Mike Fuller Campaign For The US Presidency In 2016 Is Titled: New Route 66. American Dream Is Back To The Future!

MY FUTURE DIARY 2016-2017 by Mike Fuller.





Follow the campaign of the main man against the Bush-Obama system of arraignment of the US Society: the USB. 

In the USA, we will find together with Mike, the theorician of the WIN-WIN the way to say NO to USRR in America.

No apparatchiks in our Country, no Clique in Washington or Hollywood.

Vince Sauvan:

A Presidency of one weak US Senator who was obliged, because he is African-American and wrong about American politics and rules (Constitution and Bill of Rights), to support the advice of his weird predecessor, George W Bush, the Governor of Texas and son of the Vice-President of Ronald Reagan, a Screen Actors Guild Actor like Fred Kelly, the famous singer and comics hero.

Strange mix and reason for the decadence of the White House and the 50 States of our Land of the Free, the 51st one could have been France, from the beginning (La Fayette and Du Pont De Nemours), to say YES now to a Lawsuit (Double Impeachment and United Nations investigation) against Barack and W for collusion regarding a diplomacy pro-Putin and anti-European plus the disaster of the War in Afghanistan and Iraq, Alqaida strongest than ever.

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– January 3, 2014.

Al-Qaeda force captures Fallujah amid rise in violence in Iraq.

The worst info for Americans since the World Trade Center. Mike Fuller comments it as a real situation of History provocation. FV

– January 2, 2014 (2013+):

1. In the Summertime: all Winter long. Let’s sing the Punk melody together for the new era of the Breakthrough Year: 2014 before the Blockbuster of 2016, the Presidency of The United States will belong to Mike Fuller, my American Friend and Business Partner. Win-Win, Mike!
Frédéric Vidal (your French and American spokesman and Strategist)

2. Mike Fuller, candidat à la Présidence américaine de 2017 à 2020, veut que la Corée se rassure : l’arme nucléaire n’est pas nécessaire pour résoudre nos problèmes car il y a la diplomatie Internet. Frédéric Vidal

Reply to Le Parisien’s article:
Corée du Nord : Kim Jong-Un menace d’un désastre nucléaire pour 2014.

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Jan. 3. Obamacare, concept inspired by Social Security of Roosevelt but Rooseveltcare is still our favorite. Sorry Barack. MIKE

Mike Fuller needs you. You great kind of Lawyer, Advisor, Publicist.  America belongs to your Fame & Frame. FK

La collusion Bush Obama s’amplifie et met en péril la rationalité politique et institutionnelle des States. FV

Jan 2. The Midwest Program is already the program of the Midwest. The East Coast will receive it by phone everyday. FULLER NEXT, Mike Pres.

PHONING YEAR 2014: Call your USmate, from Coast to Coast. Future is today. Network of Citizens for 2016. MIKE FULLER 4-5-6: 2017 in DC.

Jan 2, 2013+. Hillary, let’s have a Lunch together. Mike FULLER, the Fuller Games, Future Diary, 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Peace talks must include Holocaust investigation new chapter about Nuremberg and after Nuremberg. Mike Fuller, program 4-5-6.

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– January 3: Mike Fuller is pro-Russia and anti-Cold War. We have the world Cold War ever because Obama and Putin. FD

– January 2: NASA and US Air Force together for new Shuttles program dedicated to the Exoplanets: THE YEAR-LIGHT Research Development. MF


Photo of Albert Einstein in 1921, as he rode in a motorcade in
New York City with crowds welcoming his first visit to the U.S.


The 2 co-présidents according to Timeframes press release to confirm the empowerment of Mike Fuller Candidacy for 2016: LET’S DO IT RIGHT, Never wrong, never 2008 again.

Bush was not able to manage the GOP after the en of his second term.
Obama was not able to be the historic JFK kind of charismatic President
for the Federal Reforms that were necessary, at that time (2009-2013),
to prevent the collapse of our Worldwide Cultural and Economic Supremacy
(NSA crisis, Benghazi attack followed), unfortunately. Obama was
too much a Bush follower. VS

Velvet Eyes: Lafayette Was One The Best Friends Of George Washington Before The Beginning Of The Building Of Washington, DC!

Lafayette: it is the name of a lot of cities in The United States but, obviously, it is also the Name of a Nobleman from France who came to Help The English population to Negotiate their Independency with The United Kingdom that didn’t agree to stay quiet and sign a Treaty!

Velvet Eyes studied These Great Origins of Our Magic Country, The USA, in a School with so many Windows that He Looked at the Clouds and The Sky almost every hour when He was dreaming About Being a Soldier close to George And Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de La Fayette, A French Hero who was Also a Good singer and a Proud Military Man.

Jonathan never met Valentine Before the Strange Years of World War I and He was Attracted by The Europe History to Better Understand the Rules Of the Organization of a Continent that will be forever and ever old but Wise even if The United States decided To Cut the Links and Stop their Relationships with The Mother Nation: England, the Most important Country that Velvet Discovered in a Book while he Was Learning The French language, a Method of Communication known to Be an important One for Diplomacy in the XXe Century But Lafayette spoke currently English and probably German too.

Eyes was a Young Intelligent specialist of Knowledge and He had a collection of Images of DC, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Mexico City, Hollywood Town (a small Cowboys Town in Nevada) and so much more in the same Pictures-Booklet colored by a Commercial Drink that the Kids used To promote The Beverage ready to Be known as Lafayette-Cola. It worked but only for the Last years of The 1910’s and the consumers remember it, with a memory of Good Times and lazy feelings, after school, after work, after factory talks with the Union workers who were waiting for a break after to go home before another day of a serious Job for the Family Finances.

Velvet Eyes preferred to Focus on His nice Wardrobe when he Was a Teenager, he had a Suit like the One of His Dad, a Civil Servant for The City Hall, a smart Man who Understood that His Son was a Genius, not only a Lafayette’s Fan. Lafayette Was One The Best Friends Of George Washington Before The Beginning Of The Building Of Washington, DC! And Now DC Is The Capitale Of The World, for 2 more Centuries!

Mike Fuller, PhD
All rights reserved.
Wordpress Published For The Earth’w Wide Web.

The Lafayette, A Ship On The Ocean For A Huge Trip all Around The History Of The United States And France, From Le Havre To New York. It was In The XXe Century.

The Lafayette, A Ship On The Ocean For A Huge Trip all Around The History Of The United States And France, From Le Havre To New York. It was In The XXe Century.

July 15, 2009, First Day Of The Flag Year.

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