The Dakota Pipeline And Fidel CASTRO Death Are A Web Opportunity To Improve Our Communication With The World About Our Project Of Freedom Accepted By Everybody!

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HOLLANDE DOWN: IT’S THE VIIth REPUBLIC IN FRANCE that is ready to be the new Regime with Mike FULLER, President of the 2 Countries: US 1st.

FIDEL CASTRO was not KENNEDY but almost. I explain myself: the enemy was not Brejnev and his team of communist in USSR, the enemy was WW II.

Governors are the main responsible of the chaos in the United States. They are dysfunctional and invited to find a new job: CREATE YOUR LLC.

Dec 19, the Electoral College will vote the new direction that America must follow: NO PRESIDENT WITHOUT A MAJORITY OF THE NOV 8 VOTES. ACD.

MIKE FULLER must be sure that BrAmStOcKeR is supporting his fight against CORRUPTION and sentimental corruption especially in Washington. Br

MISFITS like METALLICA inspire a new POWER that will control United States in 2017 in 1 month from SAN FRANCISCO, Shadow Capital WITH ME. MF

Mike FULLER is a personality who is emblematic and like TRUMP criticized too much. It’s obvious he’s weak in SF like Twitter is fragile. FK

The LIKE WOOD is The COMET main subject: our News Letter is for the Americans who don’t accept anymore the chaos of politicians NOT IN LOVE.

The next weeks will be the last ones of 2016. Let’s be careful about what we write, what we read. It’s the Election day that was confused.

Now it’s enough to be following the Presidential candidates who still think Election Day not a memory but still in progress. TODAY is OURS.

Jill STEIN will receive a Mike FULLER Letter to tell her how much we’re a FORCE among her SPONSORS and this is to INCREASE GREENS success.

Angelina JOLIE and Brad PITT are guilty to be a couple in Hollywood. Their project to divorce is suspect to be a film for their audience. MF

Some of them in Washington prepared me a homeless destiny in Frisco or elsewhere with poverty and no fame: NO WAY, I’m READY for POWER. MF

Fidel Castro left us too soon. I was fan of his films. I prefer to cry little because I’m not followed in this fan club but CUBA on my side.

It’s not Privacy that finished the career of Francois HOLLANDE, it’s the US. (for Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire).

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About New York Times article ‘Jackie Kennedy: The First Instagram First Lady’
(December 1st)

JFK was not the best husband she could find. He was too famous in the 1950’s. President Eisenhower was not sure about him. Richard NIXON could have been President and not KENNEDY. We are about to know more details about what is happening at the White House about women and about romance. In France, President HOLLANDE resigned today about his candidacy for a second mandate. He was secretly with an actress and the press accused him to be scandalous and not a fair man. This is the Like Wood scandal in the 2 Countries that won’t stop with Donald TRUMP, himself accused to be a guy disturbing females recurrently. The COMET, my news letter will investigate 24/7 in 2017 for the journalists to have news from my network that is TIMefraMES. It’s confidential because I’m not diffused except a little on the social media. In my biography that will include my Facebook and my Twitter there will be a lot more concerning my American success to reform the US. IT’S IN PROGRESS and JACKIE is the preview of my BREAKTHROUGH unstoppable and definitive, like her husband was elected and never defeated. Mike FULLER movie politics next year for me and for you

About Washington Post article: Trump’s takeover of the GOP is now complete
(November 30)

This is wrong. I did not capitulate at all yet. I am the leader of the GOP2, the alternate Republicans who will never accept TRUMP without a special contract explaining we are important and invited to participate in the Government as the responsible of the CULTURE DEPARTMENT, for us already a non profit, ACD. This must be in December before Dec 19, date of the Electoral College for the election of the new President. So, let’s prepare this deal and hope it won’t be necessary to organize the cancellation of the election with the US Supreme Court. Barack Obama: we think about his prosecution immediately in December too. He’s a President who harass the Country permanently with his dictatorship of the worst kind: PROPAGANDA TO MANIPULATE THE PEOPLE. Michelle OBAMA must be also investigated. This is not a big deal. The US managed the NIXON file already very well already. Mike FULLER justice for all except nobody crime is not acceptable

Gossip Girl was a TV show with a new mood in the 2000’s before the crisis of Wall Street and after September 11. The story was located probably in New York, I did not watch this series at all, I was a nostalgic of FRIENDS and SEINFELD. Now, I would like a TV show like The WEST WING and a reality show like AMERICAN IDOL but for new politicians who would explain their projects and program to the press. I am not a celebrity and Donald TRUMP is my President but not enough. He’s criticized for his own celebrity. I am now also a reporter not only on the Web. I will tell you what is wrong about his bad fame and the White House. Not gossips but buzz. MF like wood is not wood

About KINGS OF LEON song WASTE (December 1st)

For New Year’s Eve, I was in Nashville to celebrate the New Year with KINGS OF LEON, alternate Country champions for our fame and our fate. I’m one musician and also politician who is involved in arts leadership in our 50 States. WALLS prevent us to win enough territory of culture until now. ACD will promote more fun and serious projects. It’s in this mood I enjoyed 2016, the year of my Victory (my upcoming book’s title that is a biography of my 57 years with you, guys of the Web now. There will be a lot of my social media writings.) The COMET, my news letter from San Francisco will be released in 2017 every week possibly to compensate I HAVE NO PRESS AT ALL THANKS TO A MISCOMMUNICATION: I’m not a joke candidate. No press, no hope. American Idol could be the right concept or a new TV show inviting junior politicians. This is the great idea I diffuse on Facebook today, Dec 1st, to show how much I am a part of the American Dream and also a post-doctoral researcher studying the crisis : THEY NEED ANGER MANAGEMENT IN DC and it will be Ok with TRUMP and the GOP1 and my GOP2, alternate and liberal. MF civilization reinforcement program

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On Fidel Castro, Justin Trudeau sounds like his father’s son:

In TIME magazine, Fidel Castro | Jan. 26, 1959.



In Baltimore, I just arrived from Europe, in October 2015, I was somebody like you invited to a concert of The MISFITS. It was the occasion to appreciate the US culture the way I like: rock, punk and horror movies inspiring a stage for a festival of bands that was unique because I was there.

The problem, one year later, of this terrible crisis after Election Day with the election of the wrong candidate according to the press and the crowd is interesting. This is the result of a decadence of the democracy in the United States. Too much debates, too many primaries for the same objective: to brainwash the voters to impose the candidate of the power (White House & its Washington mess).

They did not want to give me a chance to have a job in their capital these people of the Establishment, the political one. The commercial environment was good for me and never validated Donald TRUMP, a person not so political or connected to entrepreneurship.

My project is a BRAND: America to be MARKETING. Our Business is the worst about corruption, not one dollar for their parties if they continue – it was the same previously – to prevent the People to participate in their SLANDER and STALKING. No defamation and espionage against subculture and alternate society.

The LIKE WOOD scandal is Barack OBAMA one: SUPERNATURAL powers are not low but HIGH on EARTH. I am a PhD researcher to study them and to tell you my conclusion: the WHITE HOUSE is involved in this dark side of our reality. It’s a new episode of the WATERGATE that I will continue in December for WordPress and the History of the United States.


EDITORIAL #2 (Dec 1, 2016)

We have a problem that is connected to Cuba: Raul Castro is not Fidel, he can’t help us. I am political science researcher since 1978 and I know Karl Marx is not Putin but a great philosopher and strategist we have to read again in the United States, refusing his ideology of communism but following his advice that capitalism is a system that can be a danger for the companies first and the employees also. The American Liberalism we want is a doctrine for an Empire we represent, the United States, of the world to some extend. The United Nations were created in San Francisco where I am located to represent our project of a New America, a Country with more power to the people.

Abroad, there is still the chaos and a mess that is the consequence of the after-WW2. Too much Cold War, we were ready for NO WAR AT ALL after Germany horrible fight against our Society of Nations. 71 years after 1945, Israel is a State that is not accepting to be with the Arabian Countries a neighbor less aggressive. It created a tension until the terrorism of the 2000’s. The program for 2017 is to invite everybody to reopen the file of the Jewish assets stolen by the Nazis. The banks will appreciate to be our guests Washington for a New Deal and the end of this status quo since the 1950’s.






Chapitre X : LA POLITIQUE DE VALLS. STATELESS SUPERSTAR Par Frédéric Vidal. Une Publication Numérique Pour Une Diffusion En Librairie Cet Eté.

(au Socialisme)
On peut pas se permettre de foncer sur l’autoroute

1. Américanisé sans respect pour Moscou

La sensibilité gaulliste n’est pas adaptée à notre époque qui apparaît de la science fiction et de l’agabgie par les adeptes du Général de Gaulle
La compromission des uns induit l’extrême discipline des autres pour s’imposer un examen de conscience permanent afin de soigner de la chienlit politique internationale
Il n’y aura pas de révision du socialisme qui doit revenir à la base d’un Valls autoritaire envers une France de décadence sociale

2. Barcelone comme point commun d’un Marxisme partagé

La famille de Valls et la mienne étaient à Barcelone lors de la guerre civile critiquée par mon grand-père Joseph Aladern
Lui, elle, moi, toi : nous sommes tous frères et sœurs. Nos noms sont comme des numéros qui nous caractérisent trop. L’identitaire est l’unicitaire
J’ai de la crédibilité depuis 77 au point de faire tomber les élites actuelles. J’ai toujours prévu ce qui doit être

3. Dans le cinéma, on obtient pas toujours un rôle (Secrétariat d’Etat)

Johnny Rotten a trahi le Punk, pas moi. Le Civic Punk s’impose car les Pouvoirs Publics croient en notre capacité à gérer les pouvoirs sans les tabous de ceux qui dérangent l’ordre public : surtout à l’UMP et à Paris
Les gens du cinéma sont des intouchables qui sont alliés à moi mais qui sont affaiblis par la caméra, leur maître d’œuvre qui les projette au summum de la mythologie actuelle
La diffamation contre moi m’a conduit à l’édiction d’une plainte contre X pour le respect de la morale et de la notion de famille


1. L’obsession de 2017 a conduit à la ruine d’Ayrault

Le Front National a dit merde à la classe politique et a obtenu le pouvoir des urnes
L’UMP a cassé sa pipe en émettant des fausses factures par dépit amoureux de Marianne
Le Parti Socialiste se rebiffe sans avoir suffisamment d’électeurs pour gouverner sereinement

2. Mon 2016 est le contraire, pas que pour l’Amérique

Le Pouvoir Présidentiel se partage, il faut le décliner en fédération
Depuis le 8 avril, c’est terminé. J’ai effectué le recadrage en annulant l’incident de 2006
La Gouvernance des uns et le chaos des autres, unissons-nous autour des valeurs du Punk pour un contre-Gouvernement

3. Un Premier Ministre inexistant à remplacer par le Gouvernance et Pouvoir Présidentiel

Dans le film FRENCH COP : BLACKOUT, il est question de Valls comme d’un robot de l’autorité constitutionnelle
La guerre en Iraq avait conduit à laisser l’armée régler les problèmes de sécurité du Pays à sa façon
Le Président à 3% d’intentions de l’opinion de le voir Président à nouveau en 17 (OpinionWay) est contraint à nous suivre


1. Le rejet de ce à atteindre démontre le climat antisocialiste qui règne au PS

La confusion est le mot clé du paysage politique de l’après-euro avec un 3e tour qui se termine le 16
A partir de juillet, pour le 2e semestre, l’année 14 est celle de la commémoration de l’année la plus importante du XXe siècle, 100 après
Mon Business Plan prévoit l’identification de l’empêchement culturel dont a été victime notre civilisation : la censure et les moyens de le résoudre

2. La technique de la prise d’otage conduit à l’inverse du Marxisme, le Nazisme

Le manque de moralité de beaucoup en politique est compensée par l’abnégation et la vaillance de nos élites culturelles qui demeurent néanmoins sans trop de leaders au Pouvoir
Estrosi est en crise et à Nice nous sommes à même de constituer un exemple national pour abattre l’intolérance d’une corruption totalitaire
Le marxisme nous montre la voie : le dépérissement de l’Etat et de la notion de profit. Plus d’Etat de droit : un droit de l’Etat

3. Le bateau ivre de l’idéologie actuelle doit être secouru par l’orthodoxie du Marxisme initial dont la France a besoin

Mettre les jeunes contre moi, c’est les mettre contre eux-mêmes et aboutir à leur suicide intellectuel et peut-être physique quant ça va trop loin
Les vieillards de la politique actuelle doivent accepter le New Age ou le Front National en optant pour le Status Quo et pas la compromission ni la trahison envers les valeurs du XXe siècle
Jacques Médecin était un Maire d’une rare compétence dans ses fonctions de Maire et si son nom est plus qu’oublié, aujourd’hui interdit, Pierre Bérégovoy a démontré qu’il en a tiré les conséquences


L’exemple de Fidel Castro doit nous servir de modèle contre les gardes fous de l’antisocialisme que ne sont pas le 51e Etat et la 7e République, ni la Gouvernance, ni Pouvoir Présidentiel.

Se remettre en question, c’est trop bon et ce n’est pas assez pratiqué par la classe politique.

Les filles sont plus fragiles bien qu’elles soient plus intelligentes ce qui fait d’elles notre égal, tout en étant inférieures ?



The Inter-Letters™ #10, Volume II, 08/30/2012 (Thursday). The TAMPA CONVENTION Concepts GOP. Last Moments Giving To Mitt Romney The Party He Deserves, The Grand Old Mike Fuller’s Coalition Written And Lived For The Victory!

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #10-Vol II: A Satanic Gang finished his career in Tampa.

They were there and they showed their hate of America. They are like an anti-church, a clique of leaders killing their fans with a fascist ideology. It is not republican at all and want Blake Lively with an African Amercian according to a journaslistic buzz to punish our Nation. But what about drugs? They don’t like my program to stop the illegal traffic of it. The same for the guns, they want a black market, not my project of an official license. These guys belong to Satan, the church of the Mormons are against them.

 ): BLOCKBUSTER™ #10-Vol II: The Antichrist is Mitt Romney.

This is in the Bible and only crazy people can say the contrary: the Christ was crucified by the Romans two thousand years ago and the message arrived from hell that an evil human would come to be our leader but we don’t want it because it is for chaos and not redemption. We want God and a happy life on Earth, not this messianic movement of ultra-conservative fascists who believe in Reagan like their sons in Hitler. Newt Gingrich is known to be probably a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

 ): BRAMSTOCKER™ #10-Vol II: What about Tampa Budget?

The budget of Tampa is suspect. This organization connected to CNN was a disaster and the Americans deserve to know how many millions were spent to promote the ideology of chaos and conflict in the United States. We must decide of a new direction of this party that is not anymore the competitor of the Democrats but a vast coalition of extremists and demagogues. Al Capone style of financing.

): FRENCH POST ™ #10-Vol II: The Republicans don’t want prevention of AIDS.

Marco Rubio is a Senator, Fidel Castro is a dictator, the two men are from Cuba and the first one is a kind of communist Rudolf Valentino, with a wife and a life in Miami. Rubio, the big mistake of the Republicans, this immigrant has an ambition to become President of the United States to transform the Country with the Mexicans. But what does he do against AIDS? Nothing at all, people are dying everyday because there is no good information against AIDS in America and Rubio, close to the young people as he is charismatic, is not interested. He prefers Las Vegas where his parents worked in a Casino. And what about the Mexican Drug cartels, Rubio does nothing against them. Romney means Money.

): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #10-Vol II: Hollande a besoin d’un certificat médical.

Regardez sa tête dans les journaux, il ne va pas bien. On ne peut pas accepter d’être dirigé par un Président qui apparaît dans un rêve dont on ne veut pas. Il doit atterrir, les pieds sur terre pour négocier avec le Premier ministre des mesures importantes concernant le progrès social en France. Nous en saurons plus quand Monsieur Hollande ira mieux, cela peut être le cas d’un jour à l’autre.

This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to:

The United Nations are doing more against AIDS than the USA. It is a shame and the Republican Party supports that.

The United Nations are doing more against AIDS than the USA. It is a shame and the Republican Party supports that.

A non-profit EVIDENCE™ publishing. A TIMEFRAMES™ LLC publication by INTERVISION™.

Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: Mike Fuller.

This Inter-Letters™ is a part of the campaign against Mitt Romney.

To translate from French to English or viceversa:

The Inter-Letters™ book site:


Sous l’égide du projet de Secrétariat d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAL), under the aegis of the Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs (SSLL) project.

Today’s Video by Youtube: David Bowie – Memory Of A Free Festival.

Mike Fuller Letter to Us:

May First Believers,

YOU ARE THE ONE. You have to understand that the Revolution is not possible right now. So it will a coup. Bin Laden is dead. He was killed a bad way. We must reinforce our Powers to welcome the Al-Qaeda reply with our bombarders, our tanks and our own bombs. It must be also Hollywood bombs. Everybody can be a part of this coup, a show biz one. May 2, the world won’t be the same. Thanks to Fidel Castro, thanks to the Republicans, the Planet will be ours, even the Yemen will be a part of us. ISLAM is our religion even if God lives separate lifes. He’s the Bible of them all.

Let’s break the rules with Obama, a hero of DARKPOL, who had many problems with his Secret Service, not enough secret and public in a bad way, in Medellin, Colombia where prostitutes were found working for it. We must oepn an investigation with the MILITARY POLICE , the US Air Force one that creates the DARKPOL and not the KGB Next Gen ! This is fictional or not. On the contrary, THE FRENCH COP is not or fictional. I will make it as a blockbuster IF YOU GIVE ME THE SUPREME POWER in November because my Other Name is Mike Fuller.

May 1st, let’s stay in our Houses and PAINT IT WHITE, black is the contrary of a color, it’s a choice of partnership. In the ghettos, there are bands of young and old people ready to help the American Revolution to do it again more than 2 centuries afterwards.

The new British are the South Americans who must understand we are not a danger for them but A CHANCE OF DEVELOPMENT if they accept our hand to shake one more time, our harvest of the Country, our mass explosion of emotional feelings regarding UNITING STATES together to reinforce the 3 letters USA.

AMERICA, AMERICA, we have nothing else to believe in and to share. May 1st, there will be a prayer for a Brilliant Land where we live when we want more attractive Programs of government as we, family of pilgrims, we are always in waiting  of a time to fight with our Army without violence if possible. ARMY IN THE STREETS for Military Parades: we will organize them just later this year  for FLAG DAY when we will already be in charge of the leadership all around the 50 States that will be more and more, years after years.

THE BEST WOULD BE 100! TO DOUBLE THE COUNTRY with Canada, France, Mexico, South America and Central America: WHY NOT! AND LET’S CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION. We need it, we made it. Immediately after November because Washington inspired us for a better one, modernized with the agreement of the Founders of the concept : United States.

Frederic Vidal


Nouvel article de Frederic Vidal pour le 1er mai:


Elle est souhaitable, elle est possible, elle est probable tant les Socialistes vont mal, victimes de l’affaire Strauss-Kahn, un homme decouvert tel qu’en lui-meme l’eminence grise de Francois Hollande bien que lubrique selon les journaux. Alors, annulons cette election si Nicolas Sarkosy est battu et prevoyons de demander a Hollande de demissionner s’il est elu CAR IL LE SERAIT MAL avec ma candidature refusee par Jean-Louis Debre, President du Conseil Constitutionnel, qui m’a ignore depuis le 15 mars au mepris de tout Etat de droit.

SUIS-JE Persona Non Grata en tant que guitariste de BRAMSTOCKER ? Mon chanteur a fait de la prison et je le veux comme Porte-Parole DE LA VRAIE CAMPAGNE, celle qui commence des le lendemain du Second Tour, celle de la JUSTICE qui doit etre rendue car on se sent menace en France et ca deteint sur mes Etats-Unis.

DEBRE DEMISSION, vous deviez proteger mes droits, vous m’avez pris pour un rigolo, un fantaisiste, un fou, UNE VICTIME selon les diffamations qui courent.

Je ne suis qu’un honnete homme, un Docteur en SEMIOTIQUE, un Politologue de Sciences Po, un Diplome d’Etudes Approfondies en Droit Public interne de Paris 2. L’Universite ne s’est pas trompee et J’AI LES DIPLOMES a votre disposition pour vous les montrer a la tele si un jour vous m’invitez, ce dont je doute s’il n’y a pas LA REVOLUTION SYNDICALE AVANT. Comment comprendre que la France des grands responsables ait eu cette attitude DE REJET ?

Vous le saurez en lisant le livre J’ATTENDS. Pour l’instant, deposons la PLAINTE INITIALE EN REPORT ET EN ANNULATION de l’election presidentielle 2012 DEVANT DIEU a l’eglise aujourd’hui dimanche, le 29 avril et toute la semaine. Frederic Vidal.

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