Donald TRUMP Last Days Before January 20: He is Invited To Be Prosecuted At The White House! Possibly, The Judge Will Not Validate His Election Because This Location In Washington Is Not A Court Usually!

The editorial by Thomas SPEARS already published in the previous post deserves a new title: it is all about Hollywood in Washington. THERE WAS A CONFUSION WITH BARACK OBAMA, this handsome President did not think he would be the enemy of a better actor than him but a CONTROVERSIAL FELLOW, TRUMP Donald who is now the nightmare of the Establishment that is screaming: Barack, don’t leave us alone, WE NEED YOUR HELP. 

The nightmare is finishing. This awful candidate will never be President. I want him a good future far, far away, in Vegas or in Canada, where he wants EXCEPT AT THE WHITE HOUSE. I am the one who has the most the TALENT TO BE PRESIDENT. When I will be in the New York Times and the Washington Post, it will be another era, the SECOND AMERICAN DREAM. For now, there is a chaos and a storm in progress.

Our billionaire is not anymore creating a favorable wave but on the contrary DOUBT is HIGHER about his past and his mood. It is a terrible time of DISPUTE and INVESTIGATIONS. In every State and City of the Country (the United States, not Russia!), do like me: STAY CALM, be SELF-CONFIDENT, read the PRESS, on the WEB if necessary and let’s WAIT AND SEE. We have to be in touch with our Congress Members to propose them to prepare more AN ALTERNATE SOLUTION: a second election, another President must be in our mind to replace this dysfunctional Donald.

This is Barack OBAMA who was the first President to be a Hollywood Icon thanks to Steven SPIELBERG, a Jewish director leader of the Movie Industry, and a lot of other directors and producers. Actors and actresses acknowledged at the Golden Globe Awards that they are victims of human trafficking. So, they were not accusing TRUMP but also SPIELBERG and the major companies that are disturbing their regular career like Washington by preventing them to produce their own films and have more privacy. OBAMA supported SPIELBERG and lost his iconic image definitely when he invited TRUMP to visit the White House the day after the election. Why not during Election Day? Anyway, it’s too late. The responsibles of the TRUMP BUG are also Hillary and George W. George WASHINGTON and me, we are waiting for the next Ronald REAGAN, it can be MYSELF, Mike FULLER if you want it, if God decides it one day soon. SO FAR SO GOOD but take care in Washington, the Nation won’t accept to be

Frederic VIDAL is gone, I replace him: Mike FULLER

He will be back with Thomas SPEARS, Vincent SAUVAN and all friend of TIMefraMES for a musical that won’t be LALALAND, the academy award of the Human Trafficking but for a last Saga: GERMAN SPY I, II, III and IV. Let us shoot a first short film in SF or DV ASAP. I have to tell you TERE WILL BE ALSO AN ACTRESS, a Lady!


Barack OBAMA leaving or not? This RUSSIANGATE is his own defeat: he could not be so popular without a problem he did not solve, to be replaced by somebody accepting to continue his legacy. Donald TRUMP is not validated to be the President after OBAMA. There are not able to finish the transition together. They will be investigated together! MF

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LAWSUIT for SLANDER against TRUMP: It’s Mike FULLER who wants Washington to change its buzz the SHADOW PRESIDENT is EVIL. The IMPEACHMENT will follow!


MASTER MANIPULATOR is not a degree but a talent that is criminal. My IMPEACHMENT of TRUMP for SLANDER against me and so other victims of his dictatorship supported by OBAMA and BUSH is more and more IN THE NEWS that are not FAKE like their buzz that I am EVIL. These 3 persons with a fourth one, Hillary CLINTON, are not anymore able to stop the Justice because the Impeachment will be voted by The US Congress for the Spring. Meanwhile, I will see the Judge to FILE A LAWSUIT for segregation: I am an Artist and I want to be able TO FEEL FREE and to be HAPPY IN AMERICA. Donald TRUMP will not build his WALL that is in a STREET, in fact. Mike FULLER

About: “Primaire de la gauche : mode d’emploi du premier débat”

Un debat televise, c’est l’occasion devoir ensemble des candidats qui veulent trop reussir seul. Les Socialistes sont en vedette a la tele, qu’ils s’entendent et ne se disputent pas trop. Mike FULLER

About: “Obama leaves with a warning that sounds a lot like George Washington’s”

Mike FULLER is the American SOLZHENITSYN but his WASHINGTON is not BREZHNEV but JEFFERSON. We must leave with OBAMA to see where he’s going then we will come back to the White House to impeach TRUMP and elect FULLER. See you in February. Thomas SPEARS

About: “Obama Dog Sunny: Bites White House Guest”

It is a terrible mistake. The White House never hurt a guest but Mike FULLER had a trouble with it previously, not with a dog but with the President who was nasty about his personal file. In the future, FULLER will be welcomed in Washington, DC because it is 2017 and NO MORE INCIDENT. Thomas SPEARS

About: “It was a mad, mad day in American politics. Is it also our new normal?”

A SAD DAY FOR ROOSEVELT, KENNEDY AND REAGAN. Stop destroying our Federation with your scandals. TRUMP OUT FOREVER. We need to Congress to continue the hearings and to conclude by his IMPEACHMENT. Mike FULLER

About: “The Coup Before the Inauguration”

The Coup before the Inauguration: MIKE FULLER is not at all the impossible candidate for a second round. HE HAS NO CRITIC AGAINST HIM, he is attacking nobody BUT JUST THE WITNESS OF THIS TITA\NIC second episode. This is a disaster for America. This CLINTON versus TRUMP competition was too much organized by the two parties. CLINTON was the favorite and TRUMP, the outsider but he is now lost in the middle of a scandal LIKE THE WATERGATE. The RUSSIANGATE is tough and terribly dangerous for our United States. To the population of the US: stay quiet, watch TV, think about George WASHINGTON and Thomas JEFFERSON, pray if you believe in God and BE SURE I AM WITH YOU TO BE YOUR PRESIDENT as your last chance to stay a democracy. TRUMP will call then Army to impose his decisions if he can. We don’t want a fascist regime in this Country. He’s not anymore the TRUMP of your votes. Something was wrong in his mind these last few weeks. He says we are the NAZI GERMANY. Why is he so sure we are NAZIS?? We are not at all in GERMANY. He is delusional, suspect to be a communist maybe, obviously a pro-Russia and creating a trouble in the Nation brains. Unfortunately, I cannot express myself enough. I am about to be in the medias. Support my project to be President, INVITE ME IN YOUR NEWSPAPERS. Mike FULLER

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Martin Luther King Jr Day on Monday, January 16 is the celebration of our historic leader fight to INCREASE LIBERTIES AND RIGHTS against DC.

TRUMP is anti-FRENCH COP, anti-GERMAN SPY like HOLLYWOOD, WASHINGTON & the PRESS for political reasons. Even the UN don’t like Mike FULLER.

The last Barack OBAMA press conference will be the last evidence that the press in the United States like everywhere in the world IS DOWN.

The PRESS is SHY in America. Why? They don’t want to criticize TRUMP too much. It’s the same worldwide. No real RUSSIANGATE for Nazi TRUMP.

The RUSSIANGATE is worse than expected. No issue for TRUMP except to RESIGN. Vladimir PUTIN was involved too much in Donald’s election! BrA

IMPEACHMENT NEXT: Mike FULLER LAWSUIT against Donald TRUMP is UPCOMING. The RUSSIANGATE is about SLANDER Mike is EVIL because anti-Russian!

The RUSSIANGATE will never be in the press if I don’t begin my lawsuit against Donald TRUMP for SLANDER. He’s diffusing FAKE NEWS about me.

The FBI must support my LAWSUIT against Donald TRUMP. His SLANDER about my filmmaker and songwriter reputation are FAKE NEWS I am EVIL. MF

No Lawsuit against Donald TRUMP for SLANDER without also a CAMPAIGN of our SHADOW PRESIDENT Mike FULLER to cancel the election of Nov 8. FK

Americans regret they didn’t accept Mike FULLER aka Frederic VIDAL for the Presidency. Some of them think IT’S THE REASON OF A RUSSIANGATE.

TRUMP has not the choice: he’ll be more and more criticized and attacking against people and medias that will criticize him. He must LEAVE.

Like Julius CAESAR, Donald TRUMP leads his army across the RUBICON River, marches on ROME to take the power A BAD WAY. He’s too anti-GERMAN.

Hillary would be never investigated again by the FBI according to TRUMP’s Attorney General Jeff SESSIONS: it is the EVIDENCE OF A WEB DEAL!

This story began with George W BUSH and his partnership with PUTIN. We must study why the REPUBLICANS were destroying Mike FULLER candidacy.

The WHITE HOUSE is humiliated by TRUMP attitude against the Press, one more time this morning: refusing a CNN question & insulting BUZZFEED.

After the cancellation, Hillary CLINTON will have to accept Mike FULLER to replace Donald TRUMP against her. Otherwise, it will be HER END.

Thomas SPEARS, it’s Frederic VIDAL and Donald TRUMP, it’s Barack OBAMA: nothing’s scheduled to let Mike FULLER who’s Freddie MERCURY govern!

NO MORE WAR, NO MORE TERRORISM. Barack OBAMA with his Nobel Peace Prize did not speak without guns during 8 years. I am for the ROSES only.

Barack OBAMA was not authorized to be Pro-BrAmStOcKeR by the population and the national security. WRONG! He accepted to be anti-FULLER. FK

The American dictatorship of OBAMA will not continue with TRUMP. There must be an AMENDMENT to prevent the Rich to harass the Poor. BrAmS

MERYL STREEP is our Sunday heroin: LA LA LAND will never accept a President who is insulting Journalists. PRESS IS FREE and soon TRUMP FREE.

TRUMP MEETING ALI BABA: it’s his move preparation, not to the White House but to other responsibilities, probably not in the business again.

OBAMA must support more our project of a NEW ELECTION: TRUMP is prepared now to resign but we need the Supreme Court to cancel NOV 8 ballot.

The Supreme Court can cancel the Presidential election because it is not possible to underestimate the Russian attack against our democracy.


Alternate title: The NO NUKES Program Inspired TRUMP To Organize A New Cold War By Being PUTIN MAIN SUPPORT In The US. 

No TRUMP, No JOKE. Let’s VOTE AGAIN: Donald Is Insulting Us On TWITTER To Support More The Hacker PUTIN, Saying We Are STUPID And FOOLS If We Refuse RUSSIA Cooperation! They Did Enough With Our Presidential Election!


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Hollywood is about to collapse definitely killed by the French, always ready to interfere against the United States, and the American politicians. France and Washington are also allied against FRENCH COP and GERMAN SPY, the 2 Mike FULLER movie projects. It’s just the continuation of the STAR WARS (read previous articles). The entity HOLLYWOOD is having a deal with the White House that is unfair. This profession of filmmakers or moneymakers (actors) has nothing to do with being an artist. For the Presidential election, these guys were AGAINST HILLARY CLINTON, following the enemy of her, Barack OBAMA, friend of PUTIN, less than TRUMP anyway! Death of Carrie FISHER and her mother Debbie REYNOLDS were a secondary problem at the White House. NO NATIONAL MOURNING, NO regular 2017 for a show and election biz that is suspect. Carrie’s daughter, Billie LOURD will succeed her career without Human Trafficking thanks to Mike FULLER and Thomas SPEARS when the lawsuit against France decision of prosecuting Frederic  VIDAL undercover for political reasons will start. Donald TRUMP will investigate about it if he can stay President more than several months and if he understands it is necessary for his Presidency. Otherwise, he will leave soon. BrAmStOcKeR with Fred KELLY is now officially demanding to the United Nations the Justice to condemn all the 1977 people who continue to block its commercialization. 


The cancellation of the election of Donald TRUMP is compulsory. He is the partner of Barack OBAMA, obviously. We could check in the news that they are two persons of the same origins: New York and Chicago! It means a lot New York and Chicago, The Statue of Liberty and Al Capone. The Liberty does not authorize you to prevent the others to respect the law. Corruption is everywhere in the administration of the Country by the White House of the two Hollywood partners who will celebrate the Golden Globes another day. Barack and Donald are not the same but equivalent, regarding Vladimir PUTIN, their second Vice-President since the beginning.

Even BUSH was thinking RUSSIA changed and became a positive Country for the United States. Wrong: if they organized the sabotage of Hillary, they are definitive enemies like before when they were communists. IN THAT CASE, WHAT IS NECESSSARY IS DIPLOMACY OR WAR IF NECESSARY. It is what we did with REAGAN (diplomacy) and all the other Presidents since EISENHOWER but OBAMA, TRUMP and BUSH were not able to do that, attracted by the money of Vladimir PUTIN, his personal money? According to me, the money, in fact, that was blocked in Europe since the Russian Revolution of 1917, one century ago, and after that, since the German evolution to Nazism supported by the American banks, unfortunately for us and the Jews who also lost their assets stolen by the IIIrd Reich.

The link between PUTIN and OBAMA like TRUMP must be stopped by the Congress or the Supreme Court. I will never accept to have been the victim of the Russian hacking because it is a sabotage to elect TRUMP, not only to destroy CLINTON! I was also a candidate, not authorized to be in the press, probably another decision of the Russians followed by OBAMA and his entourage. We must be sure that this mess is about to stop. The best way to neutralize the Presidency to be a dictatorship is to accuse Hollywood to be managed by Washington. Obviously, this is true and can appear something normal but I don’t think so. CULTURE MUST NOT OBEY TO THE POWER, ARTS ARE NOT THE EXPRESSION OF DECISIONS BY LAWMAKERS who are, in that case, managers of the mass medias, preventing the democracy to be possible.

WE NEED A LAWSUIT AGAINST MR. DONALD TRUMP to stop his project (already in progress) of SLANDER AGAINST ME and against all the Americans. He already tweeted WE ARE STUPID AND FOOLS. He means we are crazy against him, us, HIS ENEMIES (quoted in another tweet by him). I’m not really his enemy and I will never be crazy because I AM COOL AND CALM in front of everybody or behind. It will be something like a trial, he won’t be able to finish our American Dream. I AM THE SHADOW PRESIDENT and believe in me to confirm to the World the United States are about to be back on track after this crisis that can be followed BY A NEW ELECTION DAY: after the rain, blue sky and sun!


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GOLDEN GLOBES? I don’t think so. HOLLYWOOD GARBAGE, it’s TRUMP = OBAMA, double corruption by the White House: ACTRESSES HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

These horrible Hollywood Human Trafficked actresses faces are the evidence France and Washington are corrupting our films with their brands.

There is UFA and there is VLADIMIR (Владимир), first name of the President. After the Golden Globes, the Oscars: Americans make it 2 times!

QUEEN OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING Blake LIVELY still the slave of OBAMA and now TRUMP himself, known for his personal corruption. Signed by PUTIN.

American nuclear submarines ARE NOT YELLOW like the British one of The BEATLES who didn’t want to continue after 70 but PUNK against RUSSIA.

As the SHADOW PRESIDENT, I decide to be 24/7 ready to THREAT RUSSIA OF A NUCLEAR WEAPON ON A BIG CITY if PUTIN does not resign immediately.

Warning: this is maybe the right city to finish like HIROSHIMA: UFA, Уфа in RUSSIA. If the crisis isn’t well managed, it will be like in 45.

Donald TRUMP is about to resign. His attitude is ridiculous: TO SUPPORT MORE RUSSIA. We cannot accept such a THANKS PUTIN from a President.

Why Donald TRUMP is insulting us? WE ARE NOT FOOLS AT ALL OR SICK LIKE HIM. We are the American People and OBAMA must THREATEN RUSSIA MORE.

They close the SEARS, they close the MACY’S: they will close the CITY HALLS if Thomas SPEARS & Mike FULLER don’t organize a new VOTE! BrAmS

I am the SHADOW PRESIDENT in this Country that is not RUSSIA at all. I want the CONGRESS to investigate the Presidential election SABOTAGE.Donald TRUMP is not a RATINGS MACHINE but a SOVIET BELIEVER because PUTIN was KGB before to be President of a “Free” RUSSIA. I VOTE FULLER!

Donald TRUMP & Vladimir PUTIN will not be the most famous couple of 2017: accusations against the Russian President show they divorce ASAP.

What happened in FT. LAUDERDALE is unacceptable: MASS SHOOTINGS ARE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and the NSA must control US Airports like never!

GERMAN SPY IV will be the 2018 main feature film. For now, Mike FULLER must go to WASHINGTON to participate in the debate about a NEW VOTE.

Situation is very bad. OBAMACARE dispute will continue and RUSSIAN HACKING shows they are all responsible. Why PUTIN is voting in the US? TS

There’s a storm at the Congress about RUSSIA and Donald TRUMP. What to think about Moscow help for his election? NOTHING GOOD, 2 of a kind.

Is OBAMA Mayor of San Francisco? I don’t think so. If we want TO REFUSE TRUMP ATTACK against your City, maybe Mayor Ed LEE must be replaced.

SAN FRANCISCO Mayor Ed LEE against BrAmStOcKeR? It must not be a gossip but we need to know more about this 60-70’s Rock Historic City. BrAm

In San Francisco, the City Hall will not like at all our project GERMAN SPY IV: this is what people told me yesterday for year’s beginning!

In San Francisco, the City Hall will not like at all our project GERMAN SPY IV: this is what people told me yesterday for year’s beginning!

SCHWARZENEGGER, The (new) Apprentice Host: Hollywood is a family puzzle. Carrie FISHER with Frederic VIDAL in 77, it would have been Super!

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About: “Iggy Pop: Still the “godfather of punk”

THIS ONE WILL NEVER DIE. My girl will accept to join me and my environment. This is my song for January as I am the songwriter of Fred KELLY. Thomas SPEARS, Iggy Pop fan since the Punk

About: “A Liévin, Valls se pose en candidat du travail et du pouvoir d’achat”

VALLS PRESIDENT! Nous ferons le necessaire pour consoler ses concurrent malheureux s’ils n s’en remittent pas de l’ection du petiti espgnol naturalise mais pas par erruer par la Republique francaise. Il a la fougue d’un homme qui a bien vieilli et qui s’en fout du passé. Mike FULLER

About: “How a week of Trump tweets stoked anxiety, moved markets and altered plans”

TRUMP is the best on the Web to communicate with Twitter to express his mood that is Broadway and Las Vegas, NOT THE BEST FOR THE WHITE HOUSE. He’s an Entertainer to go now th the Actors Studio for a last Tweet. MF

About: “US ethics office struggled to gain access to Trump Team, emails show”

Ethics are missing in TRUMP strategy of power! It is about morality and the billionaire knows only legality to play with it like with a toy but the Judge is a good father for the new Kid at the White House. He will prevent him to break the rules! Mike FULLER, Shadow President

About: “Obama says he’s fine with changing ‘ObamaCare’ to ‘TrumpCare'”

TRUMP = OBAMA. Two of a Kind! Let’s impeach them together with BUSH and CLINTON for a quatuor to play the Jazz of Corruption a last time to the Judges before to be fired, they were bad APPRENTICES of George WASINGTON. Mike FULLER, Shadow President

About: “House Intelligence Committee chair: Russia report leak was a ‘political rollout'”

OBAMA supports PUTIN probably and there will not be the end of the chaos with him. His Presidency was the last one of the regular Unite States. With TRUMP, it is the beginning of a new style before the bankruptcy of the Country. This is a Wall Street Alert. Never 2 without 3 (Donald got already 2 bankruptcies). Mike FULLER

About: “Republican senators urge Trump to embrace findings on Russia hacking”

More and more Republicans will explain to TRUMP they are FOOLS and STUPIP like he insulted them on Twitter yesterday because they are against the spy PUTIN for the INDEPENDENCE of our Country. Next door for Donald: MOSCOW. Mike FULLER

About: “Jake Tapper Goes Nuclear On Kellyanne Conway As She Lies To Defend Donald Trump (VIDEO)”

This crisis is the right one to impeach immediately Donald TRUMP after January 20. No Russian at the White House, we will organize a second Election Day before the Summer. Mike FULLER

About: “Election Meddling Is Surprisingly Common”

PUTIN is TRUMP’s manager and this is not a surprise at all for me. TRUMP is a bad surprise but Vladimir was STALIN protégé, so Donald to win called the Kremlin and it is not authorized in the United States. Read the article. Mike FULLER

About: “Trump: ‘Only stupid people’ don’t want a good relationship with Russia”

TRUMP IS THE FOOL and the stupid billionaire who wants the dictator PUTIN to be his associate to manage the US like RUSSIA. It would be the end of the American Dream and the beginning of the nightmare of a weak presidency and a foreign government of our Nation. WE WILL BE FRIENDS WITH RUSSIA AGAIN WHEN PUTIN WILL HAVE RESIGN! For now, there is a diplomatic fight to continue and a threat of war to express with our nukes. Mike FULLER

About: “Trump’s bogus claim that intelligence report says Russia didn’t impact the 2016 election outcome”

This article explains: “The big, overarching reason that President-elect Donald Trump doesn’t want to accept the conclusions of the intelligence community about Russia’s alleged hacking is pretty simple: It would call into question whether he would have won the 2016 election without it. Trump is a winner, and it would hurt his brand.” Consequently, we must prevent TRUMP to replace FULLER as the SHADOW PRESIDENT. The problem is MOSCOW, not SAN FRANCISCO. PUTIN will never be at the WHITE HOUSE. His KREMLIN is still a Cold War Palace that is organizing too much our next Presidency. Let’s vote again, after a Nuke if necessary, an American one on RUSSIA. Thomas SPEARS

About: “Piratage imputé à la Russie : Poutine mis en cause, Trump minimise”

C’est une honte. La Russie a attaqué les Etats-Unis sans nucléaire mais avec l’Internet, une arme très dangereuse qui peut détruire une élection présidentielle. Il faut que la France se prepare a rejoindre le camp américain pour une réplique, peut-être massive et mondiale. Mike FULLER

About: “Intel report: Putin directly ordered effort to influence election”

This weekend, we must meditate about this possible conspiracy. There is probably INGERENCE of Russia in the US. It’s a French word to mean TO INTERFERE WITH A PROJECT OF DESTRUCTION OF THE INDEPENDENCE. Mike FULLER

About: “Hitler Was Financed by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England”

This is the origins of the conflict between Russia and the United States: Germany was an enemy of the new USSR created after the Russian revolution in 1917 and later the association of the US with the Soviet Union finished by a dispute that is still in prgress, even if Russia is not anymore communist since 1991. Mike FULLER

About: “Massive storm system moves into Northern California; flooding, heavy snow forecast”

We will stay home this weekend with a lot of warnings to keep in mind storms are more dangerous than earthquakes sometimes. California is ready to fight against the last one that was political: TRUMP President is like 1906 in San Francisco but the City was rebuilt in less than a decade. Mike FULLER

About: “49.3, sécurité, déchéance : les affirmations de Manuel Valls décryptées”

Le 49.3 ne doit pas etre un sujet de champagne en tant que tel. Il est un vestige de la Constitution de la Ve Republique qui reduit notre Parlement a l’etat de subalterne. Il vaudrait mieux songer a une revision de la Constitution pour le supprimer et le remplacer par un article additionnel qui prevoierait la creation d’une VIIe Republique enfin moderne a l’image du XXIe siècle qui necessite des modes de gouvernements renoves. Mike FULLER

About: “Top U.S. intelligence official: Russia meddled in election by hacking, spreading of propaganda”

The US Congress is right to look for the partnership between the Russian government and the hackers. It is not acceptable in the United States to have a foreign Country that creates problems against a candidate. Hillary CLINTON must have a new chance to be elected President. This is what the Congress will conclude in a few days. Mike FULLER

About: Primaire de la gauche : les incertitudes des sondages

VALLS en tete, c’est la gauche qui voit son meilleur representant pouvant l’emporter sur FILLON, un candidat de la Droite qui plait aux Francais voulant sanctionner HOLLANDE. Supportons la Primaire en cours de plus en plus, le PS redeviendra populaire d’ici l’election. MF

About: “The Latest: Obama being briefed on Russia hacking report”

The Congress investigates about Russian participation in our US Presidential election. It is a great activity to improve our democracy and stop this political mistake: “U.S. intelligence services have concluded that Russian civil and military intelligence services used hacking to interfere in the election process.” “Top U.S. intelligence officials say Russia poses a major and growing threat to U.S. government, military, diplomatic and commercial operations — as well as America’s critical infrastructure.” We support this process that will succeed to neutralize the alien system destroying our liberties to select a President by ourselves. MF

About: “Trump selects former Sen. Coats for top intelligence post”

I am listening to Brahms – Sextet No. 1 & 2 – Members of Berlin Philharmonic Octet this morning of Thursday, January 5, 2017 and I am sure that I am the right person to testify about the Presidential election problem in America. I wasa candidate but not like the others, THE WEB CHALLENGER, the ALTERNATE INSIDER of the campaign watching the others doing their plans in a chaos around Donald TRUMP and RUSSIA interfered. Let’s be ready to back to the polls after a necessary cancellation of the November 8 election. Mike FULLER

About: “Trump alleges delay in his briefing on ‘so-called’ Russian hacking; U.S. official says there wasn’t one”

TRUMP lost in a crowd of bad files against him and his past: it shows he was not at all prepared to become President one day. He’s about to continue the White House policy against my cultural enterprise to commercialize FRENCH COP and GERMAN SPY, the 2 masterpieces by Frederic VIDAL. This is a buzz in Washington like in San Francisco. I hope there will be another decision to invite me for a meeting with the new Authorities to see WHAT WE CAN DO TOGETHER about Government, about Economy and about Diplomacy AS I AM more than ever the Best Adviser available in America for a Power that needs success not to collapse all at once. Mike FULLER

About: “Hamon et Jadot font assaut d’amabilités”

Les candidats se presentent a tour de role et ne se ressemblent pas. Ma mission est de les apprecier suivant le programme qu’ils proposent et de prendre en compte l’importance qu’ils ont et qu’ils auront dans notre pays par rapport a la Republique qui se meurt si on la laisse a l’ecart de la population. HAMON et JADOT, pourquoi pas! Les autres aussi ont beaucoup depoints communs avec HOLLANDE et meme VIDAL qui aurait pu emplacer SARKOSY. Mike FULLER

About: “Carrie FISHER’s Death: Suspect According To Fred KELLY Because She Knew Too Much The Author Of The GERMAN SPY. 4th Episode: SPEARS PRESIDENT!”

The decisions of OBAMA against FRENCH COP, GERMAN SPY and my networking in Hollywood and WAHINGTON: is it real or gossip? Is it true this man is jealous of me and does not want women to meet me??!! I am no sure, this would be insane. Anyway, I know there is an investigation in progress and this can be something like the WATERGATE Scandal if TRUMP supports such a Barack! We’ll see, my friends. NOBODY STOPS A LOCOMOTIVE (like me). Mike FULLER

About: “STAR WARS And SEX PISTOLS: It Was The Same Year (1977) With Frederic VIDAL And Carrie FISHER Love Story Worldwide, Prosecuted As Usual By The Authorities Of The States And The Show Biz!”

On Blogger, the original Business Plan by Fred KELLY plus a new text about: STAR WARS And SEX PISTOLS: It Was The Same Year (1977) With Frederic VIDAL And Carrie FISHER Love Story Worldwide, Prosecuted As Usual By The Authorities Of The States And The Show Biz!

About: “‘The New Celebrity Apprentice’ is missing something — and it isn’t just Trump”

I am the first to comment this great article about THE NEW APPRENTICE. THE APPRENTICE will stay for me the breakthrough show of Mr. Donald TRUMP before the Presidency. He was a genius, a kind of Felix MENDELSSOHN of this Classical Music of the TV networks: THE REALITY SHOWS. Then, a decade later, another massive Politician and Artist, Arnold SCWARZENEGGER is replacing the President of the United States to begin a new bunch of episodes with CELEBRITIES. I think it is good but maybe not enough. The New Apprentice must be criticized regarding his support to the Republican Party (Arnold was a GOP Governor of California).I did no career until now, except on the Web and a super strong project of business plan on my blogs. I would have like to manage the new Donald’s show as a GOP2 (more democratic) leader, ALTERNATE from the brain to the wallet. I’m still available to be the special guest (with others also who would like to participate) of Mr. TERMINATOR, hoping he won’t terminate TRUMP’s Presidency. Mike FULLER

Peillon et Valls présentent leurs programmes

Les grands dirigeants politiques souvent sont oublies par la population qui les redecouvre a l’occasion d’une nouvelle candidature au poste supreme, par exemple. Que faire? Lire la presse, se rappeler du passé a travers vos souvenirs et choisir celui ou celle avec qui vous voulez vous associer: ce sera depuis le depart. Mike FULLER

ON TUMBLR, the great Fred KELLY ‘Business Plan’ text published for the new year on WORDPRESS is now diffused to a lot of other readers. This is the promotion of Mike FULLER’s 2017 cultural and commercial program and the tradition since 2006 and 2007 when this FRANCHISE was created by Frederic, our 1959 creative manager who became a Hero last year for other comics and movies! TS


Russian Hacking could be a reason to cancel the Presidential election. This week, the situation can be worse about this problem if the US Authorities have updates and new choices to do TO CONFIRM THE EVOLUTION OF THE COUNTRY that needs more empowerment. Mike FULLER


PRIEBUS reply to my October email is still one of the decisions of the TRUMP team I would appreciate for the 100 first days of the new President. To be a Chief of Staff is difficult and a permanent challenge. I will be the Shadow President more and more this year and I propose to share this function with Mr. TRUMP, I mean the function of Chief of Staff. REINCE can be my collaborator to organize the Shadow Administration. JUST A REPLY TO CONFIRM THEY AGREE, it’s what I’m looking for. HAPPY 2017 to Washington, DC. Mike FULLER

About: “L’au revoir très politique de François Hollande”

Adieu, President HOLLANDE. Votre successeur connait son nom deja mais pas nous! Je serai a vos cotes pour compter les voix de chacun et permettre a l’elysée d’accueillir a terme un nouveau Regime. Mike FULLER Bonne Annee la France!






Hi Lieutenant-Governor:

I am Frederic VIDAL with a new name: Mike FULLER and I feel well to write you today some news and feelings from Frisco I left for Washington, DC a day ago.

I want to tell you, like The BEATLES in the song of the same title, that I am a write-in candidate for the Presidential election, especially in California where I was officially write-in for the Republican primary in June. This time, to win is a fantasy I can’t explain why I believe in it.

You know I say all the time, on the Web too, the 21st century will change to give us something new. It was a bad idea to try to continue the XXth century. People of the years 1890 did the contrary to prepare a fully different 20th century of 1900 and beyond (until now).

would like you in my team but I am sure you are busy and secondary you are a Democrat, I am not. I am basically Conservative and probably even more Republican but not like TRUMP and PRIEBUS, like REAGAN and EISENHOWER if they lived in the 2010’s. I promote the concept of a GOP2 for the edification of a CLUB: Presidential Power I call it to reunite Reps and Dems for a little time, partially. You’re welcomed if you want, if you feel comfortable with it.

Otherwise, as the SHADOW PRESIDENT I would like to be the next 4 years, beginning now, I need a Capital and I am proud to tell you SAN FRANCISCO – you were previously the Mayor of it – is – will be – my home-capital for counter-government, alternate policy and SHADOW CABINET like in the UK. It is the tradition of SF since the 1960’s to contest, to criticize positively the District of Columbia, a FEDERAL POWER that does too much sometimes to oblige the others to follow their rules.

Let me know if we can meet for a conversation about these subjects. Sincerely yours,


Mayor Gavin Newsom Launches San Francisco Bicycle Plan

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Gavin NEWSOM on Wikipedia:

On Twitter

SAN FRANCISCO, SHADOW CAPITAL, it is now and lot more January 17, 17 thanks to MIKE FULLER, Shadow President (already now) and WRITE-IN 2016

Mike FULLER recommends INVESTIGATION at WHITE HOUSE about mental, financial CORRUPTION. OBAMA’s secret advisors could be AFFLECK, CLOONEY.

Letter to Gavin NEWSOM, Lieutenant-Governor Of California:

Email To Reince PRIEBUS: THE TEXT. Record Diffusion For The Most Important Text Of Mike FULLER’s Political Career, All Week Long By The Shadow President’s Team!


Picture: It’s a good joke from Eisenhower and Reagan! Donald TRUMP was thinking he had finished me (and my pairs). NOT AT ALL and I will show it in DC: I’m not that kind of man to be afraid of a billionaire, even when I’m ZERO BUDGET! I’m the real GOP, he’s Wall Street, Garbage side. MF. Picture from:

Email from
sent at 3:14 PM PT on Monday.

From Fisherman Wharf, San Francisco, CA. Sunday, October 9, 2016.

Attn: Reince PRIEBUS, Chairman of the Republican National Committee

Hello Reince, Mr. Chairman:

I’m writing you this email at the end of the Fleet Week, here in San Francisco, after a last passage of the BLUE ANGELS, the flight demonstration Squadron of the US Navy.
You know I am a Presidential candidate, registered with the FEC since June. Songwriter, previously civil servant for 15 years, from France, Europe, I immigrated in 2003, became citizen in 2006 but my new profession, filmmaker, obliged me to wait for a while and to quit the Hollywood Hills.

With a PhD in communication studies and an important degree in Political Science, I participate in the campaign since I came back from Nice, October 16, 2015 when I stayed 4 years after the death of my old aunt my last family in Europe.

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, I have been able to write on my blog created in 2009 on WordPress my entire program on dozens of posts, commenting the news on a daily basis. Now that the TRUMP candidacy is at its worst, I am more than ever ready to run for the Republican Party as I selected Senator Marco RUBIO to be on my Ticket as Vice-President candidate.

I am volunteer to occupy the Oval Office for the next 4 years as a Republican with a New Look against the controversial candidate who is wrong and create an overdose of jerk.
If I am an apprentice, I am nevertheless sure that we must respect the Primaries message: WE, THE PEOPLE, the voters want something new. So I am and you can send me a flight ticket for more discussion because there is this tempest on US politics and we must take care and be fast.

Basically, I feel like the continuator of Lafayette partnership with Washington when I’m writing it: WE MUST REINFORCE OUR CIVILIZATION. It’s explained on my site: we need a change but the best has to stay. Conservatism and liberalism must inspire us together for the modernization of the Country to carry on.

A lot of Republican leaders said NO to the eccentric Donald TRUMP who diffuses a bad mood after his lack of respect about what is the most important in a population, WOMEN. We cannot accept that.

By being the second candidate UNOFFICIAL but not anymore OFF THE RECORD, we can organize our victory a new way against another person who is also controversial (emails), Hillary CLINTON. We don’t want burlesque situation American Politics anymore. I’m the only one capable to stop that, being myself a guest NEVER 2 WITHOUT 3.

Your other possible candidates will not decide to run now, it’s too late and why one and not another? I, it’s the contrary, I prepare since January this situation, when I understood It would not be possible to go to Desmoines, Iowa for the Caucuses. Something went wrong in this Presidential election, we’ll study what. For now, we have a chance to get the White House with the strategy I’m proposing you.

I can’t wait meeting you in Washington. We have 4 weeks and that’s enough. You won’t be disappointed by my presentation. I was never on TV yet or in the newspapers but I AM A PRO!

Sincerely yours,

Mike FULLER alias frederic vidal previously




Alert! From Fisherman Wharf, San Francisco, CA. Sunday, October 9, 2016. Attn: Reince PRIEBUS, Chairman of the Republican National Committee

The Debate about to begin. The BLUE ANGELS, the Flight Demonstration Squadron of the US Navy, were super great in the sky upon FISHERMAN’S

WHARF. Now time to diffuse the email text I prepared after the planes show. It will be the most diffused document of Mike FULLER’s career.

On TUMBLR, my very last day on the SOCIAL MEDIA before WASHINGTON, DC and The COMET, my new Format for the Web 2017

The Email That Mike FULLER Wants #1 Of Them All: Attn: Reince PRIEBUS, Chairman of the Republican National Committee. #MikeFULLER #DonaldTRUMP via @SkyrockOfficiel

Meanwhile on FACEBOOK

On TUMBLR, I have my very last day on the Social Media to diffuse the EMAIL before The COMET, my new program for the community sites beginning in Washington, DC on October 18 (press conference). See you there and then.

Meanwhile on TUMBLR

Title: The EMAIL that makes History! Fuller to Priebus: “you can send me a flight ticket for more discussion because there is this tempest on US politics and we must take care and be fast.”

Meanwhile on REDDIT

I am leaving the We that is social and for the community sites because I have not my place there as somebody like the others. I am a VIP and not only: I AM THE SHADOW PRESIDENT since my last stay in San Francisco, last week for the DREAMFORCE and FLEETWEEK. Now, back in San Jose, I prepare my move to DC and WASHINGTON can’t wait! I’m Presidential candidate too for a Happy End in the present crisis between Donald and Hillary and Trump against the GOP.  I’ll prevail. Call me the Breeze! I’m back on Reddit and Facebook, Oct 18 for my press presentation of The COMET, my web&newsletter for the Intervision (Internet + Television) and I DO THE PRESS.

Meanwhile on SKYROCK

FACEBOOK comment: The Email That Mike FULLER Wants #1 Of Them All: Attn: Reince PRIEBUS, Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

TWITTER Comment: On SKYROCK (French Radio): When Mike FULLER created the email as a way to replace the letters and to get a reply! TS


On BLOGGER: The Famous EMAIL From Mike FULLER To Reince PRIEBUS, Chairman Of Republican National Committee, Makes The Difference!
A great email for a great content: how to become President of the United States! Mike FULLER web

On LIVEJOURNAL: To replace TRUMP, Mike FULLER Emailed to Reince PRIEBUS From Fisherman Wharf, SF, Sunday, October.
In the Press (to conclude before one week of break)
About Washington Post article: The GOP tumbles toward anarchy: ‘It’s every person for himself or herself’

Last comment before New Start. I quit today the social media for ONE WEEK. One and only one week to build A PROJECT connected to my AMBITION: to replace a couple that was a bad partnership on Sunday Night for our American History. Mr. TRUMP, nasty and restless and Mrs. CLINTON, smiling and harassing him, this is the worst spectacle since the TV is diffusing programs to the families of our Country in the 1950’s. We never saw so much TENSION between a man and a woman except in JULIET JONES meets PERRY MASON. We cannot laugh about it. I will be the candidate of all the citizens of the US. More than that, I’m already a SHADOW PRESIDENT to control and criticize what Obama says and do. So be confident, readers and Washington Post, like the Social Media is, I WILL be OUR SECOND CHANCE to have 4 years of great Presidency, respecting the choice of the people not to have a professional Politician for the GOP. There won’t have anymore ANARCHY when I am in DC, let’s say next week. I’m unknown scientifically speaking by nobody. Everybody knows my WORDPRESS blog, everybody knows how much I write a lot on the Web the way I can be speaking, deciding, meeting the others at the White House, beginning January. If you are not sure, be at my press conference the 18: INTERVIEW ME. Mike Fuller press


ABOUT THE NEW YORK TIMES: ‘I’m the Last Thing Standing Between You and the Apocalypse’

Hillary Clinton declares ‘I’m the Last Thing Standing Between You and the Apocalypse’ . I DECLARE THE SAME. Mike FULLER myspace

ABOUT THE NEW YORK TIMES: Paul Ryan Turns Focus From Donald Trump to House Races, Roiling G.O.P.

Very bad weather before storm at the Republican party. Mike FULLER

We are the 4. So 1, 2, 3, 4: Mike FULLER Communique to the 50 States Governors and the American Press. Register me as a WRITE-IN and publish me as a SHADOW PRESIDENT. International press will participate in this diffusion wave. This election is a GLOBAL MATTER!



SO DIFFICULT TO BE AN ENTERTAINER AND A POLITICIAN. We would know it if Jerry LEWIS was a SENATOR (in fact, he’s Mr. TELETHON, same kind of serious thing very respectable). WHY ARTIST, IT’S NOT RESPECTABLE? Below this text (communique) is like the others but it gonna be historic (content and diffusion for quality and quantity). MF

You know I have a problem, or maybe it is a solution, to find the right spot to park my campaign in this huge paquebot of the US. I hope the parking is not FULL, I’m FULLER, it’s not possible! I will find it, with this communique (how many did I sent yet, not for nothing at all). This is the principal document I have to diffuse until October 18, press coference normally scheduled in Washington, DC. Not easy akll of that but I’m more confortable on my computer and managing my files than others certainly in the news of the Mass (medias). At the same time, I feel bad to have to stay IN THE SHADOW but not so much finally, there is LAW and law can attract suit (LAWSUIT!!). I will succeed, it’s a question of WEEKS. Some personal feedbacks this first Tuesday of October! Have a great day. Still in Frisco, DREAMFORCE begins today. Your MIKE


A Giant of this Industry that is so much like an Art witha Technology: JERRY LEWIS, my preferred ROCK STAR of my 10’s and beyond. Read his Bio:

Now welcome to this historic
P R E S S   C O M M U N IQ U E

This is EXCLUSIVE WORDPRESS CONTENT as a DRAFT of final version for the desk
of the journalists and more people involved.

From San Francisco, Tuesday, October 4, 2016. 10:00 AM PT. Press release of US Presidential candidate Mike FULLER (representing Frederic VIDAL candidacy) – Presidential candidate ID: P60021870, 6/22/2016.

Shadow President

I’m the Shadow President of this Country, a shadow President, by my own decision to be candidate since October 2015 and my choice to stay it until 2020 if I’m not elected President of the United States of America on November 8 and because I want to represent these next 4 years the opposition legally expressed against the President , in order to replace him or her after one mandate.

No Press

I am surprised in this Country, I could not get no press for one year now as I celebrate one year back in America, after 4 years of studies in France (2011-2015), OCTOBER 16. My activity on the social media, on the contrary, is more important tha ever: dozens of new posts on my famous WordPress blig, hundreds of Tweets, most of them political, daily updates, several times a day, of my Facebook wall.


I did a break of 3 months to find the press I didn’t meet. At the Primary of California, I was registered by the Authorities like for the Presidential election now. I proposed to Senator Marco RUBIO to be onn my Ticket. Still waiting for his reply that I think is positive (otherwise, he would have replied No), I AM INVITING THE GOVERNORS TO REGISTER ME AS A WRITE-IN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. Thanks to tell them a second time.


I met Jerry in the 1960’s in Paris on a circus scene for one of his master-pieces. Wespoke together and made the point (a great memory?). Unfortunately, we didn’t stay in touch. Why we forget to call the people sometines??! He could have helped me, obviously. I have the project to invite him at the White House when I will be President. As A Shadow one, he will invite me in HOLLYWOOD!! MF


“No woman, no fame, nothing in one year, it’s a little too much.” I would say if I was overreacting. It’s not in my tradition of Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan. Consequently, being right now, partly homeless and candidate, my investigation concluded, since there has been the lost of my Hollywood hills house in 2011, there has been defamation, boycott, blacklisting and plagiat against me and my film stories. The leader of this is Mr. Donald TRUMP, competitor for the election and previously, and a decentralized network in culture and politics. My complaint to the judge is in progress in Los Angeles.

New Website

Last but not least, my program has a definitive strategy: TO REINFORCE OUR CIVILIZATION, believing in the doctrines of CONSERVATISM and LIBERALISM like Reagan did, associated with Mr. Thatcher in Great Britain.Taking care about the MODERNIZATION of the Country an its MILITARIZATION, two tendencies that are more than tendencies but constitutives of the American Dream of Dwight Eisenhower, I want to reactivate. It’s my best:

TRUMP won’t be President. Refuse also CLINTON to sanction 8 years of bad Status Quo with our economy.
VOTE MILTON FRIEDMAN if he’s candidate,
and read my daily news: http://fredvidal.wordpress

All my best.

Your Mike FULLER

Postscript Rendezvous for a press conference where you will be IN WASHINGTON, DC,
on Tuesday, October 18 I will tell you where in a 2nd time (not at the White House anyway!!).
By the way, SHADOW PRESIDENT is also a SONG now. You know I’m involved in music and movie business and I composed this to have A BRIDGE between ART and LAW that are compatible (not WEB and WAR), between CULTURE and POLITICS. This is my problem TO BE CREDIBLE as I am songwriter-screenwriter BUT IT’S THE PROBLEM OF EVERYBODY! Bye.


After Keynes or before him, Milton FRIEDMAN is the best in Economics. We need Classics. First reason: there are not new theories. Tio understand the wolrd now, the Country, FRIEDMAN and Economy are so much necessary. Otherwise, we are blind. So, homage to him: the two MILTON more and more present for more economy of the States in the campaign this month. MF

On Wikipedia:

O T H E R W I S E   O N   T H E   S O C I A L   M E D I A

On Twitter

Good Open Mic yesterday at HOTEL UTAH. Song SHADOW PRESIDENT was perfect. Lyrics to sing better. Tonight 10/4, (901) COLUMBUS CAFFE, SF. MF


Joke Candidates

If you think I’M JOKE CANDIDATE, think what you want. I agree it can be your opinion. INTERVIEW ME to be sure. I don’t take me seriously. MF

INTERVIEW ME to be sure I’M JOKE CANDIDATE OR NOT. I don’t take me seriously. I’m Musician doing POLITICS. CLOWN was BOWIE, me: MAGICIAN. MF


Clinton too Official

Musician like BONO, Actor-Screenwriter like nobody (FRENCH COP/ GERMAN SPY / VELVET EYES trilogy), I am Mike FULLER, US Presidential candid-

ate WRITE-IN and SHADOW PRESIDENT. Historic!! Diffusion starts on FREE PRESS RELEASE. 2nd offensive: CLINTON too much ‘OFFICIAL CANDIDATE’!!

Hillary CLINTON has 2 men in her life THAT IS TOO MUCH. Bill CLINTON and Barack OBAMA taking her in their arms: PROTEGE killin’ the Race! TS

Historic last month and communique. Objective: criticize HILLARY CLINTON, candidate to win by decision of the White House, after TRUMP DOWN.


I did my first open mic yesterday and I continue tonight. This Blues SHADOW PRESIDENT is really trendy and roots. Back on stage, I feel the same. I can’t replace anybody, I’m less good than others but I have a great time with a Mike (me and the audience).
Mike FULLER music

“Musician like BONO…’ And the Winner is… He’s not candidate, he’s not even US. I’m candidate but in the States, we have AN OFFICIAL CANDIDATE: the Wife of Past-President Bill CLINTON. So, what to do? TO INFORM THE PRESS.
Mike FULLER historic

To Ralph NADER

I was at the library and I saw an information about your conference October 17 in SF. One told me the church burnt and we will have confirmation of another place. Meanwhile, I send you a copy of my press release. I would like to be in touch with you (for the project of a Shadow Cabinet and more. Sincerely, Mike FULLER




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