GOOGLE TV is a Fantastic Upgrade of our Mass Media, a mix between TV & Web! I conceived the concept on ny Master-Blog: INTERVISION, and they Did It!!

I like the concept I created of INTERVISION that is exactly what GOOGLE TV proposes, a TV screen with your Internet and the regular TV stations accessibles together. The NET is a Super-Network of Web stations and the VISION is INTER-TV networks mixed with the “WEB”. I will continue the study of this New Media, son of the Television and the Computer! The Content is the Message and the Hardware is now just a Screen with a Remote control-Keyboard. Marshall McLuhan was right about the Mass media, there is always a surprising new one!

The Search Engine GOOGLE Didn’t Continue The Image Results Featuring On Fred Vidal Web Results First Page Because Of A Miscommunication, According To TIMEFRAMES!

Article In Progress.

Happy Bill of Rights Day! Yes, 218 years ago to the day, the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution took effect, following their ratification by three-fourths of the states.

Rachel McAdams, She Is Our Web Future Number One Star Because Rachel Is An Interactive TV 2010’s Locomotive!



Brigitte Bardot: A New Face For An Old Story, The French Cop™ Received An Academy Award in 2003! It was a space-time Oscar not scheduled on TV live because of a Waiting Time of 7 years, we hope!! To play Patricia Hunter™, the Wife of Vince Sauvan™, The French Cop™, Brigitte Bardot is a Myth in the Movie Industry: her great Unique smile, mind and body and her marvelous attitude created a Symbol in the United States, but she is not known enough by the new Generation of teenagers and the families of our Country.

She is a Person who is a Fantastic Human Being with no dark secret except that she is in love with her Fandom!! Brigitte is also the Person who is supporting Animals around the World. Visit her Website and know more about her passion for protecting the victims of the human beings that cannot help themselves

She is The Most Important Story Teller Of Our History Time, a Girl who wants To Check Our Quality Fun. She is the Star that the United States deserve for the 21st Century, the first One Hundred years that will be lived with a new Cinema Show, a Viral Marketing one with An Internet Sized for Hollywood without the name of Hollywooda Time Frame and so many others that we must respect, otherwise we don’t exist with a Market and we need it now forever strong for our Country, USA, USA, the Capitale of The Future!

She is From France and A Bardot is A Perfect Mind, she is a Sister of Our Perfect Singer, The Sun of Hollywood, but she did a career in France and she was a pure imaginary friend for Fred Vidal, PhD when he was a kid. It is the reason why she will be invited to be Patricia Hunter thanks to the miracle of the Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI), the system that must replace natural shooting before 2015 because of cheaper prices in a world in the middle of a crisis that can destroy our Civilization if we continue to believe in chaos and ancient times without middle ages of the Fantasy dimension of Life. The next Century will be CGI or won’t be. Read more CGI blog content:

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