The Inter-Letters™ #44 (issues # 63). 08/16/2012 (Thursday). VOLUME II And Numbering Reset, tomorrow. This Is A Celebration Day To Remember As Our 7 Newsletters Are Closer To The Press And The Mass Medias with A Teamwork Leaded By Mike Fuller. Frederic Vidal Leaves The Publication Because A Promotion And Mike Fuller Is, From Now, The Only Editor-In-Chief!

1. Backstage.

What about the diffusion of the feature films on the Internet? Nothing is not ready yet  and we are the victims of it.
Call Obama for an explanation: (202) 456-2121.
Write to Romney for a project: Romney for President, PO Box 149756, Boston, MA 02114-9756, or call 857-288-3500.
We don’t want an American Putin.
The solution is James Bond on Youtube (but with a fee).
There is no streaming available because of Bush.

August 16!

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #44: The Volume II.

Frederic Vidal is not anymore responsible of this blog and leaves the WordPress universe, moving to another location that is not the Web but the Midwest probably with his project of Star Ticket dedicated to the singer Taylor Swift, a Write-In plan for the Presidential election. Beginning now, all our texts are written and signed only by MIKE FULLER and collaborators. Mr. Vidal is our co-founder but does not work for our campaign and activities anymore. Mr. Fuller still support the Romney ticket of the Republican Party.

): BLOCKBUSTER™ #44: Zuckerberg and Facebook.

This is the end of a success story between Facebook and the Stock Exchange but this is not the end of this story. A lot of bad news in a short while shows a kind of disaster for our social media finest company, this is exaggerated and can be investigated. It is sure that there will be a time for the Internet with a greater environment of the banks and the financial world. Marc Zuckerberg is the nice hero of our Web who was so much appreciated by the Press and NYSE, he’s still the same but not anymore seen as a victory man by some of his previous fans. They will be back.

): BRAMSTOCKER™ #44: The Streaming Offensive.

I, Mike Fuller, am writing to the Financial Times today to give the famous economic daily newspaper the exclusivity of the offensive I am promoting and financing with my time (no money budget) about the Streaming difficulties in America (and worldwide). After the Napster incident for music around 2000, this is obviously the new impressive file to open as the Web is a commercial tool. In Hollywood, I am creating a club of Republicans, they will be the first step for a commission. WHY THE FILMS ARE NOT ON THE INTERNET? How many dollars lost for the Movie Industry? It won’t continue.

): FRENCH POST ™ #44: A Possible Write-In Candidacy.

Our editor-in-chief until yesterday, August 16, 2012, Frederic Vidal is now a free-lancer pre-Presidential candidate meaning that Frederic prepares an official candidacy to the Presidency of the United States. He is going to file a write-in form (for the President election) in every State of the Union, from Nice, France, his present Primary Residence. Vidal is looking for a vice-presidential candidate and is thinking about the emblematic young Country singer Taylor Swift, a Tea Party supporter who has, according to FV, the charisma of a social icon staying close to the population. An ambition to respect totally.

): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ #44: Hollande en vacances.

Le mois d’août est celui des vacances. François Hollande visitait son père hier à Cannes et nous l’avons vu dans les journaux en tenue de baigneur. Il fait désormais partie du patrimoine national comme un personnage éminemment populaire mais dans un autre registre que celui d’un Président de la République traditionnel. Est-ce-un bien ou un mal ? Un peu des deux, nous ne sommes plus au XXe siècle et il faut certainement innover mais pas au détriment de la fonction d’autorité de l’Etat. Donc, “François” est sympathique (excepté pour les UMP, bien sûr) mais nous voulons SAVOIR POURQUOI (en fait). Quelles relations avec la presse ?

This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift is the singer I want to be Vice-President when I will be President of the United States. For now, I call or send an email to her record company (or management). Cheers.

Taylor Swift is the singer I want to be Vice-President when I will be President of the United States. For now, I call or send an email to her record company (or management). Cheers. Frederic Vidal (for the Write-In Star Ticket. This is not a part of Mike Fuller campaign.

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Today’s Video by Youtube: Taylor Swift – Journey To Fearless (HD).

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