September Equinox in San Jose, California, USA was this morning on Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 7:21 AM PDT. “There are 2 equinoxes every year – in September and March – when the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of day and night is nearly equal. Customs Around the September Equinox…/september-equinox-customs.html


This diagram by makes me think about mine regarding the 4 main names & brands of my TIMEFRAMES franchise:

  • Frederic Vidal (personal) for the March Equinox,
  • Fred Kelly (professional) for the June Solstice,
  • Thomas Spears (social) for the September Equinox,
  • Me, Mike Fuller (political) for the December Solstice.

I miss Jessie Andrews.

I miss Jessie Andrews. It’s unbelievable, in this America of the year 2016, I never met her yet, I never spoke on the phone with her!! After 2 years to have the project and to communicate about it on the Web. Never mind, it was fast! I have the feeling this waiting time is finishing quickly: we will be able to BE IN TOUCH super soon. For this Equinox of September and the new Season Autumn, I was thinking about the recent past. Not at all  nothing to share!
Mike FULLER this year


Picture from article

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Email from
“Hello Jessie, it’s Mike:
for this Automn Equinox, I am thinking about you a little more than everyday (if it’s possible!).
It’s really unfair we cannot be in touch on the phone. I know it’s not your fault. If your entourage/management think I’m a fantaisiste, daydreamer or delusional, it’s really sad, sad, sad. I know you don’t.
11 months in America, including 2 months in LA and I did not see you, sad, sad, sad.
Our future together, we cannot be sure, sad, sad, sad.
The press, they never want to write about me, sad, sad, sad.
BUT, more than ever, I update my blogs and social media on a daily basis. I’m so much inspired and good for a lot of new content 24/7. I think it’s the most important, yes, yes, yes!
The Presidential election, I like it, yes, yes, yes!
I’m sure to speak with you and meet you fast, fast, fast.
Have a great Autumn (thinking about me, me, me).
You’re so Close to me. Sincerely yours,
Mike (previously Frederic Vidal)”
My Autumnal Equinox celebration By Mike FULLER (Sweet Email To Jessie Andrews And More). Best Of Frederic VIDAL Afterwards. September Equinox in San Jose, California, USA was this morning on Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 7:21 AM PDT.


According to NBC and New York Times,Hillary Clinton WINS Against Donald Trump, November 8! Mike Fuller Is Unknown Until Now!
Hillary Clinton Has Officially Reached Enough Electoral Votes To Win The Presidency (DETAILS)

“In a new NBC news battleground map projection on Monday, Hillary Clinton tops the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. The Democratic nominee walks away with 288 electoral votes, according to the NBC map, leaving the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, with 174. The remaining 76 electoral votes are tossups. The previous map, released in July, showed Clinton with 255 electoral votes and Trump with 190, so since the convention, Clinton’s points have gone up and Trump’s have gone down.”
The State of the Clinton-Trump Race: Is It Over?

“It has been three weeks since Democrats gathered for their convention, and Hillary Clinton still holds a large and consistent lead in national and battleground state polls. Her national lead over Donald J. Trump of seven to eight percentage points could slip a bit over the next few weeks. But it has been long enough that much of her expected convention “bounce” should have faded. It leaves Mr. Trump in an unenviable position: No modern candidate who has trailed by this much a few weeks after the conventions has gone on to win the presidency. Mrs. Clinton an 88 percent chance of winning. It’s about the same probability of hitting a field goal from the 20-yard line.”

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David Bowie, we will succeed to be together, we are Parade Stormer, me and? Not you, unfortunately, you had to let me know there was something missing in your agenda that was not unbreakable: some love for a quality time with me, only in a studio. Never mind, I will wait for your comeback in 1959, if you believe in science fiction. Anyway, I don’t know why you left without a last song for your fans explaining you will be a real star now that you’re dead. Goodbye, I continue without you. Frederic Vidal

1. Press communique.

Parade Stormer will make Fred Vidal short film debut.

The company Parade Stormer based in Nashville and Frederic Vidal for Timeframes and Bramstocker are preparing two short films about the Presidential election. They are semi-fictional and must be shot before June 2016.

This is about Mike Fuller cultural candidacy. He’s the hero and alter ego of Frederic Vidal, part of the universe of Timeframes, started in 2005 in California. Mike and his soul mate Close Coopers are campaigning in a satirical and nicely controversial way.

In 15/16, first short film to be produced, Close is doing an interview of Mike for the press. In 17, the sequel, he’s talking to the TVs for the official announcement of his candidacy.

To be the partner of Mike Fuller, played by Frederic Vidal, Parade Stormer and Timeframes are looking for a new kind of Brigitte Bardot, in Hollywood and worldwide. The blond hair French actress of the 1960’s stays a great cinema icon and a sex symbol. References to her show how much the couple of actors and characters to build for the election story and film will be like a fairy tale.


Brigitte Bardot, more than a diva, a French movie star
who changed the face of the Country, more than De Gaulle
with her body and her style, created by God. FV

The actress who will play the role will represent a ‘Red riding hood’ in Hollywood as her career will be upgraded and empowered by her participation to this production. It is Frederic Vidal who is French native and American since 2006 who will direct. The still very young Frederic, even at 56, is also a singer-songwriter since his punk band Bramstocker from 1977 before to be a screenwriter.

Parade Stormer prepares also with him the release of a solo debut album from Nashville. If the actress is musician it will definitely be a plus. The political candidacy of the films story was inspired to Frederic Vidal by Michel Colucci called Coluche. This French comedian decided to campaign for the Presidency in 1981.

presidentColuche, a so great French comedian
of my 70’s who showed to the world
that humor and politics are compatible.

More development will be organized if the first screenings of the shorts are successful and also the reaction of the press and the medias. The ambition is even to get an Academy Award of the best short film in 2017.

NETFLIX is scheduled to be the platform of streaming of the films. The wardrobe will be in Beverly Hills style. Frederic Vidal and Parade Stormer promote the program 48 HOUR FILM for everybody to realize a short in 2 days. Parade Stormer is also pre-producing the feature film Insemination.

Frederic Vidal as a social personality in the real campaign is preparing the creation of a nonprofit, AMERICAN CULTURE DEPARTMENT (ACD), to anticipate a Secretary of the Arts in the United States with a mission of education and exhibition of the minorities and underground culture in the Country, thanks to commercial sponsoring and support of music and cinema for a Web TV in a second time.

2. Strategy behind the films 15/16 and 17.

To participate in the Presidential election campaign
to promote cultural and social values of solidarity and liberalism
with a trendy Mass Medias lobbying.

The two shorts films are the evocation of something more important that can stay symbolical or will appear emblematic of a project of communication thanks to the mass medias for the American population:

a couple of candidates, not to be elected but to be selected to express some claims and demands like John Lennon and Yoko Ono did at the beginning of the 1970’s.


john-lennon-and-yoko-ono-pic-mirrorpix-850053013After The Beatles, John Lennon decided with Yoko Ono to be more political and to express their opinion, especially against the war and for peace by showing they were a couple in a bed, only. FV

The United States have this problem to be a little too much disabled by poverty and exclusion (consequences of unemployment, foreclosures and bankruptcies) that the regular politicians and official candidates are not ready to solve because it is outside the federal routine of the Country’s management.

It’s about the daily life of the Americans, also regarding improving the knowledge and fame of culture that is a mix of the show business, the fashion industry and the young people to compensate otherwise it is only an industry.

With the support of the press, some commercial companies and mass medias, the couple formed by a new Brigitte Bardot improving her career with this social activity and the ‘President of another dimension’, Mike Fuller, a SciFi fantasy character explained in several screenplay projects by me, owner of this fictitious name, could do an American tour, this Summer and before, to promote their films and brands and represent as spokespersons all these cultural communities that would like to be more involved in the campaign of the Presidential election that is not inviting them usually enough or welcoming their sensibility.

Frederic Vidal,PhD


Paintings and drawing based on pictures of David Bowie

3. Letter to a Lawyer to support and advice us

Hello Sir:
I am a songwriter and a novelist for the cinema living in the United States as an immigrant and a French native. I was in Nashville, TN for the first time in 2015 and I stayed until now because I want to settle down in this city after almost 10 years in Los Angeles, CA.
I would like to hire you for my file regarding my new citizenship since 2006 and the question of my success story in America. It is necessary to tell you that I must manage daily some obstacles preventing me to get the notoriety I would like to have in my new Country.
First, I am a musician specialized in rock music, including Country music but I was located all my life backstage and sometimes in the background. I am a good composer and lyricist and my goal is now to attract a record deal. For that, I need more than the present silence of the venues about my project to play on Broadway.
Secondly, as a filmmaker in Hollywood not enough, I can swear I will have a first feature film at the Box Office this decade but I checked still now I can be possibly blacklisted by some folks for some reasons representing politics.
It must be connected to my career in the future. Tell me if I can believe in it. These next years will be crucial for me and alone I cannot know, without you, how I am well or not appreciated by the authorities.
My goal is consequently to make the point about my records (at the FBI, Homeland Security and NSA) and to evaluate and to be evaluated by you, picturing our world, giving us the opportunity to socialize more with the press and the medias. We could invite them for a lunch that would be a press communique to have a first article and then so much after a while of entertainment and the publicity of the couple I want to do with a girl.
Next step at the White House in 2017? It’s possible when everything will be ready around my Justice case: what about my rights and who would want to reduce them?
Thank you to control all of that. You can call me for a meeting.
Best regards and happy new year.
Frederic Vidal

Before GERMAN SPY pre-production in 2016, The 6 Parts Of FRENCH COP: BLACKOUT Synopsis Are Now The Basics Of The TIMEFRAMES Universe Upgrade About The USA Presidency As We Still Live In The USB.

French Cop is the origin of the TIMEFRAMES universe created by Frederic Vidal in 2006 and inspiring now a comic about Mike Fuller. Before the pre-production of GERMAN SPY, another part of the franchise, at the beginning of next year, we are proud to present the synopsis of the last episode of the FRENCH COP: BLACKOUT and the comic strip of the film project representing a first story board giving the design of this saga episode.


1. Birth of a couple in Washington

This first date is about fire and ice. Their conversation is like written in a book of fairy tales. He wants to kiss her but she’s not ready for that. Their hands are warm and touch the bodies.

2. Love story with business deal

In Paris, they are lost in the Country of ancient times. They are upscale romantic humans making sex as a passion. They want the world to be theirs and Paris to be their tender suite. PYRAMID want them to do the cover of TIME magazine. They agree with the direction for the next government of the USA.

3. Weekend lovers decide no 24/7

They are expressing the fact that they are only partners. They wanted to stay free and no connection with KGB Next Gen. Their love is not secret but they don’t like to speak about it. There will be no change as they decide to stay together. Their deal with KGN Next Gen is to continue PYRAMID orders.

4. Female journalist can reach White House

Laurel Principle made herself famous by interviewing people of a concert. But the guys were not happy and decided a class action. Some porn activists began to Schedule to harass the girl. Vince Sauvan succeeded to calm them down with a bad networking. She’s a trouble for the couple but Mike will marry her.

5. In charge of the Secret House, without the French Cop

Still in love, Mike and Close came back for an emotional travel. There, they met KGB Next Gen and PYRAMID fellows to confirm their passion. In Washington, Obama continues to help for the new Presidency. After 2012 victory, Mike Fuller is now married to Laurel and have a kid. With Close, the weekend bed is the only pleasure time of the week.

6. Projects of a duet in love for their dimension

Sauvan-Hunter are bodyguards of Obama and nothing else. The idea came to send them to Japan to cure computer crisis with the US. President Fuller selects them to investigate about the laptop stolen to Close. Close remembers the second ticket for 2016 about Vidal and Cantor. The 2016 deal is codified by axiom 14 = 16 about possible impeachment.


Frederic Vidal is the author of this 18 parts comic strip featuring Mike Fuller with his secretary Close Coopers who will replace in 2015 his wife Laurel Principle after their divorce. Close and Mike together for a couple story that is about government and privacy, this is the great improvement of the FRENCH COP saga.


















This comic strip was realized thanks to:


The trilogy of FRENCH COP is famous (First Fight, White House, Win Win) and in 2014, Frerderic Vidal decided to tell us what is happening for the second main character of the saga, the President Mike Fuller who is also his real political nickname. This fiction is great, in the reality VIDAL FULLER is about to be a total candidate for the Presidency in November 2015. So, let’s have more details about the novelism that is additional and entertainment meaning art of film and writing.

French Cop: Blackout™ is the postquel and the first feature film to be produced
in 2014 and afterwards as a preview for WordPress from the following French Cop saga. This motion picture project will include 6 episodes.

Bush Presidency (2000-2008)

1st episode. 2006. Washington. Ice Breaker.

2nd episode. 2006. Paris. Honeymoon.

Tweets of 05/08/2014

In FRENCH COP™: BLACKOUT, Mike Fuller and Escort Girl, Close Coopers, investigate in 2006 in Paris about sadism threat against US Lady. MF.
The young woman is TV host in America and victim of diffuse moral harassment regarding her privacy. Fuller is her detective as a Senator. MF.
Warning: I’m Mike Fuller, the real screenwriter and rights activist (porn, punk, drugs). I’m hero of my own fictional stories for films. MF
All of this is not Junk for Twitter but brand new Material for Hollywood. I’m underground insider & outsider with my LLC network of VIPs. MF
Her name is Laurel Principle, she knows Mike well. Close Coopers is a security trained girl, her fiancee. Mike Fuller
An amateur gang has strategy to create problems to Laurel by organizing dysfunctional interactionjs around her with sex & biz stalkers. MF.
To harass people by attacking women or brainwash them with sadism is ugly crime. Mike and Close are in Paris to find Laurel’s punishers. MF.
Mike Fuller isn’t a crimologist but he’s in touch with Vincent Sauvan, the famous FRENCH COP who is dating Patricia Hunter in Washington. MF.
In Nice, François Frederic is a man connected to Mike Fuller that he met in New York in the 90’s. He’s the one who knows more about ALL. MF.
New Hampshire singer Mark John Pride is happy fellow of TVs and radio shows but also angry not to be enough in the charts. He and Laurel? MF

© 2014, Mike Fuller, TIMEFRAMES LLC. All rights reserved.

Official visit as the US Presidential candidate.
Obama Presidency (2009 – 2012)

3rd episode. 2010. Paris. French and Nice lawyer.

4th episode. 2010. Paris. Going to the Senate in California.

Tweets of

Part 2. FRENCH COP™: BLACKOUT. Campaign subscribers were already numerous in 2010 for Mike Fuller thanks to Laurel Principle and her network. Mike Fuller was so glad to go back in Paris, France with his team for a 2nd trip after 2006, 4 years later in order to meet new people. MF.
Close Coopers was in the Matignon neighborhood to study why the French Republic is not anymore a Royalty In Versailles but a Republic. MF.
We’re in 2010 and the Midterm election could be dangerous for new President Barack Obama because the GOP is strong in the US. Fuller not. MF.
The French Cop, Vince Sauvan, is in Washington for business with the President at the White House in this fiction of reality. No Fuller. MF.
The goal is to go to Nice on the French Riviera to know more the Country and to appreciate it. He misses Laurel and promotes a lot the USA. Close to Italy, there is a connection with Europe in Nice that is tourism oriented. Mike calls Laurel who is in New York for business. MF.
Code of Honor is important for military men. A new character, MASTER OF WAR, appears to be the equivalent of FRENCH COP, when Fuller is invited to a PYRAMID mixer in Paris, back from Nice and so cool for high levels talks Inside the anti-Sauvan organization. Close and Mike are still a couple and continue their affair for a short while but she will stay her secretary. The White House is their target: 2016 GOP. the best. CIA is the background.

© 2014, Mike Fuller, TIMEFRAMES LLC. All rights reserved.

Official visit as the US President.
Fuller Presidency (2013 – in progress)

5th episode. 2014. Paris. The USB of Maryland.

6th episode. 2014. Paris. Constitution of the Film.

© 2014, Frederic Vidal, TIMEFRAMES LLC. All rights reserved.

For now, The German Spy stays the great project we know as
the locomotive of TIMEFRAMES for 2016 and 17.

GERMAN SPY™ movie script.
© 2015 by Frederic Vidal, Post-Scriptum and TIMEFRAMES LLC.
All rights reserved.

Role Play synopsis


Porn Star was US.
Her business was not sex but mondanities.

Secret agent was in France.
He’s networking with the rock industry for underground espionage.

He needs her to organize a deal.
He wants to export in America some cocain and LSD.

He’s an artist. She’s the host.
Claude François is the singer he wants to cover with DAYDREAMER.

It’s a question of notoriety.
Sid Vicious ‘My Way’ gives his him the inspiration to promote show biz differently.

BRAMSTOCKER™ is a Punk band famous for its 1977 breakthrough.
With 13 albums that could have been recorded in 38 if Rock Music had been popular like cinema.

France refused to commercialized it.
Italy was ready to be their sanctuary.

Porn Star will introduce it in Wall Street.
Love industry is a part of the package for the investors.

Secret agent wants this group #1 in the States for the glory of Germany.
The message is ‘War is Over but not the Satan Joker, nickname of BRAMSTOCKER™ in Germany.

His wedding in Las Vegas with the Porn Star is the happy end.
SILLY is their love song for the promotion of free women on the dancefloor.

She wants him as candidate for the Presidency of the USA.
Secret Agent was too much Under-exposed in Europe. He has a gift for politics according to his beauty miss.

Secret agent is not anymore secret and starts his campaign in Des Moines called Silly, Nice & Porn™.
He’s not anymore a spy but a public servant of his new Country America.

Their secretary, a brunette, presents his program about an Amendment and a Prime Minister and a 51st State and a VIIth Republic in France.
It’s a corporate demo for reforms in the future. Surprise, surprise: Obama likes it.

BRAMSTOCKER™ releases a role play about the couple and a board game about their universe of politics, music and movies: The French Cop and their first corporate and mainstream album: President of the States.
A card game like Poker shows that a couple can be happy with a film and an album of songs more than politics.

Meanwhile, they prepare the building of an UFO to leave in 2025.

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