VELVET EYES: God Blessed My United States Of America And I Decided To Bless It Too!

The Novel’s New Episode Will Be Online Before the Weekend?
NO, TOMORROW OCTOBER 8, 2010 for a big SuRpRiSe!

An Imaginary Friend Looking Like A Nobel Prize:
God Blessed My United States Of America And I Decided To Bless It Too!

Jonathan Founders was the son of another Founders who was in touch with some fellows in Canada and in another Country like Canada that was not on the maps because of the problem of the human imagination. This Country was a bigger one, a larger one like China, a huge continent of memories for the future only. Velvet Eyes was listening to his father’s stories about a possible AMERICANADA and he was sleeping just after with a project of trip to Toronto, A Project Of Trip To Toronto with a Chinese Imaginary Friend who could be the best friend of his life, a young guy like him and together they prepared the holiday in Toronto, a city that Founders found pretty 10 years later with another supporter of Peace and Humanity rights, Martin Hallmind, future Mayor of the Town of the Canadians specialized in great jokes and funny culture because of the cold weather there and the passion for family’s life and good work during the day.

The new Nobel Prize For Peace, peace means a lot for freedom and liberty worldwide, is a Chinese Citizen, and the imaginary friend of VELVET was a kind of buddy like the Great and Free shortly – let’s hope and ask the Chinese government for his release! – LIU XIAOBO!! In Toronto, the two future roommates met a lot of strange people in the streets and the bars where they drank only some good Coca-Cola (they like it a lot). One time, a man in his 50’s looking in his 80’s with a touch of 20’s guy, told them that he really enjoy to live too close to the United States but that God Bless too much only the US and not enough his native Canada (he was not Indian native but his roots and genes were connected to the Indian Americans). Velvet, call him Jo at that time – he was 13 or 15 – and Liu Alter Ego, the Imaginary but real Martin, call him Mart ( a 17 years old white-blond hair young boy from the Midwest with sunglasses even in the night) were too surprised by the Comments of the Canadian, they never met a Canadian before with so much Fantasy, they never met a Canadian anyway because this Trip was in a dream, the name of him was JO too, let’s say Jo 2.

Jo 2 drank a beer with the 2 teenagers who advised him to be more a part of the continent where everything is possible, even in Alaska that was American (USA) since 1959, the year of the Birth of Mike FULLER, the Writer of the Novel THE MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES that the three persons in the Toronto Bar, “The Red Color Beverage Center”, were about to read thanks to a Space-Time travel offered by some UFOs travelers from Alpha Centauri One, A Part of the Galaxy Of Alpha Centauri that NASA in The States had identified the year before (we were in the Twentieth Century!!).

Mike Fuller, PhD
October 8, 2010
4 Months Anniversary of The Republican Party US Senate Primary
June 8, 2010, celebrated in San Francisco, California, United States (close to Canada), Earth.

Thank you to Jo 2, the Toronto Bar and EVERYBODY IN CANADA (and to the ET aliens!).

Mike Fuller Selection Pic for the US Senate Election, November 2:

Barbara Boxer, A Senator Of California Who is Dysfunctional and Unfair! She Is Inspiring Mike Fuller for a Smart Episode of The Man With The Velvet Eyes After an Incident in the Office of William Morris, A Talent Agency that decided to Attack The Candidate of the Independent Republicans, Frederic Vidal, there for a private visit of Friendship that They refused with an Attitude of Corporate sabotage!

Breaking News (September 30):

TF BREAKING NEWS: The Boycott Against Fred Vidal, PhD In The Movie Industry Continues! 20 Minutes Ago In Beverly Hills, An Important Manager

Timeframes Historicity: 20 Minutes Ago In Beverly Hills, An Important Manager of WILLIAM MORRIS Refused A Talk or an Appointment with Him!!

Timeframes Historicity:WILLIAM MORRIS is an Talent Agent Company, The Republican Independent Candidate For The US Senate Was On Location!!

Frederic Vidal The Republican Independent Candidate For The US Senate Was On Location For A Private Visit And The Project To Network With WM

WILLIAM MORRIS refused 100% any contact with the Favorite candidate of the Population and in their High Tech huge Location acknowledged A NO

FV Campaign Headquarters Communique: Obviously, this is the responsability of Babara Boxer who is the inspiration or more of a boycott vs Us

FV Campaign Headquarters Communique: The Film Industry’s hard position connected with the Majors is coordinated with the candidate Boxer!!

FV Campaign Headquarters Communique: William Morris in Beverly Hills Is Sadly Mixing Politics and Business. This Is The Worst Day For Them!!

Fred Vidal: These people In William Morris, They are a danger for our economy in California. Their elite of Boxer’s maniacs is OBSOLETE & KO

Fred Vidal: The present Senator of California is Supporting a System that Prevent the TV/Film Industry Recovery! Bankruptcy is Their Keyword

Fred Vidal: By developing a Profesional Apartheid punishing Victims chosen by their Teamwork, William Morris and their Competitors are EVIL!

Fred Vidal: Nobody will make me forget this SLAYING against me, this Thursday afternoon. I will explain it better this weekend on YOUTUBE!!

 Fred Vidal: I want the President and CEO of WILLIAM MORRIS, WME2, to Resign. They are the symbol of a decade of harassment against Artists!!

Fred Vidal: Barbara Boxer’s Hollywood, We don’t Want it Anymore! IT’S A LIE! Young People deserve to work as actors if they Want! YOU DON’T!

Breaking News: Professional APARTHEID, This Is the Daily SICKNESS of Los Angeles’ Cinema Business. Some Leaders Stop the Others Career 4 Fun

Christ On The Cross: The New Episode In Audio. Substitle: The North Supporters Against One Only Special Man.

Christ On The Cross: The New Episode In Audio. Subtitle: The North Supporters Against One Only Special Man.

Velvet Eyes Saga-Film: A Special Episode For The Depressed America at Midnight USA!

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The weapon, a smaller revolver than the one they had at home, just for private security, was used by the couple as a message on a sculpture! The guests at the meeting were invited to the church 2 days later with a Christ on the Cross. For a prayer by a friend of a lawyer. 3 minutes ago from web.

  • When They met the mayor of Prague 4 a Tea in a large theater of the Networks town of the old world Velvet-Leather found a weapon ready 2 use6 minutes ago from web
  • His beloved wife was his Army too, proudness of a Country known for its pure Regime of Liberty and Exemplary Dream for the World, The USA!!!16 minutes ago from web
  • Velvet Eyes was clever and succeeded to understand the card of Europe when Germany in anarchy and Russia specialized in manipulation plots!!18 minutes ago from web
  • The Valet was the name of this weird servant of the civil authority of the US in the 20’s and his 2nd wife was a dancer for Operas on stage.19 minutes ago from web
  • The State Of Liechstenstein, close to Austria paid the 2 friends to mail to its Berlin Ambassador letters of information including copies…22 minutes ago from web
  • After a while, their best friends were their worst enemies because competitors at the Prague Embassy lost in a massive exchange of bad news!23 minutes ago from web
  • Velvet Eyes was In Love with Diplomacy and married with a second Heart called Leather Gloves, a Middle-Ages beauty so marvelous and Historic25 minutes ago from web
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    Earliest portrait of Washington, painted in 1772 by Charles Willson Peale, shows Washington in uniform as colonel of the Virginia Regiment

    Earliest portrait of Washington, painted in 1772 by Charles Willson Peale, shows Washington in uniform as colonel of the Virginia Regiment

    3rd Episode of The Man: 100 years after! A Music From The Past Preparing The Future!
    The first gift of Robin, the man with velvet eyes to Sharon, his future wife, will be nice leather gloves. In a store, they interviewed some clients to know more about their Country Czechoslovakia and have new friends but it didn’t work and they bought only the gloves and some perfume.
    At the restaurant, they met a young man who was the father of a little boy named Orson Welles and Robin gave the child an article of the newspapers in english titled: The War is Over between Russia and Washington, a sad story about diplomacy and Africa. Orson cried, then was authorized by his father to ask the diplomat why he had eyes like a velvet skin.
    There was a band playing some local music and on the wall a large painting of the founder of the United States, George Washington by Charles Willson Peale. The couple left after they invited the father and his son to New York in the 1940’s and they said: it will be 100 years ago because the memory of this day is already recorded by our friendship and history! Velvet eyes and leather gloves were now happy for about 20 years… and more. But the desire to loose of the human race was the last enemy that will create chaos to prevent the continuity of a fine part of the destiny.
    Fred Vidal, PhD
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