Before His OPRAH WINFREY Kind/Style Of OPEN MIC At TRIBAL CAFE For AIDS Day, Fred VIDAL, PhD Sings FOR YOU! On The Web To His 164 NEXTCAT Connections, As LiFe Goes In Lalaland And The States!!

TheY Are LOU REED Oriented, BuT Fred VIDAL WiTh The BAND MUSE, Will Be FOR YOU! InvolveD In A German GIRL StyLe Of SONG (another composition Of Fred KELLY).Like Beatles' NORVEGIAN WOOD.


Check out Tribal Cafe – Open Mike at #EVtriba1201 The Sweet Troubled Soul, music = comedy + poetry!

This EVENING, BeginninG at 8pm, Hosted by Sheng Peng & Sona Ovasapyan! FV SonG Will BE VIDEOTAPED By Team FV YoutubE And For YOUTUBE only!!

Fred VIDAL On, GooD SiTe Where INDIAN TouR Is RevealeD NOW! Lalaland Is A Great Expression MeaninG MusiC And More (Comedy)!

TIMEFRAMES: LALALAND? Pejorative Word? NO, Not According To Us! sincerely, IT’s MOTTO Times Frames Beginning NoW, ‘Make Movies in LalaLand’!

‘Make Movies in LalaLand’ TIMEFRAMES: COMEDY, even if + pejorative, Means Comedy IMPRO SHOW, Word CoOl, To Be A Comedian Is To BE An Artist!

Q&A: WhaT Else?? Did Fred VIDAL Called His ConTacT BEVERLY HILLS And Does He Schedule A MeetinG WiTH This Contact-Friend? i’d like to know!

Fred VIDAL In Menilmontant, Closde To JIM MORRISON Pere Lachaise Cemetery, BUT ALIVE, Was/Is Already At Work WitH GUITAR SEAGUL, As Fallen Angels, Friends Of Him, Around Them, Play The Trumpet!

basically YES! He’s in London (london) Now 4 ReHearsAL With BAnD rock MUSE (Buy CD like HiM!), He wilL Confirm ABouT that 2!! (some Buddie)

Important Texts Explaining The Pictures Chosen On Blog. Fred In MENILMONTANT (Long Hair, Acoustic, No shirt) Chosen 4 Homage MORRISON + RocK

ManaGement: Picture FRED KELLY no shirt Is ICONOGRAPHY Best Years, On location In Paris, Texas (Wim Wenders Film), But FRANCE 2, in 1990’s!!

StellaMcCartney Support World Aids Day with a Stella for Gap Red Campaign tshirt. Profits go to the Global Fund to fight Aids in Africa

@StellaMcCartney I’ll BE There, As The WorlD neeDs Us To Fight Vs This Illness That is Worse Than CANCER. Great What You DO!! Impressed! FV

Stella McCartney? No Reply!?? It’s A SonG of HeR FATHER, NO REPLY On For Sale! Must BE PreTTy BUSY, Like Us, SoundS GooD What She’s DOING!!

PARIS, TEXAS: Screenplay Sam SHEPARD (Fred VIDAL Met In Cannes 80’s 4 FOOL 4 LOVE) With Nastassja KINSKI (friend myspace?) & Dean Stockwell

Ernst Wilhelm “Wim” Wenders (born 14 August 45) German film director, playwright, author, producer. Began with rise New German Cinema 1960’s

Paris, Texas = 1984 Palme d’Or winning film directed by Wim Wenders. Screenplay by L.M. Kit Carson/playwright Sam Shepard, score Ry Cooder!!

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