SLAVERY: The 2010 Frederic Vidal Film Project About And Against Racism In America Like The Oscars Problems And Their Solution: A LAWSUIT I will Begin In Nashville Against Segregation In The Show Business (The Black Are Not The Only The Victims, The Women Are)!

On Facebook today many texts to cure this Disabled America that is today the shadow of the real United States of Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan.

Tomorrow, the Oscars and the results of the competition are so important for me and my Hollywood personal membership. For the Presidential election and this Super Tuesday anti-Trump (I informed that Mr. Donald has to be sure he will INVALIDATED at the Rep convention), we have to show to the politics universe that they are a SPINOFF of the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY, meaning the Culture. It’s the Society that gives to the State the means to exist. Frederic Vidal

  1. My own message is more optimistic: SLAVERY on WordPress explains that the black always win! No exception, I’m the next to win on the Web and in politics.
    Frederic Vidal

2. WE HAVE TO PAY THEM MORE BECAUSE THEY ARE WOMEN. I am sure tomorrow night, the Oscars will give us reasons to celebrate our victory against HUMAN BARBARY. Without a good salary you cannot build a career. HARASSMENT IS THE CANCER OF HOLLYWOOD. Therapy: the anti-human trafficking. Historic Origin: NASHVILLE, TN, a city of cowboys without being in the Midwest that is a bad influence for California and nationwide as Country music is negative folklore when played without inspiration.

Read this article: WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (AP) — The president of Women in Film is done talking about diversity and wage equality. It’s time for action, said Cathy Schulman, Oscar-winning producer of “Crash.” “No more talking about it. No more dealing with it as only philanthropy,” Schulman told guests Friday at Women in Film’s ninth annual pre-Oscars cocktail party. “This is a business issue. Movies and television for women and girls make money.” “More than a dozen women nominated for Academy Awards this year attended the private event at Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails in West Hollywood, California, where Patricia Arquette and Jennifer Lawrence renewed their call for wage equality for women.”


3. “Hollywood screenwriters face their own “OscarsSoWhite” drama.” Read this article that shows the campaign against ostracism is now GENERALIZED IN HOLLYWOOD, not only for the Academy Awards. It’s in my Tuesday conference of AMERICA 250.It’s in THE LIST OF SCHINDLER: Hitler organized the bunkers against the Americans like Dachau. He didn’t want Democracy in America. So. you were confused and now, you have to think more about THE UNION, union of the American people with the international community and so on: Mexicans, Africans, Asians, Jews, Women, Minorities, NO SECTARISM will tell the Judge to authors of SEGREGATIONS. Cinema de toutes les couleurs.
Frederic Vidal


On Tuesday, I will write to the New York Stock Exchange the text of my conference about 250 years to be American and American NOT ONLY because we have all ROOTS and NATIVE ORIGINS. The United States are celebrating during 10 years the anniversary of the 4th of July, 1776. I demand the constitution of a mission or an organization that could be a club of VIPs partner of the public authorities for sponsorship of OUR LAST CHALLENGE: to be or not to be THE USA. FV

I like this movie WALL STREET as it’s against Ostracism if you understand well the film, like me. FV

4. Human Trafficking: Hollywood before the Oscars must acknowledge there is this ostracism problem against the Blacks and the women and this is a risk and a possible reality of human trafficking. In Nashville, I will begin a lawsuit against the bad show business, the one that boycotts the talents. Shame on Nashville? No, let’s be proud of the future of the city: the jurisprudence that EVERYBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO BE A STAR. I will get it with the judges because the RACISM IS TERRORISM and that the punishment must be also THE WAR against these traditions of sexual harassment and professional harassment. Frederic Vidal


Read also:


Jesse Owens said to Hitler: No, you don’t like a Sweet song.
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Published 6 years ago, the 5th most important script of the history of my screenwriting.

Labor Day’s Previews: Slavery, An African Legend About An American Slave. The Mike Fuller’s Story For The Screen Will Be Published September 13. All rights reserved.

First Draft

In a contemporary airport in Africa, tourists and business people are surprised to see a man in his 30’s without a shirt, with strange pants like in the 19 Century and with no luggage, looking at them like if he arrived from nowhere. “Who is he, Mom?” asked a little girl, showing the astonishing man with her finger. “What did you see? I saw nobody baby” replied the mother. “It must have been him, our hero!” told them an old man from a local tribe who was listening. “I am going to tell you his Legend, if you want, little child, sometimes people can see him when they are believers“. “You have the time, old man, we are listening to you” concludes the mother, smiling and surprised.

Part 1 – This is the story of Love That You Can Never Break.

They were a so nice couple, waiting for a first child, she was really pregnant and so happy to be. He was a proud hunter and their tribe was about to organize a great celebration of their wedding for the next month. From the desert to the jungle, everybody knew about this on our continent Africa. Even the sun was prepared to shine more and more for their love and no clouds were there to disturb their happiness and the unity of a true blue sky. It was the end of Spring.

Part 2 – Sometimes An Accident Really Changes Your Life

It is the year 1805 in Occident and Amadou wake up for the last time together with his beloved Bolenda. A last kiss, a last look at her telling him: “don’t be late” and he is now on his way to hunt some fish or some birds, he is not sure yet but during his walk inside the forest, he fall in a hole and cannot move anymore one of his arm that hurt him a lot. He succeeds to come back on the solid ground but, there he can hear the noise of a group of people going in his direction. It is too late to escape. They are Africans from the cities, working for the slave dealers from Europe. They take him and he cannot resist. Then they leave the area with him, he will not speak.

Part 3  – Transferred in America To Be Sold To a Plantation Owner

Just 2 or 3 days to wait for the ship, chains on him, dozens waiting like him, a long trip then A port on another continent. He understands now some English words. They say: America. In the port, a big meeting room where he is shown with the others to the people who need slaves for their cotton plantation. “Who are you?” asks a man. “Amadou!” he replies, “slave?” he does not understand the word that is a fact for him. He will work for the man who selects him and a dozen of other Africans.

Part 4 – Victim of The Daughter’s Owner Attraction

In the Plantation, the slaves sleep in the same old building in wood and the Hunter tells to the others his love for his Bolenda, speaking a mix of English and African. He shows his motivation to go back to Africa. They are scared or laughing at him. One evening, he receives the order to go to the mansion of the owners where the owner’s daughter is waiting for him with an African Employee. She express an attraction for him. “I am going to teach you the English language, Amadou” she said and the employee continues in African and English “The mistress wants you to learn the words and become a part of the mansion staff to serve their family“. He stays without expression on his face then replies “Yes”. Several weeks later, Amadou speaks better but one evening, the father meets his daughter in her bedroom with him and begins a terrible crisis. He is severely punished with sticks and owner decides to sale it to another plantation.

Part 5 – In the Church, Amadou Received Hope And Admiration Before To Leave

In the church of the village, he is invited by some anti-slavery young and old people who came to bring him there one evening, the week after he was punished and beaten. In the Church, he meets two other slaves, Duale and Micambo belonging to other properties who were punished too because they don‘t work enough according to their managers. The group of white people and the priest express their solidarity with them and ask them to speak about their previous life. Amadou swears that he will be back in Africa one day, probably soon, for his baby that must be 3 now and his Bolenda. “In my Country everybody is free! One day, it will be the same here!” The girls cry and the deep respect and emotion of everybody creates a mood of satisfaction and concentration in the dark church. “it will stop someday!” concludes the priest who gives him a compass. “This will give you the direction in your life!


Part 6 – During The Transfer, He Found The Keys Of Freedom

Thanks To The Driver’s StrokeIn the chariot that goes to the new Property where he is scheduled to work the same day, the nice man who drives has a terrible stroke after 30 miles. Amadou can check that unfortunately he is dead. He is alone now. This is the occasion to run, being free again and to find a way to go back to Africa. He has a plan, finds the keys for his chains in the old man jacket and ride the horse that he names Liberty to the Plantation where Duale and Micambo works. During the night, he can have a talk with them and explains his fantastic idea to cross the country to the first big port located far away to the north. The techniques they must use are the same than in the jungle, to walk during the night hearing the sounds of the animals in the country and to wait during the day or to continue very carefully. Duale and Micambo left with him but they have only one horse and decide to go slowly during the night.

Part 7 – In The Port, A Boat Was For Him And The Wind Helped To Leave For The Ocean

His friends are arrested 3 days later by a troop of the plantations that did not find him because he can hide in a big tree in the middle of the forest. Then he continues his travel to the city where he wants to find the ship that will sail with him to Africa. Like a ghost, he is in the town, nobody sees him, it’s about midnight and he arrives in the port where he sees a perfect boat for his so long travel. He waits until 4 or 5 and goes on board. Nobody there. Some good wind helps to quit the coast and to begin the incredible cruise.

Part 8 – 8 Days At Sea, With Some Food Left And A Terrible Storm That Helped to Be Rescued

During 8 Days, The Boat continues his trip in the middle of the Ocean, lost and going fast because of a huge storm that continues several day with a violent wind giving the direction of Africa, according to him. But the following week, his boat is half-destroyed and he is rescued by a Spanish ship where he finds help and some friendship with the captain who was in charge in Africa previously and he offers him to leave him in the Azores, in the port of Santa Cruz de Graciosa, not so far away from Africa. Amadou works there for several weeks before to get the money to have a place in a boat to Africa.

Part 9 – A Family Reunited In A Village That Cannot Believe It

After another long travel in the African bush, Amadou arrives in the morning in his small village where the people cannot believe what they see. This is the crowd around him and his Bolenda is like a crazy woman, dancing and crying while he takes his son, Mebo, in his arms. Dreams are sometimes possible to realize in a tough life when there is more than a feeling of love and destiny. Forever the couple will stay a Legend of Africa.

Mike Fuller

Please, communicate to the Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark S. Cady this important letter by email from me, Frederic Vidal.
1/27/16 at 1:42 PM


Hello President:
I must inform you that I will not be an Iowa Caucuses Republican candidate February 1st. I was not able to start my campaign until now and I would like you to know why. There is something wrong about me regarding the fact I could be on TV and I’m not. I am American since 2006 in Los Angeles, California. I am a French native who immigrated to succeed in the entertainment in Hollywood, music & movie industries. Unfortunately, I was new as an entrepreneur without knowledge there was a tough competition there that could prevent me to produce a first feature film I prepared in 2007 (French Cop). For my music, I was also too much isolated. So, after my divorce, I was obliged to accept the short sale of my house in Hollywoodland and I decided to go back to France for 4 years to prepare my comeback after I was defeated as an entrepreneur (without a bankruptcy), my company Timeframes LLC has to be reactivated.
So, I am a journalist on the Web, thanks to Twitter, Facebook and WordPress. I comment the news and I explain my campaign I’m preparing. I arrived mid-October, in Baltimore and Washington checking I was still a lot not connected to networks and groups there. Now in Atlanta after Nashville I can send you this letter from the city of CNN and the Olympic Games. Previously, in the Music City, I could not play the guitar and sing. I was there especially to promote my 12 new songs that are well appreciated on the Web with more than 40,000 views until now  I began the music in France when I was a teen. I was born in 1959. Punk rocker in 1977, I am sure I was not so much accepted by the government and no record was released because we could not sign with a major company or a label in Paris. Maybe my problems started there. I joined the State administration for 15 years to take the time to be in a second time an Artist, my first choice I wanted to continue. It was necessary for me to change my citizenship and to become an American to realize my goal: to be an actor and a singer, a performer but also a screenwriter and a songwriter for the others too. Defeated in the 2000’s as an entrepreneur, I was not strong enough and attractive as an artist to be invited or socialize better.
So I am a client since Washington DC of the rescue missions normally for the homeless people. I am not homeless like I am not a joke candidate. I’m a serious guy who want to tell you what is wrong about my present difficulties in the US. I am also a scientific researcher from the times I was not selected to be in the French show Biz. I studied political science at the famous and respected Paris Institut d’etudes politiques and I never stopped studying. I am now a post-doctoral fellow specialized in communication studies, semiotics and political science for the context. I got my PhD in 1999 at the University of Paris II Pantheon-Assas. I believe in my new Country to give me more than the last 3 months: closed doors and no possibility to be an artist, an entrepreneur or to do politics. I am sure I can be a champion for the elections thanks to my university background and my degrees. As a PhD, I was already candidate to become US Senator as a write-in in 2010, in California. I was refused by the Secretary of State (my petition was not validated). Never mind, I was inspired to prepare the Presidential election race. George Washington is my main supporter. He gave me the ambition to be more than a champion in politics, a hero for our Country not to collapse, to improve until the end that will never happens. There was a Lady in 1940 who represents my motivation and my problems. She was not really so serious but equivalent. She wrote a book about her candidacy, her name was Gracie Allen.

I would like just to be a regular candidate but I have not the opportunity to do it right now and I criticize this situation in front of you, Supreme Court of Iowa. Michael Bloomberg is a great example of an independent politician who could be candidate if he wants it. I’m the contrary, I’m unknown until know and I was a member and supporter of the Republican Party. I have more than the feeling that this party refused my membership and my possible candidacy. I consider it’s a segregation and it’s not fair.

A bad networking that could have been supported by some authorities obliged me since October to stay isolated and without logistics. Normally, I would be in Desmoines, Iowa for the Caucuses. If I can’t, it’s because there is something wrong in the system. I call that boycott in Atlanta after Nashville after Washington after Baltimore, nobody is taking me seriously. I think it’s organized and it must change. Everybody has the right to vote and everybody can be candidate. If we have the evidence that there is a program organized against me to neutralize my political career, this Iowa Caucuses must be cancelled. I am sure you agree to start an investigation about it. It must be the same for the following Primaries until I will be ready to be in the polls.

I schedule to be a registered candidate first at the New York State Republican Primary, April 19, 2016 and the other primaries after this one. I propose to the voters to keep in mind, I was Zero Budget before and I had to wait for the Justice to have my candidacy respected and my citizenship protected. I am an entertainer but I am a No Joke candidate. My program is about less poverty, family is the rule #1 in America (I want to raise a family, I couldn’t do it until now). Security is so important too with an Army closer to the population and promoting the war against poverty and against terrorism. The economy has to be reinforced with continuing formation and more jobs co-financed by the Federation. At the University, there must be a nationwide offensive for more research and more results for our sciences in order to build the new century all at once after 2016. At an international level, we can propose to the Third World the United Countries of Earth: more solidarity thanks to more United States of America on the other continents and we will share the benefits.

It’s my message I want to diffuse in the press and on TV. There’s something important to say with Madison: the 1st Amendment is a part of the Bill of Rights and it is explaining that the Press must stay free in our Land of the Independence.  I am sure you will control if I am right, press can be in danger and we know why: too much pressure to manage the opinion by the two main parties, Democrats and Republicans. I have a nickname for my project to be elected: Fuller, it’s the name of one of my fiction heroes for the cinema, the name of a President in another science fiction dimension that could be ours but we are more the USB than the USA. The medication to have this society less disabled is your decisions to empower my career as a leader who have my opinion to say to The People, IT’S MY RIGHT, IT’S MY DUTY. Voters who would vote for me won’t go to vote before April 19. I will write you again before New York.

Best regards from Atlanta where I am now before to come back to Los Angeles.

Frederic Vidal, PhD

My letter for advice and intervention
1/14/16 at 4:25 PM


Hello Sir:
I am a songwriter and a novelist for the cinema living in the United States as an immigrant and a French native. I was in Nashville, TN for the first time in 2015 and I stayed until now because I want to settle down in this city after almost 10 years in Los Angeles, CA.
I would like to hire you for my file regarding my new citizenship since 2006 and the question of my success story in America. It is necessary to tell you that I must manage daily some obstacles preventing me to get the notoriety I would like to have in my new Country.
First, I am a musician specialized in rock music, including Country music but I was located all my life backstage and sometimes in the background. I am a good composer and lyricist and my goal is now to attract a record deal. For that, I need more than the present silence of the venues about my project to play on Broadway.
Secondly, as a filmmaker in Hollywood not enough, I can swear I will have a first feature film at the Box Office this decade but I checked still now I can be possibly blacklisted by some folks for some reasons representing politics.
It must be connected to my career in the future. Tell me if I can believe in it. These next years will be crucial for me and alone I cannot know, without you, how I am well or not appreciated by the authorities.
My goal is consequently to make the point about my records (at the FBI, Homeland Security and NSA) and to evaluate and to be evaluated by you, picturing our world, giving us the opportunity to socialize more with the press and the medias. We could invite them for a lunch that would be a press communique to have a first article and then so much after a while of entertainment and the publicity of the couple I want to do with a girl.
Next step at the White House in 2017? It’s possible when everything will be ready around my Justice case: what about my rights and who would want to reduce them?
Thank you to control all of that. You can call me for a meeting.
Best regards and happy new year.
Frederic Vidal

Michelle Williams, I Want Her In My Band, BRAMSTOCKER, and a Dating Process!

Read the whole story in the press release of my solo album, MY SINGER IS MISSING(tm).

Michelle Williams, she is my William Shakespeare lady, a Punk reality of a Celebrity who deserved the Academy Award for Best Actress but there was a different choice that must be investigated.

Michelle Williams, she is my William Shakespeare lady, a Punk reality of a Celebrity who deserved the Academy Award for Best Actress but there was a different choice that must be investigated.

My solo album tracklisting:

1. One Day Pass.
2. Happy End.
3. I’m Gonna Lose My Job.
4. Michelle Williams.
5. Popular French Reporter.
6. Brilliant Photographer.
7. Efficient Publicist.
8. Movie Critic.
9. Blogger.
10. Hollywood Activist.
11. Media Producer.
12. Festival Journalist.

BRAMSTOCKER AT THE ACADEMY AWARDS ALBUM (the already famous triple A) is postponed because of the crisis between Frederic Vidal and the Academy of the Motion Picture who denied (refused) his Press Pass.

Read more on our political blog:


Silly (Frederic Vidal – ASCAP) by BRAMSTOCKER dedicated to John Boehner, the Speaker of the House of Representatives that I am inviting to support me for the organization of the Class Action against the Academy Awards (The Artist, a fake French film that is an illegal parody of muy German Spy(tm) and Michelle Williams who was denied for the Best Actress Oscar because of the British manipulation about a Shakespeare actress.


Meryl Streep who plays Margaret Thatcher in the Iron Lady is not the right choice for the Best Actress Oscar. It is the same problem than for The Artist. For the fake French film shot in Burbank, Warner, Nicolas Sarkosy, French President and François Fillon, Prime Minister used your government position to get a bunch of Awards. The same for the British leaders. Van Morrison is the famous singer of the band THEP who played with success Here Comes the Night in the 60’s.




2. ROUTE 99 (1979)

3. HELLO DECADE (1981)



6. FOR NOTHING (NEW) (1988)


8. DECADE OF THE 9’S (1991)







Update Day + 1: LEDGER, New James Dean??

If It’s Commercial, It’s Wrong. If it is Not, It’s wrong Too. He’s Maybe a New RUDOLPH VALENTINO, But NOT A REBEL, NOT A Symbol Of TEENAGE DEPRESSION, Or Maybe Yes, BUT NOT WITHOUT A CAUSE!
DEAN Was a SOLO Type Of MOTOR-COWBOY, Part Of Of The Pre-Rock N’ Roll Attitude, Right!? BRANDO & Teams Were There With ELVIS also To Boost The 60’s Afterwards. HEATH LEDGER Was Almost ALONE In His MAGNIFIQUE Show Business CAREER Route!
Let’s Celebrate Jimmy And Forget This Mistake To MARKET LEDGER Like a New Old MEMORY. He Has His Own MOVIE LEGACY To Show Us The Way HE WAS: Just a MEDIA VOYAGER, probably Now IN PEACE.

Title: Congratulations To The One We Miss, HEATH LEDGER, and All The Other Winners: Celebration of The 2000’s For A Quality Ceremony With No Revelation For The 2010’s, Comments Fred Vidal, PhD.

No New Name but Great Old Names, It was An Emblematic Ceremony For The last Academy Awards Of The Decade and The Only Young Talent, Unknown 10 years ago, WAS NOT THERE.

Heath LEDGER must Be Proud Of This Last Victory in His Career if He listens to Us But He’s not anymore WITH Us. The other Talents were Perfect For Their Oscars BUT Something’s Strange As we Are a Little waiting for More about a New Generation.

Heath Is the Symbol of it. Others will Arrive, Soon? We’ll See.

Fred Vidal From NEW YORK Will Record This Week, For YouTube, Videos about The City and His Plan To Organize in Hollywood The 2010’s MOVIE AWARDS for Young Filmmakers and Stars of Tomorrow.

Read New Daily FRED VIDAL JOURNAL On Phote-Site
With HEATHER LEDGER Homage For DAY + 1:

HEATH LEDGER: A Star Is Born Too Late, But We Won't Forget!

HEATH LEDGER: A Star Is Born Too Late, But We Won't Forget!

Obviously, Heath Ledger Was Scheduled To Be There, He was The 2010’s, Hollywood is probably Lost without Him to build a Future. We’ll see how Heath will Inspire a Wave of New Artists of The Screen.

DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, First PRESIDENT Of The Academy Awards, Presents!!!

No Celebrities, No U.S. MONARCHY, HOLLYWOOD STARS, Movie Icons ONLY!!

With His REX INGRAM CENTER, For The Promotion and Diffusion Of The AMERICAN SILENT MOVIES, Fred Vidal, PhD Celebrates Today The 1929 OSCARS, Academy Awards Of The Future, Because Of The Past, Waiting For the 2009 and 2010 Awards With CREATIVITY!

The first Academy Awards ceremony was held on May 16, 1929.  Two hundred and fifty people attended the black-tie banquet in the Blossom Room of The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, On Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CALIFORNIA.

Let’s Come back To The Origins!! The NEW FASHION, It’s THE 20’s!



In 2010, Let’s Ask For A WEB Celebration Of The CEREMONY With a 1920’s WARDROBE For The Street Life!!

1929-2009: Academy Awards, BACK TO THE FUTURE? Fred Vidal Diffuses The FIRST Oscar Winners List! As A SOURCE LIFE!!

Explanation: People are Too Often in an Artificial World. Confusion between Hollywood and The Film Industry must be studied and appreciated as a Risk of dilusional behavior. The MOVIE INDUSTRY Is Another Industry that Still works Well and Must Continue To Work well by Keeping The REALITY ON THE GROUND.

The Oscars: It’s just a Selection of the Best Works of The Year. No Dream or Legend Live On Your TV Screen. It’s not Technical, It’s Cultural but Not a Film, Not a Show: A CEREMONY, word well-known For Emotions but First For ORGANIZATION. So, Let’s Appreciate, Before Tonight, THE LIST of The Definitive FIRST WINNERS. After that, This List Is Longer, and This Year is Another Line!

From 1929 (year with the reputation of the American Economy Crisis) to 2009 (year that begins slowly for the Economy but surely for our INDUSTRY), and The New Design BOOM: It’s THE 1920’s, Believe It!!


 Two Best Picture Awards:

Best Picture, ProductionWings, directed by William A. Wellman, starring Clara Bow, Charles “Buddy” Rogers, Richard Arlen, Jobvna Ralston, El Brendel, Richard Tucker, and Gary Cooper.

Best Picture, Unique and Artistic PictureSunrise: A Song of Two Humans, directed by German expatriate F.W. Murnau, starring George O’Brien, Janet Gaynor, Margaret Livingston and Bodil Rosing.


Swiss-born Emil Jannings  for two films: The Way of All Flesh (1927) and  The Last Command (1928).


Janet Gaynor for 3 Films : Seventh Heaven and Sunrise (1927), 1928’s Street Angel (1928).


Lewis Milestone, Two Arabian Nights (1927)


Frank Borzage, Seventh Heaven

CLARA BOW: Fred VIDAL Choice To INSPIRE The 2010's!!!

CLARA BOW: Fred VIDAL Choice To INSPIRE The 2010's!!! "1930: American screen star Clara Bow (1905 - 1965), popularly known as the 'It' girl plays Norma Martin in Paramount's comedy romance 'Her Wedding Night', directed by Frank Tuttle. (Photo by Eugene Robert Richee)".


Ben Hecht, Underworld (1927)


Benjamin Glazer, Seventh Heaven (1927)


Joseph Farnham, George Marion, Jr.


Charles Rosher, Karl Struss, Sunrise


William Cameron Menzies, The Dove (1927) and Tempest (1928)


Roy Pomeroy, Wings


Charlie Chaplin for The Circus (1928) , for “versatility and genius in acting, writing, directing and producing”.

Warner Brothers  for the production of The Jazz Singer in 1927, first film to use synchronized sound in a feature film.

WINGS: Clara BOW Universal Breakthrough, First OSCAR FOR A FILM!

WINGS: Clara BOW Universal Breakthrough, First OSCAR FOR A FILM!

ON TWITTER, It Was Said, Before 9AM The Day Of The OSCARS:

Fred Vidal: So Enjoy ABC Tonight, We Schedule DEF Tomorrow 4 A LIVE EVENT Next Year On ABC Too: More OSCARS, Less STRESS, THE CRISIS BEHIND!

  • Fred Vidal: In 10, It Will be Time To Build THE MOVIE Culture Of The Next Century: The XXIst Begins In 2011! And Me, I Will be A part of It!
  • Fred Vidal: I Chose Clara, BOW Is A Shining Name, To Show You The Future: Another DREAM World But THE SAME And Not The Same, Better than 09!
  • Fred Vidal: I Want To Telll you It’s An Important Night! It’s an ANNIVERSARY: 1929- 2009, It’s Today The BIG EVENT Of The OSCARS, A Cycle!!!
  • NO CELEBRITIES, No U.S. Monarchy: HOLLYWOOD STARS, Movie Icons ONLY! THE BLOG That MAKES The Day! Thank You. It’s SUNDAY!
  • Vidal-Bow: THE FASHION IS BACK! Often Copied, Never very well, NEVER With INSPIRATION!! WINGS, Best Picture Of Everynight ACADEMY AWARDS!!
  • 7,600 Updates! ZAM: Clara BOW, I Never Heard About that LADY! Looks Like A Recurrent ICON On GOOGLE, Must Be A Special PLAN Of DARKPOL??!!
  • HISTORIC PICTURE CLARA BOW On WordPres Now, Ultimate FEATURING for This TONIGHT’s Ceremony! Vidal Team Makes The News… & The OSCARS, Maybe!
  • WOMAN: It’s A Miracle!! Fred is Just A Punk Rocker but Also A PhD VETERAN And He Selected That Nice LADY With the Feeling. She’s AN ICON!!!
  • Oscars SPECIALISTS: Fred VIDAL-Clara BOW, The COUPLE Of The YEAR!!!!
  • Let’s Be REVIVAL, Let’s PROMOTE The TREND For A Carpet MADE IN TWENTIES!! The Women Like That Look Gorgeous and GLAMOROUS, Really FUN!!!
  • Insider: Fred Vidal, PhD More and More Supported By Hollywood, His Popularity To EXPLODE When A PR Hired! It’s another SUCCESS STORY Deal!!!
  • TAGS Record 4 Dr. Log WORDPRESS! All The Winners of The 1st OSCARS Tagged In World-Event Article Super-BLOG This Morning 4 WASHINGTON Birth!
  • WWwaaaoouuu! It Happened This Morning because Fred Makes The BLOG, One More Time by Releasing The OSCAR Results 1st Year: TWENTY-NINE!
  • Journalist: IT CAN WORK! VIDAL & His Punk Design Team 2077 ADVICE DESIGN 20’s 4 Everybody, Especially STARS RED CARPET, We’ll Check TONIGHT!
  • Busy Trend Commentator: NEW CULTURAL REVOLUTION, Go 2 Your Wardrobe and Find The Celebration Dress Of Your Grandmother. CRAZY FEELING, 20’s!
  • Clara BOW, FASHION Tendency: WARDROBE 20’s!! BRAMSTOCKER Recommends To THE FASHION INDUSTRY To GO BACK 2 The 20’s. Call It PUNK GLAM!!!!!!
  • CLARA BOW: STAR OF THE OSCARS, According To Fred Vidal!! She Was the LEAD In The 1st Best Picture AWARD: WINGS!! CLARA BOW!

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