The Inter-Letters™ #1, Volume II, 08/17/2012 (Friday). Editor-In-Chief: Mike Fuller. Mitt Romney, Our Candidate, Is Our Guest Today concerning An Interview That We Did Thanks To The Community Of Our Friends In France And America. Dedicated To Louisiana!


The Internet is the PARTNERSHIP between sites, blogs are sites, gratuity of the Social Media is the rule, Social Media is the community of the Internet users, the Internet is the Web and the Web is the network of the Intervision.

Mike Fuller

MORE THAN EVER WITH THE BLOG LINKS WITH WIKIPEDIA AND YOUTUBE, also Google, Facebook and Twitter, and a lot more, we write this Volume II in a Route 66 that never stops. More Comments, More Contents (like a Press) to upgrade the Blogs that are not only fanzines but real magazines to read and watch.

The Inter-Letters™: “Break A Leg Frederic Vidal, we miss you / it is your first day without us on WordPress. Congratulations for your new job at TIMEFRAMES, protocols supervisor. You’ll be great.”

Mike Fuller: “your last decision before to leave our journal, Dear Frederic Vidal, has been to inform us you want a MISSISSIPPI PROGRAM to empower the United States by this Water Freeway, the most and impressive creation by God of a gift to America, you said with different words. I appreciate that and I will do my best to realize your dream.”

Map of the course, watershed, and major tributaries of the Mississippi River. The origins of the Greater Lousiana, from France at that time. A lot of States are interested. From tradition to modernity. Author: Jon Platek.

Map of the course, watershed, and major tributaries of the Mississippi River. The origins of the Greater Lousiana, from France at that time. A lot of States are interested. From tradition to modernity. Author: Jon Platek.

The Mississippi River with the names of the towns. Author: Shannon; Source: of course, Wikipedia.

The Mississippi River with the names of the towns. Author: Shannon; Source: of course, Wikipedia.

A dedication to the Mississippi River and old Lousiana still present in our mind of campaigning for Power in America.

2. FRONT STAGE: Mitt Romney interview to be diffused later.

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #1-Vol II: PLANET(E)™ is Mike Fuller’s future.

Mike Fuller’s PLANET(E)™ is a super-thriller of a new genre: the science reality. It is possible to go outer space even outside the solar system but it is not easy. The future of the human being is to project this kind of travels for an expansion of our human race like we see in some TV shows and films (Star Trek, Starship Troopers). This allegory of the United States is useful to build the concept of another Far West to conquest, not only for the USA for the entire world as we know it right now. The post-Earth era will be the second age of our civilization.

): BLOCKBUSTER™ #1-Vol II: Write-in from Abroad.

The Ambassador Charles H. Rivkin is the American Ambassador in France. Frederic Vidal is an American citizen living in France. His write-in candidacy for the Presidency is now almost sure and his difficulty is to live in a foreign country. Consequently, the creator of this blog had decided to be in touch with the American Embassy in Paris. The reason is that a write-in must be registered in all the 50 States but it is not easy when you are not on location, on the US territory. On the Internet, the forms are not available and phone calls are expensive, the time difference creates complications too. Vidal to call Rivkin.

): BRAMSTOCKER™ #1-Vol II: Streaming as a Gate.

It is not the title of a song but the subject of an investigation. On the 16, Mike Fuller informed the Press with this blog and all the social media of the reality of a lack of diffusion regarding American movies. The original text is now available on the book site we have on Google about law and speeches. Slowly but surely, there is an awareness to grow up because theaters are not enough. TV is for parents, Web is for our generation. Streaming by Internet can be more important if we want to be efficient as a communication society.  The present situation is lamentable. Too much piracy. Movie diffusion is too late.

): FRENCH POST ™ #1-Vol II: Pussy Riots Liberation.

Vladimir Putin must resign, resign, resign. The Pussy Riots are the new Sex Pistols but Queen Elizabeth II would have never put them in Jails. The comeback of the USSR would have the same effect with MORE RESPECT FOR THE LADIES. Hooliganism is a crime and for this reason only we are asking for an international trial for these girls, being sure that there will be declared innocent if they plead NO CONTEST (like the Sex Pistols did).

): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #1-Vol II: Ayraul doit s’expliquer.

Au stade actuel, il vait mieux s’en référer à Jean-Marc Ayrault, un homme qui a les pieds sur terre et attendre les premières réunions de la Commission de Lionel Jospin sur la moralisation de la vie politique. Elle n’inclut pas de juger le Gouvernement mais elle pourrait y être amenée si ça tourne mal entre moi et Hollande que j’appellerai à l’Elysée à son retour de vacances pour une reprise de contact afin que nous restions dans le politiquement correct. Je suis un ancien Attaché d’administration centrale.

This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: Frederic Vidal.

Frederic Vidal, the singer of Indian Reservation, is now a write-in candidate for the Presidential Election. He's also the composer of the song and his stage name, Mike Fuller, is still available to support the Romney ticket.

Frederic Vidal, the singer of Indian Reservation, is now a write-in candidate for the Presidential Election. He’s also the composer of the song and his stage name, Mike Fuller, is still available to support the Romney ticket.

Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief:  Mike Fuller.
This Inter-Letters™ is a part of the campaign of Mitt Romney.

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Sous l’égide du projet de Secrétariat d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAL), under the aegis of the Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs (SSLL) project.

Today’s Video by Youtube: New Orleans, Mississippi River Huge Paddle Boat.

COMMUNIQUE . Frédéric Vidal : “Je démissionne de mon poste de Secrétaire d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses que j’avais voulu au service du Gouvernement. La raison : un Président incapable de gérer le succès du 14 juillet, la République Hollande ne sera point. Je crée un contre-Secrétariat d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses soutenu par mon parti, Pouvoir Présidentiel. Adieu De Gaulle, général de ton échec, vive la VIIe République.”

BREAKING NEWS. We will judge Obama for this crime as he is the responsible of this Batman tragedy with the French government that hate comic books. HORROR IN COLORADO.

The Inter-Letters™ #25, 07/20/2012 (Friday). McCarthy 2. The French Must Be Controlled. Harassers Gang Including Marine Le Pen And Carla Bruni, The Two Anti-Marilyn Of The Pro-Hollande Opposition in France Must Be Judged By The French!

MCCARTHY 2: Droit de Cuissage en France, pour ou contre. Jack Lang must be the principal witness at the Commission Jospin.

Frederic Vidal : “Je demande la dissolution de l’Assemblée nationale, une dissolution judiciaire en raison de l’impossibilité de former une majorité nationale conforme à la réalité du pays et à l’exercice du pouvoir. L’article 12 de la constitution explique les conditions de la dissolution qui doit être demandée par le Juge constitutionnel. Concernant le mouvement des jeunesses socialistes (MJS) une enquête nationale doit être organisé, après l’attitude de Dominique Strauss-Kahn en Amérique, concernant leur relation avec la délinquance et leur influence sur la jeunesse, avant une possible dissolution. La famille de François Hollande doit faire l’objet d’une enquête sociale et ses enfants interrogés après le scandale du Tweet de sa nouvelle compagne à l’encontre de son ancienne (Ségolène Royal). La Présidence ne peut donner le mauvais exemple de dissolution du principe de valeurs de l’unité du couple et de la protection des enfants concernant le respect de la personne. La France en est sortie sinistrée. Pas pour longtemps c ar il existe une Haute Cour de Justice pour les traîtres à la République française et nous pouvons l’activer. La Russie est la cause de la crise actuelle en France et des mesures spéciales de mobilisation culturelle contre son influence néfaste doivent être décidés, y compris par les syndicats, dans les plus brefs délais. La subversion contre l’Etat français qui peut être organisée dans les milieux culturels doit être écrasée par la justice, il en va de la santé morale de l’hexagone. Jack Lang a échoué à nous transformer la France. Il passera à ma demande au Conseil de Discipline du Parti Socialiste avant la fin de l’exercice budgétaire. François Mitterrand était un cagoulard et un Pétainiste qu’il faut désavouer publiquement en lui retirant les honneurs de la >République. Il fut un horrible Président et une abomination sociale.”

La commission de rénovation et de déontologie de la vie publique est une commission dont la création a été décidée par le président de la République française François Hollande ; cette décision a été annoncée lors de l’interview du 14 juillet 2012. Il doit être conscient qu’il doit lui-même respecter. Elle a été instituée par le décret du 16 juillet 2012. Il faut le diffuser.

DECRET Décret n° 2012-875 du 16 juillet 2012 portant création d’une commission de rénovation et de déontologie de la vie publique
NOR:  PRMX1229595D

Le Président de la République, Sur le rapport du Premier ministre, Décrète :

Article 1.

Il est créé une commission de rénovation et de déontologie de la vie publique. Cette commission est chargée de proposer les réformes à répondre aux préoccupations exprimées par le Président de la République dans la lettre annexée au présent décret, et de formuler toutes les autres recommandations qu’elle jugera utiles. La commission peut entendre ou consulter toute personne de son choix. Elle remettra son rapport au Président de la République avant le 15 novembre 2012.

Article 2.

M. Lionel Jospin, ancien Premier ministre, est nommé président de la commission instituée par le présent décret. Sont nommés membres de la commission : M. Olivier Schrameck, président de section au Conseil d’Etat ; Mme Chantal Arens, présidente du tribunal de grande instance de Paris ; Mme Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin, ancienne ministre ; Mme Julie Benetti, professeure à l’université de Reims ; M. Jean-Claude Casanova, membre de l’Institut, président de la Fondation nationale des sciences politiques ; M. Jean-Pierre Duport, préfet de région honoraire ; M. Jean-Louis Gallet, conseiller à la Cour de cassation, vice-président du Tribunal des conflits ; Mme Marie-Christine Lepetit, chef du service de l’inspection générale des finances ; Mme Wanda Mastor, professeure à l’université Toulouse-I ; M. Ferdinand Melin-Soucramanien, professeur à l’université Bordeaux-IV ; Mme Agnès Roblot-Troizier, professeure à l’université d’Evry ; M. Dominique Rousseau, professeur à l’université Paris-I ; Mme Hélène Ruiz-Fabri, professeure à l’université Paris-I. Est nommé rapporteur général de la commission : M. Alain Ménéménis, conseiller d’Etat.

Article 3.

Le Premier ministre est responsable de l’application du présent décret, qui sera publié au Journal officiel de la République française.

  • Annexe

    A N N E X E

    Le président de la république

    Paris, le 16 juillet 2012.

    Monsieur le Premier ministre, Comme je m’y suis engagé devant les Français, je souhaite que le nouveau quinquennat qui vient de s’ouvrir soit marqué par un nouvel élan donné à la démocratie et par un fonctionnement exemplaire des institutions publiques. C’est dans cette perspective que j’ai décidé de vous confier la présidence d’une commission chargée de la rénovation et de la déontologie de la vie publique. Elle sera composée de personnalités représentatives de sensibilités diverses choisies à raison de leurs compétences universitaires, de leur expérience du fonctionnement de l’Etat ou de la vie publique. Elle proposera des réformes qui pourront trouver leur traduction dans une modification de la Constitution, mais aussi dans la loi organique ou dans la loi ordinaire. La commission s’emploiera, en premier lieu, à définir les conditions d’un meilleur déroulement de l’élection présidentielle. Elle se prononcera notamment, à ce titre, sur la pertinence du système actuel de parrainage des candidats, sur les modalités de financement de la campagne et sur les règles applicables à l’expression des candidats dans les médias. Elle s’interrogera sur le calendrier des élections législatives qui suivent l’élection présidentielle et les règles qui lui sont applicables. Elle examinera, s’agissant du président élu, s’il y a lieu de faire évoluer son statut juridictionnel. Il lui appartiendra également de se prononcer sur les conséquences d’une suppression de la Cour de justice de la République. Je souhaite, en deuxième lieu, que la commisssion se penche sur les voies d’une réforme des modes de scrutin applicables aux élections législatives et sénatoriales et sur les modalités permettant de mieux refléter la diversité des courants de pensée et d’opinion et de renforcer la parité entre les hommes et les femmes. Il appartiendra également à la commission de formuler des propositions permettant d’assurer le non-cumul des mandats de membres du Parlement ainsi que des fonctions ministérielles avec l’exercice de responsabilités exécutives locales. Il reviendra, enfin, à la commission de faire des propositions relatives à la prévention des conflits d’intérêt, tant à l’égard des parlementaires et des membres du Gouvernement que des titulaires de certains emplois supérieurs de l’Etat, de manière à garantir, par la définition de règles déontologiques, la transparence de la vie publique. Je vous saurais gré de bien vouloir m’adresser vos propositions au début du mois de novembre 2012 accompagnées, dans la mesure du possible, des projets de textes destinés à leur mise en œuvre. J’engagerai ensuite avec le Gouvernement l’ensemble des consultations politiques et institutionnelles nécessaires à l’élaboration définitive des réformes proposées. Je vous prie de croire, Monsieur le Premier ministre, à l’assurance de ma haute considération.

    François Hollande

    M. Lionel Jospin Ancien Premier ministre

Fait le 16 juillet 2012.

François Hollande

   Par le Président de la République :
Le Premier ministre,

Jean-Marc Ayrault

POUVOIR PRESIDENTIEL: Marine Le Pen And Carla Bruni, Sarkosy wife, The Two Anti-Marilyn Of The Pro-Hollande Opposition in France Must Be Judged By The French! A government of fanatics from the PS with the support of the UMP. The Caisse des depots with the example of Marie-Paule Chaulet, a previous journalist of the La Semaine CDC, had a supporting role of the Parti Socialiste attitude before my today article. TRANSPARENCE ALWAYS WINS.

The dirty tradition and ugly ptroposition of a French lover by Maurice Chevalier is still the AIDS of our culture. Blood on an Oscar figurine ? Dissolution of the dysfunctional Conseil Municipal of Nice, the italian Christian Estrosi (a divorced man) and Eric Ciotti (a Sciences Po) team of moneymakers, and Cannes (Bernard Brochand, Mayor) are probably necessary and an investigation in the French movie delusional industry as the oscar of the weird and bizarre Jean Dujardin, A  subversive SPY (OSS 117) previously a possible impersonator (who is his wife or girlfriend, a celebrity?), a national shame because of his declarations against France and the United States and the copy of my film German Spy retitled THE ACTOR (academy award winner or buyer to the corrupted Academy?), a disciple of the mediocre Yves Montand, the harasser of Marilyn Monroe, part of this. THE HOLLYWOOD COMMUNITY TELL HIM: NO, YOU DON’T. The crime was almost perfect. It is a duty to investigate at the Academy for a possible arraignment of the Academy Awards organizers, a definitve warning before a show down. The microphone is in the hand of PriceWaterHouseCoopers. Who is Séverine Humbert, in touch with Hollande and Co? I heard this name in a meeting about networks against the UMP. An investigation is organized by Mike Fuller in Germany to know the relationship between the States of Germany and the State of France regarding the Euro.

Angela Merkel, the first female Chancellor of Germany must resign. The previously Hitler’s Regime is still not denazified totally.

TWEETGATE (a real pure Watergate). François Hollande, a friend of Vladimir Putin, the worst President of the Vth Republic, a victim of the DSK system, has a political deadline by me until August 5 to quit the Presidency because he is presumably doing human trafficking of his women ministers. What about a Criminal State in France? Witness: Manuel Valls, security minister of a bad police of the Country that is against the programs anti-mafia. Europe 1 and RTL are accordingly to the confidential press responsible of an citizenship movement increasing everyday.

Barack Obama must be clear about his support or not to this european decadence or he will loose his Nobel Prize, in September. The American Army could be the victim of his irresponsability. The budgets will be controled and not voted by the Congress THAT IS REPUBLICAN. All French name must be investigated in the United States for Security by the Homeland Security. France killed his King Louis the XVI and created a Republic, criminal forever.

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #44: Joe Biden has not the right reply about Congress.

After the terrible murder, inspired by the anti-americans and the fight against liberty and peace, Colorado is the symbol of the year 2012 that we have to build to win the competition of the Presidential race. Promotion of the name of the  REPUBLICAN FUTURE: MIKE FULLER, a conceptual super-presidential ambition is priority. To have something to share after the terrible ground zero of an innocent movie theater. I want to propose to Joe Biden to express the emotion of the 50 States to the Congress. He is the Vice-President and the President of the Senate.

John Boehner must be the leader of the Party to control the budget of the State and send a report to the Convention of Tampa.  He's the Speaker. Republicans are good financial AUDITORS.

John Boehner must be the leader of the Party to control the budget of the State and send a report to the Convention of Tampa. He’s the Speaker. Republicans are good financial AUDITORS.

): BLOCKBUSTER™ #44: Obama resigns in October thanks to Mike Fuller.

This is a possibility to welcome like the citizens in DC. The Mall is the perfect place to offer him a historic event to be managed by his White House: a Last Speech, the Farewell one. Consequently, he would be a real true American showing he is aware of the failure of his Presidency but still willing to make his best to lead the US for a mandate 2 after a sign and message of modesty, to resign before to come back. The Democrats could be the great promoters of this strategy.

Newt Gingrich, previously Speaker has the power to create the event of the year by monitoring the budgets of the White House and the Pentagon in order to distribute the truth regarding excessive spendings.

Newt Gingrich, previously Speaker has the power to create the event of the year by monitoring the budgets of the White House and the Pentagon in order to distribute the truth regarding excessive spendings.

): BRAMSTOCKER™ #44: L’Armée française, impossible à commander depuis Mitterrand.

Combien d’enfants pour gager ses affaires publiques, Mitterrand était un Ravaillac non éclairé. Ses femmes sont au gouvernement actuel, ce sont ses filles. Pourtant, je quitte la famille définitivement après l’intransigeance de l’héritier François II, un roi de la télé et de la déclaration publique sans réalité à partager. Laissons ces faux-vrais gagnants de la Présidentielle et de la Législative et passons aux choses sérieuses : l’organisation d’un Secrétariat d’Etat Associatif aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAAL) de type CONTRE avec pour projets, des dizaines et pour but de changer de casting pour un vrai Pouvoir Public, celui de la République revenue d’infortune après la sociale compromission. On va gagner (ensemble).

François Mitterrand, le destin tragique d'un impossible Président, un élève de la pire des écoles de la rue, la révolution.

François Mitterrand, le destin tragique d’un impossible Président, un élève de la pire des écoles de la rue, la révolution.

): FRENCH POST™ #44: Transdev dehors, Estrosi conduit seul le tramway (à sa perte).

Le maire de Nice s’en prend à la CDC en la mettant à la porte de la ville alors qu’elle gérait le tramway. Elle répondra par un coup de fil qui résonnera dans les artères de la cinquième municipalité de France : bonjour, vous n’avez plus besoin de nous, alors pour nous, c’est pareil, on vous donne un délai pour rembourser tous vos prêts, un délai de peu de temps, car la confiance manque désormais. La suite sera dans les urnes dès la démission du Conseil Municipal qui a été endeuillé par le décès de l’historien Raoul Mille, un exemple raté de société civile dans la politique sans l’intention de gouverner. Ciotti, l’exécutant, et Chris, le valet ambitieux mais sans style bien que célèbre pour son parcours ministériel (émaillé de scandales) de Copé sont aux abonnés absents, avant l’annulation, que j’ai demandé, de leur élection à l’Assemblée nationale.

Le Tramway qui vaudra à Estrosi un accideent politique à Nice. Sa volonté de virer la Caisse de dépôts lui vaudra sa Mairie de Courtisans.

Le Tramway qui vaudra à Estrosi un accideent politique à Nice. Sa volonté de virer la Caisse de dépôts lui vaudra sa Mairie de Courtisans.

): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #44: Ciotti adjoint de ce Matignon socialiste.

Les entrepreneurs niçois, la honte de la France, des incapables de faire leur métier avec un profit économique, le politique passe d’abord dans la cité de l’ogre Médeciniste. Le constat est flagrant et l’Etat, la Région PACA et les niçois doivent en tirer les conséquences, se pourvoir en multiples initiatives pour relancer le marché de la concurrence. Sans vie économique, une ville se meurt et je crois que le risque existe vraiment car la pesanteur que fait régner la déprime des niçois, menacés dans leur vie quotidienne par l’autoritarisme bureaucratique du système préfectoralo-municipal et un Conseil Général de la dernière chance nous remplit d’effroi.

L'aéroport de Nice et sa gestion catastrophique accuse la Chambre de Commerc e de Nice et le Conseil général de Ciotti ainsi que leurs liens politiques avec l'UMP. Une ville de Nice vraiment trop chère et trop malignement politique.

L’aéroport de Nice et sa gestion catastrophique accuse la Chambre de Commerc e de Nice et le Conseil général de Ciotti ainsi que leurs liens politiques avec l’UMP. Une ville de Nice vraiment trop chère et trop malignement politique.

This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, leader ou suiveur imposé de l'imposant train de vie des socialistes à l'Elysée. Un système contraire à la libre expression.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, leader ou suiveur imposé de l’imposant train de vie des socialistes à l’Elysée. Un système contraire à la libre expression.

A non-profit EVIDENCE™ publishing. A TIMEFRAMES™ LLC publication by INTERVISION™.

Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: Frederic Vidal.

Sous l’égide du projet de Secrétariat d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAL), under the aegis of the Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs (SSLL) project.

Today’s Video by Youtube: The Watergate Scandal, Timeline and Background.

Monsieur Droit de Cuissage, François Hollande nous a terni la France avec ses scandales d’anti-Président, comme les anti-héros qui ne trouvent pas de place pour garer leur voiture. 6 mois suffiront.

Updated by Frederic Vidal! With Jack Lang In America, We Will Be In April For A Homage To Marilyn And A Sweet Conference-Screening In Washington, DC!

Jack Lang, the French politician and previously Minister of Francois Mitterrand and Lionel Jospin, is invited by Mike Fuller, the American nickname of Frederic Vidal, to be the Host of a Press Conference in DC around the Career and the personality of Marilyn Monroe, about the Feature Film ‘MY WEEK WITH MARILYN’, a Week that never ended, ‘une semaine qui dure toujours‘ thanks to the Talent of the Great Actress Michelle Williams and her producer Harvey Weinstein!

The Film will be screened at the NEWSEUM, the Museum of American Press invited to be more in touch with the French who publish great Newspapers like Le Monde and Le Figaro.

You are a part of it.

Marilyn, she was Beautiful and Gorgeous but she lost her Time IN Hollywood when she was required to come in DC to be the Speaker of A new genEration, the One that Inspired The Web , we get Now!

Jack Lang, my friend and amiis the wonder boy and The Right mAn we Need in Etats-Unis, the States. He Will make it in May, after the April call for a press conference aBout MARILYN.

MARILYN is The project I Never shot because some Others did better than I Imagined beginning By tHe ones wo lived their life, back in the 1950's for a legendary career and privacy, they were a lot in Her entouragE. They Are on Screen.

Mike Fuller AKA Frederic Vidal.

(March 12, 2012)

Dear Mrs. Williams,

I am proud to invite you to a historic commemoration of Marilyn Monroe
in Washington in April.

This is the result of the great movie you did for the Cinema that
advises us to open a second time her case.

She passed away too young and we need to know why in order to protect
the young actresses like you who are the victim of a dysfunctional
system: Hollywood.

It is the reason why I am also inviting the Supreme Court of California
and the Press at the Newseum, the Museum of our Television and
Newspapers Era.

Mr. Jack Lang, French Minister of Culture of President Francois
Mitterrand and hero-member of the French Assembly until now is the
definitive Guest and Host of this official event with the participation
of the United Nations and the UNESCO.

You will receive by mail the time and date of this meeting with a
Screening and a Debate about your ‘WEEK WITH MARILYN’.

I send this letter to you to the California Representative and
previous Speaker of the House, Mrs. Nancy Pelosi who is our greatest
hope for a better Country in America. Mrs. Pelosi will be happy to
give it to you in Los Angeles.

Best regards.

Frederic Vidal


Dear Nancy,

We are proud to be in touch as we are fans of your leadership at the
Congress even if the Majority is now Republican.

With Jack Lang, the French Statesman, we think about Marilyn Monroe,
one of your California residents, more than 50 years ago when there
was less rights for women in America.

It is time to organize a seminar to study the rights of women and
especially actresses lost in a Business that don’t  give them the key
for success.

Jack Lang, a great friend of Francois Mitterrand and the best Culture
Minister and also an Education one, is invited to be our French Leader
in America to show us the way for more SOCIAL DEMOCRACY, like
Lafayette did with George Washington and you will be this George as
you were selected by me to represent our Project in the movie industry
in Hollywood and Nationwide.

Marilyn was a true exemplary citizen, voting for the Democratic Party
anytime and close to Kennedy, one of our Founders. She was an example
to follow for Patriotism.

No more fight, no more struggle for money or for fame, violence is
bad: this was her message to the moviegoers. We have this problem with
the Rock music now that is too much agressive. My band BRAMSTOCKER is
the contrary of that: peace and love again like in the 60’s is our
Rock stars, they are too much puppets to follow the rules of their
music business. Monroe told them the truth, thanks to Andy Warhol:  No
more guns.

This homage to Marilyn Monroe at the DC Newseum, we want it focused on
the future by inviting the real hope of our Culture: Michelle
Williams, brilliant actress who played our #1 Beauty-Minded Marilyn in
the ‘ONE WEEK’ movie thanks to great producer Harvey Weinstein. We
want them in Washington for an interview-event that can be historic
with Jack Lang and you, of course.

We would be pleased if you send to Michelle and Harvey the letter I’m
writing as a message of solidarity with their cinema art about MM in
order to invite the two of them for this Reception, French and
American, to be set, next Month in April for the Spring beginning.

I am really honored to propose you for a help that will improve the
daily life of everybody in Los Angeles, the headquarters of your
Campaign for the Congress. We deserve the truth about Marilyn.

Congratulations for your fantastic work at the House.

Best regards.

Frederic Vidal

PS: Terri McCullough, your Chief of Staff is the recipient of this
letter by email. The 2 letters for Michelle and Harvey are in


Dear Mr. Kerry,

I am inviting you to be a part of the so-great event regarding the
star who is missed by everybody in the United States: Mrs. Marilyn
Monroe, the famous Hollywood Celebrity.

Marilyn was the victim of a System that does not respect enough the
Human Rights and is confused regarding the meaning of the principle of
work, especially for actresses, but also actors, obliged to sale
themselves as almost slaves.

The name of Monroe is not respected enough in America where she was
born and could have been a Senator of California according to her
historic popularity.

We deserve a Marilyn Monroe Foundation in our Country to protect young
people who begin their career in Los Angeles. There can be Human
Trafficking of their body and their image and obviously their talent.

The film ‘ONE WEEK WITH MARILYN’ shows the nightmare of Hollywood in
the 50’s and beyond. We want it in DC for a special screening that I
will host with Mr. Jack Lang, the previous Minister of Culture and
Education and present Member of the French Assembly, an important
leader of France, close to Francois Hollande, the Socialist candidate
for the Presidency in April and May.

We want the Democratic Party that always was  a friend of Francois
Mitterrand, the France President of the 80’s and the 90’s, to be the
sponsor of this debate about self-respect and promotion of the artists
in the film industry that cannot be only a business but a social and
cultural production, unfortunately criticized by many as it is a
worldwide fame for our USA for the quality of the final result.

With Jack Lang at the Newseum, the new and famous Press Museum in
Washington that must accept to feature the French newspapers, we will
celebrate the French and American Partnership about the Arts since

You are for us the right Senator and Presidential candidate who
represents the American Dream we have the duty to support like our
moviegoers going to see films from our two Countries.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy who is still in Washington as a President who
Rest in Peace at the Military Cemetery of Arlington, is the Witness of
this era of Human Trafficking in the Show Business of America. He was
a close friend of Marilyn who called him many times and also for
Television and the Entire Nation. He could not change her life but did
his best to give her a status and a notoriety more than official,
universal. He passed away tragically and she is gone too.

For our Newseum screening and debate, Mr. Lang is the right specialist
of Cinema and Theater to propose us his point of view about the
Impossible Couple of a so attractive actress not enough understood by
her Community and a previously Senator named John who has been her
great adviser and valuable President.

I will send you the definitive invitation as soon as I will have the
time and day of the meeting.

Very truly.

Frederic Vidal
Dear Mr. Boehner,I was last month at your office on Capitol Hill and I met one of your
nice staff members who gave me the card of your Chief of Staff.

I am inviting you to a great event that I organize for Mr. Jack Lang,
previouly French Minister of Culture and Education and present member
of the French Assembly. This will be a Screening and Debate around the
personality and the career of Mrs. Marilyn Monroe, the Lady who gave a
worldwide fame to the United States thanks to her inspiring acting
life and her incredible impact in our Culture, from the 50’s until

Mr. Lang and me are thinking that the movie ‘ONE WEEK WITH MARILYN’ is
the right motion picture that shows the glory of our true iconic and
emblematic Superstar,  so popular in France like in the United States.

We are decided to invite the Star Michelle Williams and her producer,
Harvey Weinstein, with members of their Cast and Crew, to this
celebration of the American Culture that is so close to your system of
Goverrnment, an exemple for the others.

I will inform you about the time and date of this Ceremony scheduled
for April and dedicated to the Congress, the President, the American
and the French Press to introduce at the Newseum for its great content
about human rights and good relationships with America and the local
personalities of Politics and Culture.

All my Best Consideration.

 Frederic Vidal
Dear Mr. Cantor,

I am inviting you to a great event that I will be organizing at the
Newseum in Washington in April about the Life and Career of Marilyn
Monroe, a woman who shared her destiny with her Country.

She was a Movie star so much appreciated in France, my first Country.
Mr. Jack Lang, member of the French Assembly and previous Minister of
Education and Culture, will be the host of this screening and debate
about the motion picture ‘ONE WEEK WITH MARILYN’ starring Michelle
Williams and produced by Harvey Weinstein, invited in DC like many
other Hollywood Members.

I am sure you will be interested with your Republican Majority that is
invited with you at the Newseum where we are also working for a
presentation of the French newspapers.

I will send you the time and date of the event scheduled in April and
I hope you will join us as I am one of your American supporters.

Best consideration.

A l’attention de l’Ambassadeur de France aux Etats-Unis et du
President de l’Alliance Francaise aux USA.
POSTERITE DE MARILYN MONROE.Madame Marilyn Monroe a ete une des plus grandes stars de l’Histoire
du Cinema. C’est l’anniversaire de sa mort cette annee et 2012 doit
nous permettre de commemorer sa memoire a la hauteur des enjeux qui la
representent.Marilyn est aussi l’inspiration d’un film qui presente l’actrice dans
toute sa splendeur, phenomene culturel et evenementiel americain qui
n’a cesse d’etre. Ce film nomine aux Oscars pour l’interpretation
heroique de Michelle Williams, nous le voulons a Washington.

Monsieur Jack Lang, ministre de la Culture du President Francois
Mitterrand et actuel depute du Pas-de-Calais, a l’intention de se
rendre a mon invitation dans le District de Columbia pour que nous
puissions reunir une assemblee de congressistes et de representants du
spectacle afin de faire le point sur l’heritage de la plus legendaire
des actrices americaines.

L’Amerique est un pays neuf qui possede le cinema le plus puissant de
la planete mais qui doit maitriser son savoir faire. Etre acteur a
Hollywood, c’est un metier a part entiere. Les plus faibles le
subissent, les plus forts en imposent parfois des regles autoritaires.
Marilyn fut victime tout en pouvant s’extraire de la regle
d’obeissance aux valeurs imposees.

Elle avait pour ami les Etats-Unis d’Amerique, son armee de valeureux
soldats et son corps social de pauvrete. Le reve, c’etait elle et nous
devons le reevaluer a notre epoque ou tant d’actrices sont trop
soumises a leurs producteurs.

Monroe s’impliqua en politique en tant que Sex Symbol et figure de
proue du tout Hollywood la ou il le fallait : a Washington. A l’epoque
de Kennedy, tout etait possible.

Ronald Reagan, president of the Screen Actors Guild in 1959 and John
Fitzgelald Kennedy elected President of the United States in 1959 are
the two great names ivited to testify about the disparition of Marilyn
so young, in her 30’s.

Le President Eisenhower etait un Militaire qui fit de son mieux durant
les 8 ans de sa Presidence qui correspondent aux annees 50 pour
celebrer le talent de la Star des nouveaux medias : television et
radio qui la nomment porte-parole de la jeunesse.

Le deuil qui suivit correspond aux annes 60 de la guerre du Vietnam,
de la mort de Kennedy et de la Revolution du Flower Power.

Au Newseum, nous ferons le point sur l’Human Trafficking qui n’existe
pas en France : l’utilisation des gens du cinema a des fins
malhonnetes. L’utilisation des gens de cinema ne peut avoir lieu
qu’avec leur autorisation expresse. Marilyn doit donner lieu a une
jurisprudence qui protegera par la suite les heritiers de celle qui
aurait pu devenir l’equivalent, non pas d’Adolf Hitler mais d’Hillary
Clinton, une ministre des Affaires Etrangeres puisqu’il n’y a pas aux
Etats-Unis de ministere culturel. Sa renommee reste immense grace a la
France qui poursuit l’oeuvre de la Revolution Francaise de Liberte,
d’Egalite et de Fraternite.

La liste definitive des invites est en cours d’elaboration et comprend
Michelle Williams, son producteur Harvey Weinstein, le Speaker
(President) de la Chambre des Representants Mr. John Boehner, le
leader de la majorite Republicaine Mr. Eric Cantor, l’ancien candidat
a la  Presidence des Etats-Unis pour le Parti Democrate John Kerry,
and the great Lady of California, Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, precedente
Speaker of the House et amie de la France a l’etranger.

Consequemment, je vous signale que je m’adresse a la Presidence de
l’Alliance Francaise en Amerique et a l’Ambassadeur de France a
Washington pour une  diffusion a la presse et aux publics specialises
politiques et culturels.

Je vous recontacterai tres prochainement pour vous donner le  jour et
l’heure de l’evenement preside par Jack Lang en l’honneur de l’Amitie

Veuillez agreer, Monsieur l’Ambassadeur et Monsieur le President de
l’Alliance Francaise, l’expression de ma sincere  resolution a mener a
bien ce projet.

Fred Vidal (b. Nice 1959) also known as Frédéric Vidal, is the son of the Spanish painter Ignasi Vidal and the cousin of the French General Edouard Corniglion-Molinier, aviator and member of the French Resistance, member of the government during the IVe Republique, in the 1950’s, movie producer (André Malraux’s L’Espoir) and friend of Marcel Dassault. American and French citizen, raised in Monaco, alumni of the Institut d’études politiques de Paris, Sciences Po (Public Service, 1981), Fred Vidal is the author of a thesis about the government publications in France (Pantheon-Assas Paris II University, Institut Français de Presse, Semiotics, 1999), not yet published.


1. Civil Servant in France
2. Filmmaker in the United States
3. Cultural activities
4. Menberships

Civil Servant in France

President of the Rassemblement des Jeunes Republicains (RJR), in the 1980’s, part of the Rassemblement Républicain, created by his uncle, Maurice Vittone, Jean Médecin, Mayor of Nice, and Edouard Corniglion-Molinier, in the 1950’s, and journalist for the City Radio Baie des Anges, in Nice, France, Fred Vidal decided to resign in 1984 and to leave for Paris, because of the Mayor, Jacques Médecin, son of Jean Médecin, policy. Historical researcher, communication manager and civil servant at the Caisse des dépôts et consignations (1987-2002) in Paris, he used to work, in the 1990’s, on the subject of the Jewish assets stolen by the Nazis during World War II, under the scientific authority of René Rémond, the French Political Science specialist (Lionel Jospin, Prime minister of France).

Filmmaker in the United States

Filmmaker and entrepreneur (French Cop(R) LLC and Modernscope™ Inc) in Hollywood, California, in the 2000’s, after he decided to immigrate in the United States in 2003, he is preparing two films connected to historical events: The French Cop(R) taking place in 2005 during the riots in France and The German Spy™ (Silence Thomas Spears™), an alternate history drama taking place in the 1930’s, in Germany and America. Fred Vidal is the president of the Rex Ingram Center™ (non-profit) dedicated to a better protection and diffusion of the American silent movies. He is a member of the Presidential Task Force of the Republican Party. Member of the Screen Actors Guild, he is the photo-double of the Hollywood star Steve Carell. 

Cultural activities

Founder of the Poetry Review Evidence™ in 1981, Fred Vidal published several special issues (Nice Carnival, Cannes Film Festival, Comic Convention) until the end of the decade and a collection of poems, Cent Phares™, inspired by Federico Garcia Lorca. Art dealer, friend of the director of the Nice Museums and art critic, Claude Fournet, he directed the Video Documentary La Télé Par Ceux Qui l’Aiment™ (in competition for the Prix Jean d’Arcy 1984) about the art of Patrick Moya, the French painter and theorician. He organized in Paris several art exhibitions: for the bicentennial of the French Revolution in 1989, Patrick Moya and Gilles Chaix, homage to David and other great artists of 1789, at the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA), the American painter Candice Johnson, De l’Unité à l’Infini™, at the Cujas Library (Place du Panthéon) in 1997. Previously, in 1977, Fred Vidal was the leader-songwriter of the Punk Rock band Bramstocker™, well known by the French amateurs, that is about to release a new album in 2008, in Los Angeles.

Andre Malraux, Filmmaker and Novelist Produced by Fred Vidal Cousin General Corniglion-Molinier.

Andre Malraux, Filmmaker and Novelist Produced by Fred Vidal Cousin General Corniglion-Molinier For The Movie L'ESPOIR.

Professional Memberships:

Screen Actors Guild (SAG)
American Federation of Television and Television Artists (AFTRA)
American Federation of Musicians (AFM) Local 47
American Film Institute (AFI)
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)
Ucla Alumni
UCLA Foundation
Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles Area
National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP)
Film Independent
Rotary Club of Los Angeles – LA 5
Toastmasters Club of Burbank
Automobile Club of Southern California

Political Memberships:

Republican Party- State of California
Republican Presidential Task Force
National Republican Congressional Committee
Ronal Reagan Presidential Foundation

Previous Employer: Communication manager, Caisse des depots et consignations
Current Position: President, FRENCH COP LLC

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