Anti-Drugs Commercial For A TV Diffusion: BrAmStOcKeR With The Song HERE COMES THE NIGHT Proposes To The Community Of The LA Entertainment A Message In A Video Film Against The Communication Of A Silent Time With The Music Of A New Synchronization: DRUGS KILL!

The United Nations Office On Drugs And Crime Is The Right Adminstration To Prevent The People On Earth To Take Illegal Drugs Because It Is Organized for A Better Prevention Thanks To The U.N. that Mean End Of The Problems When There is A Crisis! The Commercial that Timeframes Is Preparing Will be Proposed for A Worldwide Promotion Campaign In every Language on The Planet!

Mike Fuller Is Proud To Be In Touch with The Office of National Drug Control Policy, part of the Executive Office Of the President of The United States, as a Champion Of The Fight Against All Kind of Illegal Drugs like Cocaine, Heroin, LSD and more because Drug dealers are creative to Destroy our Kids when they arrive in the High Schools to study for their Future career as a Part of Our Working America. They want To change them because Slaves are a better Way to have Clients for a No Future Civiazation without Hope of a Post-Crisis Era. Drug Dealers must be Neutralized and Drug clients have To Stop their Life with Drugs In order to Study only The Culture of our Business: Patriotism and Professional Savoir Faire to Find a Work and have a Family preparing The Next Generation of Our Land Of The United States That is An Example For The Citizens of Every Country of The World!

After HeRe CoMeS ThE NiGhT (6,066 Views for TAX DAY thanks to Van Morrison And FV), TIMEFRAMES LLC Is Preparing A Non-Profit Commercial against all kind of drugs, a TV masterpiece that will be ready for broadcasting this Summer before the End of August. CNN, MTV and Other Channels Will Be Invited To Diffuse The Special Message: Drugs = Death!

Read the Article with the Budget and The Details of the Preparation of the Music Prevention Video On The Blog Of the Most famous Punk Rock Band: BRAMSTOCKER!

BreakinG NewS (02/01/2010):

1st CAFE AUDREY SessioN: A Music Video On FrencH CoP Channel, At 6PM, Dedicated 2 Singer-Actor Lindsay LOHAN!

CAFE AUDREY SessioN: 1st Music Video 10 On Dedicated 2 Lindsay LOHAN With Agreement Of Fred VIDAL FIRST LADY!

Special Event, A Letter to be sent January 15, 2010!


Dear President,

I Am Sending You Today The C-DVD, C-D-VD, (A Music DVD) Of My Collection Of Songs Available On YouTube (

The Title Of This Music Video Album Is LovE On EartH, And The Prequel Of The FRED VIDAL LIVE ON MTV, A TV Show That I Want To Propose To The Cable & Satellite Channel MTV.

On WordPress, I develop My Program For A Better America After The Crisis Of Our Mental And Business Economy. This Country Is Sick Since September 11, 2001 and In 21 Months We will Celebrate The 10th Anniversary Of The Al-Qaeda Attack That Destroy Our Dream And Project. We rebuilt it but not enough, now It’s time to Finish the work with President Barack Obama!

On Youtube, After The Terrible Murder Of a dozen of US Soldier By A Secret Agent Of Al-Qaeda, obviously, I decided to record and publish the Cover Of HERE COMES THE NIGHT. It was the beginning of the Web TV and now a success with 1,500 Views already, after only two months online

My advice for your company is to improve your A&R System of work because nobody called me to offer me my first record deal, even with more than 3,500 views on my whole channel and an Open Mic Tour In The Los Angeles Area where I am also a screenwriter, an actor and a Movie Promoter with my LLC TIMEFRAMES. On Twitter, You can check my agenda (

I will be next week at the MIDEM in Cannes to promote the release of 1,000 copies of LovE On Earth (Fred Vidal Live), 15 songs including 10 written by me (ASCAP).

I hope to meet you in Cannes and I want to tell you that The Music Business will be the winner of the beginning decade, the 2010’s will be musical or won’t be according to my  Feature Film Company (also specialized in Robotics and Web Television).

Sincerely Yours.

Mike Fuller,
aka Fred Vidal, PhD (ASCAP)
aka Fred Kelly (AFTRA, SAG)

 PS: As a Rock Veteran, Now 50 looking a lot younger, part of the Rock Music since 1976 with my Rock Band BrAmStOcKeR, I am preparing a project for MTV, The Music Channel, Titled FRED VIDAL LIVE, mixing Internet and Television, For A TV Show About New Talents and Good News regarding our Music Business. I will invite you to participate in this project that will be accepted, I hope, by the owners of the Company (

Breaking News:

WEB TELEVISION, ROBOTICS And STARS PROMOTION Plus Feature Film/TV Production: The 4 Businesses Of TIMEFRAMES LLC, Previously French Cop LLC! (02/01/2010)

Latest Tweets: You, Mike FULLER’s Twitter Followers Are Now THE OFFICIAL FAN CLUB Of MIKE Aka FRED VIDAL aka FRED KELLY aka The TIMEFRAMES LLC President!

New Bio-Info: This Is MIKE FULLER Fan Club, on Twitter Only! President Of TIMEFRAMES LLC, Novelist (F-CoP: AfTeRmAtH) SAG-AFTRA Actor, ASCAP Songwriter And Candidate For The 2012 Presidential Election In The United States!

HeRe CoMes ThE NiGhT: 1,303 Views!! And Nobody Called Mike Fuller Management For A Music Deal!!

TF: No One Called Mike Fuller Management Until Now! Normally With A Success Like This One, Several Record Companies Would Call The Singer!!

Breaking News: PAUL McCartneY New Friend Of Mike Fuller On Youtube!! The Record Labels Don’t Do Their Job But WE DO IT AT TIMEFRAMES LLC!!


Fred Vidal Live On MTV: A Project That Could Be The Right Breakthrough For Web Television According To Mike Fuller, President Of TIMEFRAMES LLC!

Today, Mike Fuller is Sending Invitations For A Professional Networking Party In January, A Monthly One, Back On And The WWW Universe Of Diffusion Of The Information!

HeRe CoMeS ThE NigHt: The Greatest Video Of Mike Fuller’s Official Site Is Now  In It 1,200 Views, Thanks To Youtube And Twitter!! 

INDIAN SUMMER, With 100 Views, Will Be The SonG That Will Give The TempO To 2010 Before To Attack The Show Business Positively For A MTV Award: A TV-Show On Satellite But Not Only: Cable Is Our Destiny!

: To SinG WitH Her SILLY At The Hard Rock Cafe In UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ResorT In Universal City, California Before Maybe A TV Channel H.R.C. On The CablE If Business Life Allow The Communication To Develop The 21st Century!

Megan Fox Is Like A Sister For Fred Kelly, The SAG-AFTRA Name Of Mike Fuller! MTV Mixed With Hard Rock Cafe Is A Clever Idea About Sponsoring FRED VIDAL LIVE!, The Show That We Want On TV, The Music One, M Is A Letter Of The Alphabet That We Like More Than Z, The Last One Before The Numbers!

Megan Fox, On MTV, You Already Saw Her, But Not Enough At All Because The Channel Needs To Improve Its Programs This Year With TV Shows Like Ours: FRED VIDAL LIVE, Already Successful On YouTube!

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