TELL ME, the sequel of Don’t Tell Me by Madonna from USA to be performed in 2014, a first touch of 2016. I’M CANDIDATE as  MIKE FULLER forever Young. FK


Bonne année 2014. Quels moments vous ont marqué en 2013 ?
@google Décembre : l’accélération vers 2014. La confirmation que 2013 restera comme la chute du duo Bush et Obama, CIA et NSA en duo. FV (12/31/2013)

D – 1043. Hillary Clinton has found his new Bill to pay with an election: Barack is a dollar maker. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016. (12/31/2013)

New poll: Obama and Hillary Clinton lead as most admired man and woman in U.S., respectively, by wide margins.

D – 1044. Russia has not real Punk Culture to propose to the World and consequently there is a crisis about mainstream Pussy Riot and Putin. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

No real Punk and Web Culture in Russia. Mainstream Pussy Riot and Putin, manager without a CD. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

My goal now is to know why I’m Barack Obama’s Nelson Mandela. My blackout is wrong and bad. I’m Snowden contrary : Mike Fuller. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

D – 1045. Sabotage of my Campaign by White House is definitely a lawsuit object. After Paul Walker death of FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

The 50 Governors of the USA are the reason of population boycott of my project to become the President of the United States. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016 is proud to introduce to you the year 2014 and invite you to refuse the worst of the US: segregation and racism. (12/29/2013)

D – 1048. He’s Putin‘s Puppet and he’s replacing honest people like me in the medias. He will be judged by his People. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

Snowden, la coqueluche des médias, est arrivé dans la presse à ma place car on ne veut plus de ceux qui sont pour l’Ordre. Snowden, l’agent NSA pro-Poutine, a une tête d’assassin et le soutien de trop d’américains car il est un corrompu du KGB. L’Ordre des Nations-Unies, de la diplomatie, du respect des Libertés Publiques. Il y aurait eu moins de Big Brother aussi. (12/26/2013)

Le directeur d’un Théâtre parisien fonce en voiture sur les grilles de l’Elysée. Une agression symbolique d’une situation de crise de la culture en France à cause du manque d’association avec la culture américaine, son alliée qui peut la détruire. Il faut un Traité de Commerce entre la France et les Etats-Unis cette année en 2014 pour que l’on puisse rester français en France et devenir américain en pensée quand on achète des produits made in USA. Frédéric Vidal

D – 1053. Vidalism is a Church and its pope is the people itself believing in Mary and Jesus himself as advisers of Human Beings. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

D – 1053. The New Directory in France is sponsored by the French origins company Dupond de Nemours, benefactor we need for our Culture Department. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016. (12/21/2013)

D – 1055. Hillary needs a break before to confirm she’s the Democrats candidate for next Presidential election. This is Great Expectation. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016. (12/19/2013)

D – 1056. I will participate in the 2014 SYMPOSIUM FOR TWITTER MEANING HISTORY, Tweets Impact Study. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016. (12/18/2013)

D – 1058. I support BRAMSTOCKER new Record: NICE IS MY TOWN / NICE EST MA VILLE for a New City Hall in Nice, France. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

D – 1063. @JimDeMint D – 1063. There will be a special time to read budget and to vote the cuts for economy and cashback program after FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016, once elected.

D – 1064. In 2016, we will be one to vote together for a New Age mixing MTV, MTV2 and VH1 with Paramount. Young needs Rock. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

D – 1064. My Presidency will be the Mandela one. No more lies about races, nationalities, expression of hate nowhere, a Pope paradise. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

D – 1067. We need to record the Presidency on a daily basis for History and the next Campaign in 2016. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

D – 1066. Mandela had a very long life and his icon is immortal. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

D – 1065. Dec 7: PEARL HARBOR is today. America at war. No more Ground Zero. Mike Fuller and FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016.

@nytimes Not my FUTURE DIARY 2016 that represents the Black Man President. Obama + Mandela = Vidal not Sarkosy. FREDERIC VIDAL USA 2016. (12/12/13)

For Pearl Harbor, the Reply: THE FUTURE DIARY OF MIKE FULLER (Frederic Vidal) on WordPress!

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The Inter-Letters: #7. 06/26/2012 (Tuesday). Trotsky, the quality of policy on time and the great Pretender, Mike Fuller.

): BREAKTHROUGH™: Vers un état de siège en Californie ?

California is not the worst State but a State that does not go too well. Everybody is jealous of California, myself I like it a lot. The budget is not good, Schwarzenegger did a very bad jog as the Governor and now there is social stress that is visible in the movie industry from 2003 to 2011 (I was there) with a present year detestable. I’m speaking about security, in the streets, in the real estate, in the filming business, about drugs, illegal activities, political behavior that are not correct, human trafficking that I reduced a little with my campaigns.

But for now, I am preparing these nice vacations in Florida for the Republican Tampa with another sun, the Atlantic one and I advice Washington about (to decide and organize) a possible and necessary state of siege or emergency to improve my previous location in America. Now I am in Tallahassee (read my autographiée letter for Tampa, Florida).

LES AUTOGRAPHES. La Lettre au Parti Républicain.

LES AUTOGRAPHES. La Lettre au Parti Républicain.

LES AUTOGRAPHES. La Lettre au Parti Républicain (la signature).

LES AUTOGRAPHES. La Lettre au Parti Républicain (la signature).

): BLOCKBUSTER™: A first speaking role in Studio City.

I will so aprecciate to be back in South California for one day or two of nice work on a set to officialize I am an actor (SAG-AFTRA) with a real magnifique speaking role (as I was for too long a background actor, a silent one even if featured with the best of the business like Spielberg and Eastwood).

There will be this kind of magic for sure and I will continue my way after hundreds of days of plateaux, movie sets, from Burbank to Hollywood, working for the best companies in town (Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Sony, NBC Universal and independents). Soon in your (home) theater with or without Intervision™. Before may 68 in France, there was April 68.

Shadoks, they were the famous cartoon in France before and after the may 68 movement of revolt of the students.

Shadoks, they were the famous cartoon in France before and after the may 68 movement of revolt of the students.

BRAMSTOCKER™: Permanent homage to the show biz on Facebook.

With a new address on Facebook, I continue to share my knowledge about music and solidarity meaning also business and industry, but first of all, ART, for (a little help from) my FRIENDS. This is for BRAMSTOCKER™, movement and global group of sweet hearts worldwide with now my full name FREDERIC on screen and not only Fred that means four letters for my success abroad only (nickname). The band is still punk, I manage my fandom and we’re preparing My Mini-Feeling for exportations of our wiseness, a song that rocks and civic one, for a while. So I want to tell you, we’re not The Beatles and the new LINKIN PARK is in stores since yesterday.

Living Things and they will be always living, these things that we call revolution and lovze and happiness and projects of changes.

Living Things and they will be always living, these things that we call revolution and lovze and happiness and projects of changes.

): FRENCH POST™: Retour à l’antique pour comprendre un film théâtral.

Aujourd’hui, un conte tragique qui est aussi un conte de fée datant de l’Antiquité en fait mais repris par De La Fontaine, un français qui sait ce que poésie veut dire. C’est mon inspiration pour le FRENCH COP™ de théâtre avec ou sans Adjani et Depardieu et possiblement avec Cruise et Kidman. Un exemple de récit réussi: Jean de la Fontaine écrit LE LIEVRE ET LA TORTUE.

Rien ne sert de courir; il faut partir à point : Le lièvre et la tortue en sont un témoignage. «Gageons, dit celle-ci, que vous n’atteindrez point Sitôt que moi ce but. – Sitôt ? Êtes-vous sage ?  Repartit l’animal léger : Ma commère, il vous faut purger Avec quatre grains d’ellébore.) – Sage ou non, je parie encore.” Ainsi fut fait; et de tous deux On mit près du but les enjeux : Savoir quoi, ce n’est pas l’affaire, Ni de quel juge l’on convint. Notre lièvre n’avait que quatre pas à faire, J’entends de ceux qu’il fait lorsque, prêt d’être atteint, Il s’éloigne des chiens, les renvoie aux calendes, Et leur fait arpenter les landes. Ayant, dis-je, du temps de reste pour brouter, Pour dormir et pour écouter D’où vient le vent, il laisse la tortue Aller son train de sénateur. Elle part, elle s’évertue, Elle se hâte avec lenteur. Lui cependant méprise une telle victoire, Tient la gageure à peu de gloire, Croit qu’il y a de son honneur De partir tard. Il broute, il se repose, Il s’amuse à toute autre chose Qu’à la gageure. A la fin, quand il vit Que l’autre touchait presque  au bout de la carrière, Il partit comme un trait; mais les élans qu’il fit Furent vains : la tortue arriva la première. “Eh bien! lui cria-t-elle, avais-je pas raison ? De quoi vous sert votre vitesse ?  Moi l’emporter! et que serait-ce Si vous portiez une maison ?”

Jean de la Fontaine, Jean de la Fontaine, on ne le connaît pas en Amérique.

Jean de la Fontaine, Jean de la Fontaine, on ne le connaît pas en Amérique.

Les Fables sont les amis des Américains et des français.


Mon Secrétariat d’Etat (aux Affaires Litigieuses)™, je le vois à l’hôtel de Castries, à Paris bien sûr, entre l’Elysée et Matignon, en bonne relation courante avec les autres ministères et un spécial feeling pour l’Assemblée Nationale du grand Bartolone qui vient d’être élu Président grâce à mon appoint meaning j’étais pour et pas le seul. Car à l’Assemblée, les lois sont votées, plutôt deux fois qu’une (vote de confirmation par le Sénat également) et c’est au coeur de mes préoccupations puisque tout ministre (including les Secrétaires d’Etat) se doit de répondre aux questions orales du mercredi au Palais Bourbon et surtout mener à bien son programme législatif en amenant au vote de bons projets de lois, à confirmer par le Conseil Constitutionnel. Merci pour cet article de vulgarisation !

Ma lettre aux ministres autographée.

Ma lettre aux ministres autographée.

This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: Leon Trotsky.

Trotsky is the essential theorician of our today's world, he is the guy who understands what is wrong and how it can be right.

Trotsky is the essential theorician of our today’s world, he is the guy who understands what is wrong and how it can be right.

A non-profit EVIDENCE™ publishing. A TIMEFRAMES™ LLC publication by INTERVISION™.

Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: Frederic Vidal.

Sous l’égide du projet de Secrétariat d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAL),
under the aegis of the Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs (SSLA) project.

  • Le trailer du jour : VANILLA SKY.

A FILM IS A PYRAMID, You Cannot be The Pharaoh Alone, It’s All About a Dynasty, The POWER OF THE MOVIE, Remember ORSON WELLES And Give Him a Brother!

Orson WELLES, It's All True Appears To Be THE MYSTERY We Need To Understand TO ACCESS THE DREAM You Want Of A HOLLYWOOD CAREER!!!

Orson WELLES, It's All True Appears To Be THE MYSTERY We Need To Understand HOW TO ACCESS THE DREAM You Want Of A HOLLYWOOD CAREER!!!

In 1942, One year After the Release of CITIZEN KANE, Nelson ROCKEFELLER  Commissioned Welles To Go to RIO to Film the Annual Carnival, as a part Of a GoodWill Mission to SOUTH AMERICA! ORSON Left Los Angeles for Brazil, accepts an RKO contract for a State Department sponsored film project,  THE GOAL: to strengthen relationships with the United States’ “good neighbors” in Latin America. In the early 1990s, scholars and historians rescued the incredible previously unseen footage from It’s All True!!  And Now, The Film Is Our BEST EXAMPLE To Understand HOLLYWOOD!! A Project-Deal, A Found-Partnership and The Result Is on The FILM! After, the Distribution, It always Depend of The Times. Try to do better Than Welles on That Masterpiece Promotion!!

After the Shooting, RKO lost Interest In the WELLES project and during 50 Years, footage From that Shoot stayed LOST And Forgotten. Discovered In A PARAMOUNT Building, It was Finally Reassembled & kind Of released In ART HOUSES.

Title: Picture-Banks, Film-Condominiums, Citizenship-Products:

Take 5 NoteBooks and Write These Titles On The COVERS:

1) Cash-Deals

Find The People Who Are Ready To Put Enough CASH In The BANK Account Of The Film! They Are Nice Guys who Know It’s necessary To Begin the building Of your Budget Production. It makes sense for them, not For your Competitors That you will Invite To your Condominium in A second Time for an exchange Of Strategical Information because They are a Part of your Fame if you Organize your Film as A Success for Everybody.

2) Bank-Films

Do The Public Relations Filmmaker To socialize with Nice Bankers Executives, One Of Them Is The Production Financial manager of Your movie if You open Your Door to His Dreams of Fine Business deals. It Can happen! Bankers Are not only NO-People. They are ARTISTS who Don’t know Enough They Can work With Artists. EVERYBODY Works With Somebody Who works In a MAJOR STUDIO! Nobody, Except us, Knows A BANK That Finances YOUR Movie. More Than Financing, your BANK Is THE BUDGET DEAL-MAKER of The PROJECT, If you Are Smart TO Sale it As A PRODUCT Made in HOLLYWOOD.

3) Partner-Flows

CASH FLOW, If you’re more Clever than your friends, You don’t Use that 2 Words Together anymore. You Have the Cash and you Have The Flow. And The -: it Means the Partners: DASH FLOW!! I mean YOUR PARTNERS, It’s Not ONLY the Ones Who Put A Good Amount Of CASH In The FILM, you’re Preparing, as A Business PROJECT. YOUR PARTNERS Must BE not only Your NEIGHBORS, your Children, Your SuperMarket Co-Clients, But the Crowd Of Your COMMUNITY on The Web That WE Call FRIENDS On These So sweet Membership Sites, First of them ALL: Myspace, FACEBOOK.
So these PARTNERS, They Gonna PAY Their TICKET for Your DREAM-REALITY-HOLLYWOOD, A Smart MOVIE on A good Screen and The Price Of The Ticket, It’s A MASS REVOLUTION because The Feature Film is Not Financed AS USUAL.

4) Condominium Discipline

Those who purchase units in a condominium technically own everything from their walls inward. All of the individual homeowners have shared rights to most common areas, such as the elevators, hallways, pools and club houses. SO, IT’S Good For YOU. Build Your Film As a COMPANY and Your COMPANY will Have A NAME: Your Film! Basically! Try Another TITLE if You’re Not satisfied By The PREVIOUS Name!! And This Business and Artistic Adventure Beyond The Sea Of a Routine will Be Your CONDOMINIUM, A Place That is A location Where everybody will have a Place If They pay The Price and ACCEPT to Participate in THE MAINTENANCE. It’s A lot Of Discipline to Organize that but These People Are INVESTORS, even Fan are a Part of The CONDO. We will Speak more About the Condominium Strategy ISSUES in an Upcoming ARTICLE.

5) Citizenship-Products

AMERICA now is Sad and POOR without A Dream of Development. So There is your Movie and Some Other Things, like Family and CAREER that are Still The ENGINES We NEED for The KIDS to Show the Way to their Parents, including the Ones you love. There Is OBAMA Too but He needs Your HELP!!! Call/Think Your Film: A CITIZENSHIP-PRODUCT!


Fred Vidal Dedicates TO MARSHALL McLUHAN That ARTICLE That Destroys The OLD DREAMS Of A HOOLYWOOD That You Cannot JOIN! You a Part Of It, and You Build it FOR PROFIT!

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