June 8 – October 8: 4 Months After The Primary in California, The Indy Candidate Creates Today His Campaign Committee for The US Senate Election In Beverly Hills! At The Same Time The Respect Of Human Rights Inspired The Choice For The Peace Nobel Prize: Liu Xiaobo, A Chinese For Democracy!

BREAKING NEWS (October 9, 2010):



Welcome to the Next Gen Website, I am building with you, Internet Community!

  • About the Campaign:

The Beverly Hills Farmers’ market is the best location to visit every Sunday!


INTERNET + TELEVISION = INTERVISION and we selected on Youtube the videos that give us the direct communication we need with Liu. We Invited him, this morning, on Facebook to San Francisco before November, to inspire the Chinese government to release him ASAP because every man on Earth deserves Peace and Freedom, even dissidents and China must explain us the reason why it is not a Totalitarism or we will conclude that this Country is a Dictatorship! Xiaobo is a part of the human history, China must accept it! The issue about Human Rights is connected to Human Trafficking and Human Culture, we will develop this problem in our next article, as an Indy Candidate For the US Senate in California.

Frederic Vidal,
October 8, 2010






One of the Official Picture of the Indie candidate Frederic Vidal for the US Senate in California. The election is scheduled November 2, the second Tuesday of November!

October 26: To celebrate the new Format of this Blog celebrating the definitive number of 444 posts and now 1,5M views, A Special Episode of VELVET EYES: ELECTION DAY!

For Election Day, I was wise and quiet at home watching TV, waiting for my father to come back from the school where He voted almost every year. There was the American Flag in front of every house and a beautiful eagle was admired by the Mayor and the members of the community of mine: the bourgeois of Midtown.

Later, before to go to Prague, I was older and I remembered these days when I was a kid and decided to vote for the Democrats except when they had bad reputation. I never voted Republican because a friend of mine was Republican and he hated his party.

During the night before Election Day, I dreamt about strange things including the choice of the President of The United States for the one who had to win, according to him. The Senator of my State was old and smart even if he was a Factory owner who wanted more fun than DC and decided just after his last election to retire in the neighbor State with his family and his grand-kids!

My mother and my sister read the newspapers, the first radios were playing more music than new, except in New York, Los Angeles and a few cities, one of them Detroit, with the obligation to diffuse political programs in order to improve the education level of the population. In the newspapers, they did not print pictures of the candidates and there were no polls before the Election, Election Day was scheduled like today the first Tuesday of November but our enemy France tried to confuse us by sending letters to ours explaining that it was not the most important day that was, according to the cofounders of the United Stats Bastille Day, July 14. It is the reason why I celebrated July 4 against the Old Continent, to give u8s more Independence but fireworks that day wake me up through the night thanks to the firefighters organizers of a huge party Midtown looking like a Village!

Election Day is the second day of Independence in the American US Calendar, Veteran Day, Columbus Day, Washington Day are also days I like to enjoy in my office of the American Embassy in Prague thinking about the past and this old United States Senator who was a space-time friend of our George, the only one, Washington. He used to drink French wine and some great French foods, very expensive ones. He was lucky to be rich with the help of his family and we were invited one time to his Mansion as my father was in touch with one of his nephews, a brilliant entrepreneur in town since the beginning of his career as the manager of a splendid Hotel.

For the results, my mother controlled everything of the work of the people who examine ythe ballots and she was coming back very late in the night with the information about the winners and the losers, also with some good feeling about democracy, something that was unknown in Europe most of the time due to the fact that they had no clue about freedom of ours, the Real One!!!

In Europe, they had Kings and Queens and their electoral system was so different inviting less people to choose their Parliament, this is a matter of fact. I studied at school these countries that were fascinating but Hitler did too and he wanted worse, creating the concept of totalitarism as the first Dictator of the modern history with his brother Benito Mussolini and his sister, a strange girl located in Moscow, assistant and secretary of Josef Staline!

Election Day, when I will be older, I want it every 2 year for the Midterm and the Presidential election, with my children and my grand-parents in my brain, to refuse compromise, to accept permanent revolution in our mind to prepare the path of the young teenagers who prepared the civilization to be ready for the 21st century, in a while, a long while, this will be the future as a reality with more women voting, authorized to vote, if it is possible, they are also human beings and they will even be candidates. Elected? Maybe not as they have to study better the way to represent each other, they do their best in the kitchen of the house, they have to improve their behavior in the office of the house, this is true in every State and men are proud to vote for men not for women, women can vote in the United States for men’s election and one day there will be a female at the White House, afterwards there will be a female Congress but under control, otherwise this could be a mess.

Another day, I will meet my wonder man before a competitor could kill her, and I will nickname her Leather Gloves because I like a lit woman with gloves dark gloves, it is not good to vote but it’s good to kiss. Elections are like books, every page is a pleasure time like every hour on Tuesday is a crowd time with a lot of people thinking to express themselves before to think about the fact they could be themselves candidates. Immigrants were in my town like kings and queens ready to be upgraded every day with the Police appreciating their work and their civic attitude that made us proud to be Americans.

I was candidate when I was at the University for the post of President of my Club, a sport and culture one with a long and burying name that I forgot in a personal nightmare after I got my degree, I was 20 when I was elected and I stayed President for one year. The right example of this kind of President was Thomas Jefferson who was a friend of Washington but with less experience of the true life and more pleasure for the government life that he conceived as a passion, he was already on the bills that gave him celebrity among the specialists of the dollar value.

If our brothers and sisters continue the democracy in America after 2001, I want them to know that we did our best before in the 19th and the 29th century to create an order that was really clear: we had to carry on, carry on, cowboys and beautiful girls in the new states of the West, gentlemen and pretty ladies on the Eatst Coast always making some plan to build the American drema that we had to follow and prepare for the next generation, it is what told us our teacher Uncle Sam and his Wife Destiny that I met in the night for Halloween. Ha ha ha!!

The day after Election Day, people felt bad sometimes as they used to drink a lot in the night to share their mood of victory or to forget their plans that could not become true. The winners dance all night and for Washington, they buy a ticket in the morning because they are superstitious and they want to be sure that they will get their seat when the results will be confirmed by the Supreme Court of their State, This is sometimes not possible immediately and all the population of the State must wait for the decision when there is a problem like the law issue that did the cover of my newspapers just before I left for Europe as a young diplomat.

There was a mystery in town about the fact that two candidate got exactly the saqme number of votes. Fifty-fifty but not really. The police did not vote that day as they had too much work to fight crimes that were organized by a gang nicknamed Election Day, waiting for the second Tuesday of November every year to organize an attack against a Bank in a County or another. So The Supreme Judge decided to invite the Police to vote in second time, a month later, and their vote made the decision. For the candidates, it was not really the problem, they hated each other and they wanted a duel more than an election, the judge told them to calm down. One of the candidates was victim of the other regarding his house, home sweet home, located in a hill closer to the beach than the downtown of the city and he wanted to steal him but did not succeed. But the other candidate was victim of a manipulation but harassed too much by his possible victim, then decided to go to the election without replies and lose but win after decision of the Supreme Court confirmed by the US Supreme Court.

Hollywood was not born, there were a few movies, silent movies, silent because we had to listen to music more than words to understand the reality. It was my Land.


VELVET EYES: God Blessed My United States Of America And I Decided To Bless It Too!

The Novel’s New Episode Will Be Online Before the Weekend?
NO, TOMORROW OCTOBER 8, 2010 for a big SuRpRiSe!

An Imaginary Friend Looking Like A Nobel Prize:
God Blessed My United States Of America And I Decided To Bless It Too!

Jonathan Founders was the son of another Founders who was in touch with some fellows in Canada and in another Country like Canada that was not on the maps because of the problem of the human imagination. This Country was a bigger one, a larger one like China, a huge continent of memories for the future only. Velvet Eyes was listening to his father’s stories about a possible AMERICANADA and he was sleeping just after with a project of trip to Toronto, A Project Of Trip To Toronto with a Chinese Imaginary Friend who could be the best friend of his life, a young guy like him and together they prepared the holiday in Toronto, a city that Founders found pretty 10 years later with another supporter of Peace and Humanity rights, Martin Hallmind, future Mayor of the Town of the Canadians specialized in great jokes and funny culture because of the cold weather there and the passion for family’s life and good work during the day.

The new Nobel Prize For Peace, peace means a lot for freedom and liberty worldwide, is a Chinese Citizen, and the imaginary friend of VELVET was a kind of buddy like the Great and Free shortly – let’s hope and ask the Chinese government for his release! – LIU XIAOBO!! In Toronto, the two future roommates met a lot of strange people in the streets and the bars where they drank only some good Coca-Cola (they like it a lot). One time, a man in his 50’s looking in his 80’s with a touch of 20’s guy, told them that he really enjoy to live too close to the United States but that God Bless too much only the US and not enough his native Canada (he was not Indian native but his roots and genes were connected to the Indian Americans). Velvet, call him Jo at that time – he was 13 or 15 – and Liu Alter Ego, the Imaginary but real Martin, call him Mart ( a 17 years old white-blond hair young boy from the Midwest with sunglasses even in the night) were too surprised by the Comments of the Canadian, they never met a Canadian before with so much Fantasy, they never met a Canadian anyway because this Trip was in a dream, the name of him was JO too, let’s say Jo 2.

Jo 2 drank a beer with the 2 teenagers who advised him to be more a part of the continent where everything is possible, even in Alaska that was American (USA) since 1959, the year of the Birth of Mike FULLER, the Writer of the Novel THE MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES that the three persons in the Toronto Bar, “The Red Color Beverage Center”, were about to read thanks to a Space-Time travel offered by some UFOs travelers from Alpha Centauri One, A Part of the Galaxy Of Alpha Centauri that NASA in The States had identified the year before (we were in the Twentieth Century!!).

Mike Fuller, PhD
October 8, 2010
4 Months Anniversary of The Republican Party US Senate Primary
June 8, 2010, celebrated in San Francisco, California, United States (close to Canada), Earth.

Thank you to Jo 2, the Toronto Bar and EVERYBODY IN CANADA (and to the ET aliens!).

Mike Fuller Selection Pic for the US Senate Election, November 2:

Barbara Boxer, A Senator Of California Who is Dysfunctional and Unfair! She Is Inspiring Mike Fuller for a Smart Episode of The Man With The Velvet Eyes After an Incident in the Office of William Morris, A Talent Agency that decided to Attack The Candidate of the Independent Republicans, Frederic Vidal, there for a private visit of Friendship that They refused with an Attitude of Corporate sabotage!

Breaking News (September 30):

TF BREAKING NEWS: The Boycott Against Fred Vidal, PhD In The Movie Industry Continues! 20 Minutes Ago In Beverly Hills, An Important Manager

Timeframes Historicity: 20 Minutes Ago In Beverly Hills, An Important Manager of WILLIAM MORRIS Refused A Talk or an Appointment with Him!!

Timeframes Historicity:WILLIAM MORRIS is an Talent Agent Company, The Republican Independent Candidate For The US Senate Was On Location!!

Frederic Vidal The Republican Independent Candidate For The US Senate Was On Location For A Private Visit And The Project To Network With WM

WILLIAM MORRIS refused 100% any contact with the Favorite candidate of the Population and in their High Tech huge Location acknowledged A NO

FV Campaign Headquarters Communique: Obviously, this is the responsability of Babara Boxer who is the inspiration or more of a boycott vs Us

FV Campaign Headquarters Communique: The Film Industry’s hard position connected with the Majors is coordinated with the candidate Boxer!!

FV Campaign Headquarters Communique: William Morris in Beverly Hills Is Sadly Mixing Politics and Business. This Is The Worst Day For Them!!

Fred Vidal: These people In William Morris, They are a danger for our economy in California. Their elite of Boxer’s maniacs is OBSOLETE & KO

Fred Vidal: The present Senator of California is Supporting a System that Prevent the TV/Film Industry Recovery! Bankruptcy is Their Keyword

Fred Vidal: By developing a Profesional Apartheid punishing Victims chosen by their Teamwork, William Morris and their Competitors are EVIL!

Fred Vidal: Nobody will make me forget this SLAYING against me, this Thursday afternoon. I will explain it better this weekend on YOUTUBE!!

 Fred Vidal: I want the President and CEO of WILLIAM MORRIS, WME2, to Resign. They are the symbol of a decade of harassment against Artists!!

Fred Vidal: Barbara Boxer’s Hollywood, We don’t Want it Anymore! IT’S A LIE! Young People deserve to work as actors if they Want! YOU DON’T!

Breaking News: Professional APARTHEID, This Is the Daily SICKNESS of Los Angeles’ Cinema Business. Some Leaders Stop the Others Career 4 Fun

Velvet Eyes Was The First Iron Man Inspired By A Diplomacy Program, 40 Years After THe XIXth Century Preparation Of New U.S. Promotional Methods Of Partnerships!

The Whole Collection Of VELVET EYES Episodes Is On VOX!!

Interdimensional, Velvet Eyes was An Iron Man and his Wife an Iron Woman when the Kids were Reading the Comic Book in the 1960’s and a Space Tunnel was Built on Altera for a Time synchronization with the 1920’s and Jonathan Founders to Be another Tony Stark with a Mustache and a White Shoe, Black Tie.

I am a Fan Of The Tabloids and The Comic Strips, said Founders in The 1930’s When Batman was first published in the US then translated for Central Europe thanks to the authorization of The Government Of Altera and an Invitation Letter By The Publisher of The Comic Book in New York before the Creation Of The Comic Code!

Batman was The Hero of The Kids in Europe when The People are Pro-America and Against the War, praying for a Better Time in Metropolis with a Superman on every Planet Earth, parallel and alternate, as usual when you believe in Science Fiction and Reality. Iron Guy with a Tuxedo for the Networking events in Prague, free-lance ones and Official nights in The Great Palaces of The Velvet Eyes’ Velvet Dream, an Egypt Plan inspired by a massive screenwriting of words associated with ideas of a Diplomacy coordination for Russia improvement even if it was, by mistake, The USSR Regime that was already know to finish in the 1980’s because it was fragile in space time construction work. But USSR was another German State with so many dangers for The Democracy if it was not used to fight the enemies during World War II. This is another Story On Altera when Velvet Eyes Rocket landed one day in The Generation of An Iron Rock and the Communication network ready for the Whole Earth’s Solar System.

Iron Man was in the future a marvelous Comic Book with the drawing Of Neal Adams For His Avengers Meetings and so many kids looking At the Moon, thinking It was Altera, far, far, away and on the Other side of The World known in The SPace beyond The Ground that we Like because we’re Walking On it, day by day, in all the dimensions that we studied at School to stay on a Planet or another where we can be alive and not recorded and diffused by Extra-Terrestrials. Velvet Eyes Was The First Iron Man Inspired By A Diplomacy Program, 40 Years After The XIXth Century Preparation Of New U.S. Promotional Methods Of Partnerships! Created in 1850, The Legends of another Reality were a series of Novels for other systems of Culture that were selected to appreciate better America, the New Name meaning Paradise.

Nobody Is wrong, Nobody is Right, everytime You believe in Something, it can be true, Except for The Moon who is Another Earth planet, the nights with the Water of our Seas on its Continents That communicate in a weird way with The unknown but identified Additional Planets System of The Second Universe of The Velvet Eyes stories that will explain beginning Another Tomorrow, meaning This Sunday, after your Theater Closed at Midnight or at 1AM or 2 depending of Easter, Central or Pacific Times (Time Frames), on the Only Land Of The Country we Like, The United States Of America, The United States Of America.

Fred Vidal, PhD is Mike Fuller,
A Novelist who Writes The Pure Masterpiece
Of Our Written Culture For The XXIst Century:
The Man With The Velvet Eyes”.

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The Modern Iron Man was a Mix Of Stories From Supernatural Earth and Historic News From The 1920's That were Connected To The Universe Of The Galaxies Of Train Trips from a Capitale In Europe To Antoher at The speed Of Sound and Light.

The Modern Iron Man was a Mix Of Stories From Supernatural Earth and Historic News From The 1920's That were Connected To The Universe Of The Galaxies Of Train Trips from a Capitale In Europe To Antoher at The speed Of Sound and Light.

There Is A New Thing That Is Called Tomorrow! Velvet Eyes Story Episode.

  • Casino Municipal Prague, New Episode!!

In Prague, there is a book in a bookstore in a bookstore of a book. Fiction of a fiction, in a street that doesn’t exist except for insiders who know the way to go from a reality to another reality, Wonder Woman!

There is a new thing that is called Tomorrow. I mean, as the writer of this novel (I am an old man in New York City, beyond the Sea, In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on an Island that I imagine as the initial New York of the East Coast), there is a moments in time when you are in touch with important news and you never lie to your destiny. Velvet Eyes was a smart man and a fair child. He like Casinos…

He had an apointment in the Casino of Prague, a secret one, and Leather Gloves was in a restaurant with a strange dog that was looking at the menu for some food. It was the dog of Velvet & Leather, the best couple of the Capitale, elected Love Story by a magazine for Americans abroad, and it was a Golden Retriever with a gift: Telepathy. He heard so many noises in the apartment and in the Embassy! These noises were created by the brains of the people there. In town, it helped obviously the police to interview visitors from Russia who were special guests of some industrials well known for their connections with bankers and the Mayor of The City.

Velvet, Leather and the dog had a perfect life in the environment of a dream looking like a US Flag, but in another Country. Inside the Casino, they never played, they just organized their international network as a private protocole to prevent World War 2, travels from Hamburg to Brussels were scheduled from time to time and the games there were the same kind of American legends created to stop Europe mistakes.

Tomorrow was the name of a program against Adolph Hitler, a young and dangerous leader of a party called Death and Velvet Eyes had only one target: to kill as a manager this evil danger for our Planet. He was only a Diplomat and the Army will help. There is a new thing that is called “Yesterday never happened”.

Fred Vidal, PhD
June 27, 2009
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The rooftops and spires of Prague, one of Europe's most beautiful cities.

The rooftops and spires of Prague, one of Europe's most beautiful cities.

Velvet Eyes: Berlin Was Located Closed To Vienna At The Obsevartory Of Prague, Tchekoslovakia! In a Moment!

Velvet was a scientific fellow, he liked Astronomy, Astrology, Science and Art. His wife had so many wonderful talents but She was also a specialist about gastronomy when she had not her Leather Gloves. Gastronomy was a mix of Astronomy and Foods from a space called the ground. In Vienna, they didn’t know there was a feeling of studies and friendship for the Land of The Germans and The Austrians separated by a frontier that was a Civilization progress even if Prague had the project to build a Freeway between the 2 Countries.

Cars were not developed in the 1920’s and the project of the first freeways was a miracle idea to extend the ways for traveling with the stars showing the right direction from a State to Another. A Car was not a toy but a Tool to think the world or to change History. It was not too late to stop the Third Reich and selected elite knew about the risk in the 1930’s. Velvet and Leather decided to think about a yearly Honeymoon in Vienna and Berlin with a night in a City and a night on the road, looking at the stars with the mystery of the Observatory.

The Observatory of Los Angeles in Los Angeles is the center of a network of actors who believed in Science and religion too much but for the Prague couple, people never heard about that. There were young guys fron Central Europe who used to park their car there to look at a Cinema Show and They watched at the Moon too.

Fred Vidal, PhD
June 20, 2009
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Prague Castle, also known as, Hradcany Castle; Prague, Czech Republic.

Prague Castle, also known as, Hradcany Castle; Prague, Czech Republic. Prague Castle, also known as, Hradcany Castle; Prague, Czech Republic.

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