On Twitter Thomas Spears @vidalfuller2016, The Writing Of Scientific Article About Intervision And Galaxy McLuhan Is The Best Way To Check That TIMEFRAMES LLC Will Succeed in 2016.

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POST-DOCTORAL SEMIOTICS about my Brands for Research & Development about UPDATING THE WEB.

I finished my University Years in 1999 in Paris when I got my Doctorate with a dissertation about the

Corporate Magazines French State Publishing. 16 years later, I keep in mind more than Semiotics, my PhD discipline

of the XXth century, Political Science inspiring me futurology too for the XXIst 100 years after 2000. I started my post-high school times

with the degree of the Paris IEP, Sciences Po, just after my BRAMSTOCKER Punk band Golf-Drouot legendary concert in 1977. Now, nothing new?

Not at all. On the contrary, like in 1977 and in a happier way (punk was sad and in a crisis), we are about to celebrate one more year of

Social Media even if the Social Media is not the Media Social. I have this project of a nonprofit in California to preconfigure a Secretary

of the Arts by creating a nationwide network, underground as alternate but also politically featured so mainstream, named AMERICAN CULTURE

DEPARTMENT (ACD) or AMERICAN DEPARTMENT OF CULTURE (ADC) in the next few weeks. It will be the structure and the organization dedicated to

the continuation and the achievement of my post-doctoral studies. I began them in 2003 with a conference at the UCLA Information Science

department about the future of the Internet. It’s still my subject and I want also to invite all folks attracted to join my ADC for same

purpose or equivalent. Secondly, regarding the content of my research or my researches, we must understand that I selected the entrepreneur

way of studies. I am not a Professor, not having a job at the University. I created my Limited Liability Company (LLC) in 2005, its name now

is TIMEFRAMES LLC and I have my main activity totally in RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT. People forget that companies, industry and services, are

investing a lot, each year, in research (complementary to the University and normally validated by it) and development of these researches

in more operational domains for commerce. Products, production are the reason why an enterprise exists. So, in my field, MEDIA COMMUNICATION

in the USA, I built a construction of scientific investigation, scientific and corporate, to commercialize 10 years after creation of my LLC

a first wave of cultural services in 2016. It took me also 10 years to be a PhD Doctor, a decade is often necessary for a next step. What

are these cultural services and what was the content of the researches I did previously to have them available for customers next year? FV

12/27/2015 (part 2)


Four names with my brand TIMEFRAMES, my company’s name at the beginning. Four brands with my name BRAMSTOCKER, that was not a brand at the

beginning but the name of my band. Consequently, I have 6 brand names but in fact 4 are commercialized in 16 as man’s names (me) like Dior,

Cardin or Klein. I’m doing politics and there, in a disabled way until now, the Trump choice of the Republican Party shows it’s possible to

mix business and election without corruption (in their case, it needs a survey, regarding me, it’s already sure). You know my name that is

my main name, my ID, my Jewish legal name VIDAL, Frederic VIDAL. All is about names, marks, brands in business, commerce, market services.

So, with 3 other names of mine (fictitious names), I want you to be sure I will sale music and film on one hand and being US Presidential

candidate on the other hand and be a happy man at the same time. How to do that? The names are Mike FULLER, Fred KELLY and Thomas SPEARS.

12/27/2017 (part 3)

From Atlanta, Frederic Vidal writing Post-PhD ‘Article by Tweets’ end: POST-DOCTORAL SEMIOTICS ABOUT MY BRANDS.

I began when I settled down in America after 15 years of corporate job in Com management in France by doing

background acting in order to access Hollywood as I had no recommendation. I was disconnected with Hollywood, equivalent for music would

be Nashville. Not a lot later, in this environment of the movie and TV most prestigious sets, I started the writing of my first plot for the

big screen, FRENCH COP. I developed the film on the Web from 2006 by networking on Myspace, then on Facebook, Linked and Twitter of course.

A decade before, it would have not been possible, it did not exist. I like innovation, the society likes. It’s with it that we are changing

in the good and right direction, the one of progress and modernization. It’s necessary, the contrary would be decadence, to go back to radio

only, for example, IT’S NOT POSSIBLE, not at all possible. I am, to a great extend, a disciple of Marshall McLuhan, a formidable Canadian

theorician of the Mass Medias, a notion post-World War II when Television was not anymore an invention but a buddy of the Frigidaire in your

house. According to McLuhan in the 60’s until now, he passed away too young after this decade, it’s a real kingdom, a hegemony of TV, its

leadership that we must acknowledge. Marshall wanted this concept ‘Marconi Galaxy’ to explain and express why Television changed the world.

Ubiquity, Global Village: nothing was the same, like 50 years later for the World Wide Web in 2000, with this SMALL SCREEN invasion of our

of our communication. Like today with the cell phones, everybody on Earth, or partly except the third world, was connected receiving live

news images with sounds. Ancestor of the Internet? Frankly speaking, McLuhan like Washington for the creation of the United States told us

a basic rule of our civilization: before TV, THE PRESS and only was the FORMAT of our info diffusion, news communication. Written press,

printed one was A MASSIVE CULTURAL AND SOCIAL REALITY without competitor (even radio or phone). Concept-name for it is ‘Gutenberg Galaxy’

and this empire of printed media stays strong even secondary at a time when I consider Marconi Galaxy obsolete concept, TV not anymore media

#1, YOUR COMPUTER IS, OUR COMPUTER according to my Phd research and scientific propositions to understand and analyse the evolution of our

time. I propose the concept of MCLUHAN GALAXY to qualify the Internet era of domination of the Web that is theorical and must be understood

for the future but very short term future like tomorrow, a permanent tomorrow – web is called new media – as this new technology is not used

by everybody like newspapers and TVs. Second concept I propose: the INTERVISION to mean the Internet next step, progression, innovation like

with smart TVs, mobiles could be really DOMINANT lot more than TV and it’s maybe already the case but in a fragile way. So, in this new

McLUHAN GALAXY, Press, TV and other medias like Cinema and Recorded Music supports are strong products together to constitute INTERVISION.

12/27/2016 (part 4)

On the Web, everybody has one alias, pseudonym, aka, username. It is necessary to access social media site and to communicate shortly, a

technical necessity like the password. It’s also a cultural particularity to have a sort of nickname, alternate name for entertainment, most

of the time. It gave me the idea to divide my activity in separate areas (music, movie, politics, social) with different names. Writing

movies, fictions with characters, I also used fictional names to represent heroes and their relations in these plays. Mixed with the logics

of my LLC company, these complementary names became possible brands and now are, organized to belong to the different fields of the Inter-

vision. My MUSIC’s name: Fred KELLY. My Movie’s name: Thomas SPEARS. My Politics name: Mike FULLER. My SOCIAL’s name: Frederic VIDAL. The

4 brand new names are free to participate in semi-fictional stories to write, to film, to develop commercially. So, TIMEFRAMES LLC manage my

career and basically our main activity is what I am doing, my image, my message, my concept an strategy, MY OWN STORY. Merchandising of me

is already scheduled and fulltime on the Web. Songs, films, networking, books like novels for the Signature Mike Fuller, the political one

for The White House, back in culture as the novelist name, are ready to be published and examples, or locomotives if bestsellers, for the

INTERVISION that could be a better insertion, coordination, architecture confirmation, extending the synergies of the 4 poles of the new

McLUHAN GALAXY: The Internet at the center and the Printed Media (newspapers, magazines and books) -ex Gutenberg Galaxy, Television (for

fiction and news plus guest music shows) – ex Marconi Galaxy, Radio (for music and news) and Cinema (for fiction and backstage reality of

stars and VIPs). Radio for social for VIDAL, Books for politics for FULLER, Cinema for SPEARS, Music & TV (let’s associate the 2) for KELLY.

12/27/2015 (part 5)

POST-DOCTORAL SEMIOTICS ABOUT MY BRANDS by Frederic Vidal, PhD. Conclusion. It’s about having several brands in a business where you must

have several names, names of the heroes of the fictions (films) you play or NICKNAMES of yours for you career. I have not another name that

became more well known than my birth name or we are not sure about it. Fred KELLY was my official SAG-AFTRA name for 2005 to 2010. With this

identification by names of different activities, we must conceptualize regarding science our study of a new McLuhan’s ‘Galaxy’. FULLER means

Printed Medias (old school, vintage, previous Gutenberg Galaxy), VIDAL means Radio Medias (including mobiles and Web for upscale high tech

McLuhan Galaxy to start symbolically Jan 1, 2016. It’s enough to call Internet, Intervision at that date). KELLY, as a concept and a brand

KELLY, as a concept and a brand and a name, means Television, the Media Star of McLuhan himself who built it the MARCONI GALAXY of the New

Age of the 1960’s. Our New Age is the 2000’s one and January 1st, let’s celebrate McLUHAN GALAXY of the waves as Internet is more and more

a mass(ive) media thanks to the Waves for mobile phones and tablets plus laptops if you want. THE NEW RADIO HAS A SCREEN and is INTERACTIVE.

This is not at all the system of TV but a composite program integrating electronic printed content (Fuller/Gutenberg Galaxy), music, news

No more nastiness in politics. We could have thought Trump were there for some humor and new content. He’s like the others. So FULLER sati-

rical to replace him. This is a duty of our basic brand TIMEFRAMES to extend this TWITTER spirit/feeling/mood IN THE SOCIETY: new century,

new ideology, new civilization. Twitter / Facebook generation is going to generalize enough to be dominant in 2016 and later with the 15/16

University Year and Film Production – Promotion by Intervision Networking and the post-Web upgraded society. Post-Web because there is a 4th

Concept – Name – Brand – Reality: THOMAS SPEARS to represent the CINEMA (Movie Industry, other extreme being Music Business of Fred KELLY).

These 4 brands of mine can be blockbusters or only breakthroughs dealers outside the web for even perfumes when enough fame that is another

subject of 15/16 sequel, titled 17, SEVENTEEN and also in pre-production. Before end of year, another article will study and present 17 ID.

With SPEARS brand-name representing film GERMAN SPY and MOTION PICTURES in Theaters MEDIA that stronger than ever, this is important point

why we are in a new GALAXY, January 1st. 4 Social Phenomenons: GOP TRUMP, $1B STAR WARS VII, ISIS DANGER and the POST-WEB (promoted by me

with this 1st article about my theory of the FOUR PILLARS of our MASS MEDIAS associated to my 4 biz brands FULLER-VIDAL-KELLY-SPEARS. FV PhD

Vidal Fuller 2016: Presidential Election With The GOP2. Visit The New Google Site About The 16 Propositions.

The program of the 16 propositions is included in the short film 15/16 that is a Questions & Answers of Mike Fuller to be released in January 2016 before Desmoines caucuses. Synopsis:


To be President or not to be? Site created 11/30/2015, 8:26pm in Nashville.

To be President or not to be? In less than 4 hours, it will be December 1st, exactly 2 months before the Republican caucuses in Iowa.

Frederic Vidal is Fred Kelly for entertainment industry and Mike Fuller for Presidential election. His fourth name is Thomas Spears, the name of the GERMAN SPY, motion picture in pre-production.

Frederic Vidal is the MAN FROM 25, still young when born Sep 10, 1959. He’s producing 15/16, political agenda short film. This semi-reality show to be shot in Des Moines, Iowa, this month (caucuses: Feb 1, 2016).

On Twitter
About the 16 propositions of Mike Fuller for his Presidency: new WordPress article with all links to Google Site https://sites.google.com/site/vidalfuller2016
Frederic Vidal decides a 5th group of propositions about SPQR, the ancient Roma principle of government by the Senate with the People. MF
26th proposition on sites.google.com/site/vidalfuller2016 is 6th main prop: Culture Department of America. Vidal = Obama is motto of it + axiom 14 = 16.

1.  W A R   M A R K E T I N G

Main proposition #1: War Marketing.

It is necessary to communicate more than commercially, military. There are a lot of competitors and press disabled.


is Internet next step with McLuhan Galaxy of Web, TV and News.


USID Database
will be a nationwide interactive listing of all the population.
No bad Propaganda
never anymore here. Mass Medias must not brainwash us daily.


No World War III
without the end of terrorism in the middle-east with a status quo plan.


2.  P R E S I D E N T I A L   P  O W E R


Main proposition #2: Presidential Power.

To be sure The Republican Party will attract an environment to support it.

New GOP with Dems
it’s GOP2 to upgrade obsolete Republican Party.


is the name to replace old nasty Hollywood by new film industry.


Supreme Being
is the name of an entity that is governing us and needs religion


UFOS to build
before 2025 is a goal for our space research with NASA and Air Force.


3.  I V TH  R E I CH

Main proposition #3: Fourth Reich.

To fight against Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich that always can come back.

is necessary in the US, too many people are inspired by Hitler.
Jewish President
of the United States? So great to prevent any kind of dictatorship.
is a system with not only Republicans and democrats but more partis.
Svastika inversed
is scientifically the right sign to refuse IIIrd Reich of criminal Hitler.

4. U S A   V E R S U S   U S B


Main proposition #4: USA VERSUS USB.
To appreciate our United States with no decadence and no obsolescence. Old school and brand new.

51st State: France.
it’s the solution. Lafayette country to be our partner # in the Union.


Citizen Amendment
of the Constitution to empower immigrants and minorities.


is a necessity because the public authorities need sponsoring.


No Human Trafficking
in Hollywood and the show biz, don’t harass women as slaves.


BRAMSTOCKER Lyrics of President Of The States Songs With Audio And Video Recordings To Diffuse On Your Radio, Part Of Mike Fuller Campaign For The Presidency!

On Tumblr, http://fredericvidal.tumblr.com/ Nashville and the Presidential Race: a Plan to Connect, a presentation of the system we must support to get what we deserve the most: understanding of our rights to write songs and to perform them. 

All the BRAMSTOCKER songs are available at https://soundcloud.com/bramstocker



Orientation text

It’s Always Easier To Be Against Somebody Or Something. You Have To Be Proactive Permanently As Negativity Is The Beginning Of The End.

Evaluation Management is what I propose to solve the problems of your company, your family or your team by checking what is wrong in their attitude that could explain bigger dysfunctional decisions of them against the success of the group. So, consequently, it’s necessary to understand what they mean and feel and propose them a plan, a strategy that could be more attractive.

BRAMSTOCKER is a band that deserves the best welcoming program form the United States and its music gonna help us to know each other better and permanently because we need music to improve our networking.

This is the publishing of the lyrics of BRAMSTOCKER starring Frederic Vidal (ASCAP) as songwriter and performer frontman with the name Fred Kelly for the demo album PRESIDENT OF THE STATES to be released on Timeframes records.

SHE DEMONS is a great band from LA that I was so glad to support in Baltimore as I was there at the MISFITS concert last week, after my historic landing from Europe, to appreciate their rock that is close to BRAMSTOCKER more than ever. Fred Kelly

SHE DEMONS is a great band from LA that I was so glad to support in Baltimore as I was there at the MISFITS concert last week, after my historic landing from Europe, to appreciate their rock that is close to BRAMSTOCKER more than ever. So enjoy them like you enjoy our lyrics. Fred Kelly

Follow their tweets:



Lyrics of the songs of ‘President of the States’


Lyrics of the song by Frederic Vidal (ASCAP)

No woman, No lie.

No woman, no lie.
No woman, no lie.

When you find the woman you like,
be careful about other guys.

They can be people who are unfair
when it’s about a love affair.

I never found the right woman,
I was too blind.

I opened my eyes when I saw her style,
no tension, no calm.
I improved my mind when I read her lines,
not too good, not too bad.

No woman, no lie.

She’s the right one to support what you say,
the others will criticize what she does.

You like her for what she shows:
the truth that you love each other.

I never found the right woman,
I was too sad, I was so smart,
I was a little shy, I was not prepared.

No woman, no lie.

Audio recordings of the song

Prelude: http://picosong.com/JfEq

Intro: http://picosong.com/JfEh

Song: http://picosong.com/JcTb/

Variation: http://picosong.com/JfEM

Music Videos of the song






Lyrics of the song by Frederic Vidal (ASCAP)

You walk in the street, you don’t know what to do,
you think about making love,
you don’t know the address.
On the web, it’s three times w.

Sweet porn, sweet porn.

You drink in a bar, you reorganize yourself,
you have an appointment with a lady on the screen.
Every night, you can find the right dot com.

Sweet porn, sweet porn.

You need some fun tonight,
you need some private life,
you deserve some time tonight
with someone on the web.

Sweet porn, sweet porn.

If you don’t like it, go to hell.
If you don’t like it, go to hell.

Audio recordings of the song

Prelude: http://picosong.com/Jf8e

Intro: http://picosong.com/Jfhw

Song: http://picosong.com/JfhL

Variation: http://picosong.com/Jfhm

Music Videos of the song





Lyrics of the song by Frederic Vidal (ASCAP)

If you cannot paint it black, paint it grey.
Paint it grey, paint it green, paint it blue, paint it brown.

You paintings are right, they show who you are,
your paintings are wrong, they look like my songs,
you paintings are not mine, sale them to your friends.

If you don’t like the color black, paint it grey.
Paint it grey, paint it green, paint it blue, paint it brown.

You colors are right, they show who you are,
your colors are wrong, they look like my songs,
you colors are not mine, sale them to your friends.

Audio recordings of the song

Prelude: http://picosong.com/Jfhi

Intro: http://picosong.com/JfAV

Song: http://picosong.com/JfAi

Variation: http://picosong.com/JfNP

Music Videos of the song





Lyrics of the song by Frederic Vidal (ASCAP)

I know why, you see me,
on your TV, on you TV.

You look so good, I am just fine,
you are so cute, I’m free at 9.
So, let’s have a talk together,
we could share things together.

Like a french kiss that is punk,
a french kiss punk, french kiss punk,
french kiss punk.

I have a lot of memories
of pretty upscale ladies
who decided to be with me
to give me some affection.

Like a french kiss that is punk,
a french kiss punk, french kiss punk,
french kiss punk.

Audio recordings of the song

Prelude: http://picosong.com/JfNx

Intro: http://picosong.com/JfNG

Song: http://picosong.com/JfKg

Variation: http://picosong.com/JfKB

Music Videos of the song





Lyrics of the song by Frederic Vidal (ASCAP)

It’s a criminal planet,
it’s a criminal planet.

Give me the keywords on it,
show me the destination of all of that,
send me a message with the program to follow,
I will do my best to be a part of its deal.

It’s a criminal planet,
it’s a criminal planet.

I believe in democracy,
sometimes it’s not possible anymore,
we have all in mind the World Trade Center,
planet’s worst crime of the 2000’s.

It’s a criminal planet,
it’s a criminal planet.

Planet’s name is Earth.
Let’s change it for New Earth.

It’s a criminal planet,
it’s a criminal planet.

Audio recordings of the song

Prelude: http://picosong.com/JfKW

Intro: http://picosong.com/JfBy

Song: http://picosong.com/JfBu

Variation: http://picosong.com/JfBh

Music Videos of the song







Lyrics of the song by Frederic Vidal (ASCAP)

I want to hold your charts
forever and ever.
Heavy rotation on every radio,
all year long, 24/7.

I know it’s not really possible
but I don’t mind.

I want to hold your charts
forever and ever.
Great fame on red carpets
in every city of the country.

I know it’s not really possible
but I don’t mind.

One day for sure, I will make it
to be number one in your hit parades.

One day, it will be possible,
one day, I will make it on my own
to be your number one
in the US charts.

I want to hold your charts
forever and ever.

Audio recording of the song

Prelude: http://picosong.com/JfBT

Intro: http://picosong.com/JfBW

Song: http://picosong.com/JfZk

Variation: http://picosong.com/JfZj

Music Videos of the song






Lyrics of the song by Frederic Vidal (ASCAP)

They loved each other once upon a time
but it won’t last.

Juliet and Romeo died in Vegas.
Juliet and Romeo died in Vegas.

They felt so great together
every night and day
and it’s still the case.

Juliet and Romeo died in Vegas.
Juliet and Romeo died in Vegas.

This is like a tragedy
for music hall and show business.
I don’t know what to say,
they were so much in love
but they are still with us.

Juliet and Romeo, Juliet and Romeo.

Give them a chance to be back on stage every night,
every night, every night, every night.

Juliet and Romeo died in Vegas.
Juliet and Romeo died in Vegas.

Audio recording of the song

Prelude: http://picosong.com/JfZb

Intro: http://picosong.com/JfZr

Song: http://picosong.com/Jfxc

Variation: http://picosong.com/Jfxg

Music Videos of the song






Lyrics of the song by Frederic Vidal (ASCAP)

Wall street is in New York, Washington is in DC.
Wall street is in New York, Washington is in DC.
If Wall street was in DC, Washington in LA.
If Wall street was in DC, Washington in LA.

Senators, they would be investors,
representatives, they would be business decidors.
The President would be chairman of the board,
the Supreme court, assembly of stockholders.

If Wall street was in DC, Washington in LA.
If Wall street was in DC, Washington in LA.

Money, that’s what you want,
money, it’s for election day.

Governors, they would be financial advisors,
city mayors, they would be banks insiders.

Wall street is in New York, Washington is in DC.
Wall street is in New York, Washington is in DC.
If Wall street was in DC, Washington in LA.
If Wall street was in DC, Washington in LA.

Audio recording of the song

Prelude: http://picosong.com/Jfxx

Intro: http://picosong.com/JfxH

Song: http://picosong.com/Jft3

Variation: http://picosong.com/JftY

Music Videos of the song






Lyrics of the song by Frederic Vidal (ASCAP)

You are a part of the minorities,
you look like nobody else and you shine,
you wait for nothing else than more fame
but your fame is social and not only commercial.

Silly, nice and porn star,
lovely, smart and fine celebrity.
Silly, nice and porn star,
lovely, smart and fine celebrity.

They consider you too underground,
connected to weed and LGBT.
I can swear you are a punk
who is more civic than anyone, anyone.

Silly, nice and porn star,
lovely, smart and fine celebrity.
Silly, nice and porn star,
lovely, smart and fine celebrity.

You are a future leader of the majority,
you look like nobody else and you shine,
you wait for nothing else than more power
but your power will be social and not only commercial.

Silly, nice and porn star,
lovely, smart and fine celebrity.
Silly, nice and porn star,
lovely, smart and fine celebrity.

I will see you in LA
for a first touch and a final relationship.
I will see you in LA
for a first touch and a final relationship.

Audio recording of the song

Prelude: http://picosong.com/Jft6

Intro: http://picosong.com/JftA

Song: http://picosong.com/JfDP

Variation: http://picosong.com/JfDX

Music Videos of the song






Lyrics of the song by Frederic Vidal (ASCAP)

There is a place where a sign is too old,
this word Hollywood could be changed by our name Timeframes.

Give me one Timeframes secretary,
let’s have one Timeframes secretary.
Give me some hope to shoot my scary movie,
give me more time to promote my thriller synopsis.

XXth century is far away, bye, bye World War II.
We are in 15 to change the world wide web.
Old Internet will be Intervision
when the galaxy not anymore Marconi but McLuhan.

Give me a lot of Timeframes secretaries,
let’s have together these Timeframes secretaries.
Give me some hope to shoot many scary movies,
give me more time to promote brilliant thriller synopsis.

Audio recordings of the song

Prelude: http://picosong.com/JfDQ

Intro: http://picosong.com/JfDU

Song: http://picosong.com/JfD7

Variation: http://picosong.com/JfDW

Music Videos of the song





Lyrics of the song by Frederic Vidal (ASCAP)

Role plays and board games
Role plays and board games.

If you don’t like me, you are in 14.
If you don’t know, you are in 15.
If you like me, you are in 16.

Play with me, let’s win or you lose.
Play with me, let’s win or you lose.

Role plays and board games.
Role plays and board games.

If you are an enemy, you are not welcomed.
If you are a civilian, you can join our troops.
If you are in the military, you must support our fight.

Play with me, let’s win or you lose.
Play with me, let’s win or you lose.

Role plays and board games.
Role plays and board games.

Audio recordings of the song

Prelude: http://picosong.com/Jfze

Intro: http://picosong.com/JfzS

Song: http://picosong.com/JfzD

Variation: http://picosong.com/JfT3

Music Videos of the song






Lyrics of the song by Frederic Vidal (ASCAP)

I am your President of the States,
I am your President of the States,
I am your President of the States,
I am your President of the States.

Campaign did not begin yet,
2016 is far away
but be sure I will be elected
because you believe in science fiction.

I am your President of the States,
I am your President of the States,
I am your President of the States,
I am your President of the States.

In 20, I will be reelected,
I will be your President again.
In 20, I will be reelected,
I will be your President again.

You, other candidates,
you disturbed the Country
with your stories that make no sense.

I am your President of the States,
I am your President of the States,
I am your President of the States,
I am your President of the States.

Audio recordings of the song

Prelude: http://picosong.com/JfTf

Intro: http://picosong.com/JfTg

Song: http://picosong.com/JfTm

Variation: http://picosong.com/JfTZ

Music Videos of the song







In 2009, Fred Kelly Postcard from Hollywoodland,
at the highest level of his memberships and a new
movie actor in town, prefiguration a President of the States.

Chapitre XI : LE MEDECIN DE NICE. STATELESS SUPERSTAR Par Frédéric Vidal. Une Publication Numérique Pour Une Diffusion En Librairie Cet Eté.


1. Evelyne habitait à Marseille et De Gaulle pas à Monaco

Durant mon enfance, j’ai pu affirmer mon autonomie et mon insertion réussie dans les années 60
L’atteinte à la vie privée est le pire crime du politique quand  il agresse l’intimité de victimes qui ne le méritent pas (Grace and me)
L’immoralité doit être combattue par la socialité et le retour à la bonne ambiance des 60’s homme-femme amis avant d’être amants (le bien-être, la traduction du New Age)

2. La famille Médecin à m’imposer au grand public

La séparation Politique – Culture a été effectuée par Malraux et je suis en jurisprudence culturelle
Nice veut dire gentil en anglais et le luppen-proletariat des représentants de la vie artistique et culturelle auraient pu la déclarer leur capitale
la famille Médecin a préféré me confier le libre arbitre de savoir ce que je déciderai pour ma carrière : Culture ou Politique. J’ai pris les deux et je les ai partagé avec eux

3. Jacques Médecin reste blackouté par des raisons qui ne sont pas liées à lui

On est solidaire sur Terre et le nier conduit à se retrouver à la Terre. Jacques est interdit de médias et de livres d’histoire, c’est une injustice
Le spaghetti n’était pas notre tasse de thé mais la proximité de l’Italie nous donne des ailes pas toujours bien vue à Paris d’où le désespoir de mes frères qui sombrèrent parfois et rarement dans la délinquance
Je suis un multi-milliardaire, fondateur d’une culture initiée en 2007 sur MySpace avec FRENCH COP, mon chef d’œuvre d’esthétique relationnelle


1. A RBA et au RJR, je pouvais faire ce que je voulais

La psychanalyse est à la base de la thérapie de groupe que l’on doit s’imposer en société quant ça va mal ou c’est automatique qu’on s’entend bien avec ou sans stress
La maladie du Maire est de confondre message et procréation de l’enfant qui en est l’accomplissement mais qui peut correspondre à un facteur de corruption et pornographie insolente quand la folie remplace le code civil et municipal
Il n’y avait pas de droit de cuissage à Nice, juste une saine amitié avec particule. Un manque de communication, pour un parti de jeunes, le RJR et la Radio du bonheur des Niçois, la RBA

2. Le problème est que je devais critiquer Mitterrand parce qu’il avait créé les radios libres

Le romantisme est mieux que le sondage. On ne fouette pas des femmes impunément en vidalisme. Mitterrand aurait pu faire mieux qu’une simple loi de liberté limitée
L’effort T REX est plus fort que l’effet Papillon qui n’est qu’un insecte. Mitterrand n’y allait pas de main morte avec tant de lois (décentralisation, nationalisations, radios libres) et si peu de normes (de conduites / d’exécution)

3. En 2000, je n’ai pas pu m’intégrer suffisamment à cause d’Ilène Médecin

FRENCH COP est un mode et l’antagonisme de ceux qui n’en veulent pas m’a conduit en 2000 à rétablir BRAMSTOCKER quadripolaire pur
La haute couture fait partie des exportations de la France aux Etats-Unis (Statue de la Liberté, Lafayette, Dupond de Nemours, Louisiane, champagne, pas la dispute)
Le 22e siècle sera celui d’Ilène Médecin ou ne sera pas : il y a le contexte et l’environnement de Max Factor au tour de Marx


1. J’ai continué la tradition de mon cousin Corniglion-Molinier

La IVe République s’en est installée, emportée par l’arrivée de la Guerre du Vietnam. On peut pas critiquer les gens de trop respecter à la loi µ
Il faut soigner la France de son défaitisme intellectuel qui le hante depuis que mon cousin n’est plus (1963). Le Général de Gaulle n’a pas pu éviter mai 68
L’influence de mon autre pays est croissant depuis lors et doit être maîtrisé avec plus d’audace (51e Etat) et moins d’idées préconçues (7e République). Le Rêve Américain ne doit pas devenir un cauchemar français

2. Médecin a pâtit du Giscardisme qui l’a conduit à oublier Nice et fêter 77 d’une drôle de façon

L’arrivée de Valéry Giscard d’Estaing au 20 mai à la Présidence de la République fut un fait marquant historique de tout le XXe siècle en France : la jeunesse avait le raison des idées, plus de le temps de rêver
Il faut avoir les idées claires sur les hommes, les femmes, les institutions et tout le reste.  L’UDF a permis à Jacques de rencontrer l’Etat pour du tourisme
Trahi par les parisiens, ils ne l’ont jamais fuit comme son successeur. De retour au terroir, il tomba sur le Punk qui pris pour lui la forme des casinos qui l’ébranla.

3. On va régler le 25 en votant pour Ska car le Punk est au masse

L’élection européenne a montré que la France est épuisée, l’abstention est à son comble. A2 Bruxelles, c’est le contraire (90%).
Les artistes doivent diriger le XXIe siècle. C’est McLuhan qui l’a écrit. Les Politiciens professionnels doivent prendre leurs retraites. Seuls des amis du Pouvoir peuvent s’inviter à fournir leurs conseils
Les Etats-Unis d’Europe sont là mais il n’y a pas d’Hells Angels ni assez de culture partagée dans les 28 Etats et Poutine.


Il ne faut pas se moquer de Mike Brandt. Les chanteurs de charme sont les amis des grands hommes politiques et ceux-ci leur apportent un projet social pour les renforcer.

L’ordre moral que je souhaite faire régner sur la France comporte tous les préceptes nécessaires à l’émancipation du citoyen.

Le phénomène de censure, il faut écrire une thèse sur ce mot et l’anti-thèse, c’est la culture.




Chapitre VIII : ALLIANZ RIVIERA. STATELESS SUPERSTAR Par Frédéric Vidal. Une Publication Numérique Pour Une Diffusion En Librairie Cet Eté.


1. L’Amérique a le Base-Ball, la France a le Soccer

La mondialisation du ballon rond a conduit l’Allianz Riviera a organisé un  match amical de l’équipe de France avant le Brésil
Des foreclosures en Amérique par millions a endeuillé le baseball en mettant à la rue ses supporters par milliers avec le Krach boursier de 2008
A Nice, le Football reste européen avec un stade futuriste pour de futurs championnats à la tête du classement

2. A Nice, on a la politique et pas assez de BRAMSTOCKER

Les Municipales n’ont rien donné en termes d’improvement de la démocratie
On veut me dissuader à Paris à l’UMP de m’exprimer en PhD, mon Doctorat fera la différence
Les BRAMSTOCKERs sont toujours Punks et aimeraient rassembler tous les niçois pour un méga-concert d’anthologie

3. Réunir U2 à l’Allianz aurait été une preuve de Socialisme

U2 n’a jamais été Punk mais a été invité à l’ALLIANZ RIVIERA pour un concert qui ne célébrera pas une nouvelle Mairie socialiste
Bono n’a pas eu le Prix Nobel mais il nous a donné l’idée d’organiser un grand rassemblement national pour dire non au retour de Fillon au pouvoir


1. Martine Aubry n’a pas permis de relancer ma carrière

Ma rencontre avec Martine Aubry n’a pas été le grand souvenir que j’escomptais
Mon retour en France avait donné lieu à une publicité me concernant
Les Etats-Unis attendaient de mes nouvelles, ils en reçu par Twitter

2. Pierre Joxe a pu me conseiller utilement pour recentrer mes activités

L’ancien Ministre de Mitterrand a refusé de m’accorder une audience
Bush m’avait saboté le French Cop tellement il était corrompu au Texas
J’ai décidé de me présenter en politique pour dire la vérité sur le pouvoir

3. L’installation du dispositif Stade – Médias ne fait que commencer

Il ne faut pas déchainer les éléments contre soi. Mon éviction du Stade a couté cher.
Basé sur un quiproquo, je n’ai pas pu assister à la soirée inaugurale du stade, ce qui ma conduit à me plaindre
Un tel avertissement appartient à tout Nice et tout Nice est propriétaire du Stade


1. Le Traité Transatlantique devrait également concerner le Brésil

L’Europe mérite mieux qu’un Traité commercial qui ne lui laisse aucune chance
Les Etats-Unis doivent lui proposer un système d’alliance stratégique économique, financier et militaire
Au Brésil, l’équipe des USA l’emportera forcément en ayant un message d’intégration pan-américaine

2. La Coupe du Monde de juin 2014 et la revanche de 1998

En 1998, l’équipe de France a gagné à Paris au Stade de France
16 ans après, c’est l’heure de la revanche qui est arrivé mais le Brésil ne compte pas nous laisser la victoire
La Coupe du Monde représente l’Allianz et Nice est présente sous le nom de Riviera

3. L’Intervision est sinistrée, l’Internet, la télévision va bien

Le Web aurait pu devenir l’Intervision si la télé avait accepté les ordinateurs
Le boycott de l’Internet par la bourgeoisie américaine et internationale est en rapport avec une marque de développement
Les journaux font le revival de la Galaxie Gutenberg alors que McLuhan attend toujours de donner son nom à M-31


L’Evêque de Rome à l’Allianz Riviera manque le choix de l’Eglise auprès de la population réunie en ces lieux.

Quand je suis accompagné, je suis toujours seul et quand je suis seul, je veux être accompagné.

L’équipe de France de 1998 aurait du marquer 5 buts contre le Brésil tant elle dominait la partie mais j’assistais au match au Stade de France et je soutenais l’équipe adverse par politesse d’hospitalité.




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