Ryan-Biden: Frederic Vidal Is Back For His Newsletters Feedback, Writing Live, Obviously!


A duel without bad attitude at all. At 9:54pm ET, the two are more involved in expressing their difference.

A duel without bad attitude at all. At 9:54pm ET, the two are more involved in expressing their difference.

9:13pm ET: Paul Ryan is younger and proud to be the ticket partner of the new leader of the polls. Joe Biden does not mind about it. He looks at the camera live smiling about “incredible”, what Ryan says.

9:21pm ET: Joe Biden is really sure to be the main man of the night but Ryan does not agree. He is smiling too. The two politicians don’t look tired, self-confidence, not too much. Ryan is a little impressed. Biden on a cloud.

9:27pm ET: After the Middle-East, Martha Raddatz (ABC) asks questions about unemployment. This is a historic night, Vice-President Biden is lyrical now about Jobs by Paul Ryan inspires another commitment regarding pragmatism and humor.

9:46pm ET: Ryan is a model of Republican hero with a lot of conviction. Obamacare, taxes, same election, same subjects but no routine. Joe is still in a mood to win but nobody knows? The duet is playing a great team about competition.

9:57pm ET: Martha says “let”s move to Afghanistan.”

9:59pm ET: Joe Biden confirms the victory of the States. He speaks as Vice-President. Ryan looks junior but original and realistic. “Primary objective is almost completed” Joe.

10:06pm ET: the Debate continues about the end of the war and the Pull Out. Biden more nervous and convicting. Ryan pedagogical explains his vision of the war end and a new VP feeling: less tough, sweet?

10:11pm ET: fight. Now Syria. Biden talks about the situation. “American troops on the ground?” Something not cool, the crisis. Nervous. Paul Ryan still collected, appears to know about the danger there too. No waiting time.

10:16pm ET: Paul Ryan wants to show he’s understanding what is the problem there. Needs experience. Martha: “Abortion. Please talk personally about it, if you can”.

10:20pm ET: Martha Raddatz: “If the Romney-Ryan ticket is elected…” Biden is watching her and read a little for a speech about emotion and credibility. Ryan is writing. He speaks with a great style to conclude.

10:27pm: “If you elected, what will you give to this Country?” Martha. CLOSING STATEMENTS. “I wanna thank you, Martha for doing this.” Joe. “We have strong disagreements. Frustration. “Honey, it’s gonna be okay”. Ryan: “what kind of Country are we going to be?”. “50% of Americans are in poverty.”


Two of us. They were nice and sharing their pain and their glory for a new time of government, beginning in January.

Two of us. They were nice and sharing their pain and their glory for a new time of government, beginning in January.

Vice Presidential Debate 2012 (Complete) Biden vs.Ryan – 10/11/2012 – Elections 2012


The Vice Presidential Debate – Danville, Kentucky


The Inter-Letters™ #21, 07/14 – 15/2012 (Saturday – Sunday). Special 14th of July (Bastille Day). Pour Le Meilleur Est Leur Devise.


Pour le Meilleur.


The Web 2.0 is the sign. We have 1 + 1 = 2 but never 1 + 2.

The Web 2.0 is the sign. We have 1 + 1 = 2 but never 1 + 2.

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #40: Bastille Question of Day.

This is Bastille Day. It is paradoxical to celebrate National Day for the commemoration of the collapse of a jailhouse that was also a citadel in Paris. This is definitely it, the French are insurrectional or they are not. In the United States, 4th of July has another signification but you know more about it and it was 10 days before like 1789 is not 1776, another monument. We cannot continue to pray and congratulate the souvenirs of another Revolution as we deny the historicity of what we are doing. The conservative revol is next to come and not too far away, it’s also the one of the democratics.

This is the Day of the Bastille, a monument to manage in a revolutionary way.

This is the Day of the Bastille, a monument to manage in a revolutionary way.






): BLOCKBUSTER™ #40: Bastille 2 has no special Day to remember it yet.

Mitt Romney is not mediatically feeling well. Pour le 14 Juillet, prenons ensemble le contrôle de la Bastille des médias, une bâtisse à conquérir. In the 2 Pays, Country code is CNN, it is a pity. Nevertheless, promotional events are still going on and appreciated like Tampa Bay Festival late August and the New York Stock Exchange everyday. To get the Bastille down one more time and set the media free with more information, a collection of positive infos, I am about to offer a deal to these coalition of titles and diffusion networks jointly: let’s meet (each other) and participate in this trial of things, a mutual construction, a Lego that is just about to be. Please, accept, knocking on your door, or TESTIFY.

Max Gallo, un grand nom de la Science Historique à la française qui est né à Nice et s'est illustré dans notre capitale à Paris.

Max Gallo, un grand nom de la Science Historique à la française qui est né à Nice et s’est illustré dans notre capitale à Paris.


): BRAMSTOCKER™ #40: Music of the Bastille still playing this Day loudly.

The horrors of the XXth Century just finished at the beginning of the following Siecle and New York still the place where this happened for us clearly, a message of mourning of those impressions about invincibility. The echoes of the French Revolution aren’t the same than the American one. They were dangerously criticizing themselves by murdering the King and the avantgarde of their political assembly (Guillotine). Maintenant, BRAMSTOCKER™ has the same solution for our problem but without destruction, we are not the heroes of our own destiny, we walk on the path of the dream of our parents, lightly, without enough destination, this direction has to be strongly explained: to  the right of the Sun, the Collectivity (to the left is a Planet without compatibility, Communism).

In New York, Bastille Day arrives one day later (but its a real BD).

In New York, Bastille Day arrives one day later (but its a real BD).


Lower Manhattan, September 11, 2001. National Park Service.

Lower Manhattan, September 11, 2001. National Park Service.


): FRENCH POST™ #40: For Bastille Day, Not Anymore Monarchy.

Objects have no children, they multiply themselves and its created industry even if Art is a part of it. Believe in this essential fact, human beings are ephemere. This was the case for Royalty in France and it is until now the worst French reality: they are difficult with the solidity of their Institutions. It is a small Country, proud of it ancestors but not able to keep the perspective that made them the negators of any kind of Monarchy. Frenchship has a lot to understand about the cycles of Power concluding nowadays the Vth Republic, to be better known anyway. No more Dysnasty there, even a democracy kind of father-son continuity. Europe is the theater of this spectacle Paris, a Museum to visit, for Americans too.

Portrait de Maximilien de Robespierre (1758-1794), Anonyme, Musée Carnavalet (vers 1790).

Portrait de Maximilien de Robespierre (1758-1794), Anonyme, Musée Carnavalet (vers 1790).

): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #40: Un 14 Juillet pour l’Armée.

L’Armée française doit être capable d’intervenir quelquesoit le lieu de destination du conflit, de par le monde, en urgence, pour se rendre maître de la situation en des normes militaires et nous devons nous rendre compte si c’est le cas, dans la mesure du possible en organisant des exercices militaires, en mer comme à l’étranger avec l’accord d’autres Etats concernés, des grandes manoeuvres pacifiques à prévoir pour l’été suivant celui où nous mettrons au point en détails le programme (2013 ou 2014). C’est une idée brillante en matière de préparation à la Défense nationale car mieux vaut sévir que faiblir et nous somme prêts à relever tout défi se présentant si nous sommes suffisamment entraînés. Sans ennemi, celui-ci sera fictif, mais non pas imaginaire (un négatif théorique) et l’Afghanistan sera la référence passée d’une guerre réelle qui est plus celle d’un maintien de l’ordre dans le pays concenré. C’est aussi un moyen de tenir à distance le terrorisme.

Histoire de l'armée française, 1914-1994. Philippe Masson. Etude (broché). Paru en 02/1999.

Histoire de l’armée française, 1914-1994. Philippe Masson. Etude (broché). Paru en 02/1999.







Le Super Puma 500, un Commando de l'Air.

Le Super Puma 500, un Commando de l’Air.


This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: Max Gallo.

« Le roi est mort, vive le roi ! » Ce matin de mai 1643, un nouveau soleil s'est levé sur le royaume de France. Louis XIV , Le Roi-Soleil T1. Max Gallo.

« Le roi est mort, vive le roi ! » Ce matin de mai 1643, un nouveau soleil s’est levé sur le royaume de France. Louis XIV , Le Roi-Soleil T1. Max Gallo.


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Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: Frederic Vidal.

Sous l’égide du projet de Secrétariat d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAL), under the aegis of the Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs (SSLA) project.

Today’s Video by Youtube: Bastille Day – Fireworks 2011.



My 2 Letters To The Americans And The French.

Plus on the 2 Campaign Blogs :

USA: http://vidal4senate.blogspot.com

France: http://fredericvidal2012.blogspot.com


Dear Americans,

I believe in an another solution than the routine of the Obama Years: crisis, elections, poor economy masked by a man on a stage and the Army never back from Afghanistan. The Republican Primary is now almost over even if there will not be a nominee before August.

I was in Tampa one time in February, I will be in Tampa two times with a second time to explain to the Delegates that we have a program, the AMERIPLAN written by me to give to our Party, the GOP that is also the Small Young Party of the United States – SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL, YOUNG IS FOREVER, PARTY MEANS POWER – the ambition to prepare the future by understanding, more everyday, what happened the past few years in our mind: A KIND OF DEPRESSION even if we won the elections in 2010 not for nothing with John Boehner who became Speaker but not for a lot of change.

The change must happen now in 12 with a real experience of Victory in November. To get it, we must be sure of our candidate and I AM NOT CERTAIN THAT MITT ROMNEY will represent our values as we need. I believe in America as an immigrant for the TRUTH, the VERITY and the JUSTICE in everything.

So, I want to be your NOMINEE for a real changement to schedule EVERY MONTH on the next four years AGENDA! A reform every Month meaning 48 months of Reform to compensate 12 years without real reforms except the OBAMACARE that did not succeed completely. because of the popularity of Barack Obama, a President who was appreciated by you, Americans, as a Friend more than a White House Statesman.

After Obama: it is possible to think about it already this year, all thing has an end and ONE TERM ONLY is better than no term at all. In 4 years, he succeeded to express his style that will not be forgotten by his fans and his opponents.

The worst of them all was Mitt Romney who recently adopted an Obama attitude with a charisma and a glamorous speech looking like dangerous for us, Republicans, who don’t want a second disaster after the bad result of John McCain 4 years ago, too sure to beat the future President and then creating a nationwide sadness still present in 2012. I can imagine a happier end WITH A WIN but for that I need an Amendment. I think we have to be AMBITIOUS, imagining a NEW AMERICA to feel better and make our voters feel better.

Then, rendezvous in Florida, the State of Marco Rubio, a nice man but a bad Senator to my point of view, in TAMPA, for the CONVENTION OF THE LAST CHANCE before a 2nd term of Barack Obama. If we don’t want it, let’s dialogue about the conditions to prevent him to do so. There will be a lot to say. I SPEAK ENGLISH.

Frederic Vidal

Frederic Vidal AMERIPLAN:

I. The Problems Are:


1. The Nation exhausted by 10 Years of War.

a. No victory in Iraq and Afghanistan.

b. Al Qaida continues after Bin Laden.

2. The Medias Propaganda creates Submission.

a. The CNN culture repeats te same message: Obey!

b. The Press creates the obligation to be famous before to be published.


1. Presidents and Candidates shown as Heroes not Leaders.

a.The OBAMAMANIA was destructive for the social community.

b. The Romney promotion is a Rubio brainwashing.

2. The Devil Bush and Comedian Obama built a Depression.

a. Some kind of panic mood.

b. Stress-Minded, the electors believe in nothing.

II. The Solutions will be:


1. Let’s vote an Amendment.

a. Citizenship empowerment.

b. Congress-President Relation.

2. It will change the meaning of our Sacred Text.

a. To express better Federation Goal ! One Congress/President for 50 States.

b. The Judiciary Power must be closer to the People.


1. The biggest companies must sale more.

a. Studies are necessary for more Blockbusters.

b. No collaboration between competition.

2. The Americans have the choice to buy what they want.

a. Cheap is the objective.

b. People must have the choice of 2 or more products.


Chers Francais,

Tout va bien. La France profonde s’est exprimee dimanche et nous avons le choix dimanche dans plus d’une semaine entre un candidat de progres et de progression. Le progres, c’est Hollande, la progression, c’est Sarkosy. Entre les deux, votre coeur balance et le mien bat pour vous.

 Vous etes Marianne et il s’agit maintenant de prevoir plus pour se sentir mieux. Nous avons besoin DE RAJEUNIR NOTRE CONSTITUTION. Depuis 1958, beaucoup de grands sujets ont donne lieu a debat en France mais jamais encore nous n’avons entame un debat national au sujet de nos institutions.

Je pense que c’est le moment parce que les 20% du Front national et les 10% de Francois Bayrou, apotre d’une 6e Republique, doivent nous inciter A NOUS REMETTRE EN QUESTION. Le bon score de Jean-Luc Melenchon, lui aussi favorable a une 6e Republique, est un autre signe de succes DU CHANGEMENT que nous souhaitons, que De Gaulle aurait souhaite. OFFRONS-NOUS DU NEUF, un immeuble constitutionnel qui fonctionne mieux sans 49.3, sans article 11 mais avec, en remplacement, DES ARTICLES DE COMMUNICATION entre le Parlement et le President, DES ARTICLES DE REFORME que nous pourrons elaborer ensemble avec la mise en place d’un Conseil Consultatif Constitutionnel.

Pour le 2e tour, il y a peu d’enjeu, le socialiste a un grand projet : LEQUEL ? Le President souhaiterait se RENOUVELER, pour quel avenir ? Il nous l’a dit, le notre mais le notre, il nous appartient et IL FAUT LIER CETTE ELECTION A LA REFORME DE LA CONSTITUTION pour ne pas vieillir, pour voir plus grand sinon cette course sera sans retour.

On a besoin d’une pause. Encore un nouveau Gouvernement ! Et puis, les Legislatives. Je prepare des contentieux aussi concernant ma candidature : C’EST PAS LA JOIE si on ne decide pas ensemble de devenir creatif. Pour ce faire, consolons les petits candidats, en particulier Eva Joly, pour leurs scores insatisfaisants qui n’ont pas atteint le succes escompte. On ne peut etre candidat et etre elu, cela est reserve a un seul : LE GAGNANT et le gagnant, c’est MOI meme en dehors du scrutin car le BLANC NOMME, vous l’avez tous adopte, C’EST UNE PAGE BLANCHE sur laquelle vous avez envie d’inscrire plus que mon nom, VOTRE HISTOIRE.

Vous, francais, moi, President ou CONTRE-PRESIDENT, nous verrons. Pour l’heure, veillons a respecter les regles du jeu et menageons les susceptibilites qui veulent qu’aucun ne sait encore de quoi demain sera fait. Les sondages se trompent parfois, parfois trop comme pour ce 1er tour QUI DONNE TROP FAVORI Francois Hollande. Est-il pour la 7e ou considere-t-il que la 5e est suffisante ? L’enjeu du Second Tour se joue sur cette question.

Nous verrons qui l’emporte mais pour l’instant, pour l’heure, nous nous devons de motiver sur la question institutionnelle qui m’a valu ma place (art. 7 rouille) et qui peut nous valoir UN PLUS EN RETOUR quand nous comprendrons que la grande question, c’est l’Etat, l’Etat de la France.

Amities a vos familles.

Frederic Vidal  

24 Avril 2012. De New York, Washington Heights.

PS : sinon, on revolutionne le Monde avec un nouveau Mai 68, l’affaire Marilyn Monroe.

Mon Plan de Presidence pour la France.

par Frederic Vidal.


1. L’Egalite des Citoyens.

a. Un logement pour tous.

b. Un travail pour chacun.

2. Le Progres des Revenus.

a. L’entreprise a la portee de tous.

b. Un salaire pour tous ceux qui le meritent.


1. L’Independance du territoire.

a. Ouvrir les frontieres au commerce exterieur.

b. Reduire la dette en augmentant la croissance.

2. Le dialogue egalitaire.

a. Favoriser la concertation pour la paix negociee.

b. Donner l’exemple d’un destin national.

F-Cop Aftermath: CONSENSUS About Computers In Our Dreams Except September 10! A Masterpiece by Mike Fuller, Novelist of the Post French Cop Franchise!

The new Episode is in progress and online before Sunday, October 3, 2010? NO, TOMORROW OCTOBER 8, 2010 for a big SuRpRiSe!

CONSENSUS About Computers In Our Dreams Except September 10!

From A Sun To Another Star!
F-Cop Wants To Jail Bin Laden In The Sinai!!

Bin Laden is another criminal who could be in jails but it’s Liu XIAOBO who is in jails, is it right? Please Chinese Government, RELEASE HIM NOW for His NOBEL PEACE PRIZE to be respected!! No, it is not right of course and we must continue the fight against this dangerous organization, Al-Qaida, that F-Cop and his own Counter-Terrorism Organization, Dark Pol Special Fights (DPSF) is harassing worldwide! F-Cop (Vince Sauvan, back on Earth after his legendary travel to other galaxies) is a man, more than a super-hero (even if he is one of them ready to be published by Marvel Comics Group or DC Comics, or IMAGE), who don’t like TOTALITARISM and he is doing an offer to the Terrorists: Stop the Terror and Found a State of Peace on Earth, I will give you the Sinai to do that, it’s in the Bible and Israel and Egypt will agree!

This is the Event of the day, so call everybody you know and tell the news that Osama must become wise and accept a trial that could begin right now in order to judge his crimes and terrorist orders. After that, he would be jailed somewhere in the new State of Peace on Earth that Al-Qaida (after renouncing to terrorism) would manage for the United Nations according to their Agreement with the UN, the USA, the Arabs and Israel: to STOP DEFINITELY TERRORISM and War Against The United States and Europe.

The DPSF, DarkPol Special Fights succeeded to decrease the number of pro-Bin Laden attacks in Afghanistan but the Taliban Problem remains and Pakistan is a bad Allied Country that must do better Right Soon because this is Crucial for our Human Race. F-Cop, from New Andromeda, the galaxy far, far away, at the end of the Universe, was thinking about all of that when he was there, and he is still there according to Space-Time theories. He was/is somebody busy, busy about so many missions regarding the rules of this other Galaxy that is organized strangely, reuniting so many species of human beings and other beings belonging to a Civilization that is different, with an Emperor and a great number of UFO to travel everywhere, from a Sun to Another, from a Sun to Another, from a Sun to Another.

October 8, 2010
To Liu Xiaobo, From a Friend to Another,
From a Friend to Another!

September 30: TONY CURTIS DEAD! TONY CURTIS DEAD! read my twitter news:

About the Senate Election, November 2, Mike Fuller Selection Pic:

Fiorina was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 2009. She had surgery that March, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. We want her to be Happy and Calm down. You are not the One we Need to BEAT The BOXER that has a Lead of 7 points! VOTE VIDAL Carla and Read Fuller, On WordPress!! You inspired Mike for the F-Cop Computerized Saga!

World Wide Web Against World War 3: Fourth Episode Of F-COP: Aftermath, A Mike Fuller Novel For The XXIst Century!

To Be Published By TIMEFRAMES company.

In The Moutains, Vince Sauvan Was The Pilot Of The Best F-16 Available Against The Enemy, It Was Midnight All The Time! In 2010! (Fiction Continues). 

Afghan Mountains: Are The Russians Involved In The Afghanistan War? Mike Fuller Gives The Reply In F-COP, Episode 4 - WWW Vs WWIII !!

 12/10/2009: Earth-Star/Star-Earth, Sun-PlaneT-Planet-SuN, A Special Episode This Weekend!

SUN And PLANET AT THE SAME TIME, ALTERA Is In The VeLvEt EyEs Universe The Best Earth And Moon At The Same Time. SUN: Image courtesy of SOHO/NASA/ESA

Vince Sauvan Was/Is In The Middle Of A DARKSPACE And He’s Thinking About The Time It Takes To Go From A Point To Another! A Line Of Gold!

The Gold Rush Began At The Beginning Of The XIXe Century As Napoleon Was In France The Master Of The Game And The KinG Of Europe Plus Italy!

The Sun Inside The Earth: It’s Possible If You Imagine A Voyage To ALTERA And A Return To Our Earth After A While When Everything’s Ready!!

Last Summer Vince Was On A Parallel And Alternative Earth With Patricia Waiting For A Mission Order When They Received A Letter From DARPOL!

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