GERMAN SPY IV (Part 2): MATA HARI JR., First Lady At The White House. It’s Possible Thanks To TIMefraMES And Her Funny Husband, Silence Thomas SPEARS, For 4 Years Of Anti-Nazism Revival With ISRAEL To Promote!

Previously: GERMAN SPY IV (Part 1): Silence Thomas SPEARS II, US President In 2020 Because Mike FULLER Wants To Share The Power With A Semi-Fictional Character Created By Frederic Vidal And To Be Played By Fred KELLY For The Cinema! The SYNOPSIS Before The SCRIPT!

About Nazism in Hollywood (to criticize this ideology):

About Nazism and Cinema:

Synopsis of the Film by Mike FULLER.
(Part 2)

What about Auschwitz after all these years? It was the masterpiece of Adolf HITLER, his acknowledgement he was a murderer, not a Chancellor. We cannot accept that. His attack against the Jews was a part of the nightmare that destroyed the Reich.

Now I want to tell you the IIIrd Reich will never kill you again. Let us be sure of it: let us sign a treaty, you accept the Svastika, I accept the Jews. You refuse it, I kill you again!” finished Thomas SPEARS with all the crowd laugh with no end.

The German Sign of the hand, inspired by the Roman is the new permanent reminder in Washington that the Chancellor SPEARS offered to the Americans the National Socialism to build the second part of the history of Germany in its new Country: the US.

Everybody has fun with no SS at all in front of their door but the Army reminding to everybody in a weekly parade that the IIIrd Reich of them won the war, AGAINST ITSELF.

To speak German is the first obligation at school and SPEARS proposes the immigration of 10 millions of German families members. Himself with his own Eva BRAUN , MATA HARI JR. is preparing 3 or 4 children in one time or several births. It’s a funny duty to visit his wife for the lunch every day at the East Wing of the White House recalled the Berchtesgaden Residence in DC.


Carrie FISHER will stay permanently our divine STAR WARS Princess who disappeared for one reason that must be in your mind: SHE WAS INVITED TO OUR FILM preparation, certainly in another Galaxy with the Extra-Terrestrials of the IIIrd Reich looking like the enemies of an SOLO in the 19777 film.

Picture from:

No HITLER again, this man was insane, just our Thomas SPEARS not to do the same but loving our Nation like a real man is the long title #1 in the Charts song by a new Rock Band: The Berliners from Gestapo.

About the Aliens: they are green, little and real Martians with a smile like no one else. They speak English by miracle and open store to sale the products that are smarter than computers , electronic medications.

Everybody is happy and SPEARS can be proud to say he’s the first NICE NAZI at the UN in New York, a new President organizing the Power differently.

(End of Part 2)

HOMAGE to ALLIED, a great feature film of 2016 about Nazism.

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About “A final curtain call. Appreciations for the legendary writers, musicians, actors and artists that the world lost in 2016.”

They left this year our world of busy activities regarding politics and culture, first. We won’t forget them. They were huge leaders of their industry that is not enough appreciated in the United States. Let’s think about their Legacy in 2017 that I call the BOWIE YEAR. Music, movie, power: it’s my 3 words strategy, beyond the words the concepts and the goals! HAPPY NEW YEAR. Mike FULLER

About: Marine Le Pen va emprunter 6 millions d’euros à son père pour sa campagne présidentielle.

La championne de l’extrême-droite se réconcilie avec son père pour tenter de devenir Présidente de la République. Elle serait notre Hillary CLINTON française, selon certains. Essayons de l’intégrer le plus possible aux Institutions. Elle peut nous aider, nous les socialistes, a instituer la VIIe République qui nous anime deja pour 2017. Bon Réveillon du Nouvel An a tous, du FN au PS en passant par les Républicains et les autres. Mike FULLER

About: British leader Theresa May breaks with John Kerry’s condemnation of Israel

No ISRAEL without the UNITED STATES. I will be possibly President in June after the cancellation of the election that was pressurized by the Russians and I will go immediately in JERUSALEM to propose a TREATY of HISTORIC PARTNERSHIP between our 2 Countries. Mike FULLER

About: Putin says he won’t deport U.S. diplomats as he looks to cultivate relations with Trump

It won’t be possible to keep our Presidential election. THE SABOTAGE BY RUSSIA must be investigated more and the election canceled DOR A SECOND ROUND BEFORE THE SUMMER. Hillary CLINTON won’t be the victim of the Soviet Hackers, NEVER! Mrs. CLINTON will be our next President if the Americans want her (more than 2.5 millions of them gave her THE MAJORITY of the voters!). Let’s manage this crisis like the previous ones. It’s nothing bad for our Country, we have the budget for a new ELECTION DAY. A foreign State will never decide for the 50 States of the Union. TRUMP can be confirmed, we will be also candidate, like STEIN and JOHNSON I hope. The Press does not want to diffuse this obvious reality because they are satisfied by the present results. Why? Hillary was the favorite candidate, she deserves better. Mike FULLER

About: Poutine, homme de l’année

A l’inverse du TIME magazine, LE MONDE choisit POUTINE pour être l’homme de l’année. C’est un choix intelligent contre l’aventurisme américain qui m’a empêché de faire une carrière méritée depuis les années 2000. De San Francisco, je demande l’annulation de l’élection présidentielle et un deuxième vote qui pourrait intervenir avant l’été. Depuis longtemps, la Russie et l’Amérique sont des alliés qui ne s’entendent pas. Ils ont ensemble détruit l’Allemagne du IIIe Reich mais le Nucléaire et le Communisme les ont divisés. Ce n’est pas normal. Rouvrons le dossier due la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale et étudions les responsabilités. Le TIME explique sur sa couverture que ce sont des Etats-Unis en désordre qui donnent l’avantage au milliardaire, il faut retourner aux urnes pour remettre le pays dans le droit chemin, celui de la Démocratie et du Désarmement que POUTINE suivra dans une diplomatie partagée avec la France qui a trop souffert de cet affrontement. Mike FULLER

About: Kerry harshly condemns Israeli settler activity as an obstacle to peace

The Middle East must have been the subject that was the most studied by the OBAMA Administration. This is the message of John KERRY before to leave in a couple of weeks for the continuation of his career. The White House is located in America and not in Israel! The contrary would be a dangerous deal. The Jewish State can be sure I AM HIS SUPPORTER whatever will happen during the Presidency of Donald TRUMP that will finish in 2020. We have 4 years to build a great project together. This will be the ISRAEL of the World, not only in the Middle East but in Europe, Africa and America and even China. The Nation of their Lord is our Nation and every American must be ready for their community to be included in ours. Mike FULLER

About: Jean-Luc Mélenchon à l’assaut des nouveaux médias

MELENCHON est celui qui a su s’imposer sur le Media Social. D’origine americaine, ce Web lui convient parfaitement. C’est le signe que le combat contre McDonalds a porte ses fruits. Il ne s’agit plus maintenant d’une main mise etrangere sur notre culture mais d’une impregration francaise sur notre environnement des premiers 50 Etats de l’Union, Le 51e, c’est Melenchon qui en a la clef: devenir President est son ambition mais pour une Confederation. 50 + 1 = NOUS, ensemble pour gerer jusqu’en 20. Mike FULLER, contre-Premier ministre.

About: Obama says he could have beaten Trump

It is dangerous and a little ridiculous to play to the game WHAT IF? Barack Obama is not the best to imagine who would have been the winner. A THIRD MANDATE IS ILLEGAL, AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION. An amendment prevents this possibility. Obama is not inspired at all to show he had the project to continue against TRUMP. It is a delinquent attitude, to a great extend. The judges recorded it. MF

About: Iconic Star Wars Actress Carrie Fisher Dies at 60: ‘She Was Loved by the World and She Will Be Missed Profoundly’

It is not normal, so young stars pass away. WHY ARE THEY SO SICK? Washington, DC, I mean The White House and The Congress are responsibles for the HEALTH OF HOLLYWOOD. The super-productions of the movie industry must not exhauste artists at all. It is the failure of the system with the death of 53 George Michael too. We need an audit. Human trafficking could be an explanation. Mike FULLER


How it is possible in 2016 THE UNITED STATES OF DONALD TRUMP, OBAMA AND BUSH accept to let their actors and singers (affiliated George MICHAEL) DIE almost in the streets of San Francisco like the worst homeless people, them who were billionaires like the next President? This is the ILLNESS of the culture cold since 2008. A Federation that does not want a Secretary of the Arts is a fake one, probably! I am sure these stars who died this year would have been Washington guests if I was followed by the American Administration A LOT MORE. In 17, let’s start a campaign to PROTECT OUR ARTISTS STRONGLY with a warning: culture is immortal! Mike FULLER

About PEOPLE article: Iconic Star

She was sick just before Christmas. Now she’s gone. I WILL STAY ALONE ONE DAY SOON with all these old friends who pass away! WHY THAT TERRIBLE FAITH? I had not the possibility to be with them. This decision of upper powers was wrong, one hundred times! God bless you, Carrie! I’m you first fan from SF. Mike FULLER

About: Obama administration is close to announcing measures to punish Russia for election interference

This investigation must be long and definitive. It is about our Presidential election and its result: the TRUMP victory. If it is sure that Russia organized a conspiracy to prevent Hillary CLINTON to get the Presidency, it is clear that I am also another candidate who was injured by this strategy that is not acceptable. Let’s cancel this terrible election if there is the evidence it was a big project, scheduled since 2015 and supporting the ‘international’ billionaire TRUMP personally and professionally! Putin will never be the President of our US Supreme Court! Mike FULLER

About: 2016, l’année du renoncement

Le renoncement trouve ses lettres de noblesse en philosophie. Quand on sait qu’on deplait, il vaut mieux renoncer. Quand on sait qu’on echoue, il est salutaire de se taire a jamais. HOLLANDE n’entre que partiellement dans ce cas de figure. Il est aussi le grand du socialisme qui est devenu petit a force de se voir refuser par de plus en plus de croyants. Notre religion, c’est l’espoir, notre Christ, c’est Mitterrand (bien que le Vatican m’inspire aussi d’autres ecrits, il est vrai). Croyons ensemble que Francois II (de notre dynastie ‘athee’) reviendra pour moins de catastrophes et quelques eclairs de genie. Mike FULLER

About: Industrie musicale : en dix ans, les revenus ont baissé, mais la part du numérique a explosé

Le STREAMING remplace maintenant le DISQUE a un niveau jamais atteint: c’est l’effondrement du XXe siècle qui nous attachait a des normes anciennes qui disparaissent maintenant tres vite. Il va falloir reformer nos regimes politiques aussi. L’ere informatique arrive a grand pas: elle va transformer la planete. Les precurseurs etaient Twitter et Facebook. Ils evolueront vers un consortium certainement, de l’Intervision quand la presse se decidera avec la tele a ENVAHIR LE NET. Pour l’heure, la musique est constituee de fichiers qui circulent sur la toile et remplacent nos bons vieux 33 tours. Deja dans les annees 80, la revolution du laser et des CDs nous avait propulse vers l’an 2000. Maintenant, 2025 sera la prochaine etape d’une planete plus americaine que jamais (mais nous, la France, nous avons notre place aux Etats-Unis grace a la Louisiane) et d’une musique TOTALEMENT MACHINE. C’est de la Science (sans la) Fiction. Mike FULLER

About: Rick Parfitt 1948 – 2016

He was my brother. Frederic learnt the guitar with him and they played together the famous chord of Chuck BERRY: the rock gimmick. So sad, I didn’t meet them in America next year. Mike FULLER

RICK PARFITT: another Frederic VIDAL, his BrAmStOcKeR was this dreamBand STATUS QUO, from Britain too! I swear the UNITED STATES will COMPENSATE these missing musicians thanks to a TREATY WITH THE UK about Music and Cultural Exchanges for Progress and Empowerment of the Youth. Mike FULLER

About: Why are so many celebrities dying in 2016? George Michael and Rick Parfitt join long list of our best-loved stars

Baby boomers are dying! So many stars, I STAY MORE THAN EVER LIVING WELL AND STILL A BEGINNER. Frederic VIDAL passed away in 2016, I replace him: this change of name was the solution to be sure I will still be there in 2025. No TRUMP, No Joke! Mike FULLER, the new name of the Industry (I’m still VIDAL but UPGRADED after his ego death) To George MICHAEL who did not want to have another name: BE SURE YOU WILL BE #1 DURING THE BOWIE YEAR 2017.


Vince SAUVAN and Patrica HUNTER reunited for the last part of the installment trilogy of films: THIS IS POSSIBLE IN 2017 in the other dimension and in your theater when the production of the film will be organized. I’m working on it 24/7 and I appreciate this reminder, the FRENCH COP couple was there already before their first mission, for a short film in the Hollywood Hills. Mike FULLER


Communication is the problem of the White House: it is difficult to be in charge of the society when you are so far away, in a District that is not included in a State. Difficulties will continue for the new team. There will be a responsible outside Washington to manage the debate between the Government and the Population: me, the Shadow President, located in the Bronx, New York City in my Black House to BUILD A CULTURE DEPARTMENT. To George Michael who passed away TOO YOUNG. Mike FULLER

About: Trump welcomes ‘nice’ letter from Putin after nuclear vow

This ASSOCIATED PRESS article is the text that give the informations we needed to be sure there is an association that is not functional between PUTIN and TRUMP. Their deal is about nuclear weapons: they are great friends but they threaten each other with more nukes to install on their 2 territories. Mr. TRUMP is not in charge before mid-January and I am sure the FBI and other US Authorities will investigate to calm him down about Moscow that will never be a second capital for us, Americans. The sabotage of Hillary CLINTON campaigns by Russian hackers appears now more connected to the relationship of the Billionaire and the President of ex-USSR. Thanks to his Tweet, we can understand the real Donald TRUMP preparing a diplomatic business we can’t accept with a State that is our opposite. Mike FULLER


There is something wrong with President Barack OBAMA: before to leave, he wanted probably to show how much he was supporting the Arabians and did not want to continue the American tradition to be ISRAEL ALLIED #1. Why that? He was pro-Islam, one told me, preferring a policy that controlled Israel but did not organize its international networking FOR MORE FAME AND FRIENDSHIP. In the middle-East, consequently, it’s Iraq and Syria crisis of war and to stop it will Donald TRUMP be able to have the right program to manage ISRAEL future with the United States. I’m pessimistic about it. As the Shadow President of the 2 Presidents, I represent the opposition (all the people who did not vote on Nov 8 and also so many people of the Democrats and the Republicans probably who had no other choice than to vote for their leaders). I will see if the President TRUMP improve our policy about the Jewish State, otherwise I will propose a Speech to the United Nations introducing the project of a MIRACLE POLICY associating the Arabians and the Jews for a partnership ISLAM – TORAH to invite the great ISRAEL of our times to start its international Fame with our States. Mike FULLER

About: Primaire de la droite : ce que les comptes racontent de la campagne

L’argent est le moteur de la guerre mais aussi de la réussite électorale. On peut voir que Francois FILLON est reste économe, en particulier pour son budget Internet. La Prévoyance, c’est l’art d’économiser. On fera de meme a Gauche probablement, il n’y a pas de Nicolas SARKOSY dans nos rangs. Joyeux Noel a tous et que tout le monde se rassemble autour de la Gauche qui peut gagner. Mike FULLER, contre-Premier Ministre du President Francois HOLLANDE

About: Donald Trump entretient le trouble sur le nucléaire militaire

Le Tweet de Donald TRUMP est a l’opposé de ma proposition de démantèlement unilatéral. Je suis donc officiellement l’ANTI-TRUMP aux Etats-Unis et la France peut en être fière. Nous avons notre mot a dire. En tant que BINATIONAL, je n’hésiterai pas a monter au créneau en Janvier pour que le nouveau President s’actualise et refuse l’obsolete nucléaire des années 50. L’avenir, c’est la guerre au passé. Mike FULLER « les Etats-Unis doivent grandement renforcer et accroître leur capacité nucléaire tant que le monde n’aura pas retrouvé la raison dans le domaine des armes nucléaires ». DT

About: Trump on Nukes: ‘Let it be an arms race’

This is not acceptable. Mr. TRUMP is playing with our nuclear arsenal to promote the realism of his Presidency style that is like the problem of his electoral campaign, creating bad waves. More in the US must join the NO NUKES project. I will contact all the Americans in January to invite them to be me NOT ACCEPTING ANYMORE THE NUCLEAR TERROR of risk of Cities burnt in one minute by a bomb. These weapons are OBSOLETE and tools for CRIMINALS AGAINST HUMANITY. Read my post of Dec 5 about the NO NUKES: Mike FULLER

About: Trump threatens to upend U.S. nuclear weapons policy

TRUMP replied to my December 20 Historic Speech on Twitter (read it: by his PRO-NUKES Tweet to mean how much he is refusing a Collaboration with me who is for the unilateral reduction of the US Nuclear Power until the No Nukes in 2025 or even 2020. I still believe there is a solution between him and me: to see each other in New York at the Trump Tower or in another location TO DISCUSS ABOUT THE DUTIES OF OUR SUPER POWER. I will propose him a meeting for the new year. Mike FULLER


President elected Donald TRUMP was really showing yesterday that he is managing my important Shadow President function. He is considering it very seriously. HIS DECLARATION FOR THE INCREASE OF THE NUCLEAR WEAPONS is a decision to express, he is not accepting a Collaboration Mode with me, Mike FULLER who is proposing the NO NUKES policy to Washington. The team of the President is not supporting him and this is the first crisis after his election by the Electoral College. Never mind, I will continue to invite myself at the White House, FROM NEW YORK CITY, beginning Next Spring. The BLACK HOUSE in the Bronx, concert of mine, will be the Headquarters of AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT (ACD), the prefiguration of a real Secretary of the Arts for the American Government. President Donald TRUMP will have the international pressure of the POST-COLD WAR ERA against Nuclear Weapons. He will moderate his Holocaust ambition or will finish like Adolf HITLER, devastated by his own Nuke, the nuke of the Terror of destroying Earth in a conflagration with Russia, replacing the late Soviet Union. This nightmare must stay in our mind for the preparation of the New Year but for now let’s celebrate Christmas when the next President is in Florida, neighbor of the State that had a deep crisis with us in the 60’s, Cuba that lost Fidel Castro a few weeks ago. Mike FULLER


BOWIE YEAR, the spectacle for more David BOWIE FAME in 2017, his definitive year commemoration, is in progress in San Francisco where I will also propose a real MUSICA with Bowie songs like ABBA’s Mamma Mia, for BROAWAY. Mike FULLER (this song was #1 in the States)


The TRUMP Cabinet is the necessary DreamTeam of the new President. He is obliged to govern with his partners and associates, now invited by him for 4 years of White House Administration to WIN absolutely. I am studying this group for a constitution of my own Team that would be a Shadow one like the Shadow Cabinet of the Parliamentary Opposition in London against the Prime Minister. I think I will make it, next year, in January and February. My group will be completed for the Spring for us to enjoy our own propositions diffusion and acceptation by TRUMP President and Team during the Summer if he likes it, what I am confident about him and his great collaboration spirit. Mike FULLER

About: Donald Trump, officiellement élu, promet de « rassembler » les Etats-Unis

Le grand Donald TRUMP sera en France un jour prochain de 2017 pour nous faire part de notre amitié partagée. Il est celui sur lequel l’Europe doit compter. Je le temporise, en anti-TRUMP et ‘Shadow President’. Il est nécessaire qu’il s’intéresse au Social autant qu’au Financier. Mike FULLER


ISI could be the responsible of this terror attack, having a bad project to punish Germany for its support to the United States. This is not fair: our allied deserves an extreme mourning to respect by our population for Christmas. They are wonderful Germans, not so powerful, criticized sometimes only to be Germans. Our Country will be their promoter next year with President TRUMP, his Secretary of State and myself, Shadow President of you all. Mike FULLER



GERMAN SPY IV (Part 1): Silence Thomas SPEARS II, US President In 2020 Because Mike FULLER Wants To Share The Power With A Semi-Fictional Character Created By Frederic Vidal And To Be Played By Fred KELLY For The Cinema! The SYNOPSIS Before The SCRIPT!

HOMAGE TO IRON SKY, the previous Film to criticize Nazism in a Science Fiction:

Now that Iron Sky, a Finnish science fiction comedy about Nazis from the moon, has a release date and a new trailer out, it’s got us wondering: why do Nazis remain so popular as villains, anyway? We understand that there need to be Nazis in movies about the Holocaust and World War II, but they also end up in a whole lot of B movies that have nothing to do with that time period. After the jump, we explore some of their strangest and most apparently random film appearances.


Synopsis of the Film by Mike FULLER.
(Part 1)

After his victory at the Presidential election, Thomas SPEARS, the German Spy celebrates his first days at the White House with his wife MATA HARI JR., now the First Lady of the United States.

The couple is preparing the 4 years, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 with their team that is enjoying the great organization of the West Wing. They are busy and the President wants to share his secret with the American population: he is, in fact, German, coming from 1939 thanks to the technology of an Alien Civilization that gave him the opportunity to land in America in 2019, 80 years after the beginning of a World War II.

This mission was not at all validated by Adolf HITLER. Spears was thinking he was supported by the IIIrd Reich and this goal is to reestablish it immediately with a referendum. His American Wife took the nickname of his German Lady who stayed in Berlin when he left in the UFO. They were previously actors in Hollywood in the 20’s and the 30’s. Thomas SPEARS was a silent movie star before to be a Secret Agent.


George MICHAEL was the idol of Mike FULLER among his other favorite Icons including me, Thomas SPEARS. I am sure that George represents very well my personality for a first image regarding GERMAN SPY IV: 2020. 

Picture from:

This crucial announcement on TV is sponsored by his present wife who managed his move in the US and his campaign as a great lieutenant of him known as a Porn Star and unknown until then. They succeeded to win on Election Day against the previous President who was tired and unpopular.

The German Spy mission was to speak to the Americans if Germany was defeated at the end of the War that was beginning in 39. His supervisors were sure it would be something unique for the winners to listen to be the Ambassador of the Nazis, telling them words of political tenderness and inviting them to share their partnership with the incredible Extra-Terrestrials helping Germany to be present in other galaxies.

Silence Thomas SPEARS understood, all at once, the Country of ROOSEVELT was not the same at all: they almost forgot about the War and Hitler’s hate except in movies. Only Super-Heroes were still there, on the big screen too. So, he decided to wait for the revelation.

Before him, the politician Mike FULLER tried to reform the American Regime in 2016 but he was not elected because he was from another dimension where he was already President. The popular hero  Frederic VIDAL from France left Earth the same year for an after death trip that surprised all his fans who wanted the FRENCH COP film and his band BrAmStOcKeR music released.

Thomas SPEARS would do all of that obviously as HE WAS THE ASSOCIATE of the 2 inside the INTERNET network! But his goal was really more global: WHAT ABOUT NAZISM? WHAT ABOUT THE JEWS?

He decided to go to Israel for a massive historic allocution in Jerusalem after the IIIrd Reich was accepted by the US population voting against the possibility to change nothing:

(end Part 1).

On Twitter (BRAMSTOCKER, timeframes2020, mikefuller2020, vidalfuller2016).

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR THE WHOLE OF US. 2017 will be our most successful year since we began in the 1960’s, obviously! See you in GERMAN SPY IV.

Hello 2017! Terrible to think my film project GERMAN SPY IV could be refused by ‘HOLLYWOOD & WASHINGTON’. Why not filming it in CANADA? MF

I’m Mike FULLER press manager. I welcome all the US and foreign journalists to celebrate with us 2017, 100 years after 1917. Thomas SPEARS

After Mike FULLER’s letters to HOMELAND SECURITY and FBI, we can feel more optimistic about 2017. 17 is one year before the majority! BrAmS

Putin decides what he wants: He’s the Russian President. OBAMA to continue Sanctions policy against him & his People. LET’S CANCEL NOV 8. MF

I’m sure that the American population will not accept again the Russian Intervention. WE WILL VOTE WITHOUT THREATS NOW FOR THE FINAL CHOICE.

Young People mustn’t accept Russian Attacks against Hillary CLINTON. She lost but it’s suspect. OBAMA supported by BrAmStOcKeR for a REVOTE.

IT’S A DARK TIME IN AMERICA: the mourning of the 2 actresses and Russia interference to prevent our Presidential election to be independent.

PUTIN attacked by OBAMA to cancel the Presidential election in a political fiction against Moscow and Russia. I’m not favorable. No new 39.

Thomas SPEARS is the hero of a new Story by Mike FULLER, GERMAN SPY IV: 2020. I’ll play his role in the Movie starting when he’s President.

OBAMA sanctions against RUSSIA are obviously the worst of 2016 about Planet’s Global Harmony. Where is the NEW AGE? Let’s go back to vote!

I want to know more about the Russian and American dialogue before the crisis and since November 8. It appears Moscow was OBAMA’s friend. TS

Mike FULLER and Thomas SPEARS are inviting me to produce GERMAN SPY IV for TIMefraMES. I copy that more than everything! SEE YOU ON THE SET!

We will sign the music of GERMAN SPY IV: the film is the main contribution of the worldwide understanding about ISRAEL and its SUPREMACY! Br

ISRAEL inspires me a new GERMAN SPY movie! I am sure Mike FULLER will sign his best film on WORDPRESS first. This is the #4 of the Saga! TS

I want GERMAN SPY IV to be the real first Feature Film project to persuade everybody that NAZISM by Hitler or followers would have been BAD.

CARRIE not anymore. I feel alone in the Holly. Hills with these Obama fans lost before another political star who’s more hated than beloved.

And now, Donald TRUMP! The US are confirming they organize the crisis of their Institutions the best they can. Actors, singers are dying. MF

More and more Authorities will JOIN MY TROOPS of followers, friends and Social Workers in 2017 TO STOP the Holocaust of Hollywood by the WH.

She passed away, Carrie FISHER like everybody else. She was a Princess in a Saga of the Subculture. She is still in our DVDs and dreams. BrA

I wanted to invite George MICHAEL on BROADWAY for the Premiere of BOWIE YEAR. He will be there in the Spectacle as Bowie Young, in the 60’s.

GEORGE MICHAEL (1963-2016) like FREDERIC VIDAL (1959-2016): the biography of FRENCH COP died the same year than the British MICHAEL JACKSON!

GEORGE MICHAEL (1963-2016) & FREDERIC VIDAL (1959-2016): FRENCH COP lost 2 movie soldiers this year: British MICHAEL JACKSON in ‘WIN WIN’!

This is a new week, the last of 2016. We must keep in mind George MICHAEL was SO MUCH 4 US! He’s now with VIDAL BUT I CONTINUE their fight!

HOLLYWOOD MOURNING after GEORGE MICHAEL DEATH: we are nothing in front of GOD. I will replace George like I replaced Frederic, ON STAGE! MF

Shadow President Mike FULLER was for the US VETO at the UN, obviously defending ISRAEL. Not OBAMA and TRUMP is not clear! Happy HANUKKAH! Br

To Politico: There are the US Authorities (FBI, more). They will stop Donald TRUMP if his friendship with PUTIN goes too far ABOUT NUCLEAR!

No more War after all. Let’s fight against the past when it’s about chaos and dispute. WE DON’T WANT ATOMIC BOMB ANYMORE! Merry Christmas!

FULLER writes to the American Authorities on WordPress: ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS, FBI’ is our message about preventing TRUMP to be against the Law!

Only 74 followers! I follow 569 of you guys! JOIN NY NETWORK ASAP to be in my MASTERMINDS CLUB: we can discover New Worlds together or DIMS.

Message to CNBCnow Communication between Russia & United States must be appropriate and following the tradition between the 2 Countries. MF

They don’t want FULLER in New York, TRUMP, his GOP Cabinet people and others involved in present STATUS QUO of his Medias No Show! WRONG! Br

My Message to CNBCnow thanks to my Press Attache Thomas Spears Twitter account MEANS NO NUKES, MR. TRUMP! The US won’t be back in the 50’s!

President TRUMP received a few minutes ago my Twitter message about the fact I propose the ‘NO NUKES’ solution for the United States NOW. MF

I just sent a message to President Donald TRUMP to tell him I promote the NO NUKES solution and advice him not to decide + nuclear power. MF

ABSOLUTE BEGINNER President Donald TRUMP would like More Nukes? It’s probably wrong. Shadow President Mike FULLER told him NO NUKES is best.





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