French Cop LLC is casting Parallel People, a feature film about a Parallel Earth and Hollywood in the 1990’s. Fred Vidal, PhD, prod. Shoot starts July.

Seeking—Maria Hudson: Hispanic Rock star, in her 20’s, charismatic, successful in her career and preparing a first Feature Film;

Mitchell Jagger: DJ and Hip Hop Singer, African American from Toronto preparing a career in the music industry;

Katie Chang: Asian lady working in a business school to become a bank manager, canadian tourist visiting Seattle for the first time.

Send pix & résumés to to Fred Vidal, PhD, PO Box 3341, L.A., CA 90078-3341 or email to For more info, visit, Professional pay and credit provided.


When Gerald Klein™ arrived in Seattle for a visit of the city, he did not imagine that he will not see again his family and friends before to be a star in Hollywood.

After an incident at the Space Needle, his first talk with the starlet Maria Hudson™ makes him understand that he is not anymore on the same planet than before…

His only choice is to follow the girl who changed his life and to share fame and power with her before to find a way to go back home in Montreal, but on his own planet, parallel to Planet B™, that he calls Planet C™. The danger is to enter the A planet™, known, according to Mr. Klein™, for its violence and danger…

On Planet B™, B like Blue, B like Beautiful, Gerald learns, with his new girlfriend, how the success can be delightful, but, as he is an intruder there, some member of Maria’s entourage, will try to sabotage their projects and their love story.

Fred Vidal, PhD will be Gerald Klein in the Feature Film PARALLEL PEOPLE. The casting begins!

Fred Vidal, PhD will be Gerald Klein in the Feature Film PARALLEL PEOPLE. The casting begins!

Casting Call BACKSTAGE For GERMAN SPY: WWW Diffusion.

FRENCH COP LLC  is casting The German Spy, a Feature Film about alternate history to be shot this year in Los Angeles.

Seeking—Mata Hari Jr: A blond hair girl in her 1920’s, smart, business style, looking like a pure American Woman, ready for action against the Enemy, The Third Reich,

Kathrin Kandinski: An agent of the KGB, looking like a German dark hair movie insider, pretty artist with a strange smile,

Sarah Michaels: Red hair agent of the OSS, screenwriter in the Hollywood of the 1930’s, socializing with actors and producers to neutralize the Europeans who are against the United States.

Send headshot and resume to Fred Vidal, PhD, producer, P.O. Box 3341, Los Angeles, CA 90078-3341.

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