Worldwide Man’s Day: Today March 9, Against Wrong Parity Without Love Management Included And With Complementary as Corporate Principle!

Community sites are the social Media. It is a new global village that must be understood as A NETWORK SITE (probably the name of TImefraMES new website soon).


More female generals in the US Army.

Men and women together must manage the organization of women emancipation  worldwide and locally.

Lobbying must be the general instrument of action of Women Rights empowerment.

The dates of the 8 and 9 of March are reinforced by the present campaign.

Until now, men in charge to support International women’s day were dysfunctional.



Letter to the Supreme Court of the US by Frederic Vidal, PhD.

There is another America.


I want to tell you you are unique and so crucial for the society and the institutions of our Country. There is another America, there is another World. This is the universe of the Subcultures and I want to invite you there.

You will appreciate so many difficulties against the expression of this population that is different but fair and useful for our Country. Contemporary art is the context of this USA2 that are not at all enemy of USA1.

Barack Obama, our President, is really popular and so close to this part of our Federation. On the other hand, he never decided a promotion of it. According to him, it’s sure that there are not enough studies about Another America (USA2). The NSA (National Security Agency) is the best to go on location and to send me a report because I am President of ACD (American Cultures Department) and I know Security can manage perfectly prospective and democracy inside minorities and for the Nation.

Jessie Andrews is the actress I want to marry this year as I am in love and ready to organize our wedding in Los Angeles where we live together. I am also an artist and an entrepreneur. We have the project to buy a house in the Hollywood Hills. I am also involved in the remake of the motion picture Gone with the wind.

From Atlanta, the hometown of Margaret Mitchell, author of the novel, I build the conditions of my write-in candidacy for the Presidential election, this year. The problem in America is the woman who is the slave of the States. What does that mean? An amendment and a 2nd one are necessary to confirm the Bill of Rights and to write a Bill Allright. To be or not to be, this is the question. The USA1 and the USA2 can be and live together as one. This will be the objective of my mandate if I am elected in November.

As a French native, I need a derogation. The vote of the amendments will include it retroactively and this jurisprudence appears smart and honest.

See you in Washington in July.

Frederic Vidal




The Inter-Letters™ : #12. 07/3/2012 (Tuesday). SPECIAL DUAL#DIM™!

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #31: SPECIAL DUAL#DIM™! A Sitebook™ text.

This is the site I want for everyone who knows me only on Facebook and the other great community sites of the social media. This is not enough to have a complete knowledge of who I am, what I do, where I am located in this land of ideology, information, and news. My location is the leadership of moderrnity (a place you can access if you are enough independent and creative as a webber and a patriot.

Ce site est celui que j’ai voulu pour tous ceux qui me connaissent seulement sur Facebook et les autres grands sites communautaires du Social Media. Ce n’est pas suffisant pour savoir totalement qui je suis, ce que je fais, où je me situe concrétement aux niveaux idéologique, informatif et de l’actualité. Mon territoire est celui de la modernité dont je veux être le représentant systématique (un rôle que vous pouvez jouer si vous êtes suffisamment indépendant d’esprit et créatif, en tant qu’internautes et que patriote de votre pays).

Le premier schéma explicatif, non pas du site mais du film (DUAL DIM™) qui participe à la compréhension de notre univers contemporain, où la sépération entre les forces du bien et celles du mal ne sont pas claires mais peuvent être maîtrisées.

The first draft about DUAL DIM™ that is the great intellectual creation (for movie, novel and game) featured on the home page of the sitebook home page. It is to better understand the contemporary universe where a separation between good and bad is not clear but can be built by ourselvesto clarify things.

Against Bush and Obama and their terror of ideology of conservative supremacy, the diagram of DUAL DIM™.

Against Bush and Obama and their terror of ideology of conservative supremacy, the diagram of DUAL DIM™.

): BLOCKBUSTER™ #31: SPECIAL DUAL#DIM™! A Sitebook™ text.

My candidacy for the French National Assembly is the very important initiative that I decided when I was back in France, in May. As a citizen from France, I want to be a voter of the laws that are the texts expressing rules and modernizing the institutions of the State and the local authorities. I was not on time to be on the list of the possible deputes for the election day, as there were problems I could not manage locally. It is the reason why I filed a complaint to the Conseil Constitutionnel, demanding the cancellation of the June election in the Alpes-Maritimes (1st and 3rd circonscription).

Ma candidature à l’Assemblée nationale française est l’initiative très importante que j’ai décidée à mon retour en France en mai. En tant que citoyen français, je veux participer au vote des lois qui sont des textes exprimant des règles et modernisant les institutions de l’Etat et des autorités locales. Je n’étais pas dans les temps pour être sur la liste des possibles députés, le jour de l’élection, à cause de problèmes que je n’ai pas pu résoudre localement. C’est la raison pour laquelle j’ai déposé un recours en contestation auprès du Conseil Constitutionnel, demandant l’annulation de l’élection de Juin dans les Alpes-Maritimes (1re et 3e circonscription).

Juriste, candidat politique et éditorialiste web, je suis également professionnellement dans le domaine des médias de fiction : la bande dessinée, la littérature, le cinéma et le dessin animé. Cela m’inspire une attitude de non-agressivité et de défense de mes intérêts dans ma carrière électorale.

As a web activist and a candidate in France and America, I am feeling god thanks to my job of President of my 2 companies, TIMEFRAMES LLC in America, and POST-SCRIPTUM in France, producers of entertainment work (movies, cartoons, novels, comics). This helps a lot to be more secure and self-confident in my government carrer in preparation.

Bugs Bunny will be the principal character to be featured in My New America. He's real, a magnifique example of our American Democracy.

Bugs Bunny will be the principal character to be featured in My New America. He’s real, a magnifique example of our American Democracy. Warner Bros. can be proud of him.

): BRAMSTOCKER™ #31: SPECIAL DUAL#DIM™! A Sitebook™ text.

I am de facto a Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs waiting for a nomination as a member of the government in France. I like a lot, not this title but, the function to study what is a law issue that is State concern and must be monitored and solved with the participation of our service, a public-private one. I am about to dedicate a non-profit organization to this mission of general interest.

Je suis de facto un Secrétaire d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses dans l’attente d’une nomination à un poste de membre de gouvernement de la France. J’aime beaucoup, non pas ce titre mais, la fonction d’étudier ce qu’est une question juridique qui ennuie l’Etat et doit être suivie and résolue avec loa participation de notre service qui est public (ouvert à tous) mais de nature privée (sans appartenance à l’administration, pour l’instant). Je suis sur le point de charger une association de la loi de 1901 à but non lucratif à cette mission d’intérêt général.

La guitare GRESTCH est le symbole de la liberté d’expression pour moi (son utilisation par The Beatles est emblématique de cette tendance). Mon Secrétariat d’Etat n’est aucunement répressif mais positif, pour l’émancipation des citoyens en matière de droit.

The GRESTCH guitar is the evidence of the Liberty expression for me (its utilisation by The Beatles is the proof of it). My Secretariat of State is not at all repressive but positive, for the citizens emancipation regarding the Law (that protect them but not harass them).

La Gretsch de George Harrison en édition DUO JET, d'une dimension à, l'autre.

La Gretsch de George Harrison en édition DUO JET, d’une dimension à, l’autre.

): FRENCH POST™ #31:  SPECIAL DUAL#DIM™! A Sitebook™ text.

Obama won’t succeed to dominate the world (in DUAL DIM™)! In the reality, it is almost the same.

Tampa is for a filmmaker like me, the greatest event that can happen and the contrary of a Film Festival. It is a festival of ideas, of values (the Republican ones) and of candidates: Romney, Gingrich, Paul and Santorum plus Mike Fuller, the personality I want to represent in the United States that is the ombudsman of the Convention for an unity of all the tendencies invited there. This will be the realization of our dream of victory and its confirmation before November.

Tampa est pour un cinéaste comme moi, le plus grand événement qui peut arriver et le contraire du festival de films. C’est un Festival d’idées, de valeurs (les valeurs républicaines), et de candidats : Romney, Gingrich, Paul et Santorum plus Mike Fuller, la personnalité que je veux représenter aux Etats-Unis qui est d’être l’ombudsman de la Convention pour une unité de toutes les tendances qui y sont invitées. Ca sera la réalisation de notre rêve de victoire et sa confirmation avant novembre.

Dans DUAL DIM™, la politique est secondaire, l’esthétique visuelle et de l’intrigue est la priorité.
In DUAL DIM™, the policy is secondary, aesthetic is essential for the image and the story.

La nouvelle Pub de DIOR, hommage à Bardot.

La nouvelle Pub de DIOR, hommage à Bardot.

Le film publicitaire de Jonas Akerlund, rend hommage à Brigitte Bardot avec Daphné Groeneveld qui incarne  l’image du parfum Dior Addict version 2012.

): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #31: SPECIAL DUAL#DIM™! A Sitebook™ text.

Social Media, two words to show that the Internet is not anymore a network but also a system of solidarity and extreme communication for a population that is more than the population of only a State, it is inter-States. I use it, for a global dialogue with the entire planet even if I am a member of 2 national communities, the French and the American as I have the two citizenships. Visit and use all these great mass-sites that can be checked everywhere (with a computer or a cellular phone).

Le Média Social, deux mots pour montrer que l’Internet n’est plus seulement un réseau mais aussi un système de solidarité et d’extrême communication pour une population qui est plus que la population de seulement un Etat, mais inter-Etats. Je l’utilise, pour un dialogue global avec la planète entière, même si je suis un membre des deux communautés nationales, la française et l’américaine car j’ai la double citoyenneté. Visitez et soyez utilisateur de ces grands sites de masse qui peuvent être consultés partout (à partir d’un ordinateuir ou d’un téléphone portable).

Deux marques homonymes à qui j’adresse mes plus sincères salutations.

Rien à voir avec le film :

Selon le site : "Un Jack Russel pour la pub Dim. Publié le décembre 12th, 2009. Pour la pub Dim , le Jack devait tirer la ceinture de la fille sans faire de pause …. Heureusement , la chienne Baya avait du mordant !"

Selon le site : “Un Jack Russel pour la pub Dim. Publié le décembre 12th, 2009. Pour la pub Dim , le Jack devait tirer la ceinture de la fille sans faire de pause …. Heureusement , la chienne Baya avait du mordant !”

This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: George Martin.

George Martin is the best Rock producer of the Rock history. With or without The Beatles.

George Martin is the best Rock producer of the Rock history. With or without The Beatles.

A non-profit EVIDENCE™ publishing. A TIMEFRAMES™ LLC publication by INTERVISION™.

Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: Frederic Vidal.

Sous l’égide du projet de Secrétariat d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAL),
under the aegis of the Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs (SSLA) project.

  • Today’s Video by Youtube: REVOLVER by The BEATLES.

Some Words Of LOve
(With The BEATLES)

As HeRe CoMeS ThE NiGhT HITS On Youtube At almost 250 Views, PARLOPHONE RECORDS 25th Friend FRED VIDAL Official Since This Morning! THANKS!

CyB, LAX: Joss WHEDON Is Also Friend Profile previously FILM INDEX, TIMEFRAMES! I Think PARLOPHONE 4 UK & CAPITOL 4 US ARE Beatles LABELS?!

FV Friends CAPITOL RECORDS & PARLOPHONE RECORDS = 2 LaBels/SubsiDiaries OF EMI! E.M.I. Is British-International MAJOR Of THE Music INDUSTRY!

TF: They Have APPLE Records 2, ThE BEATLES! We’re Listening 2 THE TALKING HEADS – RemaiN In LighT – Produced By Brian ENO!! very good album!

I’M A LOOSER – The BEATLES At TheiR BEST! – BeatLes FoR SalE -EuphorY (IA?) At TIMEFRAMES! No, Not Yet, Never!! Just HEAVY ROTATIONS EMI CD!

Beatles for Sale: Beatles’ 4th Album, released in 1964 & produced by George Martin 4 PARLOPHONE! The album marked A MINOR (?) turning point

BABY’S IN BLACK: One Of The Best Song Of The AlbuM With I’LL FOLLOW THE SUN indeed!! Really Good TUNES!!

LP marked minor turning point in evolution of Lennon & McCartney as lyricists, John Lennon composing Songs of More autobiographical nature!!

FRED Too Now, In The 2000’s!! And ThanK You THE BEATLES!! ROCK’N ROLL MUSIC, JOHN, Back In The 60’s! (Chuck Berry! good Cover!) B. For SALE!

I’LL FOLLOW THE SUN (L&M) I’m Sure Every Girl Remembers First Time She Heard This Song, When 16 or 17, or Even Before, Girls FeeL + MUSIC!!


it’s a famous FV remark. In BEATLEMANIA, Fact GIRLS-WOMEN Were More Numerous Than BOYS-MEN Doesn’t Explain Why TEENAGERS WAVE Was So BIG!!

Because THERE WERE AlsO THE PARENTS ListeninG And LOVING THE BEATLES!! sincerely, It’s History. Contrary Is Propaganda! It Last A DECADE!!

BEATLESMANIA, NOT DEAD, Look, See, We’re Here To Stay, just a little more With Their Discs And Music. Welcome To The 10’s BEATLESMANIACS!!

MR. MOONLIGHT, I Don’t Like This SONG, oR MaYbe I LOVE It!! Heavy a little!! It’s For HIGH SCHOOLS PARTIES, When It’s Time To Have A Break!!

I’LL FOLLOW THE SUN: A Lot Of Couples Began Their Relationship Thanks To This Song, And After It’s ALL LIFE LONG The Greatest MEMORY, please

EIGHT DAYS A WEEK: VIDAL DiD A BreaK On INDIAN TOUR (to find his real entourage and he did) But NoT ON TWITTER! 8 DayS A WeeK, I LovE YoU!!

WORDS OF LOVE (US Tracklisting): Is Supplementary Song Not Additional One, But I Remember That I Wrote IT’S MY BEST ONE, The Words Of Love!!

EVERY LITTLE THINGS THAT SHE DOES (that she does for me): Too Great!!

EVERY LITTLE THINGS THAT SHE DOES (SHE does 4 me): TOO GREAT! 2 Words, T.-G., You Don’t Put Together Usually! But ASSOCIATED = FEEL BETTER!

I DON’T WANT TO SPOIL THE PARTY (so i’ll go) SaD SonG?? NO, BEAUTIFUL Message Of JohN & PauL, A Space-Time One!! The BRIDGE’s SO GREAT!!

I DON’T WANNA SPOIL THE PARTY (so he’ll Go, we’ll go, i’ll go, she’ll go, WHERE?) Upgrade FV! WHAT YOU’RE DOING! “StoP YouR Lyin'”! Great 2!


The BEATLES ALBUM Tracklisting Is Subject To Some Change On This Album (BEATLES FOR SALE), At The Release, Especially Both The American And The United KingDom Ones!!

LET’S GO TO LONDON, USA! There’s A London In Every State, No? Like LAFAYETTE Cities!! Basically, I’d Like To Record Album In LONDON, UK!!

BuT In London, USA, It’s CLOSER! EvErYbOdY’s TrYiNg To Be My BaBy NOW! DynaMite Album By THE BEATLES, FoR SALE! George’s GuitaR PREDOMINANT!

I Remember This FRED KELLY’s Episode! Actually He didn’t Relocate In LONDON BuT Found Way To BEATLES Their LIFE Thanks 2 Sister & Grand-MA!!

They (KELLY & GirlFriend) Bought The DOUBLE WHITE ALBUM, And Decided To Stop Family Matters (4 a while) And CHANGE TheiR LIfe! No + STRESS!!

Yeah! The Best EpisodE, I remember, Guys!! I LOVE THIS TV-SHOW (of the future?)!! KELLY is so Beatles FUNNY!! sometimes smt (A TVmovieGoer)

It’s All AbouT MIXING Right Song At The Right Time! It’s A Music Supervisor Work, But Also Depends Of THE CUT, Not The Final One, WORK CuT!!

Fred VIDAL discovers for a second time the interest of Beatles Songs, FoR Sale Edition, in special mastering HONEY DON’T Sounds LoT Better!

Newspaper BloG Presents:

BLAKE, The Song By FRED Is About To Be Ready For A First Showcase To Be Defined By You, Audience, As A Country Discotheque Style Of Music-Lyrics Piece Of Art In The 2010’s New Age Era!


As Fred VIDAL DevelopS On TWITTER the notion/organization Of TIMEFRAMES And Its 3 Directions: TF hollywood, TF synchronicity And TF historicity, The Question That Needs A ReplY Is : Does Hollywood Needs Coordination Structure & Debate/Dialogue, As It happened In Past? TIMEFRAMES could Be A Right One But at the Same Time, FRED’s Band LovE On EartH Involved More and More In The Music Business ARTISTIC Side, Composing SONG: B.L.A.K.E.

Who Will Be The First To Meet BOB DYLAN: Fred VIDAL Or His Enemies, To Tell Him That VIDAL's Wrong To Do: COUNTRY MUSIC? Sure Fred Will Be The First One In The Heart Of BOB!! Dylan Never Against A Reader Of His HERITAGE Poetry Musical Books And Albums, including TARANTULA, Bought By FV in 1972 or 73-74! Meeting Soon FV-BD.

(at 2ppm,BLACK FRIDAY)

SCOOP BreakinG NewS: SONG BLAKE, B.L.A.K.E., Main MESSAGE Is: DON’T SPEAK/write/Diffuse/Record/ Comment About My PRIVACY In The MASS MEDIA!!

INTERNET, I read In Scientific BOOKS, It’s Not A MASS MEDIUM??? (a non-specialist)

One Mass Medium, 2 Mass MEDIA!? Basically TIMEFRAMES Confirms INTERNET, also Called WEB, Is NOT A “MASS MEDIA“. The BRIDGE’s Song 4 WeB!

Mass Media Or Mass Medias? MASS MEDIA, OK! Internet Is More A VIRTUALITY, A Media (or Medium) Of Future, With NO MASS System But NETWORKS!!

Because Of tHe TopiC DIFFUSION: On the Internet NO MASS DIFFUSION, But SHARED Diffusion Through Community WebSites + USERS Distribution NEWS

Bridge’s Song? More SONG’S BRIDGE, In SONG, There Is The Verse(s), The CHORUS And The BRIDGE, If you Want The SonG 2 Be Understood As TRENDY

TRENDY: One who is drawn to & represents latest trends: “International trendies have spread word about area’s new nightclubs” (Lynn Langway)

TRENDY: Of or in accord with the latest fad or fashion / consciously fashionable / FASHIONABLE (i remember now!!) Fashionable Like COUNTRY!!

Fred VIDAL Team Creates Concept/Marketing WordS: COUNTRY DISCOTHEQUE, For New Style Country Music Songs, Starting Point: SonG B.L.A.K.E. !!

CountrY DiscothequE Or DiscothequE CountrY!? A new Style? Yes and No, No and Yes, PROBABLY MORE! On WordPress, The New Style to Be explained

In Discotheque Country, The neW Style, Fred VIDAL, but More AS Fred KELLY, can Do Surprising MASTERPIECE, NoT only In The BILLBOARD, maybe!

In DISCOTHEQUE COUNTRY, MessaGe Will Be MUSIC ONLY, The WordS Are There 2 folloW The TEMPO And The MELODY!! even if message is Also PRIVACY!

In The Discotheques Of The COUNTRY, The Song For BLAKE Lively Can Create A Good Impact To Improve Our System Of RELATIVITY, Love 1st & ONLY!

  • Between The Two SPECIES, MEN And WOMEN, Males And Females, THere Is A COMMUNICATION That Is MuSiCaL One Through The SOUNDS & The Vibrations!

The 2 SPECIES don’t Dance ONLY, But FEEL the Same If ORGANIZED By Structure Of A SonG That iS Known 2 Be As Most ImportanT Part Of MELODY!!

STRUCTURE is MELODY? Yes. Fred VIDAL did Study On ThiS SubjecT, even if it appears That Song’s Structure Is Not MELODY itself BuT ORG of It!

Write a Song everyday for Her, you Improve Our culture!! (a Fan oF FV) 

W-Blog: BLAKE, Vidal’s Song About 2 Be Ready 4 Showcase 2 Be Defined As Country Discotheque Style Of Music-Lyrics In 2010’s New Age Era!!

More Details ASAP.

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