Live from the San Francisco Summit about the NEW ESTABLISHMENT thanks to Thomas SPEARS and before the publishing of THE COMET web-newsletter on Tuesday, October 25, Mike FULLER must write 5 letters to Vince SAUVAN to give him the conditions and content of his last mission of the FRENCH COP trilogy: the WIN WIN chapter.

The 1st Letter: TODAY.

LETTER TO VINCE SAUVAN by President of the USA (dimension 1) Mike FULLER. October 20, 2016. Dear Vince, Cher Vincent: you know how much the other dimension is having a terrible bad time these days, especially our Country at the lower level we call the USB. It concerns me a lot. I want to inform you that my lawyer there, Dr. Frederic VIDAL is giving me the opportunity to replace him as he considered himself passed away murdered to some extend with girlfriend by enemy. You have to know that before to start your last mission during my Presidency. Its name is CODIFIED WIN-WIN. The target is not only to send a MESSAGE OF LOVE and HAPPINESS to the USB destroyed by hate and jealousy of the Elite but also, OF COURSE, to solve our own problems. You know Vince the USB are so crucial according to my knowledge for us. They will do a film immediately about our mission, they won’t diffuse it commercially as usual until now as they boycott your franchise THE FRENCH COP. Let me now tell you the details about the content I want you to follow for your 3rd operation with DARKPOL for CIA with NSA support on our territory.

You know, Vince the KGB NEXT GEN is a very dangerous service against us. Believing in HITLER and STALIN reunited, I don’t mean only they are inspiring a role play in the USB (I stop now speaking about there by reminding you I am now in this dimension Presidential candidate and Shadow President but with only a very few chances to be elected. HERE I AM PRESIDENT, FRENCH COP, IN THE USA, the USB call them also USA, no confusion even if we have the duty to HELP THEM). So, this is a memo by the way. I will send you a circular tomorrow. KGB NEXT GEN is still active in our HOLLYWOOD and I don’t have to be so sorry for your wife PATRICA HUNTER WHO DISAPPEARED one year ago. You know I am so sad for you!!! I have information from my Secret Service, she would be in the Hollywood Hills. I know you are already on your way to find her BUT you need my agreement.

So, listen, Vincent. I know you are French and you don’t understand everything sometimes. I’m recording this memo on a tape. I will prepare a new presentation of the situation tomorrow. We are 2 with the same problem: Close COOPERS, my Secretary is not with me right now. You know it is connected. In New York, there must be also some network of PYRAMID, the 2nd organization AGAINST YOU! Wake up, Vince! We gonna win, to gether. It’s the beginning of the WIN-WIN. After the WHITE HOUSE and your FIRST FIGHT. I will play your role on the big screen in the USB if I’m not elected President in the USB Nov 8, like I am here. (laughs) MF


More info:

Letter To Vince SAUVAN, The FRENCH COP, Sponsored By BrAmStOcKeR And TImesfraMES After GERMAN SPY III Failure In 2015-16!

On Twitter

@jessieslife I am writing now my new FRENCH COP story on my blog Police only NEVER. You and me = SHOW BIZ FUN. Mike 


I already sent a Tip to your Bureau in Florida. I am a write-in Presidential candidate for November 8 (candidate ID: P 60023413). There is a campaign of defamation and slander about me and actress-DJ Jessie Andrews. The objective is to prevent me any possibility to attract press for politics or entertainment. I would appreciate your investigation about gossips and bad buzz I am not a professional, I am restless and sick, this lady is married with other French man (I’m a dual citizen) and blah blah blah like that to devastate me and my career. I was the owner of a house in Hollywoodland I had to short sale. No contract, really probable boycott. Jessie is a ‘porn star’. I was thinking I could be in touch with her but never a reply. She’s also a DJ and me a songwriter. Obviously, I have a bad reputation according to her management until now. I would like that to change. Previously, I had the same problem with Screen Actors Guild actresses (I joined this Union too in 2005). I’m divorced and it’s normal immigrant VIP like me has so much problems to marry an American woman. I was thinking it would be easier with Jessie ANDREWS, I was wrong. Anyway, I continue my work on the Web and my campaign and I stay optimistic for the close future. Thank you to do something because this hostility against me from Hollywood and possibly some Washington appears to be partly criminal (also France is involved and a support against me. They never accepted I left the Country in 2003!)


TOMORROW (10/21): 

About New York Times article: Donald Trump Heckled by New York Elite at Charity Dinner

I’m preparing a Q&R about Vince Sauvan in the other dimension. SciFi and semi-fictional for me today. This picture looks the same and article, maybe too. The DA VINCI CODE in the reality? Hillary and Donald separated by a judge of God. I think so much he is representing me indeed, modestly. I’m not the Pope, I am Like FULLER, the candidate of the WRITE-IN, the Bible was the first book write in Roman (after Hebrew), a write-in piece of Religion (old and new wills). Read my blog like the 3rd Will Have a good day. I stay low on the Web until the 25 (THE COMET publishing starts that day. My inter-newsletter for the Net and the Time, Net is a space). Dr. Mike FULLER not invited yesterday?

About Washington Post article: At charity roast, Donald Trump delivered what might as well be a campaign eulogy

TRUMP destabilized by a Fundraising else than for his campaign: it makes sense. He’s 50% Clinton quality and 0% FULLER talent. A caricature of a President by a candidate for Governor of New York, the job he could have got previously and smartly. But he’s a James DEAN of politics and a Marlon BRANDO of financing. I am myself, writing to Vince SAUVAN on my Blog He’s my hero, the FRENCH COP and he will reply, not like RUBIO who will never email me, probably, blind since TRY|UMP. He could have been may Shadow Vice-P. Mike FULLER president of the USB Jan 20?

YESTERDAY (10/19):

DR Feelgood gonna watch with me the 3rd debate of the 2 restless candidates, a male and a female. I have nothing good to say about them. I’m a competitor. I know they don’t like me. I don’t like them. I like MOTLEY CRUE. Mike FULLER debates

TODAY (10/20):

About New York Times article: Donald Trump Won’t Say if He’ll Accept Result of Election

I don’t understand the press. What does that mean? Is he about to commit a suicide for a HALLOWEEN revival on the 9?? Anyway, TRUMP succeeded to do the HEADLINES NEWS despite his bad face and his struggling eyes half-closed, yesterday noght or Clint EASTWOOD style of the bad days (another Republican). For me, Mike FULLER HILLARY WINS live on the third debate and that’s it. It’s not semi-fictional or if it is, delusional too, it is not the REALITY so it EXPLAINS!! Mike (helped by S. Thomas SPEARS).


DREAM ON: the official music Video but for MTV, not the original like yesterday’s debate. I saw it from the Marriott. MF


A better version. MF

It was a breakthrough, no really. Mike rock fan, not more

About the Washington Post: He said, she said. Highlights from the third Trump-Clinton presidential debate of 2016. The 2016 campaign has been filled with questionable statements and attacks of every nature. For the third presidential debate, we’re scrutinizing what both candidates said.

I prefer TOYS IN THE ATTIC. Mike FULLER Hillary winner “Sing with me, sing for the years
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears
Sing with me, just for today
Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away.
Dream on
Dream on
Dream on
Dream until your dreams come true.” (Written by Steven Tyler • Copyright © BMG Rights Management US, LLC)

Special HALLOWEEN – BrAmStOcKeR SF – SciFi: “All of the things that you learned from fears. Nothing is left for years.” DYLAN’s children: oe PERY, Stven Victor TALLARICO – Copyright (c) Warner / Chappell, Inc, BMG Rights Management US, LLC. Oh, it’s a sunny day outside my window… Mike FULLER beatles

MIKE FULLER: Accepted FEC: 1109472. The candidate ID:  P 60023413 as a WRITE-IN, as a write-in. Presentation: Paul McCartney playing Mike FULLER, it could have been possible if the film had been scheduled in the 1960’s but it is a biography and it is from the 2000’s. We would need Science Fiction but it does not exist (fiction). So let’s be friends. No letter for him, he is so busy touring all the time and commemorating The BEATLES. The question is THE WRITE-IN, I DO for YOU with MY NAME: MIKE FULLER. It is the content of my registration yesterday.


This is it. Mke FULLER is really CANDIDATE NOW. The solution was the WRITE-IN. These Republicans who don’t reply, it means nothing. TRUMP and CLINTON are lost in a dispute about sexual content. This is not politics, this is regression of political expression. We don’t mind their chaos. We are indie and ready to win. Mike needs one more week with a very few Internet to campaign fulltime in Washington and nationwide. I cannot replace it. It’s not a RADIO SILENCE (laughs). The newsletter for the 25. It won’t be delayed!! Like McCAin said: be prepared to write ANOTHER NAME on your ballot: Mike FULLER (last name enough). Last name enough!


Letter: Statement Of Candidacy filed online on

Page by Page Report Display

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2016 Presidential Form 2 Filers


Paul McCartney playing Mike FULLER , in the 1960’s.
Picture from:

Paul McCartney On Wikipedia:


October 6, 2016

BOWIE YEAR. Lyrics: Mike FULLER (ASCAP). Music: traditional Blues.
BOWIE YEAR is the 3rd song of 3 (with SHADOW PRESIDENT and THE WEDDING SONG) to have been composed on Monday, October 3, 2016 in San Francisco and scheduled to be on an EP with a cover:
LOVE ME DO (Lennon/McCartney), a cool song too. A trilogy and an old breakthrough of The BEATLES, breakthrough and blockbuster.

On Wikipedia:


Bowie performing with Cher on the Cher show, 1975.



It’s next year: 2017 will be our Bowie year.
David passed away with a last album: BLACK STAR.
He will stay our Best Friend Forever.
I knew himfor the release of ALADDIN SANE
A long time ago, on ce upon a time (for decades).


I was fifteen, studying the songs of The Beatles and The Stones.
I was lost in this universe of the 1960’s when I was a Kid.
He arrived as Ziggy STARDUST to tell us: everything changes!
These young Americans with us were listening to his Glam Rock
and it changed!


From Station to Station, we were Heroes just for one day,
Rebel, Rebel, I decided to try, to be punk, what a homage!
Iggy, Lou Reed and MOTT THE HOOPLE were his productions.
With The Sex Pistols, I contributed to his Fandom obviously
he liked that.

His TIN MACHINE was so pure, I don’t understand
it was criticized.
Let’s Dance, he said, and we had to dance.
His China Girl was a beauty we will never forget.
He wa also actor, we had no time to wait.
We played in a movie called Rock’n Roll liek alcohol,
all his life hye showed us the way to Amsterdam by Brel.


David BOWIE, he could have been Lord or US Citizen.
I would have welcomed him to produce an album for me.
David BOWIE, he was a Gentleman with his uniform of clown,
strange neighbor we would like to call Mike FULLER.
His masterpiece was his attitude of grace, vice and vertue.
That will never happen twice.


The end.

o t h e r w i s e   o n  t h e  s o c i a l  m e d i a


TOM SPEARS: Welcome everybody to the COMIC CON in NEW YORK I’m in SAN FRANCISCO with Mike FULLER for the Campaign!!

TOM SPEARS: Mike FULLER is somebody MAGIC a little, RELIGIOUS about him and the others. It’s BASIC: born in 59 (to stop VIETNAM War), 77 no

Punk only: 1777 = SAN JOSE creation!! 1999: his PhD dissertation wins in Paris! SEPTEMBER 11: BIN LADIN to DESTROY after BIRTHDAY SEPT 10!!!

PRESS on the phone: are you here, Thomas SPEARS???

TOM SPEARS: Yes. By the way, there is ONE great exclusive Mike FULLER Editorial on FACEBOOK this morning.

PRESS on the phone: FULLER, he can make it!? One told me HE’S WRITING TO THE GOVERNORS AGAIN! He must negotiate WITH THE MEDIAS, PrImE TiMe?

About Hartford Courant ‏@hartfordcourant
Hurricane Matthew’s death toll jumps to at least 108 in hard-hit Haiti

So sad, all these poor people victims of WEATHER TERROR. HAITI is invited to be the 51st STATE if they want to! SOLIDARITY OF UNITED STATES! 

I wrote an editorial on MIKE’s wall on FACEBOOK (in fact, it’s late VIDAL account we continue PROUDLY). TRUMP is 100% DOWN WITHOUT FULLER RUBIO!!

4:50PM PT Alert! From inside DREAMFORCE TrailBlazers 2016, the real MIKE FULLER accepts an interview by Thomas SPEARS. LIVE! The TICKET issue!! NEXT!!

TOM SPEARS: Mike FULLER continues his Thursday at DREAM FORCE and for the FLEET WEEK, guys! SF before DC. If you have other Q, I have the A!


Hello, it’s Mike FULLER. My motto is not Frederic VIDAL’s one (Ready for the Worst, Preparing the Best). My motto is: TO WIN IS TO LOSE. This is EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK content this morning after my Campaign Manager excellent TWITTER yesterday afternoon. I am asking for the support ofGary JOHNSON and the GREEN Lady. Their candidacies are not good at all fgor the OPPOSITION in America. I understand they are candidates of their PARTIES, so hostages of this system of the 2 giants but theu give a bad image to the OPPOSITION. As the SHADOW PRESIDENT for 4 years if I don’t win November 8, I will have to meet all the movements that WANT A CHANGE IN THIS COUNTRY. I see you later or follow TOM on TWITTER. It’s NEW YORK COMIC CON Day #1 in NEW YORK today. Here in SF, the DREAMFORCE continues. Have a great day. Mike FULLER candidate. Comic Con site:

About CNN Politics article: 30 former GOP lawmakers sign anti-Trump letter

This is a good beginning. GOP MEMBERS who are against TRUMP must express themselves. It’s DEMOCRACY. Why a taboo?!! We won’t attack Donald, just PRESENT A GOP2 Indie TICKET. I propose FULLER RUBIO. I’m political science specialist. It will give us more VOTES. Pro-CLINTON people will hesitate. I can tell you. The Millennials, guys born between 81 and 96, the young voters, WILL say YES to an alternate Republican ticket TO HAVE 2 CHANCES TO GO TO THE WHITE HOUSE. Mike FULLER is a Baby Boomer generation (59) Man, he’s far more serious than TRUMP, too much A COMEDIAN with nobody to laugh. Thanks.
Thomas SPEARS, Campaign Manager

About: Paul Ryan Is Planning a Revolution, and It Starts in January

Ryan is Fullerist. Interview from DREAMFORCE SF follows on TWITTER VIDALFULLER2016. TS

About: We have to be FIRM’ Furious Hollande says Britain MUST PAY for Brexit

President HOLLANDE is like his predecessors. Germany only matters. Why? This is the end of the Nth Republic of De Gaulle. A VIth is occult and the VIIth will arrive for a RATIONALIZATION. MF

About NY Times: Donald Trump’s Slip in Polls Has G.O.P. Worried About Congress

EXACTLY. Too much, too soon. Like the New York Dolls, also managed by McLaren (title of their 2nd Opus), TRUMP must resign to be THE ONLY ONE. FULLER ready for a walk! Here are The SEX PISTOLS (2nd band, Made in UK, managed by the same Malcolm McLaren, in the 70’s). Next, Mike interview from SF. Tom SPEARS



October 5, 2016.

Attn: Mrs. Teresa MAY
Prime Minister
Downing Street
London, United Kingdom

Dear Mrs. MAY:

I am Mike FULLER, previously known as Frederic VIDAL, a French citizen who immigrated in the United States in 2003. Basically, Mr. VIDAL didn’t succeed his career, even in Hollywood for almost 10 years, until 2011. HE NEVER SIGNED OTHER CONTRACTS THAN OF REAL ESTATE OWNERSHIP AND BACKGROUND ACTOR.

I replace Frederic VIDAL who symbolically passed away, not for a revenge, but for my own fate and fame. He wanted so much our band BRAMSTOCKER was famous in 77 but no record label felt comfortable to sign them. Previously, Frederic, Monaco native, was a guest in a fairy tale by others who understood they are guest in his own one.

Life and business are not a fairy tale! Politics can be based on a love story. Regarding music, British show biz was accused for the rejection of the band. In 2016, I am registered at the US FEC (Federal Election Commission) Presidential candidate like 1,600 other Americans.

I’m not a joke candidate and my problem is that the Authorities (and the press, that are one fortunately for them!) consider me as a dissident THAT IS 100% WRONG. I was never in touch with Edward SNOWDEN (repression in the States is about him, even if a movie by Oliver STONE was released recently) and he’s not known to be one of my supporters at all.

As a Presidential candidate (with a Web Campaign on the Social Media), Conservative and Liberal, close to the Republicans (GOP2), I have my own opinion and program about everything including Islam and terrorism. I’m pro-diplomacy and anti-war. It would be the same with the Authorities. It changes nothing. They have a bad file against me, certainly. Frederic was naturalized in 2006, created his LLC in 2005 when he joined the Screen Actors Guild but in 2007, he was refused by a Hollywood family to marry the daughter and be a couple on screen for FRENCH COP, his first movie project (still active).

I am demanding you to interfere to back me in this affair about me and the American Medias I accuse of blacklisting and boycott since 2007. I invited the press, June 3 in LA and August 4 in SF: nobody came. It’s a question of principle. WATERLOO WAS NEVER FOR NAPOLEON A VICTORY (they must think the contrary).

The French during 4 years of Revival (11-15) showed how much their previously civil servant (15 years) Frederic VIDAL (FV) was treated like a FREAK in his hometown of Nice after aunt’s death and flat to sale (never happened!).

Scotland Yard would be, for sure, the4 best to investigate about the French and American trauma and censorship against me: an artist maybe too much British for them, as I schedule, elected or not, THE DAVID BOWIE YEAR IN 2017 (with an ambitious program) and 4 years as a SHADOW PRESIDENT inspired judicially and politically by your system of Shadow Cabinet.

Sincerely yours,

Mike FULLER from San Francisco

Copies: INTERPOL, UNITED NATIONS (Secretary-General).




Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Mike FULLER follows President Ronald REAGAN who was close to Prime Minister Margaret THATCHER in the 1980’s.


On Myspace

Letter To The UK Prime Minister. I tell her the truth about us and about me: we’re a little British in America (they were the previous owners!) President Mike FULLER shadow



He would be more intelligent to support my campaign, on location with me in SF. I’m sure he thinks like me about politics. Mike FULLER

About New York Times article: Tim Kaine and Mike Pence Clash Sharply Over Their Running Mates

2 men without a cause. Where are the United States of Yesterday. McCartney playing in Sacramento tonight? For a new Arena? It’s more important, maybe and must be verified. Culture was not in the Debate. Anyway, my open mic was cancelled, the venue is not anymore. I play tonight THE WEDDING SONG with SHADOW PRESIDENT. I have the right of 2 songs. Mike (Postscript: these 2 guys are not bad. They are unsecure).

About Washington Post Article: The Daily 202: Pence wins, Trump loses in vice-presidential debate

Good news for PENCE (strange name like the other looking like Bob KANE, founder of BATMAN). I’m Republican by the way. It explains for AFFLECK why he’s not with me now in SF with CLOONEY. Why only Democrats in HOLLYWOOD except me, EASTWOOD and maybe LEWIS!? PENCE did good. HE MUST CALM DOWN TRUMP and JOIN MY FIGHT for a NEW AMERICA now. Why not? We’re good old GOP, even if I’m GOP2, like MTV2. See you on Twitter now and EXCLUSIVE WORDPRESS of crisis. Mike FULLER de guerre

About Marco RUBIO and Tweets of hima bout Hurricane

I acknowledge meaning he could be my Vice, like Ike with NIXON, knowing that EISENHOWER was a lot older at that time than Richard. Marco is just a little younger than me, normally. Anyway, except a MIRACLE, we won’t be in the Ballots. But I believe in Miracles and I’m kidding. Since my letter to Great Britain, I feel lot more self-confident again (see my new Google website). RUBIO radio silence is a good sign. There is already a MIKE in the Campaign (PENCE). So, LET IT BE! Mike

To Rachel McADAMS: Rachel McAdams to Star With Rachel Weisz in Love Story ‘Disobedience’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Rachel McAdams, she was one of the great Blog of FRED selected casting lead from the good Ol’ TIMES (VELVET EYES and INDIAN RESERVATION). Congrats for this new film. Basically, it’s TRENDY, LGBT movies. I read it’s in negotiations. Try to get a script with no agressivity against the men, from the Lesbians. It depends, when they are equivalent Mike FULLER (meaning real gentlemen). Tom SPEARS, Campaign Manager

About BOXING: Sergey Kovalev-Andre Ward bout set for Nov. 19 at T-Mobile Arena

I saw in SF a commercial for this fight in the street. Boxing is a sport that must be upgraded in the medias. It will be the ACD (Culture new Minister) that will help for Sports too. VEGAS, a dream of Cassius CLAY – Mohammed ALI fight of the good ol’ TIMES. November 19, long after the election but New President is for JANUARY!! MIKE sport


I’m Thomas SPEARS, Campaign Manager of Mike FULLER. On WORDPRESS, before next POST by Mike, I wanted to tell you he’s our Web’s VICTOR HUGO!

About Wells Fargo: What a shame. I’m not a client of W.F. right now (50% homeless but for a Punk candidate, it’s not a problem!) BUT I FEEL BAD FOR THEM! Mike

About probable VICE-PRESIDENT Marco RUBIO, my choice for the Ticket of mine, I acknowledge he would have been #1 of the 3 yesterday night. MF

About Patricia RICHEY, MD: “Promotion for colleague. I was in NASHVILLE. I didn’t meet her. Anyway I didn’t need a MD. Good luck with your title like the STONES. Mike”

There is no doubt: PENCE, TRUMP protégé, il n’y a pas de doute. PENCE A GAGNE, HE’S THE WINNER. Why not to JOIN FULLER now & SPEARS? BrAmS.

About Chelsea CLINTON: I saw her at NASHVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY in Dec. CHELSEA CLINTON was so great. Nothing to do with her Mom, DIFFERENT STYLE: she wasn’t paid. MF

Chelsea Clinton’s speaking fee: $65,000

To Paul McCartney: I saw on TV, you doing SACRAMENTO tonight for new ARENA beginning. I will be with you. ALWAYS ON TOUR, right? Like in the good ol’ TIMES. MF

To Jessie ANDREWS: @jessieslife you’re really beautiful. In SF, it’s shining. I am writing more on my blog for us to sing THE WEDDING SONG ASAP I feel. Mike


Mike Fuller 1st Tract For SF: “Once Upon A Time In America: Frederic Vidal” Is Released Today August 5 For The Opening Ceremony Of The Olympic Games In Rio, 80 Years After Berlin 1936! 


NBC Olympics coverage Opening Ceremony Games of XXXI Olympiad, Maracana Stadium, Friday, August 5, 7:30 p.m. ET/PT.

I am so excited to participate in these XXXI Olympiad in Brazil with all my fellow citizens from the United States. Godspeed RIO 2016. Mike 

There is one thing I would like to express before the opening ceremony: SPORTS ARE GOOD FOR THE PEOPLE. Use this drug daily!! Frederic Vidal 

All the Nations will be reunited for a couple of weeks this August month to commemorate the tradition of De Coubertin and the Greeks. Thomas

RIO 16, I was waiting for you since maybe 14 because I was studying history of your Games. THIS IS HUGE. Fred Kelly


Jesse Owen, the hero of Berlin 1936 was more than a champion, a symbol and icon of the democracies that were not comfortable with the evolution of Germany.  In 2016, I show you the way to continue improvements of democracy, worldwide and for me in the USA themselves with this postcard from Jesse and me.


I have several names of political brands and nicknames of mine to find the right medication for your problems to be solved. Do you need a reset or an upgrade? I can also update you or download you the BEST CURE.


BORN in 59, a MAN like JFK is always on the WEB.

FV is managing for you:
a. the INTERVISION, Web’s future,
b. the LAWSUIT against Donald TRUMP,
c. the ISIS danger and threats,
d. the 51st State project for France.


PREZ in 17, a COP can find HIS WAY in the PRESS.

MF is managing for you:
a. the AMENDMENT of the Constitution,
c. CAMP DAVID CONFERENCE about Middle-East,
d. A French VIIth Republic to replace the Vth.


PHD since 99, a SPY from WW2 likes the RADIO.

TS is managing for you:
a. the social and cultural MINORITIES,
b. repression against HUMAN TRAFFICKING,
c. TERROR and WW3 risks to stop,
d. The USB, the level below real USA.


PUNK in 77, A STAR by GRACE KELLY deserves TV.

FK is managing for you:
a. TIMEFRAMES, movie industry new name,
b. BrAmStOcKeR debut album and WEDDING SONG,
c.  NICE, close to Monaco, attacked for Bastille Day,
d.  SAN FRANCISCO, California gift city.


Participate in our campaign financing wit a small amount! (end)

On Twitter, at 8pm, on Friday: 




Dear Lawyer:

I am here in San Francisco to continue my campaign for the Presidential election after the Republican convention of Cleveland. I am sure this great California city is the best place to be to write you this letter tonight. Meanwhile the opening of the Olympic Games shows us all of that great networking is worldwide and dominated by culture and the XXIst century.

I have a big difficulty this month and I would like to study a complaint against the Republican candidate Donald Trump who could be according to me the person who created some of my main problem including the one not to be in the medias.

Personally, I was homeowner in Hollywoodland in the 2000’s before to relocate for 4 years in France as a dual citizen for real estate reasons. Politically, I accuse Mr. Trump of plagiarism of my program and career on the Web and to be the one behind my isolation inside the GOP connected to George W Bush opposition to prevent me to be a leader of the party.

Socially, also Mr. Trump must have been the one to organize a boycott of my activities that neutralized my ambition to marry the actress Blake Lively. He was also interested in reinforcing some exclusion of my projects because the controls of the NSA and Homeland Security. As a matter of fact, I think, professionally, I could not produce films and music for this reason he was there since the end of the previous decade to prepare his 2016 candidacy and stop mine.

Like Mozart was victim of Salieri, I am sure we can demonstrate there was until now defamation, segregation and anti-semitism from Trump to see me collapse. I did not and I counter-attack now, at a time Mr. Trump shows politically his extreme way of expressing his opinion obviously not able to reinforce the United States but the contrary.

I appreciate you can be my lawyer for this case and I am ready to begin the process of the lawsuit ASAP with you in New York where Donald Trump is well known and has his office.


Mike FULLER aka Frederic Vidal, PhD. 


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a true unique composer of classical music who was
criticized too much by a competitor, Antonio Salieri for his career to be less
emblematic, that did not happen, thanks to a lawyer?

On Saturday, August 6, 2016.


Hello again, Dear Lawyer,

I can tell you two words about me now, I forgot yesterday due to the fact I’m writing this letter on Twitter for my followers, first, TWEET BY TWEET. I like NOT TO HAVE SECRETS and on the contrary COMMUNICATE! I’m a nice fellow in my 50’s BUT STRANGELY I look a lot younger and IT CREATES A MOOD around me BIZARRE. I’m an actor, SAG-AFTRA for 5 years until 10, I can be back there. I’ll see what to do IF I’M NOT ELECTED PRESIDENT. I really believe in it.

It’s like God, IT’S INVISIBLE (no press) with SOMETHING IN THE AIR all the time to remind IT IS GOING ON, like a legendary thing, a program pre-recorded, a REALITY STRONGER THAN US. Destiny, maybe? I was a kid in the 60’s and I have been the witness of VIETNAM, WOODSTOCK, JFK in DALLAS, BEATLESMANIA, MLK in Washington, MAY 68 IN FRANCE with DEGAULLE LOST, revolution inspired by Mao and so much more. This decade was huge and A PERMANENT CHAOS OF POSITIVE THINGS DESTROYED PROVISORY.

Now, in the 2010’s, we have to be prepared to be 250 years old, here in the States. It’ll be in 25-26 FEDERATION BIRTHDAY. I see my Presidency dedicated to a construction of the New World satisfying Washington and Jefferson, SOMETHING NEW, no OLD DRAFT. This is not anymore 1000 our era but 2000. In Hollywood, it’s sure that Mr. TRUMP read my MESSAGE not in a bottle but on the net-that I call a FLOWER and not anymore a WEB. I am a POST-DOCTORATE researcher, artist and entrepreneur. I KNOW DONALD IS A 2 times BANKRUPTCY user. This must create a frustration. Even a Billionaire can have “hate” for a Newcomer and outsider.

HIS MASSIVE TV show ‘THE APPRENTICE’ was a blockbuster that gave him NOTORIETY of a Benjamin FRANKLIN of our times. Nevertheless, our times are partly weak and his fame is not was a blockbuster that gave him NOTORIETY of a Benjamin FRANKLIN of our times. Nevertheless, our times are partly weak and his fame is not was a blockbuster that gave him NOTORIETY of a Benjamin FRANKLIN of our times. Nevertheless, our times are partly weak and his fame is not much based on his reputation (that is wrong, for instance with his wife, a controversial lady).

When I could check REPUBLICAN PRIMARIES VOTERS wanted him so badly, he became like a ‘LEX LUTHOR’ a lot more worse for me (another SUPERMAN) like before. There’s no other explanation about the fact HE’S A LEADER, the leader in my environment (GOP, I was there since 2006) , Hollywood before (I arrived in 2003). PREVIOUSLY, I was French in Paris, finishing my dissertation in 1999, preparing my AMERICAN DREAM, devastated by the 2001 NIGHTMARE, self-confident as usual, TO MEET THE NEW ELDORADO, here in Frisco where I write these lines, THE GOLD RUSH IS STILL IN PROGRESS.

I have the evidence, I am a potential Billionaire with 16 screenplays I have ready, synopsis available, in my office and on WORDPRESS a part of it. My imagination helped me so much after I had the right feeling I was not enough well welcomed in 3 in the music industry in LA. There was the first days of the Iraqi War, I understood there was a lot more maybe the last days of MY FIRST CAREER as Punk Rock Guitarist (kind of Jimmy Page) in 1978!

I was not anymore a kid in the 70’s but a young man decided to break the rules like NOBODY SIGNS WITH RECORD LABEL! I was too young for DEEP PURPLE, not for the NEW STONES, THE British unfortunately SEX PISTOLS, I played like them, from Nice on the French Riviera with my band BRAMSTOCKER, BRAMSTOCKER like Bram Stoker with just the inspiration of Dracula’s author’s name! No Fun! I STOPPED this bad deal when you are wrong. To become a Rock’n Roll Star is something for the elite. I was not wrong, I was waiting for CALIFORNIA. I preferred Political Science on a daily basis in Paris to commemorate the death of John Lennon in New York A BETTER WAY than PAUL, with the first SONY WALKMAN and my “SCIENCES PO” degree in 1981.

That’s it, my dear Lawyer, I think you know the most important facts about me, even if you knew it previously. It’s inside the procedure of THE LAWSUIT OF MINE VERSUS DONALD TRUMP that I wrote first these Tweets, then sent in one letter to you, part 2 of my first letter yesterday, on Friday, August 5, 2016. I will publish this also on my blog WordPress and probably on my FACEBOOK AS I THINK IT’S GOOD LITERACY. I was inspired by you, me and Trump this morning! Take care, have a great weekend, hope to speak with you on the phone next week for some new advice. I NEED YOU SUPPORT.

The next President of the United States of America, MIKE.

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