A Press Reminder. Frederic Vidal Writes To The Journalists:I’m Waiting For You More Than Ever!

Press Reminder.

Frederic Vidal plays Vincent Sauvan, The French Cop! It is still going on.

Frederic Vidal plays Vincent Sauvan, The French Cop! It is still going on.

Truth and justice are main values of society and states. The Press Reminder by Frederic Vidal to the US press will stay a great positive warning.

I wanted to send you this press reminder before the attacks of yesterday in Paris. Unfortunately, terrorism decided to express first its message of violence and ideological war.

I don’t understand why you did not reply to my press release I sent you from Baltimore, Maryland, October 25. Then, from the University of Georgetown in Washington, DC, I diffused by tweets to your newspapers and journalists more news about my campaign in progress but I never received any feedback.

And now ISIS killed around 125 persons in Paris and I must tell you that it is connected to me and my problems, basically your censorship you must stop with the American and French authorities and Hollywood meaning the Screen Actors Guild, first. The US press appears disabled in the 2010’s because the Internet.

Myself, I was clever to leave France definitely October 16 to start my comeback in the United States after years in Nice where I understood I was not apppreciated as a musicien, a filmmaker and a politician.

There can be other attacks worldwide from these people who use my weakness to be unable to be in the medias, to destabilize our democracies, my Presidential candidacy for 2016 being blackouted, them wanting to fight against our contradictions, me and my context.

I am in a mood that is skeptikal about origins of the attacks during World War II. This is an offensive WWIII 50%:

it is not coincidential the ‘France – Germany’ soccer game was the sport event that was the theater of this massacre. I published on Twitter and Tumblr, from Georgetown, an article explaining Nazism of the 1940’s was real inspiration and maybe financing of all Alqaida related organization including ISIS.

Then, a lot of new arabian became followers BUT NO PRESS even with my massive new Twitter account dedicated only to journalists and press: https://twitter.com/vidalfuller2016 It was Sunday, November 1st and so, you had 13 days until, with my massive new Twitter account dedicated only to journalists and press. It was on Sunday, November 1st and you had 13 days until the deadly Friday 13 to publish my information,

it is not coincidential with me that the Bataclan concert hall has been chosen by the terrorists like the stadium where I attended the finale of the soccer World Cup in 1998. Famous Golf Drouot in 1977 was the location of our historic concert in Paris, me and my band BRAMSTOCKER, a great audience success but not enough to help us to stop the decision of the record companies to refuse our songs that were punks. Consequently, no possible career in the French Show Business. Yesterday, the equivalent club from the 1970’s, Bataclan was Golf Drouot rock venue competitor and now he has been punished, Golf-Drouot itself closed in the 1980’s.

possibly ISIS wanted to express its anger against my provisory defeat, not at an aaociate at all but at a dangerous observer, here where I write these words in Nashville, to organize a concert on Broadway, since Tuesday. I will make it next week as I am since my birth kind of son of Grace Kelly, my Princess of Monaco, where I was so much located in the 1960’s as the son of Spanish painter Ignasi Vidal and previously great star.

I will make it next week as I am sure Putin is disturbing the US with Snowden as a hostage that the young want back in America and the 2 must have been like Spielberg anti-BRAMSTOCKER. Germany won’t stay the victim with France of WWII according to the terrorists.

I am going to organize my own press by calling TIME magazine and NBC, being also in touch with local newspaper. I am a Rock Star, this is a tragedy like by Shakespeare. I don’t understand why the Republicans did not authorize me to be a cultural candidate to their elections. Maybe it’s because I was French.

In January, there was Charlie Hebdo, in November, there was Bramstocker.

The 51st State is not a song.

La France rejoindra notre continent un jour prochain pour de bon: with a treaty of friendship.

Frederic Vidal

PS: I send a copy of this release to the FBI for investigation with the indication that U2 was scheduled to play in Paris and cancelled its concert because the terror attack.

NSA has known that before but forgot that I am a personality emblematic, of Europe first, threatening terrorism since 2001.

Previously French civil servant at the Caisse des depots in Paris, history researcher before to leave, specialized in the file of the Jewish Assets stolen by the Nazis for studies. I relocated in California in 2003 to succeed where I did not in 1977: entertainment. Finally, I have chosen Nashville to perform my 12 songs for Thanksgiving 2015. Then I will be preparing my short film 15/16for a shooting in December (see next Press Release).

By preventing me to meet the actress Blake Lively, American authorities of Washington and Los Angeles commited a crime in 2009 regarding liberties and entrepreneurship. Naturalized in 2006, involved, with my movie production ambition, in the construction of my future as homeowner, actor-producer and attractive young man of 50, I was shocked to understand I was not selected for an upgrade, my update being tobe fired from the USA: it did not work.

Exemplary, legendary, I’m more than ever camera ready to reply to the questions of your journalists. I supported Bush for the Iraki War, the result is ISIS. French rock punished (80 deaths) while I arrived at the beginning of the week in Nashville, rock and countrymusic US capitale, to try to get a record deal, must push us to think more about the responsabilities that a lawsuit will evaluated definitely.

If France was punished by ISIS, at the end, it projects the idea this Country is very hostile against me.

Chapitre I : Du World Trade Center. STATELESS SUPERSTAR Par Frédéric Vidal. Une Publication Numérique Pour Une Diffusion En Librairie Cet Eté.


1. L’effet d’une bombe

Un attentat déterminé
Un cadeau empoisonné
Le regret des années 70

2. L’Europe à la rescousse

Un continent pour consoler
L’Amérique humiliée
Le souvenir de la 2e Guerre Mondiale

3. Atterrir à Phœnix

Une mission pour aider l’Amérique
Des difficultés à s’installer
Construite un pont entre la France et les USA


1. Une bombe atomique sur Al-Qaïda

Un acte de guerre : que pour punir
Une double attaque pour venger les deux tours
Un jeu d’échec qui en est où ?

2. Un nouveau régime de croisière

Garantir l’avenir pour ceux qui le vivront
Donner aux américains l’espoir que la France ne s’arrêtera pas
La société internationale a perdu ses racines. Il faut accompagner les Nations Unis.

3. Le cinéma et pas la musique

French Cop Jr sera noir et French Cop est un couple blanc
L’industrie de la musique a perdu de son standing
à cause de l’industrialisation
Un cinéma impopulaire doit passer par une réforme d’Hollywood


1. Le concept de World Trade Center

Une notion qui correspond à un désastre que l’on peut éviter
Le contraire d’un Madison Square Center dans votre vie
Appliquer cette solution : la musique en lui jouant du début à la fin

2. Rembobiner les dégâts

Rester sûr que personne a réussi à nous punir
Demain, il faudra en rire plus qu’en pleurer sauf si on décide le contraire
Le 11 septembre est le lendemain de mon anniversaire

3. Construire le XXIe siècle

Un époque où on peut tout changer
100 ans de plus et les vieux sont devenus jeunes
Le New Age est en retard, il n’a pas assez de racines


Le fichier USID permettra à la patrie de Washington de contrôler tout événement contre la First Lady qui a pour devoir de jugement d’apprécier l’humour et la sérénité du Pays.

SUNDANCE contre BROADWAY, c’est le cinéma contre le théâtre chantant et c’est le contraire d’un combat. Jésus est le drame, il n’a pas à être copié en termes de souffrance car la femme américaine l’avait remplacé.

Mon contexte personnel correspond à l’avancée de celui des autres en fonction des chiffres-clés que représentent les années plus que les lieux où on se situe, par rapport à une liaison sociale, qui me contraint à être l’élément clé.




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