Nashville is the legendary city of the music fame and glory in America. It is more than ever a modern and upscale town welcoming live music everywhere in venues famous worldwide.

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This is the plan of a study that will be written in a short while about Music and Government.

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Fred Kelly, BRAMSTOCKER frontman, preparing the role of Gerald Klein for PARALLEL PEOPLE, a TIMEFRAMES movie project, in 2009. Find more Frederic pics on Flickr:

First publishing of the plan:


A project to define the conditions and to build the reality of a Guest Candidate (Frederic Vidal alias Mike Fuller) for the Republican Party primaries, satiric and serious at the same time, as he’s an artist-performer, in order to advice and criticize positively other candidates, including the one who will be elected or not in November 2017.

A. Revolution to be in the Press (Day 0 notion)

I was never there, except as a part-time journalist still in progress on Twitter and WordPress. But I’m also an activist for human rights and culture empowerment and rehabilitation if necessary when subversive, alternate or underground too much.

a. Music world political opinion (presence in the race)

The same, the Country music artists, for instance, they would love to explain what they think to press reporters about, basically, politics. Like with my franchise of literacy quality, I can write what I want and it’s always scientific as I have a PhD with Jury congratulations.

To be a part of the Presidential Race, I must be featured in the Medias like to be a part of American Culture, Country Music artists have to be featured a lot more nationwide, not only in the medias but also on the radio.

b. Country business power to participate (central music in the US)

The problem of Hollywood is to be an industry of red carpets, managing moviegoers for Barack Obama. This odd producer shows that our movie industry is not well connected to the ideology: the Eagle and the Stars. These people have a fight against me, they must stop, I’m not McCarthy himself. These TV shows are not pro-active, they are an anti-net-worker to reform with a plan to change TV and Films.

B. Same program about War Marketing (continuity)

The Ying Yang is the solution in our societies. Like the Diary of Josef Goebbels, not Goering, Goebbels who was not only a Nazi. You know my anti-Nazism that is one of the 16 propositions of War Marketing to win the White House in January 2017.

We must study in an office why our 4 main propositions of Evaluation management – 0, 1, 2, 3 – Not Ready, Ready, Steady, Go – are not yet welcomed enough as Very Important Matters (VIM) meaning what you think about death and life, for Nov 1st, today, about peace and war, about you and me, majority and opposition.

c. 16 flyers-propositions (for diffusion Midwest)

Nashville need an upgrade. To reply to Joseph diaries, we have my 12 songs of BRAMSTOCKER Country Punk content for a IVth Reich including the Jews but not only, giving them the power. I have more than a PhD, the degree of IEP Paris (Institut d’Etudes Politiques that is equivalent civilian Wespoint).

Goebbels is the strategist of modern propaganda in the XXth century. We must consider him with a lot of concern. It could be terrible if he would have continue until Television in the 1950’s,  about another way to receive the news, accepting them with fanatism. It’s exactly inversed on the Internet.

d. A part of the War Marketing for TV next (the campaign contradiction)

To change, you need a cure. You want  people to feel guilty, to be victim of your bad fantasy regarding institutions first but also women. Your fight to support Obama goes nowhere, he’s black, you’re not, I am. Stop your speech to do nothing, join us to do something, to rebuild our brand new America of 1945, 55 but already 25 and 35, last century.

Nashville is next, pretty fast, nobody thin k now we won’t be there. You think too much about budget, money is not the point, speak about logistics.  Television, television, this is the only way to get the connection with the whole American population and this is next, thanks to our War Marketing and a key woman representing the United Nations. We are November 1st, the Press Access Day as a Joker with fluctuation but not too much.

C. An Album about a Film (R&D artistic value)

It’s gonna be Middle-of-the- Road in Nashville. Next the press for a campaign to improve my company TIMEFRAMES that is a LLC. The Cold Wave is not a weapon to give you the flu. It is a complete of program of understanding what is necessary to start a new Ready, Steady, Go in 2017 like with Eisenhower that Patton could have replaced, AMERICAN DREAM is eternal, the nightmare is Vietnam, Nixon stopped it.

Since the very beginning of the 70’s, I was using all my talent and knowledge for Nashville to be closer to the UK. I was David Bowie fan.

e. ‘President of the States’ (12 songs plus 36 additional tracks)

12 songs to say no to the present society with a status quo that refuses to the women the right to be themselves. Men are not at all Men at Work but men without a passion like music or to create a corporation. So the album President of the States gives to the males in America a strategy to follow and tactics to use in order to build something more than a routine cliché. TO FOLLOW ME, TO FOLLOW ME, TO FOLLOW ME, to follow me: it is what I propose to my listeners on Twitter to promote the World Wide Web of the future, the Intervision. So, in Nashville the album can give the feedback of the nationwide environment to create a good communication about social problems and cultural solutions.

f. Synopsis GERMAN SPY included in TIMEFRAMES franchise (FRENCH COP, 2006)

The CD and the concert are connected to a film of mine like the first one, FRENCH COP, that was not attractive in Hollywood enough in 2007. Consequently, it appears that it is in Nashville, in the music industry as his band BRAMSTOCKER is not a pure obsolete July 1st, 2014 product like a dispute about a casting of 2007. At that date (14), was decided by Mike Fuller the coordination of the songs and the film project. Like The Beatles did Hard Day’s Night and Help, the band of Fred Kelly is not only musical but totally included in the Film Business and universe. 1977 was the year of release of the Star Wars and it’s a great memory for the band that decided in the 2000’s to organize the same type of franchise and then after almost 10 years of preparation about financing the campaign of the GERMAN SPY, mixing fiction and reality, politics and culture, for a prestige of franchising every character of a list of a dozen of films, for a success with Wall Street investors and toys of the brand in every American family.

Nashville will be the big winner of my game as the city of the Country music needs to have more prestige and fame with THE NATION of DC and the Nation of everybody. My plan is clear: music is the number one in the US, let’s rehabilitate Rock for Elites and R&D, the Country is our principal music and grassroots for mainstream radio and Official Culture. Regarding black musics, they’re great and their improvement will be associated. This is the message of the first songs of BRAMSTOCKER already in 1977.

D. A PhD to manage everything (Government strategy)

Why me? Why being confident regarding my leadership that is modest and worldwide thanks to the Web? Why now at a time of preparation of the Presidential election that invites again a black and a woman? The replies are I’m the right man, at the right place and the right time like the real estate definition of the buyer explains it perfectly.

g. A report for Desmoines about Social Content (logistics to manage)

We have to be ready for a February 1st, 2016 explanation. The Iowa caucuses will be the starting point of a list of States where the population will vote to select their Republican candidate for November 16. Obviously, we won’t be able to impose a new face and a new personality there all at once. Consequently, we have the opportunity to publish a book, a study showing the gap between the medias campaign and the reality of the Midwest for the journalists to understand that there must be more social content to offer to the voters.

Nashville is the symbol of real pure America and old school Country music can be the context of being back in the tradition of the previous centuries politics. To be Presidential is not difficult for the son of a Spanish man and a French woman, Frederic Vidal is immigrant and needs a derogation to be elected. So him, singer of BRAMSTOCKER, also known with his 3 pseudonyms of Fred Kelly for music, Mike Fuller for government activities and Thomas Spears, the name of the hero he is going to play in the film GERMAN SPY, will appear the original support of new values about the election. Values to be anti-corruption, reading the constitution text everyday, appreciating all the jurisprudence of the US Supreme Court as it is obvious that we have to promote patriotism and civism at their best to get the direction of the XXIst Century.

h. ‘Cultural minorities’ is the concept (music, Internet, stage)

For a good impact of this program of improvement of our democracy, this is important to have in mind that there are minorities in our Country. There are laws to empower ethnic minorities, the African-Americans, the Hispanics, the native Americans, there must be laws to give more powers to the cultural minorities, a new concept, that is fine for the consecration of our movement including different types of arts, from fine arts to performing arts, for the creation of a Secretary of the Arts in 2017 and the distribution of culture fame all over the 50 States with a Coalition of Minorities that will be also social (LGBT, Weed, porn and punk can be closer to our system of networking) to federate all the communities sometimes obliged to be alternate and underground because not enough popular but never subversive, our Federation preventing terrorism on our territory by obliging everyone to manage our foreign policy against any type of enemy abroad.


Before mid-November 2015, a concert of 60 minutes with the songs of BRAMSTOCKER, Frederic Vidal’s band, performed by himself with his SAG-AFTRA 3rd name Fred Kelly, is in preparation in a small music venue of the Tennessee cultural capital. The goal is to connect the community of Country music with the political ambition of DC to have a great election next year in 2017.

Thomas Spears

Also know as Mike Fuller (for politics), Fred Kelly (for SAG-AFTRA cinema and TV biz) and ID name Frederic Vidal (from Europe and Israel), Spears is character of GERMAN SPY project-movie.

To prevent a fascination about Nazism, we must be proud to see the official portrait of Joseph Goebbels and tell him THAT WE ARE NOT AT ALL ATTRACTED by his point of view, even with a PhD, we have ours, FRED KELLY.

To prevent a fascination about Nazism, we must be proud to see the official portrait of Joseph Goebbels and tell him THAT WE ARE NOT AT ALL ATTRACTED by his point of view, even with a PhD, we have ours, FRED KELLY.

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