Abraham Lincoln will be the chief editor of L&R and I will be the publisher and editorial writer.
Mike FULLER journalist


The young Lincoln in sculpture at Senn Park, Chicago. Sculpture: Charles Keck (1875-1951). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abraham_Lincoln

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About the New York Times article (09/23)http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/24/us/politics/obama-veto-saudi-arabia-9-11.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=first-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0

Obama, President of Kenya. The African-American elected in 2008 by the victims of Osama Bin Laden decides to finish his mandate and his career. He believes in wrong polls that don’t validate how much the population has enough and wants this man to leave. The veto of the shame is confirmed: there won’t be the end of the mourning of the people murdered by Alqaida. This is the last mistake of a star of the Arabians who arrived bymistake at the White House: a MISCOMMUNICATION. Mike FULLER President in January.

About the New York Times article (09/24)

It’s a teasing for a horror movie. Trump is Dracula and Clinton is the creature of Frankenstein. Let’s be careful about this Scary Movie, not validated by TIMEFRAMES. We prefer SciFi than gore and hardcore. What about Star Trek and Star Wars together: Me, Mike FULLER, and my protégé Marco RUBIO, a Senator who is treated like a new Zorro without a mask by the Congress. Our debate will be between 2 partners: WHAT CAN WE DO IMPROVE AMERICANS who like too much porn and are badly punk these days.  I am Indiana Jones, coming back from the Ancient Times with the secret about Romulus, Remus’ brother: the Sabins were woman that the Romans ‘invited’ to be their wifes. What about Blake Lively who preferred a Greek of the Screen Actors Guild, Ryan Reynolds, Athens again. So watch TV on Monday if you want, you will see me and Marco behind the scenes. Your Mike FULLER moderated by Jeb BUSH

About the Washington Post article (09/24)

‘It is a dream come true’ to put the black people in a museum when they deserve the sun and their old continent Africa as grassroots in their US grey life. ‘It is a dream come true’ to consider them equivalent dead like the Indians are not a lot anymore, subject of science and history. This is the true Barack Obama, the man who was the worst President for the African community since Dwight Eisenhower. His successor, Vice-president of JFK, signed with Martin the contracts for EQUALITY White-Black. 50 years later, I plan to be the next President in January and to vote with our sacred Congress a Law against homelessness that is a disease killing the negroes by dozens. There will be a Federal program


President Obama at the White House on Thursday. He has said legislation allowing the families of victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to sue Saudi Arabia could leave the United States open to a raft of litigation in foreign countries. Credit Al Drago/The New York TimesThe ANTI-WASHINGTON, smiling about the TERRORIST VETO: he won’t succeed not to be impeached after the death of Frederic VIDAL and the ticket to be confirmed FULLER RUBIO.

about the Washington Post article (09/23)

A debate for nothing. Don’t watch it. Boycott these 2 candidates who are liars until the end. FULLER RUBIO, the only ticket to say the truth. These 2 (Clinton, Trump) don’t deserve to be President. They are a part of the show biz and nothing else, no more politicians and they were never: a President’s Lady and a business man from Wall Street. Watch a good movie by Frank Capra on Monday! Mike FULLER TV goer

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When Obama votes Trump thanks to the beauty of his bartenders and the gentry of his cheerleaders. Mike strongly FULLER
On Facebook, comment about Obama: “The US Must Give Up Some of Its Freedoms to the UN” http://threepercenternation.com/2016/09/obama-cede-us-freedoms/
Our freedoms are for the People of America, not the US BUT I will call the United Nations today, during my Q&A on Twitter to inform them I need their appreciation and maybe their recommendation TO BE WELCOMED AS A FUTURE PRESIDENT (for 17, according to me). I have no press, no Freedom of the press and TV is cancelled on myb agenda, by some power or some destiny manager I DON’T WANT ANYMORE. Mike really FULLER
On Facebook, thanks to Twitter: Pope Francis Declares Fox News-Style Journalism ‘A Form Of Terrorism’ (VIDEO)
This is also for NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN News. These terrorists will accept to change and stay with me for an interview ‘old school’ and vintage like Eisenhower did to speak about his war memories. Mike for journalists
Unfortunately, there are some of them to do the contrary and to refuse me definitely. Why? To be promoted by Obama. MF

T h e P l a t f o r m

What will be the result? I don’t care. Election day is far away. We have time to think about it later. I think I WIN.”

A ticket to be confirmed (but I believe in it).

1. We have 10 years to change (2016-2026). We have 4 weeks to be elected (or a little more).

A. (There are) 2 candidates not so attractive.

Restless? Anyway, they are judiciary limited (prosecuted). They are not ready for the POWER! I mean TRUMP and CLINTON are derogation people (a First Lady and a Business Man). Mike FULLER If they win (Trump, Clinton), we lose a lot. If they are exceptional (in quotes). they are also obsolete and a bad reminder of COLD WAR. MF

B. A ticket that creates a dream team.

It’s a miracle we have to remember. 2 immigrants (or almost) for the Homeland Security (from the Melting Pot). At the last minute, there is this crucial choice but it’s not really a surprise. Tradition first: they have to continue the Republicans like before (Donald is eccentric). What is unique is this Ticket (offer) welcoming an Invisible Man. I can say I like it (the ticket) but I don’t (to be invisible). I saw the movie! MF

2. To stay the United States, we need more than what you think: a real UPGRADE, not an UPDATE only.

A. Is the American Dream retired?

66 years after 1950, the fifties are not dead. It’s the model even if disabled partly now, kind of Russianesque. But there is a Happy End. MF We are losing our soul if we do nothing. It’s necessary to be creative to be pertinent. We have to be conservative with the ambition to be young. Let’s be RIGHT not at all far right. The challenge is to do better than before. The concept is the 2.0. That’s it.

B. The one and only mandate (no 2nd term).

4 years to vote the laws and socialize is enough time. The population is waiting for more modernity of the ‘after crisis’. We are in a hurry to give more to the people (no aristocracy, democracy, Res Publica). The Vice-President will be President for the 2nd term. It’s the continuity.

3. No more poverty on location in the US and worldwide.

A. Under-development is international.

The United States need everybody to progress, a fair competition. There is only one economy, with us as leader, champion. No more war if pos-sible, onl;y friends abroad.Let’s be peaceful. The cancer is the terrorism, a sickness and diplomacy is the medication.

B. We will be in the History Books.

America has a project to share on Earth: charismatic. Europe, Africa, Asia are our partners-continents. Like never before the Dollar will represent the reform: money is commerce.There is no future without the past. We need an amendment to be operational about the4 new challenge: the Hispanics.

4. Hope was the reply of Hollywood to the Amusement Industy of the XXth century.

A. Our culture deserves an Empire.

It’s the symbolical notion of United States of the World that we are building with our values. Music, movies, TV together for fraternity. is like an Opera and we must accept there is a Noblesse. A Culture Department will organize our troops. Our film business will be named differently. No more only Hollywood, the location, the space, a new brand about time, years, decades, centuries: TIMEFRAMES meaning the agenda. The legacy of Woodstock is to some extend, kind of huge, especially I think for real estate matters. Rock has this power to help to settle down to fight against the poverty.

B. Our Art is Communication.

The Internet is our chance to upgrade all. It’s the ‘invention’ of 2000. We must invite all the Countries to participate. To be Made in USA is a masterpiece, it’s our identity. We will need the Intervision to be more global. The galaxy McLuhan mixing TV and papers with the Web is so attractive, accelerate our efficiency. But it’s office/home.


This Is Newsletter Time Before Action: ‘LIBERAL & REPUBLICAN’, L&R, Provisory Title Of This Monthly Publication With #1 issue In October And #2 After Election Day In November! And So, Now Mike FULLER Has His Own Press!

Nancy Reagan Death Reinforces The Constitution Of Reagan City As Albert Of Monaco Is Invited To Participate In This Project Of A New York In The Midwest!

On https://www.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012

Let’s dance in REAGAN CITY with the Reagans and also the family of Grace Kelly when the City will be completed. We write a letter to the Prince Albert of Monaco, our second hometown after Nice, to invite him to be our guest as a great personality for this project of a NEW TOWN in America and for everything about our career in the USA and worldwide. Nancy Reagan would have been the main architect of the construction of Reagan City, Prince Albert of Monaco cannot replace her but he will understand he can represent his mother who was an important celebrity worldwide too, like Nancy Reagan but Grace Kelly, the Princess Grace of Monaco, passed away in the 1980’s and we think the 2 mournings must be associated. Reagan City is the future of Hollywood! FV

She was a diva after she was an actress who did not want to be at the White House. She was a politician thanks to her LOVE for her husband. So let’s dance in Reagan City to celebrate them. FV



A Judge of the US Supreme Court, David Bowie and now Nancy Reagan died without saying goodbye like Grace Kelly in 1982? Almost. Mike Fuller is from Monaco and Monaco is a little an American Principality. Albert of Monaco is invited to promote Monte-Carlo more than ever.

A New York In The Midwest

“The thirteen colonies are still there in 1776 ready to be our partners for a second revolution in 2016 to confirm we’re independent about our patrimoine, our patrimonial heritage: cultural, financial, historic and finally from the origins. Reaganomics were a liberal “revolution” written by Ronald Reagan and staff for the Bicentennial Era.

I’m a Republican from the future and I know that the capital of the US has changed: it’s not anymore Washington closed to the East Coast but the main US city to build with the name of Ronald Reagan. Roosevelt would appreciate this initiative because we need again a New Deal, a New York #2 and a chance to have the Midwest closer to the sea.  The Nebraska and the Kansas could be the sites of these 2 cities: Reagan & Roosevelt.”

From the conference about the 250 years of the United States by Frederic Vidal, PhD.

Albert Of Monaco

Ronald Reagan was an important and historic President according to us and the equivalent of Abraham Lincoln according to the USA of 2016: we are the future and the future is favorable to the 2 Presidents. One was killed, the other was very sick at the end of his life. The 2 were Republicans and against slavery. The Prince Albert is a witness of the history of his mother Grace Kelly, a superstar of Hollywood before to be a princess, and, before and after, a close supporter of Nancy Reagan and consequently her husband Ronald too.




Letter by tweets to Albert II of Monaco
by Frederic Vidal, PhD.

Hello Most Serene Highness:

I just sent to the Prime minister of France, Manuel Valls, a letter to be in touch with his government as I’m a dual citizen, French and American, about to start definitely my career in the USA. My second letter is for you because I was a Monaco resident before to relocate full-time in Paris in the 1990’s. There I was attache at the Caisse des depots.

You must remember my parents Ignasi and Gladys Vidal Molne. They used to live 15, avenue Saint-Michel in Monaco where they were homeowners of a charming flat with a painter workshop as my dad was a gifted artist who worked at your National Printing Office and also for your palace drawing the decoration of your important degrees. It was a long time ago. My father did not succeed to get the Monaco citizenship but he was an artistic ambassador of your Principality, being the vice-President of the Plastic Arts Committee of UNESCO. He was Luis Molne brother, being a Monaco citizen. They left Spain during the Civil War to relocate first in France during World War II then in Monaco.

I was born in 1959 In Nice welcomed by my aunt Jacqueline Haim-Vittone, a real second mother for me. She passed away in 2011 and I came back in Nice for 4 years to live in our historic flat of the 1960’s, 10, avenue Notre-Dame. I left October 16, 2015 to be back in the United States, presently in Atlanta, Georgia, the city of of Jimmy Carter, Martin Luther King Jr, Coca-cola and CNN, emblematic city also because of the Civil War.

I feel great in this part of the Country and I would stay there but I have 2 appointments with the democracy in New York, April 19 and in Los Angeles, June 7 for the primaries of the Republican Party before the Presidential election. New York represents for me the 1990’s when I was there for the first times thanks to my Jewish cousins, the Haim’s, family of my mother’s father relocated in America in the 1940’s. In Los Angeles, it was my first residence when I arrived in 2003 as an immigrant in California. Barcelona was the hometown of my dad Ignasi and his brother Luis.

Manuel Valls, our French Prime minister, is also from Barcelona and his father was also a painter like the fathers Nicolas Sarkosy and Francois Hollande, previous and present President of the French Republic. I found LA like Barcelona and California another Catalunya. So I stayed there as a homeowner in the area of Hollywoodland but the movie business is great but also difficult.

My series of synopsis didn’t find producers to be filmed until now. I joined the Screen Actors Guild in 2005 as a background actor, I joined also AFTRA for television. Like your mother, by the way, she was a so brilliant actress. Sometimes I have a doubt about the fact she could have been my mother. Who knows? 1959 stays a mysterious year, preparation of the next decade, a crucial one, the 1960’s of the confusion. It’s the reason why I would like to be closer to you. You could have been my brother and I want to support your Principality.

We have the chance Adolf Hitler didn’t win WWII. I would have been in Auschwitz with 25% of Jewish blood according to his racial law in Berlin. On the contrary, I’m with Barack Obama,managing another Country: a Federation like no other else. My United States, I can manage them on location by diffusing my program: a website. htfredkelly.wix.com/mikefuller I invite you to this address, it could be interesting also for your family, especially Alexandra, the Princess of Hanovre, she appears to be the one who could be attracted the most by my style of political and cultural programs. I think it’s because I was the guitarist of the punk band Bramstocker in 1977 that the  young people are my primary audience. I have a PhD, by the way, in Communication Science with the Felicitations du Jury.


Frederic Vidal.

Postscript. The death of Nancy Reagan yesterday is a terrible thing for me. I just began to introduce to the American opinion, thanks to Twitter, the project of a new important Ville: REAGAN CITY that I propose to built at the center of the US, in the States of Nebraska or Kansas. Would you accept to be member of the international committee, in order to also represent your mother, Grace Kelly, and Monaco, to give us some advice because you skyscrapers are a pertinent example of buildings in a small place. It’s the same principle obviously that we will have for Reagan.

End of the letter sent by Frederic Vidal to Albert II.


According to this video available on Youtube there would be a project of film about Barack Obama, by Steven Spielberg after his great movie Lincoln.. It’s wrong according to the IMDb, the main professional site about filmographies and Hollywood. Is it fishing or public joke or reminder of a real project, I suppose it’s disinformation maybe. It’s not a big deal but it can have strange consequences: to inspire other biopics about Barack, our first black President in America.


Let’s be space time and scifi. Today, 1/17 on Twitter

Q&A following the great April 16 Mike Fuller candidacy speech.

Q: Hi Mike Fuller. Why this long break between your speech and now. Did you need a pause?
MF: no, I just wanted to feel free not to continue the speech.
Q: now that you are candidate, Mike, do you think there is going to be some change in the results of the polls, do you see you leader of the race?
MF: well, everything’s possible but I believe it will be longer than that. Ted and Hillary or anyway the guy are strong enough to continue their boring duet that nobody cares, except you journalists! (laughs)
Q: so, you gonna stay a little candidate or do you still schedule to be President. In that case, you must be a lot supported by the public opinion.
MF: we will see. I will be elected but before I will have difficulties to prevail in the magazines. Bill Clinton’s wife is there, at the top, since 2008 almost. You remember she was the favorite to be elected. It would have been 8 years of Hillary Clinton and not Barack Obama. This one doesn’t support her a lot by the way. Me, Mike Fuller, I need a supporter, I deserve it. Do you have a name to give me?
Q: your wife (but you are not married maybe)? I mean, we know she’s your supporter #1. I have no idea of another great name like her. Possibly, another actress, I’m kidding or more simply a Donald Trump competitor.
MF: you mean in the business?
Q: exactly. I know Warren Buffett supports Obama, you have still the CEO of Coca-Cola!! You were in Atlanta again mid-January?
MF: right.
Q: it was your headquarters at that time, like for CNN.
MF: why not?
Q: sure.

Q&A after Mike Fuller speech April 16 – 2016 continues.
MF: more seriously, in fact (but anyway I appreciate your idea about Coke CEO) I was there mainly for Martin Luther King. He’s really my king for politics like Elvis is the equivalent for music.

Q: he’s African-American!
MF: Martin? Sure, he is. I don’t like Obama not for the color of his skin. Some people think I’m black, they call me brother! They were so much excluded of a lot of things, here in America. It’s not fair, you know. If you were in Africa, you would not like to be a slave, right or treated like an animal. I don’t know why our race, more than our civilization had this bad style to consider others like zeros.
Q: it’s your IVth Reich project also that is totally pro-Jews.
MF: that’s it, sir. Martin Luther King Jr represents for me the vice-President I will never have. He was more than a Nobel Prize, the Einstein of Human Rights. I propose for my Presidency a Secretary of the Minorities. The black people deserve a Federal social and financial ovation.
Q: what you mean?
MF: we have not a lot of money but we can share it better. When I see the homeless problem, not especially in Atlanta, my girl would almost scream!! It’s not acceptable. This is a priority of my mandate: home, sweet home for everybody, no shelter necessary. This is a midwest issue but also for the 2 coasts. We must be one in America, one time for all.
Q: One time for all, we like you Mike when you have this conviction. Martin Luther King was a son of Atlanta?
MF: yes, I think so. He died in Memphis, in 1968, close to Nashville, my other key-city 2015 with Elvis who was from Memphis. Everything is connected. Don’t say Rock’n Rollers were racists. You doing a confusion. Chuck Berry: black.

Legendary Bramstocker: 30,046 views. Mike Fuller Q&A Part 2.

Q: Mike, I have a question about economy, you are so social, you also cultural, what about our firms? Crisis?
Mike: thank you to give me the opportunity to speak about the question that is obviously the crucial one: money (that’s what we want) – laughs. I think our Country is too miserable now, DISABLED partly. It’s not only social, it’s economic. Reagan created the Reaganomics with his team, let’s do the same. Let’s have a book of doctrines and rules
to interfere with the economy. It’s not only Wall Street, it’s the market, the offer and the demand, the production.
We are lucky, we have not too much inflation. We have unemployement, a sickness, the cure: NEW JOBS. I have like that the solution to the crisis. CONTINUING FORMATION: a job to study, FOR THE YOUNG, also a little for the old if they deserve it. Washington, me, we will finance partly these new jobs with the companies like Ford, AT&T, all brands
invited. What do you think? More money to buy products in the families and the young will study for their career their business. No Republican propose that smart principle, no democrat wants to be Roosevelt again. What is behind this. The Federation has more than the right, the duty to support the economy when necessary. Wall Street is down
and Barack’s candidates are like military who explain a President is a President, the supreme man. What about the others? They want a man-ager, a manager, an advisor, almost a banker & an employer. But a Liberal one.
Q: impressive.

Mike Fuller Q&A part 3. ‘How a comic book hero can be President.’

Q: a satirical question, Mike, all of that, is it serious?
MF: are you kidding. I’m not a joke. What is true is that I am a newcomer in politics, junior, guest also a comedian, a song and screen writer. As an actor and a performer, I feel comfortable to play the role of a honest man like Mr Smith of Capra who goes to the White House to change the bureaucracy and routine for no more deja vu. French native, my friend Coluche did the contrary, presidential candidate there with his real name Michel Colucci. He was our national Jerry Lewis or Woody Allen and possible future President, back to daily serious life like everybody. I am more a Tom Cruise or a Justin Bieber who take it not too much seriously, just what is necessary. Nobody else did it before. George Clooney, Ben Affleck produced films including politics, Sean Penn as a journalist, Paul Newman for social, charities gave great example of Hollywood. All, they would like, too busy they are or not ambitious enough or it’s a destiny subject. I am here and not famous or mainstream before. It’s OK like that. Let’s intensify. I will have the team, the lieutenants like Roosevelt to be pertinent at the highest level. We can make it. Reps and Dems need a new Nader, a Show Business one, for actors, directors and producers to express their karma that is solidarity and progress, rock back to Woodstock. Eventually! We have a rendezvous with history in November.
Q: more!

Mike Fuller Q&A continues.

Q: in January in Atlanta, you confirmed the choice of your 16 basic propositions that are controversial for a lot of people and even surprising. What can you tell us about them?
MF: a nationwide database to fight against terrorism included in a World War III, to continue to refuse more than ever any kind of Nazism, to promote the expansion of a 3rd party in America to cancel bipolarism that is a sickness in the brain, to imagine France as a 51st State of our beloved Union because Washington could not succeed without Lafayette, it is not at all measures and projects to underestimate. These 16 propositions and the 4 main ones that organize them in 4 groups are the basics of my general program, at the highest strategical level to win in 2016 and in 2020 with my successor.
Q: are you confirming you will not run for a second mandate?
MF: absolutely. It is my jurisprudence like I propose an amendment for the constitution of the United States to invite the new immigrants to really join the American society.
Q: why?
MF: yes, I am the anti-Putin (laughs) but I like Vladimir and his Country is my guest.
Q: I see.

Mike Fuller Q&A 4/16/2016, on Twitter 3 months before! (space time and scifi).
Back tonight for a new subject: the Republican party.

Q: so, Mike you are not participating in the Republican primaries?
MF: in fact, I was not in Desmoines, Iowa for the Caucuses but right now I am scheduling to be candidate for the remaining States beginning now and first in New York in 3 days, April 19.
Q: it’s surprise. You were managing your campaign until now as an indie candidate, outside the GOP.
MF: I start to be candidate TODAY, April 16, I was preparing my candidacy until now. Today, it’s its declaration. I could have not succeeded. I informed on Twitter, December 31st, I was recommending to vote Hillary Clinton if I was not candidate.
Q: this was to punish the Republicans to refuse your political career?
MF: no. An investigation is in progress to know why they were not friendly in the 2000’s, George Bush obviously is sadly against my career, he’s wrong. Voters only decide. Parties must give the possibility to all motivated supporters to be elected by them.
Q: after a selection, the primary.
MF: exactly. I have the new concept of GOP2 to modernize a grand very old party, unable to criticize the Bush presidency that was very wrong and bad for America. REAGAN, REAGAN and LINCOLN must be our values only. The present chaos with Trump, a guest who wants to govern the party, it’s a gift of the retarded Bush with the nasty Obama. My goal: to be Trump apprentice to tell him: YOU’RE FIRED, in NEW YORK in 3 days.
Q: see you there!!!

Statue of Liberty seen from the Circle Line ferry, Manhattan, New York

Statue of Liberty seen from the Circle Line ferry, Manhattan, New York

Q&A Mike Fuller. On Twitter 1/18/2016. https://twitter.com/vidalfuller2016

Q: So you were in Atlanta, January 18 for Martin Luther King Day?
MF: yes and I saw how much the Americans were not anymore the same, looking sad and somewhere else. 8 years of this low Presidency must have been toxic for them. The King was a great figure of our history books but he was not anymore famous for his fight for the end of segregation. There was a malaise (it’s a French word) and a malaise around me.

Q: the US authorities did not help you to be popular, right?
MF: from the beginning in the 2000’s, I felt like I was not so much welcomed, impossible to meet a girl during Bush, threats on my house, no jobs then with Obama, worse to some extent, no more house and flat population. The authorities appeared unable to change this negative reality.

Q: then the King Day!?
MF: exactly and my decision to have a new strategy and a new plan. It’s really the USB here and not at all the USA. There are new organizations, decentralized, inspired by nonprofits, forming networks. They began to be excited by me when I spoke about being GOP candidate (GOP2) in the New York State, April 19 then the 26 in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

Q: your participation changes something?
MF: it changes a lot. It’s a pass for press, TV and public opinion that is waiting for beaucoup of social improvement. I can explain for them. With my human networks like anti-crimes mafias, I prepared my revenge: the NEWCOMER WAS a VETERAN, I am!

Q: A last word?
MF: with me, immigrants and their children will be represented 100% better and more than with Marco Rubio who is like Obama with blacks: A FAKE BROTHER. Solidarity is sacred for me! MEXICANS FIRST!!!!

Q: and Africans too!!

Mike Fuller Q&A. 1/19/2016 on Twitter https://twitter.com/vidalfuller2016

Mike: I’m gonna allow you to ask for several more questions. Who’s next?

Q: what about the Army?
MF: The Army, it’s our Federal Club for Military. They are excellent, Just, they could improve their style.

Q: What you mean?
MF: I want them more present, more associated to the population. They look outside the system. We need soldiers in charge.

Q: the National Guard?
MF: All of us. US Navy, the Air Force, US Army, Marines have the right and the duty to be more popular and integrated.

Q: risk of war?
MF: there is a war against the poverty, here. Generals & troops can have strategies and share them with us. Also, in the economy progression, crisis was not general but localized sickness, the US Army-Air Force-Navy could be structured like a consortium to produce more energy for the XXIst century takeoff, what I call.

Q: it’s a reform and a budget increase?
MF: yes, I will propose to the Congress more funds for the Army and with the Pentagon, I will start a study: how to get our Country totally well mooded and UNITED in this stupid WWIII vs terrorism and e-conspiracies. DESTABILIZATION deserves counter-measures that are IDEOLOGICAL.

Q: so, the ones who say you’re a dissident are wrong.
MF: totally, I’m an Eagle and my main purpose is INTEGRITY and FEDERATION. I’m an artist but not full time. It’s my difference with Rep candidates. Did you see one military with them? No way. Military don’t threat the vote, they support it. It’s our US tradition to have them at our side. Military and Uniforms: Eisenhower. We’re not anymore in the 90’s. Invite them in the campaign!

Q: sure, it’s great.
MF: thank you for this question about the Army.

Q: your speech was an introduction to your program we appreciate your comments about other points. Basically, do you have a checklist of actions connected to the 16 + 4 propositions?
MF: I think so. Let me tell you. I think, first, we have TO REDUCE POVERTY that is crucial really. Less homeless people, to empower employment, to reinforce family, that’s it. Then, secondly, TO IMPROVE ECONOMY is a project that is huge. A lot more Continuing Formation for the young and the old too is a key solution for our companies. We need an organigram of our economy. Who does what. Also a priority, TO INCREASE SECURITY with, new idea of mine, the socialization of the Military, soldiers are not only on the battlefield, this one can be a PR one and social. It’s to cancel WWIII effects in America and not only, to attract synergies. I see a fourth objective: TO DEVELOP UNIVERSITY. There, the Scientific Research must be a Nation sacred activity with more credits and the knowledge CULTURE always prevails. I want to INSPIRE POLITICS, this is the 5th track, the concept and networking activity of GOP2 is brilliant: everybody has a subsidiary. It’s like MTV2, an updated/upgraded program, basic one not obsolete but.

Q: obviously. These 4 directions of government are well explained. On the other hand, what makes you the perfect anti-Trump according to the buzz you are real?
MF: (laughs) he’s too much a non-event. I’m sincere (but same style?)

Q: don’t you think you’re not a little late, it’s Desmoines in less than two weeks now?
MF: no, not at all. We had to be sure the offer was weak and build our product in a second time to compensate. This election is a puzzle, of 50 States for sure but also of 50 opinions or more. We are here to federate the motivations of everybody for an ALTERNATE PRESIDENCY with a CONGRESS TEAMWORK. This is the deal. Now 2 States, soon NEW YORK!

Q: and California?
MF: California next, California on my mind. You are right. There, I will organize my TASKFORCE. A group to be sure we are zero corruption and 100% nonprofit. Ethics first and otherwise COORDINATION of the offer of content. Mass Media are commercial, you know. They’re our press attache. Our relations will be to be complementary.

Q: when?
MF: it’s a question of synchro.

Q: sure but why Tennessee and Georgia now?
MF: we don’t speak enough about these 2 States like other States of the Midwest, they have to be more famous!

Q: you are a social worker with no ambition except to be the new Nader?
MF: thanks. I’m for an indie candidacy, it’s always better to have a third choice.

Mike Fuller Q&A. 1/20/2016. https://twitter.com/vidalfuller2016

Q: 3 months ago, it was also the death of David Bowie?
MF: obviously, he was my ‘Laughing Gnome’ of the 1970’s, a pretty Santa Claus to offer me Hollywood as a Xmas gift. It gave me the ambition to be a songwriter after the Beatles.

Q: the troubles in Hollywood before the Oscars about African-Americans make me think about minorities problems?
MF: exactly: there are ethnic and cultural minorities. I told you Black people and Hispanic ones are two communities I want to empower but what about CULTURAL AND SOCIAL MINORITIES?

Q: what about them?
MF: a of good things. I consider myself a part of them. The majority is the mainstream. Our Country is strong thanks to the intellectuals. They are the avantgarde, part of the R&D, research and development, artists, right now are not at all enough accepted.

Q: they are quite different sometimes, eccentric?
MF: for sure, they are not routine guys. They give to our show biz our background, important for our international fame and social entertainment.

Q: 1st, the LGBT movement?
MF: correct. In January, I decided to join it definitely. Basically, I am bisexual (starting my career as a Glam Rock artist when I was a teen). THERE MUST BE NO GHETTO AT ALL IN AMERICA. We have 4 years to prove it. Take it or leave it. My club/network GOP2 is for LGBT and other minorities TO BE PROUD TO BE REP (ex-Dems welcomed).

Q: you’re not afraid to finish like Milk?
MF: not at all. Violence is a solution for nothing, we must manage MODERNITY. I help Republicans to welcome the 2 extremes: Army and LGBT, to accept we are a Nation of DIVERSITY. For the Democrats, I am their Tea Party. These two and their candidates don’t deal enough with REAL AND NEW ISSUES, not only for the young. All citizens deserve a future well prepared by political elite. If not possible, don’t accuse future but elite.

Q: you were a Punk in 76-77?
MF: everybody knows that. I was even in Europe. After the Glam, I continued to stay alternate but I never attacked the mainstream. We are together like Ying and Yang living in HARMONY.

Q: thanks. 

MF: I’m sure. I remember in January, there was a terrorist attack in Pakistan just after MLK Day, a reminder WE HAD TO BE QUICK. We still are with all minorities and the majority I hope. WEB IS MINORITY by the way, a high tech one.


Q: so in January, you decided to be back in LA?
MF: I don’t know why we are still speaking about January but it’s true it was the last days before Iowa Caucuses. I decided not to go there, I was not on time.

Q: some said you were with Trump?
MF: I am not his enemy. He’s too far right but he improves the debate. He’s for a change.

Q: another minority you are supporting is the Weed network in America?
MF: we have to be sure this illegal drugs question can be understood and rehabilitated a more efficient way. IT’S A MEDICAL PROBLEM, WEED. A federal regulation could be fine. All these people authorized in certain States to smoke marijuana, they are sick, it’s their medication. I am for reforms, IMPROVEMENT OF OUR LAWS, Otherwise it’s a bad status quo.

Q: so, a Fed law?
MF: and for the hard drugs (heroin, Cocaine), a study by the CDC and a program to cure the clients of these powders. It’s also medical. Doctors must participate in a treatment that will be nationwide. TO CONTROL IS TO CURE. To destroy is to kill.

Q: is El Chapo a killer?
MF: I don’t know him. He’s too famous anyway. Drug dealers always existed. Hispanic America is the location where all these drugs are produced. If it’s sold in the US, the US will reply by a new system of prevention-repression with MEDICAL REPRESSION of every victim, repression of their use of heroin-cocaine.

Q: to stop this use or reduce it step by step?
MF: the US Congress will decide but my recommendation is not to let them alone. I’m not a politician but all my life I studied politics. It’s a revolution if we succeed to have this Country DRUG FREE, it doesn’t mean without drugs, it means without new possible innocent victims, people not sick.

Q: it’s a project that is fair and attractive. It’s about communication.
MF: it’s about self-confidence.

Q: smart.

Mike Fuller Q&A. ABOUT ISIS. 1/20/2016

Q: Ted Cruz was born in Canada?
MF: and me in France, according to History, Lafayette too. We share this foreign origin.

Q: but Canada and France are more than neighbors of the USA.
MF: right, they are possible 51st States! – laughs –

Q: what will happen after April if you are in the race?
MF: people don’t want Trump, Clinton, Cruz or Rubio. They will think about me to be a Joker, a junior candidate to be elected BECAUSE I WILL FOLLOW THEIR OPINIONS. I will stay close to the polls during every month of my mandate and will govern WITH THE AMERICANS not against them. They will be invited to THE STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS to participate in the yearly speech to the Congress.

Q: what about ISIS and Iraq?
MF: Camp David conference will be proposed to Syria and Iraq to sign a peace Treaty with UN control. It’s possible with Israel agreement and Europe as a guest partner in diplomacy.

Q: in 2017.
MF: it’s not dreaming, it’s networking. The United States cannot accept chaos anymore in the middle-East. We are hosts to finish wars, like WWII or Vietnam. There A STATUS QUO IS NECESSARY. ISIS will accept to calm down.

Q: Ok.
MF: more questions about foreign issues or back in the USA?

Q: let’s check with you, how many more questions do you accept?
MF: let’s say 3. In January, I prepared this press conference to last 2 hours. I was right. Thanks US press.


MF: if there no question right now, it’s about Adult Entertainment, I would like to tell you now.

Q: you are a filmmaker and a novelist on the web Mr. Fuller, it’s about your project GERMAN SPY?
MF: it’s in general. you know I didn’t succeed for 10 years to shoot one movie in Hollywood. (laughs) So I tried to know why.

Q: why?
MF: frankly speaking, there is a sexual problem in America. We are in 2016, it’s the New Age. We must study Freud.

Q: Adult Entertainment, it’s about porn?
MF: exactly. It’s not normal repression against it. The only thing: IT’S FOR ADULTS. According to me, I have a PhD in communication studies, IT’S A THERAPY necessary for couples and single males & females. So, no ghetto for them, it’s a minority too. These films and websites deserve a PROTECTION status.

Q: are they included in Hollywood?
MF: there is the adult entertainment and the teenage culture. Hollywood is the movie industry. The mainstream includes teenage culture and beyond, it’s adult entertainment without porn. Porn is not in the mainstream, it’s sexual content but it’s not something horrible or to refuse. It’s a part of our culture in the US.

Q: so, porn is not a shame?
MF: and it’s not a drug. It’s about films to respect and appreciate if you need them. In Hollywood, regular actors appear to have problems with sex and love, too much pressure. People want HARMONY, no medias or politics hostages. More solidarity, less industry for more art, it’s the goal: ENTERTAINMENT.

The Inter-Letters™ #40 (issues # 59). 08/10/2012 (Friday). My Tampa 2012 Speech For The Americans.


Mitt Romney a achevé sa tournée en Pologne le 31 juillet.


Tampa Bay Host Committee Logotype.

Tampa Bay Host Committee Logotype.

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #59: Un pays en voie de sous-développement. Un pays affaibli. Un pays pauvre.

The United States are a poor Country since the crisis of 2008. Less revenues. Newt Gingrich is wrong when he says we are the first party in America. We are now the second one after the democrats because Mitt Romney is unable to beat Obama if we don’t give him the method for it: TO BUILD A TEAM. Our candidate cannot be a solo outsider of Obama. The Country is poor after the crisis of 2008 and weak as unemployment is terrible. So we must organize our network: RESEAU ROMNEY.

): BLOCKBUSTER™ #59: Un goût pour la Science Fiction. Manque de culture. Délinquance sexuelle.

Too much Science Fiction in  the United States. SF is good for good for theaters, not for CNN on the newspapers. We have not enough culture to have the necessary knowledge for a National Group to build against the evil Obama. There is a problem about SEX in America. Girls are not protected enough and they live under the pressure of the new men who are treating them bad. It is a government issue. Let’s read again the Bill of Rights.

): BRAMSTOCKER™ #59: Le problème racial aux Etats-Unis. Les immigrés. L’Afrique.

African Americans are the most important community in this federation of States. Africans are the real patriots here, they know what is a Flag, they are our Army of Voters to get the White House. Blacks and whites together, this is our dream that comes true and the hispanic women and men are also welcomed in our Party. They are the new America.

): FRENCH POST™ #59: Une coalition inter-générations. Avec des démocrates et les universités.

A coalition is a reason to feel united outside the notion of party. Republicans, call your parents and your kids, invite them to talk about what was the XXth century = a century of Republic in the States. The Democrats are also sometimes attracted  by our doctrine that is that is the Reagonomics and the Washington and Lincoln ideas about the right strategy for a growth of the economy and a great empowerment of our institutions.

): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #59: Le Coup de Tonnerre.

C’est le coup de tonnerre d’hier soir qui restera l’événement marquant du mois d’août car la remise en cause du gouvernement par Frédéric Vidal est la grande nouvelle qu’attendait les français. Cela prendra quelques semaines mais nous aurons la vérité sur les nominations de ministres qui nous sont apparues suspectes et étranges. Monsieur Hollande sortait de sa campagne électorale et il ne s’est pas senti bien.

🙂 My Romney Coverage: http://myromneycoverage.wordpress.com


Three polls show Obama widening lead over Romney.

By Bill Turque, Published: August 10The Washington Post.

Philip Rucker in Boston contributed to this article.


A bumpy overseas trip and a month of pummeling by Democratic ads depicting Mitt Romney as an out-of-touch plutocrat and possible tax evader appear to have taken a toll.

Three polls released in the last 24 hours show President Obama widening his lead over the former Massachusetts governor to as much as nine points. The surveys of registered voters, all conducted sometime between Aug. 2 and 8, also have Romney’s unfavorable ratings headed north. Two of the polls show his support among independents slipping.

  • Fox News poll: Obama’s lead grows as Romney’s support slips.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/08/09/fox-news-poll-obama-lead-grows-as-romney-support-slips/#ixzz23BnqOLnV

By Dana Blanton Published August 10, 2012, FoxNews.com.

Mitt Romney has had a tough couple of weeks on the campaign trail — and it  shows in the latest Fox News poll.  The president would take 49 percent of the vote compared to Romney’s 40 percent  in a head-to-head matchup if the election were held today, the poll found.

More: Romney ad accuses Obama campaign of using woman’s death for ‘political gain. Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/08/10/romney-ad-accuses-obama-campaign-using-woman-death-for-political-gain/?intcmp=trending#ixzz23Bx93i77

  • CNN Poll: Obama holds 7-point lead over Romney.


Posted by CNN Political Unit.

It all adds up to a seven point advantage for President Barack Obama over the former Massachusetts governor, with 52% of registered voters questioned in the survey saying that they’d vote to re-elect the president and 45% backing Romney.

Among independent voters, the poll indicates President Obama has a 53%-42% lead,” CNN Polling Director Keating Holland said.

  • Reuters. Obama’s lead over Romney grows despite voters’pessimism.


By Deborah Charles. WASHINGTON | Wed Aug 8, 2012 3:55pm EDT.

Three months before the November 6 presidential election, nearly two-thirds of Americans think the country is moving in the wrong direction. Only 31 percent say it is moving in the right direction – the lowest number since December 2011.

But Obama’s lead over Romney among registered voters was 49 percent to 42 percent, up slightly from the 6-point advantage the president held a month earlier over the former Massachusetts governor.

Mike Fuller: it is paradoxical. Americans disagree its policy but are still voting Obama. Romney losts the first round this August, in September I will replace him to counter-attack for a final race.

This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: Christopher Columbus.

I wrote this speech for him and for us. Posthumous portrait of Christopher Columbus by Sebastiano del Piombo. There are no known authentic portraits of Columbus.

I wrote this speech for him and for us. Posthumous portrait of Christopher Columbus by Sebastiano del Piombo. There are no known authentic portraits of Columbus.


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Today’s Video by Youtube: Mitt Romney Speaking French (2002).



VIDÉOS. Mitt Romney hué devant une organisation noire.

“I will be the main support of Mitt Romney in Tampa because I’m also French and I found my Washington, even if we are not anymore in the XVIIIth century. I’m also close to Marco Rubio, the local Senator (of Florida).” Frederic Vidal.


Etienne Mougeotte quitte “Le Figaro”.

“Etienne Mougeotte est le bienvenu dans tous les médias qui se respectent et je continuerai à lire Le Figaro.” Frédéric Vidal.


): BREAKTHROUGH™ #39: Tampa Bay is in Florida but not only.

For Tampa Bay, no stress. Let’s be ourselves like if we were in Norway. Americans sometimes are too much excited and struggling against each other with the goal of the Win-Win that is not accessible and a myth. In Norway, there is Oslo where Barack Obama was invited to receive the Nobel Prize for his Peace work (to be defined again). To be digital in the XXIst century, it’s to be colder like the climate of Norway, a Country and a part of the continent (Europe) strangely looking like a Florida from the North with its brother-Countries Sweden (the Nobel Prizes headquarters) and Finland (speaking partly Swedish and close to Russia). So, this evocation of Scandinavia is an exercise to appreciate our Florida appointment to be an example of thinking together and building a collective reussite for our campaign to promote the Republican Party.

Norway with Oslo is the iother Florida in Europe, a cold weather one when Miami is a hotter metropole of the States.

Norway with Oslo is the other Florida in Europe, a cold weather one when Miami is a hotter metropole of the States. Card by author, E Pluribus Anthony.



): BLOCKBUSTER™ #39: Happiness and Democracy.

The American Eagle is the Eagle of the US Army. I think it’s important to have a military project in the United States in order to get a real popularity. We are all Patriots and we obtained our Independence by the Arms of the Revolutionary people who leaded our troops for the Victory. I want this idea, historic, the most important of the other Tampa, the Tampa thanks to TV as seen as in the Midwest, the West Coast, the Canadian border, an image of a peaceful army of men and women preparing the vote with their conviction and their Love for Democracy, a word we have to study. Democracy is the target like happiness on Earth, difficult to find really but easy to understand. It’s the perfection, we can be closer to it with some innovation (our communication strategy, for instance).

Haliaeetus leucocephalus or as more commonly called... Bald Eagle (19 February 2012). The symbol of Amérique. Author: Saffron Blaze.

Haliaeetus leucocephalus or as more commonly called… Bald Eagle (19 February 2012). The symbol of Amérique. Author: Saffron Blaze.

): BRAMSTOCKER™ #39: Democrats in Tampa.

Mitt Romney, right now, has a problem: the African American community. About the Healthcare reform, called the Obamacare, a confusion continues to be the subject of a bad mood regarding our Party. I wrote a comment I will publish here about what to think regarding the social improvement during the Barack Years. The existence of a brother of Mr. Obama in Africa deciding to criticize his bro in America is the sign that something is wrong and Mitt, the victim of it, as he is a media man and a hero of the other party. I want the Democrats to be sure that there won’t be no war and, on the contrary, an invitation to be a part of our debate, including right now in Tampa if a delegation choses this location to dialogue with us in a little more than one month from now.

Mitt Romney and family members : a permanent smile.

Mitt Romney and family members : a permanent smile.


): FRENCH POST™ #39: Florida, our Home State.

We are here to develop Florida like Napoleon sold Louisiana to the USA when he saw the future of our Country. It means that we are the first party in America, the GOP, according to the polls, with a tremendous impact on the environment. The organization by a special dream team of the Republicans of the Convention in the Bay area is a good news. It is a choice to promotion the County and the entire State, we need it to take off for the Presidency with the exemplary solidarity with the local elected responsibles that are our hosts and not our guests. Roberts, the President of the Supreme Court, is also invited as the surprise personality who could be there for a control of our availability to manage the exercise of power. Public deciders in the US are more than a community, a Constitutional fraternity.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge crosses Tampa Bay, and is one of the largest bridges in the state. The Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge captured in an aerial photo October 6, 2011. Author: USRaven.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge crosses Tampa Bay, and is one of the largest bridges in the state. The Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge captured in an aerial photo October 6, 2011. Author: USRaven.


): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #39: Le Coq et l’Elephant.

François Hollande ne sera pas à Tampa car il est le Président de la République mais je compte l’y représenter ainsi que le précédent Président de la République, Nicolas Sarkosy qui aimait beaucoup les Etats-Unis. J’entends par là qu’il faut être uni face au devenir de notre pays-frère et nous devons nous intéresser au phénomène Mitt Romney. L’éléphant qui symbolise le Parti de Ronald Reagan et revendiqué d’Abraham Lincoln n’est pas le Coq gaulois mais notre rapport historique à la Louisiane et à son French Quarter (de New Orleans) nous donne suffisamment de légitimité pour avoir notre mot à dire dans la politique américaine, agréablement, sans insister mais en tant que co-fondateur symbolique. Associons-nous à l’Angleterre et à l’Espagne pour en tirer les fruits du succès que l’on dit successful en anglais, to succeed veut dire aussi, économiquement, de par la population, être apprécié. C’est une question d’image et de clarté.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Night time view of multi-story building with decorative iron galleries, Royal Street at St. Peter, French Quarter. Author: Falkue at de.wikipedia.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Night time view of multi-story building with decorative iron galleries, Royal Street at St. Peter, French Quarter. Author: Falkue at de.wikipedia.


This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: Saint-John Perse.

Saint-John Perse in 1960, a Nobel Prize from France who gave me the envie to change my own name. Alexis Leger was a great American.



A non-profit EVIDENCE™ publishing. A TIMEFRAMES™ LLC publication by INTERVISION™.

Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: Frederic Vidal.

Sous l’égide du projet de Secrétariat d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAL), under the aegis of the Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs (SSLA) project.

Today’s Video by Youtube:

The Amazing Spider-Man International Trailer 2


The Dark Knight Rises Official Movie Trailer


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