On Facebook Yesterday, TIMEFRAMES To Be Sold To A Publishing Company Before The Beginning Of The Presidency Of Mike FULLER In January 2017, If Elected In November!


This Presidential election is the election of 2 people who are not clear. Clinton and Trump derserve a guest: me, Mike FULLER to show them they were wrong and did not succeed to stop the democracy in America. Tomnorrow on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, my new press communique will give to the world the entire content of my September agenda that will not be criticized by them because it’s their chance.
We could check at the Box Office this weekend (August 20-21) that the remake of the old 1959 Ben Hur movie was not attractive for the moviegoers who preferred the SUICIDE SQUAD (a band of super-villains of DC Comics, connected, according to us, to my TIMEFRAMES Universe by the franchise of Silence Thomas Spears, the German Spy). This is normal, the old Hollywood is gone, the next one has another name, TIMEFRAMES as DC Comics and MARVEL Comics will agree for a CROSSOVER with my own characters when I will sold this Universe franchise to a new owner that I want to be a Publishing company.
There are several international problems to solve, next year being the deadline. Why next year? Because there will be a new President in America, because we cannot waiste more time and let the terrorists of ISIS diffusing their message of death all around the world. We are already now the United States of the World since the end of the Olympic Games. The United States of America are the winners of this competition that is the most important one, inspired from the Ancient Times. Consequently, as the third candidate Mike FULLER I can be in September, I confirm that if I am elected I will succeed to stop ISIS violence. Read my press release tomorrow. Mike FULLER



16 propositions to be elected President in November: Mike FULLER is Frederic VIDAL in Politics!

Homeless for one year (because I lost my house in Hollywoodland), candidate since 2014 (because I believe in the American Dream), I am proud to go to Washington, DC in September to live the 2 last months of the campaign on location, close to the White House where I will be in January if I am elected. I am sure I am a good candidate and I can attract more voters than Clinton and Trump but there must be the end of the silence of the medias about me. It can happen if you decide so and I would appreciate it a lot because it is the democracy to inform about all the candidates who are important and pertinent. I built my campaign on the Web and I hope to be soon on TV and in the newspapers.

Against Hillary Clinton, I want Hollywood and the movie industry investigated about possible Human Trafficking of actresses and actors, stars and beginners. Against Donald Trump, I want my TIMEFRAMES Universe intellectual property including many comic heroes and villains (FRENCH COP and GERMAN SPY and many others) to be sold in Wall Street. I informed on my Facebook account yesterday that I am organizing the end of my cultural activity (that was not commercial yet) regarding building this comic and movie universe of characters and fiction. To be ready to win the Presidential election, I must have a strategy and tactics. I can check there is no press to write about my candidacy and I am sad about it, I hope it will change in September thanks to the population and the diffusion of this press release. My 16 propositions will be more and more diffused and explained. The proposition #1 against Human Trafficking is emblematic and the proposition #16 is important too: to create a Culture Department in Washington, DC.


From San Francisco to Washington, with his Internet reputation of winner.


1. Human trafficking is a system of slavery that must be investigated first in Hollywood (actresses) and prosecuted.

2. Minorities are racial but also social and cultural. They must be managed in order to empower them with Flower Power and New Age.

3. The USID project of a nationwide database of the population is supported by a coordination of the present databases (driver licenses, social security).

4. GOP2, the reform of the Republican Party is necessary for rationalization of American politics (multipartism, Presidential Power).


5. The United States of the World are the objective that stays impossible to get. With the UN, we can have the ambition to be the Country #1.

6. ISIS is now the Terrorist organization fighting against us. On location in Iraq, they are also a military and government Power. This war can stop.

7. The 51st State could be France that was too much forgotten in the past. Its population is very close to America and it would be great to invite them to join the USA.

8. Israel is the evidence we are united worldwide to prevent forever a new Holocaust thanks to the eternal friendship with the Hebrew State.


9. The USB mean poverty like in the 1930’s we don’t want anymore. Let’s reduce unemployment and homelessness with credit to be back in the USA, no more disabled.

10. California must be the richest State of the Nation. Its business model and its economy can inspire and be connected with the 49 other States.

11. The Intervision is the next step of the Internet, the greatest success of us since the first man on the Moon but this new media must be stronger.

12. The new Gouvernance proposed to the American population and companies includes a smart relation with the Presidency, cultural guest and adviser for liberalism and deontology.


13. In 2025, we will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Union. This deadline is good to organize our reforms, having in mind this date would be world’s end too.

14. The Amendment the Country needs to modernize the Constitution without changing it is also necessary to reinforce the liberties (Bill of Rights).

15. The ‘One and Only’: I decide not to plan to have a second mandate after my election for 4 years of presidency. 4 years are enough to change what must be changed.

16. The American Culture(s) Department (ACD) creation will be sponsored by the financing of entrepreneurship and exemplary of the evolution to organize in Washington.

We need your financial support to organize his campaign.
(Mike Fuller is the a.k.a. of Frederic Vidal, PhD).
FEC validated candidate (# 1678, ID P60021870)
Blog: https://fredvidal.wordpress.com
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/vidalfuller2016
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fredericvidal2012
EMAIL: fredkelly@dr.com

On Twitter the 8/23/2016https://www.twitter.com/timeframes2014

The community of Hollywood is the land of people who are dangerous for our American Nation. I believe in the Presidential election to open a

debate about the human trafficking in the movie industry. Actors and actresses are not free to decide by themselves and their activity is

a chaos that Washington supports too much. It creates a problem of notoriety for our population that wants a change and a new Amusement

industry. Consequently, we have to refuse to accept this anymore. Read my press release. Mike Fuller




Singer of BRAMSTOCKER, Screen Actors Guild member and cultural leader, Fred Kelly is also a real Super-Hero like Superman or Spiderman. We want MARVEL COMICS to publish him and his record NICE IS MY TOWN to be released in February 2014, a year that is 2013 Part 2.

Mike Fuller’s Apollo 11 II is still your film-novel online with a laser event today, July 17, 1969 and the deadline of march 2014 for a socialist victory at Nice City Hall in France, another moon on earth.





[In the last couple of hours of their second day in space, the crew of Apollo 11 return their spacecraft to the Passive Thermal Control roll, they try to observe a laser fired at them through a telescope in Texas, then they settle down for the night.]
Apollo 11. Day 2, part 4: Laser Experiment
Corrected Transcript and Commentary Copyright © 2009 by W. David Woods, Kenneth D. MacTaggart and Frank O’Brien. All rights reserved.


Fred Kelly is a Semi-Fictional Super-Hero Who Met Apollo 11, Mission Day 2 in the Space to the Moon, in 2014.

Sur Facebook ce matin, jeudi 2 janvier 2014, sur le compte de Frédéric Vidal :

Le super-héros Fred Kelly au secours de la France alors que je commence l’année Internet avec vous, comme d’habitude. Frédéric Vidal

The Year of the New Age. A new Super-Hero is yours for more fun and action in movies, comics and songs: Fred Kelly, Super Punk, France Cultural Governor with a nonprofit,  BRAMSTOCKER, officially created and registered in 1979 (association loi de 1901) after the origins of the organization as a Punk Band in 1977. The villains and super-villains to be known this Month, in 2014, the year of Science Fiction too. FV

I was in touch with Lawrence Fishburne for the Apollo 11 II Mike Fuller webgame when I read that my friend James passed away. Fishburne is my Partner in mourning regarding this Avery bad joke. FV

Londres, la capitale du rock européen que j’informe du Webgame Apollo 11 II par Mike Fuller avec la participation de BRAMSTOCKER, une association culturelle de la loi de 1901, sans but lucratif, autant qu’un groupe Punk depuis 1977. Côté ba…ndes dessinées, the UK doivent savoir que Fred Kelly est un nouveau super-héros qui aura son comic book, chez MARVEL probablement, dès qu’il intègrera officiellement le groupe BRAMSTOCKER en tant que chanteur, ce qui ne saurait tarder. FV
L’avènement de Fred Kelly, un Superman français chanteur, acteur, administrateur et Justicier comme Batman dans des épisodes de bandes dessinées (comic book) mais pas uniquement. Vive la France de 2014 et les Etats-Unis actuels. Frédéric Vidal
La Russie de toujours attend des nouvelles de l’Apollo 11 de Mike Fuller, une gigantesque fresque écrite et réalisée avec une inspiration russe (Tolstoï, Tchekov, Dostoïevski) et une infrastructure commerciale et industrielle 100% Made in USA bien que la France y participe en jurisprudence de la famille Du Pont de Nemours (voir livres d’histoire). Frédéric Vidal
Mon feu d’artifice personnel correspond à la consécration du French Cop, un personnage créé par Mike Fuller que je diffuse sur le Web car Mike est avant tout dans la politique bien qu’un grand auteur, et de son univers semi-fictionnel, composé de tant de personnages, héros et background. La notion de WebGame que je viens de co-créer est une amélioration de ma présence sur l’Internet où je représente les intérêts également de Fred Kelly, nouvellement sacré Super-Héros de la planète Terre et bientôt membre de la Justice League of America en crossover de MARVEL et DC Comics (projet en cours de soumission aux 2 entreprises de bandes dessinées américaines que je soutiens personnellement depuis les années 60).
Frédéric Vidal (publiciste diplômé – Sciences Po Paris et Doctorat Paris II sémiotique – et avocat freelance)
Je viendrai me recueillir à son chevet avant la fin de l’année 2014 et je compte bien l’avoir au téléphone avant l’été. Michael Schumacher a inspiré une grande aventure à la Race Humaine, signée Mike Fuller, futur Président des Etats-Unis d’Amérique.
Frédéric Vidal, votre ami de Facebook. Bonne année à tous. PS : l’aventure est en cours une 2e fois, l’Apollo 11 fera atterrir son LEM sur la Lune le dimanche 5 janvier, dans 4 jours en France comme aux USA, pour toute la planète grâce au Web et TIMEFRAMES LLC. La NASA à l’honneur comme dans les années 60. C’est 2014, la suite de 2013.
Le futur Président de l’Allemagne : Michael Schumacher. FV
Welcome to 2014 for a special Comics and Super Heroes Game : YOU ARE OUR FANS AND AUDIENCE AND PEOPLE TO PROTECT AND ENTERTAIN. Mike Fuller
Visitez les sites de Marvel et de DC :
La Justice League et les Vengeurs :
Thanks to Wikipédia and MARVEL:
Image of the current Avengers roster from Avengers (vol. 4) #12.1. Art by Bryan Hitch.
Marvel April 2011 solicitations.
To illustrate the “Heroic Age” roster.

FRENCH COP: For Flag Day, Tomorrow Tuesday, Frederic Vidal Diffuses The Origins Of The 4 Secret Services Networks Of The Film Saga!

ABOUT FLAG DAY: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_Day_%28United_States%29

The story of FRENCH COP is a story of Espionage and in this kind of stories, this is pretty important to know what is what and who are who! Four Teams are combating each other and sometimes together, for more Justice and Efficiency of their respective States, So let’s know better the Origins of these four systems of men and couples!

On the FRENCH COP Website: http://www.wix.com/fredericvidal2012/frenchcop

DARKPOL: connected to the Super-Heroes of the DC and Marvel universe, the Darkpol fighters are the result of a cycle of wars between the good and the bad, the right teams and the evil villains, CIA was unable to stop the attacks of the commandos organized against the United States beginning the 1940’s by the rest of the world, so Darkpol was created by Truman, President of the first Democracy on Earth after England and maybe India, the USA. Darkpol hired two agents who were persuaded to be the origin of the darkest public service that was not really secret for the US Army in Europe during the counter-attack against Germany after Pearl Harbor: DARKPOL was leaded by the Military Police for some excellent missions on location on the Old Continent, with no difficulties because they were trained to be the next of the best. Sixty years later, they are still the best and able to prove it every day for THE UNITED STATES only and even outside our Solar System.

PYRAMID: After World War I, a secret organization emerged as a private partner of the main States engaged in the North of Africa and the problems of the lands connected to the Mediterranean Sea, from Spain to Greece. The name of this group of men and women who were supporting a better time for the international community of the Arabian people but also for the Jewish race is a word that stays the best definition of the ancient civilization of the Pharaohs: PYRAMID. 7 letters to do more, 7 letters to impose the power of the History on the Middle-East, this brotherhood of human beings from one religion (Islam) that is the least known by the Americans and the Hispanic in America, North and South, as the perfect reminder there is another religion more important than the words written in the Bible, the religion of PEACE, that is the reason why some fellows are working all their life, like this US Diplomat surnamed Velvet Eyes who was followed by PYRAMID Agents and the rhetoricians of the Egyptian based secret service (the structure is in 2011 one of the oldest still in function Spy Agency, presided by a French native impossible to identify) in his obsession for a planet without war.

KGB NEXT GEN: Stalin was not a kid when I succeeded to reach the complete direction of the USSR, an Empire ready to break his main competitor, the United States because it was fun for Communists who lost Trotsky because of Cuba. KGB is three letters that are still the content of a public Department that terrified the population of the Soviet Union, including first Russia. The new Generation, calling itself the NEXT GENERATION, a homage to the TV Show STAR TREK Next Gen, revival of the classic of the 60’s, gave also to the members of the new KGB the unique inspiration to do better than the members of another TV surprise of the post-Kennedy era: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, KGB NG is a ‘Must Be Bad’ freelance profit company against the entire nation of democratic Countries, their purpose: to extend the mania that pushed Hitler and Stalin to sign a friendship contract of solidarity before, unfortunately to fight each other.

ABWEHR LLC: created by Adolf Hitler for the control of the information in the 1930’s, this club of spies has always been connected to the Army, the German one. But Hitler lost his war against the Jews and the Capitalism, so Abwehr was secretly exported to the United States to become a Limited Liability Company managed by the worst disciples of the Third Reich, decided to invest the fortune of the SS and other Nazis in the worldwide Stock Exchange circus. This is not a surprise: after the Nuremberg Trial that was not a lawsuit but a political judgment of the accomplices of the German Dictator who had his own vision of a Democracy with no too much possibility of Opposition, except a military one outside the territory of his own State or an allied one, the Industrials who were sentenced to Jails and not to death, stayed focused on a revenge for a Regime that gave them a lot, but they still don’t want a return of the principle of Reichfuhrer (one man, one State, one Leader), they are first interested in Business and working secretly, as Heirs of this complicated era, a long time ago, not completely forgotten anyway.

As An Iron Man 2, Mike Fuller Will Be In Frisco Friday With His Deputy To Diffuse His Public Statement For The Elections In November – He Is Candidate For The US Senate, Republican And Hollywood Tea Party Supporter!

IRON MAN 2, The Great Picture From MARVEL Hero & Super Avenger Of The Stan Lee Universe Is Now The Film Chosen By Fuller Campaign Team To Diffuse The Message Of A WINNING NOVEMBER For The Republicans Allied With The Tea Movement Members, T.E.A. For True Elections in America, We Need It, We Want It, We'll Get It! Let's Say: Ready, Steady, Go, This Friday In Frisco Begins The RACE FOR WASHINGTON 2010, District of Columbia!!!

Breaking News – May 14, 2010, 6:07PM: From The BORDERS On Sunset & Vine, Mike Fuller AKA Fred Vidal, PhD Is Beginning with His Political Adviser and Deputy Luke Vincent, candidate for the Hollywood Studio Neighborhood Council, Tomorrow Thursday, May 15, The very First Meeting, a MEETUP One, of The HOLLYWOOD TEA PARTY – From the Boulevard To The Sign, Motto. On Myspace, Robert Downer Jr. and 30 other Webbers including the Gorgeous Lindsay Lohan Are now Connected With the Tea And The Party for More Communication Between Politics ANd Show Business beginning Today And for A while!!

http://gopcal.webs.com/ NEW CAMPAIGN WEBSITE Made In Mike Fuller!

The Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council Is The Best Committee To Organize The Right Meetings about The People who Live And work For the Movie Industry: HOLLYWOOD is Not A Lost Name But Not anymore The Name Of The RED CARPETS That is Now TIMEFRAMES!!






  • FRED VIDAL PHD also know as Mike Fuller STATEMENT

To Be Continued After The IRON MAN 2 Ad! Writing in Progress

War Machine Against All The Enemies Of The Democracy - including Terrorists, Sons of The Third Reich, People from The Fascism Ideology - Is A True Hero Too, Except sometimes When He is Too Much Upset and Can Overreact Strongly If Pressurized. A Production Of A Fiction Who is A Reality In IRON MAN 2 and Another Kind Of Dimension That we Call a PARALLEL PLANET looking Like Earth. For Mike Fuller, Featured In The Movie For A Scene With WM - War Machine -, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johanson and a Crowd Of Spectators, The DUET Iron Man - War Machine Is A Symbol of Freedom And Inter-Galactic Friendshi because their Combat is A Piece of ART! Like in Politics, To be Competitors Is To Be In A Permanent Dialogue, with Words for Us, With Strenght and Speed for Them, Super-Heroes, Never Villains, Always Fighting Criminals and Bad Outsiders dedicated To destroy The Status Quo necessary for Us to Leave In Peace, Free and Rich of Hopes and Money, if We can!

Table of Contents


The Party Of The Brokers Will Not Destroy Our Land Of The Free

The Miracle Of Politics: The Choice To Propose A New Deal

A Decision To Stop Bankruptcy In Order To Produce A First Feature Film: AMERICA’s BACK!

The Obligation To Prevent Foreclosure Is A Way To Support Obama Plans Positively

The Scandal Of Hollywood Is A Mix Of Scientology, Illegal Drugs And Human Slavery


1) International:

To Reduce Importations

To Stop The War By A Victory

To Promote The US Legacy

2) Institutions

To Work On A Reform

To Develop The Dialogue

To Fix A Broken State

3) Economy

To Hire The Unemployed

To Manage The Failure

To Celebrate Wall Street

4) Culture

To Change  The Use Of The Computers

To Give A New Name To Our Education

To Create A Status For The Artists

5) Social

6) Environment

  • Mike Fuller will visit the Headquarters of the Republican Party on location In San Francisco during his Public Relations and Press Trip:


Happy Bastille Day, 6 Years Ago Fred Vidal, PhD Began His Career As An Actor In Hollywood!

It was Bastille Day 2003 when Fred Vidal, PhD was Booked for A Scene of FIRST DAUGHTER, The Masterpiece by Forest Whitaker.

Katie Holmes Played The Daughter Of The President of The United States and Fred Played a Campaign Worker In a Famous Scene of The Movie available In DVD worlwide.

In 2009, 2 Days Before The Beginning Of Fred alias Mike Fuller’s FLAG YEAR Program with A Reduced Internet Activity and The Beginning Of His Career in Politics With The Republican Party, A New Featured Scene was The Event of This Month of July thanks to The Production Of IRON MAN 2 and Marvel In Hollywood.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johanson are The new Actresses That Fred Vidal, PhD met on a Crucial Set For a Splendid Scene signed by Jon Favreau, a Historic Friend of him on Myspace.

Gwyneth after Katie was The Key of Fred Success on A Set with The Talent of a Wonderful Actress and The Lucky Career of a Future Star.

Gwyneth after Katie was The Key of Fred Success on A Set with The Talent of a Wonderful Actress and The Lucky Career of a Future Star.

Katie Holmes was The First Person That Fred Vidal, PhD Met On A Set Before To Begin An Acting Career In Hollywood, Now TIME FRAMES.

Katie Holmes was The First Person That Fred Vidal, PhD Met On A Set Before To Begin An Acting Career In Hollywood, Now TIME FRAMES.

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