1. WebAlert 1: Anti-Networking Anti-Dating! Frederic Vidal accuses the American authorities in Washington and Sacramento to prevent him to have friends and a girlfriend to marry!

2. WebAlert 2: Anti-Networking Anti-Dating! The US Senate candidate is the victim of a plot about women harassment by his commercial and political competitors who want to steal his house and sabotage his family project!

3. Frederic Vidal accuses the first Bassist of his Rock band Bramstocker in 1977, Christian Leblond, to be the mastermind of this plot!

4. In America, Actor Paul Adelstein would be the local Leblond who is French and University Professor in Grenoble (not a musician anymore!). Adelstein accused Vidal’s house to be toxic and dangerous! Complaint scheduled at the Screen Actors Guild against Adelstein!

5. Leblond and Jean-Paul Albert, 1977 frontman of the band never accepted the success of the co-founder of the band in the United States. Albert must also be involved in this harassment against the Internet celebrity!

6. Van Morrison, first singer of Here comes the night, and Leron Gubler, Hollywood Chamber president, would also be fanatics against Vidal social life and networking with women, including dating! They want him excluded from the other media!

7. Frederic Vidal to send a report to the FBI, the NSA, the Homeland Security and the DEA about his social and personal exclusion accusing the Show Business, personalities and leaders of this burlesque and criminal project!

8. The major record labels, Lou Reed, a drug promoter, David Bowie, and other Rock Stars including the singer of Aerosmith, the members of the Screen Actors Guild, the Republican Party, and a gang located in Bakersfield would be the team partners of Vidal problems of socialization because of his French origins!

9. Van Morrison would have organized a boycott of Frederic Vidal music because of the success of his song Here comes the night on Youtube!

10. Frederic Vidal’s fame on the Internet created an international network of hate including Albert, the puppet Prince of Monaco, the French terrorist President Nicolas Sarkosy, a Wikileaks supporter, for the sabotage of his career! When the US Senate candidate diffused the US government sites links on Facebook and with Ping, the Assange Mafia and drug connection replied by a massive piracy of confidential American diplomacy documents!

11. Wikileaks Scandal: Albert is the son of the actress Grace Kelly, Frederic Vidal’s SAG and AFTRA name Fred Kelly, that must explain his hostility and his attacks with Steven Spielberg, the Hollywood Bin Laden, and Villaraigosa, a Mayor who harass families! Blake Lively and manager Justin Stone decided to persecute the Senate candidate too!

12. The Wikileaks terrorist attack against the United States, the hackers attacks against Visa and Mastercard and organized harassment to break Frederic Vidal must be coordinated by David Assouline, a French Senator, Laurent Fabius, a previous socialist Prime Minister and Hollywood’s restless duet Gubler and Spielberg!

13. The US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal accuses Barack Obama to be the inspiration of the Sexual Harassment against him organized with the Press (newspapers and TV) for the sabotage of his Entertainment career and his political activity!  We are all the victims of this media and White House totalitarism and we must begin the impeachment of a dysfunctional Star-President!!!!

14. The Republicans with the 2 chaos brothers George and Jeb Bush refused to accept Frederic Vidal for the US Senate primary in California preferring the corruption and ingerence of Hewlett Packard and the cancerous candidate Fiorina who was never Republican! They don’t like Rock, they don’t like Internet and they hate Frederic Vidal’s style of leadership mixing communication and worldwide fame for more freedom and fairness! They attacked him several times to prevent him to find a girlfriend! This is sexual and about real estate!

15. BUSH: a name that is a shame for America, a president who decided a war that killed thousands of our soldiers for nothing as Alqaida and Wikileaks are still working against our Country, stronger than before!! Hackers will be prosecuted and the new Web, the INTERVISION, will be a Security one! The Bush Years finished by the Wall Street Crash and the Decadence of the US managed by a specialist of manipulation: Impeachment for the new Nixon!

16. Villaraigosa, Tom Labonge his puppet Hollywood responsible, Silvio Berlusconi, Italy Prime Minister are managing the sexual harassment that continues around and against Frederic Vidal. At the same time Interpol is not doing its job to stop Wikileaks and Hackers networks in Europe!

17. These people use the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for CORRUPTION on a daily basis, preparing now the Academy Awards of the Hackers as the Movie stars are Wikileaks best friends and Hackers sponsors with their headquarters in Bakersfield, California that is chosen to be another place of crimes! They are CLOCHARDS!

18. In Frederic Vidal house, a roommate girl refused a coffee for a dating but received 4 men by night in one month because of Mexico and the US Senate pressure. At his coffee shop, Bourgeois Pig, a bartender refused an invitation for an open mic where Fred had to perform Here comes the night and began flirting with almost every single client! For an audition, a Canadian actress not invited at all for a date, harassed him about lack of professionalism!

19. Human Trafficking, Music Business Sabotage, Connected to Bakersfield, Evil Project to have Blake Lively obliged to be pregnant in the Tabloids to humiliate Frederic Vidal (it didn’t happen), his fan #1 with his historic invitation for a wedding: This is about Drugs deals probably and a very sad NASHVILLE corruption with the Democrats and some Republican to stop a first CD Album with a Major by the Youtube Celebrity!

20. Wikileaks attacks and Gossipgate versus Frederic Vidal: Hillary Clinton must resign, she’s not understanding what is happening and pro-Wikileaks hackers are breaking the laws of our States and promoting Human Slavery to finish the work of the Islamic Terrorists! In 2007, 2 possible leads for FRENCH COP, Beverly Lauckner, who preferred a competitor diner, and Samantha Lockwood, who sent him a judiciary threat, already broke his heart, his career and dream of a family life!

21. Justin Grey Stone, the scandalous manager of the drug-addicted and crazy Lindsay Lohan and Blake Lively, and the looser at the Presidential 2008, John McCain, did a lot in this Mess of Wikileaks and Gossipgate defaming Frederic Vidal and creating a nationwide nightmare regarding the future of our families, to let the US Senate candidate single with the help of the seductor Sarkosy married with the escort woman Carla Bruni, another singer that doesn’t want Vidal in the Charts or in DC!

22. A previous agressive roommate Sal Saljid who strangely never accepted his friendship and the only girl who agreed a dating for a trip in Nice, the hispanic Felicia, to visit Fred’s old aunt Jacqueline Haim-Vittone (working for his bankruptcy too!), before to leave him with his money, order of her employer E! Entertainment (COMCAST), are also the context of the death of Ronni Chasen, symbol of Leron Gubler’s Hollywood Manipulation to neutralize Frederic Vidal, movie producer and Presidential candidate 2012!

23. Permanent threats of Jails since his water was not paid because of budget difficulties after Frederic Vidal decided to stop his bankruptcy process in order to refinance TIMEFRAMES LLC, this is the Villaraigosa system supported by Councilmember Ed P Reyes, a type of Capone man who already organized a team against him in Mount Washington, his previous location!

Villaraigate: The Impeachment Of Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor Of Los Angeles Is Necessary According To Mike Fuller Back To The Web After a Vacation Break!

Writing The Novel The Booklet, Mike Fuller Is now 100% Sure that there is a Necessary Process of Impeachment to Organize against the Democratic Party Mayor of Los Angeles who is Guilty of Corruption according to many Specialists of City management.


The mayor of Los Angeles is now a problem for our city. He is somebody criticized and ready to resign because he understands that the bankruptcy of LA is a risk because of him. Antonio Villaraigosa is not really a Democrat but somebody working for himself after an unsuccessful love and success story. Sad yet true but in the City of Angels, we have not to be the victims of this reality that depressed him and let the City Hall without a real boss to check the finance and the budget of the public administration including the DWP, a huge organization managing the Water supply and the Power for all the population.

Villaraigosa is obviously a great human being with talents for communication, social life and solidarity but he is pressurized by a political entourage of business politicians who don’t respect the separation between elections and public management. Consequently, the best solution for our Community of Voters and Tax-Payers would be to oblige him to resign or to call the Governor for an Impeachment, that is the normal way to change the Mayor of a City when The City has too much Problems because of Him or Her.

In The French Newspapers L'AURORE, Emile Zola Wrote The Historic Article J'ACCUSE (I Accuse) To Express His Opinion Regarding The Future Of Democracy And Freedom In France And Wordwide! Mike Fuller On WORDPRESS Is Proud To Have The Same Attitude and Thanks To Zola's Talent, The Same Inspiration Against The City Hall Of A City That Is The Best Example Of a Political And Financial Disaster!

CHASE and PRUDENTIAL, The 2 Companies That Are Obviously In The Middle Of A Big Problem Because Of The Truth That Is About To Be Said About What Is Happening In LA!!



George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, The Dangerous Screen Actors Guild and the other Leaders Of the Clique of The Hollywood Clinic of The Scientology Are Involved!

On October 9, Fred Vidal Renews His Memberships With The Screen Actors Guild And AFTRA, After The Election In September Of Ken Howard, New President Of The Screen Actors Guild!

AFTRA since 2004, SAG since 2005, Fred is member of the American Federation of Musicians – Local 47 too, since 2003, also renewed in September. 3 unions, not one more, not one less!

Ken Howard, A Great Name Of The Industry ANd A New Chance For The Screen Actors Guild To Be The Union We Needs. Congratulations President!!

Ken Howard, A Great Name Of The Industry And A New Chance For The Screen Actors Guild To Be The Union We Needs. Congratulations President!!


October is SAG Diversity Awareness Month!


Fred Vidal Celebrates His New AFTRA Card Before to receive The Sag One (October 9, 2009). Fred, 150 lbs now, still rehearsing and composing for his Flag Year Repertoire That he Wants To Perform Live Next Year. www.youtube.com/bramstocker77

Fred Vidal Celebrates His New AFTRA Card Before To Receive The Sag One (October 9, 2009). Fred, 150 lbs Now, Still Rehearsing And Composing For His Flag Year Repertoire That He Wants To Perform Live Next Year. http://www.youtube.com/bramstocker77

Chamber Of Commerce (Los Angeles Area), AFL-CIO with 3 Unions (SAG, AFTRA, AFM-Local 47), and UCLA ALumni Member, Fred Vidal In New York, Capital Of The World, PhD Doctoral Works To Study The After-Crisis In Progress, On Location.

First Day In New York, Networking Disappointment, Was A Great Surprise For The Opening Of A Study Tour Of The Future Of The United States Still In Standbyy If You’re Not In New York That Develops The Medication against The Crisis: Buildings, Bureaucracy less and less powerful and Social Involvement of The Street Life, Night and Day.

The Consumers still Sleeping? No, They don’t wait anymore for a Better Time, They just change the Organization Of Their Budget By investing in Condominiums and not Anymore Full-Property Houses.

Mix Between The Book and The Television, Internet cannot replace the Telephone and Prevent The New Yorkers To Fully Understand The Economic Boom Preparation visible in The Urban Development of The City, Freedom Map of The UNITED STATES, First Conclusion Of Fred Vidal, PhD Social Research

Studies about the Conditions and The Aftermaths Of The After-Crisis in 2009: Researcher From The Future, Located already in 2010-12, to have the Right perspective to understand the Dysfunctions Of The Year 2009, Otherwise there would not be a Crisis, by the way. Fred Vidal Analyzes from New York Why President OBAMA is Right To Say IT WILL BE OVER FOR SURE, The US are a Nation AT Work and This Means DEVELOPMENT.

REAL ESTATE And Private BUREAUCRACY are the Causes Of the SOCIAL, MENTAL, BIZ CRACK. It will be soon Medicated by a New Time OF NEWS-PROGRAMS About The Future but Not with The Methods of The 2000’s Newspapers that are too closed To A Propaganda Of The Past. If The 60’s Are Back. It’s To finish definitely the spleen of the 90s’s that 2000 didn’t stop But 2010 Will.

While A crowd Of Entrepreneurs are more than Ready To Build The New America That will Be The United States Of The Future Beginning Soon, The New York Network Is understanding in a Wrong way What is Internet. Possibly Useful when The Crisis Calms down, Emails are Now The worst Type Of Messages you can send. Use The Phones and accept frequent Interviews, New Contacts, In your Real Life, not on a Screen, It’s The Positive attitude to show as an example for a Civic values empowerment of local populations that must share solidarity to participate in The End Of The Bad Times. It’s America, not the North Pole and we are Humans, not penguins.

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