OK Mike Fuller On The Road! Behind Trump, The Army. He’s Its Cheval De Troie (TROJAN HORSE). The Last Tweets Before The Extended Version (Of The Press Speech). I Will Do It Again!

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Frederic would have been celebrating this Best day of His Life! I commemorate his Legacy by diffusing the information that there won’t be anymore Human Trafficking in the American Show Biz in the next few months. His enemy, Trump, is neutralized by the US Senate that was Frederic ambition to join. I will support more than him even this fight really legal and social plus political. Bye Mr. Trump, I don’t give you a second month of campaign beginning now.
Mike Fuller

(09/08/2016) This first debate is a victory for Mike Fuller who was interviewed by Matt Lauer to a great extend. The conspiracy organized by Mr. Trump is obvious: he wants the Presidency not for him only but also for Wall Street that refused smartly with Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton welcomed Mike and his project of Presidency. The Army is really the condition of the Security. Thanks NBC. TS

(09/08/2016) I think they were 2 candidates alone without me. I was there thanks to NBC but not enough. Read the article: Hillary Clinton Rips Donald Trump for Lauding Vladimir Putin http://nyti.ms/2bWU9KS Putin was the 4th man. He’s not candidate, one told me. MF

(09/09/2016) In 2 days, September 11: WE ARE ONE, the US and ISIS. Let’s stop the war right now, the enemy is the TERRORISM as a method of war. The arabs who participate in the Islamic organization called Isis MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY or ASAP to kill people worldwide. In a second time, when I will be elected in November and more and definitely in January, this nightmare will end. In 2001, Alqaida was a murderer with a name to DESTROY our Twin Towers. Me, the twin of late Frederic Vidal, I want Michelle Obama to be sure her husband will be prosecuted by me until the end of times for what Bush did to attack Iraq and Afghanistan as a reply of terror on New York. I WILL SEE YOU ON LOCATION THERE ON SUNDAY. Mike Fuller

(09/10/2016) It’s an election that is derogatory this year: a premiere. A business man and a previously First Lady are the 2 main candidates. It’s the reason why the Americans will elect me, Mike Fuller, a Second Man but a true politician, with a Program about REAL AMERICA. I am your Mike: EXPRESS YOURSELF.

(09/11/2016) Article: “Now might be a good time for Clinton to release a FULLER record of her medical history.” Mike is my first name and not Michael. First Lady she was, First Lady, she stays. To be Presidential is more about West Wing than East one! Bill will have her at home for a couple of days to teach her a last time some great government lessons. MF

(09/11/2016) It’s the symbol of today’s commemoration of 9/11. The democratic candidate shows she is probably the victim of a severe illness and we want her to know we are sad she’s bad today. Regarding September 11, Obama falls today also because nothing new about our place in history. Mike Fuller

(09/11/2016) He says goodbye on this picture. Too much too soon for the “winner of the Republican primaries”, a Trash for beginners that was an easy game before a lot more difficult play. I will continue to listen to the New York Dolls who were managed by the same Malcolm McLaren than The Sex Pistols. Bye Frederic, today it’s 9/11. Mike Fuller

The American authorities have decided not to organize a special event for the 15th anniversary of 9/11. Never mind, I will do it next year for the number 16. Mike Fuller

It’s an election that is derogatory this year: a premiere. A business man and a previously First Lady are the 2 main candidates. It’s the reason why the Americans will elect me, Mike Fuller, a Second Man but a true politician, with a Program about REAL AMERICA. I am your Mike: EXPRESS YOURSELF.

I appreciate this article mood for a subject that is so crucial: our 2001 day of September shared worldwide like never must stay unique. Mike Fuller

Great afternoon at the Oakland Museum of California for Mike Fuller and friends invited to the 57th anniversary of the birth of Frederic Vidal. Contemporary Art and flashbacks of Frederic’s career were on location with Mike self portrait drawn by computer! Timeframes

(09/11/2016) WordPress diffusion: Selected President, Mike Fuller About To Win Waterloo For The Second Time: His 8th Coalition Includes Web And TV! On Twitter WE WILL NEVER FORGET, Waterloo didn’t happen yet. The World Trade Center’s Ground Zero is still HOT. As SELECTED PRESIDENT, MIKE FULLER with his 8th Coalition will defeat the new NAPOLEON in November (@MittRomney). DC must be prepared for the role play!

The US must stop thinking diplomacy is a gun or a rose. Syria is ISIS connected a bad way. The new Presidency will take care: 9/11 was not 11/9. Mike Fuller, selected President.

(09/12/2016) Gracie Allen in 1940 succeeded to share her happiness with the American population after 1929 and the recovery. The economy was right but now it’s the war that is threatening with Japan. Vote for Gracie. Vote for Clinton if you like her like Gracie. Otherwise Vote for Me, she will have a nice recovery. Mike, not a Joke Candidate.

BREAKING: U.S. Senate Moves To Investigate Donald Trump For Human Trafficking http://bipartisanreport.com/2016/09/07/breaking-u-s-senate-moves-to-investigate-donald-trump-for-human-trafficking-details/

September 7
Clinton | Trump
Commander-in-Chief Forum
8 p.m. ET – NBC

Clinton and Trump Begin Last Leg in Race for the White House

Calendar Highlights This Fall

  • Sept. 7: Commander-in-chief forum
  • Sept. 23: Production schedule for release of additional Clinton emails expected
  • Sept. 23: First states begin early voting
  • Sept. 26: First Presidential Debate
  • Oct. 4: Vice Presidential Debate
  • Oct. 9: Second Presidential Debate
  • Oct. 19: Third Presidential Debate



The Procession of the Trojan Horse in Troy by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo – Trojan Horse – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Detail from The Procession of the Trojan Horse in Troy by Domenico Tiepolo (1773), inspired by Virgil’s Aeneid.



ON TWITTER (9/6/2016) the last Tweets. https://www.twitter.com/timeframes2014

September 5, 1957: ON THE ROAD for a travel that will never stop and for a TRIP WITH MIKE FULLER, President in 2017.

I, Mike Fuller. We, the People.

CLASSICAL ATHENS: MIKE FULLER origins before ROMA! The Acropolis imagined in an 1846 painting by Leo von Klenze. FK

Every City goes to Roma.


(09/09/2016) You will have the extension of my press release ASAP but this news Trump is prosecuted about Human Trafficking is CRUCIAL to wait. M. Fuller

(09/10/2016) Do your self-portrait like me at Oakland Museum of California. Frederic Vidal would have been 57 today! Bio soon. MF


The text before the extension will be about the LAWSUIT AGAINST DONALD TRUMP but also others, including first Marc Zuckerberg. Yesterday, September 7, Barbara Boxer wrote a letter to the Homeland Security about the HUMAN TRAFFICKING that Mr. Trump could inspire in one of his companies. This is the first time the press news confirm what we say since 2009 about Blake Lively. Read the article: 


This is the first issue of this newsletter and there will be a second issue in October before Election Day. This publication is dedicated to late Frederic Vidal, founder in France of EVIDENCE magazine of BrAmStOcKeR nonprofit publishing in 1981. Mike Fuller is the author of this publication.


It’s an American song about a French problem.

The Wedding Song is not still composed but already #1 in the charts, according to TIMEFRAMES, my company, a part of Frederic Vidal Estate. If you don’t like Hey Jude by The Beatles and Rebel, Rebel by Bowie, you won’t like the song. This will be anyway the rebirth of a band that was crucified by governments and populations in 1977 for nothing. The Sex Pistols were there to testify their music was pure and good to commercialize. It was not enough. The United States didn’t want a French rock band like the Stones from Nice! IT’S ABOUT A COUPLE like Romeo and her impossible wife.


The song will be composed from Washington, DC where I will be in September. It’s also about another couple that will be more and more necessary to marry officially: France and the USA. This was the project #1 of my brother FV and I want it a reality next year. Nicolas Sarkosy will never be back at the Presidency, the same for Francois Hollande. I am there also the third man. If I’m there elected President, I will decide to call Monaco to invite them to be American like us. They won’t refuse. On the other hand, I must say that there is a problem about justice like in Romeo and Juliet or my dear friend Marc Antony and Cleopatra: 4 deaths.

There is a group that never stopped to harass me and my girl friend never collapsed but was not able to be with me, TOO DANGEROUS? Too hard. Yves Saint-Laurent knew since the 1960’s Frederic was not a possible model but a writer like me. I’m sure he would have been a perfect politician. Never mind, I replace him. I’m not disappointed, JE HAIS LA FRANCE (I hate France): this is the 2nd song of this CD to be released at the end of September. For the United States only, ISOLATION will be the 2nd title of this single. By Iggy Pop, from the album BLAH BLAH BLAH produced by David Bowie, the song expresses, like a blues with some punk, what is terrible when you alone and no future. It’s a little what Frederic Vidal lived at the end of his life in Nice before the 84 killed, July 14 by ISIS. He left previously October 16 and arrived for Bastille day in SF. We will invite the Justice in France for possibly a lawsuit to schedule.

2. Mike Fuller, BRAMSTOCKER lead singer, producer and manager. This is a story with no end.

a. 16 propositions and more.

I am proud to finish this duty begun a long time ago: to become a rock star. David Bowie passed away in January. He will stay the best British in America during the 4 years of my Presidency and after. I have 16 other propositions including to STOP THE CRISIS in the US, in our wallets and our state of mind. This crisis is blackouted like me, it’s not coincidential. The negro (Barack Obama) is responsible 50%. BL is a woman who is not black but lovely. She could have been a star in Italy at Cinecitta but she preferred to be Hollywood only without Human trafficking, not possible in 2000 and something. Blake Lively, she was the one I used to marry in my project of career. I sing today for her, she is my muse wrote Frederic for his novel, the Velvet Eyes, on WordPress. Her name will attract us more the Justice we manage for the song. US Presidential candidate, I’m the best to manage and produce BRAMSTOCKER until my election, then a record label everyday.

b. Judiciary files.

I start today my process to IMPEACH BARACK OBAMA, a President who is not acceptable in America, a dictator who played with the young and refused to improve his American-American community. In less than 6 months, it’s too late to judge him. Him and his predecessor, George W Bush, will be prosecuted, if I am elected President, next year for CORRUPTION DURING THEIR MANDATES (16 years). Their action against terrorism was wrong from the beginning until the end. Iraq is a chaos more than ever. Other files of their administrations will be prosecuted too. Regarding World War II, there are many questions that stay without replies. I worked in Europe to FIND the Jewish assets stolen by the Nazis and I will continue in the United States. I supposethe White House has an important responsibility and so many documents to let us read NOW or never. The best could be a NUREMBERG TRIAL #2 and to prosecute post-mortem Adolf Hitler himself. IT WAS NEVER DONE. This horrible man needs SO MANY NEW INVESTIGATIONS like his friends Joseph GOEBBELS and Heinrich HIMMLER: 3 suicides to keep 3,000 secrets!!

Second part of the press release THE EVIDENCE by Mike Fuller.
How I got the White House in less than 3 months un the mass medias.

This part of the communique is about the ISOLATION OF MY ART AND MY CANDIDACY.


The successful research of a First Lady.

I am divorced and I think about a new woman in my heart but also in my entourage first. It was not possible until now. In America, I understood that to be with a star when you are a star, it’s a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. But I am a little the new Tom Cruise and my Katie Holmes is upcoming. I must say that I’m proud to be the one who began his movie career with Katie in a film about the White House and the Presidents families: FIRST DAUGHTER. Bastille Day 2003 was not Bastille Day 2016: no ISIS but a CATHARSIS with the American moviegoers. I was, at that time a background actor in Hollywood or, in fact, Frederic Vidal was, I am his successor and I can imagine myself for this day of shooting. Screen Actors Guild, this actor was sure to join the famous union but the conclusion is that he married NO GIRL AT ALL IN HOLLYWOOD OR ANYWHERE ELSE.

It won’t be the same for me. I am your US Presidential candidate and I have the obligation to be perfect: there is no perfection without a woman. So, I do my best not to stay alone too long. From Washington, DC, I will call a young lady who is waiting for me (or not) in California or in Florida. She could be mine but I’m not sure she will say YES. It is a challenge like my election. Love stories ARE NOT REALLY ACCEPTED for me and the American girls. I was refused by several other females in the US. Jessie Andrews is the right name, the right woman, the right First Lady for me.

I never met her until now, I KNOW WHY? THE POWER. I am only a citizen with the project for it to CHANGE. Jessie and me, it’s not a dream but our reality before November. You know that she will be my alter ego in BRAMSTOCKER New Age & Flower Power. The song’s upcoming to upgrade our Land of Free. Jessie is a DJ. Frederic was a Punk. I’m already in SciFi (for TIMEFRAMES comics) President of the USA Dimension. We are in the USB, according to this legend I like a lot, and I won’t replace Fred with Jessie, Jessie Andrews will be my CLOSE COOPERS (my girlfriend and secretary at the White House in the other dimension). She is already Close and I will see her very soon.

As Jessie, she’s dead (it’s in the legend) like Fred but her franchise JESSIE ANDREWS will be huge, like for FREDERIC VIDAL as revival BRANDS of fantastic lovers! So, I call her CLOSE and I’ll be her MIKE forever. Mike like a microphone for her to have a better career. She’s my Linda, she’s my Yoko, she’s my Cher, I’m her Sonny. That is it. I hope to call her from DC mid-September.

But who was Frederic Vidal?

The owner of a marvelous Universe like Stan Lee’s one or Lucas. His STAR WARS were several great movie projects. FRENCH COP, GERMAN SPY, VELVET EYES, MAN FROM 25: himself. He could have been President of the States but he selected me. HE’S NOT 100% DEAD. I’m here to replace him with Close to be Jessie. CHEERS! You know me enough, Frederic told me I AM HIS POLITICAL NAME, it means I am like him a PhD researcher with 4 magic years: 1959, 1977, 1999 and 2017. Let’s write the end of this communique with a last question:


Like Vidal, I have difficulties with the medias. Hopefully, it gonna change in the newspapers. With this information, there will be some articles: there is the United States of America and there is so many people who would like our Federation to be back in 1787 when the Constitution was signed by the founders. THE BILL OF RIGHTS was not included in it. WHAT IF? What if this Bill would have been in the text? The reply can surprise you: George Washington would have not been an enemy. The bill of rights by amendment: it’s the evidence, this George was not cool.

I have been boycotted in France by the Americans even with my bro Fred, see! Our blackouting-blacklisting by the US on their territory is devastating for us but only 50% not because we are 2. We are 4, WE ARE THE PEOPLE, the first words of the Constitution. We were not wrong to be Americans and we are Americans more than ever. The problem is to BE A CELEBRITY. Why not? Of course, with an Amendment that will say everything about democracy and liberty of expression before it: IN A 2ND TIME. The Bill of Rights arrived too late or not, it was too weak and fragile in front of the human beings who prefer disputes than justice according to me and Thomas Hobbes. We have a 3rd chance with no George Washington at all. I REPLACE HIM if you want it. Like the Rolling Stones, I am a W@lrus.

Mike Fuller

Postcript. For more information about my campaign, read on the Web https://sites.google.com/site/vidalfuller2016/



To Richard Wagner, from a fan of the 21st century. The music is still the same but
you are really our father for the be4st. MF


The Inter-Letters: #5. 06/22/2012 (Friday). Louisiana, France And A New Spirit Necessary In The Negative And Agressive America Of The Bush Failure And The Obama Malaise!

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #28: Bush-Obama, the totalitarism continues against the teenagers and the population. The Human Trafficking is having a new start. The White House is looking like a mess with a presidential family disorder. Barbara Boxer, the senator in charge of a ruined California, is one of the leaders of this program of prevention of the new culture. The anti-program is a Fuller plan to be back in time to have a new morning of great history feedbacks about France and America. Newt Gingrich (somebody who needed the presidency to be back in the 50’s) never understood the continent and the Republicans must follow Mike, their new ideologist. Mitt Romney, a man and a kid at the same time, is not the candidate we want, he is the spokesperson of the medias.

Louisiana was French, belonging to France, with a culture that gave to the United States its exotism so much appreciated in the foreign countries and all over the territory of the future 50 States. So let's be binational with the Mike Fuller program. Spanish americans will enjoy the French touch of our English style.

Louisiana was French, belonging to France, with a culture that gave to the United States its exotism so much appreciated in the foreign countries and all over the territory of the future 50 States. So let’s be binational with the Mike Fuller program. Spanish americans will enjoy the French touch of our English style.




): BLOCKBUSTER™ #28: Quel nouveau film pour la fin de l’année ? Préparons le sujet “Obama ne saura jamais plus président des Etat-Unis.” ONE TERM ONLY, cela ferait-il un bon film ou les scénaristes seront-ils traités de delusional (on traite trop souvent de fous les artistes et les activistes culturels aux USA), c’est-à-dire de fantasque ? L’armée américaine donne le mauvais exemple, semble-t-il, avec un moral au plus bas et un état d’esprit anti-participatif concernant le social et la collectivité du pays. Dans les casernes, il faut relancer le goût pour le SERVICE PUBLIC et la défense du terrritoire. J’en reparlerai dans ce projet de scénario où REPUBLICAIN veut dire renouveau.

The US Navy must give the right example to the population, especially when there is a chaos like this Summer among the population regarding the sense of the Presidential Election that is not a Las Vegas game (Romney) or a dynasty crisis (Obama).

The US Navy must give the right example to the population, especially when there is a chaos like this Summer among the population regarding the sense of the Presidential Election that is not a Las Vegas game (Romney) or a dynasty crisis (Obama).



): BRAMSTOCKER™ #28: There must be a project Against Linkin Park, the band that is not anymore a member of the Rock’n Roll family, even if they are the victims of the District of Columbia system, leaded by the candidate of the Democrats, previously senator of Illinois. Their new album is show biz and not rock, against Tampa and the underground culture. Just a money deal? An Obama fan club, a possible anti-social philosophy? Take care about the propaganda against BRAMSTOCKER™ in the US, it is a sign of decline of our civilization.

The Beatles are the real group for the construction of a mass event about the social disease: anger that creates violence and lies, agressivity and suicidal tendencies, collective and individual. Linkin Park does not accept to participate in this as they are a commercial band with no huge ambition for SPIRITUALITY.

The Beatles are the real group for the construction of a mass event about the social disease: anger that creates violence and lies, agressivity and suicidal tendencies, collective and individual. Linkin Park does not accept to participate in this as they are a commercial band with no huge ambition for SPIRITUALITY.

): FRENCH POST™ #28: Critic of the American Press. The US newspapers live the end of their stardom before the Intervision™. Their articles have to change to explain the 2010’s not the previous century. They will not be on the INTERVISION™ if they continue to think alone. The New York Times is printing bad news about our victory, the Washington Post is not the great one of the Watergate but a local zine sleeping with fake dreams about Europe. The Los Angeles Times is not sold elsewhere, this means a wrong distribution.

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (Jean Arthur and James Stewart) directed and produced by Frank Capra is the best achievement of this idea that nobody is unacceptable. We don't need a messiah in America.

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (Jean Arthur and James Stewart) directed and produced by Frank Capra is the best achievement of this idea that nobody is unacceptable. We don’t need a messiah in America.



): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #28: Houphouët-Boigny, le contraire de l’autoritarisme d’un Barack Obama,  n’est pas Xavier Bertrand, l’ancien ministre sans intérêt de la droite 2007-2012.

Le pouvoir américain est intéressé par la France et nous devons lutter contre tout risque d’ingérence. Je suis le garant, étant binational, d’un équilibre politique entre les deux pays. Même si Washington cherche à me nuire avec un président-candidat qui n’accepte pas la contradiction. Il doit être battu ne novembre par Mitt Romney à moins qu’un autre soit nommé par la convention de Tampa du Parti Républicain, car Mitt, mauvais dans les sondages, est faiblard en termes de lutte contre l’hégémonie idéologique et d’image de la star noire de la politique US en matière de conservatisme présenté comme une réforme démocrate.

Ministre d'Etat de De Gaulle puis Président de la Côte d'Ivoire, Félix Houphouët-Boigny a été le symbole du binationalisme en France

Ministre d’Etat de De Gaulle puis Président de la Côte d’Ivoire, Félix Houphouët-Boigny a été le symbole du binationalisme en France.



This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Né le 28 juin 1712 à Genève, Jean-Jacques Rousseau est l'éternel penseur de l'homme moderne (bien qu'il n'ait pas connu le XXIe siècle).

Né le 28 juin 1712 à Genève, Jean-Jacques Rousseau est l’éternel penseur de l’homme moderne (bien qu’il n’ait pas connu le XXIe siècle).



A non-profit EVIDENCE™ publishing. A TIMEFRAMES™ LLC publication by INTERVISION™.

Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: Frederic Vidal.

Sous l’égide du projet de Secrétariat d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAL),
under the aegis of the Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs (SSLA) project.

  • The Video of the Day :
    1939 Mr Smith goes to Washington – Trailer


Frederic Vidal Gets 1,605,010 Views As The Report To The US Supreme Court Will Be Online On This Blog : The 1,301st Post !

This new article is the first since the 1,300th post published September 27, 2011.

The Report will be available before to be sent to Washington, DC.

Frederic Vidal, from Nice, France, December 9, 2011.

Note to the attention of the US Supreme Court

Author: Frédéric Vidal. Nice, December 4, 2011

As a new citizen, I consider that it is useful to give the example to ensure that immigrants are better respected.  Immigration is at the base of the stand of the American continent. It is time to celebrate in our constitutional law.

Chapter 1. The Senate.

I was Senatorial candidate of the State of California in 2010. I am from France where I kept my nationality and I want to inform you that I have not been able to campaign! I took the decision to be a candidate in the senatorial election in December 2009. For the primary of the Republican Party, my write-in application was made to the difference.  Accordingly, I ran to the Senate in independent candidate write-in Norwalk on September 9, 2010. I did sign my petition by 77 American citizens but it was refused. Los Angeles County (service working for the Secretariat of State of California in Sacramento Norwalk elections) has not validated my candidacy by challenging my signatories list. I went to Sacramento to request an investigation which has never been carried out. I ask you now to perform a control because my petition was consistent with what was requested. I do not seniority required by the Constitution as an American to me except exception, confirmed by Wikipedia:


Henry Clay : When elected by the legislature, Clay was below the constitutionally required age of thirty. His age did not appear to have been noticed by any other Senator, and perhaps not by Clay. Three months and 17 days into his Senate service, he reached the age of eligibility. Reference:


Armistead Thomson Mason : He was elected as a Republican to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of William Branch Giles, despite being constitutionally underage for the office. Reference:


John Henry Eaton : In 1818 he was elected Senator from Tennessee and served until 1821. He served again from 1821 to 1829. His age of 28 at the time of his entry to the Senate was notable; it contradicted the US Constitution’s requirement that all Senators be over the age of 30. At the time, many people did not know their actual birth records. It is not certain what occurred in this case. In any event, if challenged, Eaton could have referred to previous under-aged Senators Armistead Mason or Henry Clay. Reference:


Rush Dew Holt, Sr. : In November 1934, at age 29, he was elected to the United States Senate, but because a Senator is constitutionally required to be at least 30 years old, he could not take his seat until after his 30th birthday in June 1935. Holt was the youngest person ever popularly elected to the U.S. Senate. Reference:


Chapter 2. The amendment.

Must be an amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  This amendment, I propose to study it. It must enable us to reach the third centenary of our founding text without challenge or collapse of our institutions. I want to promote it with my candidate for the Supreme Judiciary in our country. Its content must be dedicated to fundamental rights. They are at risk. The fundamental rights of citizens. They are implicated by the crisis. Must be strengthening them in deciding on the new measures. The first of them is equal access to the ELECTIVES functions! Every citizen is entitled to expect the United States A equality of treatment. The Presidency of the country is not a domain reserved for non-immigrants. It would be good to allow the naturalized to register for the Supreme candidacy officially. The Supreme nomination, it is the Presidency.  For each election, all voting must have the right to respect. The Congress can discuss if you invite him to write the story. For me, I ask you to allow me to campaign for the freedom amendment and the White House! In 12, 16, 20, 24, I will be candidate, then why not be elected immediately? My program lies in a word: the amendment. The US Constitution will be the last word.

Chapter 3. The Presidency.

The current US President is beyond his duties. He did not take his political commitments. Its electoral system is to maintain the minorities in social exclusion. It must be taken into account for his re-election. To represent is a constitutional faculty. The exercise is to be credible. Barack Obama has not satisfied during his first term. The Democratic Party can choose another candidate. That primary be held, I ask you to ensure there.

On Twitter:

Frederic Vidal thinks that the United States create a destabilization of the international trade. This can stop if we decide so.

Napoleon sold Louisana to the Americans because he did not succeed to get the Territory for his French State.

Consequently Louisiana was from the beginning a problem for the USA as the French were not accepted and the Country against Europe construction.

We are a Nation and not a Continent, we must have a Policy and not a Strategy of Imperialism.

Marylin Monroe was the first victim of Human Trafficking in Hollywood ! (Frederic Vidal’s Report to the US Supreme Court).

Monroe was a star and she was broken by her entourage.

The African American community did not like her.

JFK was the name of her bodyguard.

MM is the Sex Symbol of the US in the 50’s until now.

Marilyn Monroe was a student of the Actors Studio.

The Actors Studio was proud to support JAMES DEAN but Monroe was also their other celebrity (with Brando, of course).

Human Trafficking ? Marilyn was the great fiancee of America !

Today, her memory is the reason why I begin to diffuse this report against Hollywood for a change of our Constitution.

Monroe was in love with Kennedy but the Country did not like this information.

Marilyn passed away in the 1960’s before John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Where was Barbara Boxer when Marilyn Monroe was found dead ?

Barbara Boxer = Human Trafficking

An investigation must be decided by the US Supreme Court.

The death of JFK is a Presidential Mystery that can be understood now thanks to me and Barbara.

Frederic Vidal
6218 Rockcliff  Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90068
Tel. 818-863-0523
Email: fredericvidal2012@gmail.com

Los Angeles, June 30, 2011

Attn: To the Judge.


The election of Barbara Boxer, November 2, 2010 was “organized”, meaning not in a legal way. I was a write-in candidate when the State of California decided to refuse the validation of my petition necessary to be registered.

I went to Norwalk September 9, the day before my birthday, to inform my County of Los Angeles, that I decided to be the next United States Senator, even if I was not a Primary candidate because the California Republican Party did not want to support my program: ‘less foreclosures, less bankruptcies, less unemployment, less poverty in America and our State’.

The Elections Department gave me the forms to file with the signatures of petitioners in order to be officially validated by them as a write-in candidate, an independent one, for the State of California in order to replace the previous Senator,  Mrs. Barbara Boxer.

On October 19, I submitted my list of 77 signatures to the County that registered them and released my ‘Candidate Receipt for Nomination Documents’ (filing number: 1724, election number: 0010, contest number: 1027).

On November 1, I was in Sacramento for my campaign end to have a meeting with the State Elections Department but my candidacy was not on the official list of candidates because they refused my petition with no explanation and no information before.

This decision was made to prevent my election and must be the result of the pressure of other candidates, Mrs. Boxer is obviously the one who stopped my objective to be the new Senator with the County and the State. I have the investigation in progress to prove that she is also responsible of other problems regarding my professional filmmaker career and my homeowner respect in Los Angeles.

The State of California never replied to my demand of investigation about the conditions of the non-validation of my petition that prevent me to be possibly elected. Consequently, I want now to ask you for the cancellation of the vote and the organization of a fair and honest election that I propose to be scheduled for Election Day, the first Tuesday of November, November 1st, 2011.

Best regards.

Frederic Vidal
US Senate Candidate

This is Frederic Vidal Red Carpet (LA FILM FEST - Coca-Cola). Picture by Frederic Vidal Fan / Evidence (a Timeframes publication). https://sites.google.com/site/timeframesllc
This is Frederic Vidal Red Carpet (LA FILM FEST – Coca-Cola). Picture by Frederic Vidal Fan / Evidence (a Timeframes publication). https://sites.google.com/site/timeframesllc

The new Tom Cruise trailer for his December Movie MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4 – GHOST PROTOCOL is the bonus videogram of this post about Frederic Vidal’s letter. Before to see the movie, we will go to vote in California because this is justice for all in our Country. About the film,  we are proud to present it on our new Youtube Web Culture Press Site: EVIDENCE3D http://www.youtube.com/evidence3d




For The Governor Election, The Candidate of The Fashion Industry, Frederic Vidal, Supports Chelene Nightingale In California, The Actress And Leader of The American Independents!

Live from Beverly Hills, the original name of Mike Fuller is on location to promote the woman that can change California, If He Is Elected Too! CA 4 FV November 2!

My new email: vidal4senate@gmail.com

Chelene Nightingale is a Woman and we have to choose a woman for Governor because California is a State of Feminity. For Senator, a man will be better after decades of Ladies who forgot too much about feminity. I'll be your (write-in) Man: WRITE FREDERIC VIDAL ON YOUR BALLOT For the U.S. Congress, the Senate will be lucky of your choice!

It is time to wake up now, we are october 7 and Election Day is in less than 4 weeks. My career is organized better thanks to this choice to stop Music and Films, maybe definitely, if I am elected by you (if you live in California) to the US Senate, the Senate of the United States that is the most important Senate in the World, it is there that the Federal laws are voted, and I feel already proud to be your Senator there and to work with you to improve with each vote our Country, the best of All, the USA.

I will continue in the District of Columbia to write THE MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES and F-COP: Aftermath, my 2 Novels successfull , thanks to you, on the Web, in the evening when necessary and I will give you tons of great news on this WordPress Blog about the activity of the Congress and the Obama Administration, The WHITE HOUSE that is so important for our Country.

I decide today to invite the Californians to visit WASHINGTON DC and to finance their visit with my Campaign Committee beginning January (around 100 people every month selected by the Cities of California for a weekend in DC). I will meet the population of California beginning next week to tell them that Washington is not so far, we can live there together if we belong to the tradition of election and liberty!

For my High-Tech Campaign, I am building the CLUB 59, For the Press and for You, a system of Communication focusing on microblogging on Twitter (with a Tweet per hour) http://www.twitter.com/fredvidal, Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/mikefullerphd) with a morning and afternoon Communique, a Newsletter titled GODSPEED (#1 Issue Tomorrow, October 8) and Youtube (http://www.yotube.com/mynewamerica) where I am diffusing a first comeback video after my VIRAL SONG, the 15,000 views’ Here comes the night! For Myspace, a Surprise NEXT WEEK, 2nd Week of October!












The American Independent Party is A Great example of Our Culture of Politics and Friendship around the most Important Values of Our Country: CONSTITUTION, LIBERALISM, INDIVIDUALISM, GOVERNMENT! Join It if you feel Ok with that, I’m still a Republican but a Partner of them because I did the choice to stop my Republican Membership for a while, probably until January!

Twitter Effort of Communication since Monday the second!
A Selection of the best Tweets for you Only:
  •   LIVE FROM RODEO DRIVE, the Candidate of the Fashion Industry develops a Business Strategy with the WORLD MOST FAMOUS BRANDS! about 1 hour ago via Mobile Web
  •   What remained after Pandora’s Box was opened? HOPE and now there is enough hope to finish War in AFGHANISTAN! about 3 hours ago via Mobile Web
  • Pakistan is the danger now because of its agressivity against the United States! We need a new dialogue with this Country, for history! about 3 hours ago via Mobile Web
  •   SOLAR POWER, PACIFIC OCEAN EMPOWERMENT, HIGH TECHNOLOGIES, NO MORE POVERTY: That are my Goals for the Senate. Write my name!!! about 4 hours ago via Mobile Web
  •     MICROBLOGGING CONTINUES with the writing today of our NEWSLETTER on FACEBOOK and our Campaign #1 Media: this TWITTER ACCOUNT! about 8 hours ago via Mobile Web
  • GOP members: SUPPORT VIDAL IN CALIFORNIA by writing his First and Last Names on yourBallot November 2! 10 + 10 = 20!! CA 4 FV! about 12 hours ago via Mobile Web
  •   Frederic VIDAL’s Business Plan for California ’10 + 10 = 20′ about the Decade to start is a READY, STEADY, GO! about 12 hours ago via Mobile Web
  •   With Monaco inside the USA, from Nice to Menton, THE HUGE EUROPEAN FINANCIAL CRISIS about the Banks Debt could finish by a Happy End! about 12 hours ago via Mobile Web
  •   The CLUB 59 (58 Counties + Monaco project) will invite journalists in California to a weekly PRESS CONFERENCE through the Web and local! about 18 hours ago via Mobile Web
  • If the Congress votes Monaco Annexation, our Country will be on location in Europe to coordinate the struggle vs Al-Qaida! about 19 hours ago via Mobile Web
  • Germany don’t take seriously AMERICAN WARNINGS about the risk of TERRORIST ATTACKS in October, France and UK aware of it! about 19 hours ago via Mobile Web
  • With MONACO AMERICAN, the United States would directly be on the European Continent to lead ANTI-TERRORISM! about 20 hours ago via Mobile Web
  • Project: annexation of MONACO by the USA. Ca needs space, Principality is American by Grace Kelly, isolated between France & Italy! about 20 hours ago via Mobile Web
  • Tomorrow begins our CLUB 58 daily email RALLY to diffuse our NEWSLETTER ‘Godspeed’ to the 58 Counties of our State of California! about 20 hours ago via Mobile Web
  • We need more and more Healthcare in America in order to have all the medication for free beginning 2014! about 22 hours ago via Mobile Web
  • What did candidate BROWN as the Attorney General of California? Not enough! Remember it and vote NIGHTINGALE for Governor! about 24 hours ago
  •   PRO-LIFE or PRO-CHOICE? The Senate of the U. S. must decide next year for the future of our Country! We need more babies but parents too!
  •   ECOLOGY, it’s what we need for the 21st century! We will get it if we deserve it! vidal4senate@gmail.com
  •   CONSTITUTION AMENDMENT: let’s get more citizenship by improving our rights and duties status. Every American can be candidate!
  •   MEDIA & POLLS: Vidal 35, Boxer 40, Fiorina 20! Retweet the HOPE! Write the CHANGE with HOPE by including my name on your Ballot!
  •   WRITE-IN CANDIDATE, I need you to write my name FREDERIC VIDAL on your ballot November 2 for the US Senate, YOURS! 
  •   Frederic Vidal, the Independent US Senate candidate in Ca, invites the members of AFL-CIO to support him and to vote VIDAL SOCIAL 1ST!
  •   Jerry Brown is 72. If you are in your 20’s, go watch SKYLINE November 12 and vote on Nov 2 NOT FOR HIM! http://www.skyline.movie-trailer.com 
  •   Jerry Brown was Governor of California from 1979 to 1983! I prefer to vote White or Black meaning not for the past but the reality of 2010!
  •   The Debt of California is too huge, we must reduce it by an improvement of our tax system that don’t demand enough to the richest!
  •   VIDAL FOR WASHINGTON: The THIRD CHOICE is the right one, to be better than the 2 old parties, in California and possibly Nationwide!
  •   Reps & Dems supporting the PhD candidate Frederic Vidal must focus now on the debate about Homosexuality: GAY RIGHTS!
  •   YES ON 23!! JOBS FIRST IN CALIFORNIA! The proposition is the solution and the motivation! VOTE VIDAL & 23!
  •   WHAT ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN OF THE OTHER CANDIDATES? We need to know about MILLIONS to be spent in the next weeks! THIS IS UNFAIR FOR THE POOR!
  • VIDAL FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN begins today in Beverly Hills with a new FLYER dedicated to a REP-DEM Consensus for his WIN!
  • VOTE CHELENE FOR GOVERNOR! The choice of Frederic Vidal in California is NIGHTINGALE http://www.nightingaleforgovernor.com
  • @washingtonpost THANK YOU! California wakes up too with good news on my Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mikefullerphd via Mobile Web in reply to washingtonpost
  •   Republicans leaders nationwide are sick of Fiorina who is a Democrat look-alike and a Rookie rootless in politics! Vote Vidal for Victory!
  •   The nickname of the Republicans will be LOW PROFILE if they don’t support Frederic Vidal in California! FORGET BUSH, VOTE VIDAL!
  •   YOUNG REPUBLICANS MUST FOLLOW FREDERIC VIDAL FOR THE US SENATE IN CALIFORNIA! http://www.facebook.com/mikefullerphd Vidal 4 Victory!
  •   We need really more Solar Power and Energy in our Golden State and Michael Reynolds can help us! http://www.earthship.com
  •   Against all the Political Junkies, Frederic Vidal will call the 58 Counties of California to speak with local leaders, Dems and Reps!
  •   Electric cars are the future of California! As a Candidate, I am inviting TESLA Automobiles to build a new factory in California!
  •   FIORINA-BOXER: it means not too much for the Journalists who focus a lot more on the WHITMAN-BROWN Race! I will Show You the 4 Names DANGER!   BOXER-FIORINA, It’s a Nightmare Message about our Land on The West Coast: They are not able to propose us a PROJECT OF LIFE with a Progress!
  •   BOXER-FIORINA or FIORINA-BOXER, It’s 2 parts of the same Blah Blah Blah about Millions of $ and NO HOPE for the Poor, the Young, the Jobless!
  •   For my Victory, I will invite these 2 ladies to reply to 10 QUESTIONS about California, its future and its past and I WILL CALL THE PRESS!!!
  •   We need to focus on the possible WIN we Gonna do November 2! Too many people believe only in the impossible newspapers Couple BOXER-FIORINA! 
  •   12,300 TWEETS on Twitter: and I feel free to remember Christmas 2008 with these special nights regarding UFOs, DARKPOL, Characters FOR YOU!
  •   Congrats for What You’ve done.
  •   Evan Williams Was a Great Man as The Head of Twitter And Now A Happy Man because He deserves More time To conceive His dream For the Future!   
  • BRAZIL PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: Dilma YOUSSEF 47 percent, Serra 33, Silva 20, RUNOFF: October 31, just before our own Election Day, Nov. 2!
  •   Steven Spielberg is the right man to prepare with us the project of a Secretary of Culture after our election. We will invite him for a Talk.
  • @MarkClayson Evan Williams, Twitter CEO stepping down? I want him to join my campaign team!  via Mobile Web in reply to MarkClayson
  •   http://www.thevenusproject.com We need to build the Civilization of the 3000’s beginning 2011 for a TECH BOOM in California!
  •   Futurism, it!s what we need for California, so let’s build it today with Jacque FRESCO www.thevenusproject.com
  •   The Obama Impeachment Project, OIP. is the way to put the pressure on the President in order to get what is necessary: CHANGE!
  •   ON LOCATION: 1st day of the SAN DIEGO week with a rainy weather in LA! Senate is the only way to have more SUN!
  •   The Hollywood Sign is a symbol that could be relocated in Israel to celebrate the leadership of the Jewish people in the Film Industry!
  •   The Impeachment of Barack Obama is a project that must be prepared by the Congress on a monthly basis for a vote next year!
  •   France is a small Country but an important one for drug traffic connected to Asia & Africa because their currency Euro is the European one! 
  •   Boxer is a friend of Obama who is a friend of Chicago where she could be a Senator one day if she relocates there after her defeat!
  •   Fiorina had a career that is famous with a job of HEWLET-PACKARD Executive and now one in Politics that is famous too but finishing Nov 2!
  •   The Mafia is probably and secretly inside the Chambers of Commerce and we need a survey and the FBI to investigate! 
  •  Barack Obama must understand that we need more culture in our Country, culture not junk! 
  •  Blake Lively is not inspiring anymore Frederic Vidal who understood that she was manipulating him for fame!
  •   DRUGS like cocain and heroin are the main problem in America, dealers are connected to terrorism. Paris is the victim. She needs help!
  •   Paris Hilton had drug problems and was arrested for the Soccer World Cup and in Las Vegas BUT she is still Hollywood Number 1 Icon and Idol!
  •   Frederic Vidal Criticizes The Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce – THE PRESS RELEASE http://t.co/Y3bbQjR via @AddThis Let’s Clean The Junk In LA!
  •   FREDERIC VIDAL FIRST VIDEO for the US Senate Election ON YOUTUBE!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld0FjJC4fzY Recorded Yesterday October 2!!
  •   Barbara Boxer is the one who forgot that the Gays and Lesbians will make the decision November 2 because they deserve BETTER NOW!
  •   Hugo Chavez has the responsability to work with the United States to prevent America to be harassed by Islamists like Al-Qaida!
  • VIDAL proposes Partnership with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez to improve Security against Bin Laden Terror until definitive end of threat!
  • VIDAL FOR SENATE proposes a Partnership with Venezuela and Latin America against Terrorism worldwide to forget the 2000’s!
  •   Snapvine Down!! Our program promotes a MASSIVE INTERNET DEVELOPMENT for the 2010’s! VOTE FOR THE WEB! vidal4senate
  •   Week 1/4 of the California Tour begins tomorrow with SAN DIEGO, the FAR SOUTH of the West Coast! The KEY CITY!
  •   Whitman, Fiorina are FAKE REPUBLICANS, really! I am Republican but not only! AMERICAN DREAMER!
  •   DON’T VOTE REPUBLICAN IF YOU ARE NOT SURE OE THE CANDIDATE! This is the 1st warning of the day!
  •   Emanuel 1st victim of the Obamagate? Maybe not the last! Wait and see Election day! My blog rocks!!
  •   TERROR ALERT: VIDAL, US Senate candidate, proposes an inspection of the French suburbs by a NATO anti-terrorism Delegation!
  •   Frederic Vidal accuses France and President Sarkosy of anti-Americanism, laxity and immaturity against Alqaida.
  •   The Republican Race for the Presidency is in progress, not a nasty one, a crucial one after Emmanuel crisis in DC! 8:10 PM Oct 2nd via Mobile Web
  •   TERROR ALERT IN EUROPE: Vidal wants Bin Laden to stop terrorism and accept UN Talks about A WORLD IN PEACE in November! 8:01 PM Oct 2nd via Mobile Web
  •   DENAZIFICATION IN CALIFORNIA IS NECESSARY because of the offensive of the Mexican drug cartels! VOTE FREE, VOTE FRED! 7:20 PM Oct 2nd via Mobile Web
  •   What about the financing of Carly Fiorina, McCain’s protege? The GOP is invited to support Frederic VIDAL for November 2! 5:01 PM Oct 2nd via Mobile Web
  •   Leron Gubler, the president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce must resign. We don’t want a Boulevard of crimes in LA! 4:47 PM Oct 2nd via Mobile Web  
  • The dissolution of the Screen Actors Guild is the best solution to stop corruption in California! Vote Anti-Junk! 4:29 PM Oct 2nd via Mobile Web
  • FRED VIDAL proposes the Anti-Junk Program against corruption in California! Bell, Hollywood Chamber are the reasons why! 3:51 PM Oct 2nd via Mobile Web
  • SENATE RACE CALIFORNIA: VIDAL VOTE is the future today! A 1st Video Sunday http://www.youtube.com/mynewamerica 3:00 PM Oct 2nd via Mobile Web 
  • A Frederic Vidal’s Tweet every hour until Election Day, Nov 2, about his Agenda and Program: a Plan 2010-2020 for California, YOU AND ME!!
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