Never A So Important Fiction Project By Frederic Vidal Since FRENCH COP And VELVET EYES, SWEET PORN First ‘Elements Of Screenplay’ Already Online Not To Forget The Shooting Of The Film Next Year.

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SWEET PORN. Elements of Screenplay by FV.

Sweet Porn will take place in Punk future of 2250.

At that time, nothing new on Earth except literacy. Still good old cars and regular planes. Speaking books are in competition with music albums. SWEET PORN, title of one of them. It’s a best seller based on reality. Girl named SWEET PORN decided one day to become Wall Street hard lover and became a myth. For 2250 elite, their main DRUG is sophisticated SEX. Geishas are available online or in Gentleman’s clubs anytime. They are very popular and some of them are even Stars. These Pornstars celebrate the FUN INDUSTRY on red carpets all year long with new movie premieres. FV

SWEET PORN elements of screenplay. Chapter 2. Robots are a part of this universe. It’s the only change with the XXIst century. They are in charge of the “intendance”, daily management of their human friends.

Chapter 3. There are possibly Flying Saucers built and powered by the US State but it’s a secret that everybody would like to know. In that case, contacts with Aliens would exist and it’s fascinating a lot of people without consequence on daily life on Earth. Nothing changed since Roswell in 1947.


In 2250, robots are part of the environment but expensive. They belong only to rich families or corporations. They’re controlled by Security. So-called SWEET PORN would be grand-grand-grand daughter FRENCH COP Vince Sauvan. Same TImefraMES universe! They probably never existed.

The action of the film takes place in LAS VEGAS, a giant city owned by a consortium.

“I believe in women more than everything else. It doesn’t include God and myself” S.P. Hero. In a huge gentlemen’s club, like a Blade Runner, he was expecting some fun or some femme. FV

For the ‘SWEET PORN motion picture’ project, Frederic Vidal alias Fred KELLY and his band BrAmStOcKeR to give preview hit of Fred solo CD ‘From Nashville’. WOMEN, homage to John Lennon and Yoko Ono, with ambition of HEY JUDE, is locomotive song for SWEET PORN soundtrack to welcome also FEMME FATALE, LADY GRINNING SOUL, SOUL LOVE and SOME GIRLS, magic oldies!!

I will be his Black Star in Sweet Porn” Fred Kelly. Motion picture project by FK & Legendary BrAmStOcKeR. Rebel x 2

(c) 2016 by Frederic Vidal for TImefraMES. All rights reserved.
Actroid-DER_01Picture by Gnsin

Actroid-DER, developed by KOKORO Inc for customer service, appeared in the 2005 Expo Aichi Japan. The robot responds to commands in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English.



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