Washington Corruption In Hollywood, Subject Of 1st Medias Conference By Presidential Candidate Frederic Vidal Alias Mike Fuller For Bastille Day, July 14 With Medias Release for The 4th Of July! 

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Today 6/24, TIMEFRAMES Day: Invitation for Medias Release (July 4) & Medias Conference (July 14) against Human Trafficking and Fake Couples.

TIMEFRAMES Day: Invitation by FV for Medias Release (July 4) & Medias Conference (July 14) for more New Age & Flower Power in Washington DC.

While Blake Lively is releasing her new motion picture, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Shallows_(film)

For Bastille Day, a medias conference to propose the solutions to solve this horrible problem: HOLLYWOOD SICK because SEX & DRUGS without ROCK’N ROLL.

For Independence Day, the Medias Release with the content of the cure: the medication is for Washington to accept more culture from another song than LET IT BE, LET IT BLEED.

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Next: a letter to US Senator and previously US Presidential candidate Marco Rubio to give him the last news about California.

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