Breaking News: Hollywood New Gold Rush: A Larger Market For More Filmmakers, Breakfast Mixer!! HILTON UNIVERSAL, 555 Universal Hollywood Dr, Universal City, CA 91608,

PROMOTION ON ALL VIDAL WEB, LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace, Variety, More, For COMEBACK LA After NEW YORK Sessions THIS WEEK .

First Breakfast Mixer To Organize a Network Of Contacts Connected To The New SYSTEM OF BUSINESS In Hollywood, Necessary for the 2010’s, To fight The Crisis and Make the Movie Rush Profitable for Everybody. To Understand the BASICS Of Fred Vidal’s STUDIES About HOLLYWOOD ECONOMY, To be Be Your Own Major For Progress Of Your Business Projects in The Film Industry.

Movie Gold Rush: THE HOLLYWOOD NEW DEAL Associates Banks, Investors & Actors For A SUCCESS CONTRACT That Fred Vidal, PhD Organizes In Theory And Practice, Today With A TWITTER Breakfast 

On Twitter This Morning, Fred Vidal Gives More Feedback About His ANALYSIS Of The NEW HOLLYWOOD, To Prevent a BLAH BLAH BLAH Routine MANAGEMENT Of This GREAT MARKET 09 Because The Crisis Is Historic and ROUTINE KILLS HISTORY And We Need A New Deal In HOLLYWOOD, With 10 or 12 MAJORS In 2015, BACK TO THE 30’s With HIGH-TECHNOLOGY!!

On htttp:// This First Monday morning of The month:

CONDOMINIUM DISCIPLINE: Look At The Rules Of Condominiums, Do The Same With Your Partners (Flow) & Dealers (Cash), supervision By the Bank!! 

FILM-BANKS: Your BANK Finance, Control, PRODUCE Your FILM, Because…THEY NEED MONEY & Fame! Good Contact, Good WORK, They Are NICE People!

Be Major Free, Feel Your Own CONGLOMERAT, Word In Bureaucratic Press BUT FUNNY! They Are Not Able 2 Fight The Crisis. YOU ARE With NEW DEAL!

Fred Vidal: If  You Want Old Career, Don’t Follow My Advice. MORE PEOPLE IN THEATERS, It’s THANKS 2 The Crisis. MOVIE BOOM, It’s Versus CRISIS

MOVIE GOLD-BOOM: You Think Smart, Winner! You Take Care Not 2 Socialize 2 Much With HOLLYWOOD Leaders: They Don’t Do MARKET, AUDIENCE DOES!!

In The TOXIC BOOM: Young Filmmakers Want To imitate POLANSKI and Flirt With MAJORS For a Diffusion Ticket: DIRECT SUPPORT 2 Crisis & NO-WIN!

THE NEW GOLD RUSH In America = THE MOVIE BOOM!!! Fred Vidal, Theorician PhD. TOXIC BOOM would be a Corporate One Only With THE OLD ECONOMY!!

Some Benefits Of The Feature Film GO BELOW THE LINE & TO THE ACTORS, Must Be The Rule In The NEW HOLLYWOOD Or BOOM will Be Socially TOXIC!!

PARTNERS-FLOW: CASH-DEALS Authors, 4 Business People With An Art Ambition & A Target-Market ASSOCIATED With MOVIE PARTNERS: The WORKERS!!!

OBAMA-NOMICS, It’s For The BUDGET OF THE U.S. VIDAL MIcro-ECONOMICS, It’s 1st 4 HOLLYWOOD USA, With Subsidiaries NATIONWIDE & International!


PARTNERS-FLOW: MARKET-DEAL Must Associate The Principal ACTORS Of Your FILM With Percentage On The RESULTS. With Some Below/Line, PARTNERS 2

PARTNERS-FLOW: These BIGS, They Are MultiMedia and Thinking The Crisis More Than Working Against It. YOU ARE THE ANTI-CYCLE In A BOOM-MARKET

PARTNERS-FLOW: The Only Thing: You Must Be Competitive and THINK To SHOOT COMMERCIAL, Not 2 Get DISTRIBUTION with BIGS But 2 REPLACE THEM!!!

PARTNERS-FLOW: Come One!! Makes no Sense! Or On TITANIC Maybe If YOU PANIC!! More MOVIEGOERS & Theaters Benefits MEAN More Investors 4 FILMS

PARTNERS-FLOW: Scandal & Irony Of The FILM INDUSTRY March 09: Theaters-Mania & Difficulties For Film Financing & Majors Dow Jones Hostages!!

CASH-DEALS: Why do You want Only The Majors To Be The Ones that Get the Benefits Of THE MOVIE BOOM! And You Read: No Credits 4 Filmmakers!!!

CASH-DEALS: To Get The Minimum Amount Necessary 2 Build The Production Condominium, You & 3 Others OPEN A FILM-ACCOUNT, Between 100 & $500K!

CASH-DEALS: Everybody Can Make a Movie Now! Be A Part Of The Movie Boom By Investing Your Cash In a Film-Bank, A High-Tech Financial Project!

Meetup Meetings Can Be Useful For Theory more Than for Networking, Sometimes! It’s Today That The FRED VIDAL CLUB Realized the Best Explanation of The HOLLYWOOD Of The New Century:

A Mix Between BANKS, PARTNERS And Financial DEALS, for Movies To Be released ON TIME and Goers To pay The PRICE Of a Ticket to Make it A Success:

– for The Banks,
– The Partners and
– The Investment DEAL & TEAM To Access Hollywood… For Next Step, UPCOMING Next Film!

Read The TEXT of This MEETUP and Relax for The Weekend, It’s Gonna be a Classic Next month, If you are Sure of It!

BANK-FILMS = The Bank Finances The Film meaning The Film Is Financed by The Bank or , it’s more difficult but possible, by Several banks, with their specialized Subsidiaries. This is Possibly for Some Commentators a Revolution in America, I don’t Think so, But it is a monthly business In Europe, only for That part of The PRODUCTION-GENERAL-DEAL,

CASH-DEALS: The Most Important! = With Your Co-Investors, You decide, in order to start the MOTION PICTURE, Of The Amount of Money you Want to Put Together as a Cash-DEPOSIT/CAPITAL For The security of The Movie Process and First, To show to The banks that You have a Team-‘TREASURE’ You don’t Use except for Networking Expenses Of CREDIT-SUPPORT like Public Relations and Marketing Studies,

PARTNERS-FLOW: After the Release, Movie-Going Results and MULTIMEDIA Success, You Receive  with The other MEMBERS of The CASH-DEAL, A good Amount of Cash, the BenefitsTHE PARTNERS-FLOW, that You Invest in the Next movie because what you Want is The Cash Flow of The Movie Copyrights to Increase for the Next few years, this Flow of Cash is distributed to the Partners, so you Prefer Not to take the cash of the first Movie Result and Develop Your general CASH-DEALS with The Partners on Other movies and Promotion of the 1st One ReRuns. You’re Co-Owner of An Intellectual Rights Company/Partners Commercial Career, like the co-owners Of A Condominium share The property Of an Appartment Building.

BUT FIRST The Bank is Good, with deal, satisfied By The Result of ZERO Lost that is Guarantedd by TV/DVD/Foreign Markets Distribution, Organized previously Thanks to Its Support.

With More Received Than Spent, THE BANK-FILM is PROGRESS  and your Partners, Satisfied, HAVE CASH FLOW To Invest For The Next HOLLYWOOD DEAL… Hollywood Not Anymore For Sale, BUT SOLD to Freelance Promoters of This NEW ECONOMY OF BUSINESS-WOOD!!!

Hard Rock Hotels, Hard Rock Cafes: The Best place To Be For a MEETUP Meeting, Or a Talk-Work For HOLLYWOOD 3, The Sequel Century!

Hard Rock Hotels, Hard Rock Cafes: The Best place To Be For a MEETUP Meeting, Or a Talk-Work For HOLLYWOOD 3, The Sequel Century!


First It’s Necessary to Understand what does it mean HOLLYWOOD, It’s A System with a Key: YOUR TALENT.

If you Don’t have The key, It means you Need To find your Talent Somewhere, Something else Than yours: So find the Right one, An Actress, a Screenwriter, A Cinematographer, YOURS don’t give you The key, It must be not enough but Everybody has some Talent to find something. DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY!

So: You Find your Talent, yours, if you don’t find It all at Once, is not ENOUGH, find it Next year Maybe It will be at The Right Level. We don’t speak about Genius But TALENT, Talent to do Something In The ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.

You Have The Talent Now? Ok, so Secondly You already Have the Key, You looking For The HOUSE, the HollyHouse, Right? You want To build Something with Your Life, Not a Career, a Type Of Business, a Special Type, Ready For fun but First for Diffusion Of Your Teammate, The One with THE TALENT, If it’s Not you, Otherwise Yourself If YOU ARE THE KEY Of The House, don’t try Several Keys, It must work with Only ONE.

So the HOUSE, according To Us, IT”S A CONDOMINIUM, You Cannot Buy It TOGETHER with Your Star Talent or You Banker Mentor!! You HAVE THE KEY, It’s The Biggest NEWS, But The KEY Opens to The Patio with so Many Corridors with NO DOORS. It’s A Strange Building, You come With Your Own Kit-Door!! But Where Are You Going to locate That door? You Opened The BUILDING one, It’s a Skyscraper, Nothing to Do with THE Hollywood SIGN, You have probably a Lot Of floors to Visit but Stay Downstairs and Show The place On the Wall to Find your Door, Ok?

Just Wait and THINK about Your Family, If you’re still waiting For the right One, Go back To the First Step about The talent Issues, So Now You have Your Family In mind, A girl If you’re a Man, a Kid Or a Potential one and the Parents, leave them Alone, They have their Own life, we’re Speaking about YOUR GENERATION. You’re WEB ADDICTED Maybe But You’re Also a City-Being, An Usual CUSTOMER of The Local NETWORK That is Global Outside the U.S. but For us, a Shiny Routine, Called DAILY LIFE. So, YOU’RE INSPIRED By Your Small Personal NICHE, made Of LOVE and human tenderness. You Gonna DO the same, guy, TO BUILD OUR HOLLYWOOD, The Sequel! The Episode 2, because THE CRISIS: SO LONG! Turn The Page, and GO BACK To Chapter One, Silent First, Featured with The Sound before Cinescope and Color, Back next Year for The Second Generation.

You need Not A Team But A PLAN For the OTHER SIDE Of The Door, When you Will Open it and It will BE ‘The Miracle Of THE FLAT’, THE HOLLYWOOD Blvd. of your 3-5 Rooms Project, You have the Key for The Building, The Plan for the Condominium, you inside The Flat, Let’s Talk about The Neighbors! Who are They??

Basically They are Folks, not Like you, pieces of a Bigger Piece of Community, Called People with A Key, They were There?? NO. They Are different but They studied This MEETUP Lesson, And They Have their OWN KEY, Probably More than You, Their Personal Inner TALENT Or an Outsider One, Somebody else who is a Part Of themselves. Don’t Try to Know more, they Are only neighbors.

IN THIS HOLLY-SKYSCRAPER, You here For PRODUCING, Right?? You Don’t Want To Sleep all day long and Broadcast Your DREAM ON TV?! You want To Feature a SCRIPT, Some Nice Stuff You wrote with friends Or Roommates Previously. You have the Talent, You have The Team: TEH NEIGHBORS. They Are Yours: Because CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATED.

NO Mistake: It’s Not the Present Hollywood That is Studied, It’s The PRESENT NEXT YEAR, Try To Begin IN MARCH BEFORE, It’s Better For WALL STREET! It’s A Model, Men, Women, Not an EXAMLE AT ALL, But According To A Lot Of Students & Professors/Researchers, The REFORM We Ned For HOLLYWOOD, It’s the Other Side Of the One that Is The Consequencie of The Crisis on The Industries that dont work well These days. Movie Business is Still Kind Of Wonderful success, So Let’s build a Protection of It with This Condominium Theory/Reality.

Your Neighbors, they know, they can’t manage The condominium Without the Other neighbors. they have To be Organized with you to schedule Who do What and It’ll work. Before Hollywood was A Sign, After that It’s A PROPERTY OF OWNERS, Organized To make Their BUILDING WORK.

Thank YOU!!

Meetup Meeting HARD ROCK CAFE

Saturday, February 28, Year Nine, Twenty-First Century.

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