Frederic Vidal Presents To The American Press Its Program For The Presidential Election: 8 Chapters Related To His 4 ID Names: FULLER, KELLY, SPEARS And VIDAL. 

Nov 1: About Fred Thompson death and Terrorism to identify connected to Nazism:

WARNING: right now, the candidacy of Frederic Vidal for the US Presidency is rhetorical and emblematic, cultural and satiric before to be validated by the authorities as a regular official candidacy. But this political campaign is already validated as a part of the entertainment offered by the medias regarding the public debate for the choice of the next President in 2017. You must also know that Frederic Vidal alias Mike Fuller is an immigrant and he will need a special agreement that can be an amendment to the Constitution or the authorization by the Congress, but in a second time, for the election itself that is scheduled in exactly one year, first Tuesday of November 2017. 

List of American newspapers for our press release diffusion called THE COLD WAVE as we’re not yet in the US press but schedule to PRESS ACCESS starting November 1st connected to Nashville concert before Mid-November:
From Baltimore, Maryland

October 25, 2015

Hi dear journalists:

This is the draft press release that is a preview of a final communique about my 2015-2016 activities in the United States, first about my Presidential candidacy. I thank you to invite me to be in the subjects of your media to be diffused nationwide to the population, beginning November. This is crucial for my strategy of breakthrough in the public opinion and for you to be updated and upgraded regarding reality of the campaign and obligation of pertinence of your content.

Have a great reading time.

Frederic Vidal

In Baltimore, Frederic Vidal succeeded his definitive landing in America, October 16, 2015 like Generals Patton and Eisenhower did not want to only visit Europe but obviously be proud of the D-Day for the world to be reorganized.

In Baltimore, Frederic Vidal succeeded his definitive landing in America, October 16, 2015 like Generals Patton and Eisenhower did not want to only visit Europe but obviously be proud of the D-Day for the world to be reorganized.

PRESS RELEASE: Frederic Vidal is the 2015 candidate. 

Vidal = Obama. How to be candidate without the medias?
Not possible, so Vidal Fuller waiting for them.

How to be featured in the medias when it’s not easy to start a strategy mixing culture and politics? By being candidate for the US presidency next year and by proposing new projects.

October 25 and 29, 2015

Mike Fuller, Next President? His real name: Frederic Vidal. So, you have the reply.

The Grand Old Party is lucky to have another leader who wants to be the Republican candidate for the Presidency. This text informs of his cultural content and political motivation. Vidal is definitely Next Gen and possibly GOP2 like there is a MTV2. He could be the voice of voters for the Republicans who are less mainstream and want society and social issues to be solved, not only economy.

  1. Zero budget

Entrepreneur since 2005 with the creation of TIMEFRAMES, Frederic Vidal starts his campaign with a zero budget before fundraising. This strategy without money is a corporate one and necessary after the short sale of his Hollywoodland house in 2011. Supports and sponsors are welcomed.

  1. Blacklisted

In 2007, his film French Cop did not succeed to be shot in Hollywood as it appears Frederic was blacklisted and no actress able to play the part of his woman in the movie. This is the past and the present is to get first articles in the press. With the Web and Snowden, some observers did a confusion about patriotism and activism. Reagan was Fred’s inspiration in the 1980’s.

  1. Vidal = Obama

Basically, Frederic Vidal decided all at once to join the Republican party to promote liberty of expression and be prepared for a revenge with his axiom 14 =16, Vidal = Obama. In Dermoines, February 1st, as the leader of the GOP2, alternate Republicans, there will be a change in Iowa. Yesterday, the Republican debate showed 10 candidates without a project to improve the Federation, Frederic objective who is available for next debate.

  1. Fuller means Germany

Official political name of Frederic Vidal is Mike Fuller, a reference to Germany and the defeat of World War II that did not not succeed to stop war on Earth. Auschwitz is the symbol of what is wrong in every totalitarism: concentration camp. To win in 16, Fuller will celebrate also World War I centenary. Americans joined France and Great Britain against Germany in 1917. History is important to understand what we are doing and what can be pertinent to organize together. 70 years after 1945, Mike Fuller wants to reopen the file of WW2 and especially the Third Reich to know the roles of Hitler’s 2 lieutenants Heinrich Himmler and Joseph Goebbels. This is pertinent for America that was in Europe to finish the war.

  1. Spears in Baltimore

For now, people were the witnesses of a landing, comparable only to the one of the D-Day. Creator of the character of Thomas Spears, for the film German Spy, Frederic Vidal came back definitely to the USA by Baltimore, Maryland, October 16, 2015 to produce the film, himself playing Thomas Spears. This is his movie activity since the 2000’s and the chance to produce a feature film he did not make before. It is not possible to stop definitely a cultural career, this is why previous projects are more than ever updated and upgraded and in progress.

  1. BRAMSTOCKER featuring Fred Kelly

On the music side, Punk from 77, Thomas Spears has a second name Fred Kelly, his SAG-AFTRA AKA, to be the frontman of BRAMSTOCKER, for a debut album after almost 40 years of career: President of the States, the demo version is already on the Web. Next, a concert in Nashville to be recorded for a double live demo CD album before record label deal. This is now, in November 2015 and the evidence that Frederic Vidal Presidential candidacy is a emblematic and cultural, satiric and rhetorical, so useful for the Republican camp.

  1. Man from 25

It is not normal Fred is looking so young at 56 years old. Born in 59, he could be helped by supra-natural powers. This is the subject of a TV show Man of 25 project to manage with the networks. SciFi in the daily life. In 2025, the hero decides a time travel to 2015 to be informed about some risks. About end of the world and aliens theory. At the same time, in our Country, there is a storm about crisis that creates poverty more than empowerment. So, the context of Man from 25 is USA, for a disabled America, about the environment of reality character that could be a second TV Show.

  1. War marketing

In order not to be fragile without TV and press, a new kind of marketing was decided around the concept of war but just political like it could commercial. Flyers and stickers plus the newsletter BLACKHOUSE are about to be diffused permanently regarding the program content of Mike. Last but not least, 16 propositions to win in 2016 against the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, 4 main objectives are identified as crucial for the campaign brand VIDAL FULLER:

– War marketing for no more Terrorism,

– Presidential Power for a membership beyond Dems and Reps,

– USA vs USB for restauration of America,

– IVth Reich for no more sanctuary and anti-Nazism.

For more content about the 16 propositions to the Americans,
read the tweets of Mike at:

End of the Press Release

with additional texts


Mike Fuller Newsletter for his election in 2016.
#1, October 2015.

The United States destroyed my career in 2007 like Alqaida destroyed the Twin Towers in 2001. It’s alone or almost that I celebrated my birthday, September 10, 2007, devastated by the destruction of my project of family and my proposition of film. On October 16, 2015, I decided to comeback to rebuild it, my career that is not anymore in Hollywood but in Washington. The Presidential election is my main goal and I will call the Justice if necessary when I feel I’m not welcomed.

Frederic Vidal

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Table of contents.


No more terrorism worldwide.

No possible TV, no newspaper available for me, so let’s declare the war to the silence about Mike Fuller candidacy. With more tweets, flyers, stickers, newsletters and more, a War Marketing that is a brilliant concept by Frederic Vidal.

a. Intervision.

The Internet is always the same. It’s an improvement of the phone or the TV. It has not its own format like the Internet could have. So, I propose to replace this Web, not so worldwide by a concept of ambition like speaking movies for the cinema. All must be connected inside and outside the screen.

b. USID Database.

Every American has a social security number and a driver license of the State where is the car. A third database for the population and their place of residence is my idea of network reuniting all the millions of the Americans.

c. No World War III: Sep 11.

There was no real World War II after September 11, 2001 but a mood of it. Everywhere, anger against terrorism increased and war started in 2003, two years later against Alqaida in Iraq and Afghanistan. 12 years later, WW III is a concept that can express struggles and fights against the United States on the Web and outside and counter-attacks by us to have the Web safe and the world united as nations are not immortals.

d. No bad propaganda.

Propaganda was a positive word in the 30’s then after war a very bad solution to impose a candidate. Now, we can use it on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN are a little propaganda of Clinton and Obama. Who likes it? So let’s do the same on the half-contrary, with brainstorming and management by evaluation: 4 steps for new dialectics.

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Membership is everything to improve democracy.

a. Timeframes (Hollywood 2).

Forget Hollywood, they are rich insiders of an industry that don’t represent the Nation but the ideology, that is disappointing since the 1920’s, the contrary of a timeframe, corruption, the price of a film. Let check who pays the bill.

b. UFOs to build?

NASA never had for mission to build UFOs. For the US Air Force, it’s not clear. We would need planes without wings for the 2025’s if Sci Fi is right, promoting amazing ships by hundreds. There is a lot to win: new road of the space to join far away planet like Earth, for a new chance.

c. New GOP with Democrats. 

Democrats can be attracted by the Republicans when they propose something strong and creative. This is the case with the Presidential Power, a structure of expression and electoral promotion of Mike Fuller across the 50 States. To have together a lot of GOP2 supporters and 25% of voters of the Democrats selecting us to improve their personal political participation in 2015 and 16 if not Clinton.

d. Supreme Being,

There is upon us an entity. That is also important in politics. Spirituality is about meditating globally. There must be a human kind with no crime about girls refused to some men. Same point is crucial in politics, everybody campaigning with Primary.

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No more sanctuary. To prevent IIIrd Reich comeback.

a. Multipartism.

Only 2 parties is like unique party 50%. Reality of parlementarism in regular democracies is several at the left and the right with different opinions and origins.

b. Anti-Nazism.

Josef Goebbels was the fascinating, for a lot, looking young hero of Nazism promotion but his partners were too restless. Now to be sure, it’s only past we must control that any risk of Nazism is cancelled by role plays and board games to identify excessive totalitarism.

The danger is Mein Kamp by Adolf Hitler. The project of US Presidnetial candidate Frederic Vidal, PhD to reply to this anti-masterpiece by his own version of a fight to promote the Jews, My Victory, is crucial for our Democracies in order to stop definitely the risk of antisemitism. Fuller means No More Hitler.

The danger is Mein Kamp by Adolf Hitler. The project of US Presidential candidate Frederic Vidal, PhD to reply to this anti-masterpiece by his own version of a fight to promote the Jews, My Victory, is crucial for our Democracies in order to stop definitely the risk of antisemitism. Fuller means No More Hitler.

c. Svastika inversed.

IIIrd Reich succeeded technically to win the war for several observers as its story so famous. This is the reason why we must control everyday, every week risks of IIIrd Reich, by using even their own semiotic anthem inversed to mean our hate against them in the 1940’s, a positive hate but a radical program of denazification, that was not finished in the 1945’s.

d. A Jewish President.

I am catholic with a last name that is jew and a close friendship with Israel religion: too much for America? I don’t think so. I want the jews to be venerated like they deserve after Auschwitz. In ‘Man from 25’ and ‘USA for Disabled America’, I produce by myself a TV program against Security decadence: to accept everybody, never to refuse the ones who are looking dissidents.

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For a Restauration of America.

a. No Human trafficking.

George Clooney could be with Barack Obama at the center of a traffic of actresses regarding the best parts in top movies. This Human Trafficking would also prevent the ladies to chose their boyfriend, husband freely. FBI is obviously next to investigate before McCarthy 2 commission: previously, you were wrong if you supported Stalin, now it is if you hate too much Putin.

b. New Gouvernance.

Books that criticize are not a lot. We are in a time of self-satisfaction and emotion that is not enough. Governance is a system of management of companies that could inspire Public Authorities, contrary of private conspiracies with Army to join entrepreneurs and politicians: to govern with the people.

c. Amendment of citizenship upgrade.

Defamation about the perfect amendment we would have to vote would be to say it represents the end of Washington. No way. This important text we need for November 16 is his rebirth. Amendment about the NSA is giving the definition of National Security on our territory and everywhere, even banks.

d. 51st State: France?

There is a miscommunication in France regarding what is wrong and what is right about signing a treaty of partnership with the USA. McDonalds, Nike, Goodyear, Ford, US movies are 24/7 paradoxical evidences we are one. Be my 51st State, France, said the District of Columbia in 2017 if we are elected. Already, I proposed to the Country of Lafayette an additional article to their constitution.

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This is a list of the top 100 newspapers in the United States, by circulation, including daily and Sunday circulation, respectively. These figures are for a six-month period ending on March 31, 2006.


USA Today (2,281,831; None)
The Wall Street Journal (2,070,498; None)
The New York Times (1,121,623; 1,680,582)
Los Angeles Times (907,997; 200,065)
Washington Post (740,947; 1,000,565)
The Daily News (708,773); 835,121)
New York Post (643,086; 427,039)
Chicago Tribune (565,679; 953,814)
Houston Chronicle (527,744; 720,711)
Dallas Morning News (477,493; 655,809)
San Francisco Chronicle (468,739; 510,844)
Newsday – New York (459,305; 521,498)
The Arizona Republic (452,016; 574,798)
Chicago Sun-Times (432,230; 359,123)
The Boston Globe (429,552; 672,882)
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (396,888; 610,338)
The Star-Ledger – New Jersey (382,055; 591,272)
Star Tribune – Minneapolis (378,316; 655,198)
Detroit Free Press (370,875; 682,798)
Philadelphia Inquirer (364,974; 744,242)
The Plain Dealer – Cleveland (348,416; 463,482)
St. Petersburg Times – Florida (337,515; 432,231)
The Oregonian – Portland (332,829; 398,694)
The San Diego Union-Tribune (332,273; 363,907)
The Denver Post (321,405; 735,621)
The Miami Herald (312,811; 429,697)
The Sacramento Bee (305,394; 341,157)
The Orange County Register – Calif. (300,972; 363,907)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (284,473; 445,713)
The Kansas City Star (278,937; 383,123)
San Jose Mercury News (276,166; 310,520)
The Detroit News (263,703; 682,798)
The Times-Picayune – New Orleans (261,573; 288,706)
South Florida Sun-Sentinel (260,316; 359,772)
The Indianapolis Star (254,437; 357,284)
The Orlando Sentinel (251,998; 368,562)
The Sun – Baltimore (246,584; 430,675)
San Antonio Express-News (245,034; 352,974)
The Columbus Dispatch (244,280; 357,839)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (241,556; 411,749)
Tampa Tribune (238,743; 315,407)
The Boston Herald (238,569; 150,352)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (237,867; 401,380)
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (237,554; 333,933)
The Charlotte Observer (230,901; 282,990)
The Seattle Times (229,584; 457,010)
The Oklahoman (219,350; 294,686)
The Courier-Journal – Louisville (215,734; 276,032)
The Virginian-Pilot (198,273; 232,256)
The Cincinnati Enquirer (195,449; 296,989)
The Buffalo News (194,225; 277,921)
Omaha World-Herald (194,222; 240,026)
The Hartford Courant (190,572; 265,249)
Saint Paul Pioneer Press (190,374; 247,495)
Richmond Times-Dispatch (188,893; 226,134)
The Press-Enterprise – Riverside, CA (188,228; 185,060)
Contra Costa (CA) Times (187,042; 197,423)
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette – Little Rock (184,659; 279,485)
Austin American-Statesman (184,398; 230,229)
The Palm Beach (FL) Post (181,626; 217,634)
The Record – Hackensack, NJ (179,538; 213,289)
Daily News – Woodland Hills, CA (176,548; 200,065)
The News & Observer – Raleigh, NC (176,025; 211,231)
The Tennessean- Nashville (175,834; 234,957)
The Commercial Appeal – Memphis, TN (172,195; 228,761)
The Florida Times-Union – Jacksonville (168,014; 227,391)
Democrat and Chronicle – Rochester, NY (167,696; 223,718)
Las Vegas Review-Journal (167,586; 220,723)
The Fresno Bee (166,554; 192,203)
The Providence Journal (164,980; 231,117)
Asbury Park Press – Neptune, NJ (153,557; 206,182)
The Birmingham News (153,378; 185,484)
The Des Moines Register (150,907; 239,367)
Daily Herald – Arlington Heights, IL (149,595; 149,179)
Tulsa World (148,000; 198,000)
The Honolulu Advertiser (145,197; 163,446)
The Akron Beacon Journal (143,799; 184,825) (Seattle) (141,744; 457,010)
The Grand Rapids Press (139,100; 184,848)
The Journal News – White Plains, NY (138,539; 156,566)
Dayton Daily News (135,936; 180,944)
The Blade – Toledo, OH (134,037; 176,823)
The Salt Lake Tribune (130,351; 150,852)
The News Tribune – Tacoma, WA (128,937; 143,937)
Sarasota Herald-Tribune (123,231; 145,084)
The Knoxville News-Sentinel (121,917; 153,779)
La Opinion – Los Angeles, CA (119,735; 66,973)
Philadelphia Daily News (118,822; None)
Post-Standard – Syracuse, NY (118,605; 171,967)
Morning Call – Allentown, PA (117,717; 159,383)
The News Journal – New Castle, DE (117,389; 137,849)
Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader (116,894; 147,208)
The State Columbia, SC (116,254; 148,610)
The Arizona Daily Star – Tucson (113,296; 174,427)
The Daytona Beach News-Journal (112,278; 128,312)
East Valley Tribune – Mesa, AZ (109,637; 88,115)
Albuquerque Journal (108,177; 150,787)
The Patriot News – Harrisburg, PA (102,710; 151,583)
News-Press – Fort Myers, FL(100,770; 121,163)

Le Rapport Sur La France Et Les USA Par Le Candidat Présidentiel Frédéric Vidal Qui Est Aussi Un Citoyen Français, Adressé à Laurent Fabius, Ministre des Affaires Etrangères.

1. Contester

La France est, dès l’origine des Etats-Unis, le co-fondateur du nouveau Pays qui prend la suite de l’Angleterre, pour représenter le Nouveau Monde qui doit faire mieux que l’Ancien Continent.

Plus de deux siècles plus tard, force est de constater que la France est trop sous la coupe des Etats-Unis sans que la participation de la France à la gestion des Etats-Unis ne soit du tout acceptée.

2. L’occupation

Nous sommes en 2013 les victimes d’un état de fait qui ressemble à l’Occupation Allemande de la France sous la Deuxième Guerre mondiale. L’Amérique nous occupe avec son armada d’entreprises telles que IBM, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Nike, CNN, Marlboro, Gap, la CIA, MTV, MSN, Apple, Universal, Fox, Warner, Disney (Euro Disney installé à Paris pour toute l’Europe), l’OTAN, Levi’s, Fedex, Good Year et tant d’autres.

Il faut dénoncer cette réalité à sens unique qui nuit aux affaires en France comme aux Etats-Unis. Nous ne sommes pas un seul pays, il faut s’en prendre à ceux qui décident sans savoir. L’Amérique en France doit être plus et mieux organisé, en relation avec les pouvoirs publics, locaux, c’est-à-dire ceux de la Nation Française.

Concernant l’Internet également, la programmation américaine est trop fournie et nous empêche de nous exprimer à la Française comme il se doit. Ces sociétés informatiques peuvent approcher la réalité hexagonale d’une manière plus appropriée.

3. La dépendance

Il y a une sorte de dépendance à l’égard de l’Amérique. C’est un euphémisme. Les USA nous fascinent et ils veulent nous donner le LA. Leur cinéma a une suprématie mondiale qu’il faut compenser, tant que faire se peut, par l’autorité du cinéma français qui a ses lettres de noblesses.
L’imposition d’un modèle américain de développement est un danger auquel la France a su faire face car nos deux systèmes sont incompatibles si on veut les imposer l’un à l’autre. Le nôtre est issu de la Révolution française et constitue une référence dans toute l’Europe d’indépendance et de souveraineté.
Le système fédéral américain, fondé par George Washington, est à l’opposé de celui de la République unitaire française mais on le retrouve au niveau supranational avec l’Union Européenne et son niveau fédéral.

4. Construire

Il faut voir plus loin que 2013 et construire une alliance avec les Etats-Unis d’Amérique qui nous empêche d’être un esclave ou un maître diplomatique qui souhaiterait les aliéner.
La vie en France est synchronisée à celle des “States” par les chaînes d’information en continu comme CNN et les dépêches de l’AFP qui nous informent d’une réalité quoi n’est pas la nôtre mais qui nous concerne : nous sommes tous américains.
Lafayette fut le principal Lieutenant de George Washington, le fondateur de la réalité des USA aujourd’hui et Napoléon a vendu à ses pairs la fameuse Louisiane qui représente désormais 13 Etats de l’Union.
La Statue de la Liberté est toujours à sa place bien que détestée par beaucoup pour signifier à la Maison Blanche qu’elle doit beaucoup à Paris et aux Français qui ont toujours soutenu les USA pour qu’ils représentent le Monde Libre et préservent l’Unité Mondiale.
U.S. Territories were acquired, organized with citizens, republican self-government, then admitted states on equal footing.

U.S. Territories were acquired, organized with citizens, republican self-government, then admitted states on equal footing.

5. Le 51e Etat
Il faut réfléchir à une entente qui associe les Etats-Unis à l’Amérique pour pouvoir mieux faire. Parlons de la notion de 51e Etat pour la France car l’Allemagne sera à jamais réfractaire à un leadership de la France en Europe puisque c’est actuellement un Etat hégémonique qui est plus proche de la Russie et refuse l’esprit fédéral de l’Union Européenne.
Il est possible d’aller plus loin que la routine institutionnelle actuelle en envisageant une Union théorique et rhétorique et pourquoi pas dans le futur réelle avec les Etats-Unis. Au niveau diplomatique, nous devons faire comprendre à Washington que nous représentons le fer-de-lance de l’Europe tout en étant le trait d’union transatlantique avec les USA qui doivent coopérer avec la France comme à l’origine, pour résoudre leurs problèmes économiques, culturels et sociaux.
Militons pour une réflexion permanente concernant un possible référendum au sujet de l’union de notre Nation à la Nation Américaine de la manière la plus solennelle, en adhérant à la Constitution des Etats-Unis d’Amérique. C’est se préparer au pire qui peut être le meilleur suivant les circonstances du XXIe siècle qui commence et qui nous conduit à organiser des défis d’un nouveau genre pour éviter des épreuves à venir liées à l’effondrement de l’Europe (héritage Sarkosy) qui nous affaibliraient définitivement.
The 22 regions and 96 departments of metropolitan France includes Corsica (Corse, lower right). Paris area is expanded (inset at left).

The 22 regions and 96 departments of metropolitan France includes Corsica (Corse, lower right). Paris area is expanded (inset at left).

6. Les USA
L’Amérique, je la connais, elle n’est pas parfaite, loin de là. C’est l’univers de l’human trafficking à Hollywood contre le quel je lutte en tant qu’acteur, membre de la Screen Actors Guild car l’esclavage des artistes de cinéma fait honte à la patrie de Lincioln, de Roosevelt et de Kennedy. C’est aussi le terrain de prédilection de la corruption dans le rock, une musique qui a trop menti à son public en promettant la terre promise tout en renforçant les inégalités sociales et la dépendance de la jeunesse à l’égard du Pouvoir.
Il faut la réformer ensemble car je suis Américain depuis 2006 et j’ai souhaité garder en France ma nationalité de naissance pour convaincre mes compatriotes de participer à un renouveau national qui soit aussi celui de notre voisin de l’autre côté de l’Océan.
Candidat à la Présidence des Etats-Unis en 2016, c’est mon vœu le plus cher et je peux le réaliser grâce au soutien de la majorité des Américains qui veut un changement après la faillite de Détroit et le fiasco de l’entrepreneur Obama. Wall Street doit être réformé et cesser d’amplifier les contradictions du capitalisme en toute irresponsabilité.
Ma société américaine TIMEFRAMES LLC s’est retrouvée mise à l’écart injustement par les prédateurs d’Hollywood alors que mon projet de film FRENCH COP était dès 2006 opérationnel et porteur d’un renouveau du cinéma américain (l’Intervision) associant les films de long métrage à l’Internet.
En m’installant à nouveau en France en 2011, j’ai pu créer l’entreprise individuelle POST SCRIPTUM pour poursuivre ma mission professionnelle en faveur d’une culture plus commune entre la France et les Etats-Unis.
Dans le domaine musical, mon groupe Punk BRAMSTOCKER exprime depuis 1977 ce que le Rock français peut faire en matière de renforcer les bienfaits de l’American Dream en l’adaptant à la France tout en faisant du sigle USA le symbole de la justice qu’il faut exercer soi-même à l’égard de tout ce qui est contraire à la créativité.

The Inter-Letters™ #5, Volume II, 08/23/2012 (Thursday). BRAMSTOCKER™, The Newsletter Of The Rock Generations, 7 Decades Including 1977 as A Popular Wave In Progress. This Issue Tells You Why?

1. Backstage.

On Twitter today:

Mike Fuller wants a report about the 2008 campaign including Obama and McCain. There is probably something wrong about what happened then.

Mikle Fuller: the 2008 race for the White House was the origin of the problem we have in 2012. Studies about this election  must be made.

Mike Fuller: I want to know what Hollywood did, leaded by Steven Spielberg, to transform the campaign in a not US Show Business festival.

Mike Fuller: the connection between Steven Spielberg and politics in America must be understood as a sign of decadence of our democracy.

Mike Fuller: NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox are four networks that are closer to Los Angeles than Washington, DC. This is bad and since the 2008 race.

Mike Fuller: George Washington is obsolete and CNN is dysfunctional in a Country that is sick because the economy is not well and sad to be.

Mike Fuller: the solution is to say NO to the Mass Medias and to support the SOCIAL MEDIA that is patriotic and worldwide connected for us.

Mike Fuller: I want John McCain to explain what he did in 2008 in order to be the official candidate of MY PARTY, the GOP, the Republicans.

Je demande aux USA la démission de Charles H. Rivkin, Ambassadeur des Etats-Unis d’Amérique en France et à Monaco pour agissement contre moi.

Frédéric Vidal : “Je demande aux USA la démission de Charles H. Rivkin, Ambassadeur des Etats-Unis en France,  pour agissement contre moi.”

2. Front Stage.

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #5-Vol II: A Write-In Candidacy to Promote The Internet.

This is a terrible time for the Internet and there is the danger of a death of our media or medium. This is a reality as the Web is American based since his creation with an ambition of international networking. It did not work so well. Facebook is criticized and HP is laying off. It is the reason why I propose my name to the polls for a Public Relations campaign about our role in the US Institutions: transparency. There is no future without the Internet according to Wall Street, the people who don’t like us don’t like their own business that is synchronized with us.

): BLOCKBUSTER™ #5-Vol II: A Write-In Candidacy against the Star System.

Too many stars in the political news. Pictures of them and statements are the daily face of our Presidential debate. This is exaggerated, the government question is not a spectacle, the Federation policy is not a subject for personal promotion of several famous leaders who are always searching more fame for their benefactors to be satisfied. This is the fault of the newspapers and the TV too, never accepting press conferences of newcomers and unknown beginners because they are attractive for the mass. Frederic Vidal candidacy will finish this system with a word: LIBERTY.

): BRAMSTOCKER™ #5-Vol II: A Write-In Candidacy for More Democracy.

Democracy in America, this is what we need, what is the most important since the 1960’s and even before as minorities are not enough accepted in this free Country that we like so much. This Country has 50 States and our mission is to establish a network of clubs titled PRESIDENTIAL POWER, the power of the United States is the Presidency and the Congress follow the President for all his executive decisions including social matters for the poor, the young, the homeless, the unemployed, the immigrants and their children. More justice in America, it’s more White House in charge of the population empowerment.

): FRENCH POST ™ #5-Vol II: A Write-In Candidacy To Stop Obama Right Now.

Obama is the first African President at the White House. His father was a real African from Africa itself, so Barack is almost an immigrant. Our project is to invite him to continue his career in another activity than the Presidency, he does not appreciate so well this position and job, very complicated and not easy to manage. The program of Frederic Vidal candidacy is the impeachment of Barack Obama if he is elected a second time. There are too many mistakes that are very bad for our Nation and caused by his Administration.

): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #5-Vol II: Hollande en-dessous des 50%.

Hollande n’a plus la cote dans les sondages. Il le doit à son absence de politique car son prédécesseur socialiste, François Mitterrand, avait bien mis en garde les français et l’Etat : une fois élu, il s’est agi de réformer notre pays, de le rendre plus social, c’est-à-dire plus socialiste et fier de l’être. Sans rien faire, et en ne faisant rien d’autre que de suivre les dossiers en cours sans les ouvrir avec l’antériorité de son parti et de ses exemples illustres de gouvernements, François Hollande a perdu ses racines historiques et son éloquence qui n’est pas, finalement, une éloquence d’Etat.

This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: Jean-Luc Delarue.

Jean-Luc Delarue, the great French TV host, passed away yesterday at 48. I think the lack of popularity of the Internet, is the reason of it, with the Cancer.

Jean-Luc Delarue, the great French TV host, passed away yesterday at 48. I think the lack of popularity of the Internet is the reason of it, with the Cancer.

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Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: Mike Fuller.

This Inter-Letters™ is a part of the campaign of Mitt Romney.

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Today’s Video by Youtube: Décès de Jean-Luc Delarue des suites de son cancer.

In San Francisco, Tuesday, May 18, Candidate For The US Senate, Fred Vidal, PhD, Nicknamed PHD, A “Yahoo!” and “George W Bush” Candidate, Will Invite The Press For A Special Communication Meeting About His Platform After His Winning Friday In Sacramento, Last Week!

PhD, the new Aka Of Mike Fuller, well know as Fred Vidal, and Fred Kelly, his Screen Actors Guild, and AFTRA name, and also as The “Yahoo!” & “George W Bush” Candidate, as there is a eBay and a HP Environment in these Campaigns with 2 VIP Persons from these compagnies on the Lists, and because the other Republican Candidates connect their names on the Internet with a Star of The Party History like Reagan or McCain for their inspiration, program or political style,  is now OFFICIAL Candidate in 2 weeks, before the 25, as He will run as a WRITE-IN CANDIDATE for the Primary organized in California for The US Senate Race Inside The Republican Party. Last Friday, Fred Vidal, in a Tom Cruise style, was in Sacramento to meet the Elections Divsion of the Secreatry of State of the EUREKA State.

Laura and George Bush, The Perfect Couple that Seduced Hollywood And Timeframes Beginning 2000 because They Were One From The White House to Texas Where the Son Of Reagan's Vice-President and Successor Was First Governor Before To Be The Hero Of the State, Before And After September 11, A Date that destroyed Fred Vidal PhD Born September 10 but We will Never forget The Revenge Against Terrorism and Bush Did It Best!

It was a Beautiful Day and he Learned about the Rule Of The Write-In Candidates that will give him the Chance to be The Winner Of The Republican Primary for The US Senate Election In November. Thew Primary is scheduled, with other elections, June 8 And Now The Candidate is inviting Republicans, members of the Party to Sign to Support his Candidacy, 100 signatures are necessary to be on the Official List of the Candidates for the Choice of The Party PUBLIC NAME who will Defeat Senator Barbara Boxer, November 2!

Already Client Of The W In Los Angeles, The Starwood Hotel Located On Hollywood, Fred Vidal PhD Will Invite The Press In San Francisco, At The W For A Presentation Of His Platform About His Last Minute Candidacy In order the Prvent The GOP To Loose In California! W like George W Bush who is for Mike Fuller Supporters the White House Republican Name who Inspires His Career!

Already Client Of The W In Los Angeles, The Starwood Hotel Located On Hollywood, Fred Vidal PhD Will Invite The Press In San Francisco, At The W For A Presentation Of His Platform About His Last Minute Candidacy In order the Prvent The GOP To Loose In California! W like George W Bush who is for Mike Fuller Supporters the White House Republican Name who Inspires His Career!

The following Media are Invited to the W Hotel In San Francisco, 181 3rd Street, CA 1403, at 2PM, for A Press Meeting On Tuesday, May 18, with THE RELEASE OF PHD PLATFORM:






  • Newspapers






more below

– Radios:

  • NEWSPAPERS OF THE SF BAY AREA that will be in touch with our Campaign this Weekend, beginning Friday:

List Thanks to Yahoo! Dot Com, The Best Directory and Research Engine Online, except yours That is Your brain:

The Fisherman's Wharf In Frisco will be The Central Location where the probable and potential CA US Senator 2011 Will enjoy a Relaxation Break during his SF Trip!

The Fisherman's Wharf In Frisco will be The Central Location where the probable and potential CA US Senator 2011 Will enjoy a Relaxation Break during his SF Trip!

TV Stations To Participate In Our SENATHON REPUBLICAN PRIMARY Politicial Program, This Weekend:

San Francisco Famous Bridge Is The Symbol Of The Path To The Promised Land: DC In January! It's Al That We Want!

  • Fred Vidal, PhD is one of the Founders of The HOLLYWOOD TEA PARTY that organizes its first MEETUP meeting this Wednesday at BORDERS, on Sunser and Vice, Hollywood! Be there if you live in the area, at 5PM, the meeting will last until 10pm.

Dick Cheney was The Vice-President who Inspired Fred Vidal, PhD To Think Step by Step and He Will Build his Political Career Brick By Brick now, thinking About The Fantastic Work that Cheney Did From Nixon and Reagan To Bush Jr.

Dick Cheney was The Vice-President who Inspired Fred Vidal, PhD To Think Step by Step and He Will Build his Political Career Brick By Brick now, thinking About The Fantastic Work that Cheney Did From Nixon and Reagan To Bush Jr.

Breaking News: Laura Bush was the Host Of The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Foundation Wednesday, May 12 For a Conference regarding Her Book of Memories That is Already A Best-Seller! Congratulations.

THE HOLLYWOOD TEA PARTY and his Founder Fred Vidal, PhD Will Release His Primary Statement for the June 8 Election To The previous List of Media and the following one featured on

  • KALX: FM 90.7 College; University of California–Berkeley
  • KALW: FM 91.7 Public=HD1; San Francisco Unified School District
  • KBAY: FM 94.5 Adult Contemporary
  • KBLX: FM 102.9 Smooth R&B
  • KBWF: FM 95.7 Country=HD1 HD2=?
  • KBRG: FM 100.3 Spanish; San Jose
  • KCBS: AM 740 News=HD1
  • KCNL: FM 104.9 Modern Rock; Sunnyvale
  • KCSM: FM 91.1 Jazz=HD1; College of San Mateo
  • KDFC: FM 102.1 Classical=HD1 HD2=Extended Play Classical
  • KEAR: AM 610 Religious; Family Radio Worldwide
  • KDIA: AM 1640 Religious; Vallejo
  • KDOW: AM 1220 Talk; Palo Alto
  • KDYA: AM 1190 Gospel; Vallejo
  • KEST: AM 1450 Talk
  • KFAX: AM 1100 Religious
  • KFIA: AM 710 Religious; Carmichael
  • KFJC: FM 89.7 College; Foothill College, Los Altos
  • KFOG: FM 104.5 and FM 97.7 Rock=HD1 HD2=Hit Music
  • KFRC: FM 106.9 News=HD1 HD2=Classic Hits
  • KFRC: AM 1550 Oldies
  • KGO: AM 810 News Talk
  • KHTK: AM 1140 Sports; Sacramento
  • KIOI: FM 101.3 Adult Contemporary=HD1 HD2=80’s Hits
  • KISQ: FM 98.1 Urban Contemporary=HD1 HD2=Romatica
  • KITS: FM 105.3 Alternative=HD1 HD2=All New Music
  • KKDV: FM 92.1 Top Hits; Walnut Creek
  • KKGN: AM 960 Talk; Oakland
  • KKSF: FM 103.7 Smooth Jazz=HD1 HD2=Traditional Jazz
  • KLIV: AM 1590 News; San Jose
  • KLLC: FM 97.3 Adult Contemporary=HD1 HD2=Chill
  • KLVR: FM 88.9 Christian; San Rafael
  • KMEL: FM 106.1 Hip Hop & R&B=HD1 HD2=Extreme Hip Hop
  • KMKY: AM 1310 Children’s; Oakland
  • KNBR: AM 680 and AM 1050 Sports
  • KNEW: AM 910 Talk=HD1
  • KNGY: FM 92.7 Dance; Alameda
  • KOIT: FM 96.5 Light Rock=HD1 HD2=50’s 60’s
  • KPFA: FM 94.1 Community; Berkeley
  • KPIG: AM 1510 Adult Album Alternative; Piedmont
  • KPOO: FM 89.5 Community
  • KQED: FM 88.5 and FM 89.3 Public=HD1
  • KRTY: FM 95.3 Country; San Jose
  • KRZZ: FM 93.3 Spanish
  • KSAN: FM 107.7 Rock=HD1 HD2=New Rock; San Mateo
  • KSFB: AM 1260 Religious Catholic
  • KSFO: AM 560 Talk
  • KSJO: FM 92.3 Spanish=HD1 HD2=Hispanic Hits; San Jose
  • KSOL: FM 98.9 and FM 99.1 Spanish
  • KSRO: AM 1350 News Talk; Santa Rosa
  • KSTE: AM 650 News Talk; Rancho Cordova
  • KUFX: FM 98.5 Classic Rock=HD1 HD2=Deep Tracks; San Jose
  • KUSF: FM 90.3 College; University of San Francisco
  • KVVF: FM 105.7 Spanish=HD1; Santa Clara
  • KVVZ: FM 100.7 Spanish; San Rafael
  • KXFX: FM 101.7 Rock; Sonoma County, Santa Rosa
  • KYCY: AM 1550 Talk
  • KYLD: FM 94.9 Hip Hop=HD1 HD2=Wild Hispanic
  • KZSF: AM 1370 Spanish; San Jose
  • KZSU: FM 90.1 College; Stanford Universit

TIMEFRAMES Proposes The Creation Of A Hollywood Coordination Committee With The 6 Majors Of The American Film Industry!

Text This Evening!

NBC Universal, Warner Bros, Columbia Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Disney are the 6 Hollywood Time Frames!

Harry Warner (1881-1958) Jack Warner (1892-1978) Sam Warner (1887-1927) & Albert Warner (1883-1967), Founders Of WARNER BROS. Are A Good Example To Follow For This Coordination Committee Project!

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