The cause of the train crash is under investigation, but officials said there was no immediate indication that it was anything other than accidental. Credit Carlo Allegri/Reuters        

From Twitter http://www.twitter.com/vidalfuller2016

Mourning in New Jersey. WE ARE SO SAD for HOBOKEN, NJ with SAN JOSE, CA. I was also at the Train Station yesterday. Terrible destiny! Mike

Breaking news! Mike FULLER, new SHADOW PRESIDENT of the United States against PRESIDENT Barack OBAMA. I repeat. Mike FULLER, new SHADOW PREZ.

Barack OBAMA United States REFUSE Mike FULLER SHADOW PRESIDENT. Voters will punish them Nov. 8. There is always a SHADOW CABINET in the UK.

With Mike FULLER SHADOW PRESIDENT, Marco RUBIO, Jeb BUSH are immediately invited to be Vice-President and Secretary of State OR TO LEAVE. TS

Mike FULLER proposes to the Republican Party to be his SHADOW PRESIDENT during the 4 next years with his Shadow Cabinet PRESIDENTIAL POWER.

THE SHADOW CABINET: a very good book but also the inspiration of a political concept for the 8 pages to write today

THE SHADOW is a super hero story based on a 1930’s comic book. This AVENGER is an inspiration for my political franchise SHADOW PRESIDENT.

SHADOW is old school super hero, not flying in the air like Superman, but having a gun of FRENCH COP. I, FULLER, am with the CONSTITUTION.

As The SHADOW PRESIDENT, I am in the British Jurisprudence to ask for a Federal financing because I represent already a lot of Young People.

FRENCH COP, GERMAN SPY, VELVET EYES and THE MAN FROM 25 are my TIMEFRAMES Universe: my JOB is Comic Films. My political duty is to be PREZ.

After this homage to The Shadow let’s write more texts about 8 points of MIKE FULLER CIVILIZATION TO REINFORCE. TS



READ IT AND IMAGINE MIKE FULLER: https://sites.google.com/site/fullerrubio/

On FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012 (09/29/2016 at 1 PM PT).

I, Mike FULLER, decide today, September 29, 2016, to become Shadow President of the United States according to the tradition and example of the United Kingdom, our first Nation before 1776, of a SHADOW CABINET that is for every government the reply of the Opposition. As a matter of fact, America does not need 2 Presidents but a President and his possible successor if he succeeds with the Primaries system during the election year.
I am more than ever candidate in 2016 but I am still isolated because the Internet that creates a distance between us and the press with the population. So, I must be objective and prepare the future if I am not elected Pesident on November 8.
End of Part 1 of press release.

Picture: Jeremy Corbyn https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_Corbyn
Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet (United Kingdom)

_political_south_america__cia_world_factbook_svgDonald TRUMP can stop his candidacy and be replaced by Mike FULLER all at once if
he understands it’s better for the United States and for the world: Donald be nominated,
in a second time, President of a new organization of coordination of the whole
America: North, central and south reunited in the Inter-American Union.



Hoboken Train Crash Leaves at Least One Dead and Dozens Injured


Just this morning, this is destiny and transportation. Imagine we are on location to ENTERTAIN the troops of passengers and rescue the victims. Mike FULLER SHADOW President (since this morning).

Train crashes into N.J. station, killing at least one person and injuring dozens


The same picture for the NY Times and the Wash. Sign of the times: there was a train crash and the photographer shows it to you. Read the article too. Mike

Chaos in Hoboken After Train ‘Flew Through the Air’


Passengers rushed to safety after a New Jersey Transit train struck the Hoboken Terminal building on Track 5 around 8:45 a.m. on Thursday. Credit Pancho Bernasconi/Getty Images


Emergency workers treated those injured outside the Hoboken Terminal. Dozens of injuries have been reported. Credit Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images        



“Fantastic view of the horror of a train when the tragedy is upcoming and the nightmare in progress. Why to take this train?”
We’re looking for the credits of this great picture of the crash: Pancho Bernasconi/Getty Images. It could be a poster to publish with the mention: NEVER AGAIN (IN NEW JERSEY) with the benefits for the victims and their families.

“A SHADOW PRESIDENT is Necessary And it’s Me.” Mike FULLER. September 29, 2016. The SP proposes To Donald TRUMP The Global Presidency Of The Inter-American Union! In New Jersey, A Train Crash Disturbs The Governor Chris CHRISTIE!

As A French Lover In The American Film Industry, Mike FULLER Will Call Bono, Singer But Also Philanthropist To Offer Him Australia (US Ambassador) and possibly in 2018 Prime minister of Mike FULLER. Meanwhile in France, It is the 51st State and VIIth Republic.


Breaking news! Mike FULLER proposes to Sarah PALIN to be next MAYOR of LOS ANGELES. Meanwhile Senator John McCain to audit 25 last years of Presidency.
Sarah Palin speaking at CPAC 2015 in Washington, DC.
Communique. San Jose, California. 09/26/2016. 9:50AM PT. L&R #1 (Article from LIBERAL & REPUBLICAN). After RUBIO, JEB BUSH, ROMNEY, Mike FULLER gives the names of other personalities to be his Lieutenants in the new Administration 2017-2020. Newt GINGRICH and Rand PAUL selected for important jobs (California Governor and Ambassador in Germany). Other Republican Leaders like Ted CRUZ will continue their networking, personal and political, without the White House. Generals of the Military will be nominated to be Chief of Staff and more to compensate to replace 8 years stardom of Obama management. Colin POWELL, possible President of the Supreme Court one day and Bill GATES at the newly created Department of Culture are the last names to be revealed before November 8, Election Day at D – 42. More information: https://fredvidal.wordpress.com A second communique, today, day of the first debate between Mrs. Hillary CLINTON and Mr. Donald TRUMP will be release at 3PM PT (about judiciary issues). End of communique. For AP, AFP, more.
2016 Election Countdown Clock: http://www.270towin.com/2016-countdown-clock/


Picture: Portrait of President Dwight D. Eisenhower by Thomas Edgar Stephens, 1960. Green Room, White House, Washington, D.C

To be President or Shadow President?

I think we gonna win. But for everything to be totally clear, I want to tell you if we don’t, we will constitute a SHADOW GOVERNMENT to prepare 2020 (Twenty-Twenty). 4 years to have a training and to propose to the Congress our own vision of the Country’s direction, to inspire FULLER laws all at once. Anyway, we are not losers, it’s about time to be elected in 2016 (two-o-one-six).

Mike (09/26/2016, 11:20AM).

On Wikipedia:


Newt Gingrich speaking to supporters at a townhall in Derry, New Hampshire, along with his wife, Callista. Please attribute to Gage Skidmore if used elsewhere.

On Wikipedia: Newt Gingrich https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newt_Gingrich
Rand Paul https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rand_Paul

FULLER List of Expected nominations


Chief of Staff: US Navy General
Joint Chief of Staff: Marines General
Pentagon: US Air Force General
Security Advisor: US Army General
NSA: National Guard General
Homeland Security: US Army General
(before dissolution in 2018. To be replaced by USID)
Ambassador in Russia: US Air Force General
Ambassador in China: US Navy General


Marco RUBIO: Vice-Presidential candidate
IF ELECTED with Mike FULLER Presidential candidate:
Jeb BUSH: Secretary of State
Mitt ROMNEY: Ambassador to the UN
(possible Secretary-General in 2020)
Rand PAUL: Ambassador to GERMANY
New GINGRICH: possible Governor of CALIFORNIA
Sarah PALIN: possible Mayor of LOS ANGELES


Bill GATES, Minister of the Culture Department
Colin POWELL, possible President of the US Supreme Court

What’s up the Press?

WATCH: FIRST PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE LIVE STREAM- DONALD TRUMP VS. HILLARY CLINTON http://rsbn.tv/watch-first-presidential-debate-live-stream-donald-trump-vs-hillary-clinton/

At 6PM PT, right? Control your time and your location. I will be building my new website at the same time. Still available for the 3rd debate October the 19, I will study tonight the talent of each candidate> No, I criticize too much, their Music Hall is GOOD! Mike FULER Vegas

About the New York Times article: Arnold Palmer, the Magnetic Face of Golf in the ’60s, Dies at 87

“From 1958 through 1964, Palmer was the charismatic face of professional golf and one of its dominant players. In those seven seasons, he won seven major titles: four Masters, one United States Open and two British Opens. With 62 victories on the PGA Tour, he ranks fifth, behind Sam Snead, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Ben Hogan. He won 93 tournaments worldwide, including the 1954 United States Amateur.” NYT. Mike FULLER: “he is with Frederic now, somewhere else in a better place like me, I am with you in this reality I call the USB. But the USA are not so far away. We can improve our system to go to this dimension #1 of our Country as the 190’s of Arnold ALMER were his Nirvana.”

“If Mrs. Clinton must guard against condescension, Mr. Trump has to worry about being exposed to a global audience as devoid of all but bluster.” NYT. Mike FULLER: “I will be there and previously at 3PM PT I will release a communique to AP and AFP. I think these two candidates don’t represent the public opinion in America nowadays. It’s a mistake of the system not to include people, like me obviously (!) but also like REGULAR Republicans ad Democrats (Sanders was not). We have new JFK, we have new RR (Ronald Reagan) but we don’t want to feature them, from the beginning of their career. So, a routine is going on, a bad one, of medias stars of politics, stars for their TRIVIA who are ICONS of the bad days. We need better in this Land of the Free. The 2000’s started like a nightmare, already in 2000 with nothing ready, scheduled for a new century. We are in 16, in 18 IT’S THE MAJORITY, the majority.”

About the New York Times article: Why Donald Trump Should Not Be President

A good article. “When Donald Trump began his improbable run for president 15 months ago, he offered his wealth and television celebrity as credentials, then slyly added a twist of fearmongering about Mexican “rapists” flooding across the Southern border.” NYT. I represent more than him, I’m not him. MF

About the Washington Post article: Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton on the issues

Great drawing, not for the kids. This is adult matters and Donald + Hillary will give us their replies to the questions of the public opinion, in fact. I’m not optimistic for them, they are too much like I could be, not with us, already in History books, like King and Quen. They do their best? Who knows, we live a century disturbed and America could really be disabled (I will ask for a survey by the CDC). Long day today, guys. I see you next. Mike FULLER abroad and nationwide

About the Washington Post article: A huge moment for Clinton and Trump at first of three debates

“Virtually tied in recent national polls, both Clinton and Trump enter the debate as the two most deeply unpopular presidential candidates in modern history. Both hope to discredit the other, and both hope to emerge from the debate having burnished the public’s view that they are better qualified to be commander in chief.” WP. Mike FULLER: “this is the American tradition since the 1960’s (the great years of our missed Arnold PALMER!), the first years of mine (born in 59).  My generation is not yours sometimes, I can check, I can swear. Tonight, there will be a conflict that is not a part of this tradition. I will release at 3pm a communique to be like General de Gaulle in London, somewhere else, at another level (upper), if possibIe prefer for my own candidacy that is not too late at all (6 weeks).”

About the Miami Herald article:  José Fernández: He was us. He was our story.

Our friend passed away. All Florida is so concerned this morning. He was our Jose Fernandez for the American Dream to continue nationwide. The world will remember meas he died the day I decided to have a new address on the Web for my program, a site. Definitely dedicated to him, my coach for winning! Mike FULLER baseball

Newt GINGRICH And Rand PAUL Selected For Important Jobs (California Governor And Ambassador In Germany). Other Republican Leaders Like Ted CRUZ Will Continue Their Networking, Personal And Political, With White House. Generals Of The Military Will Be Nominated to be Chief of Staff and more to compensate to replace 8 years stardom of Obama management. Colin POWELL, possible President of the Supreme Court one day and Bill GATES at the newly created Department of Culture


Breaking News! FULLER RUBIO Platform Program SITE is https://sites.google.com/site/fullerrubio/ Previously: So difficult for an indie candidate, without a party to be listened by the crowd of the medias, the companies and the people! So, I need a little justice to control everything’s all right and no crime to explain I’m still alone, except the Web, September 25. Sorry about that. If they find something, you will congratulate me, you don’t like if illegality would  rule the world. For now, after Marco RUBIO, a 2nd choice of mine: Jeb BUSH for the Department of State. I see only him able to handle ISRAEL upgrade in our diplomacy and talks with ISIS to stop terrorism definitely! Jeb on my mind at D – 43.

Mike FULLER, fuller than hell


Picture by Michael Vadon taken In Derry, New Hampshire on June 16, 2015. A charming person, a great Governor of my 2nd home State after California, Florida (#3: New York), JEB is for me, Mike FULLER, a sacred name and I believe in the courage and abnegation of this so important and soon historic figure of American politics to represent me and the Nation, especially in ISRAEL and worldwide but also strongly to open a new page of our diplomacy about ISIS; to force them to stop terrorism by promoting the project of a Treaty, for everybody in the region. The IVth Reich of us is for Freedom to replace War. See it on the brand new Google site, created and completed today in a moment. It’s 2PM at the Martin Luther King Jr. Public and University Library of SAN JOSE, Capital of Silicon Valley where I finish the preparation of October in Washington, probably because the DC is not for comics but for politics mainly!

Mike FULLER destroyer

Read on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeb_Bush https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeb_Bush_presidential_campaign,_2016

On Facebook http://www.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012 (09/25/2016)

“Likely voters split 46 percent for Clinton and 44 percent for Trump, with Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson at 5 percent and Green Party nominee Jill Stein at 1 percent. ” if #5 was me, Mike Fuller, I will do from 10 to 25% and the others: 36 percent for Clinton, 29 percent for Trump, 5 percent for Gary Johnson and 1 percent got Jill Stein. Clinton, Trump, Fuller: 36, 29, 25 percent, 43 days before November 8, Election Day. My Vice-presidential candidate would be Marco Rubio and my Secretary of State to nominate when in charge: Jeb Bush. This is politic fiction or Web rhetorical studies or propaganda for my candidacy to happen, a little of all of this> Mike FULLER https://fredvidal.wordpress.com https://www.washingtonpost.com/…/b99c95de-81cb-11e6-8327-f1…

At 4pm. Breaking News. Exclusive FACEBOOK. After JEB, MITT. Mike FULLER informs that he will design Mitt ROMNEY to be the AMBASSADOR of the United States to the UNITED NATIONS, among his first decisions as the President, next January. In a second time, the United States will propose Mitt ROMNEY to be SECRETARY-GENERAL of the worldwide organization from 2020 to 2024 before the 250th Anniversary of the Union in 2026. ” Diplomacy will be crucial and our chance to change and to stay!” MF. Wikipedia: “An indirect Secretary-General election will be held to choose the ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations in October 2016 to replace Ban Ki-moon, whose term concludes 31 December 2016.”

At 6:30pm. Arnold PALMER left us today and I cannot think about the past of our Country that is criticizing us and creating difficulties like PALMER who passed away. We are not well enough to keep their patronage, maybe soon again. I will do my best, if President, to stay 50’s like this handsome Arnold PALMER at a time when Fame and Glamour were not confused. See you Arnold, in Washington for sure.
Mike FULLER vintage

On Twitter http://www.twitter.com (09/25/2016)
vidalfuller2016, timeframes 2014

Dedicated to Colin Powell, IMAGINE MIKE FULLER to present the candidate Platform Program A CIVILIZATION TO REINFORCE

We have to change our style with less war abroad A CIVILIZATION TO REINFORCE NOW. M. FULLER

It’s time to stay the same to provide more liberty on Earth A CIVILIZATION TO REINFORCE. MF

Adios Jose. You are still home with me, in my White House, you’ll be in January. Adios Amigos, from Florida, from Miami!! Mike FULLER Sunday

about http://www.newschannel10.com/story/33185176/marlins-ace-fernandez-killed-in-boating-accident#.V-h8J3Gg7Xo.facebook

On Myspace https://myspace.com/mikefuller2016

A picture by Michael Vadon. Jeb BUSH, a Republican Champion for Mike FULLER High Diplomacy: to have ISRAEL and ISIS signing End of Terrorism Treaty!

Jeb BUSH, Secretary Of State of FULLER Administration in 2017 After 25% For Mike In The Polls (Political Fiction) on September 25 Vs Trump, Clinton: MAYBE TRUE If The FULLER RUBIO Platform Program From Today, Sunday Is A Public Opinion ‘Bestseller’!


The Republican Primary Far West is Florida. Fuller Down But Apollo Meets Saturn.

No more candidates from 2014 except Mike Fuller: this is the result of 2 years of campaign in America between the Republicans and the new GOP leaders who are Social Republicans. In 2014, Jeb Bush and New Jersey Governor Christie were unable to confirm they would continue their Primary competition after Florida. In fact, this was clear that nothing was sure for 2016 for nobody except Fuller who began to build a victory legend difficult to change with regular politicians even GOP Stars. Consequently, the French president of Republic François Hollande sent in Florida Frederic Vidal himself to be the Joker of the Election and he won.

Washington Post



FUTURE DIARY: January 31, 2014 writings for Feburary 2, 2016.

On Twitter https://twitter.com/francedemain

Obama veut m’empêcher d’être candidat à la Mairie de Nice. Cette ingérence est illégale. Citoyen binational, c’est mon droit. Frédéric Vidal

Frédéric Vidal : C’est une rivalité personnelle avec ces 2 hommes qui jouent de leur prestige pour séduire les femmes. Ma réponse : Twitter.

Frédéric Vidal : Obama veut me faire taire car je suis en France comme j’en ai le droit mais il me croit plus dangereux que Snowden, à tort.

Frédéric Vidal : je suis un honnête citoyen américain qui défend mon pays à l’étranger et respecte notre Constitution des USA à la lettre.

Frédéric Vidal : J’ai voulu garder ma nationalité française pour me rendre utile aussi ici en France et continuer à y faire de la politique.

On Twitter htts://twitter.com/BRAMSTOCKER

Frederic Vidal: the Party of Ronald Reagan and George Bush is not ready to welcome Mike Fuller as Reagan was not the Reagan you think.

Frederic Vidal: and Bush is decided to destroy Fuller candidacy because he is the leader of a worldwide network for Mike crucifixion.

Frederic Vidal: but we are in 2014 and there are lawyers, Republican or not. In 2 years, I will have done my best to neutralize this gang of the past.

Frederic Vidal: Hate is a Sin. This is all about money and power. Reagan was not a fair Partner of our Presidential project from the 1980’s.

Frederic Vidal: Obama himself is deciding a lot against the Fuller Plan to have a great possible President who shares Population Dreams.

Frederic Vidal: the Club of VIPs who is playing against Mike Fuller is responsible of our misery everywhere, in every city. You are not Rich, be Humble.

Frederic Vidal: Mike wants GOP his 3 letters of Harmony, not dispute all the time about him and why he is so ambitious. He’s just a new politician in our area.

Frederic Vidal: Hollywood is the same, the Obama Show and Reagan closed door with Mike Fuller’s scripts and stories that nobody wants.

Frederic Vidal: the Film Industry must know that this is a serious candidate for the Presidency with a real projet of CULTURE DEPARTMENT.

Frederic Vidal: in 2014 and 2015, as personal attache of Mike Fuller, I will realize a fantastic challenge, reuniting producers and networks to follow him. For now, let’s pray. Nasty Republicans who don’t want Young Guns are about to be obsolete and back in hometown. FV

Frederic Vidal: GOP, this Party is sick since Mitt Romney not elected President. People are agressive or weak, no victory believers for 2016 race to the top.

Frederic Vidal: from France, I will monitor Democracy in America that must stay Constitutional. Mike Fuller has right to be President like anybody else.

Frederic Vidal: Voters will decide who will be next President, not the Congress or Governors. The direction of the Party cannot select Primary casting.

Frederic Vidal: MIKE FULLER will write his own name in US History, a big name, a magnifique Man’s name like JFK. I am his Fan #1.

Frederic Vidal: Republicans are not Democrats to have a special attitude to share with television. We are Conservative and United.

Frederic Vidal: if some Republicans are not United enough and laugh, explaining Mike Fuller is a joke, I will tell them it’s a bad one.

Frederic Vidal: Press will love Mike Fuller, he’s a pure Patriot and a funny Guy you will like to meet in your local Party. Mike is your neighbor.

Frederic Vidal: he’s not a SciFi guy. Propaganda againts him is a disaster for our Country. There is no America without Freedom of expression.

Frederic Vidal: the Judge Year 2014 begins. When it will finish, FULLER will not anymore be criticized. This is my final words.

Frederic Vidal: in France, I’m powerful politician, writing what I think and what I want on the Web to change a world finishing, the 2000’s decline.

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Le cofondateur du groupe de rock Deep Purple est mort des suites d'un cancer du pancréas à l'âge de 71 ans.

Le cofondateur du groupe de rock Deep Purple est mort des suites d’un cancer du pancréas à l’âge de 71 ans.


The Inter-Letters™ #22, 07/17/2012 (Tuesday). Special Webgrams, The Internet 2.0 Communicating Messages Of Our Spider And Viral Marketing Favorable For the Webbers / Bloggers.


Lionel Jospin marque son retour politique à la tête d’une commission très symbolique.

Président de la commission sur la moralisation de la vie politique, tel est l’intitulé de cette organisation qui nous manquait et il est question qu’elle s’implante. Mr. Jospin a l’intention d’aller voir sur le terrain de quoi il s’agit : on l’accueillera aussi à Nice.” Frédéric Vidal.


VIDÉO. Obama chanteur ridiculisé par un clip de campagne de Romney.

ÉLECTIONS AMÉRICAINES – Les Républicains n’ont pas perdu de temps. Deux jours seulement après la diffusion d’un clip de campagne ridiculisant Mitt Romney chantant “America is beautiful”, le parti conservateur a répondu du tac au tac.

Qui chante le mieux ? C’est Frédéric Vidal avec son groupe BRAMSTOCKER (bien qu’il soit avant tout guitariste). Son autre nom, c’est Mike Fuller et il sera à Tampa, pour la Convention Républicaine.” Frédéric Vidal


L’UMP contrainte de licencier après sa défaite aux législatives.

UMP, le budget réduit te condamne aux économies et Pouvoir Présidentiel, mon parti te  propose un partenariat, pas sur l’argent, sur les IDEES.” Frédéric Vidal.


Anton Pavlovich Chekhov.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov.


Leo Tolstoy 1848. Date: 1906. Source: Life and Work, Heineman. Author: Pavel Biryukov.

Leo Tolstoy 1848. Date: 1906. Source: Life and Work, Heineman. Author: Pavel Biryukov.


Dostoyevsky as an engineer.

Dostoyevsky as an engineer.


The Library of the White House, The List of Films, a new show: FAITS DIVERS, a selection of possible Mitt ticket’s Vice-Presidents.

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #41: The breakthrough of the Internet for a restart.

The Internet is still criticized by a lot of us, it is not fair. The problem with this new media, ours, is our problem: to express something new and different, not to repeat the mistakes of the others. These mistakes are well-known, they are about politics, a concept against the concept and the reality of the government – we are a government on the Web deciding for more, that is to say IN A SOCIAL WAY – and FAME, a big error of the communication without the Internet. On the social media, we speak and write about the stars BUT we don’t want them to be too big or we would be burnt (our star is the Sun, our planet don’t deserve more heat!). We’ are not a nowhere land, thanks to The Beatles.


): BLOCKBUSTER™ #41: Mike Fuller is the personification of the White House.
What about a list of possible vice-presidents.

There is a list, a long list, about the possible vice-presidential candidates for the TICKET (to ride), the Republican one-way-ticket to the White House. But What If the Candidate was not Romney but Mike (Fuller). Let’s have a minimum of imagination. This could be the same people listed positively by our friend Wikipedia. Others could be cited. The decision is the obligation. The obligation to be right and to be attractive – I think Marco Rubio is not the best solution for an acceptation fof the democracy to support us. Jeb Bush was my favorite 2 years ago. George is not anymore my protégé ‘(Iraq). So, my name on the Screen you read TOMORROW. Condoleezza Rice is on the list.


  • On the Web:

https://fredvidal.wordpress.com BREAKING NEWS WEBGRAM! Frederic Vidal Informs that MIKE FULLER will give the name of the (his) Vice-Presidential Candidate TOMORROW, Wednesday July 18, 2012. To the Press and the Opinion. https://fredvidal.wordpress.com

The Hollywood Sign, shot from an aircraft at about 1,500' MSL. Author: Jelson25.

The Hollywood Sign, shot from an aircraft at about 1,500′ MSL. Author: Jelson25.


Tea Party protesters fill the National Mall on September 12, 2009. Author: NYyankees51.

Tea Party protesters fill the National Mall on September 12, 2009. Author: NYyankees51.


): BRAMSTOCKER™ #41: The Books of The White House Are A Part of the Webbers Culture (including History).

If tomorrow I decide to live at the White House, I will be sure to have a great Library as I am already a member of the Library of the Congress (as a political and communication researcher). Books are very important and you cand find on the site of the White House pictures of every historical rooms including the one of the so-beautiful Library. Russian authors are welcomed, like Chekhov, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky but also Asimov are among the novelists and essayists I want to be there (not for me but for Mike Fuller). But I won’t have the key. The key is in the pocket of Barack Obama and he is a good reader of my writings. Thank you President, I am your journalist. The communication politique begins. To Mary Tudor, another Marylin.


Portrait miniature of Mary Tudor, later Mary I of England. Attributed to Lucas Horenbout (1495–1544).

Portrait miniature of Mary Tudor, later Mary I of England. Attributed to Lucas Horenbout (1495–1544).



): FRENCH POST™ #41: A List of Films for the end of the old story about what is able to make a good movie.

18 movies are ready to shoot, the story boards are upcoming. It created Mangas. I dedicate them to Victoria. Dual Dim, Planet(e), Nuclear Franchise, Rosswell 1947, Mercantour, La France Eternelle, X9, Famille (The Mafia), French Cop (3 films), Mike Fuller, German Spy (3 films), 6218 Hollywood Sign, Amendment, Caesars, Blake and Fred, Bramstocker, The Past Machine, Parallel People. The All trademarked. The whole story is to capitalize the whole thing by making the opposite people friends. It is not easy because the sky is blue, it is always a question of time and money in this world except in Sweden (kidding). I like Scandinavian persons as we must be one and united and Oslo is my reason of life and Norway, a personal satisfaction (for Barack Obama also, a Nobel Prize). Close to Russia, let’s go to film a film.

H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria. Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée, Crown Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Västergötland.

H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria. Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée, Crown Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Västergötland.


): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #41: FAITS DIVERS, we will be the kings of the TV Shows.

Je suis, nous sommes tous des faits divers potentiels. Il faut le vivre pour le croire. Pour le faire reconnaître, il ne suffit pas de lire les journaux, il est possible également non pas de les écrire mais de les commenter en images. C’est le thème d’une nouvelle série journalistique (traitée comme la saga immobilière “6218 Hollywood Sign” en préparation too). Faits Divers peut être co-produit avec un grand quotidien régional, de la PQR et la Police Nationale (ou de proximité). Un journaliste épris de vérité fait les grands titrages de sa presse locale en couvrant l’événement comme il se doit, à corps et à cris. De permanence le weekend, il écoute la CB des “flics” (des gentils qui s’ignorent). Les méchants n’ont qu’à bien se tenir. Il y a aussi de l’humour et de la fantaisie, un fait divers est un fortune, un bon moment de lecture pour le lecteur fasciné ou inquiété par la réalité de la vie qu’il ne veut jamais fuir (en achetant le journal).

This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: François Hollande.

François Hollande photographié par Jean-Marc Ayrault, une sérénité de socialisme et de présidence. Les français sont rassurés.

François Hollande photographié par Jean-Marc Ayrault, une sérénité de socialisme et de présidence. Les français sont rassurés.


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Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: Frederic Vidal.

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Today’s Video by Youtube:
Ouverture du défilé du 14 Juillet 2012 avec le passage des avions de l’armée française.


Behind the Scenes: The Google Art Project at the White House


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