Yvonne STRAHOVSKI and Fred KELLY In French Cop: A Duet To Organize Before The End Of This Month For A Movie That Creates The Event Of The Web Since 2007!

She is the actress we need for the Cast Of FRENCH COP, The Hot Upcoming Blockbuster, Legend Of The Internet with a Myspace Friendship of thousands of Moviegoers. Studies realized by TIMEFRAMES LLC confirm that The Fred Vidal Studios Movie Project is after 50 Months of Web and Street marketing Promotion a Huge Hope and an Attractive Upcoming Show!

Fashionable, exciting like no one, FRENCH COP, A Saga in 3 Feature Films (First Fight, White House, Win Win) is now waiting for the Definitive Cast after a first Trip in San Diego. Yvonne STRAHOVSKI and Fred KELLY (aka Fuller, McKenzie, Vidal), are the Couple to play Patricia HUNTER and Vince SAUVAN, the FRENCH COP Duet, CIA TEAM and DARKPOL Founders, according to the Movie Community Specialists.

The Producers have already decided to have the real Presidents of the United States characters and names in the 3 movies, Bush, Obama, for the 2 first parts of the Trilogy and Fuller for the third one as we are not already after 2012 and note sure that the present President will stay in office, so let’s be optimistic for our first Promoter, the Candidate Mike Fuller.

FRENCH COP is the product that the Movie Companies and the Mass Diffusers need to reinforce their Power on the Main Market in The United States and Worldwide: AUDIOVISUAL. Spinoffs and crossovers are also scheduled to be a part of the Business Party with a lot of Comic and Novel development.

The videogame FRENCH COP will be the right tool to build a Marketing Strategy because people know about it for a while and the specialized companies are now waiting for a phone call more than ever: Probably pretty soon, they will receive a first one. REPUTATION, FAME, the 2 words that create Fascination and Ambition for the Universe behind FRENCH COP, Moviegoers and Media Fanatics, Business Peole and American Families.

Scientology: This Church Must Be Closed Before The End Of The Year Because Of A G-Walk System, Informs Mike Fuller!

Myspace Breaking News:

Mike Fuller informs that Carla Bruni Will Be Invited To Be In The Cast Of FRENCH COP After A First Experience In The TV-Show CHUCK!!
Carla Bruni could play herself in a Cameo scene and a singing one in PARIS-BERCY For FRENCH COP: FIRST FIGHT, The first Installment of The Trilogy reactivated as The Country Needs A New Start with A Culture Boost and a Cinema Revolution.
Fred Vidal is preparing a new format for the movie That will be Dedicated To President Barack Obama who will be the Political Personality featured as Our Great President of The United States of America, in the Motion Picture.
This is our 4th of July News for the Fans who wait for A First Fred KELLY, PhD Movie on the Big Screen for 4 years.
Yvonne Strahovsky is the actress who could play Patricia Hunter, Wife and CIA Partner, co-founder of DARKPOL, of Vince SAUVAN, The FRENCH COP. We will know it definitely in a few weeks even if critics are pessimistic about the success iof this project (but they are Democrats!!!) and a Production cycle of 4 years is a normal one in HOLLYWOOD-TIMEFRAMES.
God save our LLC and The USA!
Mike Fuller, PhD


WordPress Article:

Scientology, the worst organization against Civil Rights, Is Attacking Europe Now Developing Its Attitude Of Denegation Of Family Rules with TV Shows Like CHUCK!

Caral Bruni Is More Than A Great Actress Thanks To Woody Allen Last Movie Even If The Director did not succeed to Release The Movie Until now!

According To a Secret Services Buzz, Carla Bruni Could Be The Target Of A Scientology Mass Manipulation included in a project to develop the Sect Activity In France and Europe. The Wife of the French President Nicolas Sarkosy is also a great singer and actress who is a Model of Beauty and Elegance mixed with a lot more including love and Vision of The Future According to Mike Fuller who is Monitoring The Life and Career of Carla, his Friend thanks to Myspace.com and his Paris Years in 2000, 1 and 2.


The Scientology and Hollywood Plot Against Mike Fuller and The United States of America is Organized by people who mix politics and media like the Producers of Chuck who can be proud of their Success: They got Carla Bruni for an episode of their TV Show that is a Copy Of FRENCH COP unauthorized by Frederic Vidal, PhD, the other name of Mike Fuller who is about to begin the Law Process against this Team of Sabotage of his Franchise even if he Wants Yvonne Strahovsky to Play Patricia Hunter in the Film that will be The Next BLOCKBUSTER Of The American Movie Industry!


CHUCK, The CIA TV-Show Is Against France and The Values of Democracy, develpoing a Brainwashing That Must Stop if We want to succeed top Stop the Economy Crisis in our Country! Scientology want to sexually harass us with its  Pornography for TV inspired by the dangerous novelist Ron Hubbard. Carla Bruni is the victim of her Husband and President and The Hollywood Clique that is Afterdeath still promoting a Subversive organization to Destroy our Economy and System of Values!

Mike Fuller will Invite Yvonne Strahovski also victim of NBC and CHUCK, a Bipolar TV Show, to Co-Star with Him In FRENCH COP: First Fight! as He has asking for more information to Know how The Wife of The French President is starring in one episode of Chuck: “Chuck Vs First Class: L’Amoureuse”, A Scandal in France that is lore than eve a Country looking for a better future without Sarkosy, The Enemy of The TIMEFRAMES LLC of The Leader Of The Republixcan Party In California, Mike alias Fred Vidal, PhD.

The Creator of Chuck, Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz, are Accused by The Republicans and The LLC to be with Woody Allen, a close friend of the Scientoloy too, according to New Yorkers, tobbe the authors ofthis succesful invitation of Carla in the United States, The Kingdom for Scientology of Fake Couples and “Religious Genetics Activity” to prepare Fanatism and a Generation of Babies without parents! Mike Fuller was the first to imagine Carla Bruni in a movie about hi Love Story (or not) with Nicolas. He probably inspired the reply of Scientology, the Club of filmmakers against Timeframes (the real name of the US Film Industry, read the blog to know the historic reasons): NO, YOU WON’T PRODUCE FRENCH COP, GET BACK!!

TRUST Mythic Album REPRESSION Is The Inspiration of Mike Fuller for the Soundtrack Of FRENCH COP, A Binational Movie (USA-France) about Counter-Terrorism, The Military and The Ideology One with DARKPOL, A Part Of CIA in the screenplay. Trust is The Band Of Rock History For The France Chapter, A Punk and Hard Metal Rock that Will be a Great Sonic Message for The Supporters of the New FULLER PROJECT And also A Reply To the Anti-TIMEFRAMES, people who don't want Freedom of Speech and Communication!

You are a Religion that I hate and I want to stop because you prevent the people to act freely, meaning you brainwash families and kids and our Political Life. You did not thing well enough, your last mistake was to try to do the same in Europe, I’m Also An Europeen and I WILL BE ON LOCATION IN AUGUST, IN PARIS FIRST, For A Talk With The President Of The Country To Prepare The Counter-Offensive Together! Carla Bruni is Not The toy Of The American Film Industry, even If TIMEFRAMES LLC would Like to Co-Produce her Next Music Album!”
Mike Fuller

John Travolta, The strategist Of Scientology muist be the Mastermind Of This Terrorist Attack Of His “Church” Against The Liberty of The Film and Music Industry with also a  Support of The Democratic Party and The UMP in France.

But Mike Fuller is Confirming His support to The Great Tom Cruise, The Hero of our Nation with His wife Katie Holmes and their Daughter Suri as He Believes Tom is Not Scientology but a Part of Our American Dream!

Carla Bruni is The Lady we Need in Better Films than The Anti-CIA and Anti-NSA CHUCK. The FRENCH COP, President Of DARKPOL, A Part Of CIA in The Feature And Franchise, will Be A Possible Breakthrough in the States and Worldwide For her As A Singer-Songwriter and A Celebrity Actress, Symbol of France and First Lady of The Country, the closest friend and military partner of the US!

When a twenty-something computer geek inadvertently downloads critical government secrets into his brain, CIA and NSA assign two agents to protect him and exploit such knowledge, turning his life upside down.


Mike Fuller: CHUCK Marketing And TV Show Makes Me Think About FRENCH COP, Is It Coincidential? TIMEFRAMES LLC Studies This Issue And Will Monitor The Pilot Of The New Season On NBC Tonight!

A Lot Of Articles On This Blog Are In Development With New Writings In The Next Few Days! STAY TUNED!!

January 11: CHUCK Yesterday Was All About A French Kiss Between The Actor Levi And Yvonne Strahovski: Love Story Or Sexual Harassment? The Camera Gave The Reply with a strong reply of the Character played by Yvonne, Chuck was down, Then Some Ads! Prime Time Is For Kids Normally who don’t deserve this Culture of Violence And  Harassing Women! 

Is CHUCK A Plagiarism Of FRENCH COP Or Not? I Worked On The Show For MEMORIAL DAY, They were Imitating Tom CRUISE’s Movie Mission Impossible, Then Abiout To Be Cancelled By Their Channel (NBC) (see their Official Wedbsite) An Now Their Official Marketing On Youtube Informs Of A Cliche About JAmes Bond! Everything Except Something New And The Actress  Yvonnwe STRAHOVSKI (Who Deserves Better!).

A Co-Production WARNER - NBC UNIVERSAL: Why? To Imitate The Patricia HUNTER Of Vince SAUVAN Or To Do Better Than Us? Maybe To Produce Another TV Show For Fred Kelly Who was There For One Day To Meet Yvonne Strahovski, A Good Actress For A Bad Series!






Are Photo-Doubles Playing In TV Shows For Some Actresses? Some Pictures On Promotional Websites Create This Doubt. But Mike Is Sure To Meet The Real Kate CASSIDY On The Set Of MELROSE PLACE. He’s Calling The Casting Director Tomorrow, Monday, For A First Touch-Ice Breaker As A Good Veteran Of The TOASTMASTERS CLUB).

Kate Cassidy, A True Talent According To TIMEFRAMNES LLC And The President, Mike Fuller, Wants A Part In The TV Show That She Is Leading (MELROSE PLACE) Because He Is A True Talent Too (AccordinG To The WeB... And The Spider, Meaning The Market!).

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