According To A Poll That Is Not The Last One, The PhD Candidacy Is Winning On Tuesday With 46 % Of The Republicans Voting Fred Vidal As The Republican Candidate For The US Senate!

Fred Vidal, PhD aka Mike Fuller will be the First to Be elected For The US Senate primary On Tuesday with 46% because The Polls are most of the time coordinated against Him by People who Want his Republican Pro-Bush Tendency Loose Permanently!

Chuck DeVore Would Arrive Second With 32% of the Republican Vote as He is The Specialist Of The Internet Waves outside The Web. Tom Campbell And Carli Fiorani are together scoring 11% Of the people belonging to The Survey.

These Results are diffused by a Private marketing Team, Not connected To The Republican Party in California, after a One Week Study organized from New York on The Phone and calling 10,000 US Voters Registered as Republicans according To Them and Their Family (a witness must Confirm On the Phone That He/She is Member of The Party or on file With Its COUNTY as GOP supporter/partisan/voter, At least one Of the Three).

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