June 7: Presidential Election In California. Fuller’s Ticket With Schwarzenegger? Duet Of Immigrants.

The ex-Governor of California is invited by Mike Fuller alias Frederic Vidal to share the Presidential ticket of the 3rd candidacy after the Reps and the Dems.


June 7 will take place in California the Republican and Democratic Primaries. It will be the last vote before the election in November. FREDERIC VIDAL WILL BE CANDIDATE AS AS A WRITE-IN FOR THE GOP2.

The girl who makes me win: Jessie Andrews.


It’s wrong permanent fight : push me outside medias.


Hello again:

the preparation of a wedding needs some warnings and some upgrades when necessary and for us anyway. I told you in my previous email that it is difficult to communicate about this subject LOVE, right?

This 2nd email is important to tell you more about the organization of my wedding with Jessie Andrews. We want it this 2016 Summer. The honeymoon could be just after in Nebraska where I have real estate professional projects. California is so much my favorite State, I feel glad I’m back in April and to meet you is formidable as I like communication and ice breakers. I’m divorced but I’m still believing in marriage for everything. Marquis de Sade was a spy of Napoleon.

I’m also French and new citizen of America, I want my nation to be improved by my attitude and my goals: to succeed. Bad faith is like a sickness, we can imagine the wedding in Beverly Hills and a coach to advice us about the right format. Let’s think we are upscale, unfortunately sometimes too much in a low class world, Hope and change are two important concepts (I have a PhD by the way) to inspire us.

To hope to be together forever and to change our destiny to be only one. We are in the movie industry, the right place to appreciate Hollywood. Let’s invite to our wedding the cast of Vanilla Sky. Rules of it: to be comfortable and PR. The security is important especially in LA, too much stalking.

My ‘French Cop’ Universe that is a literacy one will finance the project that you don’t see well already. We have the time to organize a meeting and the main goal is to boost the Jet Society. To organize my career, I was obliged to be a part of them and I’m sure they will appreciate this expression of our happiness: a priest and a ring.

We need also a judge and a lawyer. The lawyer will write our contract of wedding and the judge will control nobody is doing something against it. Blake Lively is on the checklist of the people who could damage my career. She won’t be invited. I don’t like gossips I prefer no civil war and to focus on our wedding song I hope thanks to you and us. I will continue this with you after a short while.


Frederic Vidal.

Postcript. I was homeowner in Hollywoodland until 2011.

Post #1 – 2016. April 16 Mike Fuller Candidacy Announcement Speech For The Presidential Election.

Speech of Mike Fuller for the announcement of his candidacy, April 16, 2016.  Only a part of this speech is featured in the short film ’17’.

First published on Twitter: https://twitter.com/timeframes2014
January 1 and 2, 2016.

Mike Fuller: “hello everybody! I want to tell you how much I am proud to be your man today for a special party we have to live together now. I know you are, some of you, following my campaign, especially on Twitter (laughs), others you did not know who I am, last week I suppose.
I am somebody with a lot of knowledge and background in communication since I was a teen. It’s inside me, I’m not especially gifted for politics, I am involved in it because we broke our leg last year in America and we must repair this (some laughs).

My poetry is a little scientific. I’m a fan of science fiction by the way. I’m doing the checklist of several points to represent me, before to let you know what is my program and what I want. Napoleon is my main historic character (laughs). The Roman Empire was well organized too. Barack Obama is a President, the last one of a long series of men who had the power to decide for the federation, I want this more collective.
I like a lot non-profits, for social purposes and cultural ones. We can imagine nonprofits in politics. I will be back on this subject later in my expose. We are multimedia empowered today as this speech is also recorded for a film, a documentary and will be diffused on other channels than yours. I have the impression I have no problem to be your next President but maybe we don’t share the same level of reality.
The basics of Man from 25 according to WordPress (laughs) are important too. It’s urgent to wait for the publishing of my blog content and you will have the reality of my universe that is intellectual first of all. I am in a jurisprudence that is cultural as a candidate for your pleasure in DC comics.


Young people of the 60’s belonging to the Hippie movement could have been 50 years later members of my campaign. Space Time solidarities
are possible with science fiction.


A Plan to Hope, it’s what I propose to the voters in November of this year 2016. It means to believe in the past, historically speaking, to build the future, geographically speaking. Geopolitics is a matter that makes a lot of sense and it is the reason why I decided December 31, 2015 to promote the candidacy of Hillary CLINTON with a program finishing today, April 16, 2016: Vote for Her.

I was born in 1959, 20 years before 1939 and I must acknowledge I am in 2016 like in 1959, today like the day of my birth ANTI-HITLER, this guy was not clear and a danger for the Occident. The USA could have interfere sooner in the 1930’s but it was not possible. The Third Reich was stronger and is still a threat for us in the 2000’s. Not only the ideology but also the finance of its regime must be neutralized definitely.

We manage a status quo that is obsolete like the Luftwaffe of Herman Goring! Our US Air Force but also the US Army and the Navy landed in Normandy June 6, 1944 to defeat Hitler and his murderers gang. More than 70 years later, we must have a second denazification wave able to finish the crisis you created in Europe and our minds and brains. No more pictures of them in books or only with a warning. The Swastika must be inversed. This Indian religious sign isn’t bad by itself, it was stolen by Nazis. Let’s rehabilitate it but never its flag. If necessary, the ROOSEVELT PROGRAM: to declare we are the IVth Reich against them. I have the knowledge they continue secretly their goals.

Regarding Hollywood, second subject I wanted to evocate with you now, it is necessary to be close to the reality of it. It is sure there is a problem there. Our movie industry, since I arrived in the US in 2003 and already before, has a difficulty about its actors and actresses community. I like Hollywood films, I have my own company there, TIMEFRAMES LLC, with projects like FRENCH COP and GERMAN SPY. But, at the same time, the past, the history of this great area of our culture, that is the leader worldwide, prevents the people to be happy together. We need a New Deal and to complete a system authorizing everybody to produce and direct movies, motion pictures. It’s possible with less than a law, a regulation decided by our government and the AFL-CIO, as unions are very important in this industry. Persons are sometimes guilty or not, not about crimes but about mistakes that can be dangerous. I have the example of Blake Lively and her wedding. It would be useful to cancel this union and I will tell you why if you accept confidentiality. There will be two other subjects I want to tell you my opinion about: LA and France.

It is time to come back in this speech in 2016, 4 months after the beginning of the year we are sure Donald Trump will not be President. It is a good news for democracy and establishment in our country. This man has not his place in Wall Street or in Washington, he was a GOP invention to disturb the Presidential election. On the other hand, he is still a threat for us, so let’s imagine I am his apprentice like in his Reality TV show of the 2000’s because he could have been a good entrepreneur in real estate in the 90’s and he’s still a great entertainer but not on the right channel, CNN is not Saturday Night Live. Consequently, it’s coincidental but very pertinent that I am also a nicely guy. There is a confusion between Los Angeles and Nashville. Music is not Movie industry. As his last apprentice, I will offer him a chance to give me his position, next CEO of his imaginary circus of politics and show biz will be me, Mike Fuller without firing him. He could be Secretary of the Arts and he will accept shortly. I’m new at the Democratic Party and my goal is now to build my own campaign. I was GOP in the 2000’s, I will stay close to the Democrats in the 2010’s but my destiny is to prevail with my GOP2 concept for a GREEN NATION. The Ecology is more important than Geopolitics and it’s the reason why I want Nashville closer to Los Angeles and the 2 Cities, West Coast and Mid West, able to support New York positive hegemony about economy and culture with a network by Nashville of the main cities of Middle West.


I was there in New York in 2006 when the CBGB closed, we were thinking not forever. There the Punk was so trendy in the 1960’s and now from Nashville, I meditate: Where Have All the Good Times Gone, a song by The Who, played by David Bowie for the album Pin-Ups.


Los Angeles must be a Metropole like Nice in France and Santa Monica must be a part of this federation of cities of the County of LA. California is an important State like Texas and its economy is crucial for Washington. I want Paris to be American for more synergies to develop our America. This is my final point regarding Louisiana and Lafayette. Manuel Valls is Spanish and not French native. We must write him a letter because he is French Prime Minister. Barack Obama, our President can promote this project to have a 51st State. France is a Country that was German in the 1940’s when Hitler decided to extend his 3rd Reich to Europe without an ambition to manage the others positively. In Russia, Vladimir Putin don’t succeed to finish the embargo against the previous USSR. To help him is a duty of Yalta. It is historical what we are going to do. Adolf Hitler’s syndrome is shared by some present Statesmen and women: to impose their Munich agreements. This is not acceptable. The solution is a concertation and the obligation to stabilize the planet. In France, Arabians are a minority like the African-Americans in the US. So, with a treaty associating our 2 Countries, we will reduce the Terrorism danger by reuniting our 2 nations. The Roman Empire collapsed because too much centralized. My empire concerns the medias to win.


The sign that is the symbol of the
liberty of expression is still available
for fights that are not violent, just
mental and social.


This Mike Fuller speech will take place in Nashville, from the Vanderbilt University.

Third Testament: Life of Frederic Vidal, a Spiritual Biography. Le 3e Testament : Biographie Historique de Frédéric Vidal.

On Twitter : https://twitter.com/BRAMSTOCKER

TIMEFRAMES wants US Movie Industry SciFi, in the past (300000 years from now) and legendary teamwork that doesn’t exist in France. FV

From Jesus to Santa Claus, the Security Man: Napoleon Bonaparte. Our scientific and post-doctoral Blog makes the point.

2014 is the year of the Third Will, THE THIRD TESTAMENT. This is the reunion of all my personnal writings that are not signed by Mike Fuller. I am a French Native and Mike is the guest on my Blog. In 2014 or before, he will obviously start his own one. I have so many things to publish since my first issue of EVIDENCE in 1981.

On the other hand, I want this book to be the continuation of the Bible, a great story about Humlan Kind and me, not a new Adam, Jesus or Moses but a regular Citizen of this Planet Earth and a French who is also an Amercian from the USA. This promised Land is so confusing that I want by myself to create a system of values helping us to understand and appreciate more what the 3 letters USA mean : Duty, Progress, Future. We are not a lot to be intellectuals and action leaders doing politics and culture together.

I feel like I am an example for the others, in France and in America and alos a model for, not my friends but, my competitors who will read this 3rd Testament for a method of networking, idea and dream mixed in a target: to finish suicidal tendencies like social sicknesses (criticism of the others, pleasure to have broken people around you, desire to refuse to consider the others).

Frédéric Vidal

1959: Vth Republic.

Les deux faces du sceau en application de l’arrêté du 18 septembre 1848.  REPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE DEMOCRATIQUE UNE ET INDIVISIBLE. The France with radiate crown, sitting and holding fasces in r. hand. In exergue XXIV FEVRIER // MDCCCXLVIIIEGALITE • FRATERNITE • LIBERTE. In field AU NOM // DU PEUPLE // FRANÇAIS in three lines. Crown: oak left & olive r.  Source L'Illustration, 1848-10-28. Author: Jacques-Jean Barre (1793–1855).

Les deux faces du sceau en application de l’arrêté du 18 septembre 1848. REPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE DEMOCRATIQUE UNE ET INDIVISIBLE. The France with radiate crown, sitting and holding fasces in r. hand. In exergue XXIV FEVRIER // MDCCCXLVIIIEGALITE • FRATERNITE • LIBERTE. In field AU NOM // DU PEUPLE // FRANÇAIS in three lines. Crown: oak left & olive r. Source L’Illustration, 1848-10-28. Author: Jacques-Jean Barre (1793–1855).


1968: le Pouvoir doit s’entendre avec le Peuple et le Peuple le Conseiller.

1977: The Moon is ours, Apollo 11.

1981: Il faut monopoliser le savoir pour le comprendre en le partageant.

1989: le Roi est mort trop jeune mais sa tête était trop couronnée.

1999: la fin du Monde n’est pas pour l’année prochaine mais l’an 2000 restera une remise à zéro.

2001: le film n’était pas consacré à la terre ni le livre mais l’ordinateur était bien le coupable.

2013: l’année du dernier sursaut de l’intelligence qui n’a conduit qu’à repousser les vrais enjeux.

2019: For VIIth Republic (French and American)?



La Campagne Permanente En Amérique Nous Conduit A Avoir Notre Mot A Dire : Hillary Contre Frédéric.

Le 4e Jeudi de Novembre, nous fêtons la Thanksgiving avec nos amis des USA. C’est ce jeudi, le 28 en France comme aux Etats-Unis. On s’invite en Amérique sans faire de Stalking mais avec Diplomatie.

Campagne pour le respect de la France en Amérique.
avec participation aux résultats.

L’avancée : La Pression Sociologique.
Trop de Présidentielle aussi loin du Scrutin.

Les gens sont restés insatisfaits du résultat de l’élection 2012 et Hillary Clinton compense ce sentiment populaire en menant déjà campagne depuis le début de l’année. Je l’ai suivi sur l’Internet pour affirmer notre différence : les Français aux Etats-Unis, nous avons le droit de nous faire connaître des sondages car Lafayette fut un Adjoint parfait du fondateur George Washington bien qu’il n’était pas seul. Par ailleurs, le Pays doit tout à la Louisiane que Napoléon Bonaparte décida de vendre pour privilégier sa stratégie américaine, au détriment, sans qu’il le sache, de la France dans le futur.

Les Américains eux-mêmes ont besoin non pas d’une campagne permanente mais d’une simulation concernant leur volonté de construire et jamais de nuire leur ambition de puissance ou de bien-être ou des deux afin de mieux se connaître et de favoriser leur démocratie.

Freedom from Want (painting) . Author: Norman Rockwell.

Freedom from Want (painting) . Author: Norman Rockwell.


La Dinde de la France à partager avec l’Amérique laborieuse des citoyens heureux.


Frédéric Vidal

PS : nous ne sommes pas en campagne pour une élection présidentielle. Les instituts de sondages le prouvent et ils ont arrêtés leurs enquêtes en novembre 2014, jusqu’à nouvel ordre et probablement jusqu’en 2016.





Cela dit, de nouveaux sondages culturels affirment une popularité croissante de Madame Hillary Clinton en Amérique qu’aucun Républicain ne peut égaler. C’est de l’ordre du social électoral plus que du Présidentiel car nous avons en 2014 une autre élection, celle du renouvellement Midterm du Sénat et de la Chambre des Représentants. Pas question pour l’instant de ne penser qu’à 2016 dont la vraie campagne pour les Primaires et l’élection finale ne commencera qu’en 2015.


This is all about Potential Candidates.






FRENCH COP’s 12 CHAPTERS: This Summer Publishing On WordPress! For The Feature Film To be Expressed.


The Fool (Tarot for The French Cop™). Number 0. Tarot card from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. Published 1909. Author: Pamela Coleman Smith.

The Fool (Tarot for The French Cop™). Number 0. Tarot card from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. Published 1909. Author: Pamela Coleman Smith.


The FRENCH COP by Frederic Vidal

Chapter 1: SENATOR‘S DAUGHTER. http://wp.me/pj3ec-3gX

Chapter 2: FRENCH POLICE. http://wp.me/pj3ec-3gT

Chapter 3: LOVE AT THE WHITE HOUSE. http://wp.me/pj3ec-3gP

Chapter 4: DATING IN DC. http://wp.me/pj3ec-3gJ

Chapter 5: DARKPOL CREATION. http://wp.me/pj3ec-3gD

Chapter 6: VINCE AT GEORGETOWN. http://wp.me/pj3ec-3gy

Chapter 7: NATASHA MISSING. http://wp.me/pj3ec-3gq

Chapter 8: PARIS INVESTIGATION. http://wp.me/pj3ec-3gm

Chapter 9: PYRAMID MEETING. http://wp.me/pj3ec-3gg

Chapter 10: KGB NEXT GEN. http://wp.me/pj3ec-3g8

Chapter 11: NATASHA IS FREE. http://wp.me/pj3ec-3g2

Chapter 12: LANDING IN LA. http://wp.me/pj3ec-3fO

FRENCH COP™ is a Story by Frederic Vidal, produced by POST-SCRIPTUM™,
10, avenue Notre-Dame, 06000 Nice, France.
Tél. 33 6 32 52 86 19.
email: fredericvidal2013@yahoo.fr

Soundtrack by BRAMSTOCKER™.
12 SONGS (Frederic Vidal, SACEM-ASCAP).


Homage to METALLICA, S&M.

TIMEFRAMES™ LLC is the Producer, the distributor and the copyright manager of The FRENCH COP™ and BRAMTOCKER™ in the United States of America.

Fred Kelly: this double franchise is dedicated to old LOUISIANA, the French Territory that Napoleon sold to the United States ON Saturday, on April 30, 1803. There, the French spirit is still active and the story of the French Cop with its music, very popular.

LOUISIANA includes 13 present States of the Union:


Author: US Department of Interior, US Geological Survey.

Author: US Department of Interior, US Geological Survey.



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