• This is our VETERAN DAY WEEKEND article about the upcoming project of Fred Vidal, the PERIOD MOVIE: CASINO CLUB, to be shot in 2010 on the French Riviera, after a Hollywood Week of work on set as the Photo Double of Steve Carell (not stand-in, photo double) and an Election Day with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, in Los Angeles,
Fred Vidal, Photo Double, of Steve Carell, will be the next Charles Boyer, in the Period Film CASINO CLUB (Modernscope Inc Productions)

Fred Vidal, Photo Double of Steve Carell, will be the next Charles Boyer (on the picture in LOVE AFFAIR, 1939), in the Period Film CASINO CLUB (Modernscope Inc Productions - 2010)

It’s a new Feature Film project for Nice, France (La Victorine Studios), already included in the GRASSROOTS 2 PROGRAM and the Official MODERNSCOPE INC List of Films (Press Communique) and a Homage to Charles Boyer, the magnifique French and American Hollywood Actor of the 1950’s (Fred will look like him in the Movie playing an ambitious actor dreaming to be the next Boyer in the Nice of the 1960’s and its huge and emblematic City Casino closed in 1969).

Article will be developed today, Saturday, November 8, 2008 for ACTORFEST Los Angeles.

The Mass (Media) Press release Diffusion (FRENCH COP) Continues!



REMINDER: Fred Vidal is also still looking for a good screenplay to be the French President, Nicolas Sarkosy, on the Screen, for a Film about his love story with Carla Bruni (more information soon).

Contact: “Call me on my Cell Phone: 310/721/5056” F.V.

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