Bethlehem Chapel, Prague. Velvet friend's one? The original chapel was destroyed completely in the fifties of the 20th century. The present building is its exact imitation constructed by architect J. Fragner. The original chapel was built for services in Czech language in 1391. Reformer Jan Huss preached there.

He was a secret agent of a secret country, not a smiling guy, in town for one month. He was himself but something weird was in his eyes, smile, mouth, hair. He spoke with me, I decided to stay in touch because he seemed useful to get information but he disappeared one evening for a secret meeting. I folllowed him in the dark of Prague by night to see him going inside a chapel that I did not know in a street that I forgot to visit again.

This was a clear night with no moon, it was probably the stars not only in the sky but everywhere that created the light. A car arrived with nobody inside except a driver who was waiting for him.

The man left after midnight, he was strangely looking like somebody talking to an invisible person who was probably his mission partner, I suppose, a man who was not in this reality. How possible? I just checked everything and I wrote it in my files, on week after, when it was not dangerous anymore, he was now outside the country and his projects too, I never heard about him again.

Notes, Jonathan
October 19, 1923

(A Mike Fuller Velvet Eyes Story.
All rights reserved.)

A link to visit Prague and appreciate the city of Jonathan Founders:

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