The cause of the train crash is under investigation, but officials said there was no immediate indication that it was anything other than accidental. Credit Carlo Allegri/Reuters        

From Twitter http://www.twitter.com/vidalfuller2016

Mourning in New Jersey. WE ARE SO SAD for HOBOKEN, NJ with SAN JOSE, CA. I was also at the Train Station yesterday. Terrible destiny! Mike

Breaking news! Mike FULLER, new SHADOW PRESIDENT of the United States against PRESIDENT Barack OBAMA. I repeat. Mike FULLER, new SHADOW PREZ.

Barack OBAMA United States REFUSE Mike FULLER SHADOW PRESIDENT. Voters will punish them Nov. 8. There is always a SHADOW CABINET in the UK.

With Mike FULLER SHADOW PRESIDENT, Marco RUBIO, Jeb BUSH are immediately invited to be Vice-President and Secretary of State OR TO LEAVE. TS

Mike FULLER proposes to the Republican Party to be his SHADOW PRESIDENT during the 4 next years with his Shadow Cabinet PRESIDENTIAL POWER.

THE SHADOW CABINET: a very good book but also the inspiration of a political concept for the 8 pages to write today

THE SHADOW is a super hero story based on a 1930’s comic book. This AVENGER is an inspiration for my political franchise SHADOW PRESIDENT.

SHADOW is old school super hero, not flying in the air like Superman, but having a gun of FRENCH COP. I, FULLER, am with the CONSTITUTION.

As The SHADOW PRESIDENT, I am in the British Jurisprudence to ask for a Federal financing because I represent already a lot of Young People.

FRENCH COP, GERMAN SPY, VELVET EYES and THE MAN FROM 25 are my TIMEFRAMES Universe: my JOB is Comic Films. My political duty is to be PREZ.

After this homage to The Shadow let’s write more texts about 8 points of MIKE FULLER CIVILIZATION TO REINFORCE. TS



READ IT AND IMAGINE MIKE FULLER: https://sites.google.com/site/fullerrubio/

On FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012 (09/29/2016 at 1 PM PT).

I, Mike FULLER, decide today, September 29, 2016, to become Shadow President of the United States according to the tradition and example of the United Kingdom, our first Nation before 1776, of a SHADOW CABINET that is for every government the reply of the Opposition. As a matter of fact, America does not need 2 Presidents but a President and his possible successor if he succeeds with the Primaries system during the election year.
I am more than ever candidate in 2016 but I am still isolated because the Internet that creates a distance between us and the press with the population. So, I must be objective and prepare the future if I am not elected Pesident on November 8.
End of Part 1 of press release.

Picture: Jeremy Corbyn https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_Corbyn
Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet (United Kingdom)

_political_south_america__cia_world_factbook_svgDonald TRUMP can stop his candidacy and be replaced by Mike FULLER all at once if
he understands it’s better for the United States and for the world: Donald be nominated,
in a second time, President of a new organization of coordination of the whole
America: North, central and south reunited in the Inter-American Union.



Hoboken Train Crash Leaves at Least One Dead and Dozens Injured


Just this morning, this is destiny and transportation. Imagine we are on location to ENTERTAIN the troops of passengers and rescue the victims. Mike FULLER SHADOW President (since this morning).

Train crashes into N.J. station, killing at least one person and injuring dozens


The same picture for the NY Times and the Wash. Sign of the times: there was a train crash and the photographer shows it to you. Read the article too. Mike

Chaos in Hoboken After Train ‘Flew Through the Air’


Passengers rushed to safety after a New Jersey Transit train struck the Hoboken Terminal building on Track 5 around 8:45 a.m. on Thursday. Credit Pancho Bernasconi/Getty Images


Emergency workers treated those injured outside the Hoboken Terminal. Dozens of injuries have been reported. Credit Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images        



“Fantastic view of the horror of a train when the tragedy is upcoming and the nightmare in progress. Why to take this train?”
We’re looking for the credits of this great picture of the crash: Pancho Bernasconi/Getty Images. It could be a poster to publish with the mention: NEVER AGAIN (IN NEW JERSEY) with the benefits for the victims and their families.

“A SHADOW PRESIDENT is Necessary And it’s Me.” Mike FULLER. September 29, 2016. The SP proposes To Donald TRUMP The Global Presidency Of The Inter-American Union! In New Jersey, A Train Crash Disturbs The Governor Chris CHRISTIE!

As A French Lover In The American Film Industry, Mike FULLER Will Call Bono, Singer But Also Philanthropist To Offer Him Australia (US Ambassador) and possibly in 2018 Prime minister of Mike FULLER. Meanwhile in France, It is the 51st State and VIIth Republic.



Dear Judge,

I am sure I have no chance at all right now to join the GOP one more time to be a part of the 2016 Presidential Race.

The reason is your New Jersey Governor. Chris Christie represents of the Republican Party that does not accept enough newcomers like me, a Web insider not enough famous outside the Internet.

Already George Bush did not do what was necessary to improve my profile in 2010 for the US Senate election in California when I was a Write-In candidate.

My complaint is a personal one (my nickname is Mike Fuller) about being more respected by older Republicans like Christie and nationwide.

I am sure you will investigate to be sure next time I call the Party, the reply will be YES and definitely: Welcome.

Frederic Vidal


Hello Republicans:

2016 is tomorrow and we know the GOP will get the White House in November after 8 years of Barack Obama Presidencythat are in progress with no change of the American ideology we want more proactive and connected to the reality: the economy and Wall Street.

Mike Fuller is my nickname to be more famous in the US. It’s a reason why I am candidate to be your next President. But it is necessary to prepare a network nationwide with your State GOP. I’m also the leadsinger of BRAMSTOCKER and the entrepreneur who created TIMEFRAMES LLC in Hollywood and POST-SCRIPTUM in France where I’m shooting a first short film NICE BELONGS TO US this Spring.

Be a part of our Teamwork on the Web and in your town by joigning Frederic Vidal on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, WordPress.

Read my letter to the New Jersey Supreme Court about the Amendment citizens need to feel stronger and support my candidacy. This is all about the Bush years that were not 100% functional and not ready for our breakthrough.


Frederic Vidal

PS: my WordPress blog https://fredvidal.wordpress.com
Join me on Twitter https://twitter.com/fredericvidal06
Join me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012

The Mike Fuller Web Wave Is For The USA To Be Connected To 2016 Already. No More Brainwashers In The GOP And In France Against Mike According To Frederic Vidal.

On Twitter https://twitter.com/BRAMSTOCKER

Mike Fuller is an electoral giant in America. Authorize him in the Press.

Vidal is Fuller’s future Ticket second name. 2016 is their golden year.

Mike is Ike’s spiritual son. American Dream is back from the 50’s.

Mike Fuller is your boyfriend. This is true. The Congress Midterm election will give him a Majority before his Presidency.

Fuller for President. He is your hero from the underground of US glory on the Web. GOP4MIKE

Frederic Vidal, Fuller’s #2 is a real Self-Made-Man with tons fo degrees and Tactics.

If you don’t like Mike? You must stop refusing the Truth. He’s here to stay, in DC and in every State.

The USA with Mike Fuller will be really in 2000’s a new century of Science and Society progress.

He’s a Novelist, a gifted politician and your spokesman. His message is about our New America: a new team.


In France, they vote today for a new Mayor. City Hall elections are empowered by Mike Fuller.

Other Tweets upcoming. Stay Tuned.


I’m writing to the 50 GOPs in the 50 United States of America to diffuse my song by BRAMSTOCKER: NICE IS MY TOWN.

Streaming link: https://soundcloud.com/bramstocker/nice-is-my-town

My enemies are down in France after the success of my City Hall elections strategy pro-Bettati, Estrosi dissident and Nice Mayor of the future for the right environment of my American White House race and first the GOP Primary.

But there is a conspiracy to prevent me to be in the Press and included in the organization of the Republican Party.

First, I am sending a complaint to the New Jersey Supreme Court against this State Governor who is also a candidate, one told me, in the polls, with a French private support. He’s a superstar leader of a veterans GOP team versus me.

This governor named Chris Christie is a Ronald Reagan fan who does not respect enough at all my MIKE FULLER franchise, nickname and political brand, famous on the World Wide Web since 2010as a homage to the Republican Party best years with Dwight Eisenhower.

The investigation process and probable lawsuit concerns also George W Bush who stopped obviously my electoral career from the beginning of my US citizenship in 2006and Mitt Romney. I met him in Tampa after his Florida Primary victory in 2012. In DC, John Boehner and Eric Cantor refused to recomment me in order to be a member of an important Grand Old Party VIPs Club. Reince Priebus, #1 of the national board of the RP never called me back after I spoke several times with his assistant in Washington before the Tampa Summer Convention of 2012.

Barack Obama himself is possibly saying that I am a dissident like Snowden. I am the contrary, even on the Web, a real true Patriot and US military supporter worldwide, at the same time continuing the example de Lafayette to keep my native citizenship: French that is allowed and historic.

I’m candidate for the Presidency and I start to protect my Civic Rights by writing to the New Jersey Judge for no more obstruction and segregation against me.

Frederic Vidal
AKA Mike Fuller

Chris Christie with Jon Bon Jovi. Does the Rock Star knows that the Republican Governor of his State, New Jersey does not want me or Mike in the GOP charts for 2016. He's wrong to do that. FV

Chris Christie with Jon Bon Jovi. Does the Rock Star knows that the Republican Governor of his State, New Jersey, does not want me or Mike in the GOP charts for 2016 ? He’s wrong to do that. FV

Picture from Bon Jovi site: http://www.bonjovi.com/en/news/54950445822/bon-jovi-donates-1-million-to-hurricane-sandy-new#.UzAsDIzLSUk




The Republican Primary Far West is Florida. Fuller Down But Apollo Meets Saturn.

No more candidates from 2014 except Mike Fuller: this is the result of 2 years of campaign in America between the Republicans and the new GOP leaders who are Social Republicans. In 2014, Jeb Bush and New Jersey Governor Christie were unable to confirm they would continue their Primary competition after Florida. In fact, this was clear that nothing was sure for 2016 for nobody except Fuller who began to build a victory legend difficult to change with regular politicians even GOP Stars. Consequently, the French president of Republic François Hollande sent in Florida Frederic Vidal himself to be the Joker of the Election and he won.

Washington Post



FUTURE DIARY: January 31, 2014 writings for Feburary 2, 2016.

On Twitter https://twitter.com/francedemain

Obama veut m’empêcher d’être candidat à la Mairie de Nice. Cette ingérence est illégale. Citoyen binational, c’est mon droit. Frédéric Vidal

Frédéric Vidal : C’est une rivalité personnelle avec ces 2 hommes qui jouent de leur prestige pour séduire les femmes. Ma réponse : Twitter.

Frédéric Vidal : Obama veut me faire taire car je suis en France comme j’en ai le droit mais il me croit plus dangereux que Snowden, à tort.

Frédéric Vidal : je suis un honnête citoyen américain qui défend mon pays à l’étranger et respecte notre Constitution des USA à la lettre.

Frédéric Vidal : J’ai voulu garder ma nationalité française pour me rendre utile aussi ici en France et continuer à y faire de la politique.

On Twitter htts://twitter.com/BRAMSTOCKER

Frederic Vidal: the Party of Ronald Reagan and George Bush is not ready to welcome Mike Fuller as Reagan was not the Reagan you think.

Frederic Vidal: and Bush is decided to destroy Fuller candidacy because he is the leader of a worldwide network for Mike crucifixion.

Frederic Vidal: but we are in 2014 and there are lawyers, Republican or not. In 2 years, I will have done my best to neutralize this gang of the past.

Frederic Vidal: Hate is a Sin. This is all about money and power. Reagan was not a fair Partner of our Presidential project from the 1980’s.

Frederic Vidal: Obama himself is deciding a lot against the Fuller Plan to have a great possible President who shares Population Dreams.

Frederic Vidal: the Club of VIPs who is playing against Mike Fuller is responsible of our misery everywhere, in every city. You are not Rich, be Humble.

Frederic Vidal: Mike wants GOP his 3 letters of Harmony, not dispute all the time about him and why he is so ambitious. He’s just a new politician in our area.

Frederic Vidal: Hollywood is the same, the Obama Show and Reagan closed door with Mike Fuller’s scripts and stories that nobody wants.

Frederic Vidal: the Film Industry must know that this is a serious candidate for the Presidency with a real projet of CULTURE DEPARTMENT.

Frederic Vidal: in 2014 and 2015, as personal attache of Mike Fuller, I will realize a fantastic challenge, reuniting producers and networks to follow him. For now, let’s pray. Nasty Republicans who don’t want Young Guns are about to be obsolete and back in hometown. FV

Frederic Vidal: GOP, this Party is sick since Mitt Romney not elected President. People are agressive or weak, no victory believers for 2016 race to the top.

Frederic Vidal: from France, I will monitor Democracy in America that must stay Constitutional. Mike Fuller has right to be President like anybody else.

Frederic Vidal: Voters will decide who will be next President, not the Congress or Governors. The direction of the Party cannot select Primary casting.

Frederic Vidal: MIKE FULLER will write his own name in US History, a big name, a magnifique Man’s name like JFK. I am his Fan #1.

Frederic Vidal: Republicans are not Democrats to have a special attitude to share with television. We are Conservative and United.

Frederic Vidal: if some Republicans are not United enough and laugh, explaining Mike Fuller is a joke, I will tell them it’s a bad one.

Frederic Vidal: Press will love Mike Fuller, he’s a pure Patriot and a funny Guy you will like to meet in your local Party. Mike is your neighbor.

Frederic Vidal: he’s not a SciFi guy. Propaganda againts him is a disaster for our Country. There is no America without Freedom of expression.

Frederic Vidal: the Judge Year 2014 begins. When it will finish, FULLER will not anymore be criticized. This is my final words.

Frederic Vidal: in France, I’m powerful politician, writing what I think and what I want on the Web to change a world finishing, the 2000’s decline.

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South Carolina: Fuller State? January 23, 2016 is A Saturday And Not A Thursday As SC Is Third GOP Primary And Mike UFO Trip.

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In South Carolina, for the third Republican Primary, I think my favorite candidate Mike Fuller will win. FV
Reply to: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/196309-boehner-likes-bush-for-2016-but-not-endorsing

FRENCH COP, Mike Fuller’s masterpiece, inspired by Shakespeare and K Dick will get the Academy Honorary Award during his Presidency. FK (25/01/2014)

Certains Républicains traitent les gens de la Contre-Culture comme des juifs. Ces antisémites de l’Amérique Alternative doivent nous dire ADIEU. Fred Kelly (25/01/2014)

Boehner is invited by the Mike Fuller Campaign YOUR NAME IS MIKE. (01/24/2014)

Reply to: Boehner likes Bush for 2016 but not endorsing.

South Carolina: Fuller State? January 23, 2016 is exactly in 2 years. Mike is our Microphone. LET’S VOTE AT 4. (23/01/2014)

Frederic Vidal Senator, Howard Hugues never did it. Mike Fuller, 4-5-6, LET’S DOT IT RIGHT: 2016. Republican Means Something Today. (23/01/2014)

John McCain is the origin of GOP falling down in the US as Mike Fuller is RP, Republican Party. Frederic Vidal

Reply to Washington Post: Romney strongly defends Christie’s handling of N.J. bridge scandal

ANTICIPATION, Fuller Game, 4-5-6, MUSE Music, Bush Out, McCain Down, Frederic Vidal Special Advisor of Next President if God Wants it or maybe Senator of Lousiana already in 2015.

The French devise is LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY. Let’s upgrade it with NOTORIETY.

11 years before 2025, there were 2 years before 2016 and 16 was already the Year of Fuller Consecration afther his Maine’s Victory for the House. Now the White was almost his  Other candidates did not wxant to play the background, so the reporters organized a casting with the population. The Primary was a so definitive copntext for the third time with Mike as their Outsider.


VZ-9A. AVROCAR Development sponsored by the US
Air Force
and the US Army.

“On February 11,  1953 The Toronto Star reported that a new flying saucer was being developed at the Avro-Canada plant in Malton, Ontario. On 16 February the Minister for Defense Production informed the House of Commons, in Ottawa, that Avro-Canada was working on a ‘mock-up model’ of a flying saucer, capable of flying at 1500 miles per hour (2400 km/h) and climbing vertically. The President of Avro-Canada wrote in AVRO NEWS that the prototype being built was “…so revolutionary that it would make all other forms of supersonic aircraft obsolete“. But by 1960 is was being officially claimed that the project had been dropped. The ‘prototype’ of the Avro flying saucer is now in the U.S. Air Force Museum in Fort Eustis, Virginia.”




Google search VZ-9. AVROCAR


La Campagne Permanente En Amérique Nous Conduit A Avoir Notre Mot A Dire : Hillary Contre Frédéric.

Le 4e Jeudi de Novembre, nous fêtons la Thanksgiving avec nos amis des USA. C’est ce jeudi, le 28 en France comme aux Etats-Unis. On s’invite en Amérique sans faire de Stalking mais avec Diplomatie.

Campagne pour le respect de la France en Amérique.
avec participation aux résultats.

L’avancée : La Pression Sociologique.
Trop de Présidentielle aussi loin du Scrutin.

Les gens sont restés insatisfaits du résultat de l’élection 2012 et Hillary Clinton compense ce sentiment populaire en menant déjà campagne depuis le début de l’année. Je l’ai suivi sur l’Internet pour affirmer notre différence : les Français aux Etats-Unis, nous avons le droit de nous faire connaître des sondages car Lafayette fut un Adjoint parfait du fondateur George Washington bien qu’il n’était pas seul. Par ailleurs, le Pays doit tout à la Louisiane que Napoléon Bonaparte décida de vendre pour privilégier sa stratégie américaine, au détriment, sans qu’il le sache, de la France dans le futur.

Les Américains eux-mêmes ont besoin non pas d’une campagne permanente mais d’une simulation concernant leur volonté de construire et jamais de nuire leur ambition de puissance ou de bien-être ou des deux afin de mieux se connaître et de favoriser leur démocratie.

Freedom from Want (painting) . Author: Norman Rockwell.

Freedom from Want (painting) . Author: Norman Rockwell.


La Dinde de la France à partager avec l’Amérique laborieuse des citoyens heureux.


Frédéric Vidal

PS : nous ne sommes pas en campagne pour une élection présidentielle. Les instituts de sondages le prouvent et ils ont arrêtés leurs enquêtes en novembre 2014, jusqu’à nouvel ordre et probablement jusqu’en 2016.





Cela dit, de nouveaux sondages culturels affirment une popularité croissante de Madame Hillary Clinton en Amérique qu’aucun Républicain ne peut égaler. C’est de l’ordre du social électoral plus que du Présidentiel car nous avons en 2014 une autre élection, celle du renouvellement Midterm du Sénat et de la Chambre des Représentants. Pas question pour l’instant de ne penser qu’à 2016 dont la vraie campagne pour les Primaires et l’élection finale ne commencera qu’en 2015.


This is all about Potential Candidates.






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