Post #4 – 2016. Mike Fuller Alternate Universe Is A Reality TV Show Project Titled SUB2B For CNN In Atlanta. 3Days Seminar Begins On Friday, January 22 Before East Coast Storm.

From Friday to Sunday on

Our seminar motto: F R E D  P R E Z




Mike Fuller is like a super-hero of our political times. His comic book will be available this year but his election is still a challenge: how to be in another dimension, from A to B: you must be interdimensional.


1st Day – Friday: Introduction.

2n Day – Saturday: Plan (culture, Politics)

3rd Day – Sunday: Conclusion.

Like a permanent fairy tale, to be socially drunk, like that it’s manageable.
I am here but I was not ready.
We don’t mind about the past, we care about the future.”

Mike Fuller


Robert Templeton’s portrait of President Carter,
displayed in the National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC.

The Private to Public Campaign Institutions with Mike
for Fred to be Pres.

SUB2B, third organization with GOP2 and ACD (American Culture Department) to support Mike Fuller 2016 freelance Presidential candidacy. 

LAMF (Los Angeles’ Mike Fuller) 4th organization (LA to LA) supporting Frederic Vidal cultural candidacy in America (Vidal is Fuller, Fuller is Spears, Spears is Kelly)
with 5th: LAHQ, logistics nationwide center for Mike to be Pres as Fred.

Science Fiction inspiration is background
of this post-NASA race to ‘Stop Trump’ and reduce Clinton.


As a space time traveler, Thomas Spears can only
be neutralized by an extra-terrestrial entity and
he’s Ok with that.

1/22  messages On Twitter

We are at JIMMY CARTER PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY in ATLANTA. Seminar starts on Twitter and WordPress plus Facebook. MF

Welcome to my 3D Atlanta Seminar until Sunday: HOW TO WIN AND WHY? Mike Fuller, 2016 US Presidential candidate. 1/22

I’m not only SciFi, I like Crumb, Frazetta and Jimmy Carter. TO BE ELECTED IS TO BE TRENDY AND SMART. Clinton-Trump:

they won’t make it without us, Vidal-Fuller. Read the article: Alternate history inspiring next Headlines: FRED PRES

Mike Fuller: Hello to this Seminar everybody! You look good. Welcome to my campaign for a smarter America. Do you know Mark Antony and his story in ancient times Rome? He was with Cleopatra, his Wonder Woman. They wanted to govern the Roman Empire together but it did not work. There was Octavius, future emperor Augustus, who stopped them. He was first with Mark Antony to manage Rome, the 2 of them, after the murder of Julius Caesar. Octavius was the winner of the Actium battle on the sea. Then in Alexandria, he pushed the couple to commit a suicide. It makes me think about Trump and Clinton who want to control the election. I will be their Gaius Caesar, Octavius Augustus, preventing them to stop democracy. They’re massive in the medias but a new Actium battle will take place. Julius Caesar is Bill Clinton. In New York, we will defeat them with our fine strategy of subcultures promotion. The new Rome is dedicated to the Web and with this new medium, we will show we are a majority of minorities. Thank you. Have a great seminar guys, for FRED PREZ. Don’t forget we say SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL.

Mike Fuller, introduction speech. HOW TO WIN AND WHY? Seminar, 1st day. Read Rome history:

1/23 messages on Twitter.

Mike Fuller: hello for this seminar 2nd day. This is the monster storm on the East Coast guys, a dozen of governors decided the state of emergency. It’s sad, America in this cold wave that can kill. LET’S ADVICE TO EVERYBODY TO BE CAREFUL AND TO STAY AT HOME ALL THIS WEEKEND except emergency. Regarding the Presidential election, we are now less than 10 days before Desmoines. This is a shame, The Iowa without us but we will be there, just not on the ballot. We selected another strategy to win the election in November: to start the primaries in the New York State in April. For that we must be ready right now. We know the other Republicans are living a nightmare, to have Donald Trump #1 in the polls. The ideology of Trump is really different than the GOP. He’s 100% Wall Street, a business man, what a torture for his competitors or maybe a necessary pain that I can reduce with my own candidacy. I’m the contrary of Trump or maybe another kind of business man. First, I invite Jesus to my campaign, he’s a religious name but for me also a political one about solidarity, partnership, individuality and respect of a God. 2nd inspiration, Karl Marx: a politician, not me. 3rd name I would like to tell you, the French Michel Crozier who studied how does it work in companies like it works also in the society in fact: WE ARE ACTORS IN A SYSTEM, playing a role that must not be a game. We don’t play when we do politics. The Congress is not a casino at all. Actors we are to play a script that is not total impro. There are rules to respect. 4th name to have in mind: Jurgen Habermas, a German who told us there is a communication that is collective between the population without the mass medias. Before the press, there was already a complete knowledge of what was happening in an entire Country. It is the same: press and medias, they comment, WE’RE WRITING HISTORY. MF

1/24 messages on Twitter.

Mike Fuller seminar HOW TO WIN AND WHY? 3rd Day. You know, there are also joke candidates, it’s not my case. Joke candidates, they are jokers. They are not bad, like Mrs. Allen in 1940 with her Surprise Party. But they are not realistic and have not a program to be elected. Press review: They have a message to improve politics and they express it with humor and irony. It’s fun but we are a lot more than that. We are a real party, the GOP2 and if our program appears revolutionary, it’s because we need important reforms in America. It’s easy to say a candidate is delusional, I say it for Trump, even for Clinton. Donald Trump, he’s an entertainer, he’s not better than me, I’m not worse than him. I’M NOT RICH LIKE HIM. All these candidates, they have a billionaire to support them or Trump, he’s a billionaire himself. Today, I want to tell you how much I am satisfied: our seminar was very useful. Our visit this morning at the Martin Luther King Center was so important to show how this leader had our motivation to change  the rules of this Country when they are wrong. What is wrong now: almost everything. In the 2010’s, we must have a general amendment of the constitution to modernize the Federation and to finish this repression against the Web and the minorities. We’ll be elected for that. The Americans have enough of too much authoritarianism and brainwashing. I was DEFEATED in the 2000’s. This is a big deal. I’m still weak because the worst happened: no film, no more house, no more family, no career as a politician: they refused my write-in US Senate candidacy in California, in 2010. It is possible to ask for a revenge. After a defeat, we want a VICTORY. I am a CHAMPION and this time, they will be defeated. We will fight for our rights, you, my supporters with me, Mike Fuller, your leader as we have two great qualities to win against these Republicans with their strange elephant (Trump) but also against the 2 Democrats in November. We are an ARTIST and a SCIENTIFIC and more an UNIVERSITY researcher. This is our chance: to play nicely the card of the entertainment until April and New York. We are songwriter and actor-filmmaker, we must use our profession in the show biz to continue on Twitter & Facebook our sweet tweets of light campaign TO PREPARE THE OPINION. Our defeat of the 2000’s will be only a bad memory. Rendezvous in LA after Atlanta. I am YOUR candidate, NO JOKE! Thank you, folks. This seminar was great. No Desmoines, No Iowa. See you in New York, April 19, 2016. MIKE FULLER

Conclusion. 1/25/2016.

Thomas Spears: this weekend seminar was great with the 3 speeches of Mike Fuller. I think we are closer to the reality of it. In Atlanta, we could repeat what is obvious from the beginning. We are for a world that will follow the United States. We are the IVth Reich, after 3 bad empires: Rome, Napoleon’s France and 30’s-40’s Germany and we are in fact the contrary of an Empire: A FEDERATION. We inspired The UNITED NATIONS after World War II. We must continue now against Terrorism and Conspiracies of World War III. Our Federation is strong enough to inspire more than that: The UNITED COUNTRIES of the World. With Jesus and coordinated with the Vatican, we can do the contrary of a segregation A WORLDWIDE PARTNERSHIP supporting a 2nd time what Martin Luther King did for the African Americans: EMANCIPATION and Rights the same than ours. Marx inspired Communism that had worldwide ambition to help for development. I’m with Ted Turner a lot against ideologies for economy and information age leaded by the USA with Coca-Cola, CNN and so much more great brands and international companies. ALTOGETHER with Washington we can UNIFY THE COUNTRIES in a Public Sphere studied by Habermas respecting their DIVERSITY and the Third World will not be so poor anymore: ARABIA, ASIA, RUSSIA and EUROPA, all these continents are BROTHERS in a GLOBAL VILLAGE explained by McLuhan. Thanks to the Web, let’s prepare this America of the 2000’s, 16 years after the century beginning. Michel Crozier told us: NO BUREAUCRACY. Other candidates are losers and liars: they want their personal success, NOT MIKE FULLER, the NO JOKE candidate. TS,_Marquis_de_Lafayette,_Jr.


Los Angeles Mike Fuller (LAMF) like this album
title, remembering Johnny Thunders, ex-New
York Dolls guitarist who passed away in  1991after
his masyerpiece in 1977
in London UK:  The
HEARTBREAKERS. Punk is one of the US subcultures.

Heatbreakers – All by myself

A thematic issue about the Ombudsman, prevention of delinquency, treatment of social and political diseases.

An ombudsman (conventional English plural: ombudsmen) is a person who acts as a trusted intermediary between either the state (or elements of it) or an organization, and some internal or external constituency, while representing not only but mostly the broad scope of constituent interests. (Wikipedia).

The Summer and Olympic Issue Previews.

BREAKTHROUGH (Elections, Campaigns, Government and Policies):

Romney, Schwarzenegger, more to come about American Syndrom of political stardom. John Boehner is the metteur-en-scène. France, Spain and Great-Britain were the owners of the land before the present United States. The Bush anti-legacy. Etat de siège in California.

Mitt Romney is really a leader who needs to be helped. His program and his declarations are not operational and they express some troubles. I think he will be better with a trusteeship of the party and a personnal guardianship maybe, a semi-control probably in order to be sure that he won’t be dysfunctional anymore for our doctrine and his career as WE HAVE TO WIN in November or in January if the election is delayed (a crisis is always possible). The same for Tampa where we could be back mid-September if we are not satisfied by the August convention, Augustus, the first Roman Emperor was too tough and his legacy did not last forever.

The Official logo for the 2012 GOP Presidential Convention scheduled in Tampa, Florida, Times Forum from August 27-30, 2012, for 2,286 delegates and 2,125 alternate delegates. We will be there.

The Official logo for the 2012 GOP Presidential Convention scheduled in Tampa, Florida, Times Forum from August 27-30, 2012, for 2,286 delegates and 2,125 alternate delegates. We will be there.

BLOCKBUSTER (Movies, Timeframes, Intervision(tm) and Hollywood):

Louis XIV, the first CAESARS Intervision(tm) production.

Louis the Fourteen was the greatest monarch in France even if others are very important too. His direction of the Country is spectacular and building a modern era for France in Europe, leading the people for a lot of improvement in their social and personal life. It is the reason why we are interested by his person to be the subject of a first chapter of the Intervision(tm) saga, the CAESARS, a  decentralized Hollywood production showing the evolution of Roma, from the Ancient Times to the present ones, including the Middle-Ages and the Renaissance. Another Louis (same family) has been the victim of a Revolution, the objective of this film is to have the truth about the historic reasons of a government success with a dynasty member.

Portrait of Louis XIV by Hyacinthe Rigaud (1659–1743), 1701, oil on canvas, Musée d'Agesci.

Portrait of Louis XIV by Hyacinthe Rigaud (1659–1743), 1701, oil on canvas, Musée d’Agesci.

BRAMSTOCKER (Punk, Rock, Unions and Communities):

My Mini-Feeling.

Great-Britain is one of the founders of the United States and for BRAMSTOCKER the State of Imagination of its music because the Rock was so appreciated there since 1960. A song can change things in the universe of the entertainment industry, it is a piece of the construction of the band about a rewriting of the Punk (before and after) history around the crucial year 1977. An imaginary career is the basis of BRAMSTOCKER production of albums in 2012, connected to the past still available for a live diffusion on Youtube specially. Guitars are the instruments used to be back in time and prepare the future. The song MY MINI-FEELING will be available pretty soon on the Web.

Portrait by Allan Ramsay, 1762. George III (George William Frederick; 4 June 1738[1] – 29 January 1820) was King of Great Britain and King of Ireland from 25 October 1760 until the union of these two countries on 1 January 1801, after which he was King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until his death. (Wikipedia).

Portrait by Allan Ramsay, 1762. George III (George William Frederick; 4 June 1738[1] – 29 January 1820) was King of Great Britain and King of Ireland from 25 October 1760 until the union of these two countries on 1 January 1801, after which he was King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until his death. (Wikipedia).

FRENCH POST(Franchise, French Cop, Science Fiction and Culture):

Yvonne Strahovski.

She is the nice girl of the American dream (part 2) , for the kids and the parents still teenagers. In Chuck, her role is to explain to the lead what is it all about secret services, bad and nice guys, stories to live (thanks to the screenwriters). We want her in new parts on the American TV (numeric) and the Intervision(tm) Post-Web. This could be fantastic for our franchises including the first and only FRENCH COP(tm) we are developing now in a piece of theater. Yvonne is from Australia with a personality involved in different human groups offering us an alternative to the regular famous actors environment. So, let’s do it, being in touch with Mrs. Strahovski for a future contract welcoming her in  the Mike Fuller(tm) Universe, the America of the 2010’s.

Yvonne Strahovski is the star of CHUCK, the NBC Universal TV show about espionage and fun, an American blockbuster ready for the Intervision(tm).

Yvonne Strahovski is the star of CHUCK, the NBC Universal TV show about espionage and fun, an American blockbuster ready for the Intervision(tm).

THE NOISE (Le Bruit: France, State, Programs and Debates):

Un Secrétariat d’Etat. Claude Chirac can be the next personality to be an anti-corruption leader in France. Brice Lalonde et Bernard Kouchner sont mes deux références dans ma quête d’un poste ministériel. “Le Droit est ma spécialité” Frédéric Vidal.

Comme Jean Médecin, son Maire qui a été nommé Secrétaire d’Etat à la Présidence du conseil par Edgar Faure de mars 1955 à janvier 1956, notre rédacteur-en-chef, attend une bonne nouvelle de Paris pour la nomination du nouveau gouvernement à prévoir ce jeudi. Frédéric Vidal, diplômé de l’Institut d’études politique de Paris (1981, promotion François Mitterand) a proposé son talent juridique pour la formation d’un cabinet ministériel. La France s’est qualifiée pour les quart-de-finales bien qu’ayant été battu par la Suède 2 à 0 hier à Kiev, dans le cadre de la Coupe d’Europe 2012 de l’UEFA, l’EURO. C’est une bonne surprise. Le football a ses passionnés, ceux du gouvernement sont du même ordre : ils veulent des résultats. Aux Affaires Litigieuses, comme il aime à dénommer sa possible future mission officielle auprès de François Hollande et rattaché au Premier Ministre, l’enfant du pays niçois sera aux commandes d’une fonction qui apparaît prioritaire : réduire l’intolérance dans notre pays, distancier les clivages en les explicitant. C ‘est à un moment clé après les législatives que nous nous situons pour cette promotion institutionnelle de notre rédacteur-en-chef.

Brice Lalonde est un grand ministre dans l'histoire de la Ve République mais il fut d'abord un grand militant de l'Ecologie mais aussi de la réforme administrative.

Brice Lalonde est un grand ministre dans l’histoire de la Ve République mais il fut d’abord un grand militant de l’Ecologie mais aussi de la réforme administrative.

An EVIDENCE publishing. A TIMEFRAMES LLC publication by INTERVISION(tm).

Editor-in-Chief: Frederic Vidal, Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs (SSLA).

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