Selected President, Mike Fuller About To Win Waterloo For The Second Time: His 8th Coalition Includes Web And TV! 

From Mike FULLER to the Secretary of States of the 13 first States of the Union (09/15/2016)

Dear Secretary:
I want to let you know that the candidacy of Mr. Frederic I Vidal is confirmed, as of today, September 15, 2016. The Presidency of the United States is emblematic worldwide of a new challenge since 1787, year of the Constitution: TO DECIDE FOR OUR COUNTRY.

The FEC registration of Mr. Vidal is the following one:
– Candidate ID : P60021870
– Count #117
– FEC Form 2 filing date: 6/22/2016.

It must be understood that Frederic is informing you that he is decided to be candidate in the 50 States of the Federation. It appears that we are probably not respecting now the conditions you have.

You would be so good to record already his candidacy. I, Mike FULLER, will be in touch with you and my lawyer to compensate his file was not created in your State before this week. Frederic Vidal deserves an exception because he has always been a hero on the Web and a villain for the press that never replied to his invitation, since 2010.

My deadline is October 1st and you will receive my phone call previously.




A Mike FULLER Speech (09/14/2016)

What is important now is to write HISTORY, not less, not more. I am about to leave for Washington, DC and I want to thank all the population of the San Francisco Bay Area for the great time I share with them since July 14! SURE to be next President after OBAMA, I am FULLER than ever. Call me MIKE and be open to all my propositions that will be diffused in our newsletter THE EVIDENCE #1 from San Jose, CA, capital of the Silicon Valley tomorrow.  The Computer Age & Industry is the AMUSEMENT one made for the 2010’s and made in USA. This is it, nothing like before. The 2 old candidates don’t understand I’m young because I LIKE COMIC BOOKS!! It’s a medication against depression and repression. The Bill of Rights gonna be updated and upgraded when I’m in DC. I have 4 years for that! No Trump, no joke.


I see you on TV or in theater for SNOWDEN by Oliver Stone, maybe (09/16/16), another Frederic VIDAL one told me, I don’t think so. He was working in the Silicon Valley, not him. He was not with this WordPress doing something bad for the Authorities at all. Right? I’m kidding. But anyway, this movie arrives at the right time, for my election because Frederic deserved more, he never got, as he was fair and great (1M views in 10) but not well seen by the NSA possibly. Edward was NSA before to leave for Russia. Vidal is still on location in our culture universe of FRENCH COP ON THE MOOON and so much more (TIMEFRAMES).

Mike FULLER than ever!
Soon from DC with no Code.


On Facebook

We are losers in America, not lucky at all. We think we are about to be done but we are not yet ready for the steady.go. Our female President is sick but she was not sure to be elected. She will accept to be hospitalized to be pneumonia-free 100%. Donald Trump, also, is invited by the press to release his medical records after his financial ones. Be sure I am totally managing the situation but from San Francisco with you on the Web.To replace Obama is not easy, my friends, it’s the reason why I will write to Marco Rubio this morning to propose him to be VP. He won’t refuse. Mike Fuller, selected President.

(09/13/2016) This is a strange guest, the President himself. It looks that the Clinton camp is also the White House property best residents: 16 years since 1992. Barack is looking for a third mandate. Mike Fuller, selected President.

(09/13/2016) Hillary not anymore? Obama ‘attacking’ Trump, replacing Hillary? We are not concerned. It shows American democracy is complicated. Barack candidate? He would need an amendment. It’s 8 years only. The post-Obama era is not at all ready to be a reality. See you for more details about my own candidacy. MF

(09/13/2016) Before to be impeached, the US Giant of worldwide politics (Nobel Prize, anti-ISIS war, first black at the White House, emblematic President in the medias to become legendary maybe) is now the only voice to replace Clinton. It’s impressive and spectacular. The Power had no other solution than to be extreme: Hillary is the official candidate of the Authorities. Why not? Me and Trump, we will see if we can support this status quo without being devastated. MF

On Twitter

14. FRENCH COP and GERMAN SPY screenwriter, frontman of BRAMSTOCKER, I am Frederic VIDAL publicist and PREZ in 2017. Mike FULLER in WASHINGTON.

On MEETUP to continue on location: with TIMEFRAMES. Mike FULLER, Comics. DC with no code. TS

14. On DC MEETUP: Screenwriter of FRENCH COP and GERMAN SPY, frontman of BRAMSTOCKER, I’m Frederic VIDAL publicist with TIMEFRAMES. Mike FULLER, Comics. DC with no code.

14. Mike FULLER: “I want to be President. I need the Medias for that.” Vincent SAUVAN (FRENCH COP): “But also a Lawyer.”

(09/14/2016) @jessieslife Hello Jessie: I’m looking for the music recording studio in San Francisco for our song or it will be in Washington. Love. Mike

(09/14/2016) Are there Blake Lively pics with Hillary? I saw her with Mrs. Trump. It could be CLASSICAL MUSIC. Malher = Fuller.

(09/14/2016) Still alone in San Francisco, I want to know WHO IS B. OBAMA and his FAME to be the GOD OF THE YOUNG worldwide? WHY he is President and not Hillary Clinton. Why he’s American and not Kenyan. Why he is not anymore Islamic? Why Obama wants a 3rd mandate maybe? The replies soon. MF

(09/13/2016) FULL, FULLER, NOT A Fool On The Hill. NO MORE POVERTY in America, NO MORE ELITISM in the US. More CREDIT, more MEDIAS, more LEADERSHIP. TS

(09/11/2016) WE WILL NEVER FORGET, Waterloo didn’t happen yet. The World Trade Center’s Ground Zero is still HOT. As SELECTED PRESIDENT, MIKE FULLER with his 8th Coalition will defeat the new NAPOLEON in November (@MittRomney). DC must be prepared for the role play! TS

(09/11/2016) Marshal Michel Ney represents Judge John G. Roberts, President of the US Supreme Court but also Vince Sauvan for us.

For a board game R & D  by TIMEFRAMES read:

Michel Ney, Marshall of the French Empire

Michel Ney, Marshall of the French Empire, Duc of Elchingen, Prince of Moscow *oil on canvas *65 x 55 cm *1812


Hello Senator:

this is the right time to be closer together, 55 days before Election Day, to see if we could have a chance to be the next President and Vice-president because IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO SPEAK FREELY IN AMERICA.

There is a problem of democracy in our Country regarding the minorities that you know is severe. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are not the best to give us a sign of improvement about their probable Presidency.

I want to represent the UNKNOWN LEADERS OF THE US, we are thousands on the territory, waiting for a regular forum of them all to be organized one day OR having the project to get the POWER with us, Marco, this year!

I will call you from Washington when I will have finished my cultural, social and financial platform ‘ECONOMICS AND 4TH POWER.’


Presidential Post-PhD ‘Q & A’ In Cleveland With Mike Fuller Alias Frederic Vidal, ‘The Next Prez IF Medias’ Hero Of A San Francisco Really SciFi Personal Communication At The Republican Party Convention! 


Q&A: Mike Fuller at Cleveland Republican Convention.

Q: you are not supported by Mr. Trump to be a second GOP candidate if he is too weak.

How can you manage this situation with the blackout of the press? A: I don’t care. He is with his environment, I am with mine. I don’t know

How can you manage this situation with the blackout of the press? A: I don’t care. He is with his environment, I am with mine. I don’t know

say the contrary. I am on Twitter right now, on the account of mine, Mike Fuller, to tell you I AM CANDIDATE AND I WILL GET THE MEDIAS AS

I AM SOMEONE WHO NEVER CHANGE MY MIND. Trump candidacy is not enough to make me change my mind. I told you, I am a Republican candidate like

him and I don’t need this Convention to confirm me. I DON’T VALIDATE THIS CONVENTION THAT IS FREELANCE & DYSFUNCTIONAL like you could check

for the primaries thanks to many TV CNN style debates that showed how much HE WAS A GUEST NOT WELCOMED BY MANY, a guest not welcomed by many

with the plagiarism scandal of Mrs. Trump. We are not a party, at the GOP, to be the party of the SHOW BUSINESS. Trump is a SPECTACULAR CAN


OFFICE? Projects, they are welcomed in the Oval. DONALD IS NOT REAGAN, I feel empty if I follow him, forgetting me. (LAUGHS!!) Q; you mean,

Trump is like an actor of the old GOP, for a Presidency with no real content? A: you right, certainly. He is an elephant with a trumpet

playing some jazz that is not really new but a kind of potpourri of old tunes. I am a SONGWRITER, YOU KNOW and these guys think I won’t

be important in the next few weeks. LOOK AT THEM, THEY ARE THE RESULT OF A DISPUTE PROCESS. Trump finished badly all the other candidates

Republicans, leaders and voters. TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE OUTSIDE THE PARTY, in the midwest. You must never underestimate somebody or want to

exclude him or her. THIS WILL BE THE SAME FOR ME THIS SUMMER. I am not a Trump but I am not somebody different than Donald. I have no BFF

at the Republican Party. I am certain I have not only enemies there. Don Trump is the candidate of the MARKET, I represent THE ESTABLISHMENT

as I am, me, Mike Fuller alias FREDERIC VIDAL, immigrant from France, PhD insider of the United States, THE RIGHT NEWCOMER at 57!! (laughs)

Q: some of them at the GOP are victims of the NSA campaign against you? (laughs) A: THEY ARE VICTIMS OF THEIR TRUMP-MANIA after their TRUMP-

HATE. They must be BIPOLAR. They forgot to see a doctor. ME, I’M OK. My writings on the Web SHOW SINCE OCTOBER 16, 2015 when I came back

from Nice, France HOW MUCH I BUILD MY PRESIDENCY I WILL GET IF I’M IN THE MEDIAS: strongly, smartly, definitely. I am never impressed by a

NO SHOW of journalists or a DEFAMATION of the Authorities. USA 2016, it’s the Olympic Games without Pierre de Coubertin! (laughs) Where is

George Washington, HE WILL BACK WITH ME THIS POOR MAN!! Obama is a junior President who was not a historian at all. He is leaving with his

dream power. I won’t miss him AT ALL this Barack of the military of Bush. Let’s speak about Iraq and the American Beat to conclude. Q: Ok.

Q&A, part 4. Mike Fuller in Cleveland. Q: ISIS, Iraq, Beat generation, Mike? A: I’M HERE. You know, I am a perfect believer about ISLAM I

know a lot. ISIS will be at the CDC, the CAMP DAVID CONFERENCE in 2018 when I will tell it, Iraq is OURS if we DECIDE TO STOP WAR WORLDWIDE.

Regarding BUSH, the lawsuit in New York. I just arrived in the US in 2003 and war started FOR NOTHING. It is a danger to fight for nothing.

We finished Alqaida enough WITH DIPLOMACY. Bin Laden is not anymore, not because we killed Sadam Hussein but thanks to the UN. I WILL OFFER

you THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED NATIONS. You, PRESS, you are my guest at the White House and the United Nations. The CONGRESS will vote the

laws in 17 and 18 TO REFORM THE AMERICAN SOCIETY. Meanwhile, I will be a GLOBE-TROTTER (laughs) visiting more than 20 countries in one year!

50 Countries in 24 months with AIR FORCE ONE, This is what we need to be THE UNITED COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD. With France, OUR BEST ALLIED

from LAFAYETTE, I will build MY DOUBLE PRESIDENCY as I am a French native, SO SAD ABOUT NICE INJURED by terrorism. Q: 84 murdered in your

INTERNATIONAL HOMETOWN, who will pay? A: I will with your money!! (laughs) It’s true, according to the Roma Law, that THERE IS ALWAYS A

COMPENSATION AFTER A CRIME! This one was BIG AND UGLY, organized to kill my CANDIDACY, a high tech tragedy to stop my campaign AND BREAK ME!

It did not work, or just 50% reduced to now. You medias, YOU DESRVE TO BE THE 4TH POWER at my side TO PREVENT totalitarism and justice with

no court. Self-defense is ok but A GUN LAW MUST TELL WHAT IS WRONG IN THE US ABOUT VIOLENCE. I want John Boehner to be my special lieutenant

TO MEET A LOT OF AMERICANS UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR for a dialogue about GUN CONTROL. Our previous Speaker will write a WHITE REPORT person-

nelly for me, Frederic Vidal alias your MIKE FULLER, that I will read in January 2017 after my meeting with John G. Roberts, our Supreme!!!

If I am able to cancel ISIS terrorism in 2018, the least I can do is also to have a deal with our population regarding our HOMELAND: Nothing

Nothing will be like before at that time. In SF, I build a program for you, Cleveland, that is not SciFi but conclusion of an old plan. END




My Letter to Hillary Clinton For Her To Recommend Me To Be In The Press. Frederic Vidal Is Mike Fuller.


Hillary Clinton can help me to be in the press.

Sent November 27, 1:45pm, from Mashville TN to:

Thank you to read my Letter to Hillary Clinton that is published on my blog ‘a cappella’. As a matter of fact, I cannot join the normal press and TV news and I want  Mrs. Clinton to know it in order to help me to stop this mistake as I can be very useful in US medias.
Best regards.
Frederic Vidal



Hello Hillary Clinton:

I want to tell you how much you are a person I admire as a future President. You are the best example of the United States modernization: a woman at the White House, this is what everyone must want and you are the present politician who is the most competent to be elected.

Regarding me, I have problems to be included in the campaign, I never succeeded to have an article in the press or to be on TV. I am an immigrant and I want to be Presidential candidate, believing in the Congress, the Supreme Court or an Amendment to validate my choice to do my best to be elected.

My knowledge of the Constitution is inspiring me that if an American leader is enough popular to get the Presidency, it is like if he was born on the US territory. Public opinion can decide a personality is useful enough to get the authorization to be President. But first, there are the polls and then the election. If I cannot be known by the voters, we will never know if I could have been validated.

I know how much you are a fair and smart lady, wife of a President. In Nashville where I am located, I was proud to participate in the conference of your daughter Chelsea a few days ago. I have this problem with the press, they never want to publish me in their newspapers and magazines. I would like you to interfere and recommend me to them.

I am a Republican but so isolated inside the GOP. I was in Los Angeles, I lost my house by short sale, songwriter and movie maker, I had too much difficulties in the 2000’s. Back from Europe in October, I could check some social exclusion in Baltimore, Washington and now Nashville whre I live at the Rescue Mission. This is not good, I deserve better for my project to be candidate as an artist and a PhD in order for me to be your competitor of a new style connected to show business. I suppose you will appreciate my decision to inform you that I need your help because I was always thinking you are a good person.

Best regards.

Frederic Vidal
alias Mike Fuller

Copy: Judge John G. Roberts, Supreme Court

On Twitter No Woman, No Lie. Happy Thanksgiving, Hillary Clinton, I already sing a cappella before to have guitar and press. For Thanksgiving’s eve, I played NWNL A Cappella and Criminal Planet for Hillary Clinton. I met Chelsea in Nashville for a conference at the public Library mid-November and I kept her in mind to find the great area of Music Row, the 16th and 17th avenue, close to Vanderbilt University, with my special location Midwest and Country music, the Bobby’s Idle Hour, where I my American tour that will include ALL MAIN CITIES OF THE MIDWEST before Republican Convention  next Summer. My music is politically GOP.  I want Hillary Clinton to help me to be in the press. Her daughter inspired me to find the Music Business. There, on Music Row, there is the so famous Studio B of RCA Victor, now a museum you can visit anytime. I would like the same in politics with Hillary Clinton to invite me on a TV set before December as I have my 16 propositions ready and the feeling I cannot sing in the medias and I cannot promote my candidacy.

So, I am about to write her a letter for her support. I consider she wants me to express my even in the polls. I can see no other solution. Except my music by mylself like for every talent, music is the best promotion and self-promotion. No Woman, No Lie by my band spirit and style, BRAMSTOCKER, and me, Frederic Vidal alias Mike Fuller alias Fred Kelly alias Thomas Spears.



Next, A Press Release About The Blake Lively Connection With Frederic Vidal: A Web Issue And A Wedding Affair. Who Is The Leader Of The Of The United States!

Now online (10/11/2012):


The wedding of Blake Lively closes a cycle of 3 years of project and dream from me regarding an exchange of rings between her and myself.

I wrote in  February to the Judge, President of the US Supreme Court, John G Roberts to inform him I am in charge of a program about a possible election of an immigrant for President. This reform and my candidacy are sincere but he did not reply.

As a filmmaker in Hollywood, relocated in France in my hometown Nice, I scheduled to attend the Republican Convention in August for a Speech to the Nation. Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, did not reply to my letter and my phone calls.

With a Blog on the Internet with almost 2 millions readers since its creation, a membership on the Social Media leading more than 6,000 friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace mainly but also many other Community Sites, I must be fair and true.

I was prevent to meet the actress Blake Lively and to have a chance to marry her as a good American who wants to become President one day. Consequently, I demand the cancellation of the 2012 US Presidential Election because there was a sabotage of my citizenship. My house and my company were also victims of an illegal opposition against my Republican ambition.

The Homeland Security will receive my request for justice.

For Mike Fuller,

Frederic Vidal, his representative in America and in France.

VIDÉOS. Mitt Romney hué devant une organisation noire.

“I will be the main support of Mitt Romney in Tampa because I’m also French and I found my Washington, even if we are not anymore in the XVIIIth century. I’m also close to Marco Rubio, the local Senator (of Florida).” Frederic Vidal.

Etienne Mougeotte quitte “Le Figaro”.

“Etienne Mougeotte est le bienvenu dans tous les médias qui se respectent et je continuerai à lire Le Figaro.” Frédéric Vidal.

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #39: Tampa Bay is in Florida but not only.

For Tampa Bay, no stress. Let’s be ourselves like if we were in Norway. Americans sometimes are too much excited and struggling against each other with the goal of the Win-Win that is not accessible and a myth. In Norway, there is Oslo where Barack Obama was invited to receive the Nobel Prize for his Peace work (to be defined again). To be digital in the XXIst century, it’s to be colder like the climate of Norway, a Country and a part of the continent (Europe) strangely looking like a Florida from the North with its brother-Countries Sweden (the Nobel Prizes headquarters) and Finland (speaking partly Swedish and close to Russia). So, this evocation of Scandinavia is an exercise to appreciate our Florida appointment to be an example of thinking together and building a collective reussite for our campaign to promote the Republican Party.

Norway with Oslo is the iother Florida in Europe, a cold weather one when Miami is a hotter metropole of the States.

Norway with Oslo is the other Florida in Europe, a cold weather one when Miami is a hotter metropole of the States. Card by author, E Pluribus Anthony.

): BLOCKBUSTER™ #39: Happiness and Democracy.

The American Eagle is the Eagle of the US Army. I think it’s important to have a military project in the United States in order to get a real popularity. We are all Patriots and we obtained our Independence by the Arms of the Revolutionary people who leaded our troops for the Victory. I want this idea, historic, the most important of the other Tampa, the Tampa thanks to TV as seen as in the Midwest, the West Coast, the Canadian border, an image of a peaceful army of men and women preparing the vote with their conviction and their Love for Democracy, a word we have to study. Democracy is the target like happiness on Earth, difficult to find really but easy to understand. It’s the perfection, we can be closer to it with some innovation (our communication strategy, for instance).

Haliaeetus leucocephalus or as more commonly called... Bald Eagle (19 February 2012). The symbol of Amérique. Author: Saffron Blaze.

Haliaeetus leucocephalus or as more commonly called… Bald Eagle (19 February 2012). The symbol of Amérique. Author: Saffron Blaze.

): BRAMSTOCKER™ #39: Democrats in Tampa.

Mitt Romney, right now, has a problem: the African American community. About the Healthcare reform, called the Obamacare, a confusion continues to be the subject of a bad mood regarding our Party. I wrote a comment I will publish here about what to think regarding the social improvement during the Barack Years. The existence of a brother of Mr. Obama in Africa deciding to criticize his bro in America is the sign that something is wrong and Mitt, the victim of it, as he is a media man and a hero of the other party. I want the Democrats to be sure that there won’t be no war and, on the contrary, an invitation to be a part of our debate, including right now in Tampa if a delegation choses this location to dialogue with us in a little more than one month from now.

Mitt Romney and family members : a permanent smile.

Mitt Romney and family members : a permanent smile.

): FRENCH POST™ #39: Florida, our Home State.

We are here to develop Florida like Napoleon sold Louisiana to the USA when he saw the future of our Country. It means that we are the first party in America, the GOP, according to the polls, with a tremendous impact on the environment. The organization by a special dream team of the Republicans of the Convention in the Bay area is a good news. It is a choice to promotion the County and the entire State, we need it to take off for the Presidency with the exemplary solidarity with the local elected responsibles that are our hosts and not our guests. Roberts, the President of the Supreme Court, is also invited as the surprise personality who could be there for a control of our availability to manage the exercise of power. Public deciders in the US are more than a community, a Constitutional fraternity.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge crosses Tampa Bay, and is one of the largest bridges in the state. The Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge captured in an aerial photo October 6, 2011. Author: USRaven.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge crosses Tampa Bay, and is one of the largest bridges in the state. The Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge captured in an aerial photo October 6, 2011. Author: USRaven.

): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #39: Le Coq et l’Elephant.

François Hollande ne sera pas à Tampa car il est le Président de la République mais je compte l’y représenter ainsi que le précédent Président de la République, Nicolas Sarkosy qui aimait beaucoup les Etats-Unis. J’entends par là qu’il faut être uni face au devenir de notre pays-frère et nous devons nous intéresser au phénomène Mitt Romney. L’éléphant qui symbolise le Parti de Ronald Reagan et revendiqué d’Abraham Lincoln n’est pas le Coq gaulois mais notre rapport historique à la Louisiane et à son French Quarter (de New Orleans) nous donne suffisamment de légitimité pour avoir notre mot à dire dans la politique américaine, agréablement, sans insister mais en tant que co-fondateur symbolique. Associons-nous à l’Angleterre et à l’Espagne pour en tirer les fruits du succès que l’on dit successful en anglais, to succeed veut dire aussi, économiquement, de par la population, être apprécié. C’est une question d’image et de clarté.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Night time view of multi-story building with decorative iron galleries, Royal Street at St. Peter, French Quarter. Author: Falkue at de.wikipedia.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Night time view of multi-story building with decorative iron galleries, Royal Street at St. Peter, French Quarter. Author: Falkue at de.wikipedia.

This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: Saint-John Perse.

Saint-John Perse in 1960, a Nobel Prize from France who gave me the envie to change my own name. Alexis Leger was a great American.

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