NEW YORK TIMES Declares Hollywood BOOM & Fred VIDAL Decides Mini-Lesson/Study For His Meetup/FAceBOok/Myspace/yOUtuBE/tWITTEr Groups At Hilton UNIVERSAL CITY.

Am I The Spokesman Of a New World, The 10’s? PROBABLY because I DON’T HEAR OTHER Actors Of The Hollywood System, Speaking About The Lack OF SOCIAL Here and The Commercial Explosion Of Our Products, Connected To The Crisis because It Gives Fun And Hope To go To the Theaters, But THE PRODUCTS are The Reasons Of This Success, Not The Celebrity CONTENTS, You know That we Like ONLY STARS, Not Stars playing Fairy TALES.

Let’s Continue the Networking, From The Web to The Ground, this Time at UNIVERSAL CITY, As The NEW YORK TIMES, On location In New York, Informs Of a Fantastic Result of The MOVIE INDUSTRY for this Year’s Beginning.

Our Presentation introducing A New Theory of The FILM FINANCING is Obviously Right when we Already said That the 10’s will be the Decade of a Big Development of The HOLLYWOOD MARKET!

Sad for the Other Industries? NO, they Must Follow the Example Of a Free Dream Business, A Motto: MADE IN HOLLYWOOD, A Program: Hollywood For Sale.

Read The Times:

and Check Your Messages To Read The MEETUP Invitation That will be sent to The PLANET, from BURBANK to LAX, including Sometimes some Beyond Hollywood Mails.

Time and Date, decided This Evening, LOCATION: HILTON UNIVERSAL, It’s In Los Angeles COUNTY!

Hollywood New Gold Rush: A Larger Market For More Filmmakers, Breakfast Mixer!! 
HILTON UNIVERSAL, 555 Universal Hollywood Dr, Universal City, CA 91608,

PROMOTION ON ALL VIDAL WEB, LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace, Variety, More, For COMEBACK LA After NEW YORK Sessions THIS WEEK 

First Breakfast Mixer To Organize a Network Of Contacts Connected To The New SYSTEM OF BUSINESS In Hollywood, Necessary for the 2010’s, To fight The Crisis and Make the Movie Rush Profitable for Everybody. To Understand the BASICS Of Fred Vidal’s STUDIES About HOLLYWOOD ECONOMY, To be Be Your Own Major For Progress Of Your Business Projects in The Film Industry.


The New York Times Building (2007), New York City. Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Fox & Fowle Architects, Forest City Ratner (developer).

The New York Times Building (2007), New York City. Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Fox & Fowle Architects, Forest City Ratner (developer).






The NEW YORK TIMES, The Favorite publication Of so many People when It’s necessary to really read and not only check the News.

All that Studies about Films Financement are Possible because of The Quality Of The Cinema Teams you Can hire in The Hollywood boulevard Large area, from Burbank To LAX. Consequently, you Conceive Your Project ACCESS HOLLYWOOD In Your Midwest or East Coast Headquarters and You Come To Holly To Shoot it Made In and You get The Financial Deal Because It’s Quality Guaranteed. For other Projects, stay in Your State and Develop another kind Of deal, It’s A choice But we Need you For The next generation of Holly-Makers!

Information: I have Now almost 7,000 views as a Result of My online Catalogue of short Videos on Youtube, 2-5 minutes monologues or Interviews making sense in A Transition from Duo-Media TV-Cinema to Multimedia TV-Theaters-CellPhones-Computers & More Soon like GRAPHIC WALLS.

30 More Views For the 50th Video Signed Fred Vidal, PhD: A Micro-Marketing That creates Huge Macro-Results on The Web!

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