January 12, 2016 : Mike Fuller For New Hampshire Primary Is BRAMSTOCKER’s 13 Albums Collector.

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January 17: Reluctant reformer, this is the right definitioon of Barack Obama, a President before me. Mike Fuller, 4-5-6.
Reply to Leading the site: @BarackObama on #NSA: A reluctant reformer, by @joshgerstein

I am sure to be the winner tonight because I deserve it and my State, Maine, is close to New Hampshire where I had a second home during the last 2 years. It’s almost my home State and I want to thank all my voters who are real true Republicans. I write this text for a speech after the result but  I feel it from now without a fear to lose or to be declared wrong.

At that time, Il don’t know where I will be next year and it is exciting, amazing. The White House, I want it more than everything and I want to deserve it, it’s not a House to buy in Wisconsin or in Arkansas. anyway, I’m your next President and, I suppose, the winner of the Presidential election. On the agenda of this January 2016, there are now 2 more elections: South Carolina and Florida. There, I’m gonna continue to express my message: e = mc2, you are Fuller (if you want). Together, in these 2 States, we will belong really to the same Country. The United States are only one, 50 States that will never feel sorry.

I am tired at this point and want to have a break with a good phone call from France, for instance. There, I have a few friends, in Paris and in Nice, to interview about my present victory. I remember them at the beginning of my campaign in 14, they were terrified by my so little chance to get it, the post, the office of President. They wanted me chosen by Washington, it was not necessary. I send them a few kisses from my cheerleaders, great advisors from my campaign. Guys, you are my Lafayettes, knowing about the future. Ihear you from time to time remembering me Du Pont De Nemours. I appreciate your free spirit, Republicans.

Mike Fuller

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Il consiste en une grande avancée diplomatique et militaire pour la compréhension du phénomène Iranien d’Islam nucléaire. Mike Fuller (12/01/2014)

Reply to AFPFR: Iran: l’accord sur le nucléaire appliqué le 20 janvier

Another Bill for a Fan Club managed by Mike Fuller with his sense of opportunity. Fred Kelly (12/01/2014)

Reply to CNNPolitics: Gates says Clinton would make a good president.

Mike Fuller presents BRAMSTOCKER 13 Albums (fictional discography). Tracklistings by TIMEFRAMES LLC.

1. BRAMSTOCKER (1978).

2. Route 99 (1979).

3. Hello Decade (1981).

4. Promotional Boom (1984).

5. My Taylor Is My Guarantee (1985).

6. For Nothing (New) (1988).

7. I Was Brave and Polite (1990).

8. Decade of the 9’s (1991).

9. BRAMSTOCKER on Mars (1994).

10. BRAMSTOCKER in New York (1998).

11. BRAMSTOCKER’s North Pole (2001).

12. Moscow’s Stocker (2004).

13. The Last Possibility (2008).

January 5, 2016, Des Moines: Iowa Caucuses For Mike Fuller. FUTURE DIARY, Chapter 1.

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Jan 9: Barack Obama was not the perfect President to finish the Iraqi War and the Afghanistan too, Nobel Prize. Mike Fuller (01/09/2014)

en réponse à : FoxNews. Robert Gates’ Bombshell Book: Was tell-all a betrayal of the president?

@wolfblitzer Breaking News! In Iowa, January 5, 2016, Mr. Mike Fuller was the only candidate to be also a Rock Star. (06/01/2014)

Ils auront bientôt un Printemps Politique qui les réchauffera : la victoire de Fuller en Iowa en janvier 2016. FK

en réponse à : des millions d’Américains grelottent.


Les Etats-Unis d’Obama sous le projecteur de l’enquête des Européens. Un impeachment international. Frédéric Vidal

en réponse à : Les eurodéputés veulent organiser une vidéo-conférence avec Snowden.

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Mike Fuller:
From Des Moines, Iowa, January 4, 2016.

Theory of Relativity is a daily subject of speculation for me. Einstein was the Newton of the XXIst Century. On Wikipédia, I found a map in January 2014 that inspired me a way to build my 3 years program strategy to become the next President after Obama. This is it:



Then, I began to be closer to the State of Maine. This is a journal of the future speaking about us in the past that is the present for you, Folks of the Web. The Internet Cuture allowed me to diffuse my political work and my ambition to be, starting this day, 3 years ago, US Representative of this French-Speaking State I like because I love NEW FRANCE, vast territory still in our mind of cultural and geographical land of the origins of the USA, a political gift to the Union about our necessary Melting Pot http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melting_pot institutional destiny.

In France, my alter ego Frederic Vidal, my Clark Kent (kidding), de facto lawyer and e-publicist was candidate in order to be in March elected at the NICE City Hall, the City of the Future and Villegiature in the South-Est of France, our theorical 51st State. This French and US Citizen published my writings on his blog promoted by his Twitter and Facebook activities and more Social Media.

His teenage attraction for US comic books is the reason why I fell confident he was and still is the right advisor about the reality control and the use of semi-fictional. In Science, we check what is possible and what is not for progress, hypothèses to be confirmed at the end of a process of investigation and élaboration of théories.

For Now, I am in Des Moines, introduced by the Grand Old Party, now Grand Old New Party (GONP) as old politicians of the 2000-2012 era were retired and not anymore in the race. The Bush-Obama controversial critics regarding a Rep-Dem Presidency from 2009 succeeded to explain Washington after NSA controversy about a pratical and severe dictatorship of our brains.

In Hollywood that I want to call TIMEFRAMES showing importance of the business there and Time waiting for no one, I was in touch with Fred Kelly, a Screen talent of SAG who marketed his name and reputation with Super-Hero Image, not the first (Welles raio show of the 30’s was also sempi-fictional about real aliens). I wanted Fred, my Governor of this so exciting idea of our 51st French State of the Federation. His personality was kind of Tom Cruise character witha Bon Jovi voice I appreciate so much when he sings his personal tunes,  mix of the Rolling Stones and Nirvana.

I told to the other candidates that Mr. Kelly could play a great Vince Sauvan inthe French Cop of my dreams, during the first debate of the Iowa Caucuses a few days ago. They laught and agreed. Good point.

About Alter Egos:


Superman #296, published by DC Comics.


The Iowa race itselve.

Energy is the result of Mass with Light Speed multiplied by itself. THis is our motto E = mc2 campaign meaning Maine, my elective State from 2014 is my greatest victory giving me Energy to win in Iowa, the Mass I respect so much and project to increase dramatically with Mass Medias until the end (November 2016), huge speed of light we need so much.

I am now focused on the results and must leave to continue my Primaries job in another State. I hope next year, I will write you more texts for my Oval Office at the White House, a House I want dedicated to Thomas Jefferson and not only to George Washington, the Triumvirate.

Mike, your buddie from the future.

On Facebook, 01/04/2014:

http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capital-weather-gang/wp/2014/01/03/an-astonishing-dangerous-cold-snap-is-about-to-descend-on-the-u-s/ Bad Meteo for Frozen United States. Stay in your home or find one all over the 48 States of the Mike Fuller’s Continent. This weekend: more WordPress’ Apollo 11 and Future Diary 4-5-6 (From Maine to Iowa). This is the 2014 Internet by Satellites and Cables, not SciFi but HighTech Com, part of Mike Fuller scientific concept of INTERVISION. FV


The Great Seal of the State of Maine.










Electoral college map for the 2012, 2016 and 2020 United States
presidential elections, using apportionment data released by the
US Census Bureau.












This is a logo for 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be the 20th FIFA World Cup, an international men’s football tournament, that is scheduled to take place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July 2014.[



Formula One, also known as Formula 1 or F1 and referred to officially as the FIA Formula One World Championship, is the highest class of single-seater auto racing sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).



L’indispensable lecture :


Rapport sur la France et l’Amérique
présenté par Frédéric Vidal
à Laurent Fabius, Ministre des Affaires Etrangères. 27 juillet 2013

Deuxième partie. 25 décembre 2013.
Etats-Unis : La France A Gagné Sur l’Angleterre Mais l’Espagne l’A Vengé.

Hommage à Tocqueville.

1. La Louisiane sépare l’Angleterre de l’Espagne.

La France a vendu la Louisiane à la nouvelle Amérique qui avait dit non à l’Angleterre mais pas pour qu’elle dise oui à l’Espagne. Mission accomplie avec Du Pond De Nemours sur place pour construire son entreprise, toujours en activité au plus haut niveau mondial, et Napoléon en France qui signa la vente du territoire avec l’intention d’influencer les USA qui n’avaient aucune idée du devenir de leur fédération à 50 Etats.

US territorial growth, based on the PD USGS maps in Category:USA Territorial Growth Maps Category: USA Territorial Growth Maps {{PD-USGov-USGS}}.

US territorial growth, based on the PD USGS maps in Category:USA Territorial Growth Maps Category: USA Territorial Growth Maps {{PD-USGov-USGS}}.




2. L’Amérique espagnole représente 1/3 des Etats-Unis.

Mais il fallait aussi obtenir l’accord de l’Espagne pour en finir avec un manque d’ambition des fondateurs des Etats-Unis et donner à l’ensemble du nouveau pays sa dimension actuelle. Devenir une super-puissance fut ainsi possible sans que l’Espagne n’ait d’intérêt à y participer. Le troisième tiers des Etats-Unis actuels fut acquis progressivement au XIXe siècle créant un melting pot de cultures qui reste la spécificité des USA.

Modifications de frontières après le traité d'Adams-Onís de 1819.

Modifications de frontières après le traité d’Adams-Onís de 1819.


3. Pour un Traité de Commerce entre la France et les Etats-Unis
renforçant les relations diplomatiques entre les USA et leur co-fondateur.

Il faut maintenant que l’Amérique revienne à sa logique fondatrice de Nouveau Monde prêt à constituer une alternative et un devenir à l’Europe qui en a besoin plus que jamais. L’Espagne n’a aucune raison de vouloir refuser un accord renouvelé de la France avec les USA. C’est indispensable pour stabiliser un Etat Continent qui doit, plus que jamais, tenir tête à la Russie toujours prête à diriger l’Europe, ce que nous ne voulons pas.

L’histoire est la science qui conduit au droit et le droit international le moyen de respecter ses décisions à confirmer quand la réalité sociale le nécessite et c’est le cas. Le chaos culturel américain doit faire place à une harmonie nouvelle valorisant la population hispanique qui concurrence l’ordre anglo-saxon acquis grâce à la France qui donna aux 13 premiers Etats, anciennes colonies britanniques, un nouvel élan géo-stratégique fondamental.

La culture de synthèse américaine et les institutions politiques des Etats-Unis nécessitent un retour d’une rigueur politique favorable à une intégration du système actuel dans les Etats-Unis de 2020 dédiés à la création d’une Seconde Etape dans la revendication à être un Pays original et pas un patchwork du passé. Napoléon et son premier régime de gouvernement en France, le Directoire qui lança sa carrière, représentent la référence qui complète l’acquis fondateur de Washington et de Jefferson.

Frédéric Vidal

Un exemple de traité de commerce de l’histoire de France :

La France aux USA:

La Louisiane de toujours :

The Louisana Purchase treaty Image from U.S. National Archives and Records Administration {{PD-USGov-NARA}}.

The Louisana Purchase treaty Image from U.S. National Archives and Records Administration {{PD-USGov-NARA}}.

4. Pour une candidature française à la Présidence des Etats-Unis d’Amérique
comme aux Jeux Olympiques.

Je me présenterai à la Présidence des Etats-Unis en 2016 en tant que candidat Républicain pour gagner, pas pour écouter ceux qui nous font perdre.

Mike Fuller
nickname de Frédéric Vidal aux USA.

Le Maine où l’on parle encore français couramment.


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