SHADOW PRESIDENT: A Song Now For BrAmStOcKeR By Mike FULLER Himself, Composed For Lunch, As San Francisco Prepares To Welcome The DREAMFORCE Tomorrow Tuesday. Tonight, OPEN MIC At The UTAH Venue With A 1st Version Of The Song That Is A BLUES!

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Song dedicated to Jim MORRISON:

S H A D O W  P R E S I D E N T 


MORRISON, the Governor of CALIFORNIA could have been his job at 40, like SCHWARZENEGGER was TERMINATOR before to be in SACRAMENTO. 

Lyrics by Mike FULLER (Music: traditional Blues)


I’m your Shadow, Shadow, Shadow President,
I’m your Shadow, Shadow, Shadow President,
I’m your Shadow, Shadow, Shadow President,
I’m your Shadow, Shadow, Shadow President,
I’m your Shadow, Shadow, Shadow President.


If you watch TV, I was never there (you never see me),
Be sure it’s the same in the newspapers.
I’m almost unknown on the Big Screen,
I’m in the shadow but I can interfere.


No Mass Medias until now for me,
I use the Social Media with plenty of friends (on the Web).
I tell them on my Blog what is it all about:
It’s something strong our project of change (but there is a blackout)
Otherwise, don’t worry I’m really your Candidate!


You can see the others, they look (something) kind of weird.
Taxes and Emails, it sounds like they must be controlled.
(You can) Be sure I’ll be their Shadow Cabinet like in the UK.
If I’m not elected, it will be (like) in 2020
But until now, everything’s possible!


In 5 weeks, we’ll see who’s President.
No mystery, I will still be your Shadow President.
I’m in San Francisco to prepare all of that!
Write my name, it’s Mike FULLER, as a Write-In on your ballot.
I miss Jessie, in Washington, I will see her forever.


The end. Thanks, folks. To BrAmStOcKeR, from 2017 to 1977 (40 Punk Years!)


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TONIGHT >8, Mike FULLER plays BrAmStOcKeR new song ‘SHADOW PRESIDENT’ at Open Mic SAN FRANCISCO: Hotel Utah Saloon, 500 4th Street @ Bryant. 

1. To Reinforce With the Ideology THE REPUBLICAN ORDER.
1.1. CONSERVATISM: Staying.
1.2. LIBERALISM: In Peace.

2. Our Civilization In Crisis OF DEMOCRACY CHAOS.
2.1. MODERNIZATION: Changin’.

I like Ike EISENHOWER, I like Ronald REAGAN, I like a lot of Americans, not only REPUBLICANS but I prefer Responsible People to JOIN ME NOW!


About IKE

Une destinée hors du commun pour Dwight EISENHOWER, the great President that the 1950’s wanted so much. We’re not so far away, in the future. Let’s live again our HAPPY DAYS. With mIKE FULLER, the choice is between the old world of the 2 bizarre candidates and the famous Mr. PhD of California, THE WRITE-IN of 2010, still there waiting for you NATIONWIDE. We could not continue like that: He Is The Third Man. We’re in a Democracy!! VOTE a third time FOR IKE!!
Tom Spears, mf campaign manager


This is my premiere as General Dissertation writer to be next President of the United States. The Internet is the right tool to express what is right, what is wrong. Mike FULLER draft

SHADOW PRESIDENT: A Song Now For BrAmStOcKeR By Mike FULLER Himself, Composed For Lunch, As San Francisco Prepares To Welcome The DREAMFORCE Tomorrow Tuesday. Tonight, OPEN MIC At The UTAH Venue With A 1st Version Of The Song That Is A BLUES!

New Release: MIKE FULLER AND ME by Frederic Vidal. BORN PUNK in 59, PHD PREZ IN 17: 40 years ago, it was 77. 40 years before 99, it was 59! Words And Numbers Are Confirming The New Mick Jagger Was A Kid In The 60’s Preparing His White House From France And Great Britain, Abroad!


Vote for yourself on November 8.

You can’t prevent somebody to do something.” FV.


Mick Jagger is more than an actor, a champion of the medias with a career
as the leader-singer of The Rolling Stones, a British band more American
than a real one. As A French, Mick’s friend, Mike Fuller a.k.a. FV is more
American than other immigrants, including Arnold Schwarzenegger?

After 9 months of campaign on location nationwide, Frederic Vidal a.k.a. Mike Fuller is definitely in San Francisco to promote his ideas for A NEW PRESIDENCY.


  1. Well BORN IN 59 (20 years after 39), like the Vietnam war, just before the famous 1960’s, WITH GRACE KELLY IN MONACO TO PREPARE HIS PRESIDENTIAL RACE TO WIN LIKE JFK but as a Republican like REAGAN, Screen Actors Guild President, other family friend for 57 years of great memories to share now with the population, Washington and Lafayette.
  2. Civic PUNK IN 77, in France and Great Britain using Rock music politically for social progress (10 years after Sergeant Peppers), WITH JIMMY CARTER REFUSING HIS BAND BY MISTAKE UNTIL NOW (Anti-Semitism?) but Ike Eisenhower finished Hitler previously. No segregation in America! All of us are fans of The Beatles and our BRAMSTOCKER. IVth Reich for the Jews.
  3. PHD IN 99 (40 years after 59) just before Year 2000 of the Millennium and September 11, 2001 attacks against the World Trade Center in New York, WITH STAN LEE’s DAREDEVIL AS MASTERMIND OF A SCIFI LIFE, timeframes, HIS COMPANY.


4. PREZ IN 17 (40 years after 77) one century after the Russian revolution and Americans in WWII, WITH star JESSIE ANDREWS, FIRST LADY AND NO BLAKE. ONE AND ONLY MANDATE DEDICATED TO THE GIRLS IN THE UNITED STATES, too much victims of Human Trafficking. They were not available for me until now and Jessie will manage the ACD (AMERICAN CULTURES DEPARTMENT) for the New Age and Flower Power in DC. No more corruption with these new Bonnie and Clyde.

JOIN THE GOP2, PRESIDENTIAL POWER! To improve the Republicans and welcome the Democrats who want more reforms.

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June 7: Presidential Election In California. Fuller’s Ticket With Schwarzenegger? Duet Of Immigrants.

The ex-Governor of California is invited by Mike Fuller alias Frederic Vidal to share the Presidential ticket of the 3rd candidacy after the Reps and the Dems.


June 7 will take place in California the Republican and Democratic Primaries. It will be the last vote before the election in November. FREDERIC VIDAL WILL BE CANDIDATE AS AS A WRITE-IN FOR THE GOP2.

The girl who makes me win: Jessie Andrews.


It’s wrong permanent fight : push me outside medias.


Hello again:

the preparation of a wedding needs some warnings and some upgrades when necessary and for us anyway. I told you in my previous email that it is difficult to communicate about this subject LOVE, right?

This 2nd email is important to tell you more about the organization of my wedding with Jessie Andrews. We want it this 2016 Summer. The honeymoon could be just after in Nebraska where I have real estate professional projects. California is so much my favorite State, I feel glad I’m back in April and to meet you is formidable as I like communication and ice breakers. I’m divorced but I’m still believing in marriage for everything. Marquis de Sade was a spy of Napoleon.

I’m also French and new citizen of America, I want my nation to be improved by my attitude and my goals: to succeed. Bad faith is like a sickness, we can imagine the wedding in Beverly Hills and a coach to advice us about the right format. Let’s think we are upscale, unfortunately sometimes too much in a low class world, Hope and change are two important concepts (I have a PhD by the way) to inspire us.

To hope to be together forever and to change our destiny to be only one. We are in the movie industry, the right place to appreciate Hollywood. Let’s invite to our wedding the cast of Vanilla Sky. Rules of it: to be comfortable and PR. The security is important especially in LA, too much stalking.

My ‘French Cop’ Universe that is a literacy one will finance the project that you don’t see well already. We have the time to organize a meeting and the main goal is to boost the Jet Society. To organize my career, I was obliged to be a part of them and I’m sure they will appreciate this expression of our happiness: a priest and a ring.

We need also a judge and a lawyer. The lawyer will write our contract of wedding and the judge will control nobody is doing something against it. Blake Lively is on the checklist of the people who could damage my career. She won’t be invited. I don’t like gossips I prefer no civil war and to focus on our wedding song I hope thanks to you and us. I will continue this with you after a short while.


Frederic Vidal.

Postcript. I was homeowner in Hollywoodland until 2011.

15/16: 2 Years That Concluded United States Formula 1 For Another System Of Power And Administration.

The ones who managed the old system were wrong, they killed it without understanding that they could have share its management with me and my lieutenants, from everywhere in America and abroad.

In December, next month, we are today November 29, we will be ready to film like never, to film the reality of the power and the reasons why it collapsed all at once this Sunday when I informed on Twitter Mike Fuller that there was not anymore a living system managing the Power and the Administration.

On Monday, November 30:

In order to win next year, Arnold Schwarzenegger is welcomed to join our program, possibly as future Vice-President of Mike Fuller.


Thomas Spears, the great German hero, is scheduled for GERMAN SPY III, promoted in Cannes for the Film Festival, must have been delayed for diplomacy reasons about World war III and WWII. Never mind, 15/16 replaces this end of the GERMAN SPY trilogy, third chapter to be produced before the 2 previous ones.

Read this article about systemics and others linked to understand the gravity of today’s destruction of the American system of power:


  1. Who? Me, a Rock Icon.
    I’m the witness of dysfunctional things since October and I explain
    them to the camera. Nobody knows me: it’s not possible. Nobody almost speaking with me and no invitation at all, so, I invited myself to ceremonies and concerts.
  2. What? The Presidency,
    This is the subject that created a problem of socialization for me since Baltimore until Nashville. To be candidate is a handicap. I have a zero budget until now, it’s normal. Fundraisings in February and breakthrough in May for the Super Monday, a D-Day before the Convention with more popularity than the other candidates for me to be the selected one..
  3. Where? In Des Moines.
    Iowa is my destination after Los Angeles, there is an anarchy in the Republican campaign of the last months of 2015, dispute about the debates. I represent Mr. Mike Fuller, President of the USA (another dimension, we live in the USB for them. This is the fictional part of the film) and my client want to know what is wrong also for the Democrats.
  4. When? Next year, in January.
    The federal State is dead this weekend after Thanksgiving, celebrating too much I was down without medias and networks and finding no solution against the problem of social poverty and not enough employment in the 50 States. It is not good to underestimate your competitor. Me, I feel stronger than ever, a human being 100% operational. Think about David and Goliath. The winner was not the tallest.
  5. How? By being elected President.
    Election day will be first Tuesday of November 2016. In fact, polls show the favorites and people think too much it’s almost the results of the election. I have my chance like anybody else, this is political justice and the rule to prevent immigrants to be President must be cancelled.


28 Nov 2015.


29 Nov 2015.


Last day of life, and then nothing anymore. I consider the Power System in the US passed away today as I’m still unable to be ‘First Page’ of the Washington Post. But he died for other reasons too and me, I’m blackouted, I was, also on TV and meeting places.

Chapitre IX : LISTE MUNICIPALE PS. STATELESS SUPERSTAR Par Frédéric Vidal. Une Publication Numérique Pour Une Diffusion En Librairie Cet Eté.


1. La piste scandinave n’est pas à négliger

L’absence de rappel à mes coups de téléphone par une finlandaise au père américain connue par l’entremise de BFM, m’incita à penser que j’étais victime d’un manque d’attractivité
J’avais voulu inviter tout le Conseil Municipal à célébrer mon retour à Nice pour faire valoir l’importance que je lui accordais pas qu’en termes de Relations Publiques
Le destin a voulu que je revienne des Primaires américaines accompagné d’une suédoise spécialisée dans les questions de dissidence

2. Patrick Allemand est un personnage qui cherche à m’intégrer de mauvaise façon

La politique n’est pas question de sentiment mais de conviction, pas de place pour l’émotionnel et pour les relations personnelles
Au PS, il n’y a qu’une catégorie de militants, les dirigeants et j’en fais partie grâce à Patrick Allemand sans qui la France ne connaîtrait pas Marseille par rapport à Nice
Allemand et sa force de conviction ont oublié mon nom malencontreusement en partie pour me plaire

3. La misogynie de Bush nous a conduit l’échec général  (CIA, passé)

La dissidence idéologique et la délinquance du Président Obama qui nous pèse sur l’Amérique ont à voir avec l’extrémisme religieux de son prédécesseur
Ne jamais s’énerver est la condition sine qua non pour pouvoir diriger et les deux hommes partageaient quatre filles
En 8, le film FRENCH COP auprès pu sortir après le Super Tuesday et déclencher un élan de civisme à propos d’un retour du politique au cinéma


1. Les instituts de sondage prédisaient une victoire accablante de Christian Estrosi

Leader de l’opposition à Nice, je comptais démontrer que l’opinion publique est appelée à manifester sur l’ensemble des faits concernant les sujets qu’elle doit prendre en compte
Les pourcentages étaient en faveur d’Estrosi massivement ce qui démontrait une fragilité endémique de son mode de fonctionnement
Le génie de ma campagne fut de parier sur le moral des français et la moralité comme norme de sélection des candidats

2. La liste principale PS s’est effondrée sans la mienne

Avec 15% et pas plus, le Parti Socialiste que je soutenais dans la France entière mais pas à Nice n’a attiré à lui qu’une minimum d’électeurs
Il fallait autre chose qu’une liste de revendications et les la volonté de les constituer en programme d’action municipale pour gagner
Mes propositions furent plus pragmatiques et basées sur 35 ans de vie municipale pour en conclure que Nice devait changer de cap, pas d’attitude

3. La misère de la science politique en France explique le succès de la liste Bettati

Le dissident Olivier Bettati avait l’instinct de vaincre et une équipe qui eut pu remporter l’élection sans faute de stratégie
Son choix de permanence de feu le Maire Médecin tenue à l’époque par René Pietruschi démontrait un rappel au passé qui ne fut pas maîtrisé à temps
Ma direction sans faillir de ce rassemblement hétérogène nous a permis d’empêcher la réélection d’Estrosi au premier tour, notre passage au 2e tour et l’absence définitive d’une majorité à Nice pour la liste UMP élue avec 49%.


1. DSK arrêté à New York a été libéré par le film de Ferrara

La population française ne comprend pas pourquoi nos dirigeants craquent à l’imiter
A Nice, DSK aurait pu devenir s’il avait été question qu’il renonce à la Présidence de la République
A New York, il s’est passé un crime qui doit être imputé au destin contrarié des grands hommes d’Etat dont le film de Ferrara n’est qu’une évocation

2. Schwarzenegger s’appelle Arnold mais des fois , on le prend pour moi

Nous sommes deux Terminators, arrivés sur Terre actuellement pour aider les Américains à comprendre l’Amendement
L’ancien gouvernement de Californie déçoit par certains aspects concernant son ambition personnelle qui n’est pas la mienne et son retour au cinéma
Mais Arnold n’est pas le niveau pour être le Président de la SAG-AFTRA et moi-même je n’ai pas reçu ma carte du PS

3. Le Write-In ne lui a pas permis permis d’obtenir la carte du PS

Il n’y pas de nationalité supérieure sur Terre et les Etats-Unis sont une super-puissance qui doit dominer l’humiliation. Les Nations souveraines qui sont égales et solidaires aux Nations Unies
En 2010, j’ai imposé mon style aux 50 Etats de l’Union en me présentant contre Barbara Boxer mais mon manque de moyen m’a terriblement pesé
Le Parti Républicain est resté porte close pour moi jusqu’à présent et le Parti Socialiste en a ressenti un malaise qui l’a conduit à ne pas m’éditer ma carte de membre


Je dois avoir un talent certain pour me faire critiquer

Il y aurait du avoir un environnement favorisant mon insertion sociale et l’Etat est responsable de l’avoir prévu sans le réaliser

Etre œcuménique en politique, c’est une nécessité de l’époque pour rapprocher les hommes plutôt que de les distancer, à l’heure où les femmes sont paritaires plus que conseillères des autres.



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