How To Be A Bad Actor Like Brad Pitt, A First Chapter Of SHORT MEMORIES, The Fred Vidal’s Hollywood Stories Of EXTRATIME!

On The Set Of A Ben Stiller Movie, Fred Vidal Met Jennifer Aniston And Felt In Love!!

Article In Progress.

F-COP: Aftermath! 12/10/2009: Earth-Star/Star-Earth, Sun-PlaneT-Planet-SuN: A Special Episode This Weekend!

Diffusion: TIMEFRAMES historicity

Peter Baratti's Style-Picture Of The 2008 Year: Mike Fuller At His Top, Lover And Insider!

BreakinG NewS:
Fred Vidal, alias Mike FULLER, Is Already Officially FRED KELLY For AFTRA In Hollywood, New Professional Name!

Fred VIDAL WriteS To JournalistS: I Will Marry ‘AMERICA’ (a Surname!) Next Year, As SILLY, My  MusiC OrienteD DVD AccesSes The REcorD IndustrY, NexT WeeK!

The PRESS RELEASE Text Communique Is Not Finished And In Progress, With Possible Upgrades On TWITTER FV, Today Satuday And Tomorrow Sunday. Enjoy This Live Development Of A Success Story!!

TEXT AS POST At 10:08am This Saturday!
(have a great weekend!)

A Personal Message From Fred VIDAL, PhD To The American And International PRESS, From Los Angeles, CA, Now, ON VOX!! To Be Diffused By Emails And Faxes To Selection 500 Journalists (or less_ During MontH Of DECEMBER 2009!

The Release Of A DVD Of The Best Songs Of Fred VIDAL On YoutuBe Is The First step Of a Diffusion Of His Music To Record Companies And the Population Of Los Angeles, And New York, Before A Commercial Distribution On The Internet Of The Concept-Album FV IN LA. On Youtube, The Hit Of HeRe CoMeS ThE NiGhT Cover (A sonG written By VaN MORRISON In the 60’s, revisited By FV In A Metal-Pub Rock Way) Is a GooD SuRprise (400 Views In December, in 4 Weeks). Fred VIDAL Began his Career In The Rock Industry In 1977 With punk Rock Band BRAMSTOCKER In Nice, French Riviera (the Movie-Music Entrepreneur Is an American Citizen since 2006, After IMMIGRATION In 2003, following 1990’s Sessions Of Work In New York and personal Visits in Washington, DC For Preparation Insertion In The UniteD StateS and Writing PhD In Semiotics/Media Studies). On TWITTER, Fred Shares With 1,800 Followers His TWEETS Mixing Social Science, SciFi Scripts Plot Contents (F-COP: Aftermath NOVEL In Progress On His WordPress BloG, After Success e-Novel ThE MaN WiTh ThE VelVeT EyEs Since Last SprinG).

GOSSIP GIRL, An Example That Must Be Followed In The TV And Movie Industry, As The American Entertainment Business Is Not Enough Focusing On The Sale Of Films And TV-Shows DVDs, Preferring To Boost The Rent/Location Of Them! BUY A DVD Of GossiP GirL, If you Want To Admire The Quality Of The ShoW And Know Better Why Fred VIDAL, PhD Is A Fan Of This Series And A Personal Fanatic Of The Lead Character and The Actress Blake Lively.

A LinK To Share With The GG Universe:

FV IN LA Is A SignaL Of Fred VIDAL ComeBack In The MUSIC INDUSTRY! The young Actor (since 2003) Is Back To The Sets Since Last Summer (IRON MAN 2, HEROES, THE GREEN HORNET, CHUCK, EASTWICK TV-Shows, some more) For XTRA-TIME evaluation Of His Preparation Of ACTING Career In HollywooD As President Of TIMEFFRAMES ( A ThinK SmarT CLUB For The AmericaN FILM INDUSTRY Empowerment And Improvement InTo 2010’s Developemt Of The After-Crisis Era For Entertainment In The United States). A Book-Post of His Acting Memories, ‘From Spielberg To Eastwood, My Acting Work In Hollywood’, Is scheduled This Month on The Web (Fred VIDAL worked As A Day-Time Player, for non-speaking roles mostly, with Dozens of important actors, directors, producers of The American Film Industry, like Martin SHEEN, On THE WEST WING, Katie HOLMES, for his first day on a set in 2003, For BASTILLE Day, Jennifer ANISTON,  Ashton KUTCHER in Valentine’s Day, Photo-Double Of Steve CARELL In The Office’s NBC TV-Show, a lot more). With Clint EATWOOD, Director, He Played Humphfrey BOGART, In a Scene Of FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS.

Fred’s In A Process Of Development-Reorganization Of His MOVIE ActivitY In HollywoodLanD, LA With Dissolution Project Of LimitED Liability COMPANY FRENCH COP And Creation Partnership TIMEFRAMES In Hollywood, A CluB-Work, Semi-Commercial, That Could Be The Next Step Of HIS START-UP StrateGy StoppeD By Lake Of Synergies-Solidarity In His NETWORKING Work 2005-2009 (Chambers of commerce, Business and Mixer Organizations). Vidal’s Didn’t Succeed To Stay Full-Time Producer As His Screenwriting Work, At the Same Time, Got A Spectacular Success On The Internet, With More 350,000 Readers Of His Blog-Newspaper On WORDPRESS,

Regarding His Musical Inspiration And Movie

Great PIC: RED CARPET Complex Mag + Harley Davidson EVENT Hollywood CA - 17.10.07 Credit: Rachel Worth /WENN! Fred VIDAL, David HASSELHOFF, Alicia ARDEN, Great Actress And The Public Relations Of Fred VIDAL from 2007 to 2008, for more Than a Couple Of Months, And A Friend!

Orientation Of Career And PersonaL Life, Fred VIDAL Is… (writinG ContinueS in a moment, STAY TUNED!!)

2nd PART: CORPORATE ROOM And ‘AMERICA’ I LoVe YoU FOREVER!, 3rd Part In Line For Online THIS AFTERNOON, SAT, Before 6pm pt, BeginninG Is ScheduleD!

Regarding His Musical Inspiration And Movie Orientation Of Career And PersonaL Life, Fred VIDAL Is Focusing On More With The Creation Of TIMEFRAMES, A THINK SMART CluB (MottO: Ready For The Best), Created For A Brainstoorming About The Future Of Hollywood, A Nation In Crisis, A Nation Inside The Nation, The American One, With A Community That is a Family and An Identity, A population Of Actors, Movie Producers And Directors, Screenwriters. What Future For Them? A Crisis Or An Anti-Crisis Era With The Happening of The 2010’s? TIMEFRAMES Thinks that The Problem Of MGM Future (With UNITED ARTISTS That could Be a Solution To produce More movies for Young Talents of The Industry) and The Negotiations In progress Between NBC And COMCAST (explained daily In The Local DAILY NEWS as A Crucial Matter For The LA County) Are Emblematic Of a World That chages, even if it’s sometimes in chaotic Way. So Let’s Choose The Best Attitude With a Debate, and No more Strikes that Kill progress, that TIMEFRAMES Proposes As a Mixer-Concept (An invitation To be Sent to Hollywood Insiders for an Orientation Party In Hollywoodland, In December the 13.

Last But Not Least, Fred VIDAL Is ThinkinG about The personal Success Of Hiss professional Life In a Corporate but Private too Environment, in a Context where Celebrities Are Involved In Public Media. He will Be next year In a Process Of Developing His Life To Build A Family, hoping To give You GOOD NEWS About That, Soon Too. It’s the responsability Of actors and public Figures to Express themselves About their Life, without ambiguity and Miscommunication. This Program Has A Name: AMERICA as Fred’s Love Surname Is The One Of Our COUNTRY, The United States.

Thank you.

This text is a Project/Draft and Will be updated and Upgraded, Tomorrow SUNDAY, December 6. 2009.

Imagination can help to build another reality with no relation with our fiction-life, this is the subject of our today’s Velvet Eyes!

MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES: A Spy Succeeded Not To Steal A File In A Building
That Was Staged To Look Like An Embassy!!

A building in Prague was in a neighborhood known for its sad life with a population from Holland, Italy and some other foreign Countries. The parents, father and mother, arrived at the end of the XIXe Century, and their kids went to school for a good education that they used to stay in their nice area of the City.

But Velvet has some stores to visit to find clothes for a Ceremony and he chose a shop there as a Reminder. No Tuxedo but Tuxedo, no Business Suit but a nice one. There was a customer looking like Jennifer Aniston and she was busy, looking like a Princess and maybe she was. Velvet in the store talked with her and she replied she didn’t know, so the Embassy knew that she was from Great Britain, a Protege of Liechsteinstein, never working enough according to her talent for missing nothing and making new creations called dresses and shoes for the Aristocracy.

Jennifer Aniston is an International Actress who is a Reason to Think about More and More Characters thinking like herselve in The Velvet Eyes Movie.

Jennifer Aniston is an International Actress who is a Reason to Think about More and More Characters thinking like herselve in The Velvet Eyes Movie.

An Important Episode before the beginning of the sale of the 6218 Rockcliff Drive, The House of Fred in Hollywoodland who is Relocating in Malibu in 2009, 2010 and 2011, FLAG YEARS, Year By Year.


Salvador Dali was A Painter who was a Man with a Visionary Art System of Writing the Colors of the Space: he was and he is still the father of Computerizing Imagery!

Our Founder, Abraham Lincoln in a Portrait with a Million of Lights by Salvador Dali who was A Painter who was a Man with a Visionary Art System of Writing the Colors of the Space: he was and he is still the father of Computerizing Imagery!

Computer-Generated Imagery will be the format of the first Theaters-Episode of VELVET EYES
scheduled for 2018 or before in 2017, 2016 and 2015!!

  • Interesting addresses on the Web about COMPUTERIZED IMAGERY:

Definition by
“Computer generated Imagery is the application of the field of computer graphics (or more specifically, 3D computer graphics) to special effects in films, TV, commercials, simulators and simulation generally. CGi is used for visual effects because effects are more controllable than other more physically based processes, such as constructing miniatures for effects shots or hiring extras for crowd scenes, and because it allows the creation of images that would not be feasible using any other technology. It can also allow a single artist to produce content without the use of actors, expensive set pieces or props.
In 1995, the first fully computer-generated feature film, Pixar’s (The Walt Disney Company) Toy Story, was a resounding commercial success. 3D computer animation combines 3D modeling with programmed movement

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