Presentation: my letter to Senator John McCain dated today October 18, exactly 3 weeks before the Presidential election, happens with a context of dispute and threats of the Republican candidate Donald TRUMP. The Sexual Accusations debate is low regarding politics and this campaign, at the eve of the 3rd debate, is one worst that American History did not deserve.

Letter: To Senator John McCain

From Washington, DC
October 18, 2016

Hello Senator:

I am very impressed to write you this open letter. I remember 2008 and Governor Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER who invited me to be on location with the press where he used to vote. Historic day, if we lost, we care but it is secondary regarding the legacy of this son great and famous campaign you managed with your hands and your brain.

I have to tell you I am pessimistic about the American Democracy right now. You know why and you don’t know why. Obviously, Candidate Donald TRUMP is surprising a bad way and the dispute about his sexual declarations is RIDICULOUS and DANGEROUS. This is burlesque and grotesque but we have almost nothing else, day after day, to communicate, basically, on TV. The newspapers maybe did not like him from the beginning, he is not somebody transparent for money matters. So, there were already different scandals to reduce his credibility.

Scientifically (I did a Sociology study), you know me from the Internet. I prefer that. Unfortunately, I have no other way to communicate, except letters and phone calls. I never celebrated a first article in the press or a first interview on the radio or on TV. The reasons must be bizarre like TRUMP winning the debates and the Republican primaries. Who knows about freedom of expression,. I told you I am pessimistic… I am also pessimistic about our chances of success in 2016. This is my proudness to be conservative and Republican and if I confirmed my registration by the FEC with a second registration yesterday October 17 AS A WRITE-IN candidate, it is because I think we have a possibility to do something strong but it would take a book to write to explain why and how.

I know you consider me a Junior leader to become in a short future Senior candidate and what if it would be necessary to do the maximum now. It is what I think and I am asking uo for your support that could be e4xpresed by all means. I believe in you like in Washington. I am just an Immigrant who deserves a derogation: to be President one day, why not this Election Day 2016 when you see the mediocrity of the debate, campaign, program of the Republican.

Sincerely yours,


Postscript. You can read on my blog or my site that two of my letters stayed without replies, letter to Marco Rubion (Spt 13) and this month email in fact to Reince PRIEBUS. I understand this Radio Silence. They know me like you but we have not been introduced. I think also they would reply anyway normally. So, I wanted to suggest you this No Reply is another sign of mourning of our principle of fair representation of The People in our Party. I continue from 2006 as a solo member and a freelancer when necessary.


John McCain On Wikipedia:


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Warning: after lot of RADIO SILENCE (no reply to my emails from Marco RUBIO and Reince PRIEBUS), new eLETTERS (even Bob does not reply to the Nobels!). 

3rd RELEASE: “I Am Ready For The Power Like Clinton Is And Not Less!” With Projects That Compensate He’s A Newcomer In American Politics. Frederic Alias Mike Like A Republican From The XXth Century! Vidal Fuller Starts His Ready (August), Steady (September), Go (October)!


Michael CIMINO passed away on July 2 in Beverly Hills. I was on location before Frisco and first Independence Day, in the UCLA Westwood area just after his death. We won’t forget YEAR OF THE DRAGON, 1985 and my own career closed to him, in Cannes, first. Now Politics is like a Motion Picture. YOU WERE MY GREATEST DIRECTOR, Michael!! Frederic. Picture: “In this Oct. 28, 2008, file photo, director Michael Cimino arrives at the Rome Film Festival. Cimino, whose film “The Deer Hunter” became one of the great triumphs of Hollywood’s 1970s heyday, and whose disastrous “Heaven’s Gate” helped bring that era to a close, died on July 2, 2016, at 77. The two films will screen at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini, File)”


On Wikipedia


As a moviemaker and a SAG-AFTRA actor, I continue my political offer: TO BE OR NOT TO BE YOUR NEXT PREZ. “I want to be” but Shakespeare knows your answer!! MF

This is my best to seduce the press in August, I’m sure. I AM THE HILLARY CLINTON LEVEL and I want to meet her for the Race before November, with Trump too but this is the other side, a lawsuit I prepare to be clear with the GOP that was not fair and refuse my candidacy 50% too much. Study these propositions, they must inspire you for our NEW AMERIC. Since 2008 with John McCain, we prepare THE NEXT STEP. It has to be now or it will be a definitive decline in the United States. Think about Reagan and follow me, friends. WE ARE CLOSER TO OUR OVAL OFFICE even if I am so young and crying after Cimino’s death!!

Frederic Vidal

PROGRAM #1 – FREDERIC VIDAL (Man from 25): POPULATION. To promote NEW PATRIOTISM and Civism with (new and old) FASHION BRANDS for the Young!


PROGRAM #2 – JONATHAN FOUNDERS (The Man With The Velvet Eyes): DIPLOMACY. To be Planet’s Leader for UNITY & SOLIDARITY UNTIL 25 and beyond. 

PROGRAM #2 – JONATHAN FOUNDERS (The Man With The Velvet Eyes): DIPLOMACY (2). No more MIDDLE-EAST Terrorism with Camp David IRAQ Conference. 

PROGRAM #3 – MIKE FULLER (TImefraMES): POLITICS. To develop Multi-Partism inside ASSOCIATION OF THEM ALL in Presidential POWER organization! 

PROGRAM #3 – MIKE FULLER (TImefraMES): POLITICS (2). To modernize our Constitution, AMENDMENT is necessary, THE BILL OF DUTIES after RIGHTS. 

PROGRAM #4 – VINCENT SAUVAN (The French Cop): SECURITY. Police closer to the Population MEANING US Army troops Friendly and Justice FASTER. 

PROGRAM #4 – VINCENT SAUVAN (The French Cop): SECURITY (2). Racial minorities can have THEIR OWN POLICE, the Special Neighborhoods Brigades. 

PROGRAM #5 – THOMAS SPEARS (The German Spy): SOCIETY. Cultural Minorities (LGBT, Weed, more) COALITION for a SOCIAL IMPROVEMENT (new laws).

PROGRAM #5 – THOMAS SPEARS: SOCIETY (2). The budget of the SOCIAL SECURITY must be increased and its great mission CONFIRMED and MODERNIZED. 


PROGRAM #6 – BRIAN SUMMERS (The Past Machine): ADMINISTRATION (2). ‘The One and Only’! 1 UNIQUE MANDATE TO REFORM better than 2 for nothing. 

PROGRAM #7 – FRED KELLY (BrAmStOcKeR): SHOW BUSINESS / CULTURE. To create AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT, a Minister financed by sponsoring. 

PROGRAM #7 – FRED KELLY (BrAmStOcKeR): SHOW BUSINESS/CULTURE (2). To change Arts with ambition TO REINFORCE IDEOLOGY: American Dream & Beat. 


Program #8 – GERALD KLEIN (Parallel People): COMMERCE (2). USID: A FEDERAL DATABASE of all Americans to know more Sociology and Statistics. 



Chapitre III : Mes USA. STATELESS SUPERSTAR Par Frédéric Vidal. Une Publication Numérique Pour Une Diffusion En Librairie Cet Eté.


1. Une vie sociale à l’écart des contraintes (sur les plateaux de cinéma)

La voie royale de la libre entreprise
Le chômage est le spectre du networking
A Sacramento, patron avec la carte de la Guild

2. Réussir une carrière professionnelle et politique

Le risque de corruption inhérent au concept
Les cartes de crédit sont un jeu de cartes gagnant
Passer du tapis vert au tapis rouge

3. Le contraire du chaos

Ma voiture est aussi impressionnant qu’un cheval
Le Far West a laissé la place à la grande ville
McCain promettait la lune, on a obtenu Marx d’Hendrix-Obama


1. Une exception locale trop timide

Hillary Clinton n’a pas peur de son mari (elle a pas froid aux yeux)
Wall Street s’allie avec les ghettos noirs
Tu peux modifier le réel en l’explicitant : la Presse

2. Un Président à vocation culturelle

L’absence d’un Ministère de la Culture
L’omniprésence d’un capitalisme qui n’est pas assez collectiviste
Le pouvoir fédéral continue à remettre des passeports aux immigrants

3.Un parcours immobilier réussi

Le débarquement a eu lieu à Pacific Palisades
La France en Amérique est vraiment palichone
Un Président noir est déjà une idée à la mode


1. Deux dimensions concomitantes : USA, USB

Un problème scientifique rhétorique mais faussement symbolique
La médiocratie est à exclure dans un pays qui a accueilli les plus grands génies, précédemment persécutés (Einstein, Oppenheimer, Von Braun)

2. De la propagande contre Fuller

A Los Angeles, le Mont Washington domine la vieille ville de Gratte-Ciels des années 2000
Prendre un pseudonyme et se constituer en nom de marque
Le Gaullisme n’avait pas prévu l’émergence d’un homme unique en Amérique

3. Qui sera Président en 2017 ?

Qui sera Président en 2017 ? Sarkosy
Futur et ancien Président, Nicolas n’aurait jamais étudié à Wespoint
Citoyen du Monde, Fuller peut l’emporter sur Clinton


Je n’aurai jamais pensé qu’il y aurait un impeachment de Barack Obama au midterm de 2014.

Le messianisme de Fuller correspond à une éthique de l’ambition des USA qui peut se révéler fantomatique quand le public la déconsidère en votant démocrate.

Les Etats-Unis d’Europe ne sont pas les Etats-Unis d’Amérique (Barcelone n’est pas Paris)



Chapitre II : Bon Elève. STATELESS SUPERSTAR Par Frédéric Vidal. Une Publication Numérique Pour Une Diffusion En Librairie Cet Eté.


1. Pas d’industrie

Les ouvriers se retrouvent chez eux avec un écran
Les patrons comprennent la relation entre Jesus et le Ying Yang
Se relier plus à la nature et à la philosophie religieuse

2. Les lois Fuller pour 2016

Une série de réforme doit être soumise au vote
Moderniser de fond en comble la législation et toiletter la constitution
Le droit au service de la politique pour passer le cap de 17en France

3. La SAG, mon chef d’œuvre

Obtenir 3 SAG vouchers pour un rôle parlant
Une assemblée permanente d grands esprits qui connaissent leur rôle
Un jeu de meccano de trouver un agent


1. Etre heureux sur Terre

Le XXIe siècle sera féminin ou ne sera pas (André Malraux)
La Présidentielle américaine de 2008 a consacré le principe de Write-In (McCain-Obama)
Se marier avec une comédienne et avoir des enfants

2. Un univers virtuel

Internet, cybernétique, numérique: CYBERSPACE, INTERVISION
Ma famille me manque à New York, je l’imagine en virtuel, en semi-fictionnel, en récréation du réel
Il y a des gens qui préfèrent mourir que de souffrir pour rien

3. Le FRENCH COP à tourner

Ecrire un long métrage avec un choix de merchandising
STAR WARS n’est pas un exemple unique d’emprunt du French Cop à la réalité : Lara Croft
Un désert d’opportunités stratégiques compensé par des menaces contre Pat Hunter


1. Apprendre l’autonomie

Vincent Sauvan, premier d’une longue liste de personnages à étudier pour des films
L’inter-influence sur le culture et entre filmmakers conduit à une osmose imparfaite
En France, on a pas le temps de rêver et on est abonné à Canal +.

2. Se faire connaître

Une carte postale adressée à tous les agents de Los Angeles
Sur les plateaux à l’année, pour participer à l’effort de guerre
Un avion pour la Maison Blanche loué par Sarkosy à Estrosi. Kadhafi et Carla étaient sur l’agenda

3. L’absence de solidarité

Le Maire avait rendez-vous avec la Justice
Au signe d’Hollywood, on peut voir la perspective
Ecrire avec suffisamment d’imagination pour préparer l’avenir du cinéma :
des scénarios originaux


Dans ma tour d’ivoire, j’y vois plus clair sur mon environnement et l’exception locale concernant le Nice de mon enfance qui s’est invité au XXIe siècle.

Le ragout du melting poat américain ne m’inspire rien de bon pour le retour de Washington que j’encourage avec ma nationalité partagée pour plus de justice et inter-ethnique.

C’est fantastique d’être scientifique et d’être suivi par les franchises comme
un anti-Céline qui ne l’est pas.


South Carolina: Fuller State? January 23, 2016 is A Saturday And Not A Thursday As SC Is Third GOP Primary And Mike UFO Trip.

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In South Carolina, for the third Republican Primary, I think my favorite candidate Mike Fuller will win. FV
Reply to:

FRENCH COP, Mike Fuller’s masterpiece, inspired by Shakespeare and K Dick will get the Academy Honorary Award during his Presidency. FK (25/01/2014)

Certains Républicains traitent les gens de la Contre-Culture comme des juifs. Ces antisémites de l’Amérique Alternative doivent nous dire ADIEU. Fred Kelly (25/01/2014)

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Reply to: Boehner likes Bush for 2016 but not endorsing.

South Carolina: Fuller State? January 23, 2016 is exactly in 2 years. Mike is our Microphone. LET’S VOTE AT 4. (23/01/2014)

Frederic Vidal Senator, Howard Hugues never did it. Mike Fuller, 4-5-6, LET’S DOT IT RIGHT: 2016. Republican Means Something Today. (23/01/2014)

John McCain is the origin of GOP falling down in the US as Mike Fuller is RP, Republican Party. Frederic Vidal

Reply to Washington Post: Romney strongly defends Christie’s handling of N.J. bridge scandal

ANTICIPATION, Fuller Game, 4-5-6, MUSE Music, Bush Out, McCain Down, Frederic Vidal Special Advisor of Next President if God Wants it or maybe Senator of Lousiana already in 2015.

The French devise is LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY. Let’s upgrade it with NOTORIETY.

11 years before 2025, there were 2 years before 2016 and 16 was already the Year of Fuller Consecration afther his Maine’s Victory for the House. Now the White was almost his  Other candidates did not wxant to play the background, so the reporters organized a casting with the population. The Primary was a so definitive copntext for the third time with Mike as their Outsider.


VZ-9A. AVROCAR Development sponsored by the US
Air Force
and the US Army.

“On February 11,  1953 The Toronto Star reported that a new flying saucer was being developed at the Avro-Canada plant in Malton, Ontario. On 16 February the Minister for Defense Production informed the House of Commons, in Ottawa, that Avro-Canada was working on a ‘mock-up model’ of a flying saucer, capable of flying at 1500 miles per hour (2400 km/h) and climbing vertically. The President of Avro-Canada wrote in AVRO NEWS that the prototype being built was “…so revolutionary that it would make all other forms of supersonic aircraft obsolete“. But by 1960 is was being officially claimed that the project had been dropped. The ‘prototype’ of the Avro flying saucer is now in the U.S. Air Force Museum in Fort Eustis, Virginia.”


Google search VZ-9. AVROCAR

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