November with Mike Fuller: Frederic Vidal’s Tweets for the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign.

Dedicated to the symbolic name of a perfect future President in a legendary USA, this collection of tweets on the blog are there to publish permanently together the greatest projects of a fantastic and emblematic candidate because he’es also French, moviemaker and sicence fiction author with a lot of degrees including political science.

Republican party In California must network for a GOP Campaign in the Film Industry. Schwarzenegger was Governor then nothing except me. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

Le Parti Républicain obéit aux Démocrates en Californie. L’année 2014 sera judiciaire aux USA où je vais faire valoir les droits du GOP. FV

November 30: D – 1074. We need a Woodstock commission to check Legacy respect of the Flower Power and its decadence. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 30: D – 1074. FREE WEB: an Intervision Committee must write the Checklist of all the Internet problems and solve them. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 28: D – 1076. Our 2013 poll: Clinton / Vidal: 50 / 50. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Obama retired in 2017. No more Barack FOREVER. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 27: D – 1077. Future and Present Diary. After Thanksgiving Tomorrow, AUSTERLITZ DAY, December 2. Napoleon was Louisiana seller to USA.

"Reddition de la ville d’Ulm, le 20 octobre 1805, Napoléon Ier recevant la capitulation du général Mack" by French painter Charles Thévenin.

“Reddition de la ville d’Ulm, le 20 octobre 1805, Napoléon Ier recevant la capitulation du général Mack” by French painter Charles Thévenin.

Hollywood and Woodstock are the 2 parts of the same Entertainment, the American One. HOLLY-WOODSTOCK is our goal: Social LA. VIDAL USA 2016.

November 26: D – 1078. Future Diary. Republican Revolution in 2016 is Vidalism, best way to change economy for ecology. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 25: D – 1079. Campaign Diary to organize the future. Imagine what will be 2016 from A to Z with a year agenda on my Blog. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 24: D – 1080. I am writing now my future diary about my 2016 Presidential. This is not Science Fiction but Political Comments. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.
My Future Diary about my 2016 Presidential Campaign. Not Sci Fi but Today Politics.

November 23: D – 1081. Kennedy is definitely a Democratic name. There is no John FItzgerald at the GOP. He was also against USSR. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 21: D – 1083. Religion in the US crucial to support the People to share the social activity with God to believe in the Constitution. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 20: D – 1084. In France, we want the 51st State to be a reality in 2017 confirmed by the Congress and the Country. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 19: D – 1085. November 22, 1963: 50th Anniversary 50th Anniversary John F. Kennedy Assassination in 3 days. Wikipedia: FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 18: D – 1086. Hollywood is 100% Democrat except me. Let’s invite more Republicans in Movie Biz. GOP Screen attractive. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 16: D – 1088. Cannabis must be authorized nationwide for people with a license to smoke. Production to be monitored. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 13: D – 1091. For Thanksgiving, Happy Turkey Party for President Obama and wife Michelle. No more Miley Cyrus on TV. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

November 11: D – 1093. My candidacy is the population message to Obama. Welcome to the Congress with your Show Biz for IMPEACHMENT. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

Democrat cowboy Obama supports permanent red carpet that attracts drugs in our Entertainment. Let’s impeach him.

November 10: D – 1094. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016. DEMOCRATS IMPEACHMENT. Join Presidential Power Inside the GOP. Campaign begins.

November 7: D – 1097. From 11/7/2013 to 11/8/2016, 3 years exactly to say the truth about the USA: we want a checklist. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

November 1: In 2017, the Free Web and a new mission for the NSA: to be the Federal Police nationwide, closer to the FBI. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

No more espionage for the NSA, this so important Department must be empowered closer to the citizens. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.

Lou Reed was with Bob Dylan the poet of our America. FREDERIC VIDAL 2016.


Frederic Vidal in France, Villeneuve-Loubert where he is preparing
his next movie BRAMSTOCKER: Legal Gang about Punks in the
Police. Meanwhile, thanks to Twitter, he’s still communicating with
his supporters in the US for a new Presidency in 2016.
Picture by A-M Olsson (10/30/2013). (c) Post-Scriptum.

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