My New PRESS RELEASE: RUSSIANGATE Before TRUMP’s Impeachment. / FAKE PUNK, BrAmStOcKeR Album, Managed By Mike FULLER, Shadow President. / FRENCH COP 3: WIN WIN, Frederic VIDAL’s Masterpiece To Be Produced From NEW YORK. / The XXth Century is Finished A Second Time in 2017, USA. /

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CLEOPATRA VII was the wife of JULIUS CAESAR. CLEOPATRA VIII was the girl friend of MARC ANTONY. The 2 sisters were cousins and the 2 Romans were more than partners, ASSOCIATES. CAESAR was the #1 in ROMA and MARC ANTONY, his best adviser. Unfortunately the 4 people were neutralized by other Romans who did not like EGYPT like them. I, Frederic VIDAL alias Mike FULLER, love my own CLEOPATRA IX (you know her name, her picture is below), as JULIUS CAESAR II. We are not in ROMA or EGYP but in the US, in the US-A. To you, readers of the US-A and the US-B (also for readers of the US-C and the US-D). Our destiny is to stay ALIVE and never EVIL thanks to the HOUSE PUNK.


2017 in THE USA with BrAmStOcKeR.

by Mike FULLER (aka Frederic VIDAL).

Before BrAmStOcKeR’s FAKE PUNK debut album, there is in New York the FRENCH COP and the Shadow President.

After 40 years ‘off the record’, the 1977 punk band decides to mix house & rock for a commercial breakthrough. Frederic VIDAL, BrAmStOcKeR’s founder, is also Mike FULLER in the other dimension, US-A.

Part 1. Comment of a New York Times article.

In France, nothing new. My project of VIIth Republic is accelerating the change of the future 51st State, the Country of LAFAYETTE and NAPOLEON. In WASHINGTON, the new WATERLOO was in March for the Republicains against TRUMP and me, the SHADOW PRESIDENT.

Mike FULLER, political nickname of Frederic VIDAL.

Postscript. BrAmStOcKEr is an INTERNATIONAL BAND, French and American but also British and even RUSSIAN thanks to our connection with The PUSSY RIOTS. We are sad after the attack against the subway in St PETERSBURG. The RUSSIANGATE is obviously the first step of the IMPEACHMENT of a President we nickname P.M.U.R.T.  He won’t be judged alone but with his partners: CLINTON, OBAMA, BUSH and others. French politicians who were against my US Presidential candidacy in 2016 will also be prosecuted in NEW YORK for this lawsuit, nicknamed NUREMBERG 2: HOLLANDE, SARKOSY, ESTROSI, CIOTTI.

More social content:

Maybe, it won’t be something else than a DRAFT if the SOCIAL AND POLITICAL JUSTICE decides to support an EVOLUTION that cannot be a real REVOLUTION but a FAKE ONE, like our album FAKE PUNK is promoting the concept of RELATIVITY. Let’s be careful and ambitious like JULIUS CAESAR with CLEOPATRA. He was the real Founder of the ROMAN EMPIRE. 

I am changing my environment, my context, my universe, my structure and my system: the United Nations, ACD (American Cultures Department), FRENCH COP, BrAmStOcKeR, TIMefraMES are the new values and concepts I imposed to myself. My favorite function is 2X x Y/2 = Z. It’s the right dimension for our life on Earth and New Earth after 2025. SciFi is creative and flexible to understand.

Part 2. Email to the music producer of FAKE PUNK (and others, for movie first but also for medias).

14 = 16 is our motto. Our group, BraMStOcKEr, is the main Punk comeback from 77 to confirm we are 40 years later. Our album project FAKE PUNK is a possibility to be commercial because we were previously a social band from France. In America, we have this ambition to be a part of the alternate culture like a new ‘AEROSMITH’ but more involved in the New Age of the 2010’s. ‘The BEATLES’ were not the band that could empower the 60’s to the Flower Power today. The House music is our program of rehabilitation, me Frederic VIDAL with Jessie ANDREWS who is a Porn Star but also a DJ. Here are the links to her Soundcloud account and the link to mine:
BrAmStOcKeR Twitter account:
1. FAKE PUNK concept.
The social content is important for the marketing and the packaging of a musical product like a band and a CD. The title FAKE PUNK is a good slogan that is the first part of a sentence including REAL PORN, another expression meaning also the contrary FAKE PORN, REAL PUNK. What is real, what is fake? We must be sure that teenage culture and adult entertainment are compatible. Our group BrAmStOcKeR is also executive producer of a film project FRENCH COP3: WIN WIN’ a thriller of Science Fiction, in pre-production with HOLLYWOOD (this saga for a movie franchise with merchandising, like a video game, started in 2006, more than 10 years ago). After this decade of organization of an Universe of literacy and cinema, this first motion picture is our next project after FAKE PUNK (probably with the actress Blake LIVELY).
2. HOUSE and PUNK together.
The present axiom is: To have the discotheques looking like a stadium for a reunion band. I believe in this target that is to play the best music for our fandom that can be massive thanks to our Web universe of Twitter but also Facebook and a WordPress blog. The counter culture is a reality we express thanks to our manager Mike FULLER (my nickname). He is the Shadow President, according to our knowledge and the writing of our stories for movies. In WASHINGTON, he’s the Biker of the old Route 66 to express our feeling of the American Dream, in a chaos of problems from the 2016 Presidential election.
3. The album production.
To schedule the sessions of the recording of the 12 songs will be in a second time. We have first to prepare a demo of 2 songs that will be P.M.U.R.T.’ and ‘My song is like a Hamburger’. The 2 songs are already composed and the lyrics ready (like for the 10 other ones). Would you be available in May to be with us and already now to produce this first deal. We could release a first CD (1,000 copies) to diffuse in New York in the show biz and the underground environment of the House music and the Punk, nationwide too, to be sure we will sign for the distribution of the album with the best company on the market for us.
4. Your role in the band.
I could check on your website you are a House DJ and a producer but also a musician who played with ‘GUNS’ n ROSES’. We need you because we are looking for an indie producer of the album with our label TIMefraMES Records, a brand managed by the nonprofit ACD (American Cultures Department). The Rock music and history did not want to welcome us until now in their ‘Wall of Fame’, wrongly, we were refused in France in 1977 but also the authorities were hostile a little, in France, in Great Britain and the United States. In 2017, the situation is not the same, we will prevail with our new lineup of two musicians, me and Jessie, Jessie and me, advised and produced by you, a producer and artist who knows what music needs.

UPCOMING: Letter to a lawyer.


I am the entrepreneur of FRENCH COP and FAKE PUNK, 2 products for the entertainment industry. The first is a ilm, the second is a music disc.

I will write you a longer email today to tell you what are my goals and why I need you as my lawyer to produce and commercialize them.


Frederic VIDAL (4/6/2017)



It’s not like before, we are in a DECADE OF CHAOS that is managed perfectly by OUR SHADOW PRESIDENCY of Mike FULLER. PoWeR to the PeOpLe! FV

In the 60’s, there was the FLOWER POWER and the VIETNAM WAR on the other hand. Nobody was the WINNER but 50 years later, the NEW AGE in DC.

There’s a risk of CORRUPTION in WASHINGTON, DC in APRIL like in JANUARY. President TRUMP isn’t the YELLOW SUBMARINE with the song P.M.U.R.T.

BraMsToCkEr wants the CBGB to reopen in LAS VEGAS. This club was closed in New York in 2006 and it’s a shame. FAKE PUNK promotes the CBGB!


Blake LIVELY is an ARTIST who is ready to join our TIMeframes CONSORTIUM. I want her to be FREE and no more victim of HUMAN TRAFFICKING. FV

Frederic VIDAL & Jessie ANDREWS are the best LINEUP for BrAmStOcKeR in 2017. FAKE PUNK is an ALBUM of 12 songs of PUNK & HOUSE music in NY.

April 5

Our strategy is CORPORATE and MYSTIC as the BEATLES were singing SHE LOVES YOU but also LET IT BE without being connected enough to the real

MAINSTREAM, the American one of Frank SINATRA and Elvis PRESLEY. Us, BrAmSTocKeR, in New York for a 2 titles demo recording of FAKE PUNK, we

are totally understanding that the SHOW BIZ is different than the ROCK MUSIC that is not our Universe. We are HOUSE PUNK anti-Harassment. FK

I’d like to have PWC, consultant for FAKE PUNK chance to get a GRAMMY AWARD. We’re so LALALAND sometimes but our Musical will be BOWIE YEAR.

Jessie ANDREWS is a DIAMOND and I am the RING. I want her in New York with me for the recording of the demos of P.M.U.R.T and HAMBURGER. FV

After all, we will have the eternity to meditate about the sense of FAKE PUNK concept album. The track listing is the reply to our NEW AGE.

April 6

Hi! I’m Frederic VIDAL in New York. Yesterday I met a lot of people in Manhattan and today I continue to diffuse my FAKE PUNK PRESS RELEASE!

When the cover of TIME Magazine? Tomorrow maybe, on FRIDAY. We deserve this promotion to complete our FAKE PUNK strategy to INVADE nothing!

BrAmStOcKeR tweets are here to diffuse the NEW AGE tendency of our Year of the ROOSTER. P.M.U.R.T. must create a SECRETARY OF THE ARTS. JFK


Frederic VIDAL, in the US-B but also the US-A, is managing the RUSSIANGATE, second title of his Book in preparation, THE USA. TRUMP to move.

ASSANGE and SNOWDEN: we need them in the United States of BUSINESS (the US-B). I, Mike FULLER, don’t want to prosecute these ‘dissidents’.

In the US-A (United States of AMERICA), these 2 persons (Julian & Edward) has the obligation to REPLY to the US JUSTICE. They will JOIN us.

April 6.

JULIUS CAESAR: it’s a fantastic story that WE WILL EXPLAIN TO THE 21ST CENTURY as the United States of America are an EMPIRE TO MANAGE SPQR.


It’s the D-Day preparation for the files reopening of the McCARTHY COMMISSION. KENNEDY was with MONROE and KAZAN not so much with STALIN. TS


The TIMefraMES FRANCHISE is important like the McDONALDS and the STAR WARS franchises. Created in 2006, it’s BrAmStOcKeR plus HOLLYWOOD. JFK

The BOYCOTT against the FRENCH COP Universe is wrong and illegal if it’s confirmed that a network organizes ANTI-NETWORKING and SLANDER. JFK

Our Album will be a famous Concept CD and Web Studio Concert. FAKE PUNK will express the mood of NEW YORK and the feeling of LA for CHANGE.

April 6

I’m more than ever writing and singing PUNK SONGS that are now HOUSE music too! This is a GIFT I got: the TALENT is the result of a CAREER.



The election of a new President was not fair in November, last year. Now, there is a chance to vote again in November this year if we believe enough in democracy and I will be candidate as Mike FULLER for a modernization of our Country and to forget these 100 days of a billionaire at the White House who was from New York, not from WASHINGTON. I’m ready to federate the opposition to Donald TRUMP and I will be more and more accepted as the SHADOW PRESIDENT, meaning the leader of a counter-government of the Web and of HOLLYWOOD. The majority of the Americans is not satisfied and it’s time to stop this crisis in DC by refusing the chaos and the storm thanks to the Congress. I was there March 21 and I will write to a Representative an email tomorrow, explaining what I advice him to do for the end of this situation of a Country not validating his President. Frederic VIDAL, PhD.



2015 XBIZ Awards Show

The 2015 XBIZ Awards Show at the JW Marriott Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles on January 15. 2015


TENDERLOIN is my location in the American SHADOW CAPITAL of SAN FRANCISCO (SF). Unfortunately, this area of the City is DISABLED and not anymore the center of the music business with LIVE VENUES and the historic 1960’s Pop music platform for the GRATEFUL DEAD and the JEFFERSON AIRPLANE.

BrAmStOcKeR is responsible of this situation, partly. In 1977, the French and American band could have played there, it was not too late. Consequently, there will be an answer to all the homeless people located there and waiting for some improvement of the culture and the economy.

The SOCIAL CONTENT of the album FAKE PUNK that we produce in NEW YORK CITY will explain that to be punk is to be ZERO BUDGET. If you are rich, you’re a FAKE PUNK. If you are poor, you’re a REAL PORN, try to improve you budget to be rich if you can.

Blake LIVELY will visit TENDERLOIN with me, Mike FULLER, this year, I schedule, to show how much HOLLYWOOD is sad to see POVERTY so extreme and DRUGS in the streets so obviously. She is my girl of the GOSSIP TV show. I will play for her LOVE ME TENDER, on a MTV – TMZ program of REUNION TOUR.

Read her biography:


WASHINGTON POST: (comments signed Vidal4Senate)







On Wikipedia:




For Bastille Day 2015, Frederic Vidal Releases Man From 25 Table Of Contents: Velvet Eyes Ebook Upcoming!


by Frédéric Vidal
aka Mike Fuller

© 2015 by Frederic Vidal for TIMEFRAMES LLC. All rights reserved. Characters included in this book are trademarked and ownership belongs to their author.


I was a songwriter and I began to be a screenwriter in 2006. I created in 2005 my LLC, Timeframes™, then I published on the Web my first synopsis: The French Cop™. In 2009, I wrote The Man With The Velvet Eyes™ on my WordPress blog. 6 years later, 1,6 millions views and now the ebook Man From 25, with other stories for films, to be released after this summer. Not anymore dedicated to Blake Lively but to UNICEF, against Human Trafficking, Velvet Eyes™ is my masterpiece and I know you will read it with your friends and followers. This is an Internet novel with its definitive Table of Contents published on my blog for Bastille Day.

Since 2011, I live in France, back in my first hometown, Nice, on the French Riviera, a ity that could have for name more Nasty than Nice as I did not succeed to be back on track in the environment of my 1960’s when I was a kid. In 1977, I finished the equivalent of my high school in Nasty, with BRAMSTOCKER the band I created since 1974 basically to be punk and proud of it. Bur rock is not popular and mainstream is old school in the Country of Charles de Gaulle. My cousin and war hero, General Corniglion Molinier passed away in 1963, he did not like the new Republic that began in 1958, one year before my birth. On location, in Nice, the mayor, Jean Medecin had a son Jacques who was  ready to replace him in 1965 after his death.

I was proud to be a supporter of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones at that time even if my family did not play their music. My father was from Monaco, th Principality with the Princess who was first a Princess and actress, Grace Kelly. With her husband, the Prince Rainier, they did not have great relations with Paris and his new President De Gaulle. My father was a painter but he did not succeed a great career because he was Spanish, from Barcelona that he lef during the Civil War before World War II. General Franco, the Spanish President did not like him a lot probably. He was helped by Hitler to win his local war but did not participate in the 1940’s fights and continued after 1945.

My mother Gladys was probably an adoptive mother, I understood these last four years, as I don’t feel at all like a jew. Her father who did not want to stay in Nice with his brother, father of her sister, Lucienne, my aunt who changed her first name, preferring to be called Jacqueline, was from the Haim family, located in Turkey, immigrated in Italy then in Cuba, then in New York, United States. I think that my real mother could have been Grace Kelly like in a fairy tale, because the destiny sent me in Hollywood, in the 2000’s to be also an actor, member of the Screen Actors Guild like her and I had no reason the be there except the evolution of my career that I did not scheduled at all there during the XXth century.

In 2013, I studied my first years in America and the second part to begin now in 2015 with the comeback of my band BRAMSTOCKER and the commercialization of my FRENCH COP universe, a franchise of characters and stories with the vocation to improve the mentality of the population of the new century that is not the one of a new age but too much delusional and connected to the governments to be their backgrounds. This is not democracy but demagogie. According to the American Constitution, I am not anymore French, my previous nationality and it must be the main reason why I was not selected to be in the French medias. I wanted to be appreciated as binational as there is a jurisprudence and French legislation that say that I keep the citizenship of this Country but it is too late. I’m leaving now with the certitude I’m only US Citizen.

There are also other reasons: in Paris, they did not like me to be a star. Najat Valaud-Belkacem, an arabian lady of the socialist government, responsible of the national Educational has the same degree than me, from the Institut d’études politiques of Paris. She must have been in touch with Blake Lively, the actress I wanted to meet in Hollywood, who joined Christian Dior, the fashion brand. It was in 2009, I was inspired on my blog to feature this new American superstar of the TV show Gossip Girl to be in touch with her and the legend of the movie industry but we did not socialize, the same in the 2010’s in France. Obviously, I was not enough attractive like ly band that was never released since 1977, our music deal has been refused, never mind. In the French high schools, I’m sure, BRAMSTOCKER is not at all well known, not because I was a part of the socialist party in 2000 when I reactivated my group in Paris and since 2011, right? Lively is now married with a daughter.

Four painters including 3 with a career of President or future President, this is France best explanation of a casting decided maybe by De Gaulle or his team of the Vth Republic. Nicolas Sarkosy, President from 2007 to 2012, his follower François Hollande, President since 2012 and his Prime Minister, Manuel Valls who is also from Barcelona, Spain have a father who is a painter like mine. My aunt, Jacqueline Haim-Vittone, who passed away in 2011 wanted me to be her successor and I am the owner of her beautiful flat in Nice. She was the last member of my family still alive and I came back in Nice when she died. My dad and my mother passed away in the 1980’s. At the beginning of the decade, after I finished my studies in political science in Paris, I was a part of Jacques Medecin political team in Nice as the President of the RJR, Young Republicans local movement before to become a civil servant at the Caisse des dépôts in Paris again for 15 years.

But no possible career in France like Sarkosy, Hollande and Valls, my father who was also a painter, and probably also adoptive, Ignasi Vidal did not want to promote his son or could not. Jacqueline was responsible for ther music hall programmation at the Nice Municipal Casino. Present Prince, Albert of Monaco, never invited me to a party in the Principality like Nice mayor, Christian Estrosi, a lientenant of Jacques Medecin who did not want to network with me again. Strange, my global fame thanks to WordPress and the Social Media on the Internet, did not attract them, on the contrary, they did not validate it, I suppose, I am never in the newspapers and my reputation to be an alternate Rock star is empowered by my popularity, not so much appreciated by the authorities. I am involved in American politics and it helps to build a future with the USA that will be more enjoyable for me.

The Velvet Eyes was the first novel I wrote and I did it live on the Web on this blog. I think it’s time now to publish this great story for the bookstores and the libraries. I want more justice in my previous Country, France, and a smarter Republic that could be the VIIth one as the present institutions appear to be obsolete and unable to manage the State that could be closer to the United States and possibly a 51st State of the Union as Louisiana was sold by Napoleon, the French emperor, to the United States, representing 13 present States and Lafayette, Washington military associate for the Independence war, and our economy is connected to their society, already a lot participating in American culture and business.

The French Cop and the German Spy synopsis, and other stories, are also a part of this publication that I want also in an Ebook for the new medias. Films will be shot after 2015, I am sure, if France don’t continue its propaganda and attitude against my career. De Gaulle was a General, Mike Fuller is a President in my writings, his reply is: “you won’t last“.

Frederic Vidal

from Nice, France, July 8 and July 13, 2015.

Frederic Vidal, a novelist and not only a songwriter and a filmmaker.

Frederic Vidal, a novelist and not only a songwriter and a filmmaker.

Table of Contents

Part 1 – The Man With The Velvet Eyes

Volume I – The Velvet Eyes

A. First episodes

Episode 1


Episode 3 – 100 years after! A Music From The Past Preparing The Future!

Episode 4 – Los Angeles in Africa was a City Smaller Than LA!

Episode 5 – Super Was A Word Of Fate.

Episode 6 – The First Computer Was A Mirror.

Episode 7 – A Slow Locomotive But Not For Everybody.

Episode 8 – The famous Episode about Velvet’s happy years before Happiness.

Episode 9 – Indianapolis Was On Their Mind.

Episode 10 – How I Met Leathers Gloves Before To See Her!

Episode 11 – The Picture Was Overwritten With Words’ Ink!! A photo that was not a photo.

Episode 12 – The Carpet! A Part Of The Furnitures Of The Prague Embassy Was In A Closed Room!

Episode 13 – The Tunnel Was In Berlin.

Episode 14 – The American Flag Was The Most Attractive Symbol For The Population Of Prague And A Sign Of Democracy For Everybody!

Episode 15 – In Arabia, They Learned A Fake English!

Episode 16 – On Time For The Meeting With A Consulate Of Spain Military Attache!

Episode 17 – I don’t want to leave the bus when you’re driving.

Episode 18 –  My neighbor is a mystery man talking to voices in Vienna.

Episode 19 – Velvet Eyes: Berlin Was Located Closed To Vienna At The Observatory Of Prague, Tchekoslovakia! In a Moment!

Episode 17 – There Is A New Thing That Is Called Tomorrow!

Episode 20 – A Spy Succeeded Not To Steal A File In A Building
That Was Staged To Look Like An Embassy!!

Episode 21 – Velvet Eyes: “I Am A Full-Time Supporter Of The System Of Work You Deserve In This Dream-Reality!” Declared Jonathan Founders Alias Velvet Eyes, in the 20’s!

Episode 22 – Velvet Eyes: You And Me, You And Me, Us, Us Us, Velvet And Leather Were Preparing A First Child Named 001 With A Sweeter Name!

B. Jonathan Founders Memories

She Was In Prague With Me and I Was In Prague With Her!!

Venezia! We Did Not Find A Better Place
For Our Wedding’s Homeymoon And The Sun Light!

The Soviet Union Was The Right Place To Go Together
For A Visit In Moscow, The City That Was In Our Mind!

In Athens, There Was A Library Where
We Had An Appointment With A Reader Of Shakespeare!

Before The War, Hamburg By Night Was The Headquarters
Of Our Nightmares!

France’s Besancon, Rendezvous Of The Last Chance
For Our Friend Who Did Not Know Where To Go! 5th New Episode (1942).

I Was Looking For Her In Varsovia But She Was Not On Time
So I Left And Met Her In Another Town Of The Country!

My Main Goal Was This Trip In Tel Aviv, Our Couple Needed
To Enjoy Some Time With The Jewish People!

C. The Silver Chronicles


Halloween Special: The Death Of Arturo Cinnamon.

The Ghost In Your Eyes.

D. Last épisodes

I Was On The Road Between Berlin And Prague With A Truck Looking Like A Van In The 1930’s!

I Was In Cannes To Meet France But I Had A Dream Of French Cuisine Afterwards!

The Next Episode Will Give You The Details About The Life Of Jonathan And Valentine!

Volume 2 – Indians Réservations

0. Velvet Eyes Volume 2: Indians Réservations visionary episode.

1. Why The Indians Met The Machine? Not To Think Anymore. Couples as Solo Surhuman Beings. A Sub-Part of The INDIANS RESERVATIONS, supplementary Volume of The Velvet/Leather Filmed Novel!!

2. INDIANS RESERVATIONS New Poetry Talks For The Velvet Volumes, #2: A Cyber-Dimension Where Selected Ones Came Back To Run For Wind Battlefields!! The Dark Size Of Siren!

3. INDIANS RESERVATIONS: There was a road in the middle of nowhere! New story of The Eyes, Volume 2!

4. Indians Reservations: Souls on The Mountain Of A Particular Side Of The Sunset!

5. INDIANS RESERVATIONS 6/17 Episode: It Is Not Advised To Let The Old People Go Alone If They Are Lost!

6. Indians Reservations: Nowhere Is The Place Upon The Storm And The Snake Where You Meet The Eldorado Of The Second Civilization From The Stars!

7. Indians Reservations: It’s Time To Go, With An Aircraft, Beyond The Sea, On The Mountain Of The Permanent Fire!

8. Indians Reservations: Loud and Free, A Sound Was In The Air And The Radio Was Online One Million Years Ago and Now For Countries That Know Who You Are!

Volume 3 – Hollywood City

First Episode, This Is Videotaped By A Diamond Camera!

The Universe Was Organized With A Frontier Between Us and The Others!

I Love The Way You Are When You Are And When You Think You Are!

A Jungle Of Bills Was Reunited On The Top Of The Universe As A Black Surprise And A Story For The Path Bridges!

New York Lost In The Middle Of Nowhere.

Part 2 – Other Stories



Slavery, An African Legend About An American Slave.

Part 1 – This is the story of Love That You Can Never Break.
Part 2 – Sometimes An Accident Really Changes Your Life.
Part 3  – Transferred in America To Be Sold To a Plantation Owner.
Part 4 – Victim of The Daughter’s Owner Attraction.
Part 5 – In the Church, Amadou Received Hope And Admiration Before To Leave.
Part 6 – During The Transfer, He Found The Keys Of Freedom.
Part 7 – In The Port, A Boat Was For Him And The Wind Helped To Leave For The Ocean.
Part 8 – 8 Days At Sea, With Some Food Left And A Terrible Storm That Helped to Be Rescued.
Part 9 – A Family Reunited In A Village That Cannot Believe It.


Roswell And Nuclear Franchise

The Booklet

The German Spy

Synopsis 1

Synopsis 2

The French Cop

1. Synopsis

2. French Cop in 12 chapters

Chapter 4: DATING IN DC.
Chapter 10: KGB NEXT GEN.
Chapter 11: NATASHA IS FREE.
Chapter 12: LANDING IN LA.

3. French Cop: Blackout

Parallel People

The Past Machine

Dual Dim

Nice nous appartient



1. At the Past Machine in 2025.
I decide to go back in the past, 10 years ago to check what was not allright: risk of dictatorship.
2. There was possibly something wrong.
I meet the people I knew and they don’t recognize me in 2015.
3. Natasha was in LA waiting for me.
French girl with big breast, she was Ok to be my friend.
4. I was candidate at that time for the Presidential election.
Natasha and me, we had to organize the campaign.
5. We decided to move in Las Vegas for some fun.
There were people there who could be interesting for the financing.
6. I had to comeback in 25 to check it was Ok.
Natasha comes with me and becomes a Space Time agent.
(some services and politicians are trying to control the mental side of people and to have them to obey to their orders. Brainwashing to have more marionnettes. They have devices for that).

Chapitre XIII : AU FESTIVAL DE CANNES. STATELESS SUPERSTAR Par Frédéric Vidal. Une Publication Numérique Pour Une Diffusion En Librairie Cet Eté.


1. Le Prix Nobel de la Paix nécessite une réforme pour permettre le retour des valeurs premières relatives à l’héroïsme personnel

Pour une histoire d’amour, il faut que les gens soient tranquilles mais des fois, c’est compliqué quelqu’un a de la conviction et de la détermination qui bloque un peu le rapprochement amoureux
Toute la vie, on a les épisodes anciens qui repassent. Quand t’as

2. Grace Kelly nous a quitté sans avoir pu apprécier à quel point elle était un emblème

Grace était l’emblème de fraternité de notre confrérie : les sages qui transitaient par la Principauté de Monaco, le havre de tranquillité des grands de ce monde dont je fais partie.
A Cannes, la haine de Paris exprimée dans les années 50 et en 1961 par De Gaulle reste à la bouche des festivaliers qui encensaient le film à scandale de Nicole Kidman.
Elle fut et elle encore, elle qui m’accueillit à Monaco pour apprendre à marcher et plus à l’aurée des années 60 et me donner l’envie du cinéma

3. L’impeachment de B. Obama est salutaire au deuil de l’American Dream

A Paris, Nicolas Sarkosy est toujours en liberté et je me demande pourquoi. Une Haute Cour de Justice aurait été  parfaite pour lui donner une bonne leçon de savoir vivre et savoir présidentiel car il a déçu et déçoit chaque jour la République
A Washington, son homologue de 2009 à 2012 ne l’appelle plus au téléphone mais préfère son successeur qui n’a pas oublié François Mitterrand
Le deuil de l’American Dream, c’est la mort de Mickey Rooney et Shirley Temple, ces derniers mois. C’est maintenant de constater qu’ainsi la page est tournée mais le concept demeure


1. Sans concession depuis l’origine de BRAMSTOCKER, je considère le Show Biz comme l’église du ghetto

Punk, j’ai le devoir de choquer et de surprendre avant de rentrer dans le rang après mon élection au poste qui me conviendra en France et aux Etats-Unis
Le XXIe siècle est une notion qui est monté à la tête de certains qui s’imaginent pouvoir tout faire sans le respect qu’ils avaient pour nos institutions au XXe siècle. Même le Show Biz est différent.
Le ghetto des privilégiés du pouvoir est 100% UMP alors que des prolétaires socialistes s’afférent à rebâtir l’Etat sur des bases de partage

2. Le Contrat Social de JJ Rousseau est permanent à Cannes comme ailleurs sur Terre

Le contrat, c’est le Festival de Cannes lui-même et tous ses à-côtés : la Croisette les grands hôtels, la plage. Manquent les starlettes, les acteurs, quelques bonnes rencontres avec des producteurs qui sont en grève de contrat
Rousseau aurait signé le scénario d’un film consacré à la Nouvelle Héloïse s’il avait vécu avec nous mais le succès du film ne lui aurait pas valu la Palme d’Or.
J’évoque les innombrables flash back de ma vie tous les jours et pense plus clairement que le BURN OUT est réservé aux autres qui ne se remettent pas en question

3. Machiavel a fait de moi une superstar pour que je devienne Prince

Cannes n’a pas été mon breakthrough. Il est arrivé avant, aux élections municipales à Nice, où je suis arrivé en tête du niveau possible de popularité locale
Machiavel est indie dans mon livre comme régner et demeurer maître de son règne. Ma rencontre avec la Société Universal m’a permis de négocier la diffusion de FRENCH COP : BLACKOUT.
Le Prince de Monaco attend un enfant, cet heureux événement donne de l’ampleur à mon projet d’un renouveau de mon contact avec les majors US


1. Faire couler les gens et leur faire traverser un désert intellectuel est digne de l’asile psychiatrique

Ce n’est pas ce que j’ai vécu aux Etats-Unis mais les Studios de tournage là-bas peuvent en décontenancer plus qu’un par leur par leur manque d’humanité envers le background considéré le background
L’Elysée doit cesser d’avoir un complexe vis-à-vis du cinéma américain qui n’est qu’une industrie superficielle sans ambition culturelle le plus souvent
Des coproductions doivent se développer sans Luc Besson sans trop à la table des autres sans payer l’addition

2. A Berlin, le National-Socialisme a laissé la place au Festival du Film qui constitue pour moi l’After-Cannes

En 2015, je présenterai à Berlin mon film indépendant FRENCH COP : BLACKOUT, un résultat spectaculaire de la synthèse de ce livre
Je demande l’expulsion de Sarkosy de France dans le pays qu’il souhaitera puisque j’ai vécu 8 ans en Amérique que jamais et que jamais il ne m’a jamais regretté
En 2014, je recommence comme en 2010 çà me présenter au Congrès avec la traduction de ce livre en anglais

3. Le World Trade Center du NSA m’impose un 2e Write-In dans le Maryland en Novembre

Snowden a dénoncé Poutine autant qu’Obama car la démocratie en Russie est une bonne blague
Le deuxième World Trade Center, c’est une plainte contre Estrosi et le Gouvernement , deux Boeings anti-terroristes qui crèveront leurs Twin Towers et les réduiront en poussière : l’orgueil et l’avarice

Write-In officiel au nom de Barack Obama, je serai Représentant en janvier car élu légalement avec 8 ans de citoyenneté US.


L’Enfant Chéri de la France, c’est moi et j’en remercie les français. Frédéric Vidal

Ces gens que l’on croise, on ne les reverra jamais.
Le pouvoir, on ne peut pas le maîtriser, il faut l’accompagner, pas l’anticiper.

La dispute du cinéma est celle de l’Art contemporain mais entre les personnes
et pas entre les œuvres.

La Palme d’Or remise ce soir constitue la carrière d’une série patronnée par Jacob
et considérant un cadeau à l’Etat.


Chapitre X : LA POLITIQUE DE VALLS. STATELESS SUPERSTAR Par Frédéric Vidal. Une Publication Numérique Pour Une Diffusion En Librairie Cet Eté.

(au Socialisme)
On peut pas se permettre de foncer sur l’autoroute

1. Américanisé sans respect pour Moscou

La sensibilité gaulliste n’est pas adaptée à notre époque qui apparaît de la science fiction et de l’agabgie par les adeptes du Général de Gaulle
La compromission des uns induit l’extrême discipline des autres pour s’imposer un examen de conscience permanent afin de soigner de la chienlit politique internationale
Il n’y aura pas de révision du socialisme qui doit revenir à la base d’un Valls autoritaire envers une France de décadence sociale

2. Barcelone comme point commun d’un Marxisme partagé

La famille de Valls et la mienne étaient à Barcelone lors de la guerre civile critiquée par mon grand-père Joseph Aladern
Lui, elle, moi, toi : nous sommes tous frères et sœurs. Nos noms sont comme des numéros qui nous caractérisent trop. L’identitaire est l’unicitaire
J’ai de la crédibilité depuis 77 au point de faire tomber les élites actuelles. J’ai toujours prévu ce qui doit être

3. Dans le cinéma, on obtient pas toujours un rôle (Secrétariat d’Etat)

Johnny Rotten a trahi le Punk, pas moi. Le Civic Punk s’impose car les Pouvoirs Publics croient en notre capacité à gérer les pouvoirs sans les tabous de ceux qui dérangent l’ordre public : surtout à l’UMP et à Paris
Les gens du cinéma sont des intouchables qui sont alliés à moi mais qui sont affaiblis par la caméra, leur maître d’œuvre qui les projette au summum de la mythologie actuelle
La diffamation contre moi m’a conduit à l’édiction d’une plainte contre X pour le respect de la morale et de la notion de famille


1. L’obsession de 2017 a conduit à la ruine d’Ayrault

Le Front National a dit merde à la classe politique et a obtenu le pouvoir des urnes
L’UMP a cassé sa pipe en émettant des fausses factures par dépit amoureux de Marianne
Le Parti Socialiste se rebiffe sans avoir suffisamment d’électeurs pour gouverner sereinement

2. Mon 2016 est le contraire, pas que pour l’Amérique

Le Pouvoir Présidentiel se partage, il faut le décliner en fédération
Depuis le 8 avril, c’est terminé. J’ai effectué le recadrage en annulant l’incident de 2006
La Gouvernance des uns et le chaos des autres, unissons-nous autour des valeurs du Punk pour un contre-Gouvernement

3. Un Premier Ministre inexistant à remplacer par le Gouvernance et Pouvoir Présidentiel

Dans le film FRENCH COP : BLACKOUT, il est question de Valls comme d’un robot de l’autorité constitutionnelle
La guerre en Iraq avait conduit à laisser l’armée régler les problèmes de sécurité du Pays à sa façon
Le Président à 3% d’intentions de l’opinion de le voir Président à nouveau en 17 (OpinionWay) est contraint à nous suivre


1. Le rejet de ce à atteindre démontre le climat antisocialiste qui règne au PS

La confusion est le mot clé du paysage politique de l’après-euro avec un 3e tour qui se termine le 16
A partir de juillet, pour le 2e semestre, l’année 14 est celle de la commémoration de l’année la plus importante du XXe siècle, 100 après
Mon Business Plan prévoit l’identification de l’empêchement culturel dont a été victime notre civilisation : la censure et les moyens de le résoudre

2. La technique de la prise d’otage conduit à l’inverse du Marxisme, le Nazisme

Le manque de moralité de beaucoup en politique est compensée par l’abnégation et la vaillance de nos élites culturelles qui demeurent néanmoins sans trop de leaders au Pouvoir
Estrosi est en crise et à Nice nous sommes à même de constituer un exemple national pour abattre l’intolérance d’une corruption totalitaire
Le marxisme nous montre la voie : le dépérissement de l’Etat et de la notion de profit. Plus d’Etat de droit : un droit de l’Etat

3. Le bateau ivre de l’idéologie actuelle doit être secouru par l’orthodoxie du Marxisme initial dont la France a besoin

Mettre les jeunes contre moi, c’est les mettre contre eux-mêmes et aboutir à leur suicide intellectuel et peut-être physique quant ça va trop loin
Les vieillards de la politique actuelle doivent accepter le New Age ou le Front National en optant pour le Status Quo et pas la compromission ni la trahison envers les valeurs du XXe siècle
Jacques Médecin était un Maire d’une rare compétence dans ses fonctions de Maire et si son nom est plus qu’oublié, aujourd’hui interdit, Pierre Bérégovoy a démontré qu’il en a tiré les conséquences


L’exemple de Fidel Castro doit nous servir de modèle contre les gardes fous de l’antisocialisme que ne sont pas le 51e Etat et la 7e République, ni la Gouvernance, ni Pouvoir Présidentiel.

Se remettre en question, c’est trop bon et ce n’est pas assez pratiqué par la classe politique.

Les filles sont plus fragiles bien qu’elles soient plus intelligentes ce qui fait d’elles notre égal, tout en étant inférieures ?



Chapitre IX : LISTE MUNICIPALE PS. STATELESS SUPERSTAR Par Frédéric Vidal. Une Publication Numérique Pour Une Diffusion En Librairie Cet Eté.


1. La piste scandinave n’est pas à négliger

L’absence de rappel à mes coups de téléphone par une finlandaise au père américain connue par l’entremise de BFM, m’incita à penser que j’étais victime d’un manque d’attractivité
J’avais voulu inviter tout le Conseil Municipal à célébrer mon retour à Nice pour faire valoir l’importance que je lui accordais pas qu’en termes de Relations Publiques
Le destin a voulu que je revienne des Primaires américaines accompagné d’une suédoise spécialisée dans les questions de dissidence

2. Patrick Allemand est un personnage qui cherche à m’intégrer de mauvaise façon

La politique n’est pas question de sentiment mais de conviction, pas de place pour l’émotionnel et pour les relations personnelles
Au PS, il n’y a qu’une catégorie de militants, les dirigeants et j’en fais partie grâce à Patrick Allemand sans qui la France ne connaîtrait pas Marseille par rapport à Nice
Allemand et sa force de conviction ont oublié mon nom malencontreusement en partie pour me plaire

3. La misogynie de Bush nous a conduit l’échec général  (CIA, passé)

La dissidence idéologique et la délinquance du Président Obama qui nous pèse sur l’Amérique ont à voir avec l’extrémisme religieux de son prédécesseur
Ne jamais s’énerver est la condition sine qua non pour pouvoir diriger et les deux hommes partageaient quatre filles
En 8, le film FRENCH COP auprès pu sortir après le Super Tuesday et déclencher un élan de civisme à propos d’un retour du politique au cinéma


1. Les instituts de sondage prédisaient une victoire accablante de Christian Estrosi

Leader de l’opposition à Nice, je comptais démontrer que l’opinion publique est appelée à manifester sur l’ensemble des faits concernant les sujets qu’elle doit prendre en compte
Les pourcentages étaient en faveur d’Estrosi massivement ce qui démontrait une fragilité endémique de son mode de fonctionnement
Le génie de ma campagne fut de parier sur le moral des français et la moralité comme norme de sélection des candidats

2. La liste principale PS s’est effondrée sans la mienne

Avec 15% et pas plus, le Parti Socialiste que je soutenais dans la France entière mais pas à Nice n’a attiré à lui qu’une minimum d’électeurs
Il fallait autre chose qu’une liste de revendications et les la volonté de les constituer en programme d’action municipale pour gagner
Mes propositions furent plus pragmatiques et basées sur 35 ans de vie municipale pour en conclure que Nice devait changer de cap, pas d’attitude

3. La misère de la science politique en France explique le succès de la liste Bettati

Le dissident Olivier Bettati avait l’instinct de vaincre et une équipe qui eut pu remporter l’élection sans faute de stratégie
Son choix de permanence de feu le Maire Médecin tenue à l’époque par René Pietruschi démontrait un rappel au passé qui ne fut pas maîtrisé à temps
Ma direction sans faillir de ce rassemblement hétérogène nous a permis d’empêcher la réélection d’Estrosi au premier tour, notre passage au 2e tour et l’absence définitive d’une majorité à Nice pour la liste UMP élue avec 49%.


1. DSK arrêté à New York a été libéré par le film de Ferrara

La population française ne comprend pas pourquoi nos dirigeants craquent à l’imiter
A Nice, DSK aurait pu devenir s’il avait été question qu’il renonce à la Présidence de la République
A New York, il s’est passé un crime qui doit être imputé au destin contrarié des grands hommes d’Etat dont le film de Ferrara n’est qu’une évocation

2. Schwarzenegger s’appelle Arnold mais des fois , on le prend pour moi

Nous sommes deux Terminators, arrivés sur Terre actuellement pour aider les Américains à comprendre l’Amendement
L’ancien gouvernement de Californie déçoit par certains aspects concernant son ambition personnelle qui n’est pas la mienne et son retour au cinéma
Mais Arnold n’est pas le niveau pour être le Président de la SAG-AFTRA et moi-même je n’ai pas reçu ma carte du PS

3. Le Write-In ne lui a pas permis permis d’obtenir la carte du PS

Il n’y pas de nationalité supérieure sur Terre et les Etats-Unis sont une super-puissance qui doit dominer l’humiliation. Les Nations souveraines qui sont égales et solidaires aux Nations Unies
En 2010, j’ai imposé mon style aux 50 Etats de l’Union en me présentant contre Barbara Boxer mais mon manque de moyen m’a terriblement pesé
Le Parti Républicain est resté porte close pour moi jusqu’à présent et le Parti Socialiste en a ressenti un malaise qui l’a conduit à ne pas m’éditer ma carte de membre


Je dois avoir un talent certain pour me faire critiquer

Il y aurait du avoir un environnement favorisant mon insertion sociale et l’Etat est responsable de l’avoir prévu sans le réaliser

Etre œcuménique en politique, c’est une nécessité de l’époque pour rapprocher les hommes plutôt que de les distancer, à l’heure où les femmes sont paritaires plus que conseillères des autres.



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