MIKE FULLER: Accepted FEC: 1109472. The candidate ID:  P 60023413 as a WRITE-IN, as a write-in. Presentation: Paul McCartney playing Mike FULLER, it could have been possible if the film had been scheduled in the 1960’s but it is a biography and it is from the 2000’s. We would need Science Fiction but it does not exist (fiction). So let’s be friends. No letter for him, he is so busy touring all the time and commemorating The BEATLES. The question is THE WRITE-IN, I DO for YOU with MY NAME: MIKE FULLER. It is the content of my registration yesterday.


This is it. Mke FULLER is really CANDIDATE NOW. The solution was the WRITE-IN. These Republicans who don’t reply, it means nothing. TRUMP and CLINTON are lost in a dispute about sexual content. This is not politics, this is regression of political expression. We don’t mind their chaos. We are indie and ready to win. Mike needs one more week with a very few Internet to campaign fulltime in Washington and nationwide. I cannot replace it. It’s not a RADIO SILENCE (laughs). The newsletter for the 25. It won’t be delayed!! Like McCAin said: be prepared to write ANOTHER NAME on your ballot: Mike FULLER (last name enough). Last name enough!


Letter: Statement Of Candidacy filed online on


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PDF format: http://docquery.fec.gov/pdf/836/201610179032890836/201610179032890836.pdf

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2016 Presidential Form 2 Filers



Paul McCartney playing Mike FULLER , in the 1960’s.
Picture from: http://www.biography.com/people/paul-mccartney-9390850

Paul McCartney On Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_McCartney

Letter to Miley CYRUS.

October 18, 2016

Presentation: a very beautiful woman this Miley Cyrus. While I am listening to GOING TO CALIFORNIA (Led Zeppelin IV), I look into her eyes and they tell me how she is ready to modernize Hollywood, in fact to follow me, NOT ONLY ON TWITTER, this Miley. Hannah Montana is far away and The Rolling Stones too but she does not know BRAMSTOCKER yet. We have a lot of thinks to share.

Letter: to Miley CYRUS

From Washington, DC
October 18, 2016

Hello Miley:

How are you? I’m not sure if we met already in Los Angeles. I used to be on the sets in the 2000’s, last decade, previous decade, previous times. You were playing HANNAH MONTANA, I worked a little for DISNEY too. Burbank will still be Burbank.

I’m so proud of my website built thanks to GOOGLE for everybody like a pedagogy of politics with the example of the Presidential so mediatized Election this year. Her is the address: https://sites.google.com/site/fullerrubio/home I have also a blog but I needed to construct 16 pages that make sense for everybody. Sometimes I’m too much novelist, attracted by Literacy.

You saw DYLAN. It’s all of us who are awarded with him by the NOBELs. Anyway, I was from his tendency from the beginning, LVE in the 60’s I was a kid (I’m not anymore, born in 1959). I changed my name like him and I celebrate like if he had been elected President the States. I understand, of course, it’s not the same.

Me, I mean I, Mike FULLER, am candidate for this Election Day, as a WRTITE-IN and indie, freelancer, first-timer because the party I scheduled to join more and more (I’m first an Artists, it’s not easy, to be also a politician) is, was the Republican Party. They have a lot of troubles right now.

So vote for me if you’re not obliged to vote for Hillary CLINTON and nobody is obliged. What I would like the most, not for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Santa Claus Day is your introduction to what I called the Mass Medias: I have only the Web, this sacred Internet until now that creates a ‘GLOBAL VILLAGE’ but cut you, sometimes, from your grassroots because child, I was already an actor-performer like you but in France, in Nice and Monaco where there were famous Casinos for spectacles, like in Vegas.

So, I will let you know if I’m in LA in a close future. For now, I’m in DC. You know, there, there are people useful for me right now. I have the project to be a SHADOW, a Shadow President, representing the Opposition.

So, Love Me Do.


Blog: https://fredvidal.wordpress.com
Site: http://sites.google.com/site/fullerrubio

Miley CYRUS On Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miley_Cyrus


Picture from: http://aussiegossip.com.au/news/miley-cyrus-looking-like-hannah-montana-new-series/

Warning: after lot of RADIO SILENCE (no reply to my emails from Marco RUBIO and Reince PRIEBUS), new eLETTERS (even Bob does not reply to the Nobels!). It’s fun and useful. You never know: people are enjoyable. You know them on the Web. Emails are the solution for everything.

Letter To Richard BRANSON.

October 18, 2016

Warning: after lot of RADIO SILENCE (no reply to my emails from Marco RUBIO and Reince PRIEBUS), new eLETTERS (even Bob does not reply to the Nobels!). Presentation: Richard BRANSON, he was homeless, one told me, for half a couple of years and became billionaire all at once, The American Dream is a Fairy Tale for those who know generosity is not to Love in Vain. Richard, British like you and me (meaning 100%) created a label (VIRGIN) that made us forget the 1960’s. Obsessions are not good. Now, he travels (to the Moon?) to everywhere in the States with his own company, still the same name. He can be useful!!

Letter: To Richard BRANSON

From Washington, DC
October 18, 2016

Hello Richard:

I needed a business man in a team. Unfortunately, you are British but it’s not a problem. My new Country (I was French) has already understood that there will be a new BRITISH INVASION with me.

Than you for The SEX PISTOLS. I was close to the Group in 77. With my own band, BrAmStOcKeR, it was not a teenage mistake. Sad for Sid, he was sick. Us, we stopped the music as projected before. I did political science studies in Paris AND THE MIX IS GOOD. I’m still here. Right soon, back in San Jose, California where I decided to settle down a little, near San Francisco but nowadays, I am in Washington where I am candidate and I filed yesterday for WRITE-IN! Never a President was elected that way. There is a premiere for everything, it’s MY WAY.

I would like you to be sure I’m more than before proactive and your plane company, VIRGIN, is even better than your record label. All these Americans like so much to find great prices with you and the other companies consider it a nice competition for the market to propose low prices.

TRUMP or CLINTON or their 2 shadows?? Me, I, Mike FULLER, I will be SHADOW PRESIDENT, organizing my 4 years like your Shadow Cabinet in Great Britain, until 2020. Could it be a Miracle like EURYTHMICS sang a song with this title? Do your best to BE MY PUTIN. Donald called too much the Russian President, I deserve the equivalent in the UK!!

You know me, I’m also a movie maker in a difficult Hollywood with several projects, first of all FRENCH COP, GERMAN SPY, THE MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES and MAN FROM 25 this year. I will find the producers from the White House or on the contrary doing my Opposition work. Time is on our Side!

Thank you. Sincerely,


Blog: https://fredvidal.wordpress.com
Site: http://sites.google.com/site/fullerrubio

Richard BRANSON On Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Branson

Richard Branson: 'subsidy junkie'.

Picture from: http://snowyduck.com/famouspeople/top-10-inspiring-business-leaders-time


Presentation: it is so important the UNITED NATIONS. If you read me, you are sure I do no confusion between the UN and the US. I like peace more than everything else on Earth and I was lucky when I read the new Secretary-General, in charge January 1st has this priority. He made my day, probably my next year. He is European, from Portugal and a politician and Statesman (Prime Minister. So, it is my vision of this Organization. I invited Mitt ROMNEY to replace him in 2020 IF, if a beautiful word (and a movie I don’t remember). W will see, the UN must evolve with the United States. So, no Mitt but António and it is perfect like that for now.

Letter to António Guterres, New UN Secretary-General:

From Washington, DC
October 18, 2016

Hello António:

Congratulations for your election and nomination. I am glad to have read your goal #1 will be PEACE. It is mine too.

I invite you to visit my website and to read my blog with your collaborators. It is a content from the future, some great ideas expressed by a newcomer, I AM, who wanted to be President of the United States, not like a child, like A WRITE-IN.

If I don’t make it this time, I will continue my campaign for 4 more years, until 2020, touring all across the United States and promoting my new function of SHADOW PRESIDENT (inspired by the Shadow Cabinet of Great Britain).

Are the USA able to do censorship? Sometimes, I am asking the question and I would appreciate your reply because, until now, I never was published in the press or broadcasted.

Again, I will be there next year, hoping an institutional contact of proximity, even not President. You represent a new step of responsibility of the United Nations and it contributes to confirm my thesis: we are here to reinforce our civilization. Terrorism will collapse, poison is diplomacy, war is the antidote.



Blog: https://fredvidal.wordpress.com
Site: http://sites.google.com/site/fullerrubio

António Guterres On Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ant%C3%B3nio_Guterres


Picture from: http://webtv.un.org/watch/un-news-centre-interviews-ant%C3%B3nio-guterres/3633956166001

Warning: after lot of RADIO SILENCE (no reply to my emails from Marco RUBIO and Reince PRIEBUS), new eLETTERS (even Bob does not reply to the Nobels!). The replies will arrive sooner than expected, they will be positive. I attract good vibrations. MF

Letter To Bob Dylan.

October 18, 2016

Presentation: this letter to Bob DYLAN is to tell him the truth: I LOVE HIM since I was a kid, in France or anywhere (England). He is really the amn who created the surprise this year 2016. The Nobel Prize, it is like the Olympic Games and he made it. But does he want the Prize. He will tell us. The Nobel Secretary did not succeed to reach him until now!!

Letter: To Bob Dylan.

From Washington, DC
October 18, 2016

Hello Bob:

Magnifique, they say in French. I bought TARANTULA when I was really very young (at 10?) and I knew it was genius but so far, I was thinking the Nobel Prizes were for EINSTEIN kind of guys including in Literature (Victor Hugo style of encyclopedists). To give it to you (don’t refuse it, please!) is the reality of our time, the 2010’s, time of confusion but time also of redemption.

Your song said the truth (Time they are a’ changing) but it took 50 years and it is not thanks to Obama as the Presidency refused a Secretary of the Arts in 2009 and the President was during 8 years socially disappointing. Culturally, we must acknowledge it is the reign of the Veterans (include me in it, I was born in 1959 and alternate rock star since my tour de force in Paris in 1977 with my punk band BraMsToCkEr! (no record deal but a live performance forever, on 2 years).

I am your candidate, by the way, for the Presidential election. You know, I am faithful and all the lessons you gave me when I was a teen, I got my degrees thanks to them (I’m PhD!). But life is difficult and degrees are not enough. There are 3 weeks left before Election Day. Your Nobel Prize is scheduled in December, November is crucial for me. Realistic, I already planned the 4 next years to be A SHADOW PRESIDENT, for our movement, in fact, THE PROGRESS IN AMERICA (it is compatible with the GOP. I am there 50% or 100% if they were welcoming me a little more. In the 1960’s the rock generation had not enough people representing it in the Republican community) and to create a nonprofit AMERICAN CULTURES DEPARTMENT for all the minorities and all tendencies of the subculture seen equal with the Mainstream (not superior. Respect must be in the two senses).

So, to be busy or not to be: let’s be busy at the White House! WHO KNOWS? It is now the electors’ choice. THEY HAVE ONLY TO WRITE MIKE FULLER on their ballot nationwide. A write-in could be President, they say in Political Science. I count you as a supporter. 50 years later, you WIN FOR CULTURE but, with me, ALSO WITH POLITICS.

I am American since 2006. Let’s celebrate these 10 years far away from France and Great Britain, YOU, NOBEL (PRIZE), me (MIKE FULLER), (SHADOW?) PRESIDENT.

We can make it, it is not a joke. It’s DESTINY.

Sincerely yours,

Mike FULLER (AKA previously Frederic VIDAL)

Blog: https://fredvidal.wordpress.com
Site: http://sites.google.com/site/fullerrubio

Bob DYLAN on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Dylan


Picture from: http://www.zicabloc.com/bob-dylan-en-plein-delire-mystique

Warning: after lot of RADIO SILENCE (no reply to my emails from Marco RUBIO and Reince PRIEBUS), new eLETTERS (even Bob does not reply to the Nobels!).

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