Letter To Bob Dylan.

October 18, 2016

Presentation: this letter to Bob DYLAN is to tell him the truth: I LOVE HIM since I was a kid, in France or anywhere (England). He is really the amn who created the surprise this year 2016. The Nobel Prize, it is like the Olympic Games and he made it. But does he want the Prize. He will tell us. The Nobel Secretary did not succeed to reach him until now!!

Letter: To Bob Dylan.

From Washington, DC
October 18, 2016

Hello Bob:

Magnifique, they say in French. I bought TARANTULA when I was really very young (at 10?) and I knew it was genius but so far, I was thinking the Nobel Prizes were for EINSTEIN kind of guys including in Literature (Victor Hugo style of encyclopedists). To give it to you (don’t refuse it, please!) is the reality of our time, the 2010’s, time of confusion but time also of redemption.

Your song said the truth (Time they are a’ changing) but it took 50 years and it is not thanks to Obama as the Presidency refused a Secretary of the Arts in 2009 and the President was during 8 years socially disappointing. Culturally, we must acknowledge it is the reign of the Veterans (include me in it, I was born in 1959 and alternate rock star since my tour de force in Paris in 1977 with my punk band BraMsToCkEr! (no record deal but a live performance forever, on 2 years).

I am your candidate, by the way, for the Presidential election. You know, I am faithful and all the lessons you gave me when I was a teen, I got my degrees thanks to them (I’m PhD!). But life is difficult and degrees are not enough. There are 3 weeks left before Election Day. Your Nobel Prize is scheduled in December, November is crucial for me. Realistic, I already planned the 4 next years to be A SHADOW PRESIDENT, for our movement, in fact, THE PROGRESS IN AMERICA (it is compatible with the GOP. I am there 50% or 100% if they were welcoming me a little more. In the 1960’s the rock generation had not enough people representing it in the Republican community) and to create a nonprofit AMERICAN CULTURES DEPARTMENT for all the minorities and all tendencies of the subculture seen equal with the Mainstream (not superior. Respect must be in the two senses).

So, to be busy or not to be: let’s be busy at the White House! WHO KNOWS? It is now the electors’ choice. THEY HAVE ONLY TO WRITE MIKE FULLER on their ballot nationwide. A write-in could be President, they say in Political Science. I count you as a supporter. 50 years later, you WIN FOR CULTURE but, with me, ALSO WITH POLITICS.

I am American since 2006. Let’s celebrate these 10 years far away from France and Great Britain, YOU, NOBEL (PRIZE), me (MIKE FULLER), (SHADOW?) PRESIDENT.

We can make it, it is not a joke. It’s DESTINY.

Sincerely yours,

Mike FULLER (AKA previously Frederic VIDAL)

Blog: https://fredvidal.wordpress.com
Site: http://sites.google.com/site/fullerrubio

Bob DYLAN on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Dylan


Picture from: http://www.zicabloc.com/bob-dylan-en-plein-delire-mystique

Warning: after lot of RADIO SILENCE (no reply to my emails from Marco RUBIO and Reince PRIEBUS), new eLETTERS (even Bob does not reply to the Nobels!).


Christopher COLUMBUS Is The Real 1st Founder Of Our State-Continent. Its Discovery’s Evidence Earth Is PLANET. Mike FULLER In WASHINGTON This Week For The Conquest Of The White House DEMOCRATICALLY!

Picture: Primer desembarco de Cristóbal Colón en América obra de Dióscoro Teófilo Puebla Tolín.


If I don’t find my Promised Land, Call Twitter for Thanksgiving and tell them I’m LOST (the are on MARKET (Street, SF).

Mike FULLER comedian


https://www.calendar-12.com/holidays/columbus_day/2016 Let’s share this COLUMBUS DAY to prepare our NEW AMERICA that Christopher would celebrate with us all the BOWIE YEAR (2017). No kidding, it’s authorize beginning now to write about David BOWIE in a dissertation for the Capitol! REINCE EMAIl sent at 3:14 PM PT. Ciao, I see you later. Mike FULLER traveler


I have to go now. Bye for now. I left you with the campaign. I will check the New York Times and the Washington Post everyday anyway. If something HUGE, I send you a message! Don’t read too much. This becomes brainwashing and blah blah blah after a while. We gonna improve that, this illness is not definitive. There is still ETHICS and Deontology in America. The subjects will be back to POLITICS, all at once when I’m in Washington, DC, I’m sure! Mike FULLER politics


About the New York Times: Cut Ties to Donald Trump, Big Donors Urge R.N.C.


The crisis of 2008 has nothing to do with Rock music but with movie business. We have a lot less credit cards than before in our wallet. It’s really around Frederic Vidal that we must see this crack of Wall Street and this problem of society: WE HAVE LESS CREDIT THAN BEFORE. The FRENCH COP was not filmed in 2007 and the US Senate was not ready in 2010 for his election. For the Presidential election, John McCain and Barack Obama were too close to Donald TRUMP who was the big banker of politics, so against VIDAL who was not me. Mike FULLER finance. Now it’s time to vote fuller

About the Washington Post: Amid crisis, Trump spreads another conspiracy theory — about his campaign


It would be important to know if TRUMP is really devastated and restless backstage or on stage, physically and psychologically speaking because, maybe it was too much this crisis of the women pleasure to have them (a mental objective like a Rock star, a little ridiculous). There is no TV to tell us that by showing him enough. It would be a reality show. Mike FULLER communication

Still on vacation before the D Day, I listen to DEEP PURPLE, a band that was well known only in the United States before to be back in their Country, the UK, for a worldwide fame. Mike FULLER music

On Facebook http://www.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012

About the New York Times article: Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize, Redefining Boundaries of Literature


Mike FULLER congratulates Bob DYLAN and invites him at the White House where he could have been guest since 2009 but OBAMA dos not like music.

If Bob Dylan is Nobel Prize of Literature, I can be President of the United States. It’s Bob Dylan at the beginning and at the end!!!! (1959-2016).

About UN News Centre article: António Guterres appointed next UN Secretary-General by acclamation


More normal, the new UN Secretary-General is Antonio GUTERRES. I will meet him next year for a HAPPY NEW YEAR in New York. 3 times New. Mike FULLER president

ON TWITTER https://www.twitter.com/BRAMSTOCKER

Bob DYLAN, NOBEL Prize of Literature, it’s the triumph of my ideas at the highest level. Obviously, WE LIVE IN ANOTHER WORLD where the depre

ssive franchises are not anymore strong enough to prevent us to change the society. DYLAN was there, from the beginning until the end (1959-

2016). His NOBEL Prize is the contrary of the Prize of Mr. OBAMA.

OBAMA, Peace NOBEL Prize was not able to stop the War. DYLAN, Literature NOBEL Prize has already stopped OBAMA with me, Mike FULLER. His Art

is wonderful, his lyrics are strong against the wrong 2000’s in fact, written in the 60’s. There is no other way than TO REINFORCE OUR CIVI-

LIZATION basically with Conservatism and Liberalism for a MODERNIZATION of our Country that is obsolete right now. But in January, if I am

President, I will be the United States sensation to change and stay the same, more than one sensation a feeling of NEW WAVE in Politics. MF


November with Mike Fuller: Frederic Vidal’s Tweets for the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign.

Dedicated to the symbolic name of a perfect future President in a legendary USA, this collection of tweets on the blog are there to publish permanently together the greatest projects of a fantastic and emblematic candidate because he’es also French, moviemaker and sicence fiction author with a lot of degrees including political science.

Republican party In California must network for a GOP Campaign in the Film Industry. Schwarzenegger was Governor then nothing except me. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

Le Parti Républicain obéit aux Démocrates en Californie. L’année 2014 sera judiciaire aux USA où je vais faire valoir les droits du GOP. FV

November 30: D – 1074. We need a Woodstock commission to check Legacy respect of the Flower Power and its decadence. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 30: D – 1074. FREE WEB: an Intervision Committee must write the Checklist of all the Internet problems and solve them. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 28: D – 1076. Our 2013 poll: Clinton / Vidal: 50 / 50. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Obama retired in 2017. No more Barack FOREVER. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 27: D – 1077. Future and Present Diary. After Thanksgiving Tomorrow, AUSTERLITZ DAY, December 2. Napoleon was Louisiana seller to USA.

"Reddition de la ville d’Ulm, le 20 octobre 1805, Napoléon Ier recevant la capitulation du général Mack" by French painter Charles Thévenin.

“Reddition de la ville d’Ulm, le 20 octobre 1805, Napoléon Ier recevant la capitulation du général Mack” by French painter Charles Thévenin.


Hollywood and Woodstock are the 2 parts of the same Entertainment, the American One. HOLLY-WOODSTOCK is our goal: Social LA. VIDAL USA 2016.

November 26: D – 1078. Future Diary. Republican Revolution in 2016 is Vidalism, best way to change economy for ecology. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 25: D – 1079. Campaign Diary to organize the future. Imagine what will be 2016 from A to Z with a year agenda on my Blog. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 24: D – 1080. I am writing now my future diary about my 2016 Presidential. This is not Science Fiction but Political Comments. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.
My Future Diary about my 2016 Presidential Campaign. Not Sci Fi but Today Politics.

November 23: D – 1081. Kennedy is definitely a Democratic name. There is no John FItzgerald at the GOP. He was also against USSR. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 21: D – 1083. Religion in the US crucial to support the People to share the social activity with God to believe in the Constitution. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 20: D – 1084. In France, we want the 51st State to be a reality in 2017 confirmed by the Congress and the Country. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 19: D – 1085. November 22, 1963: 50th Anniversary 50th Anniversary John F. Kennedy Assassination in 3 days. Wikipedia: ow.ly/qYRdN FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 18: D – 1086. Hollywood is 100% Democrat except me. Let’s invite more Republicans in Movie Biz. GOP Screen attractive. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 16: D – 1088. Cannabis must be authorized nationwide for people with a license to smoke. Production to be monitored. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 13: D – 1091. For Thanksgiving, Happy Turkey Party for President Obama and wife Michelle. No more Miley Cyrus on TV. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 11: D – 1093. My candidacy is the population message to Obama. Welcome to the Congress with your Show Biz for IMPEACHMENT. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

Democrat cowboy Obama supports permanent red carpet that attracts drugs in our Entertainment. Let’s impeach him.

November 10: D – 1094. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016. DEMOCRATS IMPEACHMENT. Join Presidential Power Inside the GOP. Campaign begins.

November 7: D – 1097. From 11/7/2013 to 11/8/2016, 3 years exactly to say the truth about the USA: we want a checklist. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

November 1: In 2017, the Free Web and a new mission for the NSA: to be the Federal Police nationwide, closer to the FBI. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

No more espionage for the NSA, this so important Department must be empowered closer to the citizens. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

Lou Reed was with Bob Dylan the poet of our America. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.


Frederic Vidal in France, Villeneuve-Loubert where he is preparing
his next movie BRAMSTOCKER: Legal Gang about Punks in the
Police. Meanwhile, thanks to Twitter, he’s still communicating with
his supporters in the US for a new Presidency in 2016.
Picture by A-M Olsson (10/30/2013). (c) Post-Scriptum.

The Inter-Letters™ #11, Volume II, 08/31/2012 (Friday). Tomorrow is September, I Schedule A Novel About My Apartment: 10, Avenue Notre-Dame (Nice, France). The Zip Code Does Not Matter, I Use Google Maps Only.



Nice - Avenue de la Gare - Notre-Dame. Edition Giletta.

Nice – Avenue de la Gare – Notre-Dame. Edition Giletta.



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http://www.rtl.fr/actualites/culture-loisirs/television/article/un-homme-d-honneur-la-fiction-sur-pierre-beregovoy-4712773 (photo: AFP).

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Actor-director Clint Eastwood addresses the audience at the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa, Florida, on August 30, 2012 on the final day of the Republican National Convention (RNC). The RNC will culminate later today with the formal nomination of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as the GOP presidential and vice-presidential candidates in the US presidential election.   AFP PHOTO Stan HONDA        (Photo credit should read STAN HONDA/AFP/GettyImages)

Actor-director Clint Eastwood addresses the audience at the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa, Florida, on August 30, 2012 on the final day of the Republican National Convention (RNC). The RNC will culminate later today with the formal nomination of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as the GOP presidential and vice-presidential candidates in the US presidential election. AFP PHOTO Stan HONDA (Photo credit should read STAN HONDA/AFP/GettyImages)


Management In Los Angeles: Fred Vidal, PhD Studies For The American Press The System Of Management Of The U.S. Actors And Actresses As The Journalist Prepares His Political Election For The Federal Senate In D.C. Scheduled In November 2010!
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DJ Cahuenga PEAK: There Is Difference Between A Hill Without Houses & One Devastated By Speculation! Close 2 The H Sign! http://blip.fm/bramstocker

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