More Than A Blah Blah Blah of Professional Politicians born to be A Cliche That Deserve To Be Forgotten!!

  • Los Angeles: Daily Meetup at 10AM beginning May Day (The 1st, This Saturday) for the guests of The BOURGEOIS PIG!


  • Sacramento:  Daily Meetup, beginning May 10, Monday 8AM for Fred’s Capital Friends Of The BUTCH N NELLIE’S COFFEE COMPANY!


  • San Francisco: BUCK TAVERN A GO-GO For The Entourage Of A Lucky Candidate, Mr. PhD! (beginning Friday May 14 at 5PM and Weekly!!)


  • San Diego: A FUNDRAISING Diner Weekly, beginning Saturday, May 22 at 7PM For The Leaders Of Mike Fuller’s National Campaign Invited to The Prestigious COURTYARD MARRIOTT, Located DOWNTOWN On Broadway!!


  • Bakersfield: Friday, 7PM, May 28, and every following Friday, A Music Event And A Political Celebration Of A Candidate Who Can Also Play The Guitar (and will invite a famous Bassist maybe!) for A Meetup Diner & Concert hosted by The FISHLIPS!


  • Oakland: 2 days before The Primary Vote, June 6, Beginning of a Weekly MEETUP, Every Sunday, 2PM, Cafe Van Kleef For The Last Minute Guests and The All-Time Candidate Fuller The Great!


For The Future Of California:
VOTE FRED VIDAL, PhD For The US Senate!!

I Was There To Meet The Lake In 2004 And The Lake Told Me That He Loved Me, I Replied That He Was My Great Surprise To Be A So Beautiful One And So Quiet With A Sun And A Rainbow! Mike Fuller, April 29, 2010. To my Friend ISABELLA!

Fred Vidal, PhD Is A Great Supporter Of LAKE ISABELLA since 2004, the best Location to be in California (I will be there this Summer to Prepare His LA Super-Primary Convention!!): “Welcome to Lake Isabella, heart of the Kern River Valley, California’s best kept secret. With many activities, including fishing, hiking, camping, windsurfing, skiing, or just relaxing, the lake itself has much to offer.  Don’t miss one of California’s largest wild west celebrations, Whiskey Flat Days, four days of fun for the entire family. ”



Mike Fuller, Nickname of Fred Vidal, PhD, Is Inviting The Freemasons of California to Think about Joining His Campaign For more Progress In The United States With the Gratitude Of The American U.S. Senate!


Masons of California are the best friends of those who want to improve their environment by preparing the next step of their life in a project or in a dream that can become True! Welcome to my CAMPAIGN: The Country!!

More Info IN MAY!

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