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VeLvEt EyEs BACK On FV BLOG Tomorrow SundaY, January 3, 2010!! It Will Be The HappY NeW YeaR Episode Of The Novelism SHOW In PraguE, 1930!


BlakE And FreD, A RealitY ShoW To Be Produced By MODERNSCOPE INC, Mike Fuller Corporation, If Fred And Blake Say YeS To The Priest!

Tomorrow Sunday On The Newspaper, Mike Fuller Main Address On The WeB Television https://fredvidal.wordpress.com!

MODERNSCOPE INC Is A Corporation created in 2006 By Mike and Some Franchising and Licensing Projects. TIMEFRAMES LLC Will Distribute The DVDs Of The TV Reality Show B & F Worldwide If This Project Finds A Cable TV Channel For Diffusion, Live And Recorded!

Blake And Fred Is Inspired By Fred Vidal Aka Mike Fuller Main Site On Myspace, Its History And the TOP TWO Of The Profile Page!!


Blake Lively: BLAKE, Our Next First Lady, Obviously!

Fred Vidal: FRED, Now More Known As Mike Fuller, Candidate For The 2012 Presidential Election: A WinneR And A LeadeR!

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